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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Cambridge St Benedict


The Parish

The city of Cambridge lies in the south central area of its county about 50 miles north of the city of London. Cambridge sits at the junction of the A14 (east coast ports to the Midlands) and A10 (London to King's Lynn) roads. As its name suggests Cambridge grew up at the crossing of the River Cam. Cambridge undoubtedly has a Saxon origin but was repeated sacked by invading Danes, it wasn't until post Norman conquest that the city became established, this was further enhanced by the establishment of the University in the 13th century. It is, of course, famous as one of the highest quality universities in the world today. Besides the university and associated infrastructure Cambridge flourished as a market for the rich agricultural lands of the east of England and in particular the Fens to its north. Today Cambridge is still relatively small but rapidly growing as high-tech industries spin-off and move to the city to be close to its academic facilities. There are excellent communications by road (M11) and rail to the capital less then an hour to the south. The medieval centre of Cambridge is divided into 14 parishes each covering no ore than a few acres, St Benedict sits at the heart of the city covering a tiny area immediately east of the main north to south thoroughfare of Trumpington Street & King's Parade, a separate detached area contained the area of today's Addenbrooke's Hospital. The River Cam, scene of punting and parties, drains the city to the north, reaching the North Sea through the Great Ouse and the port of King's Lynn. Cambridge is low lying, much of the centre sits below 10 metres above the sea St Benedict parish at almost exactly 10 metres, the surrounding area is also flat and low lying for many miles. St Benedict parish was middling sized in terms of its population for one of the inner city parishes holding around 1,000 parishioners within its tiny acreage. In Domesday times the majority of Cambridge was held by the King with a small parcel in the hands of Count Alan of Brittany, it was a wealthy place but not specifically enumerated.

The Church

St Benedict's church, often shortened to St Bene't, sits on the southern side of St Bene't's Street in the heart of central Cambridge. Pevsner identifies it as the oldest church within not only the city but the whole of Cambridgeshire citing traces of Anglo-Saxon, pre-Conquest, fabric in not only the tower, the main portion, but also in parts of the nave & chancel. Dating such early evidence is difficult but he tentatively places the earliest parts as falling between 1000 & 1050. The tower, itself, shows the characteristic long-and-short work of its quoins and the bell-openings are also original Saxon work too, albeit the round-headed opening accompanying them are late 16th century. Both nave and chancel show signs of rebuilding from the 13th century in the Early English Gothic period with deeply splayed lancet windows characteristic of that period. In the late Perpendicular period, probably early 15th century, the nave roof was replaced and a typical clerestory inserted to improve internal lighting. There was undoubtedly some work done during the Victorian period, Pevsner indicates most of work falling in 1853 & 1872 to arrive at today's church. This church has a distinct urban setting in the tight and cramped streets of central Cambridge, it is definitely one to approach on foot having located parking in one of the city car parks. A tightly enclosed site with little ability to retreat enough to adequately encompass the building leaves just the angles available from St Bene't's Street to the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 7th July 1754 - 19th November 1812 Cambridgeshire Archives - Reference - P25/1/17 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 20th January 1813 - 29th January 1837 Cambridgeshire Archives - Reference - P25/1/18 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Cambridge St Edward
Cambridge St Edward
Cambridge St Edward
Cambridge St Edward
Cambridge St Edward
Cambridge St Andrew the Great
Cambridge St Botolph
Cambridge St Botolph
Cambridge St Mary the Less
Cambridge St Edward
Cambridge St Andrew the Less

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
16/01/1754 James CORNWELL Single Ann REVELL Single
24/03/1754 William MITCHEL Single Hauxton Thomasin PATMAN Single
1 07/07/1754 John MACHAM Single Mary CARRUTHERS Single
2 10/12/1754 Henry BREWER Single Elizabeth SHORT Single
3 31/03/1755 John SADLER Widower Mary SMITH Widow Barrington
4 23/04/1755 Thomas BARTLETT Single Dorothy PEET Single
5 20/05/1755 Robert ROWLAND Single Elizabeth DEWS Single
6 08/03/1756 William GREEN Widower Mary SHORT Single
7 16/04/1756 Joseph BURGESS Single Bletchley, Buckinghamshire Susannah GREGORY Single
8 02/05/1756 John FAIREY Single Elizabeth NEAVE Single
9 17/01/1757 John PARIS Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge Ann MARSHALL Single
10 11/03/1757 Samuel CRASKE Pakenham, Suffolk Catherine BILLINGTON Widow
11 28/08/1757 Harry SCAFE Single Elizabeth EAGLE St Clement, Cambridge
12 20/10/1757 John Edward MASTERS Single Elizabeth WAKLIN
13 05/03/1758 Thomas WILSON Widower St Mary The Great, Cambridge Mary FOOT Single
14 09/04/1758 John BERRY Single St Giles, Cambridge Ann HOLLIDAY Single
15 23/05/1758 Richard HASELUM Ann APPLEYARD
16 17/08/1758 Robert STURGEON St Edward, Cambridge Ann WOODS
17 17/09/1758 Stephen BAISEY Single St Botolph, Cambridge Mary GRAIN Single
18 25/11/1758 John GEE Single Mary FREEMAN Single
19 27/02/1759 Edmund BERRY Single Sarah YORK Single
20 29/10/1759 Nathaniel HOLLIDAY Single Sarah HARRISON All Saints, Cambridge
21 06/01/1760 William TOMLINSON Single Mary JOHNSON Widow
22 03/04/1760 John HEWIT Single Rebecca CROW Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge
23 17/04/1760 John BARNARDISTON Single Hester POWELL Single
24 11/05/1760 Thomas MACHAM Single Hannah PARSONS Single St Botolph, Cambridge
25 15/06/1760 Moses NICE Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Elizabeth LEE Single
26 18/06/1760 Joseph INGERSOLE Single St Edward, Cambridge Catherine SEABORN Single
27 24/07/1760 Leander HODSON St Edward, Cambridge Elizabeth HUNT
28 20/10/1760 Charles MARSHALL Single Ann SMITH Single All Saints, Cambridge
29 23/11/1760 John SYKES Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge Ann BULLFIELD Single
30 06/07/1761 Vernon BETTESON Single Mary WENTERS Single
31 15/11/1761 Thomas BAILEY Single Mary CHAPMAN Single
32 06/01/1762 Peter Spendlowe LAMBORN Single Mary WALE Single
33 18/04/1762 Edward PRATT Widower St Botolph, Cambridge Ann SALMON Widow
34 06/06/1762 William ANTHONY Single Mary SPARROW Single
35 07/06/1762 John GORDON St Mary The Less, Cambridge Ann WILLIAMS Widow
36 03/07/1762 James THORNTON Widower St Michael, Cambridge Dorothy MARSHAL Single
37 14/11/1762 John GIRTON Single St Giles, Cambridge Sophia MOORE Single
38 18/10/1763 John COOK Single Mildenhall, Suffolk Catherine FOOTE Single
39 13/12/1763 William PAGE Widower Rose DARLER Widow
40 10/01/1764 Thomas DAGNELL Widower St Andrew, Barnwell, Northamptonshire Ellen NICHOLSON Single
41 13/02/1764 Joseph NOT Single Frances BOWMAN Widow
42 07/06/1764 William GUNN Single Histon Ann CLARK Single
43 11/06/1764 John BEAGLE Grace GAIN
44 19/07/1764 William LOVEDAY Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Elizabeth HOWARD Single
45 29/10/1764 Thomas SOULSBY Widower Mary DAVIS Single St Botolph, Cambridge
46 13/02/1765 Thomas MAYES Single Martha DAWSON Single
47 30/04/1765 Thomas HASLOP Widower Mary WILSON Single Holy Trinity, Cambridge
48 15/01/1766 Edward NEALE Widower Elisabeth LITCHFIELD Single
49 15/01/1766 William CAPP Single Great Chesterford, Essex Dorothy MARSH Single
50 24/06/1766 William EADON Single St Edward, Cambridge Susannah YORK Single
51 27/08/1766 Nathanael BEETES Single Elisabeth PLOWRIGHT Single
52 24/09/1766 John HAGGERSTONE Widower St Mary The Great, Cambridge Elizabeth WHITTRED Single
53 29/09/1766 Thomas MILTON Widower Mary MURRY Single
54 25/11/1766 Daniel KIDD Single Ann PETIT Single
55 20/01/1767 Simon HOWARD Single Mary BOON Single
56 27/05/1767 James PARKER Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge Sarah HUCKLE Single
57 02/08/1767 Richard FOOTE Widower Mary COLLINS Widow
58 06/08/1767 Edward BENSON Single St Andrew The Great, Cambridge Elizabeth Ann HATLEY Single
59 20/08/1767 Edward SHARP Widower Mary PORTER Single
60 29/03/1768 John LINDSAY Single St Botolph, Cambridge Mary YORK Single
61 16/05/1768 John MARKHAM Widower St Giles, Cambridge Martha WAKELINE Single
62 04/06/1769 John SMITH Single Rebekah DALTON Single
63 04/06/1769 James SCOTT Single Ann GIBSON Single
64 06/11/1769 John BLACKLEY Widower Ann HUNT Single
65 04/12/1769 James FABB St Andrew The Less, Cambridge Elisabeth LORD
66 04/12/1769 John EARL Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge Susanna WARD Single
67 27/05/1770 Randal BROWN Single All Saints, Cambridge Elizabeth BELLAMY Single
68 15/01/1771 John BENSON Widower Cherry Hinton Elisabeth LANGHAM Single
69 07/03/1771 Henry HOLLAND Single Mary WYATT Single
70 02/05/1771 John FOX Single Jane MURBY Single
71 19/05/1771 Stephen HEMPSTED Single Mary EAGLE Single St Edward, Cambridge
72 21/05/1771 John BURGES Single Susannah KASTER Single St Botolph, Cambridge
73 09/06/1771 Ralph BROWN Single Mary BRIDGEMAN Single
74 28/07/1771 John PRESTON Widower Barnwell, Northamptonshire Mary WARD Widow
75 23/09/1771 William Asplin COLE Single Little Eversden Mary COLE Widow
76 27/10/1771 Walter BAILEY Single All Saints, Cambridge Susannah COLLINS Single
77 27/10/1771 Edward WITTY Single Holy Trinity, Ely Elisabeth JAMES Single
78 13/12/1771 Richard BARKER Sawston Rebecca WOODS
79 23/02/1772 Thomas HIDE Widower St Mary The Less, Cambridge Ann PLACE Single
80 02/04/1772 Robert HOOD Single St Andrew The Great, Cambridge Frances PLOWRIGHT
81 28/04/1772 John KING Single Fen Ditton Elisabeth WEBB Single
82 08/07/1772 John COCKER Single City Of London Esther JOLLY Single
83 28/01/1773 John SPERRY Widower St Botolph, Cambridge Susanna HALLET Single
84 15/02/1773 Gilbert IVES Single Ann THODEY Single
85 15/02/1773 Henry TURNER All Saints, Cambridge Elizabeth LUNN Single
86 23/02/1773 John CLIFF Single Ann STEVENS Single
87 30/05/1773 Thomas FROHOCK Single St Botolph, Cambridge Elizabeth WEBB
88 15/08/1773 Charles RUTHERFORD Single St Edward, Cambridge Mary ROBSON Single
89 16/01/1774 William WHITON Single Elizabeth PATE Single
90 18/01/1774 James SMITH Single Mary DICKERSON Single
91 10/02/1774 Thomas STEWARD Single Ann CHAFER Single
92 06/06/1774 John CLARK Widower Alice STEWARD Widow
93 11/10/1774 Benjamin TOFTS Ann SMITH
94 01/12/1774 Richard ALLEN Sarah PEACOCK
95 14/12/1774 William GREAVES Holy Sepulchre, Cambridge Mary BENCRAFT
96 26/02/1775 William EVANS Single Sarah CLARKE Single
97 11/10/1775 John SCOT Mary STRATTON
98 26/09/1776 Henry DICKS Upwell, Norfolk Sarah OSBORN Southill, Bedfordshire
99 27/03/1777 John BARNES Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Dorothy SPENCER Single
100 22/06/1777 William PEACHY Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Ann HOWLETT Single
101 14/10/1777 John DOGGETT Single Susannah PAGE Single
102 01/12/1777 John ASPLIN Single Sarah RAPER Single
103 01/12/1777 John BITHRAY Single Mary CHAFER Single
104 14/06/1778 Thomas SMITH Single Susannah SUDBURY Single
105 04/07/1778 Michael TYSON Single Margaret WALE Single
106 23/09/1778 William BOWMAN Single Anne KNOTT Single
107 03/11/1778 Samuel WESTERDALE Widower St Mary The Great, Cambridge Elizabeth CLARKE Widow
108 22/04/1779 William DESBOROUGH Single Anne BODGER Single
109 26/04/1779 William RAYNER Single Anne WILKERSON Single
110 29/04/1779 Francis LANGFORD Single Frances WADE Single
111 07/06/1779 John BREWER Single Anne ROSE Single
112 04/11/1779 William WALSHAM Single All Saints, Cambridge Elizabeth FENN Single
113 06/04/1780 Robert TOFT St Mary The Less, Cambridge Elizabeth BRIGGS
114 07/06/1780 Edward LEACH Sarah BROCK
115 13/05/1781 William DOO Single Holy Trinity, Cambridge Susanna CORNWELL Single
116 23/05/1781 Thomas HAWKIN Widower Catherina ATKINSON Single St Andrew, Barnwell, Northamptonshire
117 26/07/1781 Samuel SHARP Elizabeth WELLS St Edward, Cambridge
118 25/08/1781 William RABY Single Ann BOWMAN Single
119 03/09/1781 Henry SMITH Single Ruth NEAVES Single
120 27/12/1781 Jonathan WELLTHY Single Susannah GRANGE Single
121 24/10/1782 Christopher HILL Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Betty HILL Single
122 01/12/1782 John LEE Single Ann CRANE Single
123 06/01/1783 Robert RANKIN Single Eleanor WILSON Single
124 27/05/1783 William MILBORN Single Margaret KIDMAN Single
125 11/06/1783 Foreman BIGGS Single Elizabeth BRAND Widow
126 12/10/1783 John HUNT Single Mary BOYDEN St Mary The Less, Cambridge
127 27/10/1783 Robert MACDONALD Widower Elizabeth JOHNSON Widow
128 28/10/1783 John WAKEFIELD Widower Coton Elizabeth WOODS Single
129 09/01/1784 James Williams WILDMAN Widower Elizabeth WATTS Single
130 09/05/1784 Benjamin HARMAN Single Elizabeth MIDDLEBROOK Single
131 01/12/1784 Charles GOODIER Single Limehouse, Middlesex Catharine SADLER Single
132 10/04/1785 William CUMING Single St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk Phebe PAVEY Single
133 10/05/1785 John HAMOND St Botolph, Cambridge Meliscent ESSEX
134 20/07/1785 Edmond GREY Single Sarah SUMMERS
135 06/09/1785 Thomas BLOOM Single Frances SMITH Single St Botolph, Cambridge
136 06/10/1785 Thomas ROBINSON St Michael, Stamford, Lincolnshire Ann CORY
137 16/11/1785 Michael SHORT Widower Ann RAWLINSON Single
138 25/05/1786 John BENSTEAD St Edward, Cambridge Rose DANNELLS
139 28/05/1786 Charles RICHARDS Holy Trinity, Cambridge Sarah CLARKE
140 23/07/1786 Thomas WALKER Single St Clement, Cambridge Anna Maia ADDIS
141 27/12/1786 William HOLLAND Mary PECK
142 14/02/1788 William PAUL Burwell Mary HINKIN Single
143 11/03/1788 William WHITE Mary DEALTRY
144 18/08/1788 George BRICHENER Single Barnwell, Northamptonshire Elizabeth CORNWELL
145 09/09/1788 William HOWLETT Mary CARPENTER
146 16/09/1788 John Benton LAWRENCE Alice MANSFIELD
147 09/10/1788 George RUNHAM Jane Maria WISEMAN
148 21/10/1788 Francis LAYTON Sarah CREEK
149 16/08/1789 John NEWMAN Widower Frances BALDWIN Single St Edward, Cambridge
150 04/10/1789 William KNOWLES Single Mary PAMMONT Single
151 08/08/1790 James THOMPSON Hannah SENIOR
152 28/11/1790 William FREEMAN Sarah RAYMENT
153 14/12/1790 William GALER Elizabeth FABB
154 27/02/1791 James THORNTON Holy Trinity, Cambridge Mary ROWLAND
155 03/03/1791 John ADAMS Single Rampton Elizabeth TRUNLEY Single
156 29/08/1791 George WILLSON Holy Trinity, Cambridge Susan BARD
157 28/12/1791 Thomas WALKER Sarah FISK
158 03/01/1792 Daniel WENTWORTH Single Holy Sepulchre, Cambridge Mary STANLEY Single
159 26/01/1792 John PHILLIPS Elizabeth LAYTON Single
160 21/02/1792 Thomas HODSON Single Histon Elizabeth GUNN Single
161 28/05/1792 James MOORE Single Anne SOLE Single
162 24/06/1792 Thomas BARTON Single St Andrew The Great, Cambridge Elizabeth CLARK Single
163 03/07/1792 Isaac TAVENER Single Holy Trinity, Ely Susan FULLER Single
164 05/07/1792 John BUTLER Widower Great Eversden Anne CONNOR Widow
165 12/07/1792 John BOWMAN Widower Holy Trinity, Cambridge Rose SANDERS Single
166 11/11/1792 William CURTLER Eleanor SCAFE Single
167 19/11/1792 Edmond COULSON Milton Sarah WOODWARD Single
168 18/06/1793 James FULLER Esther STANLEY
169 24/06/1793 Jonathan SCOTT Single Fen Ditton Sarah WALLIS Single
170 07/11/1793 William HERRING Single Mary MILLER Single St Peter, Cambridge
171 07/11/1793 Thomas SELL Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge Mary PAUL
172 18/02/1794 John BARRELL Single Jane HEBDEN Single
173 24/06/1794 Edward FOX Mary Johnson MURRAY
174 01/09/1794 John OWEN Charlotte GREEN St Edward, Cambridge
175 29/09/1794 Thomas WATSON Elizabeth Eagle HEMPSTEAD
176 27/01/1795 James NEAVE Trumpington Elizabeth BOWTLE
177 22/03/1795 Philip TYLER St Mary The Less, Cambridge Beatrice ADDIS
178 22/03/1795 William SWANN St Clement, Cambridge Martha ADDIS
179 10/05/1795 Robert SALMON Elizabeth HEBDEN
180 26/07/1795 George TAYLOR St Andrew The Great, Cambridge Charlotte PEACOCK
181 06/10/1795 William SHEDD St Botolph, Cambridge Elizabeth KIMPTON
182 25/10/1795 Edward FABB Single Susannah HILL Single
183 27/12/1795 Robert GREEF Single Charlotte CHAPLIN
184 12/01/1796 Francis WARREN Single Ann STACY Single
185 21/02/1796 Joseph GOBBY Single Ann LAW Single
186 21/02/1796 Thomas WALTON Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge Alice CAPPS Single
187 03/05/1796 Abraham COXALL Widower Bourn Esther EAST Single
188 02/06/1796 John SMITH Single St Peter, Cambridge Sarah TOYNTON Single
189 08/08/1796 Thomas DOUGLAS Widower St Botolph, Cambridge Elisabeth HUCKLE Single
190 08/08/1796 William VAUGHAN Single St Giles, Cambridge Elizabeth PECK Single
191 09/08/1796 Robert JAMES Single Barkway, Hertfordshire Catharine PAYNE Single
192 06/09/1796 Edward CRISP St Michael, Cambridge Mary ROWE
193 15/05/1797 Briant BOWMAN St Andrew The Great, Cambridge Hannah JOHNSON
194 15/06/1797 Philip DOUGLAS Single Mary MAINWARING Single
195 27/07/1797 John BREWER Martha GREGORY
196 31/07/1797 Alexander RICHARDSON Single Elizabeth HAGUE Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge
197 15/08/1797 William LEADING Single Mary DENNIS Single
198 12/09/1797 John COY Single Mary PEACOCK Single St Edward, Cambridge
199 14/09/1797 Thomas THURLOW Widower Louisa SAYER Single
200 07/11/1797 Samuel GOWER Single All Saints, Cambridge Mary WILDERSPIN Single
201 27/11/1797 William COOK Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge Frances WADE Single
202 27/11/1797 John BOTTOM Single St Andrew The Great, Cambridge Anne LOWTON Single
203 15/01/1798 Abraham CRAWLEY Single Harriott ELBOURNE Single
204 10/04/1798 Robert THURTLE Elizabeth SMITH Single
205 25/06/1798 John GIFFORD Landbeach Susannah GUNN
206 24/02/1799 Robert MIZEN Single St Luke, Middlesex Mary PAIN Single
207 21/04/1799 William MILLER Single Sarah READHEAD Single St Botolph, Cambridge
208 16/10/1799 Anthony DUNN Sarah YORK
209 29/10/1800 John GREIG Single Cherry Hinton Emelia TAG Single
210 09/02/1801 William STALLEY Single Susannah LANGDEN Single
211 07/04/1801 William SMITH Single St Botolph, Cambridge Elizabeth DEAN
212 18/06/1801 John HANCOCK Single Mary EAVES Single
213 23/07/1801 Richard AMBROSE Single Bottisham Elizabeth COLE Single
214 02/02/1802 Samuel FRIEND Single Frances CLARK Single St Edward, Cambridge
215 10/03/1802 Capel LOFT Widower Suffolk Sarah Watson FINCH Single
216 23/03/1802 Eldad DANBY Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge Mary HINDS Single
217 06/06/1802 William Oswald PORTER Single Elizabeth PLAYER Single
218 27/10/1802 John BICHENO Single Elizabeth HITCH Single
219 12/12/1802 John RUTLEDGE Single St Andrew The Great, Cambridge Sophia Hamilton SINCLAIR Single
220 27/01/1803 Stephen BRAND Single Martha GARNER Single
221 28/04/1803 Robert MARSHALL Single Jane PRETLOVE Single
222 21/05/1803 William JACKSON Single Phoebe HART Single
223 21/06/1803 William POND Single Sarah MILBURNE Single
224 16/07/1803 William UNWIN Single Landbeach Susan STOCKBRIDGE Single
225 09/08/1803 James SNOW St Mary The Less, Cambridge Susanna FARRANT
226 18/10/1803 Thomas THURLBOURN Single Long Stanton Ann JACKSON Single
227 23/10/1803 William MILES Single St Giles, Cambridge Elizabeth LOVETT Single
228 15/11/1803 Henry BALLS Single St Andrew The Great, Cambridge Elizabeth TOMSON Single
229 01/12/1803 James KIDMAN Single Newton By Cambridge Elizabeth HILTON Single
230 15/12/1803 Thomas MOWLAM Single St Michael, Cambridge Jemima SAVALL Single
231 14/06/1804 Samuel NICHOLLS Single Dorothy BOWMAN Single
232 03/07/1804 William GRAY Single Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire Frances FARRANT Widow
233 08/07/1804 Samuel CRASK Single Susannah SAMUEL Widow
234 17/07/1804 Mathew ARD St Edward, Cambridge Susannah DOWSE
235 30/08/1804 Job COX Single Mary WALTERS Single
236 27/10/1804 Joseph HALL Single Susanna LAYTON Single
237 03/12/1804 John YARKER Single Elizabeth WINLOCK Single
238 19/12/1804 John LITCHFIELD Widower Elizabeth DEBNAM Single
239 06/02/1805 Robert BARBER Widower St Mary The Great, Cambridge Mary SKEETS Widow
241 25/02/1805 John CAMPAIN Widower Martha BRAND Widow
240 16/04/1805 Andrew BIGGS Widower Holy Trinity, Cambridge Elizabeth SMITH Widow
242 22/05/1805 Thomas WILSON Single Mary WILLIAMS Single
243 29/05/1805 William KNIGHTLY Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge Hannah KIMPTON Single
244 03/07/1805 Thomas PARKIN Single Tankersley, Yorkshire Mary DEAN Single
245 16/07/1805 John WYLDE Single Jane Elizabeth MOORE Single Horningsea
246 25/08/1805 Thomas RAYNER St Mary The Less, Cambridge Hannah BARRETT
247 14/01/1806 Joseph TRUSLOVE Single St Andrew The Great, Cambridge Sarah HAZARD Single
248 21/01/1806 Thomas SHAW Single Elizabeth EDIS Widow
249 30/01/1806 Henry CARTER Single Elizabeth MILLWARTERS Single
250 03/02/1806 James PISFORD Widower Newport, Essex Alice BATES Single
251 19/02/1806 Samuel BOUTTELL Single Sarah SOLOMON Single
252 12/05/1806 Richard WIMPOSS Single Elizabeth PENTANEY Single
253 01/06/1806 John Bailey SCOTNEY Single Holy Trinity, Cambridge Margaret BURKETT Widow
254 03/06/1806 Richard ALLEN Widower Sarah YORKE Single
255 22/07/1806 Richard EDEN Widower Harston Mary FLACK Widow
256 07/08/1806 Stephen CAMP Single Barkway, Hertfordshire Fanny ROWE Single
257 25/08/1806 John BRAND Single Mary Anne SHIP
258 08/09/1806 James WHITEHEAD Single Mary PRETLOVE Single
259 16/10/1806 William TALBOT Single Holy Trinity, Cambridge Ann DOLVEARE Single
260 02/12/1806 William ALLEARD Single Ann TABRAHAM Single
261 25/01/1807 Charles SMITH Widower Mary CORNWELL Single
262 04/03/1807 John STEARN Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Mary RUST Single
263 20/03/1807 John RICHARDSON Single Ann SCOTT Single
264 04/06/1807 Jonathan JACOBS Widower Susanna CORNWALL Widow
265 07/06/1807 Thomas BURTON Single Alice MILLER Barrington
266 07/07/1807 James FLACK Single Elizabeth WILDERSPIN
267 03/08/1807 Samuel BATTEL Widower Elizabeth RAYNER Single
268 04/08/1807 William GOODENOUGH Sarah CARPENTER Single
269 08/09/1807 Thomas THURLOW Single Sarah PERRY Single
270 27/10/1807 Thomas SHORT Widower Lucetta COLEMAN Single
271 08/12/1807 Thomas ROOKE Single St Andrew The Great, Cambridge Mary RADFORD Single
272 02/02/1808 John LEACH Single Elizabeth LEADER Single
273 02/02/1808 George CORBILL Single St Edward, Cambridge Elizabeth HALL Single
274 22/03/1808 John Isaac HEARD Single St Botolph, Cambridge Mary WILKES Single
275 27/04/1808 William TUCK Single Ann WAITS Widow
276 09/06/1808 Joseph STONEBRIDGE Single St Olave Hart St, City Of London Martha WESTWOOD Single
277 15/08/1808 Nathaniel THURSTON Single Hannah HALL Single
278 23/08/1808 Joseph Henry Augustus WOOLLEY Single Ann BARTON Single
279 30/10/1808 Joseph ELMER Single Holy Trinity, Cambridge Ann WHITE Single
280 30/10/1808 Samuel HOWARD Single Bottisham Ann SCAFE Single
281 22/11/1808 William LEADER Single Sarah MALE Single
282 05/12/1808 Robert HUNT Single Sarah BURGOYNE Single
283 10/01/1809 William COLE Widower Holy Trinity, Cambridge Sarah LIVERMORE Single
284 11/09/1809 William WILDERSPIN Single Ann FORDHAM Single
285 18/09/1809 Isaac DEW Single Ann ALLGOOD Single
286 13/12/1809 Thomas CLARKE Single Rose CAIN Single
287 14/06/1810 John STEARN Single Elizabeth MORLEY Single
288 06/08/1810 Stephen FULLSTON Widower Cottenham Elizabeth EDWARDS Widow
289 12/09/1810 John HART Single St Stephen Walbrook, City Of London Amy SALISBURY Single
290 18/11/1810 Thomas MASON Single Jane STALLION Single
291 11/03/1811 Richard COMINGS Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Ann HAZARD Single
292 11/03/1811 William MITCHELL Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Elizabeth BREWER Widow
293 01/08/1811 James CHARLES Single Ann FULLER Single
294 28/08/1811 William THORPE Single Elizabeth WILLOWS Single
295 02/09/1811 Hawkins BARKER Single All Saints, Cambridge Sarah HART Single
296 20/10/1811 Joseph SMITH Single Mary CRANE
297 24/12/1811 William COOPER Single Little Shelford Lucy WHYTE Single
298 25/12/1811 Samuel LINSELL Single Finchingfield, Essex Sophia SWAN Single
299 18/02/1812 Robert SCARR Widower St Mary The Less, Cambridge Sarah SHIP Single
300 03/06/1812 James FULLER Widower St Botolph, Cambridge Mary CREEKE Widow
301 04/06/1812 James STINTON Single Hannah WILDERSPIN Single
302 09/06/1812 Thomas WILLIS Single Grantchester Elizabeth HAGGIS Single
303 11/07/1812 Joseph WATKINSON Widower Mary VALE Single
304 14/10/1812 William GILLSON Wareham, Dorset Elizabeth HILLS
305 19/11/1812 George CREEK Single Sophia RICHARD Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge
1 20/01/1813 Thomas MALTBY Single Sarah DEAN Single
2 23/02/1813 Norris SMITH Widower Jane MARSHALL Widow
3 13/04/1813 John BECK Widower St Ives, Huntingdonshire Alice KNIGHTLY Single
4 03/05/1813 Job BENDALL Single Horningsea Margaret BAILEY Single
5 18/05/1813 Robert Cooper HOWE Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge Hannah GUIVER Single
6 27/07/1813 William GRIST Single Sarah CRACKNELL Single
7 12/08/1813 Stephen LEACH Single Chiswick, Middlesex Mary Ann DANIEL
8 29/08/1813 William BARTOOP Single Mary Ann BRAND Single
9 19/10/1813 Richard STOKES Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Hannah MEASURES Single
10 02/12/1813 William COE Single Sarah PRYKE Single
11 15/02/1814 Edward OWERS Single St Andrew The Great, Cambridge Sarah BULL Single
12 26/10/1814 William CROWE Single Martha STONEBRIDGE Widow
13 26/10/1814 Robert MARRIS St Peter & St Paul, Wisbech Mary THOMPSON Single
14 01/11/1814 John WATSON Girton Esther DAVEY
15 12/12/1814 Thomas EDLESTON St Botolph, Cambridge Martha HAZARD
16 20/12/1814 Robert GOOCH Widower Keziah EDWARDS
17 02/01/1815 George CARPENTER Single Susan ROWLING
18 14/02/1815 Joseph WOOLNOUGH Single Ann MILLS Single
19 30/03/1815 John GRAY Widower Holy Trinity, Cambridge Ann BILLING Single
20 09/04/1815 Arthur JEX Single Ann TAYLOR Single
21 08/05/1815 John AMPS Single Mary Ann PIGOTT Single
22 27/06/1815 William BEAUMONT Comberton Elizabeth HAZARD
23 05/09/1815 John FABB Single Sarah HUTSON Single
24 25/09/1815 Benjamin CRASK Single Mary WOLFE Single
25 01/10/1815 James BETTS Single Martha KEENE Single
26 16/11/1815 William WAYMAN Single Jane KEYSER Single
27 17/12/1815 John GRANT Single Elizabeth ADAMS Single
28 20/05/1816 William BUTRISS Single Phebe FITCH Single
29 22/05/1816 James William BAXTER All Saints, Cambridge Elizabeth BEESLEY
30 02/06/1816 Jonathan NORTON Widower Jane GREGG Single
31 03/06/1816 John GERMAN Single Anne EDWARDS Single
32 06/08/1816 Adam FITCH Widower All Saints, Cambridge Theodora INGLE Single
33 20/08/1816 John RADFORD Single Ann CLAYDON Single
34 22/08/1816 William LOFTUS Single Susan FARRANT Widow
35 25/09/1816 Gilbert GILENGAM Widower Sarah DALBY Widow
36 15/10/1816 Joseph DARNELL Single Ann COSTEN Single
37 28/10/1816 William SMITH Single Elizabeth Ann WALLIS Single
38 31/03/1817 William LEADER Widower Ruth SILK Single
39 13/04/1817 William RAINHAM Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Elizabeth BOWERS Single
40 22/05/1817 Henry RAYNER Widower Deborah REEVE Single
41 02/09/1817 William TAYLOR Susan ALLIN
42 09/11/1817 William MALTBY Single Eunice PEACOCK Single
43 23/11/1817 Samuel Bruster PAYNE Single Ann WAITE Single
44 29/03/1818 George STITTLE Single Lydia LEAVETT Widow
45 08/06/1818 George RENHAM Widower Chesterton Alice HORN Widow
46 22/06/1818 James JAMES Widower St Clement, Cambridge Sarah CAIN Single
47 30/06/1818 John LEADER Single Mary AUBBERY Single
48 07/09/1818 William FUNGE Elizabeth PRIKE
49 15/02/1819 John LOWDEN Single Elizabeth IRELAND Single
50 16/02/1819 John GRAVES Single Diana DOBSON Single
51 18/03/1819 James PLUCK Single Teversham Mary Ann GOSTELOW Single
52 22/03/1819 George HAYWARD Single Gillingham, Norfolk John ALDRED Single
53 26/04/1819 Stephen READ Single Sarah ABBS Single
54 27/04/1819 William YOUNGMAN Single Waterbeach Mary Ann YORKE Single
55 08/06/1819 Henry PARKER Single St James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex Martha Ann RADFORD Single
56 09/07/1819 Robert Alexander Clark Gooch CURTIS Single Ann Maria Bush THURSTON Single
57 02/08/1819 John JOHNSON Single St Giles, Cambridge Mary SHADWELL Single
58 14/10/1819 James WEBB Single Mary FITCH Single
59 19/10/1819 Joseph TILLSTON Single St Andrew The Less, Cambridge Elizabeth GARNER Single
60 25/10/1819 Henry HAWES Single St Andrew The Less, Cambridge Ann CARPENTER
61 26/10/1819 John HAWES Single Elizabeth LEECH Widow
62 16/03/1820 Henry TAVNER Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Sophia TAVNER Single
63 02/05/1820 Daniel COLLIN Widower All Saints, Cambridge Sarah KIMPTON Single
64 12/05/1820 Robert SMITH Single Catharine GOSTELOW Single
65 26/06/1820 Jacob MOTT Single St Andrew The Less, Cambridge Elizabeth PAIN Single
66 28/06/1820 Pearce FROMANT Single Holy Trinity, Cambridge Elizabeth THURLOW Single
67 13/07/1820 Giles ALLEN Single Chesterton Mary BRAND Single
68 31/08/1820 Edward BARROW Single Mary PRICHARD Single
69 13/09/1820 William COOK Single Ann JOBSON Single
70 06/11/1820 Edward KIMPTON Widower Mary GRAY Single St Edward, Cambridge
71 18/12/1820 George PARR Single Sarah EVE Single
72 23/04/1821 Robert EDIS Single Camberwell, Surrey Martha HASLOP Single
73 22/05/1821 John LOWTH Single Ann BURGOYNE Single
74 28/05/1821 Isaac GALLYON Single St Michael, Cambridge Kezia RADFORD Single
75 17/06/1821 Henry PAYNE Single Ann CRANE Single
76 19/06/1821 William Woodcock HAYWARD Single Eliza RANDALL Single
77 19/08/1821 William LOWE Widower Fen Ditton Susannah JENNINGS Single
78 26/08/1821 John WATERS Single St Giles, Cambridge Elizabeth CARELESS Single
79 02/09/1821 John RAYMENT Single Frances CHAPMAN Single
80 05/11/1821 Thomas WARD Single Mary Ann DOGGETT Single
81 01/01/1822 William PIGNEY Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge Mary SCRUBY
82 29/01/1822 James RAYNER Single Trumpington Sarah TRENDER Single
83 09/04/1822 Richard WOODS St Andrew The Less, Cambridge Charlotte ELLIS Single
84 18/04/1822 Walter ROSE Widower St Andrew The Less, Cambridge Anne STAR Single
85 03/06/1822 Frederick PRESS Single Susannah BAILEY
86 15/07/1822 Lazarus HAWKINS Single Elizabeth WRIGHT Single
87 17/07/1822 William CORNWELL Single Martha MASON Single
88 25/07/1822 John Charles BARKER Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Elizabeth HOOD
89 08/08/1822 William WISEMAN Single All Saints, Cambridge Louisa VAUGHAN
90 12/08/1822 John PINK Single St Botolph, Cambridge Martha SKINNER
91 08/09/1822 Stephen PLUMB Single Susan SHADBOLT Single
92 18/11/1822 William HARRIS Single Sarah RAWLINS Single
93 18/12/1822 William CASE Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge Anne WICKS Single
94 20/11/1823 George BRIDGMAN Widower Great Thurlow, Suffolk Ann WALLIS Widow
95 25/01/1824 James UPSON Single Grundisburgh, Suffolk Elizabeth WATLING Single
96 06/05/1824 Isaac PEACHEY Single St Andrew The Great, Cambridge Elizabeth LAIT Single
97 20/09/1824 Edward Yorke SMITH Charlotte Veasey WOOD
98 07/10/1824 Thomas SMITH Single Susan HALL Single
99 16/10/1824 John BARBER Single Lackford, Suffolk Mary BARBER Single
100 10/11/1824 Samuel Botson ALDRED Single St Botolph Aldgate, City Of London Margaret CORY Single
101 10/11/1824 George EMMINGHAM St Peter, Cambridge Mary NEWMAN
102 25/01/1825 James MOWLAM St Clement, Cambridge Sophia PRATT
103 06/02/1825 John BEAUMONT Eliza Stead SIMONS
104 27/03/1825 George BRIGGS Widower Ann JACKSON Single
105 24/04/1825 Frederick WALTER Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Ann WEBB Single
106 07/06/1825 James SEBLEY Single Jane BARSON Single
107 23/06/1825 George BOOR Single Midville, Lincolnshire Catherine BULLEN Single
108 10/07/1825 Robert JAMES Single Harriet Beachamp SCOTT
109 28/08/1825 Samuel MARTIN Single Sarah HARRISON Single
110 10/10/1825 William COE Widower Mary Anne PRYKE Single
111 25/10/1825 Adam FORDHAM Elizabeth BONNAM
112 03/11/1825 James UTTRIDGE Rebecca DAY
113 06/12/1825 James SMITH Single St Michael, Cambridge Mary Ann BEECHENO Single
114 23/01/1826 William HAWKES Widower Ely Elizabeth STAMFORD Single
115 08/05/1826 Thomas ELVIDGE Single St Dunstan In The East, City Of London Mary Ann ASHBY
116 29/10/1826 Henry WATSON Widower Sarah BLAKE Single
117 18/12/1826 William TITCHMARSH Single St Botolph, Cambridge Mary ABELL
118 30/03/1827 Stephen PALMER Single Susan BRETT Widow
119 02/04/1827 Daniel STACEY Single Harriet HALL Single
120 02/04/1827 John MELLOWS Comberton Mary Anne RUTTER
121 19/04/1827 Francis PATMAN Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Ann BOOTH Single
122 24/05/1827 William TODD Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Mary GRAY Single
123 27/05/1827 Charles EARL Widower St Mary The Less, Cambridge Catharine JOHNSON Single
124 24/09/1827 George CRASK Single St Mary The Great, Cambridge Charlotte WELLS Single
125 20/12/1827 John Payne ASHBY Priscilla PARKER
126 31/01/1828 Robert CLARKE Ann WESTLEY
127 13/04/1828 John GIBSON Single Linton Eleanor CRANE Widow
128 11/05/1828 Robert BROWNE Single Hannah HOWE Widow
129 13/06/1828 William KING Single Harriet GILBERT Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex
130 07/07/1828 Thomas READER Single Mary FULLER Single
131 27/08/1828 Jacob KNIGHTS Single Whitechapel, Middlesex Hannah MEED
132 02/10/1828 John BYFORD St Giles, Cambridge Elizabeth Woodham TRIPLOW
133 21/10/1828 William SPOONER Single Jane ASBY Single
134 05/02/1829 Robert SUTTON Widower St John, Thanet, Kent Susanna WOODING Single
135 17/02/1829 James HART Single Sarah MUNN Single
136 22/03/1829 Thomas HOW Single St Mary The Less, Cambridge Harriet RAYNER Single
137 29/03/1829 John SERJEANT Single Harlton Maria THURSTON Single
138 11/04/1829 Richard HILL Widower Ickleton Mary RICHARDSON Single
139 29/05/1829 Benjamin PRYKE Single Sarah TOWNSEND Single
140 14/07/1829 William BORRETT Single Susan ROFE Single
141 06/08/1829 Samuel SHARP Single St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Mary Ann FULLER Single
142 24/08/1829 William COX Single Celia HARRADINE Single
143 20/12/1829 John ALDERTON Single Ann DENNIS Single
144 21/12/1829 Thomas SHIP Single Ann COOK Single
145 26/12/1829 Edward CRANWELL Susannah ASHBY
146 04/07/1830 Edward LEE Single Amelia Sophia SIMONS
147 04/07/1830 Hugh Langford PALMER Single Colne, Huntingdonshire Sarah WILKIN Single
148 04/11/1830 John MASON Single Waterbeach Mary KEATH Single
149 28/11/1830 John KIDD Widower Holy Trinity, Cambridge Sarah SOLOMON
150 07/12/1830 William Willis CHANDLER Single Sarah WORLING Single
151 28/12/1830 Henry CROSS Single Sarah BECKETT Single
152 31/01/1831 Richard ROOPE St Peter, Cambridge Mary Anne PARKER
153 10/04/1831 Valder Ebden BARRELL Single Mary Anne JOHNSON Single
154 21/07/1831 James Henry SMITH Single Martha GREEN Single
155 13/10/1831 John RICHARDSON Wimbish, Essex Ann SEARLE
156 25/12/1831 William ASHPOLE Single Elizabeth STEARNE Single
157 25/12/1831 John Robert WENTZELL Ann CORNWELL Single
158 23/01/1832 Richard PEACHEY Single Martha SHERMAN
159 25/01/1832 Richard MINTER Single St Botolph, Cambridge Rebecca SUMMERS Single
160 02/02/1832 John RUMBELOW Single Mary BIRD Single
161 04/02/1832 William BUNN Widower Ann DUNFORD Widow
162 06/03/1832 John DARNELL Single Sarah BUTLER Single
163 12/08/1832 John JOHNSON Single Ann WARREN Single
164 21/08/1832 Thomas LUMB Single Mary Anne HULL Single
165 06/09/1832 Henry DUNN Dinah Ann ESLEND
166 28/09/1832 John TIPLADY Single Mary AMEY Single
167 04/12/1832 William MINTER Single St Botolph, Cambridge Ann FULLER Single
168 09/06/1833 Robert HUNT Single Ann FRENCH Single
169 21/07/1833 Edward FREEMAN Single Eliza CORNWELL Single
170 03/09/1833 Edward GODDARD Single Catharine TURNER Single
171 12/11/1833 Charles MAXEY Single St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Sophia HODSON Single
172 16/12/1833 John LEE Single Margaret LOW Single
173 20/05/1834 William PAGE Widower Mary WELLS Single
174 14/10/1834 Philip PRATT Single Susan Frances BRIGGS Single
175 03/08/1835 Charles FOSTER Single Thurza MUSK Single
176 09/11/1835 Edward FOREMAN Single Ann FIELD Single
177 25/12/1835 James KEWIN Single Mary Ann DAY Single
178 31/12/1835 Henry HOWE Single St Ives, Huntingdonshire Ann BAXTER Single
179 07/04/1836 John CHALLICE Single Eliza WEBB St Andrew The Great, Cambridge
180 12/04/1836 James MUSK Single Edith COAS Single
181 10/05/1836 Henry MUNNS Single St Andrew The Less, Cambridge Sarah HARRISON
182 18/08/1836 John PEELING Single Mary HAMMOND Single
183 28/08/1836 Edwin James DIXON Single St Andrew The Great, Cambridge Eliza MORRIS
184 06/09/1836 Joseph Shipp SCARR Single Marianne BENNETT Single
185 30/09/1836 Alfred POWER Single Lucy Anne STARKIE Single
186 09/10/1836 Daniel JARVIS Widower Exning, Suffolk Ellen FLACK
187 16/10/1836 Thomas DISBERY Single Mary Anne FREESTONE
188 29/01/1837 Israel ATKINSON Single St Anne, Westminster, Middlesex Hephzibah BOSWELL

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