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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Pitstone St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Pitstone lies in the extreme southeast of Buckinghamshire forming a part of a local geographical conundrum. In this area of the Chilterns Buckinghamshire launches a projection of itself between the adjacent counties of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, Pitstone forms an extensive portion of the border with the latter. Modern Pitstone sits on the B489 road which follows the foot of the Chilterns from close to Tring through to Dunstable, archaeological digs have revealed the original settlement was at Church End around the church itself. The "Tring Gap", a low level route through the higher ground of the the Chilterns, runs just south of Pitstone and both Grand Union Canal and the London to Birmingham rail line follow this breach in the hills crossing a portion of Pitstone parish. At the time of this transcript Pitstone would have had a mixed farming economy, sheep on the chalk hills and arable in the vale. For some time the chalk was worked for lime and the area is still home to the vast quarry left by the Cement works. More leisurely activities include the Ridgeway National Trail which cuts across the parish and offers some income from tourism. Pitstone is drained northwards by the Whistle Brook which joins the River Ouzel which passes through Leighton Buzzard and the edge of Milton Keynes joining the Great Ouse and with this river reaching the North Sea through The Wash. Pitstone is sited at around 110 metres above the sea, land rises sharply to the chalk escarpment of the Chilterns and local heights reach 220 metres on the southern end of Pitstone Hill. Pitstone parish is also a geographical anomaly, only a few hundred yards wide on its southwestern/northeastern axis it stretches for some miles in the northwest to southeast line, a trick to encompass all shades of landuse from chalk to vale. Covering just over 2,400 acres Pitstone parish was fairly typically sized for the area, it would have supported a population of close to 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Pitstone was shared between Count Robert of Mortain, Walter Giffard & Miles Crispin, a rather small place offering just 7 ploughs together with the usual woodlands and pastures.

The Church

St Mary's church sits almost a mile away from modern day Pitstone, which is largely built along the B489, at Church End and some 10 metres above the village. The church has its origins in the 13th century albeit little remains of that period following periodic rebuilding and restoration. The northern arcade of the chancel shows characteristics of the early English Gothic period. The north wall of the northern aisle is perhaps almost a century later but most of the church dates from a mixture of Early 14th century Perpendicular and later in the same style's era. The western tower is the best example of the latter period being late 15th century and topping off a period of general rebuild. As is usual a Victorian restoration, in this case quite extensive, occurred and whilst Pevsner is usually quite scathing of such changes he does praise the Art Nouveau stained glass added at that date. The church has been declared redundant for worship and is managed by the Church's Conservation Trust. Church Road climbs to the church in a dog-legged fashion from the village reaching a dead-end with a parking area by the churchyard gates. The churchyard is relatively free of photographic obstacles and the church straightforward to capture.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 13th October 1754 - 22nd April 1780 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference - PR 166/1/2
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Entries of marriage are scattered in rough date sequence amongst the other events leading to a possibility of accidental omission, the register is also badly faded making it likely there will be misreads
2 25th April 1780 - 29th March 1812 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference - PR 166/1/3 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The first half of this register suffers as its predecessor with fading thereafter improves significantly, during the initial period there are possibilities of one or two misreads
3 Undated entry 1813 - 18th September 1836 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference - PR 166/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Ivinghoe St Mary
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Great Gaddesden St John the Baptist, Hertfordshire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
13/10/1754 Joseph SIMMONDS     Mary WALDUCK   Ivinghoe
17/03/1755 John COLLINS     Elizabeth COLLIER    
17/06/1756 William BATEMAN Single Flamstead, Hertfordshire Frances SEABROOKE    
21/06/1756 Joseph BEDFORD     Frances COLLINS    
12/10/1756 Robert PARKER     Elizabeth SHAW    
16/12/1757 Thomas COLLINS     Rebecca COOK    
05/11/1759 Denby HAWKINS     Elizabeth GODMAN    
21/03/1760 Thomas THIPPERLEE     Anne SMITH    
28/05/1760 Gabriell COLLYER     Charity HATTON    
10/11/1760 Joseph BOARDER   Marsworth Ann SAUNDERS    
15/12/1760 Thomas SEABROOKE     Rebecca JENNINGS    
29/01/1761 Thomas EMMERTON     Mary HOPTON    
30/11/1761 Henry WILLMER     Sarah EMERTON    
08/12/1761 William EBELTHITE   St Peter, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire Elizabeth HOWARD    
12/04/1762 John SMITH Single   Mary WHITEING    
18/09/1763 Thomas BOARDER     Rebecca SEABROOK    
07/12/1763 James STAPLES   Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire Elizabeth FRANKS    
13/04/1765 Edward BURNHAM     Ann DURLEY    
10/10/1765 John CLEAVER     Elizabeth SEABROOK    
08/11/1765 John TOMPKINS   Tring, Hertfordshire Rebecca PITCHFORD    
24/04/1766 Benjamin ROW     Elizabeth EVEREDGE    
21/05/1767 Henry SMITH   Ivinghoe Betty COOK    
15/07/1767 William SYMONDS     Phyllis BARNES    
14/06/1768 John FENN     Martha SEABROOK    
10/10/1769 William BOARDER     Elizabeth TOMPKINS    
01/01/1770 James TOOLEY     Jane LILLINTON    
22/02/1770 David MAY     Mary EAMES    
16/04/1770 John CHAPPLE     Elizabeth NORRIS    
17/06/1770 Thomas BUCKTHORP     Elizabeth TIMBERLAKE    
01/01/1771 William ROLLINS     Ann EVEREDGE    
30/09/1771 William DOLMAN   Ivinghoe Mary EDWARDS    
09/10/1771 Thomas SMITH   Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire Ann COLLIER    
04/11/1771 John MEDBOURN     Ann JEFFERIES    
16/10/1772 William WATERS     Ann WHITE    
22/10/1772 James BIRT     Jane CAROE    
06/05/1773 Jeremiah PITCHFORD     Elizabeth WATERS    
07/08/1773 Charles CURL     Sarah Jerry Charles CURL   Ivinghoe
09/01/1774 Francis SEARE     Elizabeth COOK    
16/10/1774 John MUNK   Cheddington Sarah WOOTEN    
31/10/1774 John NARRAWAY     Elizabeth CHANDLER    
01/06/1775 William TOMALIN   Ivinghoe Ann SIMONDS    
12/02/1776 Henry LONNON   Ivinghoe Sarah SEABROOK    
22/07/1776 Thomas HARWOOD   Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire Elizabeth COLLINS    
06/10/1776 John SMITH     Marthana DOLLAFIELD    
25/02/1777 William GEORGE   Wing Maria DURLEY    
14/10/1777 William COLLINS     Hannah BATEMAN    
03/11/1777 John CHAPMAN   Tring, Hertfordshire Mary FLOWERS    
22/02/1778 John COLLINS     Anne TOMPKINS    
13/04/1778 William PITKIN     Elizabeth ELLIOT    
07/05/1778 Joseph WEDBURN     Sarah TOOLEY    
13/01/1779 John LARGE     Anne LAMPERT    
12/02/1779 William POLTER     Ann LOT    
19/07/1779 John COLLINS     Mary WAKEMAN    
22/04/1780 William CURL   Northchurch, Hertfordshire Mary TURPIN    
25/04/1780 John HORWOOD   Ivinghoe Joyce HIGBY   Wing
24/10/1780 William FLETCHER     Fanny WATERS    
09/11/1780 William FOWLER     Sarah ROWE    
24/05/1781 Thomas SAYEL   Cheddington Mary TOMPKINS    
10/09/1781 Joseph SEABROOKE     Rhoda PUDDEFOOT    
12/02/1782 Jeremiah PITCHFORD     Ann MEDBURNE    
25/05/1782 Thomas SEARE   Ivinghoe Elizabeth COLLINS    
25/11/1782 William BILLINGTON   Chesham Mary ASKE    
22/12/1782 Thomas NORTH   Ivinghoe Mary COLLINS    
23/03/1783 Richard READ     Frances FENN    
13/10/1783 John COX     Hannah FENNER    
25/12/1783 William MEALING     Ann HALL    
18/07/1784 Henry FOSSET   Marsworth Ann CHAPMAN    
05/10/1784 Joseph SHEPHERD   Ivinghoe Ann TOMPKINS    
01/09/1785 John BOVINGTON     Sarah BATEMAN    
12/12/1785 William FRENCH     Elizabeth POPE    
04/12/1786 John PITCHFORD     Elizabeth LUDGATE   Marsworth
05/05/1787 Francis PEPPET     Mary SYMONDS    
26/05/1787 Thomas PICTON     Sarah TIMBERLAKE    
01/11/1787 Edward HARRIS     Mary ELLIOT    
05/02/1788 Michael SAMMS     Elizabeth EDWARDS    
01/04/1788 John ROGERS   Mentmore Mary ASHBY    
30/11/1789 Richard MOORES     Mary FLETCHER    
06/05/1790 Joseph ELLOT     Elizabeth SMITH    
15/10/1792 James TREACHER     Sarah JEFFS    
05/11/1792 Stephen KEMPSTER     Mary CLEAVER    
05/11/1792 Thomas STRATFORD     Frances BURNHAM    
03/12/1792 Francis PEPPET     Sarah WILMOT    
01/04/1793 George COKER     Sarah SYMONDS    
29/05/1793 William LONDON   Ivinghoe Harriet TOMPKINS    
01/11/1793 Thomas IMPEY   Cheddington Ann SEABROOK    
15/10/1794 Daniel ROW     Hannah SEABROOK    
06/12/1794 John WELSH     Lydia BACHELOR    
30/06/1795 John TOMPKINS     Mary LONDON   Aldbury, Hertfordshire
29/10/1795 Thomas BRYER   Ivinghoe Sarah ELLIOTT   Aldbury, Hertfordshire
02/09/1796 Scholastwa DCOLLYER     Jane DEELEY   Ivinghoe
14/11/1796 Joseph COLLYER     Elizabeth ARCHER   Ivinghoe
26/12/1796 William GURNEY     Mary DALLAMERE    
17/04/1797 William PRATT   Ivinghoe Elizabeth HOWES    
21/10/1797 Joseph CHENNELLS     Phillis ROGERS    
23/10/1797 Thomas STRATFORD     Susannah SMITH    
23/10/1797 Joseph MESSENGER     Phoebe JENKINS    
23/10/1797 John FENN     Susannah COLLYER    
12/11/1797 Gabriel COLLYER     Elizabeth PARSON    
19/02/1798 John ASHBY     Mary GURNEY   Tring, Hertfordshire
08/09/1798 John BAVIN   Ivinghoe Bridget ASHBY    
18/09/1798 Edward BURNHAM     Susannah HERBERT    
21/03/1799 Thomas JELLES     Sarah COLLYER    
25/03/1799 James PACKSON     Hannah PARTRIDGE    
12/05/1799 John COOK     Ann BROWN    
28/10/1799 George SMITH     Ann BURCH    
15/11/1799 James SHORT   Ivinghoe Mary TOMPKINS    
21/11/1799 Edward GALES     Mary JELLES    
31/12/1799 William ROGERS   Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire Eleanor ASHBY    
12/08/1800 Edward ATKISS   Cheddington Jane BIGNAL    
09/10/1800 William COLLINS   Ivinghoe Mary DUNCOMBE    
12/12/1800 Jonas SYMONDS     Elizabeth GRACE    
21/09/1801 Thomas STEVENS     Lucy PIMMS    
20/10/1801 Henry EUSTACE     Sarah ASHBY    
22/06/1803 William TOMPKINS     Jane HEDGES    
13/10/1803 John LAVENDER     Hannah PIMMS    
17/10/1803 Thomas CHENNELS     Ann BUTTERFIELD    
21/12/1803 William PARADINE   Monks Risborough Mary FENN    
20/05/1804 William HIGGS     Esther SAMMS    
28/07/1804 Joseph PARSON     Mary SYMONDS    
20/05/1805 Moses BLINCO     Maria JONES   Chalfont St Peter
31/10/1805 Francis CORKETT   Cheddington Martha HEDGES    
25/04/1806 John ARCHER     Elizabeth MOUNTAGUE   Tring, Hertfordshire
24/05/1807 Thomas COLLYER     Jane JELLIS    
20/07/1807 John SIMMONS     Ann HUTTON    
29/08/1807 Thomas DOLLIMORE     Sarah CLARKE    
05/10/1807 John BUCKMASTER   Ivinghoe Sarah COLLINS    
07/10/1807 William CHANTRILL   Cheddington Elizabeth SEABROOK    
18/10/1808 George HONOUR     Harriott ASHBY    
26/12/1808 Stephen PAIN     Jane NORWOOD    
10/05/1809 George BARWICK     Mary DAVIES    
11/10/1809 William BEDFORD     Elizabeth DOULTON    
28/10/1809 Jesse SIMMONDS     Mary OSBORNE    
07/11/1809 John FOSTER   Tring, Hertfordshire Charlotte STEVENS    
26/09/1810 Percival HORN     Rebecca ARCHER    
15/10/1810 Thomas FOSTER     Martha HUTTON    
16/02/1811 Benjamin FLEET     Jane BEARD    
03/06/1811 James HUTTON     Elizabeth NARROWAY    
12/08/1811 William CLEAVER     Elizabeth KEMPSTER    
12/10/1811 William COX     Sarah EALING   Ivinghoe
17/10/1811 Daniel TOMPKINS     Mary PITCHFORD    
14/01/1812 William STEVENS     Christian HUTTON    
21/01/1812 Joseph STEVENS   Cheddington Elizabeth BUTTERFIELD    
10/02/1812 Thomas ARCHER     Fanny NARROWAY    
29/03/1812 William HARRIS     Susanna COLLINS    
2 00/00/1813 John STEVENS     Mary TREACHER    
3 18/10/1813 Joseph MESSENGER     Elizabeth JENKINS    
4 23/10/1813 William WINDMILL     Hannah COX    
5 16/05/1814 Joseph DOWNS   Slapton Mary HUMPHREY    
6 13/10/1814 James TURNEY   Ivinghoe Hannah MONK    
7 05/01/1815 Bernard JONES   Ivinghoe Hannah STEVENS    
8 08/01/1815 Stephen KEMPSTER     Elizabeth MOLLARD    
9 30/01/1815 John COOK     Lydia TOMLIN    
10 15/05/1815 Stephen JELLIS     Mary HAWKINS    
11 28/08/1815 William WOODHOUSE     Fanny DEAN    
12 09/10/1815 Thomas COX     Dorothy ROLFE    
13 09/10/1815 William COOPER     Sarah COOK    
14 23/11/1815 John CHOWNS   Ivinghoe Catherine JELLIS    
15 30/12/1815 John SHORT   Ivinghoe Mary EDWARDS    
16 06/02/1816 Thomas TREACHER     Ann CLARK    
17 03/05/1816 Thomas HALSEY     Ann NEWELL    
18 12/10/1816 William CARTER     Ann REYNOLDS    
19 24/10/1816 James COLLINS     Harriet COLLYER    
20 29/12/1816 Henry WELLS     Sarah HAWKINS    
21 11/02/1817 John BROOKS   Ivinghoe Mary PHILBY    
22 27/03/1817 Verey WOODMAN   Ivinghoe Elizabeth TREACHER    
23 26/05/1817 Job BRACEY     Martha Ann BUTTERFIELD    
24 02/08/1817 William WINDMILL     Ann ELLIOT    
25 04/04/1818 James OSBORN     Phoebe PRICE   Ivinghoe
26 11/05/1818 Jeremiah PITCHFORD   Wing Mary BEARD    
27 30/07/1818 William BILBY     Rebecca HUGHES    
28 20/08/1818 Joseph STRATTON     Mary COLLINS    
29 20/09/1818 Thomas COOK     Rebecca HALSEY    
30 26/10/1818 Joseph BAVIN     Elizabeth PAYNE    
31 22/08/1819 John SMITH     Elizabeth STEVENS   Ivinghoe
32 20/12/1819 John BLACKNELL     Sarah GURNEY    
33 15/02/1820 John BLYTHE   Ivinghoe Frances TOMPKINS    
34 24/04/1820 Stephen SIMONDS     Elizabeth KEMPSTER    
35 29/01/1821 Jabez CROSS Single Buckingham Elizabeth HAWKINS Single  
36 11/06/1821 Thomas FENN Single   Lucy GREEN Single  
37 05/11/1821 William COX Widower   Mary STRATFORD Single  
38 21/10/1822 John PAYNE Single   Fanny HEELIN Single  
39 14/12/1822 William MESSENGER Single   Phoebe COX Single  
40 15/04/1823 William JELLIS     Ann SEAR    
41 15/04/1823 John COLLYER     Elizabeth JELLIS    
42 16/04/1823 John PHILBEY     Rachael SHORT    
43 26/05/1823 James DEELY   Aylesbury Mary MACKS Single  
44 25/08/1823 William SHORT Single Ivinghoe Charlotte GURNEY Single  
45 01/11/1823 William CORKETT Single   Elizabeth ELLIOTT Single  
46 04/11/1823 William MOSSMON Single   Caroline CATO    
47 14/01/1824 Henry LIGHTFOOT     Harriet HEALEY    
48 16/02/1824 William STEVENS Widower   Ann WRIGHT Widow  
49 03/08/1824 George GROOM   St Marylebone, Middlesex Mary HAWKINS    
50 18/10/1824 James CLARK     Phoebe JELLIS    
51 24/12/1824 John NEWELL Single   Susannah YERBEY Single  
52 07/09/1825 John WALKER     Susannah ROWSE    
53 17/10/1825 John FENN     Sarah KEEN    
54 18/10/1825 Robert RANCE Single   Rebecca WAREING    
55 30/04/1826 Joseph MOUNTIGUE     Charlotte BOARDER    
56 17/10/1826 Joseph SMITH     Sarah BATES    
57 08/11/1826 Thomas PEARCE     Ann FIDO    
58 21/11/1826 James STRATFORD     Susanna Eliza JENKINS    
59 26/02/1827 Moses WILLIAMSON     Sarah TOMPKINS    
60 23/05/1827 William STRATFORD     Elizabeth PIPKIN    
61 10/06/1827 Joseph WELLS     Mary CLARK    
62 01/07/1827 Matthew MARKS     Elizabeth STRATFORD    
63 29/07/1827 Joseph CORKET     Rachael COLLIER    
70 23/07/1828 William HOWLET Widower   Mary STRATTON Widow  
71 18/09/1828 William PARRADINE     Elizabeth Harriet WATLEY    
72 05/10/1828 Joseph Rolfe SEABROOK     Elizabeth HEWS    
72 05/10/1828 Joseph Seabrook ROLFE     Elizabeth HEWS    
73 19/11/1828 Charles ROGERS   Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire Sarah HAWKINS    
74 03/02/1829 Benjamin SLAUGHTER   Aylesbury Martha BOARDER    
75 02/03/1829 Joseph COLLYER     Elizabeth PHILBEY    
76 21/03/1829 Henry NEWELL     Deborah MOORCRAFT    
77 03/06/1829 William JELEY Single Wing Hannah HAWKINS    
78 12/01/1830 James YOUNG Single   Mary ANSTEE Single  
79 06/06/1830 Joseph ELLIS Single   Susannah LAVENDER Single  
80 17/06/1830 Benjamin ANSTEE Widower   Jane GLENISTER Widow  
81 19/09/1830 William YOUNG     Louisa PITKIN    
82 06/04/1831 Joseph PAYNE     Eve HAWKINS    
83 26/12/1831 Thomas EDWARDS Single   Eliza COOK Widow  
84 17/01/1832 William KEMPSTER Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
85 27/08/1832 Joseph KEMPSTER Single   Sarah WELLS Single  
86 03/02/1833 Joseph DELL Single   Eliza BAKER Single  
87 01/03/1833 Richard LINES     Ann TREACHER    
88 20/09/1833 Henry PEPPIAT     Caroline MONDAY   Mentmore
89 06/01/1834 William EGLINTON     Ann ANSTEE    
90 28/01/1834 John CARTER Single St Andrew, Hertford, Hertfordshire Emily NEWMAN    
91 03/03/1834 Joseph CARTER     Charlotte JELLIS    
92 17/08/1834 John BLACKNELL Widower   Rebecca HITCHCOCK    
93 15/09/1834 Thomas POULTON Single   Rachel GURNEY Single  
94 17/10/1834 John COLLINS     Phoebe TOMPKINS    
95 20/10/1834 Humphrey WILLIAMSON     Hannah SIMMONS   Ivinghoe
96 09/11/1834 David GINGER   Ivinghoe Dinah HEWS    
97 19/11/1834 Samuel Hare SMITH Single Hatfield, Hertfordshire Mary Ann NEWMAN Single  
98 28/01/1835 Stephen JELLIS     Mary MOORES    
99 28/01/1835 William MOORES     Mary SAUNDERS    
100 04/02/1835 John TOMPKINS     Mary KINGSLEY   Tring, Hertfordshire
101 02/03/1835 Joseph NIBB     Jane PARADINE    
102 25/12/1835 Thomas POTTON     Catherine IVORY    
103 16/01/1836 William SHEPHARD     Harriet WATERTON    
104 25/01/1836 Alfred HART     Rebecca COLLYER    
105 13/07/1836 Thomas COLLYER     Dinah PHILBY    
106 18/09/1836 William STEVENS Widower   Sarah CORKET Widow Mentmore

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