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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Padbury The Nativity


The Parish

The parish of Padbury lies in northwestern Buckinghamshire about three miles southeast of the town of Buckingham. Padbury is a large village with a group of properties clustered around the crossroads with the A413 road, which connects Buckingham with Aylesbury, together with a southwestern spur heading towards the nearby river. Padbury would have been, and still is, a largely farming village with a mixed farming regime utilising both the pastures of the river valley as well as arable on higher ground. The village's proximity to Buckingham has seen recent growth as infill of modern properties has brought commuters to the village. Padbury is drained northwards by the Padbury Brook which soon joins the Great Ouse to the east of Buckingham, thence a long journey to the North Sea reaching it through The Wash. Padbury is at between 80 metres, by the Brook, to 100 metres at the A413, the higher parts sit upon a slight ridge which tops out in local heights little more than 10 metres higher. Padbury parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering close to 2,000 acres it would have supported a population of around 700 parishioners. In Domesday times Padbury was held by one Mainou the Breton and was a middling sort of place offering 11 ploughs and a small woodland, but did possess a mill.

The Church

The church of the Nativity, also known as St Mary the Virgin & on other sources St Nicholas - here we follow Pevsner, sit to the north of the A413 accessed by a short dead-end lane. The church is a classic example of multiple changes applied over the centuries with work in various styles accordingly. Pevsner tentatively places the chancel arch, normally the oldest feature and from which build expands, as 12th century and Romanesque in style although modified post-Reformation. Both southern & priest's doorways are assigned to the 13th century along with evidence from lancet windows scattered from the early English Gothic period. Most of the fabric represents a probable rebuild spread across the style changes from Decorated to Perpendicular, the clerestory is Decorated whilst much else is Perpendicular. The western tower was rebuilt c1800 and the whole church restored between 1882 & 1908. What would once have been a short lane leading to church & farm has modern housing on either side but there is space for a couple of cars to the left of the churchyard gates. A metal kissing gate leads into a churchyard free of photographic obstructions.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 3rd November 1754 - 14th June 1810 Buckinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR162/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 20th August 1810 - 12th September 1812 Buckinghamshire Archives Bishops Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads The register covering this short period is missing the BTs are an adequate replacement
3 5th January 1813 - 7th May 1837 Buckinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR162/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads With the exception of the last 7 years the handwriting within this register is very poor indeed making for a challenging read and the likelihood of quite a few misreads

Buckingham St Peter & St Paul
Buckingham St Peter & St Paul
Thornborough St Mary
Buckingham St Peter & St Paul
Adstock St Cecilia
Hillesden All Saints
Steeple Claydon St Michael
Addington St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 03/11/1754 Richard KEYS     Elizabeth BULL    
2 29/12/1754 Nathaniel HAINES   Steeple Claydon Frances BURNHILL    
3 24/02/1755 John WILLIAMS   Twyford Hester PITKIN    
4 10/04/1757 John HILL     Elizabeth GEORGE    
1 25/10/1757 James FORD     Mary READ    
2 08/11/1757 Thomas BUNCE Widower   Elizabeth BUNCE Single  
3 17/03/1758 George BRYAN Single   Mary COX Single  
4 02/04/1758 William CURTIS Single   Hester BURT Single  
1 04/10/1758 George HARDING   East Claydon Sarah BURNHILL    
2 13/10/1758 Robert WHITEHALL Single   Hester CONQUEST    
3 05/11/1758 Thomas BANDY Single   Ann GIBBERT Single  
4 27/09/1759 Joseph BULL Single   Elizabeth COX Single  
1 30/09/1759 William NELSON Single   Alice BURT Single  
2 15/11/1759 Robert BRISKO Single Buckingham Mary CLARK Single  
3 10/02/1760 Richard WEBSTER Single   Mary STACEY Single  
4 13/05/1760 Henry FOUNTAIN Single   Ann SIMKINS Single  
2 20/11/1760 William BURT Single North Marston Sarah HUMPREYS    
3 02/02/1761 John BURNHILL Single   Hester WHITEHALL    
4 07/05/1761 William HARWOOD Single   Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
1 13/10/1761 Robert ADAMS Widower   Sarah EAYRS Single  
2 24/11/1761 John SEER Single   Jane SHAW Single Thornborough
3 07/02/1762 Charles WHITEHALL Single   Hannah SMITH Single  
4 21/02/1762 Joseph BAYLISS Single   Catherine COLLET Single  
1 03/06/1762 Richard TATTUM Single   Mary ANSTEE Single Swanbourne
2 06/06/1762 William SUMNER Single Great Creaton, Northamptonshire Elizabeth COX Single  
3 02/08/1762 Henry MANDER Single Hillesden Hannah GEORGE Single  
21/09/1762 Edmund BETTS     Phebe BURT    
1 18/11/1762 Richard TAYLOR Widower   Sarah BISHOP Single  
31/10/1763 Benjamin MARCHAM Single   Elizabeth HENCHER Single  
26/04/1764 Francis EYRES Single   Ann ADDERTON    
26/06/1764 William HEATH Single   Lydia BURT    
27/07/1764 James WHITEHALL     Elizabeth JAMES    
29/07/1764 Thomas CHANDLER     Ann BARNES    
26/12/1764 William WILLMORE Single   Ann JUDGE    
23/01/1765 William BLACKWELL Single   Elizabeth GEORGE    
07/04/1766 John AIRIS   Steeple Claydon Mary JUDGE    
20/04/1766 Thomas BUDD     Mary BURNILL    
04/05/1766 Thomas GOODYER   Aynho, Northamptonshire Ann SEAR    
23/09/1766 Richard FOWLER   Buckingham Mary COLLET    
12/01/1767 Robert WHITEHALL     Mary MERRY    
04/05/1767 John WALKER     Mary Willmore WHITHALL    
19/10/1767 John GREY   Tingewick Mary SMITH    
05/08/1768 John DENY   Edgcott Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
20/11/1768 Henry FONTAIN     Elizabeth CLARKE    
03/05/1770 Isaac JUDGE     Bet CROOK    
01/07/1770 William HEATH     Ann HACK    
13/09/1770 Charles WHITHALL     Mary READ    
11/11/1770 James BUDD     Ann BARTON    
15/11/1770 William DRUCE     Ann SAUNDERS    
10/06/1771 William MOSS     Margaret BLACKALL   Buckingham
13/10/1771 Thomas NELSON     Mary SWANNELL    
21/10/1771 Edward SMITH     Sarah BETTS    
26/02/1772 John BETTS     Ann EYERS    
17/05/1772 Henry FALKNER   Whaddon Elizabeth GURNEY    
14/02/1773 Thomas COLES     Esther SKINNER    
10/05/1773 James TURNBULL     Martha HILTON    
28/09/1773 Thomas QUAINTON     Fanny TIMBS    
07/10/1773 Joseph SMITH     Susannah BRAMLEY    
09/11/1773 Thomas WISE     Elizabeth PERRIGE    
06/12/1773 Joseph PETTY     Ann SMITH    
16/01/1774 Thomas BIRT   Buckingham Hannah TEDDER    
28/06/1774 William SWANNELL     Elizabeth SCRIVENER    
11/12/1774 Timothy HALL     Mary HAWKES    
12/06/1775 Charles PHILIPS     Esther JUDGE    
06/11/1775 Robert SEAR     Phillis YOUNG    
27/01/1776 Henry HAWS     Elizabeth PEAK    
13/06/1776 William TOMKYNS     Esther MERRY    
22/09/1776 Thomas SALMONS     Mary TOMKYNS    
01/04/1777 John RIDGWAY     Mary SAUNDERS    
02/04/1777 John BODILY   Greens Norton, Northamptonshire Esther FLETCHER    
03/04/1777 John PETTY     Sarah DITUM    
19/06/1777 William WALKER     Fanny JUDGE    
11/10/1777 William ADAMS   Tring, Hertfordshire Kitty COOK    
24/11/1777 William READ     Elizabeth HILL    
15/12/1777 John WHITEHALL     Hannah GARDENER    
17/05/1778 John BETTS     Esther LEVERETT    
21/09/1778 Thomas ARNOLD   Wicken, Northamptonshire Mary QUAINTON    
12/10/1778 Thomas BRINKLOW   Adstock Mary GIBBARD    
12/10/1779 Stephen GREAVES     Ann WESSON    
26/03/1780 William NELSON     Elizabeth MERRY    
30/03/1780 Henry HARRUP   Great Horwood Hannah HARWOOD    
01/05/1780 Benjamin DENNY   Thornborough Ann BARNES    
22/10/1780 Edmund BETTS     Mary BLOMER    
09/05/1781 Benjamin RIDGWAY Single   Hannah WHITHALL    
06/06/1781 Benjamin BARTON     Mary RIDGWAY    
05/08/1781 Thomas COLEMAN   Buckingham Dinah BIRT    
03/09/1781 Richard MILLER     Ann CARR    
02/10/1781 Richard WILLMORE     Ann DITUM    
11/10/1781 Ralph BETTS     Elizabeth WILLMORE    
09/01/1782 Thomas RICHARD   Whitchurch Mary ROW    
17/06/1782 William BRADFORD Widower   Ann YOUNG    
17/06/1782 Richard LEENEY   Water Stratford Rebeckah CURTIS    
08/09/1782 William ELLIS     Mary DANIEL    
13/11/1782 William COOK     Ann FLETCHER   Buckingham
10/03/1783 Henry Uthwatt ANDREWS   Buckingham Judith YATES    
26/09/1783 Thomas GOODMAN Single Hampstead, Middlesex Elizabeth BRISCOE    
14/10/1783 John REYNOLDS Single   Elizabeth REYNOLDS Single  
12/10/1784 William SALMONS   Aylesbury Hannah ISHAM    
31/10/1784 Matthew NEAL     Esther WESTON    
10/11/1784 Thomas NELSON Widower   Susannah READ    
20/02/1785 Edmond WALKER     Mary NORTH    
02/05/1785 William CLARKE     Elizabeth ARIS    
18/05/1785 William SMITH   Tingewick Sarah WESTON    
18/10/1785 Henry FONTAINE     Hester WOOD    
22/02/1786 Edward SPINDLER   Hillesden Margaret REYNOLDS    
08/05/1786 John BARNES Single   Elizabeth HASELWOOD Single  
27/10/1786 William BULL     Mary BLACKALL    
01/05/1787 William EYRE Single   Mary SAYER Single Buckingham
29/05/1787 William WHITEHALL Single   Martha RIDGEWAY Single  
26/11/1787 William GIBBARD     Elizabeth CHANDLER Single  
09/06/1788 Thomas MADKINS     Mary BRISCOW    
31/07/1788 Thomas MERRY     Sarah RIDGEWAY    
22/10/1788 Joseph MIDWINTER   Little Horwood Mary BARNES    
06/11/1788 William WESTON     Alice PAXTON    
12/10/1789 Richard PANGBURN     Elizabeth SHEPHERD    
15/10/1789 Robert WILMER     Martha COLTON    
22/03/1790 William GIBBERD   Steeple Claydon Ann CHERRY    
25/06/1790 George HARDING     Mary WHITEHALL    
26/12/1790 John SEAR   Thornborough Mary KEYS Widow  
03/01/1791 Thomas CHANDLER     Mary BETTS    
03/05/1791 William ROW     Catherine READE    
27/10/1791 John BOTTLER     Hester WELLS    
31/10/1791 Thomas BUDD Widower   Hester CURTIS Single  
16/01/1792 Thomas TIMS     Maria DAVIS    
05/03/1792 Robert GOODMAN   Buckingham Ann HALL    
22/03/1792 John CHERRY   Lillingstone Lovell Mary AIRES    
09/04/1792 William BETTS     Mary BARNES    
31/05/1792 Daniel KEEN   Winslow Martha JUDGE    
03/10/1792 Edward BROOKS     Ann HARDING    
17/01/1793 Thomas CAUDLE   Shenley Elizabeth LAMBERT    
23/04/1793 Thomas BUDD     Mary COLLINGRIDGE   Buckingham
03/06/1793 William SANDERS     Ann WESSON    
01/10/1793 Thomas FUNDAL     Mary DRUCE    
06/01/1794 Edward Allum STOKES   Granborough Ann BOUGHTON    
19/06/1794 Matthew RIDGEWAY     Martha MERRY    
21/07/1794 William ARCHER     Rebecca HOLDOM    
22/09/1794 John AYRES   Lillingstone Lovell Hester WHITEHALL    
25/09/1794 Samuel HOLDON     Sarah TURNER    
01/10/1794 Thomas KING   Thornborough Ann RIDGWAY    
13/12/1794 William BANDY     Elizabeth WELLS   Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire
14/02/1795 Thomas CHANDLER     Elizabeth HARDING    
16/09/1795 John CHERRY     Alice WESTON    
02/10/1795 John STANTON     Ann BETTS    
04/05/1796 William HARWOOD     Elizabeth WALKER    
31/08/1796 John SEATON     Ann GIBBERD    
15/09/1796 William NELSON     Elizabeth SCOTT    
10/11/1796 George HARDING Widower   Ann BETTS    
21/11/1796 John GIBBS Widower   Mary MARCHAM Widow  
13/03/1797 Richard FORD     Mary SMITH    
09/06/1797 William KEYS     Mary DEELY    
27/09/1797 Thomas ABRAHAM   Fritwell, Oxfordshire Hannah READ    
16/10/1797 Thomas DEELY     Elizabeth HARLING    
16/10/1797 Henry HURST     Ann MARCHAM    
26/08/1798 Richard STOCKLY     Mary CRIPPS    
25/09/1798 Reuben SHOULER     Ann READE    
11/10/1798 John WHITEHALL     Ann WHITEHALL    
29/10/1798 William COX   Preston Bissett Ann BUDD    
30/09/1799 Thomas ELLARD   Preston Bissett Jane JUDGE    
12/10/1799 Benjamin BUTCHER     Ann ELKINGTON    
14/10/1799 John GIBBERD     Ann KING    
16/10/1799 Thomas RIDGWAY     Esther PETTY    
26/03/1801 George STRUTCHBURY   Barton Hartshorn Mary HOWKIM    
29/06/1801 John CLARKE     Mary WILMER    
24/09/1801 William READ     Frances Langham DAYRELL    
19/10/1801 William SEAR     Mary ELKINGTON    
20/10/1801 Daniel MALINS   Finmere, Oxfordshire Ann BUNCE    
15/03/1802 Richard DAYRELL     Ann PARKER    
13/05/1802 Richard KING   Bicester, Oxfordshire Ann TOMPKINS    
19/04/1803 John JUDGE   Adstock Mary HAWES    
03/10/1803 Henry DAYRELL Widower   Mary FLETCHER Single  
31/10/1803 Joseph BUNDY     Ann WILLATT    
19/12/1803 John GIBBERD Widower   Elizabeth ADAMS Widow  
03/05/1804 Thomas FLETCHER   Thornborough Ann MILLER    
14/05/1804 William BULL   Barton Hartshorn Elizabeth VINCENT    
21/05/1804 James HARDING     Ann TOMKIN    
31/05/1804 George GIBBERD   Addington Elizabeth REYNOLDS    
28/06/1804 Thomas PETTY     Mary WHITEHALL    
12/11/1804 Henry CARTER   Steeple Claydon Mary COLTON    
05/08/1805 John KING   Buckingham Mary Eleanor PORTER    
26/09/1805 Thomas WATTS Widower Adstock Hester HARRIS    
18/11/1805 Robert TOMKINS Widower   Susan JONES Widow  
30/10/1806 Thomas SEAR     Margaret REYNOLDS    
12/10/1807 Edward SIMONS   Adstock Ann PETTY    
22/10/1807 Richard PHILIPS   St Sepulchre, City Of London Elizabeth WALKER    
09/02/1808 James BURGESS Widower   Sarah SEAR Widow Buckingham
24/02/1808 John MONDAY   Great Horwood Ann WALKER    
20/04/1808 Samuel SHOWLER     Ann BETTS    
21/04/1808 Richard READ   Calverton Mary FLOWERS    
26/09/1808 Joseph PERRIN   Quainton Elizabeth REYNOLDS    
02/02/1809 John BOUGHTON     Elizabeth DELL    
05/02/1809 John CHAPMAN     Martha GIBBERD    
18/09/1809 Thomas MATTHEWS   Banbury, Oxfordshire Keziah MORRIS    
23/10/1809 Richard KING Widower   Elizabeth BRADBURY Widow Buckingham
13/11/1809 William GRUBB     Fanny COLTON    
04/12/1809 Thomas FLOWERS     Keziah JUBSON    
18/01/1810 Charles GIBBERD     Mary BRITTAIN    
14/06/1810 Richard ARCHER     Hannah DOD    
20/08/1810 James DELL     Elizabeth HAWKINS    
24/09/1810 William RIDLEY     Ann GUNN    
12/11/1810 Joseph SHELTON     Susan BETTS    
11/02/1811 Thomas ROADS     Sarah FLETCHER    
20/05/1811 William MADKIN     Elizabeth JESSOP    
03/06/1811 Charles CLARK     Hannah TOMPKINS    
06/06/1811 John SMITH     Catherine LEE    
29/09/1811 John SALMONS     Elizabeth NELSON    
14/10/1811 Thomas MADKIN     Elizabeth WILMER    
31/10/1811 John HURRY     Elizabeth BATES    
18/11/1811 John SHRAM     Ann HODGER    
03/01/1812 Thomas BUNCE     Azuba COLES    
06/05/1812 John GIBBS     Elizabeth CLARKE    
22/06/1812 Thomas KEYS     Sarah FONTAINE    
12/09/1812 Henry MILLER     Elizabeth WHITEHALL    
1 05/01/1813 James FLETCHER Single   Ann BLAKE    
2 19/04/1813 George WINTER Single Akeley Elizabeth PETTY    
3 18/07/1813 William CHANDLER Single   Ann STEPTOE Single  
4 14/10/1813 Matthew COLLIER     Mary GIBBERD    
5 24/11/1813 Thomas GOODGER Single Winslow Hannah ABBOTT    
6 13/06/1814 Thomas VINER Single   Mary CHERRY Single  
7 06/10/1814 John QUAINTON Single   Elizabeth MILLER Single  
8 26/03/1815 Henry WINTERBURN Single Akeley Lyddia BAUGHAN Single  
9 10/09/1815 John GOODIER     Sarah HAWKINS    
10 13/10/1815 Robert BATES Single   Ann BOWDEN Single  
11 18/12/1815 Thomas PINFOLD Single Adstock Mary MADKINS    
12 04/01/1816 John OVITTS Single Buckingham Charlotte TOMKINS Single  
13 15/02/1816 John BETTS Single   Rebecca BATES Single  
14 19/02/1816 John GIBBERD Single   Ann HAWKING Single  
15 06/05/1816 William SHELTON Widower Addington Mary LUDGATE Single  
16 23/05/1816 Thomas GEORGE Widower   Elizabeth WHITHALL Single  
17 31/10/1816 John BUCKINGHAM     Mary SWANNELL    
18 02/12/1816 Frederic WHITE     Henrietta CLARKE    
19 09/12/1816 Ezra SEAR     Mary BRIANT    
20 07/04/1817 Benjamin CLARKE   Buckingham Ann BREWER    
21 13/10/1817 George PITCHER     Elizabeth TOMKINS    
22 07/04/1818 Edward SMITH     Elizabeth MADKINS    
23 21/05/1818 John BOWDEN   Swanbourne Elizabeth NELSON    
24 01/10/1818 Thomas MORRIS Single Hillesden Ann WILMER Single  
25 19/10/1818 James ANSTIE Single Swanbourne Mary Ann BATES Single  
26 28/12/1818 Joseph SMITH   Barton Hartshorn Mary SPATCHER    
27 30/12/1818 William CREED Widower Steeple Claydon Ann DRUCE Single  
28 10/05/1819 James RIDGWAY Single   Joanna HOLMES   Stowe
29 19/07/1819 Thomas KEY Single   Elizabeth WHITEHALL Single  
30 26/09/1819 Benjamin FONTAINE   Buckingham Elizabeth KEY    
31 27/09/1819 John PRICE     Hetty SANDERS    
32 30/09/1819 William CLARK     Ann BUCKINGHAM   Akeley
33 14/01/1820 Richard GREY Single   Ann BAUGHAN    
34 25/05/1820 George ABBOTT     Rebecca CLARKE    
35 01/06/1820 Joshua SHILLINGFORD   Christ Church, Southwark, Surrey Hanna PARYCHER    
36 15/06/1820 Thomas DELL Widower   Elizabeth CLAYDON Single  
37 20/11/1820 William NELSON Widower   Mary PALMER Widow  
38 23/04/1821 Thomas SALMONS Widower   Elizabeth ANSTEY Widow  
39 31/07/1821 William BANDY Single   Mary TURNER Single  
40 08/11/1821 William WARNER   Mursley Rebecca SPATCHER    
41 27/05/1822 William TURNER Widower   Ann DILLOW Single  
42 02/09/1822 John BRIANT Single   Jane SAUNDERS Single  
43 23/09/1822 William BRIANT Single   Philis CHANDLER Single  
44 24/03/1823 James BURGESS Widower   Elizabeth COLEAVER   Buckingham
45 29/10/1823 John WHITE Widower Buckingham Mary HARRIS Single  
46 03/11/1823 George NELSON Single   Susanna DELL Single  
47 03/11/1823 John DICKINS Widower Daventry, Northamptonshire Sarah KERBY Widow  
48 31/12/1823 Daniel COLES Widower Tingewick Elizabeth GIBBERD Single  
49 13/05/1824 Richard HAYNES Widower   Ann HAWTYN Single  
50 07/06/1824 Richard BULL Single   Mary SEAR Single  
51 11/10/1824 William COLEMAN Single   Ann WHITEHALL Single  
52 02/05/1826 Newman HARWOOD Single   Elizabeth BURMAN Single  
53 10/08/1826 George GIBBERD Single   Sarah RICH Single Winslow
54 19/10/1826 John WHITEHALL Single   Elizabeth GOLDING    
55 13/11/1826 Thomas REYNOLDS     Jane GODFRY    
56 25/12/1826 James TATTAM   Bletchley Ann STEVENS    
57 23/01/1827 Thomas ABBOTT     Ann WHITE    
58 23/07/1827 William HOUGH Single   Susanna ABBOTT    
59 28/07/1827 Robert HITCHCOCK     Elizabeth Mary FONTAIN    
60 13/08/1827 James SANDERS     Ann KING    
61 25/10/1827 Henry SHORT Single   Mary NELSON Single  
62 26/11/1827 John SPATCHER     Louisa BETTS    
63 18/02/1828 John BRIANT Single   Fanny CHANDLER    
64 05/05/1828 Thomas GRIFFIN     Ann HEDGES    
65 12/05/1828 Thomas HARDING     Elizabeth ABBOTT    
66 05/11/1828 Charles JONES Single Northampton, Northamptonshire Maria TOMPKINS Single  
67 19/04/1829 Robert BATES Single   Catherine TURNER Single  
68 27/04/1829 Joseph CHANDLER     Hannah WHITEHALL    
69 19/10/1829 John WHITE Single Hoggeston Eliza BETTS Single  
70 07/06/1830 John CARTER Single Thornborough Eliza HARDING    
71 14/10/1830 James QUAINTON     Elizabeth WHITEHALL    
72 18/10/1830 William CARTER Single Middle Claydon Ann WOOLGROVE Single  
73 20/10/1830 Thomas GIBBERD     Maria KIBBEL    
74 25/10/1830 Joseph GRANTHAM     Mary BRAGGINS    
75 01/11/1830 William RADBON   Hook Norton, Oxfordshire Susannah SEAR    
76 24/01/1831 Francis SPATCHER     Mary BURNELL    
77 23/05/1831 George BULL     Elizabeth MILLER    
78 29/08/1831 Edmund GIBBERD     Jane MUNDAY    
79 08/05/1832 William STANTON   Buckingham Maria VICCARS    
80 13/08/1832 John MUNDAY     Mary KEYS    
81 14/03/1833 William MARRIOTT Single Wappenham, Northamptonshire Hannah HORWOOD    
82 25/03/1833 Richard HUNT   Buckingham Elizabeth HOLTOM    
83 16/07/1833 John SEAR   Steeple Claydon Mary HUTCHINGS    
84 26/08/1833 William HARDING     Mary GIBBERD    
85 14/10/1833 John HAWLY     Sarah WOOLGROVE    
86 14/10/1833 James SAUNDERS     Mary Ann WILLIATT    
87 15/10/1833 William ABBOT     Mary NELSON    
88 26/10/1833 William BULL     Elizabeth SALMONS    
89 28/10/1833 James WHITEHALL     Fanny GODFREE    
90 02/12/1833 John WILLIATT     Sarah MILLER    
91 19/12/1833 James WHITE   Adstock Mary ABBOT    
92 17/02/1834 George BULL     Helen SAUNDERS    
93 04/03/1834 John DIXON   Wendover Elizabeth READ    
94 24/03/1834 John MADKINS     Elizabeth BURNELL    
95 02/04/1834 Newman TOMPKINS     Sarah STEARS    
96 05/06/1834 John REYNOLDS     Mary MILLER    
97 25/06/1834 William VEREY   Great Milton, Oxfordshire Elizabeth Mary CLARKE    
98 20/08/1834 Robert BOUGHTON     Mary GIBBERD    
99 13/10/1834 William HIGGINS     Elizabeth SEAR    
100 16/10/1834 Thomas REYNOLDS     Rhode MITCHEL    
101 26/02/1835 William BOODON     Mary Ann BURBIDGE    
102 28/07/1835 George GIBBERD     Ann IVEL    
103 21/09/1835 George HARDING     Elizabeth SEAR    
104 06/10/1835 John RICHARDSON     Harriet BRAGGINS    
105 15/10/1835 John SHOULER     Maria COX    
106 30/11/1835 John COXHILL     Harriet SEAR    
107 03/12/1835 Edward LOW   St Paul, Bedford, Bedfordshire Ann PURSELL    
108 24/12/1835 John WHITE     Mary HARWOOD    
109 04/07/1836 George BOODON     Hannah BANDY    
110 13/09/1836 Joseph HEDGES   Aston Abbots Eliza COOPER    
111 07/11/1836 Charles HABBOT     Sarah GRANTHAM    
112 30/11/1836 Thomas HARWOOD     Hannah WALKER    
113 23/02/1837 Joseph DRINKWATER     Catherine HOLTOM    
114 07/05/1837 William GIBBERD     Sarah GIBBERD    

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