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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Crickadarn St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Crickadarn lies in eastern Breconshire, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Radnorshire. Crickadarn is located just west of the A470 road which follows the valley of the River Wye (here marking the border of the two counties) from Hay on Wye to Builth Wells. Crickadarn parish has two main settlements, the village of Erwood being sited on the main road, whilst the hamlet of Crickadarn which gives its name to the parish is high on a hill to the west. Crickadarn is an upland parish with a substantial rise across the parish, Erwood on the banks of the Wye sits at just 110 metres above sea level but land rises to the west sharply to over 400 metres on the edges of the Mynydd Epynt. The parish is elongated east to west and gathers land types from watermeadows by the Wye, through lush pasture and woodland on the valley slopes through to rough moorland grazing on the summits. As befits an upland parish the acreage is relatively large, almost 2,500 acres, and supported around 440 parishioners across the two settlements. In common with most of Wales Crickadarn receives no mention in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Mary's church is located at the heart of the hamlet of Crickadarn, the church occupies a circular raised churchyard which is usually indicative of ancient worship site. The church consists of a combined nave & chancel, which Pevsner dates to the 14th century, together with a western tower which he states is later e.g. 16th century and contemporary with other Tudor material in the church. As to be expected there were restorations in the Victorian era and later which enhanced and preserved the building, including one by a famous practitioner Sir Clough William-Ellis. The church is located at a "T" junction of roads and is accessed by a short slabbed pathway by the village phone box, from here a set of wooden gates gives access to the circular site. Trees hem in the church to the north but otherwise angles are uncluttered giving fine views from the south.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 22nd February 1755 - 16th June 1782 Powys Archives - Reference BEP28/R/A/3 Plain ruled book containing Marriages entries Grade 1 register - few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 6th October 1782 - 4th December 1812 Powys Archives - Reference BEP28/R/A/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 register - few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 13th April 1813 - 28th February 1827 Powys Archives - Reference BEP28/R/A/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Merthyr Cynog St Cynog
Gwenddwr St Dubricius
Llandeilo Graban St Teilo, Radnorshire
Merthyr Cynog St Cynog
Llanstephan St Stephen Ystyffan, Radnorshire
Gwenddwr St Dubricius (detached)
Gwenddwr St Dubricius (detached)
Llandefalle St Matthew
Llandefalle St Matthew

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
22/02/1755 John MORGAN   Diserth, Radnorshire Sarah JONES    
13/06/1755 John PROBERT     Elizabeth JONES    
29/02/1756 William HOWARD   Llanfilo Anne WILLIAMS    
04/06/1756 Thomas THOMAS   Gwenddwr Elizabeth JONES    
31/12/1756 Thomas WILLIAMS   Gwenddwr Margaret PRICHARD    
22/02/1757 John THOMAS   Gwenddwr Joan PARRY    
21/06/1757 William PRICE     Jane PRICE    
10/07/1757 Robert JONES   Glascwm, Radnorshire Joan MORRIS    
23/12/1757 Thomas WILLIAMS     Rose POWELL   Gwenddwr
08/06/1758 William BEVAN   Gwenddwr Mary JONES    
09/08/1758 Edward WILLIAMS   Llandefalle Catherine PRICE    
24/11/1758 Thomas PROSSER     Mary PRICE    
01/06/1759 Roger PRICHARD     Mary WILLIAMS    
17/07/1759 John MORGAN     Magdalen JONES    
15/08/1759 Roger WILLIAMS   Llanddewi R Cwm Hannah JONES    
25/10/1759 William PRICE     Elizabeth JONES Single  
09/11/1759 William THOMAS     Margaret PROBERT    
10/05/1760 John DAVIES     Elizabeth JONES    
07/02/1761 Richard PRICHARD   Gwenddwr Ann PRICHARD Single  
13/11/1761 Morgan LAWRENCE   Gwenddwr Elizabeth HAVARD    
27/11/1761 Evan BEVAN     Mary JONES    
11/02/1763 Rees LAWRENCE   Gwenddwr Joan JONES    
30/09/1763 Rees PROSSER     Magdalen PROSSER    
06/02/1764 Rees DAVIES     Ann PRICE    
06/05/1764 John BEVAN   Llangynog Anne BULL    
01/06/1764 David MORGAN     Anne KINSEY    
27/10/1764 David WILLIAMS     Mary JONES Single  
03/11/1764 Roger PRITCHARD     Margaret MORGAN    
30/11/1764 David PARRY     Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
12/02/1765 William PERRET     Mary THOMAS Single Gwenddwr
19/02/1765 Thomas THOMAS     Mary JONES Single  
24/05/1765 David PHILLIPS     Joan DAVIES    
02/06/1765 William WILLIAMS     Mary THOMAS    
08/06/1765 William PROSSER     Margaret MORRICE Single  
14/06/1765 David PROSSER     Mary POWELL Single  
25/09/1765 John MORRIS     Jane JONES    
21/03/1766 Evan PREES     Joan MORGANS Single  
18/06/1766 John WILLIAMS   Llandefalle Joan HAVARD Single  
05/07/1767 Walter LEWELIN   Almeley, Herefordshire Sarah PRICHARD    
19/08/1767 Rees DAVIES   Llandefalle Anne BYNON Single  
03/12/1768 Benjamin DAVIES     Mary POWELL Widow Nantmel, Radnorshire
06/03/1769 Thomas JONES     Margaret WILLIAMS    
17/06/1769 Thomas JONES     Elizabeth KINSEY    
02/08/1769 John JONES     Mary JINKINS    
23/12/1769 Thomas PROSSER     Elizabeth PROBERT    
25/05/1770 David DAVIES     Elizabeth DAVIES    
02/06/1770 Samuel PRICE     Joan JENKINS    
02/06/1770 David MORGAN     Catherine PRICE    
29/06/1770 Thomas POWEL     Mary PHILLIPS    
30/06/1770 John DAVIES     Jennet PROBERT    
03/08/1770 John JONES   Builth Margaret POWEL    
21/12/1770 Thomas PROBERT   Llanddewi R Cwm Joan DAVIES    
25/12/1770 Samuel JONES     Magdalen GRIFFITHS    
12/02/1771 William PRICE     Margaret THOMAS    
16/06/1771 Thomas JONES   Talachddu Bridget WILLIAMS    
02/08/1771 Richard BARDWELL     Jane PRICE    
16/12/1771 John DAVIES   Llanddewi R Cwm Margaret WINTER    
30/12/1771 Thomas PROBERT     Joan BARKLEY    
03/06/1772 Richard WINTER     Sarah WATKINS    
27/12/1772 Richard MORGAN     Mary PERROT    
22/02/1773 James JAMES   Aberedw, Radnorshire Magdalen WILLIAMS Single  
20/06/1773 John PROSSER     Margaret PROSSER    
25/06/1773 William DAVIES   Llanfilo Margaret VAUGHAN    
06/01/1774 Thomas PROSSER     Margaret KINSEY    
19/02/1774 George POWELL     Mary DAVIES    
16/07/1774 John DAVIES     Mary POWELL    
22/11/1774 Luke WILLIAMS   Llandeilo Graban, Radnorshire Mary WILLIAMS    
31/05/1775 William ROBERTS   Llandeilo Graban, Radnorshire Elizabeth PHILLIPS Single  
31/05/1775 William PROBERT   Llandeilo Graban, Radnorshire Elizabeth PHILLIPS    
16/11/1775 David HURDMAN     Margaret DAVIES    
21/11/1775 David HURDMAN     Margaret DAVIES Widow  
03/05/1776 Esau KINSEY     Anne DAVIES    
20/12/1776 David PRICE     Susanna DAVIES    
03/01/1777 John APPERLEY   How Caple, Herefordshire John CARDWELL Widow  
25/04/1777 William TUNLEY     Jennet DAVIES    
14/12/1777 Charles PRICE     Fortune PRICE    
11/07/1778 Thomas PRICE     Margaret JONES    
01/10/1778 Thomas JONES     Gwen TUNLEY    
22/06/1779 John THOMAS     Mary PRITCHARD    
21/01/1780 John MORRIES     Ann KINSEY    
11/02/1780 William LLEWELIN     Joan WILLIAMS Widow  
22/09/1780 David WILLIAMS   Llangammarch Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
20/11/1780 John PRICE     Mary POWELL    
10/12/1780 William WATKINS     Elizabeth HOWARD    
19/10/1781 John WILLIAMS   Bronllys Elizabeth PRICHARD Single  
16/12/1781 Josuah POWEL     Margaret PRICE    
13/06/1782 Thomas BALDWIN   All Saints, Hereford, Herefordshire Ann JONES Single  
16/06/1782 William PRICHARD   Llandeilo Graban, Radnorshire Magdalen JONES Single  
06/10/1782 William HARRESS   Huntington By Kington, Herefordshire Sarah COWELL Single  
16/01/1783 John POWELL   Merthyr Cynog Ann PRICHARD Single  
22/12/1783 John PRICHARD     Jane PARRY Single  
11/06/1784 Matthew KINSEY     Margaret PRICE Single  
22/12/1784 David MORGAN     Elizabeth PRICE Single  
16/05/1785 William WILLIAMS   Gwenddwr Elizabeth POWELL Single  
14/05/1786 Rees PRITCHARD   Talgarth Lettice DAVIES    
06/06/1786 William WILLIAMS   Gwenddwr Mary PERROT    
03/09/1786 William JONES   Rhulen, Radnorshire Mary JONES Single  
03/11/1786 Thomas WILLIAMS     Jane JONES Single  
23/11/1786 Henry WYNTER     Mary WILLIAMS Single  
10/01/1787 John DAVIES   Llangynog Elizabeth WILLIAMS Widow  
06/04/1787 John APPERLEY     Elizabeth POWELL Widow Garthbrengy
31/05/1787 John WATKINS   Llanfihangel Cwm Du Jane WATKINS Single  
24/06/1787 William WILLIAMS   Llandefalle Elizabeth PRICHARD Single  
05/07/1787 John MORGAN   Aberedw, Radnorshire Margaret MORGAN    
20/07/1787 Samuel JONES     Anne MORGANS Single  
29/07/1787 John LOYD   Llandeilo Graban, Radnorshire Margaret BEAVAN    
08/02/1788 John HERGEST   Llandefalle Joan JOANES Single  
27/04/1788 William WILLIAMS   Gwenddwr Janet PRITCHARD Single  
20/06/1788 John DAVIES   Gwenddwr Elizabeth JAMES Single  
04/10/1788 Meredith LEWIS   Llanbedr Painscastle, Radnorshire Margaret PROBERT Single  
05/12/1788 William JONES   Llanspyddyd Magdalen PROSSER    
07/05/1789 John PRICE   Llandefalle Gwen THOMAS Single  
08/05/1789 Humphrey PRICE     Mary WILLIAMS Single  
29/05/1789 William PUGH   Gwenddwr Margaret JONES Single  
05/06/1789 William PROSSER     Catherine PARRY Single  
12/06/1789 Thomas JONES   Llandefalle Magdalen JONES Single  
04/12/1789 William LEWIS     Ann MORGANS    
12/02/1790 Nathaniel PARRY   Llandefalle Elizabeth CONNOR Single  
19/02/1790 David MEREDITH     Margaret POWELL Widow  
14/01/1791 Richard PRICE     Ann WILLIAMS Single  
04/03/1791 David EVANS   Gwenddwr Mary BEAVAN    
20/01/1792 David DAVIES     Jane PRICE Single Gwenddwr
28/10/1792 William DAVIES     Elizabeth KINSEY Single Llandefalle
1 02/01/1793 John DAVIES     Margaret THOMAS Single  
2 04/01/1793 William HERBERT     Catherine JONES Single  
38 23/11/1793 Evan JONES   Llandeilo Graban, Radnorshire Elizabeth PRICE    
39 13/12/1793 William PRICHARD   Gwenddwr Joan MORGANS    
40 06/03/1794 Thomas EVANS     Elizabeth POWELL    
41 15/06/1794 Rees WILLIAMS     Ann PROSSER    
42 20/06/1794 Thomas MORGAN     Margaret JONES Single  
43 17/11/1794 John PERROT     Hanna MORGANS    
44 02/04/1795 John EVANS   Llandeilo Graban, Radnorshire Mary WILLIAMS    
45 05/06/1795 William PRICE   Garthbrengy Ann WILLIAMS    
46 23/06/1795 William WILLIAMS     Joan PROSSER Single Llandefalle
47 29/06/1795 Mathew KINSEY     Margaret BEAVAN    
48 27/02/1796 Jinkin PRICE     Joan EVANS Single  
49 18/07/1796 John PRICE     Mary POWELL   Llandefalle
50 31/12/1796 William MEREDITH   Aberedw, Radnorshire Mary WILLIS    
51 10/02/1797 William WILLIAMS   Gwenddwr Susanna KINSEY    
52 03/03/1797 John HARRIES   Llanddewi Fach, Radnorshire Ann WILLIAMS    
53 27/10/1797 Samuel WILLIAMS   Llandefalle Jane LAWRENCE    
54 29/12/1797 Roger WYNTER     Esther WILLIAMS    
55 11/01/1798 Roger POWEL   Gwenddwr Grissel WILLIAMS Single  
56 09/02/1798 William WILLIAMS   Aberedw, Radnorshire Elizabeth APPERLEY Widow  
57 21/05/1798 James MORGANS   Llandefalle Elizabeth JONES    
58 10/06/1798 Howell PROBERT     Catherine POWELL    
59 19/08/1798 William LEWIS Widower   Margaret EVANS Single  
60 14/06/1799 John WATKINS   Llandefalle Mary LLEWELLYN Single  
61 27/12/1799 Rees WILLIAMS     Mary PRICE    
62 30/05/1800 Thomas JONES     Ann WILLIAMS    
63 25/07/1800 Thomas PROBERT   Llandefalle John TUNLEY Single  
64 25/01/1801 John PROSSER   Bronllys Mary DAVIES Single  
65 22/05/1801 Rees PRICE   Llanfilo Jane PRICE    
66 30/05/1801 John LLOYD     Jane JENKINS Single  
67 31/05/1801 Thomas PROSSER   Gwenddwr Jane WILLIAMS    
68 22/09/1801 John WILLIAMS   Llandefalle Magdalen JONES Widow  
69 01/10/1802 David PRICHARD   Llanddewi R Cwm Jennet DAVIES    
70 26/11/1802 John PRICE     Joan PRICE    
71 23/10/1803 Thomas WILLIAMS     Mary WILLIAMS    
72 10/02/1804 Thomas JONES     Margaret KINSEY    
71 11/05/1804 Benjamin MEREDITH   Glasbury Mary POWELL    
72 01/06/1804 John PRICE     Margaret PRICE    
73 08/06/1804 Thomas POWELL     Margaret JONES    
73 06/07/1804 Henry WILLIAMS     Ann PROSSER    
74 17/08/1804 William DAVIES     Margaret TUNLEY    
75 10/03/1805 Thomas WILLIAMS   Aberyscir Ann DAVIES    
76 01/10/1805 Thomas PERRY   Clodock, Herefordshire Sarah KINSEY    
77 09/05/1806 Thomas WILLIAMS     Jane POWELL    
78 23/06/1806 William PRICE   Cwmyoy, Monmouthshire Margaret PARRY    
79 08/05/1807 Evan REES   Gwenddwr Mary THOMAS    
80 22/05/1807 Thomas DAVIES   Llandefalle Jane PRICE    
05/06/1807 Thomas PROBERT   Trallong Mary POWEL    
23/12/1807 Benjamin PRICE     Elizabeth MORGANS Single  
17/07/1808 John WILLIAMS     Margaret PRICE Single  
17/02/1809 Rees JONES     Ann PRITCHARD Single  
24/03/1809 William DAVIES     Elinor PRICE    
23/12/1809 John PUGH   Llandefalle Jane WILLIAMS    
27/04/1810 Phillip HAVARD   Llandefalle Elizabeth MORGAN    
11/05/1810 John PROSSER   Gwenddwr Gwenllian PARRY    
01/06/1810 Roger VAUGHAN   St John, Brecon Jane WILLIAMS    
11/06/1810 Edward JARMAN   Nantmel, Radnorshire Betridge PRICE    
20/07/1810 John JONES     Elizabeth PRICE    
29/03/1811 Meredith JONES     Mary HAVARD Single  
13/06/1811 Thomas POWELL     Margaret WATKINS    
02/07/1811 John PRICE     Elinor POWELL    
24/01/1812 Jeremiah KINSEY     Sarah JENKINS    
03/07/1812 William WILLIAMS   Gwenddwr Elizabeth JONES    
22/08/1812 Roger JONES     Margaret POWELL    
23/08/1812 William PROSSER     Mary HERGEST Single Llandefalle
04/12/1812 John ROWLIN   Talachddu Mary WILLIAMS Single  
1 13/04/1813 John JONES     Ann PRICE Single  
2 04/05/1813 Francis JOHNSON   Turnastone, Herefordshire Martha PRITCHARD    
3 22/04/1814 William TUNLEY     Jane PRICE Single  
4 20/05/1814 Rees JONES     Catherine JAMES Single  
5 17/06/1814 John JAMES   Llanfihangel Tal Y Llyn Ann MEREDITH    
6 24/06/1814 Samuel JONES   Llanelwedd, Radnorshire Catherine JONES Single  
7 16/09/1814 Thomas JONES     Sarah JONES Single  
8 23/10/1814 Thomas EVANS   Gwenddwr Magdalen JONES    
9 17/02/1815 Thomas WILLIAMS   Gwenddwr Ann KINSEY Single  
10 22/08/1815 William LLEWELLYN     Mary PROTHERO Single  
11 13/10/1815 John MORRIS     Gwen PRICE Single  
12 11/07/1816 Mathew KINSEY     Ann PRITCHARD Single Llandefalle
13 01/11/1816 Henry WILLIAMS   Gwenddwr Elinor MORGANS Single  
14 02/03/1817 William PRITCHARD   Llanhamlach Joan PRICE    
15 26/02/1819 William PHILLIPS   Bochrwyd, Radnorshire Jennet POWELL    
16 31/12/1819 Benjamin MORRIS     Margaret PRICE    
17 23/06/1820 Evan DAVIES     Jane JONES    
18 21/07/1820 Edward PROBERT     Mary PARRY    
19 04/08/1820 John BENGOUGH   St John, Brecon Joan HAVARD    
20 08/12/1820 Job PRICE     Elinor PARRY Single  
21 26/01/1821 David WILLIAMS     Elizabeth HERBERT    
22 18/05/1821 William JONES     Mary JONES Single  
23 22/06/1821 William WILLIAMS     Joan JONES    
24 30/11/1821 David WILLIAMS     Elizabeth PRICE    
25 05/02/1822 William PARRY   Llandefalle Gwen WATKINS    
26 18/04/1822 John JONES   Llansantffraid Cwmdeuddwr, Radnorshire Margaret BEAVAN    
27 28/09/1822 Henry VAUGHAN     Margaret PRICE   Llanfihangel Bryn Pabuan
28 28/09/1822 John WILLIAMS   St John, Brecon Mary PROBERT    
29 02/05/1823 Benjamin WATKINS     Martha POWELL    
30 14/05/1823 Thomas LLOYD   Gwenddwr Margaret PRICE    
32 23/05/1823 Joshua PRICE   Llandefalle Lidia PRICE    
33 26/08/1823 Thomas POWELL     Margaret DAVIES    
34 09/01/1824 John BUFTON     Joan JONES    
35 29/05/1824 Evan PRITCHARD     Rebecca PROTHRO    
36 27/04/1825 James WILLIAMS     Ann PRICE    
37 13/12/1825 Thomas WILLIAMS     Elizabeth PRICE    
38 11/01/1826 William DAVIES     Mary PRICE Single Llanspyddyd
39 22/03/1826 David JONES   Llanddewi R Cwm Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
40 21/04/1826 Thomas DAVIES     Sarah MEREDITH    
41 12/05/1826 William KINSEY     Jane JONES    
42 13/11/1826 Thomas PROSSER     Ann DAVIES    
43 28/12/1826 James HALL   Llandeilo Graban, Radnorshire Magdalen PROSSER    
44 01/01/1827 Thomas PHILLIPS     Jane PRICE    
45 01/06/1827 David JONES   Llandefalle Ann WILLIAMS    
46 08/06/1827 Thomas JENKINS     Elizabeth POWELL    
47 27/06/1827 Howell PRICE   Gwenddwr Margaret JONES    
48 17/07/1827 David EDWARDS   St Mary, Brecon Margaret PROBERT    
49 05/12/1827 David JONES     Hannah PHILLIPS   Gwenddwr
50 19/12/1827 John MEALE   Llandefalle Ann KINSEY    
51 02/05/1828 Thomas POWELL     Jane PRICE    
52 16/05/1828 William MORGAN   Llandefalle Catherine MORGAN    
53 07/11/1828 William PRICHARD     Anne WILLIAMS    
54 15/12/1828 John JONES     Mary LLOYD    
55 19/12/1828 David LLOYD     Jane EVANS    
56 16/01/1829 Evan JONES   Llandeilo Graban, Radnorshire Rachel PRICE    
57 12/06/1829 Joseph MEALE   Llandefalle Ann PRITCHARD    
58 09/05/1830 Rice PRICHARD   Llansantffraid Mary PUGH    
59 19/07/1830 Daniel WATKINS     Mary REES    
60 23/12/1830 George ECKLEY     Elizabeth PROBERT    
61 30/09/1831 Roger DAVIES   Merthyr Cynog Ann WILLIAMS    
62 15/10/1831 John PRICE     Jane WATKINS    
63 09/12/1831 Robert WILLIAMS     Esther MORGAN    
64 03/04/1832 David PRICE   Llandefalle Margaret EVANS Single  
65 05/05/1832 William ADBY   Cathedine Elizabeth DAVIES    
66 04/06/1832 Edward EDWARDS     Eleanor WILLIAMS    
67 30/07/1832 Evan WILLIAMS   Bedwellty, Monmouthshire Jane PUGH    
68 23/11/1832 David MORGAN     Mary PRICE    
69 01/02/1833 Thomas PRICE     Esther WILLIAMS    
70 23/08/1833 David POWELL     Elizabeth JONES    
71 26/12/1833 John POWELL     Elizabeth THOMAS   Gwenddwr
72 16/05/1834 James WILLIAMS     Catherine MORGAN    
73 20/05/1834 Edward DAVIES     Elizabeth PRICHARD    
74 08/10/1834 William WILLIAMS     Gwen EVANS    
75 13/12/1834 John POWELL     Anne WATKINS    
76 06/06/1835 Evan PRYSE     Lydia PRICE    
77 31/07/1835 Jenkin JONES     Mary JONES    
78 09/10/1835 Roger PARRY   Aberystruth, Monmouthshire Elizabeth PUGH    
79 12/02/1836 John JARMAN   Llanafan Fawr Elizabeth WEEKS    
80 13/02/1836 Benjamin JONES   Llandeilo Graban, Radnorshire Gwen GRIFFITHS    
81 15/02/1836 David WEEKS     Mary JONES    
82 06/05/1836 Richard JONES   Gwenddwr Anne JONES    
83 13/06/1836 Thomas DAVIES   Llangynog Margaret PROSSER    
84 17/07/1836 William WILLIAMS   Gwenddwr Elinor WATKINS    
85 12/09/1836 Morgan POWELL   Llandefalle Mary WATKINS    
86 22/12/1836 Thomas KESLER     Anne PROSSER    
88 00/00/1837 William WILLIAMS     Joan PRICHARD   Gwenddwr
87 28/02/1837 John LEWIS   Llanddew Selina PRICE    

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