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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Shenley St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Shenley lies in northern Buckinghamshire quite close to its border with neighbouring Northamptonshire. Shenley, whilst formerly a distinct separate village is now incorporated into Milton Keynes New Town and totally swamped by modern housing. Shenley village lay about 3 miles southeast of the former large village of Stony Stratford but is now part of western greater Milton Keynes. Prior to the development of the new town Shenley would have been largely an agricultural settlement engaged principally in arable crops. The village would have consisted of two distinct portions Brook End and Church End and it would have sat just west of the line of the A5 (London to the Midlands) road, the former Roman Road of Watling Street. Much of the drainage has been man-affected, either by the building of the new town or prior Victorian canalisation but a small tributary of the Great Ouse wound its way through the eastern portion of the parish before heading for The Wash. Shenley is sited at around 90 metres above the sea. Shenley parish was of a fairly typical size for a parish in North Buckinghamshire it would have covered around 2,500 acres and supported just under 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Brook End and Church End were sufficiently large to be separately recorded, Church End was held by one Earl Hugh of Chester and 13 ploughs as well as meadows and woodland, Brook End was shared between one Richard the artificer & Urso of Bercheres, it held just 4 ploughs, meadow & woodland.

The Church

St Mary's church is almost lost within the urban sprawl of Milton Keynes, it sits at the end of Dudley Hill, a small close of modern housing. The church is a very early foundation as revealed by its Norman influenced cruciform layout. Of the original building phase not much survives, the chancel (12th century) being especially praised by Pevsner is the church's highlight. Other portions also date from the 12th namely the southern arcade whereas its northern equivalent is 14th century and much else is fairly standard Perpendicular and marks a significant rebuild. St Mary's has a large parking area at the western end of Dudley Hill and a tarred path heads off to the building which is screened by a modern and not fully grown strip of trees. Once inside the graveyard, through a pair of wrought-iron gates, there are few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th October 1754 - 1st April 1780 Centre for Buckinhsmahire Studies - Reference PR184/1/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 9th April 1781 - 23rd November 1812 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference PR184/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 21st June 1813 - 7th February 1837 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference PR184/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Bletchley St Mary
Bletchley St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 14/10/1754 William KING     Elizabeth LINNY    
2 08/12/1755 Richard JEFFREYS   Bow Brickhill Elizabeth HAWES    
3 15/02/1756 John PARSONS     Elizabeth PERRY    
4 16/04/1756 William HINSON     Sarah TILLY    
5 07/07/1756 John RUTLAND     Elizabeth BUCKMASTER Single  
15/08/1756 William NASH   Bradwell Hannah FOULKES    
07/10/1756 Henry DEWS     Ann HICKS    
11/10/1756 William CLARKE     Elizabeth CLARKE    
22/08/1757 Daniel GRACE     Elizabeth LUCK Single  
29/08/1757 William HANCOCK     Elizabeth BLISS Single  
03/12/1757 John PARROTT   Fenny Stratford Elizabeth GARNER    
16/01/1758 William COLLINS   Little Horwood Mary HICKS    
06/03/1758 William COX     Elizabeth COOK    
15/05/1758 Thomas GREEN   Milton Keynes Mary GRACE    
14/07/1759 Thomas NEWELL   Loughton Diana PAIN    
05/11/1759 James RAY   Simpson Ann CONNAWAY    
31/12/1759 Lucas COOK     Elizabeth CHANDLER    
18/02/1760 Thomas DICKINS   Mursley Mary CHAMBERLAYNE    
11/08/1760 Robert CURTISS     Elizabeth BARRACLAUGH    
08/12/1760 John SPOONER     Elizabeth PRENTISS    
13/01/1761 John JENKYNS     Sarah LEA    
02/02/1761 Richard BRANN     Martha CHAPELL    
13/04/1761 Daniel COX     Mary MONCKS    
30/08/1761 William WARNER   Winslow Elizabeth CRAFT    
08/09/1761 Thomas DAY   Winslow Elizabeth JENKYNS    
30/10/1761 John GOODMAN     Elizabeth EMERTON    
16/11/1761 John LEA     Sarah ROBBINS    
27/04/1762 Thomas COOK     Alice SOUSTER    
03/08/1762 Henry FORSEY     Elizabeth REEVE   Whaddon
12/10/1762 Francis CLARKE     Ann TAYLOR    
12/10/1762 George FROST     Judith KNIGHT    
19/07/1763 Thomas HOBBS     Mary WILLIAMS    
31/07/1763 Thomas LOVELL   Wavendon Ann LEA    
27/08/1763 George JOANS   Whaddon Sarah FROST    
07/11/1763 Samuel TOVLEY   Bradwell Mary CRAFT    
05/01/1764 John FROST     Hannah LUDGATE    
26/04/1764 Samuel SHEFFIELD     Mary MEAKYNS    
05/10/1764 Jeremiah CHAPMAN     Mary HADDEN    
11/10/1764 James BAKER     Sarah LEA    
30/10/1764 James HOWES   Greens Norton, Northamptonshire Mary FROST    
08/11/1764 Edward COX     Mary BAIZLY   Bletchley
14/11/1764 Thomas EMERSON     Ann SIBTHORPE Single  
26/12/1764 Samuel TYLER     Sarah HICKS    
19/02/1765 James ROBERTS     Elizabeth BALDWIN    
15/06/1765 William NORMAN     Ann CHAMBERLAYNE    
02/09/1765 James KENT     Catherine HICKS Single  
17/09/1765 Edward LEA     Ann BRIANT Single  
26/12/1765 William REYNOLDS Single   Sarah CHAMBERLAIN    
05/05/1766 George CHAMBERLINE   Haversham Agnes JONES    
15/10/1766 Thomas POLLARD   Whaddon Elizabeth RICE    
10/11/1766 Joseph COX     Rebecca LENNY    
02/03/1767 Thomas CORNER   Woughton On The Green Ann PARKER    
20/04/1767 Matthew PENTER     Johanna REYNELLS    
31/05/1767 Abraham COOK     Sarah JENKYNS    
08/06/1767 William KENNY   Wolverton Sarah GOODMAN    
23/08/1767 Richard NEWELL     Ann KING    
10/10/1767 James WOODWARD   Elstow, Bedfordshire Mary SMITH    
11/10/1767 James HEDGES     Mary CLARKE    
12/10/1767 Thomas NORRIS   Haversham Elizabeth WATSON    
19/10/1767 William NORMAN     Elizabeth SALISBURY    
06/01/1768 Thomas PARKER     Pheby SPARKS    
25/09/1769 John BAZELEY   Swanbourne Mary COX    
18/01/1770 Henry TATTUM   North Marston Sarah JARVIS    
27/02/1770 Richard CLARKE     Diana NEWELL    
22/06/1770 Richard COWLEY     Ann CHAPEL    
04/08/1770 Thomas TATNALL   Whaddon Elizabeth UMNEY    
10/09/1770 Thomas SANDERS     Mary ROYSTON    
08/10/1770 John UNDERWOOD   Bletchley Martha WARR    
21/01/1771 George WARR   Loughton Alice RAINBOW    
23/05/1771 David PARROTT     Ann BLINCO    
21/10/1771 John SPOONER     Mary HILL    
17/01/1772 Samuel KING     Elizabeth NEWBERRY    
22/06/1772 William COWLEY   Simpson Deborah CHAPPELL    
14/02/1773 Joseph COX     Margaret ROBERTS    
00/07/1773 Benjamin KIBBLE   Loughton Ann BRIGHT    
18/10/1773 William ROGERS   Wolverton Elizabeth REYNELLS    
19/12/1773 William TUCKER   Calverton Elizabeth TRAVEL    
10/01/1774 John KEMP   Swanbourne Mary EMERSON    
14/08/1774 Joseph COLSON     Ann ALDERMAN    
24/10/1774 Francis HARRISON     Phoebe COOK    
18/04/1776 Matthias CAVES     Elizabeth CLARKE    
25/04/1776 John RUTLAND     Mary HARTWELL    
20/10/1776 Thomas SLEMAKER   Adstock Ann INNS    
25/10/1776 Henry GEE   Lathbury Catherine WILSON    
12/02/1777 William HAMP   Whitchurch Elizabeth BALDWIN   Bradwell
21/04/1777 John SMITH     Mary BAYMAN    
31/05/1777 James GOODMAN   Olney Mary EASTAFF    
07/10/1777 Thomas HUNT     Elizabeth DUKE    
18/10/1777 Thomas KING     Jane SANDERS    
12/06/1778 John BILLINGTON     Justin EMERSON    
15/11/1778 John TIMS   Woughton On The Green Ann UMNEY    
15/07/1779 Edward DAY     Sarah MORRIS    
22/07/1779 Richard WEBB   Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire Susanna TAYLOR    
05/09/1779 James FRENCH   Stony Stratford Ann CROW    
01/04/1780 John WEBB   Towcester, Northamptonshire Ann YATES    
1 09/04/1781 Thomas WALKMAN   Cold Brayfield Alice HOLLICK    
2 03/05/1781 Richard VICKERS   Little Horwood Sarah WARR    
3 04/06/1781 John GIBBS   Little Horwood Elizabeth HUNT    
4 09/07/1781 John PARROTT   Bletchley Grace JAMES    
5 02/09/1781 William GARRATT     Sarah KING    
6 16/10/1781 William SHARPE     Mary JONES    
7 07/02/1782 William GILES     Ann MASTERS    
8 14/10/1782 John GILPIN     Keziah BROWN    
9 18/02/1783 Edward HUTCHINS   Stony Stratford Susanna CLARKE    
10 20/07/1783 John SPENCER   Stony Stratford Mary RUTLAND    
11 27/07/1783 Samuel HERBERT     Ann COX    
12 08/09/1783 John MAYHO     Mary SLATTER    
13 17/10/1783 William JONES     Joanna EMERSON    
14 18/10/1783 Benjamin TIMS     Elizabeth PAIN    
15 24/11/1783 Thomas COX     Elizabeth CURTISS    
16 02/02/1784 William LUCK     Elizabeth TUCKER    
17 19/05/1784 Daniel GRACE     Elizabeth HOLDOM   Bletchley
18 15/08/1784 Thomas PARKER     Ann SMITH    
19 30/09/1784 Thomas ROW     Sarah TUCKER    
20 21/11/1784 Thomas TEAGLE     Mary REYNELLS    
21 02/12/1784 Edward TAYLOR   Soulbury Martha JAMES    
16/05/1785 John COX     Elizabeth WARD    
30/05/1785 Thomas HUNT     Martha REYNOLDS    
27/06/1785 Francis COX     Hannah MATTHEWS    
20/09/1785 William STEWARD     Sophia NEWELL    
25/09/1785 Thomas NEWITT     Sarah SWIFT    
06/10/1785 William WHITMEY     Mary HARRIS    
13/10/1785 John MARTIN     Frances COX    
31/12/1785 Edward COX     Mary PAYNE    
06/02/1786 John HOGS   Brington, Northamptonshire Mary GARLICK    
25/04/1786 Thomas UMNEY     Sarah HARVIS   Loughton
21/06/1786 James WING     Mary TAYLOR   Whaddon
01/07/1786 Francis BOLER     Jane CORE    
30/07/1786 Henry FRIAR   Newton Longville Sarah UMNEY    
26/09/1786 Joseph Key BAILY     Celia BURNHAM   Winslow
30/10/1786 William LAD   Whaddon Mary DODSON    
21/12/1786 William FORSEY     Elizabeth WATTS   Bradwell
02/02/1787 James GRAY   Salford, Bedfordshire Martha NORMAN    
17/07/1788 Foulks HARRIS     Mary ASHBY    
13/10/1788 Joseph WRIGHT     Mary HERBERT    
15/10/1788 William GILES     Anne HALL    
20/10/1788 Ambrose BAVIN     Mary HUDSON    
02/04/1789 James MILLER     Ann NICHOLS   Paddington, Middlesex
29/04/1789 Thomas TYRRIL     Elizabeth JONES    
12/10/1789 Thomas GILBERT     Elizabeth PIPKIN    
12/10/1789 Nathanael MILLER     Ann HOPE    
14/10/1789 Daniel GRACE Widower   Elizabeth PULFORD Single  
20/11/1789 John ASKEW Widower Calverton Mary KING Single  
07/01/1790 Edward FORCE     Mary NEWEL    
05/04/1790 Edward PITKIN     Susanna CLARKE    
23/05/1790 Joseph RAWLINS     Ann SALISBURY    
23/07/1790 James BATTAMS   Cranfield, Bedfordshire Frances COOK    
11/10/1790 John WILLET     Sarah TURVEY    
13/06/1791 John MEACHAM   Mursley Ann ROBERTS    
22/02/1792 Thomas EDMONDS     Elizabeth SHAW    
28/05/1792 John SREVE   Calverton Sarah COX    
04/06/1792 James SWEENY   Redbourn, Hertfordshire Anne WYATT    
20/09/1792 Hugh ASHBY     Mary HEARS    
11/10/1792 Thomas COOK     Sarah HEDGES    
26/02/1793 Thomas BANDY   Adstock Elizabeth LIDDY    
30/04/1793 John GRAVES   Whaddon Mary WITMEY    
24/06/1793 William FLETCHER   Calverton Mary KEYS    
02/09/1793 William LEE     Elizabeth SMITH    
17/02/1794 Isaac WHITMEY     Ann EMERSON    
18/10/1795 Benjamin GREEN   Loughton Ann SPOONER    
26/06/1796 William CLARKE     Anne BING    
28/08/1796 Richard WILLAT     Susan TURVEY    
11/10/1796 William WALDUCK   Bletchley Phoeby HARRISON    
09/02/1797 Charles WHITEHALL   Cranfield, Bedfordshire Elizabeth HUDDS    
07/05/1797 Thomas MANSVILE   Barton Hartshorn Mary EMERSON    
09/07/1797 Thomas WALKER     Sarah LEWIS    
23/07/1798 William JOLLEY   Whaddon Mary STONNELL    
27/08/1798 Robert COLTON   Castlethorpe Ann NEVILL    
18/10/1798 James WALKER   Loughton Dorothy GREGORY    
05/11/1798 William FRANKLIN     Rachel SHORT    
13/12/1798 William REYNOLDS     Mary PIPKIN    
24/12/1798 Richard CLARKE     Elizabeth LESTER    
21/02/1799 William BAISLEY     Martha SHORT    
26/05/1799 William ALLEN     Sarah COLES    
02/08/1799 Thomas FOWLER   Loughton Mary CAVES    
10/10/1799 Anthony CROSS   Passenham, Northamptonshire Ann BENNETT    
10/10/1799 Thomas FENNAL     Priscilla BETTS    
15/07/1801 Thomas CHECKLEY   Hertfordshire Anne CLARKE    
16/10/1801 Joseph WHITE     Elizabeth LUCK    
16/10/1801 John WOOLID     Mary SHEPHERD    
19/10/1801 William HOOTON     Sarah MAJOR    
14/10/1802 Thomas MARRIOT   Chicheley Mary LUCK    
13/12/1802 Samuel AMYS     Ann HOLMES    
11/04/1803 William MAJOR     Susanna PANTHER    
29/08/1803 Benjamin HARRIS     Elizabeth HOOTON    
13/10/1803 John SMITH     Ann PAIN    
01/12/1803 George JARVIS   Loughton Susanna EMMERSON    
24/05/1804 William EMERTON   Stony Stratford Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
15/10/1804 Benjamin SHOWLER     Ann LIVELY    
26/11/1805 Thomas BONHAM     Elizabeth BISHOP    
07/04/1806 Jacob SPIERS     Ann GOODWIN    
10/04/1806 John COX     Ann PERRY    
04/08/1806 Thomas TEAGLE   Loughton Frances WHITE    
13/10/1806 Thomas MARSHALL     Mary SIMONS    
14/10/1806 John JENKYNS     Mary SPIRES    
29/12/1806 George CAVES     Ann GARRETT    
19/02/1807 William LEY   Bradwell Mary COOK    
31/03/1807 William PATRICK     Mary HARRIOT   Wolverton
12/11/1807 Newland FOUNTAINE   Stoke Hammond Elizabeth SIPTHORP    
22/09/1808 William WAITE   Wendlebury, Oxfordshire Elizabeth PITTAM    
18/10/1808 Thomas HUNT     Jane COOK    
10/04/1809 Thomas MARRIOT     Mary COWLEY    
24/04/1809 Benjamin ANSTY     Mary FORCE    
12/10/1809 Thomas SHEPHERD     Elizabeth PALMER    
12/11/1809 William GEARY     Mercy KING    
25/12/1809 Edward OSBORN   Weedon Bec, Northamptonshire Maria HITCHCOCK    
25/02/1810 Josiah COOPER     Martha JENKYNS    
09/04/1810 Daniel EMERSON     Rebecca SHOWLER    
26/06/1810 John ROADWAY     Mary MARTIN    
19/07/1810 James COX     Martha TOMBS    
14/10/1810 William EMERSON     Mary GUNN    
15/10/1810 William LAWRANCE     Deborah LUCK    
25/10/1810 John DOUGLAS     Rosetta DOWDING    
26/05/1811 James RAND     Ann COX    
13/06/1811 Joseph PARKER     Jane KING    
20/08/1811 William HAWLEY     Susanna SIPTHORP    
16/10/1811 Christopher MAWBY   Loughton Ann ALLEN    
20/10/1811 James BYWAY     Ann FLOWERS   Bow Brickhill
27/10/1811 John PERRY     Alice TAYLOR    
23/01/1812 William SHOWLER     Elizabeth KING    
11/02/1812 Thomas DAWKS   Haversham Susanna BISHOP    
20/03/1812 Thomas HUNT     Mary TAYLOR    
07/04/1812 William BLUNT   Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire Elizabeth SWIFT    
01/06/1812 Jonathan BENNET     Elizabeth SHARP    
12/10/1812 John PHILPOTT     Sarah JENKYNS    
18/10/1812 Thomas PERRY     Sarah MUDDEMAN    
09/11/1812 William SATCHEL   Whaddon Sarah LESTER    
23/11/1812 Jacob SPIRES     Agnes ETTICE    
1 21/06/1813 John VICCARS   Addington Ann WHITMEY    
2 15/07/1813 James REYNOLDS     Sarah TEAGLE    
3 13/10/1813 James TURREL     Elizabeth WILLET    
4 30/01/1815 William GASCOINE     Charlotte GRACE    
5 01/06/1815 Daniel COX     Ann GRACE    
6 15/12/1815 Richard DANIEL   Aylesbury Frances SEAR    
7 23/01/1816 William NEAL   Buckingham Elizabeth EMERSON    
8 15/04/1816 John BANDY     Mary PAINE    
9 01/07/1816 John MAPELY   Beachampton Mary PARKER    
10 14/10/1816 Thomas SEAR     Sarah MEACHAM    
11 04/11/1816 Thomas LONDON     Mary HUNT    
12 01/09/1817 Thomas CAPEL   Whaddon Martha MEACHAM    
13 01/09/1817 George HITCHCOCK     Martha QUAINT    
14 04/11/1817 William JENNINGS     Mary Ann WHITEHALL    
16 12/01/1818 William UNDERWOOD   Whaddon Sarah KING    
17 09/04/1818 James TAYLOR     Mary CURTIS    
18 11/05/1818 Major HEWIT   Great Brickhill Hannah KEA    
19 03/09/1818 William PEARCE   Newton Longville Mary PATRICK    
20 13/10/1818 William FORSEY     Ann TOMBS    
21 15/10/1818 Henry FAULKNER     Ann SOMERTON    
22 17/06/1819 Joseph DOUGLAS     Elizabeth DOWDING    
23 04/10/1819 Robert BULL     Ann RIDGEWAY    
24 13/10/1819 Thomas PAGE   Bletchley Elizabeth LINE    
25 21/10/1819 Joseph KIMBLE   Hoggeston Ann HOLTON    
26 03/04/1820 Thurstin WILKINSON   Loughton Esther SHOULER    
27 02/11/1820 James TYREL   Newton Purcell, Oxfordshire Elizabeth CABIN    
28 13/11/1820 William FRANKLIN     Ann ANSTEY    
29 27/11/1820 George UNDERWOOD   Whaddon Elizabeth CLARKE    
30 08/01/1821 John MORRIS   Hulcott Charlotte SIPTHORP    
31 05/03/1821 William KING Single   Martha TAYLOR Widow Whaddon
32 10/06/1821 Thomas KING     Elizabeth BYWAY    
33 11/06/1821 James REYNOLDS     Hannah COOK    
34 01/08/1821 James STARR   Woburn, Bedfordshire Mary WHITE    
35 07/10/1821 John STAIN     Sarah ANSTY    
36 18/02/1822 Thomas FAULKENER   Whaddon Rebecca KING    
37 04/03/1822 William DOUGLAS     Susanna PALMER    
38 12/05/1822 William SWIFT   Great Woolstone Charlotte SUTTON    
39 14/10/1822 John MORRIS Single   Mary WATTS   Wolverton
40 18/11/1822 William FROST Single Thornton Rebecca EMMERSON Widow  
41 31/05/1823 Edmund JARVIS Widower Loughton Sarah SAUNDERS    
43 03/05/1824 William SHOULER     Mary Ann MEACHAM    
44 25/10/1824 Richard WILLETT     Hannah SMITH    
45 01/11/1824 William SECKINGTON     Sarah SPIRES    
46 28/12/1824 William SWIFT Widower   Sarah GEORGE    
47 02/02/1826 John EMERSON Single   Maria TARRY Single  
48 18/05/1826 John RUTLAND Single   Ann LOVESAY Single  
49 06/07/1826 William JENKYNS     Jane KING   Whaddon
50 11/07/1826 Robert WALTON     Sarah HAINS    
51 13/10/1826 William LINE     Sophia WELLS    
52 02/11/1826 Thomas KING     Mary SHOULER    
53 12/08/1827 Joseph JENKINS Single   Mary FOXLEY Single  
54 01/09/1828 Thomas KILPIN Widower   Sarah MATTHEWS Single  
55 01/09/1828 James RIDGEWAY Single   Ann DANIEL Single  
56 22/02/1829 Amos GREGORY Single Loughton Catharine WILLET Single  
57 21/04/1829 Charles George PERCIVAL Single Calverton Mary KNAPP Single  
58 03/09/1829 Joseph DANIEL Single   Sarah TIMBS Single  
59 11/03/1830 William BARRATT   Castlethorpe Hannah SHAW    
60 31/05/1830 Samuel NICHOLLS     Mary HAYNES    
61 25/11/1830 John PITTAM     Elizabeth WOOD    
62 25/04/1831 Joseph CRANEWELL   Thornborough Elizabeth WHERTY    
63 12/10/1831 William WILMER     Elizabeth HARRAWAY    
64 28/10/1831 John JENKINS Single   Matilda HANCOCK Single  
65 23/01/1832 William SMITH   City Of London Susanna HARRISON    
66 26/01/1832 George King THORNTON Widower Whaddon Elizabeth TURVEY Widow  
67 11/10/1832 Edward COX Widower   Sarah STAIRS Widow  
68 25/12/1832 Thomas FOXLEY Single Loughton Elizabeth GRIFFIN Single  
69 01/08/1833 Thomas MEACHAM Single   Mary Anne HOOTON Single  
70 30/09/1833 Richard SPIRES Widower   Jane JONES Widow Whaddon
71 29/04/1834 James NICHOLS Widower   Jane ANSTEE Widow Whaddon
72 22/05/1834 George TURVEY Single Mursley Eliza GRIFFIN Single  
73 03/06/1834 Thomas SHOULER Single   Sarah Ann BRINKLER Single  
74 30/06/1834 John KEYS Single   Rachel CLARKE Single  
75 15/07/1834 Samuel BONHAM Widower Whaddon Ann RIDGWAY Single  
76 01/09/1834 John BILLINGTON Single Loughton Martha SHOULER Single  
77 20/10/1834 John COOK Single   Martha BYWAY Single  
78 15/03/1835 James COX Single   Leah Matilda EVANS Single  
79 01/10/1835 Thomas STUTCHBURY Single Loughton Deborah WHITE Single  
80 15/11/1835 William TEAGLE Single   Susan TUMBS Single  
81 16/02/1836 George GENTRY Single Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex Charlotte GREAVES Single  
82 23/05/1836 Samuel BATES Single   Ann SHOULER Single  
83 26/05/1836 William WILLETT Single   Sarah EATON Single  
84 03/07/1836 George BULL Single   Ann ROADWAY Single  
85 18/07/1836 John NICHOLS Single Loughton Susanna LABRAM Single  
86 21/08/1836 James HARDING Single   Catharine TIMBS Single  
87 01/09/1836 Peter Terbias KEMPSON Single Kingswinford, Staffordshire Ann COLLINS Single  
88 12/10/1836 John REYNOLDS Single   Charlotte HUMPHRIES Single  
89 07/02/1837 Amos GREGORY Widower   Charlotte SMITH Single  

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