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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Charney Bassett St Peter


The Parish

The chapelry of Charney Bassett, part of the larger parish of Longworth, lies in northern Berkshire, in that portion of the county transferred to Oxfordshire in 1974. Charney Bassett is a small and compact village lying about 4 miles north of the market town of Wantage. Charney Bassett sits, in lanes, about 3 miles south of the A420 road which connects the city of Oxford with the Wiltshire town of Swindon. The area in which Charney Bassett sits is known colloquially as the "Vale of the White Horse" after the chalk figure prominent on the nearby Downs. Charney Bassett would have been a farming community, a mixed regime as it sits close to the water meadows of the River Ock. The Ock drains the parish eastwards soon joining the Thames at Abingdon and thence through the capital to the North Sea. Charney Bassett is sited at around 60 metres above the sea and the Vale is relatively smooth with local heights rarely exceeding 80 metres within a couple of miles. The chapelry covered just short of 1,200 acres making it relatively small and it would have supported a population of just under 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Charney Bassett was equally small, held by Abingdon Abbey it could offer just 7 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Peter's church sits on the southern edge of the village close to the Ock and on the northern side of the lane leading to Lyford. The oldest portion of the church is Norman with the southern doorway its principal feature. The work on the moulding showing faces with protruding tongues forking into beards is quite extraordinary. The remainder of the church is fairly typically Perpendicular and reflects a significant rebuild during the 15th century. The curious bellcote, one could hardly call it a tower, is 17th century, a rare period for church fabric. The church sits within a brick-topped local stone wall but is curiously placed tightly against the western edges. This position makes it better to obtain images from outside the otherwise open and uncluttered churchyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 29th September 1754 - 14th October 1811 Berkshire Record Office - Reference - D/P83B/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads There is not much that is right about this register, the book is stained throughout and in places faded and the handwriting varies from scruffy to almost illegible towards the latter end. Errors will have been made within this transcript and no apology is offered because of the quality of image and handwriting. Users should treat this piece with caution.
2 3rd November 1814 - 12th August 1834 Berkshire Record Office - Reference - D/P83B/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The poor handwriting lasts only for 6 entries making it unlikely there are many misreads but still meriting this grading

Pusey All Saints
Hinton Waldrist St Margaret
Longworth St Mary
Buckland St Mary
Stanford in the Vale St Denys
West Hanney St James
Stanford in the Vale St Denys
Stanford in the Vale St Denys
West Hanney St James

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 29/09/1754 John THATCHER     Ann WHITEHORN    
2 28/11/1754 Robert ROBY     Anna Maria WESTON Single  
3 15/06/1755 John GREGORY   Aldsworth, Gloucestershire Amey KENT   Longworth
4 14/10/1755 William STEPLE     Catherine NOBES    
6 10/06/1756 Robert RAWLINGS   Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Mary BEESLY    
7 05/07/1756 Benjamin LODEN   West Hanney Ann WOODBRIDGE Single  
8 19/03/1757 Francis DRUET     Deborah MULCOCK Single  
10 21/11/1757 John CURTIS     Mary BACKSTER Single  
13 07/10/1759 Richard STEVENS   Farnborough Mary DEWE    
14 26/12/1759 Richard HAZELL Single   Martha WELMAN Single  
15 30/12/1759 Edward SIMPSON Single   Mary LIFLEY Single  
17 03/03/1761 Joseph NEEHAN     Rachel BONE Single  
18 11/10/1761 John MONEY   Wantage Elizabeth CULLUM Single Longworth
19 19/10/1761 James EDMUNDS   Longworth Mary COLLINS   Longworth
21 03/02/1766 Thomas WINTER Single Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Dulcebella BEESLEY Single  
23 21/12/1767 William BRUNSDON   Denchworth Sarah BEESLY    
24 21/12/1767 Joshua HORWELL   West Hanney Mary LEGG Single  
26 13/07/1769 Richard BEASELY     Elizabeth THATCHER Single  
27 06/04/1772 Edward CAPELL     Mary MOORE Single  
28 12/10/1772 William MILLS     Elizabeth COLLINS Single  
29 09/10/1773 John GLEED Single   Elizabeth THATCHER Single  
30 04/04/1774 Richard MORSS Single   Ann THATCHER Single  
31 31/10/1774 George HAZELL Single   Mary PUSEY Single  
32 26/12/1774 Samuel THATCHER   Stanford In The Vale Mary COX    
33 28/12/1775 John CARTER     Ann NOBES    
34 15/07/1776 John LAY     Mary LOVE    
35 13/10/1777 Richard COX     Mary LIGHT    
36 06/11/1777 John HARRIS     Mary DOWE    
38 17/10/1780 Thomas NOBES     Mary HITCHCOCK    
39 17/10/1780 William BARNS     Rachel HART    
40 15/10/1781 John MOSS     Mary LOVEGROVE    
41 16/10/1783 John COLLINS     Mary CROSS    
42 20/11/1783 Thomas HARRIS     Rachel WALTER    
44 29/01/1787 George GARDNER Single   Elizabeth LOOKIS   West Hanney
45 03/12/1787 Joseph PULLING Single   Ann CULLUM Widow  
46 13/02/1788 Joseph BENAM Widower   Catharine HARRIS Single  
47 14/08/1788 John COX Single Denchworth Ann CURTIS    
48 23/03/1789 John SIMONS Single   Mary ROBBINS Single  
49 09/08/1790 Lewis HERBERT Single   Sarah SYMPSON    
50 09/02/1791 William GRUNDY     Elizabeth HANLEY    
51 13/08/1792 William SIMPSON     Sarah SHEERMAN    
52 26/08/1792 Thomas PULLING     Elizabeth DAWSON    
53 26/08/1792 Joseph BEENHAM     Elizabeth COX    
54 06/02/1797 Stephen DAVIS     Mary CAPELL    
55 02/07/1799 William PALMER   Wantage Mary BEESLEY    
56 26/04/1800 Benjamin WOODBRIDGE     Mary RIDGE Single  
57 16/03/1801 Benjamin WOODBRIDGE     Mary RIDGE    
58 16/07/1801 Richard WOODBRIDGE   Longworth Sarah BEESLEY    
59 21/06/1802 Walter SIMPSON     Mary FARMER    
60 21/04/1804 William STEPHENS   St James, Westminster, Middlesex Henrietta DEANE Single  
61 14/03/1805 Charles WOODBRIDGE     Charlotte BEESLEY    
62 21/10/1805 William COX   Longworth Elizabeth WESTON    
63 24/06/1806 Joseph BOND     Sarah THATCHER    
64 12/01/1807 Thomas WELLS Single White Waltham Millicent THATCHER    
65 12/10/1807 Thomas BANGAY     Mary CLAPHAM    
66 04/01/1808 William PARTRIDGE     Sarah BEENHAM    
67 13/07/1808 John GLEED     Elizabeth EDWARDS    
68 13/07/1808 George PULLEN     Elizabeth MILLS    
69 08/08/1808 Charles COLLINS     Elizabeth WITHERS    
70 10/06/1809 Thomas STONE   Cumnor Elizabeth BEESLEY    
71 24/07/1809 Joseph PULLING     Ann FULLER    
72 31/07/1809 William CULLUM   Kingston Bagpuize Rachel WOODBRIDGE    
73 07/11/1809 Edward COOPER     Maria WOODBRIDGE    
74 14/10/1811 Thomas HART     Elizabeth COLLINS    
1 03/11/1814 John COLLIER     Frances MATCHET    
2 17/07/1815 William MILLS     Mary HERBERT    
3 14/08/1815 John WRIGHT   Buckland Sarah BARNES    
4 13/01/1819 James CLIFTON Single   Elizabeth CURTIS Single  
5 22/02/1819 Thomas HARRIS Single   Ann BALLARD Widow  
6 18/10/1819 Henry WILLIS Single   Mariah BARNES Single  
7 18/10/1819 James HERBERT Single   Riah LODER Single  
8 11/09/1820 Benjamin FRANKLIN Single   Elizabeth COX Single  
9 16/07/1821 James HARRIS Single   Elizabeth SIMMONDS Single  
10 10/09/1822 Thomas HERBERT Single   Martha JONES Single  
11 23/09/1822 John BALLARD Single   Maria HART Single  
12 07/12/1822 Charles WRIGHT Single   Ann FARMER Single  
13 11/02/1824 Richard BARNARD Single Pusey Elizabeth WHITFIELD    
14 31/01/1825 John SPECK     Millicent BOND    
15 14/02/1825 Savory MITCHELL   Longworth Harriet HUDSON    
16 01/10/1826 John Harris SMITH     Mary HAYERS Single  
17 25/06/1827 James NEVILL Single Drayton Ann SIMMONDS    
18 16/07/1827 William SIMPSON Single   Priscilla HERBERT Single  
19 19/01/1829 Charles FULLER Single   Ann COX Single  
20 02/03/1829 Thomas PHILLIPS Single Ardington Jane WOODBRIDGE    
21 06/06/1829 William HIGGS Single West Hanney Ann ROBEY    
22 09/06/1829 William WHITFIELD     Maria STRATTON    
23 19/10/1829 John JONES Single   Mary CLAY Single  
24 19/10/1829 John HERBERT Single   Miriam THATCHER Single  
25 03/04/1830 Peter LIDINGTON   Kingston Bagpuize Mary SIMPSON    
26 24/10/1830 James BALLARD Single   Ann BOND Single  
27 23/11/1830 Thomas DAWSON Single   Martha WIGGINS Single  
28 18/07/1831 William TURNER Single West Challow Elizabeth ROBY Single  
29 09/10/1831 Richard HARRIS Single   Maria SIMPSON Single  
30 14/11/1831 Richard FLOREY Single   Sarah CHAMBERLING Single  
31 26/12/1831 William PINNOCK Single   Mary FULLER Single  
32 09/02/1833 Richard LOWE Single Pusey Ann HARRIS Single  
33 31/03/1834 Thomas BOND Single   Hannah WALKER Single  
34 26/05/1834 John SHORTER   Pusey Sophia FULLER    
35 12/08/1834 William FULLER Single   Phillis WALKER Single  

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