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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Wytham All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Wytham lies in the extreme north of the ancient county of Berkshire, within that part transferred to Oxfordshire in 1974, and forms an extensive part of the border with neighbouring Oxfordshire. Wytham is located about 3 miles northwest of the city of Oxford. Wytham sits on the western banks of the Seacourt Stream a separate channel of the Thames which forms the county border, the village sits a half mile west of the busy A34 road which here forms part of Oxford's outer ring-road. Wytham is a small and compact village nestling below the hill of Wytham Hill covered by the grounds of Wytham Park & Woods and extensive area much studied by the academics of the Oxford Colleges. At time of this transcript Wytham would have been a small farming community, arable on higher ground whilst the Thames valley's extensive pastures provided grazing. The Seacourt Stream & Thames drain the parish eastwards, through the capital to reach the North Sea by the Thames Estuary. Wytham is sited at around 60 metres above the sea, the land is mostly gently rolling but Wytham Hill dominates rising to 164 metres a miles west of the village. Wytham parish was fairly typically sized for Berkshire, it covered just over 1,100 acres and would have supported a population of just under 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Wytham was held by Abingdon Abbey and was a small place offering just a pair of ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

All Saints' church is tucked away but still relatively centrally placed for the village, a narrow lane (Cumnor Place) heads uphill westwards and curves around to the churchyard. Whilst outwardly a fairly typical parish church, in fact the church was extensively rebuilt in 1811 at the expense of Lord Abingdon. Fortunately for the dating evidence there was clearly much reuse of materials to make an educated guess. The church was one which traversed the changing fashion styles of Decorated & Perpendicular periods and was thus a product of the 14th perhaps 15th centuries like many such churches. It is perhaps better to park in the village and walk to the church which is accessed through an arched stone gateway. Unfortunately for the photographer the church is rather hemmed in from the normal southern aspects by trees making for a tricky subject on a sunny day.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 3rd June 1754 - 10th March 1811 Berkshire Record Office - Reference - PAR/392/1/R3/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 3rd January 1813 - 6th December 1836 Berkshire Record Office - Reference - PAR/392/1/R3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Cassington St Peter, Oxfordshire
Yarnton St Bartholomew, Oxfordshire
Yarnton St Bartholomew, Oxfordshire
Cumnor St Michael
Woolvercote St Peter, Oxfordshire
Cumnor St Michael
Cumnor St Michael
North Hinksey St Lawrence
Cumnor St Michael

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 03/06/1754 Richard RANDALL     Elizabeth SPITTEL Single  
2 13/03/1755 Richard MITCHELL   Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire Esther SPURRIER Single  
3 18/10/1755 John CASTLE     Mary RANDALL Single  
4 21/11/1757 William NEWET   North Aston, Oxfordshire Mary BELCHER Single  
5 19/01/1758 John QUARTERMAIN   St Mary Magdalene, Oxford, Oxfordshire Mary LUCAS    
6 12/10/1758 Thomas STILES     Ann SANDERS    
7 31/05/1759 William GARDINER     Ann LIPSCOMB    
8 28/11/1759 Richard COLES     Mary AYRES    
9 03/02/1760 Thomas HANBRIDGE     Elizabeth RANDALL    
06/11/1760 Thomas COLLIER     Ann HORWOOD    
03/02/1761 John WEBB Single Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire Elizabeth LATHARUM Single  
18/04/1761 Thomas HALL     Elizabeth LUCAS    
26/09/1761 Deodatus STONE   Cumnor Mary QUARTERMAINE    
17/12/1761 Christopher LIPSCOMB     Mary FREEMAN    
04/01/1762 John READ     Jane ADKINS    
09/06/1763 Philip GREEN     Elizabeth LIPSCOMBE    
03/01/1764 John MORRIS     Ann GREEN    
17/12/1764 James GEORGE   Cumnor Elizabeth GILES    
13/10/1765 James CHURCHILL     Sarah GARDINER    
14/10/1765 John FINCH     Mary COVENTRY    
21/12/1766 James PERRY   Northmoor, Oxfordshire Christian KIRRY    
12/10/1767 William HUGGINS   Sutton Courtenay Sarah WINTERBOURN    
06/10/1771 William MITCHELL     Sarah FINCH   St Thomas, Oxford, Oxfordshire
20/09/1772 Edward KIRRY     Elizabeth ADKINS    
09/02/1773 Richard BASELY   North Stoke, Oxfordshire Mary MORTON    
15/09/1773 Samuel GREEN     Martha MITCHELL    
30/09/1773 William CUMMINGS     Hannah STATE    
20/08/1775 Joseph GREEN     Fanny LARNER    
01/10/1775 Richard AKERMAN     Mary SLATTER    
01/10/1775 William HASTINGS     Ann CHAMP    
08/05/1776 John ADKINS     Hannah FREEMAN    
02/06/1776 William AKERMAN     Mary RANDALL    
28/05/1777 James KING     Esther KIRRY    
22/03/1778 Jeremiah ADKINS     Elizabeth RANDAL    
06/09/1778 Thomas CLARK     Elizabeth GREEN    
03/05/1779 Timothy BODDINGTON   Banbury, Oxfordshire Ann SHIRLEY    
19/09/1779 John HASTINGS     Elizabeth CHAMP    
10/10/1779 Moses GREEN     Mary HERITAGE    
16/05/1780 John COLLIER Single   Elizabeth LIPSCOMB Single  
15/10/1780 John LANGSTONE     Mary TOOLEY    
16/10/1780 John EATON Single   Elizabeth COLLIER Single  
28/01/1781 John COMBS     Ann SHEPHERD    
12/02/1781 Aaron GREEN Single Cumnor Ann ATKINS Single  
20/07/1783 John READ Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
22/07/1783 Henry FITCHET     Sarah BISHOP    
13/04/1784 John KIRRY     Christian GREEN    
31/10/1785 Christmas BECKETS     Anne HERITAGE    
21/01/1786 John ADAMS     Elizabeth FREEMAN   North Hinksey
16/04/1786 Thomas GEARY     Mary LITCHFIELD    
06/09/1786 John WILLMOT     Isabella REYNOLDS    
12/11/1786 Thomas WRIGHT     Katherine GRIFFIN    
19/11/1786 John GILBERT     Jane ALDRIDGE    
07/02/1787 Thomas PENSON     Ann LOVEJOY   St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex
15/10/1787 William HICKS   Cumnor Hannah ADKINS    
19/11/1787 Thomas MITCHELL     Ann MITCHELL    
19/11/1787 Stephen STYLES     Martha WAKE    
15/06/1788 Thomas SMITH     Elisabeth BLAGROVE    
03/08/1788 John TUTT     Sarah WILMOT    
12/10/1788 William MERRIOT     Esther ONION    
10/05/1789 Thomas STILES     Mary HARVEY    
30/06/1789 William WAINE     Elisabeth MANNING    
09/08/1789 William GREEN     Dinah STEWARD    
09/08/1789 Richard JEATT     Hannah GRIFFEN    
10/08/1789 William NEWETT     Mary PRIOR    
01/11/1789 George JACKSON     Elizabeth SHAILER    
23/01/1790 William KIRRY     Alice AKERMAN    
04/07/1790 Richard CASTLE     Anne DRUSE    
07/12/1790 William LIPSCOMB     Elisabeth KIRRY    
16/01/1791 Thomas KNIGHT     Sarah GOULD    
02/02/1791 William HAMMIN     Elizabeth BIGNELL    
24/04/1791 John WEST     Hannah BOXLEY    
06/05/1791 Edward HINTON     Elizabeth HOOPER    
06/05/1791 John WITE     Mary BRAKESPEAR    
13/09/1791 Jeremiah ADKINS     Hannah AKERMAN    
04/12/1791 William BLONSDON     Elizabeth COOPER    
04/12/1792 Thomas ANDREWS     Ann BENHAM    
26/02/1793 Stephen STILES     Ann BISHOP    
31/03/1793 John WITEN     Mary LAPPER    
01/06/1793 William NOBES     Elizabeth ADKINS Single  
18/06/1793 Joseph ONION     Sarah WITEN    
21/04/1794 William Gordon PENTYCROSS   Woodstock, Oxfordshire Ann WILLIAMS   Woodstock, Oxfordshire
21/04/1794 William BALL     Sarah SUCHBURY   St Aldate, Oxford, Oxfordshire
01/05/1796 Henry SPARKS     Elizabeth HERITAGE    
06/11/1796 Thomas EARLE     Elizabeth ELDRIDGE    
07/01/1798 William MITCHELL     Ann DEANE    
29/09/1799 Thomas STILES     Ann JAMES    
30/04/1800 William COLLIER Single   Elizabeth READ Widow  
26/10/1800 William CHENNELL Single   Hannah SELARD Single  
20/05/1801 John WEST     Mary BOXLEY    
31/05/1802 George HOWNSLOW     Sarah GREEN   North Hinksey
15/08/1803 Edward GRANT   North Hinksey Jane GREEN   North Hinksey
30/04/1805 John HASTINGS     Sarah GREEN    
04/11/1805 John TYROR     Elizabeth GILLETT    
26/04/1809 James MEAZEY   St Mary Magdalene, Oxford, Oxfordshire Ann BARTON    
24/06/1810 William READ     Jane EVANS    
21/10/1810 James WEBB     Charity BRYAN    
10/03/1811 Samuel BEECHEY     Mary HOPKINS    
1 03/01/1813 William HAWKINS   Northmoor, Oxfordshire Mary GREEN    
2 28/02/1813 James GODWIN     Mary BEECHEY    
3 02/05/1813 Henry HUTT     Sarah FITCHETT    
4 18/07/1813 John CAULCOTT     Maria STYLES    
5 08/05/1814 James HASTINGS     Mary ONION    
6 15/05/1814 James GRIFFIN     Sarah MITCHELL    
7 31/08/1814 Andrew HUGHES Widower Kelshall, Hertfordshire Frances WESTON Single  
8 02/01/1815 Henry LOVESEY     Elizabeth GREEN    
9 01/08/1815 Thomas HAWKINS Single   Susannah GOLDING Single  
10 22/07/1816 William THOMAS     Elizabeth STILES    
11 20/10/1817 Philip BECKEY     Anne BALLS    
12 03/02/1818 John SMALL     Mary LIPSCOMBE    
13 23/01/1819 James MARRIOTT     Sarah THOMAS    
14 16/05/1819 Charles YEATMAN   Eynsham, Oxfordshire Elizabeth MARRIOTT    
15 14/08/1820 James FITGET     Anne WHEELER    
16 24/10/1820 James BEAVAN     Margaret ANDREWS    
17 22/01/1821 Charles John Baillie HAMILTON     Caroline BERTIE    
18 24/09/1821 Joseph MITCHELL     Anne GREEN    
19 24/06/1822 William AKERMAN Single   Mary Ann BROOKS Single  
20 02/08/1824 Thomas MITCHELL Single   Jane TIMMS Single  
21 12/12/1824 William STYLES Single   Hannah TIDMARSH Single  
22 20/10/1825 John Hodgetts Hodgetts FOLEY   Kingswinford, Staffordshire Charlotte Margaret GAGE   Rogate, Sussex
23 18/06/1826 William SHEPHERD   Eynsham, Oxfordshire Sophia BARTON    
24 11/07/1826 Richard MARTIN Single   Elizabeth PAINTER Single  
25 13/08/1826 John BUCKLE Single   Ann HASTINGS Single  
26 09/09/1827 John HAMBIDGE Single   Martha FLOID Single  
27 14/07/1828 William CUMMINS Single   Elizabeth WEBB Single  
28 08/01/1829 John BROWN Single New Windsor Louisa BALL Single  
29 17/05/1829 John FREWIN Single   Elizabeth KIRRY Single  
30 21/12/1829 James GREEN Single   Hannah HUNT Single  
31 31/07/1830 Charles BATHURST   Oxford, Oxfordshire Emily Caroline BERTIE Single  
32 20/10/1830 John SHEARD Single   Elizabeth MITCHELL Single  
33 09/11/1830 George STYLES Single   Esther GARDINER Single  
34 12/02/1831 James GURDEN Single Elsfield, Oxfordshire Sarah WARMINGTON Single  
35 10/01/1833 James CHURCHILL Single   Susan BALL Single  
36 13/05/1833 John HASTINGS     Martha WALKLIN   Cumnor
37 15/04/1834 Jeremiah STYLES Single   Charlotte HASTINGS Single  
38 29/09/1836 Cruse HORN Single   Sarah HICKS   St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire
39 06/12/1836 Thomas DYER Single St Giles, Oxford, Oxfordshire Anne HEDGES Single  

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