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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Woburn St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Woburn lies in the extreme west of Bedfordshire, indeed it forms part of the county's border with neighbouring Buckinghamshire. Woburn is a small market town situated about 15 miles southwest of the county town of Bedford and located on the junction of the the A4012 (Husborne Crawley to Leighton Buzzard) road with the short spur of the A5130 (heading towards eastern Milton Keynes). The small town sits just a couple of miles east of the A5 which follows the Roman Watling Street. Woburn is also the site of Woburn Abbey founded in 1145 for the Cistercian order but, of course, dissolved by Henry VIII. Mention of modern Woburn would not be complete without the estate of the Dukes of Bedford and its attractions, conceived as a means of retaining the estate the Safari & Deer Parks are a popular visitor attraction and income earner for the estate. Woburn's market status has lapsed in more recent times as has its former thread-lace industry but its tourism bolsters an economy based on farming. Woburn is drained by small streams which head north & westwards to join the Ouzel, from there the Great Ouse and through the Fens to the North Sea via the Wash. Woburn is sited at around 120 metres above the sea, it sits on an area of higher ground for this part of the country with local heights rising to 160 metres within a couple of miles, the local hills sit on a ridge of Greensand. Woburn parish was one of the largest in extent in Bedfordshire, it covered almost 3,500 acres and would have supported a population of just over 1,900 parishioners. In Domesday times Woburn was a very small place, largely held by one Walter Giffard it held only 8 ploughs together with meadows and woodland.

The Church

St Mary's church sits just east of the A4012 on the road which crosses the estate (Park Street). Sadly St Mary is not some mediaeval masterpiece but a Victorian replacement built in the 1860s for the 8th Duke of Bedford. The church follows a style from the 12th century, the Norman Romanesque styles likened by Pevsner to Anjou and Poitou in France. A large church as befits the size of the congregation it has an unusual placement of the tower to the southwestern corner rather than a central crossing tower as would be typical of that period. The tower originally was topped by a spire but this proved unsafe and was removed in 1890. Park Street has broad grassy verges with plenty of room to get well off the road, the churchyard, behind a low stone wall, has few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 17th May 1754 - 1st January 1775 Bedfordshire Archives & Record Service - Reference - P118/1/9 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 20th February 1775 - 25th December 1804 Bedfordshire Archives & Record Service - Reference - P118/1/10 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 27th March 1805 - 6th December 1812 Bedfordshire Archives & Record Service - Reference - P118/1/11 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
4 5th April 1813 - 13th June 1837 Bedfordshire Archives & Record Service - Reference - P118/1/12 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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Aspley Guise St Botolph
Husborne Crawley St Mary
Ridgmont All Saints
Little Brickhill St Mary Magdalene, Buckinghamshire
Eversholt St John the Baptist
Little Brickhill St Mary Magdalene, Buckinghamshire
Potsgrove St Mary
Milton Bryan St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
28/01/1754 Alexander GIBBS     Mary RISON    
28/01/1754 George WHITE     Elizabeth EVANS    
17/02/1754 Edmund EASIE     Mary BROWN    
1 07/05/1754 Thomas COOK     Martha VICKUS    
2 12/05/1754 Christopher ABRAHAM   Tilsworth Ann SHARMAN    
3 02/06/1754 William INGLE     Elizabeth WEST    
4 18/08/1754 Woodale IREDALE     Hannah GROOM    
5 25/08/1754 Robert BRYAN     Mary OKE    
6 02/09/1754 William HAWKINS     Sarah THOMSON    
7 01/10/1754 William LAW     Hannah EDMUNDS    
8 14/10/1754 Richard WRIGHT     Sarah BAKER    
9 31/10/1754 William GUY     Mary SCUTCHINS    
10 01/11/1754 William LANGFORD     Ann HAINS    
11 03/11/1754 Joseph JOHNSON     Susannah IRELAND    
12 10/11/1754 John BOTSWORTH     Elizabeth DEWBERRY    
13 19/01/1755 Charles WEST     Judith FENN    
14 08/05/1755 John DOGGET   Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire Susannah MORRIS    
15 11/05/1755 John TEAGLE     Ann MARSH    
16 18/05/1755 William BOTSFORD     Elizabeth SINFIELD    
17 26/05/1755 Leonard SCUTCHIN     Ann BASELEY    
18 16/07/1755 William IRELAND     Mary RAMSAY Single  
19 04/08/1755 Hamand TATNALL     Susannah SMITH Single  
20 05/08/1755 John CLARKE     Sarah COOK Single  
21 10/08/1755 Edward IMPEY   Wavendon, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth EASTHALF    
22 17/08/1755 John FARNDEN     Ruth NEWMAN Single  
23 27/10/1755 Silvester BUTLER     Margaret POOL Single  
24 03/11/1755 George VERNEY     Elizabeth LAWSON Single  
25 29/12/1755 George MYON     Alice ALTWELL Single  
26 28/02/1756 James TROUGHTON     Anne HURNAY Single  
27 24/10/1756 Richard PLUMMER     Joyce PARKER Single  
28 29/11/1756 Theophilus PAGITER   Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire Anne GUY Single  
29 22/01/1757 William MARSHALL     Ann COOK Single  
30 20/02/1757 Henry DOLTON     Elizabeth IRONS Single  
31 19/06/1757 Thomas GOODMAN     Alice LAWTON Single  
32 03/07/1757 John DENTON Widower Spitalfields, Middlesex Margaret RICKARD Single  
33 14/08/1757 Hugh DAWBORN     Ann BUTTERFUNT    
34 24/10/1757 John COTTHAM     Martha GREEN Single  
35 13/12/1757 William WILLIAMS     Elizabeth SINFIELD Single  
36 23/12/1757 William ATTWOOD     Ann SWAN Single  
37 19/01/1758 James MILLARD     Sarah WEST Single  
38 13/02/1758 William WORKWORTH   Eversholt Sarah STEVENSON Widow  
39 26/03/1758 William COBB     Mary BARNES Single  
40 01/07/1758 John KENING     Mary CLARK Single  
41 07/08/1758 Francis RASON     Ann WATTS Single  
42 07/08/1758 Henry DAY     Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
43 11/08/1758 Thomas SMITH     Ann NEWMAN Single  
44 04/09/1758 George FOSTER Single   Betty SINFIELD Single  
45 29/01/1759 Marmaduke WEST     Elizabeth IRELAND Single  
46 18/03/1759 Joseph JOHNSON     Ann BATTAM Single  
47 19/04/1759 John FARNDEN     Mary IREDALE Single  
48 24/06/1759 James MILLARD     Elizabeth GOSWELL Single  
49 29/10/1759 James COLEMAN     Susannah HATTON    
50 18/11/1759 Samuel TURVEY     Mary EVANS Single  
51 22/11/1759 Henry ANDREWS   Eversholt Elizabeth GREEN Single  
52 13/12/1759 John BROCKIS     Ann SINFIELD Single  
53 14/01/1760 Thomas REDDALL     Elizabeth HAWKES Widow  
55 12/04/1760 Edward FARR   Little Brickhill, Buckinghamshire Ruth SEAR    
54 01/07/1760 Francis GREEN     Susannah CLARK Single  
56 13/08/1760 Henry LANG   Ufton Nervet, Berkshire Ann SHEFFARD Single  
57 23/11/1760 Edmond SIBLEY   Flamstead, Hertfordshire Elizabeth DARLING Single  
58 28/12/1760 John BULL     Susannah CLARK Single  
59 12/01/1761 Henry CLARKE     Mary FILKES Single  
60 02/02/1761 Thomas PARKER     Elizabeth MASH Single  
61 24/03/1761 William TAYLOR     Catherine SHAW Single  
62 08/04/1761 Thomas GILBERT   Great Brickhill, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth TILCOCK Single  
63 15/04/1761 John RAMMIDGE   Shillington Jane FAIRNEY Single  
64 28/04/1761 Robert BUTTERFUNT     Elizabeth GUY Single  
65 12/05/1761 Jeremiah FARNEY     Ann LEONARD Single  
66 26/05/1761 John CLARK     Ann FRASER Single  
67 10/08/1761 John BOLDING   Ampthill Ann SMITH Single  
68 01/10/1761 Thomas COPELAND     Elizabeth BOWLER Single  
69 18/11/1761 William GENT   Northamptonshire Elizabeth SINFIELD Single  
70 20/01/1762 Joseph THORP   Biggleswade Lidia NOKES Single  
71 06/02/1762 Mark WEST Widower   Elizabeth WARD Single  
72 09/02/1762 Joseph JACKSON Widower Sutton Sarah DAVIS Single  
73 24/02/1762 Benjamin BUTCHER     Mary ADAMS Single  
74 05/04/1762 Joseph RUSSELL     Mary WATERWORTH Single  
75 21/04/1762 Thomas BERTRAM     Ann SHAW Single  
76 01/06/1762 Daniel GAMBY     Elizabeth HART Single  
77 06/06/1762 John CRICK     Ann MORRIS Single  
78 18/07/1762 Patridge DOLTON     Susannah KITTLEY Single  
79 16/08/1762 Anthony EAGLING     Martha LAWFORD Single  
80 29/09/1762 James DUCK   Ridge, Hertfordshire Mary CLARKE Single  
81 10/10/1762 William MORE     Mary SHARMAN Single  
82 26/10/1762 Kitson SHEMELD     Elizabeth PRESTON Single  
83 11/11/1762 Charles ATTERBURY     Elizabeth BOOTH Single  
84 21/11/1762 John CLARKE Widower   Elizabeth MEAD    
85 13/12/1762 George WHITEEVES     Ann SMITH Single  
86 07/02/1763 John BROCKIS     Elizabeth IRELAND Single  
87 11/02/1763 John SUDBURY     Sarah ADAMS Single  
88 17/02/1763 Phillip BASSETT   Southill Mary FERNY Single  
89 05/04/1763 Joseph COLEMAN     Mary MAYBEE Single  
90 14/07/1763 William BUTLER     Ann DANIEL Single  
91 17/07/1763 James GOODLAND     Sarah CLARK Widow  
92 17/07/1763 John EDMONDS     Ann TAYLOR Single  
93 31/07/1763 William LAW     Mary COOPER Widow  
94 16/08/1763 Thomas HOLLES     Ann BILBY Single  
95 17/08/1763 Edward ROBERTS   North Crawley, Buckinghamshire Charlotte DAVIS Single  
96 15/09/1763 Thomas PRIGMER     Mary SEER Single  
97 17/10/1763 Richard WYCHE     Mary NASH Single  
98 26/01/1764 Joseph TURNER Single   Sarah CHAPPEL Single  
99 06/02/1764 John GRAY     Catherine SMITH Single  
100 21/02/1764 William ARROWSMITH   St Dunstan In The West, City Of London Mary FILKES Single  
101 23/04/1764 Thomas HALL     Sarah GIBBES Single  
102 22/05/1764 William BURBIDGE     Ann PING Single  
103 09/06/1764 Francis RUSSELL     Elizabeth KEPPEL Single  
104 28/09/1764 John MATHER Single   Alice WARNES Single  
105 14/10/1764 Francis NORRIS Widower Walton, Buckinghamshire Rhoda PERCIVALL Widow  
106 20/12/1764 Daniel CRESPIN   Dunstable Barbara FILKES Single  
107 08/02/1765 Thomas RUTLAND     Ann ELLIS Single  
108 18/02/1765 Peter WOODS     Mary GOODMAN Single  
109 11/07/1765 Richard REDDALL Single Milton Bryan Katherine SHEFFARD Single  
110 08/08/1765 John MORTON     Elizabeth HORNEBLOW    
111 10/10/1765 Thomas WILTSHIRE   Blunham Elizabeth LOVELL Single  
112 08/11/1765 Matthew HAGGERSON Widower Wavendon, Buckinghamshire Mary DOLTON Single  
113 13/01/1766 Thomas MILLER Widower Flamstead, Hertfordshire Mary SWINDELL Widow  
114 03/03/1766 William KIGHTLEY   Shenley, Buckinghamshire Mary BUTCHER Widow  
115 18/05/1766 John EATON Single   Ann LONDON Single  
116 04/06/1766 James BUTLER Single   Mary BANISTER Single  
117 04/06/1766 Edward WORSTER Single   Mary TILCOCK Single  
118 10/08/1766 Thomas SINFIELD     Margaret BUTLER    
119 14/08/1766 Charles SINFIELD     Ann IRELAND    
120 26/08/1766 Thomas FRASER Single   Jane CHAMBERLAIN Single  
121 14/09/1766 John DOLTON Single   Sarah HARRIS Single  
122 04/10/1766 Henry CLARK Widower   Elizabeth LEADBEATER Widow Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire
123 23/10/1766 John PAGE   Aspley Guise Sarah WALDUCK Single  
124 26/10/1766 John COLEMAN Single   Sarah STALKER Single  
125 26/12/1766 Thomas BURROWS   Loughborough, Leicestershire Mary HEMMANS Single  
126 29/12/1766 John KING Single   Esther TAYLOR Single  
127 01/01/1767 James SPRINGNALL Widower   Elizabeth WOODWARD Single  
128 20/01/1767 James MORLEY Single   Sarah DANIEL Single  
129 10/02/1767 John SCARBOROUGH   Wavendon, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth SHOULER Single  
130 24/03/1767 Jeffery OSBORN Single Chalgrave Mary COOK Single  
131 31/03/1767 John HALL     Elizabeth BURBIDGE Single  
132 30/07/1767 John HURD     Sarah LANE Single  
133 09/08/1767 James THEAGLE Single   Elizabeth GURNEY Single  
134 30/08/1767 Robert CUTHBERT     Elizabeth CURTIS Single  
135 08/01/1768 John DOLTON Widower   Judith WASHINGTON   Walton, Buckinghamshire
136 12/01/1768 William DOLTON Single   Sarah MORTEMORE Widow  
137 14/05/1768 William NORMAN     Martha IRONS Widow  
138 23/06/1768 John BUSHBY Widower   Mary IRELAND Widow  
139 26/06/1768 Isaac ANDREW     Sarah HOLLINGSHIRE Single  
140 02/07/1768 Henry BARLOW     Mary WATERLAND    
141 08/09/1768 John KING     Sarah NASH Single Milton Bryan
142 13/09/1768 Thomas PERRY Single   Sarah HALL Widow  
143 14/09/1768 Thomas SHEPPARD Single Eversholt Susannah COOPER    
144 12/10/1768 Richard DARLING     Phebe HARRIS Single  
145 05/01/1769 William COWLEY     Catherine DAVIS Single  
146 22/01/1769 William BRIGGS     Ann WRIGHT Single  
147 24/03/1769 Joseph COLEMAN Single St Margaret Pattens, City Of London Sarah DOLTON Single  
148 12/05/1769 John DANIEL Widower   Truelove TRAVEL Widow  
150 22/06/1769 John MORRIS     Isabella FILKES Single  
149 24/06/1769 Augustus Henry GRAFTON     Elizabeth WOOTTESLEY Single  
15/10/1769 Francis BUTLER     Sarah ROSON Widow  
05/11/1769 Richard NEWMAN     Mary SINFIELD Single Husbourne Crawley
09/11/1769 William RAVENSDON     Eleanor BUTLER    
17/12/1769 John KNOT     Mary LONDON    
18/02/1770 William GUY     Catharine EMERTON    
11/04/1770 Thomas BUTLER     Elizabeth GREY    
14/05/1770 Thomas BOFF     Elizabeth IRONS   Husbourne Crawley
16/07/1770 Joshua PANTON     Mary WATTS    
29/09/1770 George GIDDINS   Toddington Mary NORCUTT    
02/10/1770 William PARTRIDGE   All Saints, Northampton, Northamptonshire Mary WRIGHT    
15/10/1770 Thomas PERRY     Susanna CURTIS    
24/10/1770 Ralph FURR     Frances JEROMS    
25/10/1770 Christopher ABRAHAM     Elizabeth COOK    
04/12/1770 Francis BROWNSTOCK   Navestock, Essex Millecent HIDE Widow  
19/01/1771 John CLARKE     Mary BOSWORTH    
25/04/1771 Thomas BUTCHER   Luton Elizabeth BROWN    
04/05/1771 Henry DODD   Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth PERRIN    
05/05/1771 Richard FLINT     Ann BULL    
24/06/1771 Barnaby RALPH     Mary IRELAND    
23/09/1771 John BINYON     Ann EMERTON    
04/02/1772 Thomas MORE Single Friern Barnet, Middlesex Alice ASHPOLE Single  
12/05/1772 Marmaduke SINFIELD   Little Brickhill, Buckinghamshire Mary IRELAND    
21/05/1772 Thomas ODELL     Elizabeth THOMPSON    
24/05/1772 Robert BUSHBY     Sarah POLLY   Marston Moretaine
25/05/1772 John SMITH   Little Brickhill, Buckinghamshire Maria LAWRENCE    
31/05/1772 Thomas ROE     Mary GLEW Single  
16/06/1772 James COLEMAN     Mary IRELAND    
01/07/1772 John Owen STUBBS   Leighton Buzzard Sarah ADAMS    
20/07/1772 Nathaniel WHITBREAD   Eversholt Sarah SINFIELD    
04/10/1772 William GARRAT     Mary DENNIS    
12/10/1772 William HENLEY     Elizabeth COOLEY    
12/10/1772 Michael HANNELL     Mary BARNWELL    
13/10/1772 James GARRAT     Sarah MUDDEMAN    
21/10/1772 Andrew HENLEY     Elizabeth CHEVAL    
26/10/1772 William GOODMAN     Sarah HOLMES    
08/11/1772 Thomas SHAW     Ann MARTIN    
20/02/1773 Thomas BULMER   St Helen, City Of London Sarah FILKES Single  
13/06/1773 Leonard HICKFORD     Sarah DARLING    
15/06/1773 John SMITH     Susanna CHAPMAN    
05/10/1773 John MORRIS   Soulbury, Buckinghamshire Susannah WORSTER    
12/11/1773 William PLOUGHMAN   Wavendon, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth HUCKLE    
13/11/1773 Henry GUNNELL     Mary GIBBS    
27/11/1773 Isaac LATTIMORE     Mary ETON    
14/12/1773 James CARTWRIGHT   Bletchley, Buckinghamshire Hannah SPRINGALL    
05/02/1774 Benjamin LAW     Elizabeth HALIFAX    
12/02/1774 Richard BARRAT     Elizabeth FLINT    
21/05/1774 Thomas CARR     Mary PARKER    
11/07/1774 William KING     Elizabeth DANIEL    
04/09/1774 Richard MILLARD     Sarah IRELAND    
01/01/1775 William GRAY     Sarah JONES    
20/02/1775 Thomas SINFIELD     Sarah HART    
16/04/1775 Thomas BARLOW     Rebecca IRELAND    
23/05/1775 Edward AMOS     Hannah BINJON    
11/06/1775 Thomas BUTLER     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
12/10/1775 John MIDDELBROOK     Susanna MUDDYMAN    
08/12/1775 John SEAR     Susannah MIDDELBROOCK    
15/12/1775 Hugh FRAZER     Mary WARD    
26/12/1775 James BAKER   Hitchin, Hertfordshire Ann PERRIN    
29/01/1776 John BAVISTER     Sarah SEAR    
20/02/1776 Edward SHEMME     Mary STUDDS    
20/05/1776 Thomas BARRAT     Hannah HOLMES    
08/08/1776 James PEARSON   St Dunstan In The West, City Of London Rebecca FILKES    
01/10/1776 Richard DOLTON     Rebecca WINWRIGHT    
12/10/1776 Francis STONEBRIDGE     Mary ELLIS    
20/10/1776 George LANCASTER     Sarah BOYES    
16/06/1777 John GIBBS     Sarah BEALL    
09/09/1777 Henry DUXBURY   Oakham, Rutland Mary HALLOWELL    
09/11/1777 Thomas GREEN     Susanna THOMPSON    
17/11/1777 James HENLEY     Ann PYE    
26/11/1777 John EMMOTT   St Bartholomew The Great, City Of London Ann MANSELL    
27/02/1778 William SHAW     Elizabeth TURVEY    
02/05/1778 Charles MATHIS     Ann MARSH    
29/06/1778 James WALLER   Streatley Sarah SMITH    
22/09/1778 Thomas PURYER     Sarah MILLER    
02/11/1778 John BOYS     Mary GREY    
14/11/1778 Ashely WHITEBREAD     Elizabeth SINFIELD    
22/01/1779 John WINWRITE     Mary BARLOW    
08/02/1779 William BIRD     Ann TATNALL    
16/02/1779 William MESSINBURGE     Sarah IRELAND    
25/07/1779 Thomas BROOKS   Clophill Ann ROCK    
19/09/1779 Thomas WEST     Ann COOK    
12/10/1779 John IRONS   Pulloxhill Elizabeth BOTSWORTH    
20/10/1779 David RISELY     Ann FOSHEW    
21/10/1779 Robert WILLIAMS     Mary PARKES    
28/03/1780 Edward WINTERS     Ann DURANT    
18/04/1780 William PALMER     Mary MARTIN    
06/05/1780 Richard MONERY     Lydia BRACKLEY    
01/07/1780 John CIRCUIT     Elizabeth ROCK    
28/08/1780 George MARSHALL     Ann SHORTER    
25/09/1780 John JAYES     Alice BEALE    
12/10/1780 William RISELY     Elizabeth MANNING    
15/10/1780 Thomas BAKEWELL   Manchester, Lancashire Ann LITCHFIELD    
16/11/1780 Richard PAIN Widower   Elizabeth CLARE Widow  
11/12/1780 Robert NEWMAN   Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth TAYLOR    
27/02/1781 George CAREY     Sarah BUNKER    
09/04/1781 Telford WALKER   Wollaston, Northamptonshire Mary DAY    
20/07/1781 Samuel KING Widower Daventry, Northamptonshire Elizabeth MARTIN    
24/07/1781 John PAIN   Ridgmont Mary FREEMAN    
28/07/1781 John MARSHALL     Mary WILLIAMS    
10/10/1781 Henry CLARKE     Ann FOSTER    
17/10/1781 Thomas LUCAS     Mary ROWLINSON    
23/10/1781 Joseph WARD     Ann NOT    
19/11/1781 Thomas BOWES     Mary COOPER    
14/01/1782 Thomas Abbott GREEN   St Mary Le Bow, City Of London Elizabeth LAMPORT    
19/08/1782 Robert STUDDS     Elizabeth PYER    
21/10/1782 Robert JONES     Ann GOODMAN    
29/10/1782 William WILLBE     Sarah PAINTER    
31/10/1782 Edward EDWARDS   Aspley Guise Sarah FREEMAN Single  
13/12/1782 Thomas ATTERBURY     Sarah EVERITT    
18/01/1783 Henry TOWNSEND   Hillingdon, Middlesex Mary ERVIN    
20/02/1783 Richard WHYTE Widower   Ann MIDDLEBROOK    
11/05/1783 Thomas PITKIN     Mary LITCHFIELD    
10/06/1783 Henry INGRAM   Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire Frances ROBERTS    
16/06/1783 Samuel MARKS   Eggington Mary INGERHAM    
28/07/1783 Richard SISSIX     Ann GARDNER    
24/09/1783 Thomas FOXBEE   Eversholt Mary PING    
16/10/1783 John DENNIS     Sarah HAWKINS    
03/11/1783 John MIDDLEBROOK     Elizabeth TEAGLE    
21/01/1784 Richard HIGGES   Chalgrave Mary MANTON    
22/01/1784 John PIDDINGTON     Elizabeth DOWNER Widow  
02/02/1784 John BOTSWORTH     Ann CASTLE    
03/02/1784 Edward WEBB     Elizabeth WRIGHT    
05/05/1784 David KENDALL Single Long Clawson, Leicestershire Sarah PRESTON Single  
10/05/1784 John KNOT     Elizabeth WHITEBREAD    
10/05/1784 James MILLARD     Martha BOOTH    
12/05/1784 William WILSON     Mary SEIR    
09/07/1784 Edward HANNELL     Mary FENSHAM    
03/10/1784 John SUTHERLAND     Ann RYVES Single  
04/10/1784 Thomas PERRY     Lucy IRONS    
11/10/1784 John SMITH     Catharine DOLTON    
25/10/1784 Thomas HILLYER     Elizabeth ODELL    
01/11/1784 Joseph BURNIDGE     Ann FIELDS    
08/11/1784 Benjamin TAYLOR     Martha BRACKLEY    
22/11/1784 John BIRD     Ann DOLTON    
01/02/1785 Ebenezer WRIGHT     Mary CLARE    
27/03/1785 John MORGAN     Martha HENLEY    
27/03/1785 John DRURY Widower   Judith GODFREY Widow  
28/03/1785 James CLARE Single   Mary COOK Single  
03/04/1785 William WISE   St Michael, St Albans, Hertfordshire Martha NORMAN    
04/04/1785 John WILLS Widower Spratton, Northamptonshire Mary WARREN Widow  
28/08/1785 John BOUGHTON     Ann MILLARD    
01/09/1785 Robert BAKER   Clerkenwell, Middlesex Deborah MILLER    
11/10/1785 George KING     Mary WINGRAVE    
12/10/1785 John GURNEY     Ann HULL    
17/10/1785 John CLAYTON Widower Caddington Sarah CAREY Widow  
24/10/1785 Robert SINFIELD     Elizabeth VERNEY    
08/03/1786 John MARTIN   St Marylebone, Middlesex Jane HARRIS    
19/06/1786 William MARSH     Elizabeth KEDDALL    
19/07/1786 William WATTS Single St Giles, City Of London Ann TOWNSEND   Nuneaton, Warwickshire
21/08/1786 William BUTERFUNT     Sarah OWEN    
11/10/1786 Richard WRIGHT     Sarah SEAR    
13/10/1786 Robert MARTIN     Mary FAWLKNER    
22/10/1786 George VARNEY     Mary BOYS    
18/11/1786 William MASH   Lutterworth, Leicestershire Elizabeth PRESTON    
01/01/1787 John BOSWORTH     Alice ODEL    
04/01/1787 Joseph SEABROOK Widower Husbourne Crawley Keziah CLARE    
21/02/1787 John LAMB Widower St Giles In The Fields, Middlesex Frances DAMER    
19/03/1787 James BOSWORTH     Ann PAGE    
30/07/1787 John KIGHTLEY     Sukey SHORTER    
08/08/1787 Thomas HENLEY   Hertfordshire Ann ROBERTS    
10/08/1787 Stephen TAYLOR     Mary GALE    
13/08/1787 William SEAR     Ann ROSON    
09/09/1787 John CLARE     Elizabeth ROSEN    
01/11/1787 John CLEVELEY     Mary DARLING    
28/11/1787 William BUTLER     Martha BOWLER    
03/12/1787 Thomas WARDE     Ann BINYON    
25/02/1788 Thomas LORD   All Saints, Northampton, Northamptonshire Sarah GUY    
29/03/1788 John Wilding HITCHCOCK   Ireland Mary TEAGLE    
04/05/1788 William MEKINS     Mary SINFIELD    
12/05/1788 Charles SMEETON     Mary OAKLEY   Eaton Bray
09/06/1788 Thomas WILLIAMS     Ann LITCHFIELD    
28/07/1788 Charles MAJOR     Mary COLHAM    
01/09/1788 Thomas GRAHAM   Little Brickhill, Buckinghamshire Ann GARRAT    
11/09/1788 Francis SHARPE   Grantham, Lincolnshire Elizabeth MACKENZIE    
24/09/1788 Thomas GREEN   Billington Hester HENLEY    
05/10/1788 Richard MILLER     Elizabeth CAPP    
05/10/1788 John WHITE     Rebecka WATSON    
07/10/1788 John CURLOCK   Little Brickhill, Buckinghamshire Susannah SMITH    
09/10/1788 James STUGLE     Fanny BUTLER    
15/12/1788 William SHAW     Elizabeth BALDEN    
05/01/1789 John EVANS     Mary EVANS    
23/02/1789 Joseph Barnett DYMOCK Widower Wootton Mary BROWN Widow  
01/03/1789 Robert BARKER     Elizabeth BUTLER    
10/04/1789 John MANTON     Sarah KEMPSTER    
30/04/1789 William GAMBY     Mary MORRIS    
17/05/1789 Henry JONES     Ann HANDS    
06/06/1789 Adam James JELLICOE   City Of London Anna NASH    
12/07/1789 John MENNEL     Elizabeth SUCKBURY    
10/11/1789 Samuel HAINES     Elizabeth COWPER   Wavendon, Buckinghamshire
02/01/1790 John PARRY   Reading, Berkshire Mary DOCWRA    
11/01/1790 George SYMONDS     Martha LOVESEY    
14/02/1790 John MAJOR     Sarah CAP    
24/05/1790 James HOPKINS     Sarah ANDERSON    
13/06/1790 William HASLEDINE     Laetitia COPELAND    
30/06/1790 William ROCK     Mary BUTCHER    
02/08/1790 Thomas GARRET     Mary ROSEN    
25/11/1790 William RICHARDSON     Catherine SPARKS    
18/01/1791 Joseph CARR Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Sarah MILLARD Single  
02/03/1791 John MORLEY     Ann SMITH    
17/05/1791 William WRIGHT   Chenies, Buckinghamshire Maria TAYLOR    
01/06/1791 William ASHBY   Northampton, Northamptonshire Phebe JEFFREYS    
27/06/1791 Henry ATKINSON Single   Catharine SMITH Single  
13/07/1791 James MORGAN Single   Mary GRAY Single  
05/09/1791 James COLEMAN     Fanny GARRET    
12/10/1791 William KITCHENER   Hendon, Middlesex Sarah HARRIS Single  
28/10/1791 Henry SMITH   Dunstable Mary MATTHEW    
07/11/1791 John CHANCE   Eversholt Peggy FOXLEY    
18/03/1792 Jonathan BUTLER     Sally IRELAND    
09/04/1792 Peter WOODS     Sarah BRADFORD    
12/05/1792 John DELL     Mary DELL    
27/05/1792 Joseph FRAZER     Ann BIRD Widow  
31/05/1792 Edward MILLARD     Elizabeth Goodman WOODS    
06/06/1792 Richard HINCKES     Hannah NEGUS    
24/06/1792 William RUFFET     Elizabeth EVANS    
10/07/1792 John PAINTER     Alice IRONS    
20/07/1792 Samuel PRIG   St Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex Mary GOODMAN    
24/07/1792 William HENLEY     Sarah DENNIS    
13/10/1792 William DOLTON Widower   Ann ROBINSON    
14/10/1792 William JONES     Ann COOPER    
29/10/1792 William JARVIS     Sarah EDMUNDS    
29/10/1792 James HENLEY     Susanna MARSH    
07/11/1792 Thomas FOXLEY     Mary BUTLER    
21/01/1793 John PARKER     Mary LINCOLN    
13/02/1793 William PERRY   Marston Moretaine Helen PYE    
01/04/1793 Henry MAKINS     Mary DAUGHBORN    
11/06/1793 John BIRTCHNELL     Sarah GREY    
02/07/1793 John FIELD   Cranfield Elizabeth BUTLER    
15/08/1793 George Pollard CECIL     Anne PRESTON    
30/09/1793 Woods GREEN   Downham, Cambridgeshire Ann BADLEY    
13/10/1793 John STRANGE   Aspley Guise Ann ODELL    
11/11/1793 Samuel CARR     Elizabeth JUFFS    
04/01/1794 John HARMOND   St Albans, Hertfordshire Elizabeth SALISBURY    
14/01/1794 Samuel JUSS     Elizabeth MEAKINS    
03/02/1794 George NEWBERRY     Sarah GRIFFITHS    
24/02/1794 John COLLINS   Wavendon, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth GREEN    
07/05/1794 John DOVER     Ann WYCHE    
08/10/1794 William EVANS Widower   Catherine SCOT Single  
11/10/1794 William READ   Hockcliffe Sophia CHESHER    
23/10/1794 Thomas WARNER Widower Eversholt Ann WARD Widow  
21/11/1794 John CLARK     Elizabeth ROW   Dunstable
22/12/1794 William DOLTON     Mary EDMUNDS    
23/12/1794 Edward FURR     Elizabeth NICKOLS    
11/01/1795 Thomas PERRY     Catherine NASH    
20/04/1795 Samuel SINFIELD     Elizabeth HICKFORD    
23/06/1795 James ELLIS   Biggleswade Sarah HENSMAN   Lidlington
13/07/1795 William RADFIELD     Ann DARLING    
19/07/1795 John FARR     Elizabeth TOAMS    
20/08/1795 George BOWLER     Elizabeth CLARKE    
14/10/1795 James HOPKINS Widower   Mary WARWICK Single  
15/10/1795 Edward GUY Single   Mary BADRUM Single  
05/11/1795 Charles BAYLEY     Elizabeth LOVEL    
08/02/1796 William CLEATHER Single   Elizabeth RALPH Single  
15/03/1796 John SCROXTON     Charlotte HARRIS    
03/05/1796 William SANDEY     Martha CRICK    
11/05/1796 John HENLEY     Elizabeth LANGFORD    
20/06/1796 William HOPKINS     Sarah BUTTERFUNT    
06/07/1796 James COOK     Ann SPUFFORD    
08/08/1796 William SYLVESTER     Mary MOORE    
11/10/1796 John BARRET     Elizabeth KING    
29/10/1796 Thomas HEWIT     Susan HANDSCOMBE    
29/12/1796 Stephen INNES   Milton Bryan Ruth FURR    
31/12/1796 John BROOKSLY   Northamptonshire Ann SCROXTON    
06/02/1797 Joseph IRELAND     Dorcas DAD    
06/02/1797 Charles SINFIELD     Sarah GOBBY Single  
12/02/1797 William ABRAHAM     Mary WILLIAMS    
13/02/1797 James BUTLER     Rebecca RALPH    
13/02/1797 John CARTER     Mary ODELL    
09/04/1797 John CARR     Rachel MAJOR    
07/05/1797 George HALL     Mary MANSELL    
27/05/1797 Thomas DAUGHBORNE     Elizabeth SINFIELD    
07/07/1797 William COOK     Mary HAWKES    
18/07/1797 James HINDMARSH Widower St Sepulchre, City Of London Mary BRAND Widow  
29/08/1797 John STEVENS     Fanny DODD    
11/10/1797 Thomas SPENCER     Sarah PARROT    
23/10/1797 James BUTLER     Mary YERALL    
05/11/1797 Abraham HURST     Elizabeth BARKER    
30/12/1797 Andrew GARDNER     Mary SHAW    
22/01/1798 John WELDALE Widower   Deborah BAKER Widow  
13/02/1798 William BRANDON     Anna COOKE    
29/04/1798 Thomas AGGLINTON     Mary POWEL    
06/06/1798 William FLINT     Charlotte MATHEWS   Great Woolstone, Buckinghamshire
03/07/1798 Charles SANDERS   St Bartholomew Exchange, City Of London Julia KELLY   Ireland
06/08/1798 Samuel KINGSTON   Lidlington Ann ARNOLD    
03/10/1798 Peregrine WOOD     Lydia LOVEL    
04/10/1798 Thomas COOK     Ann HEATH    
13/11/1798 Thomas FANCH   Milton Bryan Esther GOBBEY    
27/02/1799 John STEVENS     Lucy NICHOLS    
15/04/1799 William MILLS     Elizabeth STUDS    
22/04/1799 Robert JONES     Ann BIRD    
01/06/1799 John SHOMELD     Mary BARKER    
03/06/1799 William BUTTERSHAW     Ann MEKINS    
15/07/1799 Ralph FURR     Sarah BARLOW    
29/08/1799 Thomas HUTCHINS     Eamy SINFIELD    
16/10/1799 John CLEVELEY     Sarah HICKFORD Widow  
12/11/1799 John TIFT Widower   Elizabeth SHEMMEY Single  
07/12/1799 Joseph Hill TUCKER     Rachel SMITH    

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