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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Astwood St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Astwood lies in the extreme northeast of Buckinghamshire, indeed it forms part of the county's border with neighbouring Bedfordshire. Astwood is located roughly midway (around 6 miles to either) between Bedford and Newport Pagnell and sits astride the A422 road which connects the two. Astwood is a small and compact village which formerly had the A422 run through t but which bypasses now to its north. Sitting on the Gault Clay Astwood's farming would largely have been pastoral prior to the introduction of modern machinery, nowadays a more arable regime dominates. Astwood is drained by a number of small tributaries of the River Great Ouse which leads onwards to the North Sea via The Wash. Astwood is sited at around 100 metres above the sea in a landscape gently rolling at or slightly below that altitude. Astwood parish was of a fairly typical size for the area, it covered just under 1,300 acres and would have supported a population of around 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Astwood was held by one William son of Ansculf and could offer just 4 ploughs, small meadows & woodland plus a mill.

The Church

St Peter's church sits on the western side of Astwood's main approach road from the west (Main Road). The church is a near classical example of a church built across the divide between the Decorated & Perpendicular periods of architectural style. Nave & southern aisle are in the former styles whilst the chancel, western tower & clerestory are Perpendicular. The process was probably a single continuous build reflecting the fashion of its time as the build progressed rather than a later remodeling. This would place the building as commenced within the early 14th century but finished in the latter half. The church sits a little back from the road, behind road-facing properties, but is accessed by a tarred pathway through the post rail fencing. The site is relatively open and has few restrictions to photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th April 1754 - 22nd May 1775 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference PR10/1/5 Plain ruled book containing Marriages segregated and compliant with wording requirements Grade 2 register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads The filming of this register is a little underexposed making for slow reading
2 28th June 1776 - 22nd October 1812 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference PR10/1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 register - few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 11th February 1813 - 20th June 1837 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference PR10/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 register - few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Hardmead St Mary
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Hardmead St Mary
Stagsden St Leonard, Bedfordshire
North Crawley St Firmin
North Crawley St Firmin
North Crawley St Firmin

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
14/04/1754 Thomas BURGE     Sarah FRANKLIN    
05/09/1754 Robert COTCHINGS     Mary BULL    
12/11/1755 Thomas DAY     Elizabeth ROBYTHON    
13/08/1756 Isaac CHARNOCK   Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire Elizabeth BRICE    
11/10/1756 Thomas WALKER     Elizabeth FEASEY    
13/10/1756 Thomas GREEN     Mary FAUKNER    
16/11/1756 John FRAVEL   North Crawley Ann MERRIMAN    
05/05/1758 Robert BASS     Sarah DAVISON    
05/05/1758 Thomas BODINGTON     Mary BRANDON    
23/01/1759 John HOBBS   North Crawley Elizabeth BELLAM    
24/05/1759 Richard JAMES     Mary KITELY    
02/09/1759 Robert KNIGHT   Turvey, Bedfordshire Susanna GAMBY    
22/12/1760 Thomas TATTAM     Sarah AISH    
12/04/1762 Thomas HART     Mary PETERS    
25/08/1762 Robert BASS     Ann CARTER    
23/09/1762 William WOLASTON     Ann KING    
11/10/1762 Jacob SMITH     Susanna ODELL    
09/01/1764 Thomas CRAWLEY   Harrold, Bedfordshire Elizabeth WELLS    
15/06/1764 John KIGHTLY Widower Ravenstone Catherine KIGHTLY Single  
07/06/1765 Thomas BARROT     Sarah BASS    
18/07/1765 John SMITH   Chicheley Ann CLEETER    
16/02/1766 Nathaniel RAINBOW   North Crawley Elizabeth COCKINGS    
31/01/1768 Thomas BACCHUS Single North Crawley Ann DAVIS Single  
09/11/1768 William FREEMAN     Sarah KILPIN Single  
24/01/1769 Thomas HART   Emberton Mary SMITH    
05/11/1769 William PARKINGS   Aston Clinton Sarah CARTER    
26/03/1770 Robert PAIN     Elizabeth BELLAM    
25/11/1770 William DUDLEY   Kempston, Bedfordshire Frances WALKER    
22/05/1775 John AUSTIN Single North Crawley Ann GOODING Single  
1 28/06/1776 Thomas LITCHFIELD Single Moulsoe Martha ODELL Single  
2 08/07/1776 Samuel ODELL Single   Sarah OSBORN Single Cranfield, Bedfordshire
3 01/09/1776 Thomas CARTER Single   Hannah CURTIS Single  
4 07/10/1776 Benjamin COOK Single   Alice CARTER Single  
5 03/11/1776 John SMITH Widower   Ann TIBBOTH Single  
6 05/02/1777 William HUCKELL Single   Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
7 15/08/1777 John CARTER Widower Cranfield, Bedfordshire Elizabeth HOBBS Widow  
8 26/07/1778 James BRITTON Single   Elizabeth SIMONS Widow  
9 01/12/1778 Robert PINKARD Single Milton Keynes Elizabeth LONDON Single  
10 26/07/1780 Daniel ROBINSON Single Hardmead Sarah ANDERSON Single  
11 12/10/1780 John CROSS Single Chicheley Ann LAUNDON Single  
12 12/10/1780 Richard LINCHAM Single Chicheley Sarah MARKS Single  
13 26/12/1781 William TAYLOR Single   Sarah BANDY Single  
14 11/10/1782 John ELLIS Single   Mary LAWTON Single  
17 14/11/1782 Jeremiah CLARK Widower Clifton Reynes Mary BARRINGHAM Single  
15 28/01/1783 Thomas BACCHUS Widower   Jane LAUNDON Single  
16 04/07/1785 Thomas HISKETT Single   Elizabeth BODDINGTON Single  
19 07/04/1786 Warner SMITH Single Old Weston, Huntingdonshire Rebekah HART Single  
18 18/04/1786 Thomas WALKER Single   Elizabeth DAY Single  
20 04/06/1787 William BREWER Widower   Elizabeth FREEMAN Widow  
21 18/10/1787 John RICHARDSON Single   Martha WARNER Single  
22 03/11/1787 Thomas SALSBURY Single   Rebecca NICHOLS Single North Crawley
23 02/01/1788 John SMART Single Clapham, Bedfordshire Martha BELHAM Single  
24 12/04/1789 John CARTWRIGHT Single   Lucy WALKER Single  
25 09/11/1789 Samuel ROTLEY Single Denford, Northamptonshire Sarah STRATTON Single  
26 06/01/1790 Richard CARRINGTON Single Sandy, Bedfordshire Ann MARKS Single  
27 06/04/1790 George AUSTIN Single   Elizabeth TATHAM Single  
28 25/04/1790 Charles WRIGHT Single   Ann BASON Single  
29 01/06/1790 Thomas BRANDON Widower North Crawley Mary DENBY Single  
30 31/10/1790 Warner SMITH Widower   Charlotte GAMMONS Single  
31 13/12/1790 Jacob ODELL Single   Elizabeth PITKIN Single  
32 25/04/1791 George SMITH Single Hardmead Susanna FALKNER Single  
33 16/09/1791 John HART     Martha SMITH Single  
34 12/10/1791 Nicholas KING   Stagsden, Bedfordshire Sarah LONDON Single  
35 06/11/1792 William BREWER     Elizabeth HANCOCK Single  
36 30/05/1793 James BROWN   Wootton, Bedfordshire Alice BATTAMS    
37 22/12/1793 John ROE   Turvey, Bedfordshire Mary COZENS    
38 23/09/1794 Richard RUFFHEAD     Elizabeth BACCHUS    
39 07/07/1795 John HILLIER   Hardmead Anna Maria PEARCE    
40 13/10/1796 Thomas FENSHAM   Stagsden, Bedfordshire Jane PAINE    
41 18/10/1796 William WRIGHT     Ann FALKNER    
42 18/04/1797 James WORLEY   Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire Frances AUSTIN    
43 18/09/1797 John HART     Catherine IRONS    
44 17/10/1797 James GLIDEWELL     Mary KING    
45 26/12/1797 William PETERS   Emberton Elizabeth ODELL    
51 27/03/1798 William ALLEN   North Crawley Frances PAIN    
46 11/10/1798 James FLUTE     Sarah WALKER    
47 21/11/1798 William SODEN   Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire Ann EMERTON    
48 26/08/1799 Richard PETERS Single   Mary HORTON Single  
49 16/09/1799 John HOLLIS     Elizabeth HORTON    
50 23/12/1799 Thomas LANE     Elizabeth WALKER    
52 03/09/1801 John DUDLEY   Kempston, Bedfordshire Elizabeth HATTEN    
53 28/09/1801 Joseph RILEY     Lydia BACCHUS    
54 28/09/1801 John IRONS   St Paul, Bedford, Bedfordshire Martha HATTEN    
55 01/07/1802 James LOW     Elizabeth LINEHAM    
56 01/07/1802 John TAYLOR     Ann PAIN    
57 01/09/1802 William DUNKLEY     Frances WORLEY    
58 04/01/1803 James WRIGHT     Lucy SHEFFILL    
59 31/01/1803 William SANDERS     Ann LORTON    
60 22/02/1803 John WRIGHT     Elizabeth SMITH    
61 15/04/1803 George SAPPLES   Bromham, Bedfordshire Martha SUMMERFIELD    
62 04/07/1803 William LUCK   North Crawley Ann COZENS    
63 24/08/1803 Thomas HALL     Elizabeth BILLINGTON    
64 07/05/1804 William WHITECLARK     Elizabeth LAMBURN    
65 01/09/1805 William BRANDOM     Mary POTTER    
66 24/12/1805 Robert ROSS     Mary ELLIS    
67 17/02/1806 John PAINE     Elizabeth FOOTE    
68 06/09/1807 James PIPKIN Single   Martha LEESON Single  
69 12/10/1807 William HUCKLE Single   Susanna SALISBURY Single  
70 16/10/1807 George BRANDOM Single   Sarah ALLEN Single  
71 29/02/1808 John WOOD Widower Bloomsbury, Middlesex Ann REDMAN Single  
72 09/08/1808 Thomas MARKS Single   Ann BRANDOM Single  
73 04/09/1808 Thomas CAPEL Single   Ursula BLAND Widow  
74 12/09/1808 William HORTON Single   Sarah FREEMAN Single  
75 09/10/1809 John READE Single   Mary HART Single  
76 12/10/1809 Isaac MADAMS Single   Sarah WILLES Single  
77 26/04/1810 Thomas BARRETT Single Turvey, Bedfordshire Zilpha HATTON Single  
78 31/03/1811 John ROBINSON Single   Frances RAINBOW Single  
79 30/10/1811 Thomas AUSTEN Single   Edith ODELL Single  
80 10/02/1812 John WILDING Single   Mary WILBY Single  
81 22/10/1812 John ALLEN Single   Lucy HOBBES Single  
1 11/02/1813 Robert PAINE Single   Selina ODELL Single  
2 22/04/1813 John BAILEY Single   Sarah GEARY Single  
3 27/03/1815 Thomas DODD Single Hardmead Martha SMITH Single  
4 16/11/1815 George RICHARDSON Single   Mary Ann TIMS Single  
5 23/11/1815 John WRIGHT Single   Elizabeth RICKET Single  
6 26/02/1816 Joel TAYLOR Widower   Margaret CASTEL Single  
7 14/04/1817 James ALDWORTH Single North Crawley Elizabeth LONGHURST    
8 18/12/1817 William JORDAN Widower North Crawley Abtha HATTEN    
9 06/04/1818 John WRIGHT Single   Ann WILDIN    
10 24/08/1818 Henry HOBS     Elizabeth LOW   Stagsden, Bedfordshire
11 19/10/1818 William BROWN     Ann HOLAWAY    
12 28/12/1818 Levi DIMICK Single   Isabel HART Single  
13 12/04/1819 Ralph GEARY     Hannah GREGORY Single  
14 15/06/1819 Thomas CHERRY     Elizabeth WRIGHT    
15 27/12/1819 Thomas RUFHEAD     Lucy FLUTE    
19 00/00/1820 Samuel LITCHFIELD     Catherine SOMERFIELD    
16 22/05/1820 George BATTLE     Ann HARLEY    
17 03/07/1820 John PARROT     Charlotte HOBBS    
18 03/07/1820 James DENTON     Susannah HORTON    
20 02/07/1821 Daniel COOK Widower Wootton, Bedfordshire Mary WRIGHT Single  
21 12/10/1821 John BLAND Single   Ann ROULEY Single  
22 08/04/1822 James RUFHEAD     Letisha BASSET   Stagsden, Bedfordshire
23 04/01/1823 William DUDLEY     Sophia WARD    
24 31/03/1823 Joel TAYLOR   North Crawley Kezia ODELL    
25 14/04/1823 Daniel HOBBS     Hepzabah HARRIS    
26 19/05/1823 John DEVRICK     Mary LOW    
27 17/02/1824 John NIGHT     Mary DICKS    
28 12/12/1825 Samuel SUMERFIELD     Comfort HART    
29 26/12/1825 William FLUTE     Caroline TIMMS    
30 02/03/1826 Thomas COOKE   Sherington Sarah COZENS    
31 03/07/1826 Benjamin THOMPSON     Elizabeth WRIGHT    
32 21/10/1826 William RUFFHEAD Single   Selina ROSS Single  
33 23/10/1826 John DUNKLEY Single   Elizabeth DEVRICK Single  
34 04/01/1828 James WILSON Single   Mary Hart FEAZEY Single  
35 05/01/1829 William BARCOCK Single   Isabella DEVRICK Widow  
36 06/01/1829 Thomas DUNKLEY Single   Edith WRIGHT Single  
37 15/01/1829 John ROSS Single   Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
38 05/02/1829 Thomas FENSHAM Widower   Mary MISSENDEN Single  
39 02/04/1829 William ROGERS Widower   Elizabeth ASHMORE Single  
40 19/11/1829 William HILLYER Single   Hannah Maria LEE Single  
41 12/04/1830 Thomas WRIGHT Single   Martha GILDWELL Single  
42 13/10/1830 James SLEATH Single Stagsden, Bedfordshire Sophia DUDLEY Single  
43 17/01/1832 Thomas FLUTE Single   Eliza ASHMORE Single  
44 23/09/1832 John SANDERS Single   Jane COTTON Single Clifton Reynes
45 04/11/1832 William FLUTE Widower   Elizabeth SANDERS Single  
46 26/11/1832 James FLUTE Single   Anne ROSS Single  
47 12/09/1833 Philip Hart HURMAN   Bromham, Bedfordshire Sophia SLEATH Widow  
48 12/12/1833 James MILLARD Single   Mary HUCKLE Single  
49 07/07/1834 John JACKSON Single   Mary Anne HERBERT Single  
50 17/11/1834 William ALLEN Single   Susanna SMITH Single  
51 29/03/1835 John DERBY Single   Phoebe SANDERS Single  
52 23/04/1835 John TAYLOR Widower   Mary RICHARDSON Single  
53 01/06/1835 John MILLARD Single   Hannah WRIGHT Single  
54 17/03/1836 William FRENCH Single   Elizabeth HUCKLE Single  
55 06/04/1836 William ROSS Single   Martha Clemens VACHER Widow St Paul, Bedford, Bedfordshire
56 24/08/1836 William FRANKLIN Widower   Sarah PAYNE Single  
57 31/10/1836 Charles PAYNE Single   Mary DUCKERING Single  
58 20/11/1836 John ALLEN Widower   Sarah TATHAM Single  
59 20/06/1837 John PETTIT Single   Mary COALES Single  

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