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Garthbrengy St David


The Parish

The parish of Garthbrengy lies in central Breconshire about 2 1/2 miles north of the county town of Brecon. Garthbrengy is a tiny place, little more than a hamlet and a scatter of farms and cottages with no defined village. Garthbrengy sits about a mile east of the B4520 road which links Brecon with Builth Wells. The countryside around the parish is upland sheep pasture with extensive fields surrounding the church and steep slopes dropping westwards into the valley of the Afon Honddu, at least 10% of the parish was described in early gazetteers as "waste", a term often used to describe rough grazing moorland. The Afon Honddu drains the parish southwards the short distance to join the Usk west of Brecon thence to the Bristol Channel through the Monmouthshire port of Newport. Garthbrengy is sited at around 190 metres above the sea at the church with rough moorland rising still higher to top out at 370 metres on nearby Twyn y Gaer. Whilst an upland parish Garthbrengy was not particularly extensive, covering close to 2,000 acres it would have supported a population of little more than 150 parishioners. Like most of Wales garthbrengy is not mentioned in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St David's church sits almost at the top of the steep slopes leading down to the Afon Honddu accompanied by a farm at a crossroads of lanes and with fine views across the valley and down to Brecon. Whilst the church had its origins in the 15th century the traces that remain, a walled in northern arcade, are few as there has been extensive restoration since then. A major restoration of 1834 saw the almost complete rebuild of nave & chancel leaving only the western tower (17th century) additionally from earlier times. Further restorations of 1874 & 1901 result in today's building. At the crossroads sits a triangular green with wide verges suitable for parking, the church sits within a thickly hedged site with quite a few trees shading the path that leads to the church, the close gathering of trees does somewhat limit the angles available to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 7th June 1754 - 25th February 1785 National Library of Wales Bishops Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads Whilst the existing BTs are of good quality there are gaps in the coverage indicating marriages have been lost to history
2 21st May 1786 - 19th May 1809 Powys Archives - Reference - B/EP/32/R/A/4 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The register is in a poor condition with frayed edging to pages and fading, however the BTs provide most of the missing or difficult date rendering the transcript more accurate as a result
3 11th August 1813 - 15th June 1837 Powys Archives - Reference - B/EP/32/R/A/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Merthyr Cynog St Cynog
Llandefaelogfach St Maelog (detached)
Talachddu St Mary
Llandefaelogfach St Maelog
Talachddu St Mary
Llandefaelogfach St Maelog
Llanddew St David
Llanddew St David

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
18/02/1754 Edward GWYNNE     Eleanor MORGAN    
07/06/1754 John PROSSER     Sarah KINSI    
21/06/1754 Evan BEVAN     Maudlen PRICHARD    
10/09/1754 John LLEWELIN     Catherine GWYNNE    
23/02/1756 Thomas JONES     Margaret JONES    
05/12/1757 Thomas JENKIN     Joan THOMAS    
01/02/1759 Wire JENKIN     Joan JONES    
15/01/1762 William WATKIN     Margaret DAVID    
20/05/1763 Henry JONES     Jennet JONES    
29/05/1763 Daniel PRICE     Sarah DAVIES    
01/07/1763 David THOMAS     Isabel ROSSER    
21/10/1763 William GRIFFITHS   Llanddewi Abergwesyn Eleanor GWYNNE    
02/06/1766 Thomas GOODYER     Elizabeth MEAD    
18/07/1766 Edward PRETHERHA     Elizabeth WATKINS    
20/07/1766 Thomas JONES     Martha WILLIAMS    
10/11/1769 Morgan POWELL     Elizabeth JONES    
00/11/1772 Benjamin PRITCHARD     Ann JONES    
04/11/1772 Daniel DAVIES     Mary JONES    
28/05/1773 Richard ESTOB     Mary ESTOB    
08/08/1773 Thomas PROSSER     Joan POWELL    
13/11/1773 Thomas DAVIES     Margaret POWELL    
05/04/1776 Evan MORGAN     Margaret MORGAN    
27/11/1776 Ismael WILLIAMS     Jane MORGAN   Llanfilo
02/08/1777 Thomas PROBART   Llanspyddyd Catherine JONES    
01/02/1778 Evan PRICE   Merthyr Cynog Mary POWEL    
22/05/1778 Watkin PRICE   Llandetty Gwen DAVIES    
14/11/1779 Richard HOWEL     Ann DAVIES    
03/12/1779 David DAVIES     Catherine JONES    
04/03/1780 Thomas PRICE     Susanna PARRY    
02/07/1780 David BEVAN   St John, Brecon Jane DAVIES    
16/07/1780 David WILLIAMS   Llanddewi Abergwesyn Elizabeth PRICE    
01/03/1784 William WHITBY   Llangattwg Mary JONES    
29/04/1784 William WILLIAMS   Llandefalle Ann POWELL    
19/12/1784 Evan PHILLIPS   Llandefaelogfach Gwen JONES    
25/02/1785 John PRICE     Anne DAVIES    
19/10/1785 Richard POWELL     Jane VAUGHAN    
21/05/1786 Thomas DAVIES   St John, Brecon Mary JONES    
11/11/1787 John POWELL     Elizabeth POWELL    
30/01/1789 Howel POWELL     Margarett JONES    
29/01/1790 John WILLIAMS   Llywel Margaret WILLIAMS    
03/01/1792 Thomas PARRY     Anne POWELL    
05/01/1792 John PRICE     Elizabeth HAVARD    
15/03/1793 David JONES     Ann EVANS    
16/11/1793 John WILLIAMS     Mary KINSEY    
06/07/1795 Richard DAVIES     Joan POWELL    
05/05/1796 John PRICE   Bochrwyd, Radnorshire Margaret POWELL    
09/06/1796 David THOMAS   St Mary, Brecon Elizabeth JONES    
13/08/1798 David NANTON   Llangattwg Catherine WILLIAMS    
04/03/1799 David WILLIAM     Elizabeth POWEL    
23/05/1799 Philip PRICE     Sarah DAVIES    
06/06/1799 William MORGANS   Llandefaelogfach Catherine POWELL    
30/05/1800 David PRICE   Llandefaelogfach Jane THOMAS Single  
29/04/1803 William POWELL     Mary DAVIES    
23/12/1803 Joseph BARBER     Margaret POWELL    
14/12/1804 Thomas MORGAN   Llandefalle Margaret WILLIAMS    
09/09/1805 David JAMES     Margaret WILLIAMS    
24/11/1806 John JONES   Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan Elizabeth HAVARD    
14/11/1807 Thomas WILLIAMS   Bedwellty, Monmouthshire Susannah PUGH    
27/05/1808 Watkin DAVIES     Mary POWELL    
19/05/1809 Meredith LEWIS     Mary WILLIAMS Widow  
1 11/08/1813 John JONES   Llandefaelogfach Elizabeth JONES Single  
2 12/01/1814 Hugh HUGHES   Brecon Elizabeth PRICE Single  
3 08/10/1815 William WILLIAMS     Margaret DAVIES Single  
4 12/01/1816 Howell DAVIES     Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
5 19/02/1817 Rees PROSSER   Talachddu Margarett JONES Single  
6 20/02/1817 David DAVIES   St John, Brecon Ann JONES    
7 24/05/1817 Rees BOWEN   Llanllwynfel Gwen DAVIES    
8 23/12/1819 Richard PRICE     Mary HUGHES Single  
9 10/08/1821 Thomas JONES   Llandefaelogfach Mary WILLIAMS    
10 24/08/1821 Benjamin POWELL   Llan Y Wern Jane WILLIAMS Single  
11 30/08/1821 Thomas PROSSER     Anne PROSSER Single  
12 19/07/1825 William PRICE     Ann WILLIAMS Single Llanfihangel Tal Y Llyn
13 23/12/1825 Charles WILLIAMS   Merthyr Cynog Jonet THOMAS    
14 19/05/1826 Thomas THOMAS   Llandefaelogfach Anne WILLIAMS    
15 07/08/1826 John WILLIAMS   Llanfilo Margarett JONES Single  
16 14/11/1828 John WILLIAMS     Margaret PRICE    
17 11/06/1830 David PROSSER     Anne JONES    
18 04/05/1831 William JAMES     Mary WATKINS    
19 06/05/1831 Samuel JONES   Llandefaelogfach Margaret DAVIES    
21 17/05/1831 John LEWIS   Llanddew Mary THOMAS    
20 30/05/1831 William JONES   Llandefaelogfach Elizabeth PRICE    
22 07/12/1831 David WILLIAMS   Llanfihangel Tal Y Llyn Rachel LEWIS    
20 16/09/1834 Rees HOLL Single Merthyr Cynog Eleanor LEWIS Single  
21 04/04/1835 William THOMAS   Llandetty Eleanor THOMAS Single  
22 12/05/1835 William WILLIAMS   Llanddew Ann HEDLEY    
23 28/06/1835 John EVANS   Llangynidr Mary POWELL    
24 15/06/1837 John WILLIAMS   Llandefaelogfach Blanch PRICE    

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