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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Botwnnog St Beuno


The Parish

The parish of Botwnnog lies in the southwest of Caernarvonshire at the southern end of the Lleyn Peninsula. Botwnnog is a compact village which lies about 8 miles southwest of the seaside resort of Pwllheli. Botwnnog sits on the B4413 road which connects Llanbedrog with Aberdaron. Botwnnog lies in a flat plain at the foot of Carn Fadryn and would have largely earned its living from pastoral farming on the river meadows. The Afon Soch river drains the parish running eastwards to meet the Irish Sea at Abersoch. Botwnnog is sited at around 20 metres above the sea although the village streets rise steeply towards the north and Carn Fadryn, about 3 miles to the north, tops out at 371 metres. Botwnnog held some reputation for its endowed grammar school which is probably the most notable feature of this relatively small village. Botwnnog parish, by the standards of the county, was tiny, it covered barely 500 acres yet supported a population of just under 200 parishioners. Like most of Wales Botwnnog is not mentioned in Domesday Book as this area was not covered in that survey.

The Church

St Beuno's church sits on the northernmost edge of the village on the eastern side of this rising lane and immediately beyond the school. The building dates from 1885 and it replaced one of 1835 which in turn replaced the mediaeval predecessor. The building is clearly of little architectural interest as Pevsner dismisses it in a handful of lines commenting only that the tower is "an awkward affair". The church is set back behind a wide parking and turning area and is tightly set against the western edge of its site, the entry being by a metal gate on the northern edge. There site is open and with few restrictions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 18th August 1754 - 9th November 1784 Gwynedd Archives - Caernarvon - Reference - XPE/59/12 Plain unruled book a continuation of the extant composite register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Whils tthe clerical writing was acceptable entries were scattered through and amongst baptisms and burials leading to a possibility of acceidental omission
2 18th November 1785 - 1st March 1792 Gwynedd Archives - Caernarvon - Reference - XPE/59/13 Plain unruled book a further composite register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Whils tthe clerical writing was acceptable entries were scattered through and amongst baptisms and burials leading to a possibility of acceidental omission
3 20th October 1792 - 5th July 1811 Gwynedd Archives - Caernarvon - Reference - XPE/59/14 Plain unruled book a further composite register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Whils tthe clerical writing was acceptable entries were scattered through and amongst baptisms and burials leading to a possibility of acceidental omission
4 14th January 1815 - 12th May 1837 Gwynedd Archives - Caernarvon - Reference - XPE/59/15 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Meyllteyrn St Peter ad Vincula
Llaniestyn St Iestyn
Llaniestyn St Iestyn
Meyllteyrn St Peter ad Vincula
Llaniestyn St Iestyn
Llangian St Cian
Llandygwnning St Gwyninin
Llandygwnning St Gwyninin
Llangian St Cian

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
18/08/1754 John PRICHARD Single   Catherine WILLIAMS Single  
05/11/1754 Griffith EVAN     Catherine JOHN Single  
11/11/1754 Peter DAVID     Anne WILLIAMS Single Meyllteyrn
22/04/1755 Richard GRIFFITH Widower Llangian Anne THOMAS Single  
26/04/1755 Hugh JONES     Janet HUGHES Single  
21/06/1755 Robert JONES   Bryncroes Ellin THOMAS Single  
19/06/1756 Robert WILLIAM Single Ynyscynhaiarn Ellin JONES Single  
19/08/1756 John PRICHARD Single   Catherine WILLIAM Widow  
18/12/1756 John THOMAS     Lowry JONES Single  
29/01/1757 Harry JONES Widower Llannor Gainor ROBERTS Widow Meyllteyrn
16/05/1760 William LLOYD Single Llangian Anne WILLIAMS Widow  
16/06/1761 Richard GRIFFITH     Ellin ROBERTS Widow  
18/12/1762 Robert WILLIAMS   Abererch Elizabeth JEFFREY Single  
17/09/1763 William EDWARDS   Aberdaron Mary EVANS Single  
12/12/1763 Joseph POTTER Widower Llanbeblig Lowry JONES Single  
20/06/1764 Richard OWEN Single   Margaret GRIFFITH Single Bryncroes
29/09/1766 Griffith OWEN   Llaniestyn Mary THOMAS Widow Meyllteyrn
13/06/1767 Hugh JONES Single   Margaret WILLIAMS Single  
24/05/1768 John ROBERTS Single   Catherine WILLIAMS Single Ceidio
26/12/1769 John THOMAS   Clynnog Fawr Jane ISAAC Single  
26/06/1770 Robert GRIFFITH     Jane JONES Single Meyllteyrn
03/11/1772 Griffith PARRY Single Meyllteyrn Ellin JONES Single  
14/11/1772 William THOMAS Single   Anne ROBERTS Single  
16/11/1773 David EDWARD Widower Aberdaron Margaret JEFFEREY Single  
23/11/1774 Robert GRIFFITH Single Llannor Margaret JONES Single  
04/03/1776 Robert JOHN Single   Elizabeth JONES Single Meyllteyrn
29/08/1776 William WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth ELLIS Single  
14/11/1776 William BEVAN Single Llaniestyn Jane THOMAS Single  
23/09/1777 Sylvanus EVANS Single Penllech Margaret JONES Single  
27/12/1777 Robert THOMAS Single Meyllteyrn Mary PARRY Single  
12/05/1778 Robert JONES Single Bryncroes Janet JONES Single  
14/05/1778 Griffith GRIFFITHS Single Meyllteyrn Ellin ELLIS Single  
13/11/1781 Hugh WILLIAMS Single   Ann HUGHES Single  
27/06/1782 Griffith JONES Single Bryncroes Elizabeth ELLIS Single  
14/02/1783 Richard HUGHES Single   Catherine GRIFFITH Widow  
18/04/1783 William JONES Widower Llaniestyn Mary THOMAS Single  
13/05/1783 Evan ROBERTS Single Llandygwnning Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
12/06/1784 John MORGANS Single   Catherine THOMAS Single  
09/11/1784 Evan ANDREW Single Ceidio Catherine WILLIAMS Single  
00/00/1785 James JONES     Margaret EVANS Single  
18/11/1785 Thomas ELLIS Single Bryncroes Catherine WILLIAMS Single  
21/05/1789 Simon GRIFFITH Single Llannor Lydney HUMPHREY Single  
22/05/1789 William WILLIAMS Single Bryncroes Margaret JEFFREYS Widow  
17/12/1791 David GRIFFITH     Elizabeth WILLIAMS   Bryncroes
30/12/1791 William ROBERTS Single   Catherine PARRY Single  
01/03/1792 John PRITCHARD Single   Anne WILLIAMS Single Penllech
20/10/1792 Griffith ROBERTS Single Llanfaelrhys Rachael WILLIAMS Single  
01/04/1793 William HUGHES Single   Margaret DAVID Single  
12/06/1793 Evan HUGHES Single Llaniestyn Catherine ROBERTS Single  
16/07/1793 Robert WILLIAMS Widower   Anne GRIFFITH Single  
25/11/1794 William WILLIAMS Single Llangian Lowry GRIFFITH Single  
29/11/1794 Hugh THOMAS Widower Meyllteyrn Mary THOMAS Widow  
12/03/1795 Evan JONES Widower Llangian Mary OWEN Single  
11/03/1796 Griffith WILLIAMS Single Llangian Jane WILLIAMS Single  
17/09/1796 Evan RICHARDS Single Llanengan Jonett ROBERTS Single  
01/12/1797 William EVANS Single Llandygwnning Catherine HUGHES Single  
16/02/1798 Rowland THOMAS Single Nevin Anne WILLIAMS Single  
15/11/1798 Humphrey JONES Single Meyllteyrn Catherine JONES Single  
02/12/1799 William JONES Widower Llanengan Jane HUMPHREYS Single  
31/10/1800 Richard GRIFFITHS Single Bryncroes Mary JONES Single  
17/05/1802 David ROBERTS   Llangian Mary WILLIAMS    
26/10/1803 Richard HUMPHREY Single   Sarah PRICHARD Single  
19/11/1803 Evan HUMPHREY Single   Margaret JONES Single  
11/04/1804 William WILLIAMS Widower   Margaret PRICHARD Single  
15/06/1804 David HUGHES Single Penllech Elinor ROBERT Single  
05/01/1805 William HUMPHREYS Single Llangian Cathrine JONES Single  
20/08/1805 John GRIFFITH Widower Llaniestyn Anne GRIFFITH Widow  
23/11/1805 Griffith PRICHARD Single Meyllteyrn Anne HUMPHREYS Single  
04/07/1806 Jeremiah PRICHARD Single   Jane WILLIAMS Single  
22/11/1806 Humphrey PRICHARD Single   Jane JONES Single  
10/01/1807 Hugh GRIFFITH Single Llangian Anne ROBERTS Single  
05/03/1807 William DAVIES Single Bryncroes Lowry ROBERT Single  
28/04/1807 John HUMPHREY Single Bryncroes Jane ROBERTS Single  
23/11/1807 Griffith GRIFFITHS Widower   Ellinor WILLIAMS Single  
05/12/1807 Charles WILLIAMS Single   Anne WILLIAMS Widow  
12/02/1808 Hugh WILLIAMS Single   Margaret PRICHARD Widow  
14/05/1808 John JOSEPH Single Tydweiliog Ruth JONES Single  
01/12/1809 John DAVIES Single   Elinor PRICHARD Single  
09/02/1810 Thomas JONES Single Llangian Jane GRIFFITH Single  
05/07/1811 Richard WILLIAMS Single Llandygwnning Anne WILLIAMS Widow  
1 14/01/1815 William JONES Single   Catherine JONES Single  
2 06/10/1815 Robert HUMPHREY Single Meyllteyrn Jane JONES Single  
3 15/04/1816 John WILLIAMS Single   Elenor ROBERTS Single  
4 10/05/1816 Griffith ROBERTS Single Bryncroes Catherine JONES Single  
5 21/09/1816 David JONES Single   Catherine DAVIES Single  
6 18/04/1817 Ellis ROBERTS Single   Jane JONES Single  
7 13/06/1817 Thomas WILLIAMS   Llaniestyn Rachel GRIFFITHS    
8 28/12/1818 Thomas HUGHES Single   Dorothy EDWARDS Single  
9 22/02/1819 Ellis DAVIES Single   Jane WILLIAMS Single  
10 18/05/1819 John PRICHARD Widower Llangian Magdalen WILLIAMS Widow  
11 15/11/1821 William JONES   Llangian Gwen MORRIS    
12 08/03/1822 Cadwalader JONES   Llanengan Rebecca ROBERTS    
13 14/06/1822 Daniel JONES Single Aberdaron Elizabeth MORRIS Single  
14 14/02/1823 Hugh JONES Single   Hannah MORRIS Single  
15 15/09/1824 William RICHARD   Aberdaron Anne RICHARD    
16 18/02/1825 Thomas OWEN   Meyllteyrn Anne GRIFFITH    
17 16/11/1825 William WILLIAMS   Bryncroes Margaret JONES    
18 24/03/1826 John WILLIAMS   Llangian Margaret JONES    
19 27/03/1826 Jeremiah JEREMIAH Single   Elin ROBERTS Single  
20 25/01/1828 Robert JONES   Tydweiliog Jane JONES    
21 01/02/1828 John ROBERTS     Marsay WILLIAMS    
22 25/09/1828 Henry PARRY Single Llanbedrgoch, Anglesey Anne WILLIAMS Single  
23 13/03/1829 Ebenezer DAVIES     Mary JONES   Bryncroes
24 14/04/1829 John JONES     Jane ROBERTS    
25 25/09/1829 Hugh WILLIAMS     Catherine PARRY    
26 16/06/1832 John GRIFFITH   Meyllteyrn Sarah JONES    
27 04/08/1832 Griffith EVAN     Catherine MORRIS    
28 28/12/1832 Robert HUMPHREYS   Aberdaron Gaenor THOMAS    
29 07/02/1833 Robert HUMPHREYS   Llandygwnning Mary ROBERTS    
30 29/01/1834 Evan WILLIAMS Single   Ellen WILLIAMS Single Meyllteyrn
31 06/06/1834 Richard GRIFFITH   Bryncroes Ellen JONES Single  
32 27/06/1834 William JONES Widower   Grace WILLIAMS Single  
33 14/11/1834 William JONES Single Meyllteyrn Jane JONES Single  
34 16/01/1835 Griffith ROBERTS   Llanfihangel Bachellaeth Mary JONES    
35 04/03/1837 Robert JONES Single Llandygwnning Mary JONES Single  
36 12/05/1837 William OWEN Single Llandwrog Eleanor JONES Single  

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