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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Penllech St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Penllech lies n the extreme southwest of Caernarvonshire forming part of the county's Irish Sea coast and sitting towards the southern end of the Lleyn Peninsula. Penllech is located about 10 miles west of the small port of Pwllheli and sits on the B4417 road which forms the coast road of the peninsula connecting Nevin with Aberdaron. There is very little to modern day Penllech, no defined village merely a scatter of farms and cottages across the area of the parish. Whilst Penllech would have primarily been a farming community, a mixed regime dominated by pastoral farming, the local herring fleet was very active and this supplemented local incomes. Today the area is a remote and beautiful one, the new Welsh Coastal Trail passing along the rear of the sands of Traeth Penllech. As a coastal community Penllech is drained by numerous fast flowing streams descending to the sea. Penllech is sited between sea level and 60 metres above it by the church, land rises steeply inland to reach 182 metres on Mynydd Cefnamwch, a landscape of rolling countryside spotted with isolated hills giving dominating views. Penllech parish was fairly typically sized for the lower areas of its county, it covered just under 2,200 acres and would have supported a population of around 250 parishioners. As with most of Wales Penllech is not mentioned in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St Mary's church sits amongst farm buildings a couple of hundred yards west of the B4417, the turning being roughly 2 miles south of Tudweiliog. Whilst there was undoubtedly a fairly ancient church here one, today's building is the result of a complete rebuild in 1840. The church is now cared for by the charity "The Friends of Friendless Churches" as the congregation declined to almost nothing. A single shell of undivided nave & chancel is topped by a western bellcote, the body having some early English Gothic style lancet windows. The approaching lane heads westwards then southwestwards before another sharp turn by a farmyard marks the start of the track to the church which can just be seen beyond the farm buildings. Polite parking can be made without blocking farming activities and the church is best reached from here on foot. The site is open and obstacle free for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 1754 - 1786 National Library of Wales Bishops Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads No registers survive prior to 1786, entries listed here were recovered from BTs with their usual deficiencies of quality and coverage
2 5th May 1786 - 19th December 1812 Gwynedd Archives - Caernarvon - Reference - XPE/50/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads This register has suffered considerable damage with pages torn and defaced and some at the start are missing, the entries are supplemented by entries retrieved from BTs but it is still likely that misread and omission will be present
3 20th May 1813 - 16th June 1837 Gwynedd Archives - Caernarvon - Reference - XPE/50/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting within this register may lead to one or two misreads

Tydweiliog St Cwyfan
Llaniestyn St Iestyn
Llangwnadl St Gwynhoedl
Llangwnadl St Gwynhoedl
Bryncroes St Mary
Meyllteyrn St Peter ad Vincula
Bryncroes St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
16/05/1755 Robert WILLIAM Widower   Lowry MARK   Bryncroes
12/01/1760 Robert JONES Widower   Anne OWEN Single  
16/01/1760 Humphrey FRANCIS Widower   Catherine JONES    
19/07/1760 John PIERCE     Ann JONES    
03/11/1764 John GRIFFITHS     Elin JONES Single  
19/07/1767 Owen MORRIS     Elinor GRIFFITH Single  
25/11/1768 Michael THOMAS     Margret JONES Single  
03/03/1769 William PARRY Widower   Catherine WILLIAMS Single  
26/08/1769 David EVAN Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
18/10/1771 Robert EINIAN   Llangian Ellinor HUGHES Single  
26/12/1772 Griffith JONES Single Tydweiliog Ellinor WILLIAMS Single  
09/07/1773 Griffith EVANS Single Aberdaron Jane EVANS Single  
17/04/1775 Elias THOMAS Single   Jane EAMS Single  
21/04/1775 John KNOWLES Single   Elinor JONES Single  
04/11/1775 Thomas WILLIAMS Single   Ann JONES Single  
10/11/1775 Daniel GRIFFITH Single Tydweiliog Mary OWEN Single  
20/02/1776 Evan EVANS Single   Ellinor JONES Widow  
27/06/1776 Thomas JONES Single Tydweiliog Ann THOMAS Single  
24/09/1776 Methusalem GRIFFITHS Widower Llangwnadl Jane DAVID Single  
22/11/1776 Evan GRIFFITHS Single Meyllteyrn Mary JONES Single  
13/07/1778 Richard ROBERTS Single Tydweiliog Mary GRIFFITH Single  
25/05/1779 Owen JONES Single Botwnnog Catherine GRIFFITH Single  
30/06/1780 Ellis LEWIS Single Botwnnog Mary GABRIEL Single  
06/03/1781 Richard ROBERTS Widower Tydweiliog Catherine WILLIAMS Widow  
30/06/1781 William WILLIAMS Single   Anne WILLIAMS Single  
03/08/1781 Robert JONES Single Llangwynadl Jane ROBERTS Single  
01/06/1782 Robert ROBERTS Single Bryncroes Margaret JONES Single  
01/10/1782 Owen ROBERTS Widower Aberdaron Margaret EVAN Widow  
18/11/1783 William PRICHARD Widower Meyllteyrn Margaret ROBERTS Single  
27/07/1784 Henry WILLIAM Single   Gwen JONES Widow  
27/10/1785 Evan ELLIS Single Bryncroes Catherine HUGHES Single  
18/11/1785 Robert ROBERTS Single Llannor Sarah ROBERTS Widow  
19/11/1785 Robert EVAN Single Llanfihangel Bachellaeth Catherine EVANS Single  
05/05/1786 Griffith HUGHES Single Edern Dorothy WILLIAMS Single  
16/05/1786 William OWEN Single Tydweiliog Mary HERBERT Single  
24/06/1786 William GRIFFITH Single   Catherine GRIFFITH Single  
29/12/1786 Robert JONES Single   Catherine ROBERTS Single  
19/05/1787 Henry PRICHARD Single Llaniestyn Catherine HUMPHREY Single  
08/06/1787 Thomas JONES Single Llaniestyn Ellinor WILLIAMS Single  
07/07/1787 Griffith PARRY Single   Anne HERBERT Single  
23/02/1788 Robert ROBERTS Widower   Ellinor FRANCIS Single  
27/03/1789 Thomas EVAN Single   Jane THOMAS Single  
13/05/1790 Evan WILLIAM Widower Llangian Gwen JONES Widow  
24/06/1791 Thomas JONES   Llaniestyn Jonet JONES Single  
26/01/1793 Evan JONES Single Llangwynadl Catherine ROBERTS Single  
18/11/1794 John WILLIAMS Single Ceidio Ellinor ROBERTS Single  
08/06/1795 John PRICHARD     Anne OWEN    
09/11/1797 Evan THOMAS   Llaniestyn Gaynor ROWLAND    
17/11/1798 Evan GRIFFITHS Single Llanfaelrhys Dorothy HUGHES Single  
08/12/1798 William THOMAS Single Llaniestyn Elizabeth LLYN Widow  
15/11/1800 Evan PARRY Single Llaniestyn Anne BRUSH Single  
03/04/1801 Thomas HUGHES Single Tydweiliog Elinor OWEN Single  
23/10/1801 Richard JONES Single Llannor Cathrine HUGHES Single  
26/11/1802 William ROBERTS Single   Jane GRIFFITH Widow  
04/12/1802 Robert DAVID Widower Llangwnadl Anne PETER Single  
01/01/1803 William EVANS Single Llaniestyn Jane ROBERTS Single  
19/05/1803 John PARRY Single   Cathrine WILLIAMS Single  
30/05/1803 John JONES Single   Ellinor GRIFFITH Single  
04/10/1803 Griffith WILLIAM Single Llangwnadl Jonet JONES Single  
14/06/1804 John ROBERTS Single Tydweiliog Ann ROWLANDS Single  
15/11/1804 Lewis ELLIS Single Meyllteyrn Mary WILLIAMS Single  
16/11/1804 Thomas PARRY Single Ceidio Catherine EVANS Single  
27/05/1805 John HUMPHRIES Single   Mary ROBERTS Single  
25/08/1806 Evan THOMAS Widower Aberdaron Jane JONES Single  
19/06/1807 John JONES Single Botwnnog Jane JONES Single  
10/07/1807 Thomas ROBERTS Single   Mary WILLIAM Single  
11/07/1807 William ROBERTS Single Meyllteyrn Jane EVANS Single  
03/12/1808 John JONES Single Llanfihangel Esgeifiog, Anglesey Elizabeth ROBERTS Single  
13/05/1809 Henry WILLIAM Single Llangwnadl Jonet JONES Single  
14/10/1809 John JONES Single Bryncroes Dorothy THOMAS Single  
20/02/1810 John PRITCHARD Single Llaniestyn Ellin THOMAS Single  
03/08/1810 Cadwaladr ROBERTS Single   Mary GRIFFITH Single  
12/02/1811 John WILLIAMS   Tydweiliog Margaret JONES    
26/09/1811 Griffith ROBERTS Single Tydweiliog Mary WILLIAMS Single  
28/09/1811 Richard WILLIAMS Single Bryncroes Catherine WILLIAMS Single  
07/12/1811 William THOMAS Single   Jane JONES Single  
14/12/1811 John GRIFFITH Single   Jane GRIFFITH Single  
03/03/1812 John PARRY Single Nevin Elizabeth ROWLAND Single  
14/03/1812 Richard ELLIS   Edern Anne PARRY    
23/05/1812 Griffith THOMAS   Meyllteyrn Elinor MICHAEL    
18/07/1812 John HERBERT   Edern Lowry THOMAS    
22/08/1812 Robert JONES   Llaniestyn Gaynor HUGHES    
19/12/1812 Richard JONES   Llanfihangel Bachellaeth Mary ROBERTS    
1 20/05/1813 Robert JONES     Catharine ROBERTS    
2 12/10/1813 Robert WILLIAMS     Margaret EVANS    
3 25/10/1814 John EDWARDS   Llangwnadl Anne DAVIES    
4 19/11/1814 Evan ROBERTS     Jane EVANS    
5 27/01/1815 John OWEN Single Llanfaglan Anne PARRY Single  
6 07/04/1815 Richard WILLIAMS     Mary ROWLAND    
7 20/07/1815 Edward JONES Single   Catherine WILLIAMS Widow  
8 12/04/1816 William THOMAS   Llangwnadl Anne JONES    
9 14/03/1817 Richard JONES   Llaniestyn Elizabeth JONES    
11 01/04/1817 John EVANS Single Llaniestyn Catherine EVANS Single  
10 14/04/1817 Henry EVANS   Nevin Lowry WILLIAMS    
12 03/01/1818 Evan WILLIAMS     Eleanor WILLIAMS    
13 25/04/1818 Griffith JONES     Gwen HUGHES    
14 29/04/1818 John JONES   Eglwysbach, Denbighshire Catharine WILLIAMS    
15 12/04/1819 Thomas OWEN Single   Lowry OWEN Single  
16 25/09/1819 David GRIFFITH     Elizabeth JONES    
17 01/10/1821 Robert GRIFFITH Widower   Jane THOMAS Widow  
18 21/02/1823 Evan JONES Single Ceidio Martha ELIAS Single  
19 07/03/1823 John WILLIAMS Single Llannor Cathrine BRUSH Single  
20 31/03/1823 Samuel JONES Single   Eleanor FRANCIS Single  
21 15/07/1823 John HUGHES Single   Eleanor WILLIAMS Single  
22 25/12/1823 Ellis JONES Single   Elinor EVANS    
23 01/05/1824 John THOMAS   Llangwnadl Elinor JONES Single  
24 21/08/1824 John WILLIAMS Single Tydweiliog Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
25 19/11/1824 John EVANS Single   Jane WILLIAMS Single  
26 04/04/1825 Thomas PARRY Single Rhiw Anne OWEN Single  
27 08/09/1826 John GRIFFITH Single Tydweiliog Mary GRIFFITH Single  
28 02/01/1829 Robert PRICHARD Single Tydweiliog Anne HUGHES Single  
29 13/10/1829 Robert OWEN Single Llanfaelrhys Mary EAMES Single  
30 19/06/1830 John WILLIAM   Llangybi Catherine OWEN    
31 11/05/1831 Robert HUGHES Single Yspytty Ifan, Denbighshire Anne OWEN Single  
32 26/07/1831 Thomas JONES   Tydweiliog Catherine JONES    
33 06/04/1832 James JONES   Llaniestyn Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
34 01/02/1833 Owen JONES   Llaniestyn Elinor PARRY    
35 26/04/1833 Thomas GRIFFITH     Mary OWENS    
36 21/06/1833 Josiah JONES   Tydweiliog Mary ROBERTS    
37 20/09/1833 Thomas OWEN     Margaret PARRY    
38 01/02/1834 William THOMAS     Catherine JONES    
39 20/03/1834 John JONES     Lowry GRIFFITH    
41 20/01/1835 David PRICE   Llanarmon Margaret GRIFFITH    
40 23/01/1835 David DAVIES     Jane THOMAS    
42 07/11/1836 John WILLIAMS Widower Llangwnadl Elizabeth ROBERTS Single  
43 15/11/1836 Ellis GRIFFITHS     Jane LEWIS    
44 14/01/1837 Evan EVANS Single Llanbeblig Elizabeth JONES Single  
45 17/05/1837 Griffith EVANS   Llangwnadl Eleanor GRIFFITH Single  
46 19/05/1837 Thomas JONES Single Tydweiliog Margaret JONES Single  
47 16/06/1837 David ROBERTS     Jane JONES   Llaniestyn

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