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Little Barford St Denis


The Parish

The parish of Little Barford lies in extreme eastern Bedfordshire, indeed it forms part of the border with the neighbouring county of Huntingdonshire. Little Barford lies in the valley of the River Great Ouse about 3 miles south of the Huntingdonshire market town of St Neots and sits astride a lane which heads south from that town parallel to the Great Ouse. There is not much of a settlement to Little Barford just a scatter of cottages and farms with a slight concentration alongside the main lane. Little Barford sits at about 20 metres above sea level where the river plain of the Great Ouse rises to slightly higher land. This boundary marks the shift between pastures on the flood plain and arable fields where the land is drier. The parish is rather small, barely 1,200 acres, and supported a correspondingly small number of parishioners, just short of 200. In Domesday times the land was owned by Osbern Fitzwalter and supported a mere 5 ploughs.

The Church

St Denis' church lies slightly away from the main lane, accessed down a metalled track towards the Great Ouse. There seems to be some dispute as to the dedication (either St Mary or St Denis) this page follows Pevsner in naming it St Denis. There are several features which are dateable to the Norman period but the majority is from the Decorated era. This places the church amongst the earlier ones for this area with a build date in the late 13th or early 14th centuries. The church sits at the end of its 1/4 mile long lane very close to the Great Ouse in a semi-parkland setting, woodland screens the river to the southwest but there are views to the north somewhat marred by the 1940s power station.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 25th November 1754 - 4th January 1796 Bedfordshire Archives - Reference P56/1/3 Preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 register - Not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 6th December 1797 - 15th October 1810 Bedfordshire Archives Bishop's Transcripts on loose folios Grade 4 register - BTs are incomplete so many omissions Poor quality images with high incidence of misreads likely
3 28th June 1813 - 18th December 1836 Bedfordshire Archives - Reference P56/1/5 Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 register - few issues noted and a low incidence of misreads likely None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 25/11/1754 John DARLOW     Elizabeth DEAN Single  
2 23/12/1754 George PELL Widower   Elizabeth BROOKS Single  
3 27/05/1755 John SMITH Single Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire Elizabeth KING Widow  
4 08/06/1756 Samuel BAINES Single Sandy Lucy St John CLARKE Single  
5 25/10/1756 William HARPER     Sarah GORE Single  
6 30/11/1756 Joseph BALDOCK Single Eaton Socon Mary EMERY Single  
7 28/12/1756 Edward CHANDLER Single Tempsford Anne PECK Single  
8 10/04/1757 Thomas MACE   Everton Cum Tetworth Elizabeth ADAMS Single  
9 17/10/1757 Edward BAILEY     Mary ADAMS Single  
10 13/10/1760 Robert LORD Single Roxton Sarah LOW Single  
11 12/05/1762 John PECK Single   Anne FLINDERS Single Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire
12 08/11/1762 John EMERY Single   Catherine WRIGHT Single  
13 23/05/1763 Thomas HURST Widower St Neots, Huntingdonshire Mary WALKER Widow  
14 27/09/1763 John GILBERT Single Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire Mary PECK Single  
15 20/05/1764 William LAUNDELL     Rose Desborough SAUNDERS    
16 02/10/1766 Robert UPCHURCH Widower St Neots, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth GORGE    
17 01/11/1767 John BARNES Single   Lozell SANDERS Single  
18 19/07/1768 William BEEBY Single   Sarah HARPUR Widow  
19 03/06/1769 Michael HUTCHIN     Elizabeth DAWSON    
20 09/07/1770 John STOREY Single Offord Cluny, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth BATH Single  
21 14/10/1771 William WOODS Single   Lucy EYRES Single  
25 30/04/1776 James WADSWORTH Single   Ann POPE Widow  
26 11/10/1776 William WOODS Widower   Ann THOMAS Widow  
27 11/10/1776 William SAUNDERS Single   Elizabeth BARKER Single  
28 30/05/1777 John LEWING Single   Elizabeth BARKER Single  
29 11/10/1779 Joseph SAUNDERS Single   Mary ASPELAND Single  
30 09/02/1780 William HOLDIN Single   Mary SMITH Single Benefield, Northamptonshire
31 13/10/1783 Benjamin GILBERT Widower Everton Cum Tetworth Elizabeth HOLIDAY Widow  
32 12/01/1784 George MAYES Single   Mary POCK Single  
33 22/08/1785 Austin SMITH Widower St Neots, Huntingdonshire Mary ALLBOW Widow  
34 12/09/1785 John SALBY Widower   Ann WOODS Single  
35 19/10/1789 Robert MATTHEWS Widower St Neots, Huntingdonshire Grace STOUTON Single  
36 06/11/1789 John BARNES Single   Sarah EMERY Single  
37 01/11/1790 John BELL Single   Esther DOSSON Single  
38 05/11/1790 John SMITH Single   Mary WATERS Single  
39 03/11/1792 Joseph MOBS Single   Jane WALTERS Single  
40 04/01/1796 John GREEN     Elizabeth MAYES    
06/12/1797 John BRIGHTMAN     Sarah DARLOW    
13/10/1800 Thomas BROWNING Single   Elizabeth DURRANCE Single  
08/12/1800 Charles MARIOT   Eaton Socon Maria CRUTCHLEY    
02/11/1801 William STARLING Single   Elizabeth WELLS Single  
22/07/1803 Job HALL     Elizabeth LAWSON    
24/02/1806 Dixie OLIVER Single Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire Sarah BRAYBROOK Single  
07/10/1806 William WINDER Single Biggleswade Lucy MOLE Single  
11/01/1810 William LEWIN Single   Elizabeth DARLOW Single  
21/06/1810 Thomas STOCKS Single   Ann DARLOW Single  
15/10/1810 James BRYANT Single   Mary SAUNDERS Single  
1 28/06/1813 John GREEN Widower   Elizabeth BROWN Single  
2 05/01/1815 John LEWIN Single   Sarah DARLOW    
4 24/10/1816 Matthew TATTMAN Single   Kezia EATON Single  
3 16/11/1816 George LAMBE   Tempsford Susannah TOSELAND    
5 28/10/1817 Thomas LEWIN Single   Ann FAREY Single  
6 15/10/1818 John FLANDERS Single   Ann PEARSON Single  
7 23/02/1819 Samuel ABONHAM Single Hail Weston, Huntingdonshire Rebecca BALDOCK Single  
8 15/11/1819 William GREEN Single   Sarah SMITH    
9 13/03/1820 Joseph BRIGHTMAN Single   Mary WARREN Single  
10 21/05/1820 John BRACE Single   Ann GREEN Single  
11 17/10/1822 Philip JERVIS Single   Mary BROWNELL Single  
12 25/09/1823 Edward STRATTON Single   Elizabeth MIDDLETON Single  
13 05/11/1827 John ANDREWS   Eaton Socon Mary ANDREWS    
14 24/12/1827 Robert BAKER   Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire Lucy SMITH    
15 26/12/1827 William BRIGHTMAN     Maria MASON   Enfield, Middlesex
16 28/10/1831 Joseph WILSON   Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth BARNS    
17 08/05/1832 George SHEPPARD   Yelling, Huntingdonshire Jane MAILING    
18 08/03/1833 John RICHARDSON   St Neots, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth BARHAM    
20 25/00/1834 Samuel BROWNING     Sarah LAIN    
19 20/02/1834 Samuel TROLLEY   Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire Sarah HACKETT    
21 11/11/1835 James MARTIN Single Eaton Socon Rebecca MAILING Single  
22 12/10/1836 Thomas BRABROOKS Widower Tempsford Francis BOOLS Single  
23 18/12/1836 James BOWLES     Ann NEAL Single St Neots, Huntingdonshire

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