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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Battlesden St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Battlesden lies in southwestern Bedfordshire close to the border with neighbouring Buckinghamshire. Battlesden sits about 3 miles southeast of the large village of Woburn. Of modern Battlesden there is very little to say, it is a small hamlet with cottages gathered along a lane which runs southwards from the A4012 road which runs from Woburn to Hockcliffe, to its west lies the current A5 which runs along the ancient Roman Road of Watling Street. It is probable that Battlesden parish was a closed parish, all land held by the lord of the manor, and access was restricted (the presence of the church away from the village and close to the hall is perhaps indicative) as a consequence no proper village grew up. The area today is almost totally dominated by arable agriculture with large fields and expanses of cereals. Battlesden sits at around 120 metres above sea level on the edge of a spur of the Bedfordshire Greensand Ridge, which is followed by the A4012. Most drainage in the parish is heading southwestwards to the Clipstone Brook, thence to the River Ouzel and the River Ouse eventually to reach the North Sea through the Wash. The parish covers a fairly typical acreage for a southern parish, it, however, only supported fewer than 180 parishioners. In Domesday times the land was held by three nobles, the parish supported a healthy 18 ploughs a clear sign of later depopulation.

The Church

St Peter's church sits at the very end of the driveable portion of Battlesden Avenue, the lane leading southwards and then northwestwards from the A4012. The church is on the edge of the grounds of the local manor house and its parkland. Like most churches the building shows pieces from differing eras. There are indication of 13th century work on the tower and Decorated work in the Chancel from the following century. A large window in the north aspect is dated to the early 16th century. The church is accessed by a grassy track from the parking area, the graveyard being enclosed in a wooden picket fence. Unfortunately there is currently on access to the northern side of the building, a determined fence preventing access to the west and south. This is rather restrictive of the photographic opportunities particularly in strong midday sunlight.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th Ocetober 1754 - 19th October 1797 Bedfordshire Archives - Reference P102/1/1 Plain, unruled book with combined Banns & Marriage entries Grade 2 Register - Not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 8th April 1799 - 13th October 1806 Bedfordshire Archives - Reference P102/1/2 Combined Banns & Marriages entries entered with a plain, unruled composite register Grade 2 Register - Not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads The parish were in breach of Hardwicke's Act in entering Marriages within the composite register
3 17th October 1807 - 26th January 1812 Bedfordshire Archives - Reference P102/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads Only carries 2 marriages
4 28th June 1813 - 12th October 1836 Bedfordshire Archives - Reference P102/1/4 Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Potsgrove St Mary
Milton Bryan St Peter
Milton Bryan St Peter
Hockcliffe St Nicholas
Toddington St George
Chalgrave All Saints
Hockcliffe St Nicholas
Hockcliffe St Nicholas
Chalgrave All Saints
Chalgrave All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
14/10/1754 John TIMMS   Ridgmont Mary GILMER    
22/01/1757 Joseph ASHFIELD     Sarah VARNEY    
06/11/1757 George FLAM     Mary NEWBERRY    
06/02/1760 John COOPER Single   Catharine CRADDOCK Single  
16/12/1760 John LAKE Single   Ruth BUTCHER Single  
02/08/1761 John BRICE Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Ann ATWELL Single  
20/05/1762 John POTTS Single Podington Ann COLLINS Single  
01/05/1763 George HARRISON   Granby, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth CLUNT Single  
21/12/1763 Richard ATWELL     Lydia COLLINS    
17/04/1766 Thomas SHIKELTHORPE Single Tilsworth Mary MANN Single  
14/10/1766 Gabriel BIRT Single   Susannah COLEMAN Single  
10/10/1769 Daniel GATES     Sarah WELLS    
12/02/1771 Thomas TRAVER     Ann MADDOCK    
09/03/1772 Thomas PEMERTON     Mary ROBERT    
28/03/1772 William FORD   Millbrook Hannah NEWBERRY    
07/10/1773 Robert SKINNER     Elizabeth VARNEY    
12/10/1775 John POLLARD     Sarah PARKINS Single Barnsley, Yorkshire
17/10/1776 Joseph RHODES   St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Sarah HOLE    
20/01/1777 Robert SKINNER     Ann WELLS    
22/05/1777 Thomas STEVENS Single Walton, Buckinghamshire Ann CUMBERLAND Single  
01/09/1777 John PICKERING     Constance HARDY    
13/05/1780 Richard STRANGE Single Toddington Elizabeth COLLINS Widow  
06/11/1780 Jeremiah PURTON Single   Sarah HICKS Single  
16/04/1781 Edward MITCHEL     Mary HALL    
21/02/1782 John CLUSE Single Hockcliffe Catharine CHAPPEL Single  
27/11/1782 Richard INNWOOD   Hockcliffe Elizabeth GILBERT    
29/11/1784 John FLAM   Toddington Ann SCABOROUGH    
23/10/1785 Thomas BUTLIN     Elizabeth BASELY    
10/01/1786 William HALL     Alice BASELY    
11/10/1786 Joseph HARRIS   Potsgrove Ann NEWBERRY    
22/11/1787 Thomas CHERRY   Marston, Northampton Elizabeth WELCH    
12/12/1787 Thomas REED   Chalgrave Mary PHILPOT    
23/09/1790 Richard NORMAN   Leighton Buzzard Sarah LABRAM    
01/04/1791 John HALFPENNY Single Toddington Susanna NEWBERRY    
13/10/1791 Thomas PRATT     Esther STAINES    
13/10/1791 John NEWBERRY     Mary WATTS    
10/11/1791 Thomas IREDALE Single Leighton Buzzard Jane BARKER Single  
11/10/1792 Francis CLARK   Slapton, Buckinghamshire Susanna YATES    
12/02/1793 William NICHOLS Single Woburn Elizabeth PHILLPOTT Single  
25/04/1794 Edward HARPER Single   Lydia GREEN Single  
30/07/1794 Richard ATTWELL Single Toddington Ann LABRUM Single  
13/10/1794 William CREAMER Single   Sarah WILLAMORE Single  
13/10/1794 Joseph CHAPMAN Single Chalgrave Elizabeth WATTS Single  
06/01/1795 Thomas BIRCH     Mary YATES    
01/05/1795 William COTCHING Single Linslade, Buckinghamshire Mary BARKER    
08/06/1796 Joseph BUTT     Frances SMITH    
31/10/1796 Edward COOK     Eleanor BOWLER    
17/10/1797 Thomas CROSTON     Ann SMART    
19/10/1797 John CLARK     Phoebe WODELL    
08/04/1799 Thomas COOPER     Susannah PELLFUR    
22/09/1799 John WALKER     Elizabeth KILHAM    
11/10/1799 Robert CHURCH     Elizabeth NEVILLE    
24/10/1799 Thomas SEABROOK     Mary HUDNELL    
16/10/1801 William FLECKNEY     Martha GIBBONS    
22/09/1802 James GARDINER Single   Ann BLIGH Single  
27/06/1803 Luke PEACOCK     Elizabeth LATHALL    
30/01/1804 William WOOLHEAD Single   Rose PHILPOT Widow  
13/09/1804 John GARNER Widower   Martha ROLFE Single  
05/12/1805 John VARNEY Single Bradwell, Buckinghamshire Mary TABRAM Single  
13/10/1806 Benjamin BACKHOUSE Single   Hannah BRAY Single  
1 17/10/1807 William BLAKE Single   Elizabeth NEWBERRY Single  
2 26/01/1812 William WARNER Widower   Charlotte GARNER Single  
1 28/06/1813 Richard SCOTT Single Hockcliffe Mary PRATT Single  
2 31/01/1815 Richard WHITE Single Woburn Ann Jane BUNCE Single  
3 17/10/1815 John TURVEY Single Houghton Regis Sarah GARNER Single  
4 09/09/1816 William WALKER Single   Mary MARRIOTT Single  
5 02/01/1817 James SIMONDS Single Chalgrave Mary BAZELY Single  
6 17/08/1818 Thomas PAXTON Single   Elizabeth WARD Single Woburn
7 15/04/1819 William FLINT Single Shillington Sarah WELCH Single  
8 04/07/1819 John BENYON Single   Ann BULLEN Single  
9 01/08/1819 Samuel GARNER Single   Elizabeth WHITTLE Single  
10 21/10/1819 John LUCK Single Tilsworth Mary KING Single  
11 09/11/1820 James MOSSMAN Single   Ann WELCH Single  
12 23/04/1822 John PARROTT Single   Ann GREEN Single  
13 01/08/1822 George ARMSTRONG Single   Elizabeth CHERRY Single Potsgrove
14 12/05/1823 John RICKETT Single   Sarah BIRCH Single  
15 21/10/1824 James CLARKE Single   Charlotte ASHPOLE Single  
16 17/06/1826 James CREAMER     Ann PEACOCK    
17 26/06/1826 Joseph SPIVEY     Elizabeth SHOULLER   Potsgrove
18 05/02/1827 Caleb GARNER     Maria SIMMONDS    
19 16/04/1827 Stephen SANDFIELD Single   Elizabeth SPENSER Single Edgcott, Buckinghamshire
20 29/05/1828 John BIRCH Single   Mary UNDERWOOD Single  
21 27/07/1828 Joseph HEAL Single   Lavinia BATES Single  
22 14/09/1828 Abraham HINDE   Hockcliffe Hannah BUTLIN    
23 18/09/1828 Richard FAULKNER   Hockcliffe Rebecca PEACOCK    
24 12/10/1828 Daniel PEACOCK Single   Bridget READ Single  
25 20/10/1828 John BINYON Widower   Martha PAXTON Single  
26 30/04/1830 Joseph BIRCH Single   Elizabeth UNDERWOOD Single  
27 12/10/1830 George BUTLIN Single   Fanny Parkins SPITTLES Single  
28 24/12/1830 William RICHES Single   Mary Ann PAXTON Single  
29 06/08/1832 Thomas PURRETT   Linslade, Buckinghamshire Lydia GREEN    
30 04/10/1832 James COOPER   Tilsworth Ann ROBINSON    
31 07/05/1833 Thomas Henry BAILEY Single   Elizabeth ARMSTRONG Single  
32 21/10/1833 William FLECKNEY   Milton Bryan Rebekah SINFIELD    
33 25/12/1833 Thomas UNDERWOOD     Mary ALLCURTINE    
34 24/11/1834 Joseph WELCH Single   Ann HORLEY Single  
35 13/10/1835 Robert BECKET Single   Sarah SPENCER Single  
36 21/10/1835 Henry EVANS Single   Sarah BUNKER Single  
37 12/10/1836 James NEAL     Caroline GREEN    

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