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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Rhodogeidio St Ceidio


The Parish

The parish of Rhodogeidio (often rendered simply as Ceidio after the dedication) lies in north central Anglesey about 5 miles south of the market town of Amlwch. Rhodogeidio does not exist on modern maps, it is merely Ceidio. Ceidio, itself, is not even big enough to merit the term hamlet being just a scatter of farms, the parish, however, incorporated part of the large village of Llanerchymedd within its territory. Ceidio, as marked on Ordnance Survey maps, lies almost a mile west of the B5111 road which connects Amlwch with Llangefni, the island's administrative capital. Most of the farms around Rhodogeidio would have been, and mostly still are, devoted to pastoral farming. Rhodogeidio is drained by tributaries of the Afan Alaw, which has been dammed to the northwest of the parish to form Llyn Alaw, providing most of the islands' drinking water, The outfall heads southwestwards to reach the Irish Sea just east of Holy Island. Rhodogeidio is sited at around 60 metres above the sea in gentle landscapes rising to local heights around 110 metres. Rhodogeidio parish was fairly typically sized for the island, covering 1,800 acres it would have supported a population of around 300 parishioners. In common with most of Wales there is no mention of Rhodogeidio in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St Ceidio's church sits on the western side of the narrow lane which runs northwards from Llanerchymedd to the shores of Llyn Alaw. The church is a single celled structure sitting within an ancient "llan" in the midst of pastoral fields. The church was almost ruinous until, in 1845, it was rebuilt into its present form largely reusing the original materials. Some whole portions remain as reused Pevsner notes the eastern window as showing signs of a 14th century origin, whilst the northern doorway is 17th century. The church sits slightly elevated on the western side of the road by a sheltering copse, a grassy verge permits parking. A small gate at the northeastern corner grants access through the low, local stone, wall. The site has few impediments to photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st July 1754 - 28th August 1812 Anglesey Archives - Reference - WPE/1/41/1/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 26th February 1813 - 11th November 1836 Anglesey Archives - Reference - WPE/1/41/1/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Amlwch St Eleth
Amlwch St Eleth
Amlwch St Eleth
Llanbabo St Pabo
Llantrisant St Afran, St Ieuan & St Sannan
Amlwch St Eleth
Llanerchymedd St Mary
Llecheynfarwy St Cynvarwy
Llanbeulan St Peulen (detached)
Llanbeulan St Peulen (detached)

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 21/07/1754 William HUGHES Widower   Anne OWEN Single  
2 29/05/1756 John OWEN Single Gyffin, Caernarvonshire Margaret PARRY    
3 15/09/1759 Richard WILLIAMS Single Amlwch Margaret OWEN Single  
4 20/12/1761 John WILLIAMS Single Amlwch Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
5 10/01/1763 David JONES Widower   Elizabeth JONES Single Llandyfrydog
6 22/01/1763 Robert DAVIES   Tregaian Margaret WILLIAMS Single  
7 31/01/1763 Thomas JONES     Margaret OWEN    
8 16/12/1763 Thomas ROBERTS Single Rhoscolyn Jane WILLIAMS Single  
9 14/01/1764 William OWEN Single Llecheynfarwy Perry PARRY Single  
10 17/02/1764 Richard ROBERTS Single Holyhead Grace OWEN Single  
11 03/03/1764 John WILLIAMS Widower Llanfaethlu Alice OWEN Single  
12 18/05/1764 Owen OWENS Single Llandyfrydog Mary PARRY Single  
13 14/09/1765 Richard WILLIAM Widower Heneglwys Mary PARRY Widow  
14 18/10/1766 Richard HUGHES Single   Margaret THOMAS Single  
15 26/12/1766 Thomas WILLIAMS Widower   Grace DAVIES Single  
16 28/07/1767 Richard MICHAEL   Llanfaes Elizabeth DAVID    
17 23/05/1768 Evan JONES     Mary ROWLAND    
18 03/06/1768 Griffith MADOX Widower Amlwch Elin JONES Widow  
19 22/07/1768 Robert GRIFFITH Widower Llanbadrig Mary HUGHES Single  
20 21/10/1768 Hugh GRIFFITH Single Bodedern Anne JONES Single  
21 06/02/1770 Owen PARRY     Margaret LEWIS Single  
22 08/05/1770 William EDWARDS Widower Aberffraw Jane THOMAS    
23 17/11/1770 Owen PRICHARD Widower Ceirchiog Dulcebella JONES Widow  
24 19/12/1771 William HUMPHREY Widower   Anne DAVID Single Penrhos Lligwy
25 11/10/1772 John LEWIS Single   Margaret PARRY Single  
26 17/11/1772 Owen ROWLAND Single   Anne WILLIAMS    
27 28/12/1772 William HUGHES   Llanddyfnan Catherine PARRY    
28 31/05/1773 William ROWLAND   Bodewryd Jane EDWARDS    
29 03/01/1774 William WILLIAMS Single   Jane WILLIAMS   Amlwch
30 19/11/1774 William OWEN Single   Jane PARRY Single  
31 17/02/1775 William PRICHARD   Trefriw, Caernarvonshire Jane JONES    
32 06/06/1775 Moses WILLIAMS Single Amlwch Margaret HUGHES Single  
33 10/06/1776 Owen ROBERTS   Llanbadrig Margaret HUGHES    
34 19/05/1777 William LEWIS   Llantrisant Elin DAVID    
35 10/07/1777 Nicholas JONES     Gwen OWEN   Llandyfrydog
36 16/10/1777 George SILKSTONE   Amlwch Jane WILLIAMS    
37 13/03/1778 Thomas ROBERTS   Amlwch Sydney JONES    
38 08/06/1778 John WILLIAMS   Llaneilian Mary PARRY    
39 03/02/1779 John JAMES     Jane OWEN    
40 05/03/1779 John PRICHARD     Jane GRIFFITH    
41 23/09/1779 Hugh ROBERTS   Llanfihangel Trer Beirdd Margaret WILLIAMS    
42 30/02/1780 Michael WILLIAMS   Llanbadrig Mary HUGHES    
43 23/06/1780 Richard LEWIS Single Llandrygarn Jane PARRY    
44 07/07/1780 John GRIFFITH Widower Llanfaelog Jane WILLIAMS Widow  
45 22/11/1780 John ROBERTS   Trefdraeth Ellin JONES Widow  
46 26/12/1780 John DANIEL   Llandyfrydog Catherine PRICHARD    
47 30/08/1782 William JONES Widower Amlwch Catherine ROWLAND    
48 30/10/1782 Thomas WILLIAMS Single Amlwch Anne ROWLANDS Single  
49 06/01/1784 David PRICHARD Single Llaneilian Catherine EVANS Single  
50 02/04/1784 John EDMUNDS Single Llandyfrydog Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
51 13/09/1785 William ROWLAND Widower   Dorothy JONES Single  
52 01/11/1785 John JONES Widower   Ellin WILLIAMS Widow  
53 27/01/1786 Robert FRANCIS Widower   Grace EVANS Single  
54 08/08/1786 Richard OWEN   Llanfaethlu Jane CHARLES Widow  
55 16/12/1786 William PRICE   Amlwch Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
56 02/03/1787 William OWEN Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single Llantrisant
57 29/07/1788 Robert ROBERTS   Amlwch Anne LEWIS Single  
58 15/08/1788 James JONES Single Llanbadrig Catherine OWEN Single  
59 14/11/1788 Owen OWENS   Llanfechell Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
60 02/06/1789 Owen ROWLAND     Anne OWEN    
61 14/11/1789 John WILLIAMS Single   Grace JONES Single  
62 04/06/1790 Meredith HUGHES   Llandyfrydog Mary PRICHARD    
63 07/09/1790 John JONES   Llanfigail Mary JONES    
64 23/05/1791 David WILLIAMS Widower Llanbedrgoch Elenor WILLIAMS Single  
66 19/11/1793 Hugh PRICHARD Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single Llantrisant
65 25/11/1793 Edward JONES   Llandrygarn Mary EVANS Single  
67 09/06/1794 Richard ROBERTS Single Amlwch Mary HUGHES Single  
68 10/06/1794 Richard WILLIAMS   Llanfihangel Trer Beirdd Margaret WILLIAMS Single  
69 24/06/1794 John MORGAN Single Amlwch Anne PRICHARD Single  
70 28/10/1794 John JONES Single Llecheynfarwy Mary WILLIAMS Widow  
71 02/02/1795 William JONES Single Llantrisant Ellin HUGHES Single  
72 12/08/1796 William JONES Single   Grace JONES Single  
73 17/10/1796 Owen JONES Widower   Anne GRIFFITH Single  
74 04/07/1797 William WILLIAMS Single Llanfechell Elinor ROBERTS Single  
75 23/08/1797 Richard JONES Widower   Elizabeth ROBERTS Widow  
76 07/10/1797 William JONES Single   Margaret HUGHES Single  
77 12/12/1797 Edward JONES Single   Elin HUGHES Single  
78 09/02/1798 William EDWARDS Single Llantrisant Manley ROBERTS Single  
79 01/10/1798 Solomon PARRY   Llandygai, Caernarvonsire Dorothy JONES    
80 27/10/1798 Owen OWENS   Llandyfrydog Ann ROBERTS Widow  
81 04/12/1798 Thomas JONES Single   Elizabeth OWEN Single  
82 08/12/1798 Edward WILLIAMS Widower Llechylched Jane JASON Widow  
83 18/01/1799 William DAVID Widower Llanynghenedl Mary EDWARD Single  
84 24/12/1799 Thomas WILLIAMS Single Amlwch Mary HUGHES Single  
85 01/01/1800 Rowland WILLIAMS Single Llechylched Mary ROBERTS Single  
86 07/03/1800 William JONES Single Amlwch Margaret LEWIS Single  
87 29/05/1801 John HUGHES Single   Mary OWEN Single  
88 11/06/1801 John JONES Single Ceirchiog Anne LLOYD Single  
89 14/08/1801 Richard JONES Single Amlwch Catherine JONES Single  
90 30/09/1801 Richard ROBERTS Single Amlwch Elizabeth ROBERTS Single  
91 19/04/1802 Richard JONES Single   Elinor OWENS Single Amlwch
92 09/06/1802 Evan PRICHARD Single Llecheynfarwy Ellin PETERS Single  
93 04/10/1802 William ROBERTS Single   Catherine JONES Widow  
94 11/04/1803 Henry THOMAS   Coedana Mary OWEN    
95 20/04/1803 William JONES   Amlwch Ellin WHITE    
96 22/04/1803 Robert ROBERTS     Charlotte DRYHURST   Amlwch
97 24/05/1803 David JONES Single Amlwch Ellin OWEN Widow  
98 30/09/1803 Edmund WILLIAMS     Catherine ELLIS    
99 15/03/1804 Hugh WILLIAMS   Llecheynfarwy Catherine WILLIAMS    
100 21/05/1804 John OWEN     Ann ROBERTS    
101 01/03/1805 Evan HUMPHREY   Coedana Ann WILLIAMS    
102 13/05/1805 William JONES   Holyhead Alice WILLIAMS    
103 07/04/1806 William LEWIS   Amlwch Mary EVANS    
104 28/09/1807 Thomas JONES   Llandrygarn Elizabeth OWEN    
105 17/11/1807 John ROBERTS   Llanbadrig Catherine GRIFFITH    
106 16/01/1808 David LEWIS Single Llangadfan, Montgomeryshire Ellinor THOMAS Single  
107 06/06/1808 William HUGHES Widower Amlwch Catherine PRICHARD Single  
108 17/06/1808 Thomas WILLIAMS Single Llangwyllog Frances ROBERTS Single  
109 01/07/1808 Richard JONES Single   Eleanor GRIFFITH Single Llantrisant
110 14/11/1808 Richard WILLIAMS Single Llandyfrydog Margaret THOMAS Single  
111 18/11/1808 John PRICHARD Single Llangwyllog Catherine LLOYD Single  
112 02/01/1810 Edward MORRIS Single   Margaret STODART Single  
113 11/06/1810 Richard OWEN Single Llanddona Grace WILLIAMS Single  
114 29/06/1810 Richard JONES Single Llantrisant Elizabeth JONES Single  
115 01/12/1810 Francis HUMPHREY Single Llandrygarn Eleanor OWEN Single  
116 15/04/1811 David BURGESS Single Llangefni Blanch ROBERTS Single  
117 17/09/1811 John RICHARDS   Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire Catherine LEWIS    
118 26/12/1811 Thomas WILLIAMS Single Llantrisant Jane WILLIAMS Single  
119 28/01/1812 John JONES Single Amlwch Jane WILLIAMS Single  
120 28/08/1812 John ROBERTS Widower   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single Coedana
1 26/02/1813 John MORRIS Single Llecheynfarwy Anne PARRY Single  
2 29/04/1813 Edward JONES Single Tregaian Margaret LLOYD Single  
3 18/03/1814 Hugh JONES Single Amlwch Ellen JONES Single  
4 13/05/1814 John JONES Single Llaneugrad Catherine JONES Single  
5 07/02/1815 John THOMAS Single Llecheynfarwy Eleanor LEWIS Single  
6 31/03/1815 Thomas EDWARDS Single Llanbeulan Mary BROADHEAD Widow  
7 30/06/1815 John THOMAS Single Llantrisant Catherine JONES Single  
8 13/11/1815 John DAVIES Single Nannerch, Flintshire Margaret JONES Single  
9 07/01/1817 Thomas DAVID Widower Amlwch Mary HUGHES Single  
10 26/12/1817 Owen JONES Single   Margaret JONES Single  
11 11/05/1818 William HUGHES Single Llanrhyddlad Eleanor GRIFFITH Single  
12 18/05/1819 Hugh JONES Single Llanbeulan Elizabeth JONES Single  
13 05/10/1819 Owen JONES Single Llantrisant Anne LEWIS Single  
14 19/11/1819 Edward WILLIAMS Single Llanfflewyn Catherine JONES Single  
15 26/11/1819 John ROWLAND Single   Elizabeth OWEN Single  
16 25/02/1821 William HUMPHREY Single Cerrigceinwen Jane JONES Single  
17 22/01/1822 John THOMAS Single Llanbabo Jane WILLIAMS Single  
18 22/02/1822 Cornelius WILLIAMS Single Llechylched Mary OWEN Widow  
19 12/03/1822 William WILLIAMS Single Trewalch Mai Elizabeth HUGHES Single  
20 07/05/1822 Hugh WILLIAMS Single Amlwch Mary OWEN Single  
21 27/05/1822 William JONES Single Llandyfrydog Jane HUGHES Single  
22 24/06/1822 Robert HUGHES Single Llandyfrydog Jane WILLIAMS Single  
23 02/07/1822 William WILLIAMS Single Amlwch Mary JONES Single  
24 20/08/1822 Richard ROBERTS Single Amlwch Mary ROBERTS Single  
25 25/10/1822 Rowland WILLIAMS Widower   Anne THOMAS Single  
26 19/04/1824 William OWEN Single Amlwch Jane PRICHARD Single  
27 19/11/1825 John HUGHES Single Amlwch Eleanor JONES Single  
28 23/12/1825 Richard THOMAS Single   Jane JONES Single  
29 14/02/1826 Richard DAVIES Single Llanbabo Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
30 14/02/1826 William WILLIAMS Widower   Eleanor WILLIAMS Single  
31 24/04/1826 Richard WILLIAMS Widower   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
32 23/05/1826 Thomas PARRY Widower Llandrygarn Eleanor JONES Single  
33 27/09/1826 William HUGHES Single   Anne WILLIAMS Single Llantrisant
34 20/10/1826 Robert ROBERTS Single Llantrisant Anne WILLIAMS Single  
35 01/06/1827 Richard JONES Single   Susanna DAVIES Single  
36 01/06/1827 Robert JONES Single Amlwch Jane JONES Single  
37 28/03/1828 John HUGHES Single Llecheynfarwy Sarah ROBERTS Single  
38 08/08/1828 Thomas JONES Single   Mary HUGHES Single  
39 25/11/1828 John ROBERTS Widower   Mary WILLIAMS Widow  
40 23/12/1828 David ROBERTS Single   Margaret ROBERTS Single  
41 02/06/1829 Elias JONES Widower   Margaret ROBERTS Single  
42 21/07/1829 Rowland ROBERTS Widower Heneglwys Jane JONES Widow  
43 18/09/1830 John JONES Single Llecheynfarwy Margaret OWEN Single  
44 26/10/1830 Edward JONES Single   Margaret THOMAS Single  
45 29/10/1830 Hugh JONES Single Llandrygarn Grace WILLIAMS Single  
46 12/03/1832 Hugh EDWARD Widower   Jane WILLIAMS Single  
47 23/04/1832 John WILLIAMS     Catherine THOMAS   Amlwch
48 16/12/1832 Edward JONES   Llaneilian Anne ROBERTS    
49 27/05/1833 Owen JONES   Llecheynfarwy Elizabeth ROWLAND    
50 14/10/1834 Robert JONES   Amlwch Elizabeth JONES    
51 24/10/1834 Owen OWENS     Mary JONES Single  
52 16/12/1834 Henry MICHAEL Widower   Margaret WILLIAMS    
53 10/06/1836 Hugh ROBERTS Single Amlwch Ann JONES Single Llandyfrydog
54 08/07/1836 William LEWIS Single Llanfflewyn Ann ROBERTS Single  
55 07/11/1836 Hugh WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth JONES Single  
56 11/11/1836 William ROBERTS Single Llanbabo Elinor JONES Single  

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