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Avington St Mark & St Luke


The Parish

The parish of Avington lies in the extreme southwest of Berkshire, not too far from its border with neighbouring Wiltshire and also close to, but slightly further away, the border with Hampshire. Avington is located about 2 miles east of the market town of Hungerford and sits a quarter mile south of the A4 road which connects Hungerford with Newbury and thence to London. Avington is little more than a hamlet sitting on the banks of the River Kennet, it undoubtedly functioned as a "closed" parish with most land held by a single landholder who restricted in-migration, hence no defined village developed. Farming would have been the predominant economic activity, the proximity of the water-meadows of the Kennet granting grazing as well the typical arable setup of this area. Modern developments have come to this sleepy rural place, firstly the Kennet & Avon Canal and later Brunel's Great Western Railway both forged their way along the Kennet valley on the journeys from Bristol to London. TVhe Kennet drains the parish eastwards, passing through Newbury and joining the Thames at Reading before passing through the capital to the North Sea. Avington is sited at around 90 metres above the sea, outside its valley setting land rises to almost 150 both to north & south in gently undulating terrain. Avington parish was small by Berkshire standards, covering just over 1,100 acres it would have supported just 100 parishioners. In Domesday times Avington, held by one Richard Poynent, was a typical small rural holding offering 6 ploughs, the usual meadows & woodland but did possess a mill on the Kennet.

The Church

St Mark & St Luke's church sits at the southern end of the short lane running south from the A4 to the cluster of farms making up modern day Avington. The church is a rare survival from the Norman Romanesque period of the immediate post-Conquest era. It is highly unusual in both not being rebuilt in the 14th century and also in not receiving a major Victorian restoration. The result is a survival rare in this country which causes Pevsner to wax lyrical about the features which survive. He is full of praise for the chancel arch, despite its sagging nature, which shows scallop capitals, zigzag motifs and is decoration of open-mouthed beasts. A few additions date from the Early English Gothic period, the eastern and northern doorways and a single window are dated to the 13th century nut for once all was left relatively lightly touched since that date. At the end of the lane some parking may be found, a footpath runs eastwards passing the entrance to the churchyard. The church is rather hemmed in by trees, particularly a spectacularly ancient cedar, but they do impede the better angle from the southeast removing that for photographers.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
2nd March 1756 - 8th November 1812
Berkshire Record Office - Reference - D/P/11/1/2
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 24th February 1816 - 6th December 1834 Berkshire Record Office - Reference - D/P/11/1/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
02/03/1756 Stephen WELLS Single East Garston Jane RAWLINS Single
11/10/1762 John SPANSWICK Kintbury Mary PORTER
23/01/1764 Robert GARLICK Burghfield Mary SAYER Single
29/08/1768 Joseph MILES Anne GARLICK Kintbury
31/10/1768 Thomas WESTALL Wraysbury, Buckinghamshire Mary RAWLINS
19/10/1769 Richard SMITH Elizabeth POFLEY
30/10/1769 John POFLEY Mary HICKS
15/10/1770 John BARTHOLOMEW Welford Elizabeth SAYER
08/12/1770 John DEWEY Elizabeth MATHEWS
10/12/1770 William PETTIFER Widower St James, Westminster, Middlesex Martha LANGFORD Widow
17/12/1770 James WISE Welford Sarah SAYER Single
24/04/1773 Henry NEVILLE Welford Martha SAYER
16/01/1774 Francis CANEW Widower Sarah RAPBOURN Single
05/08/1778 John HOPGOOD Thatcham Sarah FULLER Single
27/03/1780 James BUTLER Newbury Ann LOVELOCK
06/02/1785 Thomas WITTS Jane BAKER
21/02/1785 Abraham BARROW Rachael GLASS
29/11/1792 William WHITING Hungerford Betty DEWEY
10/08/1797 William WITTS Hungerford Hannah HEDGES
09/02/1801 Richard BRANSDON Kintbury Jane DOGITT
24/04/1804 George BLACKSTONE Ramsbury, Wiltshire Martha DOGWOOD
06/08/1804 Jacob NEATE Deal, Kent Jane BENNET Hungerford
08/08/1808 Charles Batson COXE East Shefford Eliza Ann BUTLER
17/12/1809 John WHITE Elizabeth WELLS
26/08/1810 John HISSEY Sarah SMITH
23/03/1812 William GARRATT Ann SPACKMAN
08/11/1812 Joseph SMITH Sarah RANDALL
4 24/02/1816 Stephen ALLEN Hannah MARTIN
5 08/01/1820 William PLUMER Hungerford Jane GRIMSHARE
6 21/11/1820 Thomas CARTER Hannah LEADER
7 06/12/1824 Joseph WOODBINE Mary BENNETT
8 11/12/1824 William PURDUE Elizabeth BENNETT
9 18/04/1825 Daniel BENNET Single Margaret TULL Hungerford
10 02/07/1826 William BUNCE Hungerford Caroline POFFLEY
11 13/01/1827 John JEFFERISS Eliza HOBBES Hungerford
12 26/06/1828 Daniel TAYLOR Speen Phillis CURTIS
13 18/10/1828 George POUND Fanny SMART Kintbury
14 17/10/1831 William CURTIS Widower Jane SIMS Widow Kintbury
15 28/06/1832 John MARSHALL Widower Susanna BARNES Widow
16 06/12/1834 Thomas NALDER Hungerford Sarah GRIMSHAW

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