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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Castle Camps All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Castle Camps lies in the extreme southeast of Cambridgeshire forming not only a substantial part of the border with neighbouring Essex but it also very close to Suffolk too. Castle Camps is located about 3 miles southwest of the Suffolk market town of Haverhill and sits a similar distance and direction from its nearest significant road the A1017 part of the through route from Cambridge to Halstead. Whilst the village was present in post Conquest time its castle (and, indeed, the church) sit some way from the present site of the village which is largely grouped around a crossroads just over a half mile northeast of the castle site. The castle was first erected in 1068 and survived in various guises into the 17th century, all that remains now are earthworks and a fragment of wall. Castle Camps is a typical East Anglian arable farming community, today the fields are vast and dominated by cereals, beet & oil-seed. Castle Camps is drained northwestwards by the infant River Granta which makes its way to Cambridge where it meets the Cam, the latter, in turn, joins the Great Ouse and reaches the North Sea through The Wash. Castle Camps is sited at around 120 metres above the sea, making it one of the highest points in its rather low-lying county. Castle Camps parish was fairly typically sized for this area, covering close to 2,800 acres it would have supported a population of just over 850 parishioners. Despite the presence of the castle Castle Camps is not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

As mentioned All Saints' church sits over a half mile southwest of the village nestling next to the site of the former castle that gives the village its name. Whilst a church almost certainly was built here contemporary with the castle nothing of that era survives today and the first documentary record of the church is in the late 15th century. Today's church owes its origins to the great church building era of the 15th and 16th century being constructed in the Perpendicular style and with the classic layout of that period, nave, chancel and western tower. The church was, however, extensively remodelled in Victorian times and many dating details have been lost of are uncertain as a consequence. Church Lane leads southwest from the village and a small white sign in a triangular green points down the even narrower lane to the site, fortunately parking can be readily found outside the gates. The churchyard is open, uncluttered and has no major obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 8th August 1756 - 6th November 1812 Cambridgeshire Archives - Reference P34/1/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The register suffers sporadically from poor handwriting making for a small likelihood of misreads
2 29th January 1813 - 3rd June 1837 Cambridgeshire Archives - Reference P34/1/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Whilst the majority of this register is finely scripted, most of the 1830s is written in a rather poor hand making for a likelihood of a few misreads

Bartlow St Mary
Shudy Camps St Mary
Shudy Camps St Mary
Ashdon All Saints, Essex
Helions Bumpstead St Andrew, Essex
Ashdon All Saints, Essex
Ashdon All Saints, Essex
Radwinter St Mary the Virgin, Essex
Helions Bumpstead St Andrew, Essex

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 08/08/1756 Benjamin BELLSHAM Single Ann BAYLEY Single
2 30/10/1757 John IVES Single Jane FRISTON Single
3 14/11/1757 John TABOR Single Elizabeth GATES Widow
4 10/03/1758 William COLLIER Swaffham Prior Sarah BRIDGE
5 10/07/1758 John ROBERTSON Single Elizabeth BROWN Single
6 12/07/1758 John QUY Single Sarah ONION Single
7 26/07/1758 Robert RIST Single Ann RUFE Single
8 25/09/1758 Nathaniel BUTTEL Widower Mary MIFER Widow
9 26/02/1759 Peter CHINERY Single Elizabeth LINARD Single
10 31/05/1759 John MARSHALL Single Bartlow Sarah MONK Single
11 22/10/1759 William READER Mary SMITH
12 01/11/1759 George COWL Elizabeth PARKEN
13 06/11/1759 Joseph STUBBING Single Mary HYMUS Single
14 16/01/1760 John STRANGE Single Littlebury, Essex Susannah STUBBING Single
15 16/02/1760 Thomas COWPER Single Ann HODSON Single
16 01/03/1760 James WEBB Single Mary CHALLIS Single
17 07/04/1760 Joshua CLAYDON Single Sarah HYMAS Single
18 08/04/1760 James BARKER Single Mary CLAYDON Single
19 18/04/1760 Robert CLAYDON Single Mary CRICK Single
20 02/02/1761 James CARLTON Single Mary BUTTAL Single
21 15/04/1761 Thomas ARCHER Single Saffron Walden, Essex Mary FRANKLING Single
22 09/06/1761 George TREDGET Single Judith MARSH Single
23 29/06/1761 Robert FREE Sarah FORSTER
24 12/09/1761 William COLE Single Mary STARR Single
25 09/02/1762 John CARTER Single Shudy Camps Elizabeth HODSON Single
26 27/07/1762 John MISEN Single Withersfield, Suffolk Elizabeth TABOR Single
27 12/10/1762 Jonathan GERMANY Single Elizabeth PETIT Single
28 26/04/1763 John MARSH Single Susanna WHITE Widow Radwinter, Essex
28 21/06/1763 William BRIDGE Single Ann COOTE Single
29 17/10/1763 Thomas STUBBING Single Sarah ADAMS Single
30 20/09/1764 Abraham IVES Frances LAPWARD
31 15/04/1765 Giles MORE Mary BLAKES Widow
32 09/06/1766 William TILBROOK Elizabeth CHALLIS
33 13/10/1766 Thomas IVES Ann WEBB
34 20/10/1766 John HOUGHTON Glemsford, Suffolk Mary FREEMAN
35 20/10/1766 Joseph WEBB Weston Colville Amey SAVEALL
36 15/12/1766 James HODSON Catherine HYMAS
37 16/12/1766 William FREEMAN Saffron Walden, Essex Elizabeth HYMAS
38 24/12/1766 William WENHAM Single Phoebe FREEMAN
39 01/07/1767 John FRENCH Widower Elizabeth MILLER Single
40 15/09/1767 Thomas BRADMAN Single Ann BANGS Single
41 22/06/1768 John FREEMAN Mary BUNN
42 18/07/1768 John REYNOLDS Single Ashdon, Essex Prudence PAVIT
43 28/10/1768 William TABOR Amy HAZLEWOOD
44 16/05/1769 Henry POMFRET Elizabeth PAXMAN
45 04/10/1769 Matthew SIGGS Haverhill, Suffolk Ann LEONARD
46 20/11/1769 Isaac CHAPMAN Mary WOODLEY
47 10/01/1770 Joseph BRAZIER Hempstead, Essex Elizabeth SMITH
48 16/07/1770 John WARREN Elizabeth MOOR
49 23/07/1770 John BROOKS Ashdon, Essex Prudence REYNOLDS Widow
50 01/11/1770 William CLARKE Frances PAVIT
51 08/11/1770 William BYE Catharine COLLIER
52 04/04/1771 William TREDGET Ann FRISTON
53 21/05/1771 James PAVIT Hannah EWIN
54 26/10/1771 Henry MANFEILD Single Kedington, Suffolk Lettice ARBOR Single
55 29/10/1771 Richard BAINES Grace CLARKE
56 31/10/1771 Thomas HYMAS Ann HYMAS
57 27/01/1772 John WILLIS Hempstead, Essex Mary STUBBING Widow
58 30/06/1772 Martin HOCKLEY Single Ashdon, Essex Allice CHALLIS Single
59 13/07/1772 Thomas GREYGOOSE Mary THEAKE
60 20/10/1772 John CHALLIS Mary ROLLARD
61 04/02/1773 George DENCH Bartlow Mary ANDREW
62 14/06/1773 William HIMUS Rachel WAKOPE Hinxton
63 01/11/1773 James GREYGOOSE Bartlow Mary HODSON
64 29/11/1773 John BAILEY Single Mary MEDCAP Single
65 14/04/1774 Robert ANDREWS Widower Mary FREESTONE Single
66 24/05/1774 James PETERS Single Ann GRAY Single
67 20/12/1774 John MARSHAL Single Ann FITCH Single
68 09/01/1775 William PEARSON Single Ann THEAKE Single
69 27/05/1775 James HYMUS Widower Sarah STUBBING Widow
70 04/06/1775 John HYMAS Single Ann CHINERY Single
71 18/07/1775 Robert CHALLIS Widower Helions Bumpstead, Essex Ann SMITH Single
72 08/09/1775 William BANGS Single Catherine JONES Single
73 15/10/1775 William BAINES Single Mary LOFT Single
74 01/11/1775 Thomas PURKIS Single Mary CLARK Single
75 02/01/1776 Richard REYNOLDS Single Shudy Camps Amey TABOR Widow
76 28/01/1776 John BEVIS Single Sarah HILLS Single
77 08/04/1776 Henry WEBB Single Elizabeth IVES Single
78 30/04/1776 William COLE Single Lydia HAYLOCK Single
79 08/07/1776 William KING Widower Horseheath Ann ROWLERSON Single
80 17/10/1776 John HEEVE Single Ann MARSH Single
82 09/11/1776 John WIBROW Single Sarah HYMAS Single
81 17/11/1776 John BOYTON Single Ann LOFTS Single
83 01/02/1778 John TILBROOK Single Mary BELSHAM Single
84 04/03/1778 Henry COOT Single Judith CHAPMAN Single
85 11/05/1778 John CLAYDON Single Haverhill, Suffolk Ann WHITE Single
86 09/06/1778 John HARVEY Single Helions Bumpstead, Essex Elizabeth BEADLE Single
87 29/11/1778 John CARTER Tabitha MAN Great Abington
88 03/03/1779 Benjamin BELSHAM Widower Jane WEBB Single
89 31/03/1779 John BEAVIS Single Haverhill, Suffolk Jane IVES Single
90 28/03/1780 Joshua RUSE Single Ashdon, Essex Mary WENHAM Single
91 15/05/1780 Abraham ROOKES Hitchin, Hertfordshire Dorothy BEVIS
92 17/10/1780 Robert RIST Single Mary EMERY Single
93 24/01/1781 Thomas BRETTON Widower Ruth SAMMS Single
94 29/04/1781 Henry OSBORNE Great Wigborough, Essex Judith HYMAS
95 25/09/1781 Samuel IRON Haverhill, Suffolk Phoebe HAZLEWOOD Single
96 01/11/1781 James LEONARD Single Anne COOTE Single
97 17/02/1782 Francis ROOKS Single Ann COOTE Single
98 25/03/1782 Robert RAWLINSON Single Mary WRIGHT Single
99 10/10/1782 Thomas CLARK Single Saffron Walden, Essex Judith TRIDGIT Single
14/10/1782 James CARLTON Single Sarah CARTER Single
16/10/1782 George TREDGIT Widower Susannah HALES Single Helions Bumpstead, Essex
27/11/1782 Benjamin BELSHAM Single Sarah HYMUS Single
11/12/1782 Buttel HYMUS Single Susanna COWEL Single
04/01/1784 James CLARKE Single Susannah BRAZIER Single
07/03/1784 John COLE Single Shudy Camps Ann WEBB Single
12/04/1784 John WEB Single Ann COOPER
01/11/1784 Joseph WEBB Single Susanna KING
11/11/1784 William TREDGETT Single Susannah BELLSHAM
20/04/1785 Thomas BRETTON Widower Elizabeth PRICE Widow Wood Ditton
06/12/1785 John GREEN Single Elizabeth BURN Single
14/08/1786 William NEEDHAM Widower Ann CRICK
15/10/1786 James MILLER Widower Sarah FREEMAN
18/10/1787 George READ Saffron Walden, Essex Mary COOPER
03/12/1787 Henry BASSET Single Sarah WEBB Single
01/01/1788 Robert HAYDEN Single Helions Bumpstead, Essex Martha COOTE Single
03/01/1788 William WHITEHEAD Single Shudy Camps Elizabeth WRIGHT Single
20/02/1788 Samuel MARSH Single Mary MASON Single
20/06/1788 Robert PANNEL Single Ann BRADMAN Widow
16/07/1788 Thomas DARKIN Single Haverhill, Suffolk Mary WEBB Single
11/08/1788 Abraham CHINEY Single Mary FITCH Single
17/11/1788 William WEBB Single Mary TREDGET Single
27/11/1788 Samuel CHAPMAN Single Mary READER Single
02/06/1789 William LUCAS Single Alice CHALLIS Single
29/09/1789 John BARKER Single Martha STOCK Single
13/10/1789 Robert COWLAND Single Elizabeth WEBB Single
13/10/1789 John MARSHALL Single Mary KILLINGBACK Single
27/06/1790 Ezra WHITING Widower Elizabeth ANDREWS Single
05/08/1790 William COOTE Single Ann DEBNEY Single
18/10/1790 Thomas BRETTON Single Amey BARKER Single
10/11/1790 James LAWRENCE Single Ann BARKER Single
17/01/1791 James MATTHEWS Single Catherine BYE Single
04/07/1791 Thomas CARLTON Single Frances WRIGHT Single
12/01/1792 Thomas READER Single Elizabeth WAGER Single
26/11/1792 James OVERHILL Widower Ann BOYTON Widow
07/02/1793 James FREEMAN Single Ann IRON Single
30/03/1793 William THEAKE Single Mary PARMENTER Single
02/11/1793 Robert WINTERFLOOD Single Sarah PETERS Single
12/12/1794 Simon BYE Single Rebecca EWIN Single
18/10/1795 William QUYE Single Mary SYMONDS Single
23/10/1795 William BRADMAN Single Hannah ANDREWS Single
23/02/1796 Robert HAWES Haverhill, Suffolk Elizabeth BAINS
29/04/1796 Henry JAMES Saffron Walden, Essex Elizabeth REDHOUSE Widow
20/09/1796 William WARREN Single Elizabeth BOLTON Dagenham, Essex
11/10/1796 William FREE Widower Mary KIDDEY Single
26/10/1796 Henry COOTE Widower Rebecca BROWN Single
01/11/1796 John IVES Single Elizabeth HYMAS Single
20/12/1796 William EMSON Single Linton Elizabeth FRENCH Single
25/03/1797 Jonathan GERMANY Single Mercy COLE Single
03/07/1797 Richard ANDREWS Single Sarah WARREN Single
16/03/1798 James FREESTONE Single Helions Bumpstead, Essex Mary CHALLIS Single
31/10/1798 Samuel HAWES Single Amelia ESLAND Single Helions Bumpstead, Essex
09/11/1798 Richard TILBROOK Single Sarah COOPER Single
13/11/1798 John HICKS Widower Susanna PETTIT Single
13/11/1798 Daniel ROOT Single Frances BRIDGE Single
15/01/1799 Henry CHAPMAN Single Ann TREGET Single
29/01/1799 Thomas MALLYEN Widower Millicent PRENTICE Single
24/10/1799 John HALL Single Helions Bumpstead, Essex Rebecca WEBB Single
07/11/1799 Robert RIDGEWELL Single Ann TREDGET Single
07/11/1799 William BYE Single Mary COWLING Single
10/11/1799 William CLARK Widower Grace CONNELL Single
21/11/1799 John WEBB Single Sarah MASCALL Single
16/02/1800 Howard WRIGHT Single Susanna MOWLE Single
17/10/1800 William POULTER Single Sarah PEARSON Single
14/10/1801 Edward MOSS Widower Bartlow Mary NORDEN Single
15/10/1801 Richard WARREN Single Radwinter, Essex Susanna PORTER Single
06/12/1801 Daniel REDHOUSE Single Harlow, Essex Judith WEBB Single
20/05/1802 John BELSHAM Single Ann WEBB
21/08/1802 James STALLEY Single Bartlow Sarah BLACKHALL Single
01/11/1802 Henry ANDREWS Single Sarah HARLOW Single
12/05/1803 Robert BRAZIER Single Margaret COLE Single
01/11/1803 Eltham HYMANS Single Jemima KIDDEY Single
10/11/1803 John BEVIS Single Sarah HARDWICK Single
15/11/1803 Jasper COWEL Widower Ashdon, Essex Sarah SHARP Single
05/04/1804 John BROWN Single Susannah ANDREWS Single
01/05/1804 John CARTER Single Mary LEONARD Single
20/09/1804 William CLAYDEN Single Littlebury, Essex Mary Cole CARTER Single
17/10/1804 Thoroughgood CLARK Widower Elizabeth BROWN Single
01/11/1804 John BARRET Single Rebecca LEONARD Helions Bumpstead, Essex
24/12/1804 William SAVILLE Single Elizabeth MURTON Single
25/12/1804 William BARKER Single Susanna WEBB Single
16/02/1805 Frederick GIBLIN Single Wimbish, Essex Susanna LEONARD Single
19/08/1805 William THOROWGOOD Single Elizabeth COWLAND Single
29/10/1805 Joshua CLAYDON Single Hannah TILBROOK Single
04/11/1805 Richard COLE Single Susanna HARDY Single
09/11/1805 William PEARSON Single Susanna PETERS Single
27/12/1806 Isaac FREE Single Susanna LEONARD Single
18/09/1807 Thomas GRAINGER Single Linton Catharine BAINES Single
29/09/1807 Thomas YELDHAM Single Susan TILBROOK Single
03/11/1807 Lawrence BAINES Single Ann HICKS Single
22/01/1808 Richard BENTLEY Single Hannah CARTER Single
29/04/1808 Robert TREDGET Single Elizabeth BENNET Single
07/06/1808 William TILBROOK Single Maria GUNN Single
14/06/1808 Samuel BIGMORE Single Withersfield, Suffolk Lucy TORBLE Single
28/06/1808 Daniel WEBB Single Haverhill, Suffolk Jane MIZON Single
29/11/1808 Joseph CHAPMAN Single Agnes FERRER Single
02/12/1808 Henry CORNHILL Single Mary MATTHEWS Single
07/01/1809 John TAYLOR Single Mary TURNER Single
01/03/1809 Thomas WINTERFLOOD Single Elizabeth WEBB Single
09/11/1809 William BARKER Widower Charlotte LEONARD Single
23/11/1809 Robert COLE Single Sarah FARRANT Single
02/12/1809 William TREDGET Single Ann CARLTON Single
12/12/1809 William COLE Widower Helions Bumpstead, Essex Charlotte LEONARD Single
08/05/1810 Thomas RAVIT Single Ann BARNARD Single Bartlow
12/05/1810 James FARRANT Single Mary BAINES Single
18/06/1810 Daniel THENT Single Mary HARLEY Single
13/11/1810 William FRANKLEY Single Chigwell, Essex Mary WILSON Single
23/11/1810 William WATSON Single Catherine HYMAS Single
08/12/1810 Thomas COWLAND Single Sarah MYNOTT Single
17/05/1811 Robert CLAYDON Single Elizabeth MIZEN Single
15/10/1811 James PETTIT Single Sarah HYMAS Single
29/10/1811 John BARKER Single Ann MIZEN Single
11/11/1811 Robert BARKER Single Elizabeth BARKER Single
29/04/1812 Samuel WAKELING Single Withersfield, Suffolk Ann KILLINGBACK Single
12/10/1812 Stephen ANDREWS Single Helions Bumpstead, Essex Anne BAINES Single
02/11/1812 Samuel ANDREWS Single Mary JOHNSON Single
06/11/1812 James LEONARD Single Mary Ann GOOCH Widow
06/11/1812 Joseph WEBB Single Sarah WYNHAM Single
1 29/01/1813 George COWLAND Single Ann WEBB Single
2 10/04/1813 William PEARSON Widower Ann RIDGEWELL Widow
3 08/06/1813 Robert MARTIN Widower Southery, Norfolk Isabella CLARK Single
4 09/06/1813 Malyon BAINES Single Elizabeth HOCKLEY Single
5 29/10/1813 John BARKER Widower Sarah OVERILL Widow
7 08/02/1814 Joseph WILSON Shudy Camps Elizabeth WEBB
8 21/04/1814 John BEEVIS Widower Elizabeth WRITE Single
9 17/10/1814 Richard TILBROOK Widower Elizabeth BARKER Widow
10 19/11/1814 John IVES Widower Amey MANSFIELD Widow
11 02/12/1814 Thomas WOODLEY Single Sarah WEBB Single
12 03/06/1815 John COWLAND Widower Amey WRIGHT Single
13 02/10/1815 Joseph BARKER Single Mary WYNHAM Single
14 11/10/1815 Henry IVES Single Elizabeth CARLTON Single
15 11/10/1815 James MATHEWS Widower Sarah CARLTON Widow
16 27/10/1815 Abraham ROOKS Single Frances COWLAND Single
17 25/12/1815 Stephen BARKER Single Hannah KILLINGBACK Single
18 04/03/1816 Henry FREEMAN Single Harriet WEBB Single
19 30/06/1816 Stephen HYMAS Single Sarah SHAW Single
20 02/11/1816 Samuel FREE Single Hannah BAINES Single
21 22/11/1816 Robert COOPER Single Mary RULE Single
22 18/05/1817 Benjamin BARKER Single Ann COWELL Single
23 24/08/1817 John COWEL Single Sarah OVERILL Single
24 01/09/1817 James LEONARD Widower Susan BRADMAN Single
25 03/09/1817 Robert HOULDEN Single Boston, Lincolnshire Mary HASSACK
26 06/11/1817 Samuel WEBB Catherine ANDREWS Widow
27 09/11/1817 Henry TILBROOK Single Rebeckah BARKER Single
28 29/11/1817 James CLARKE Single Sarah WEBB Single
29 30/11/1817 Joseph BAINS Single Sarah FREE Single
30 11/12/1817 Samuel PILGRIM Single Great Chesterford, Essex Betsy COOTE Single
31 21/12/1817 Charles WILSON Widower Charlotte CLARKE Single
32 25/12/1817 Robert LEISTER Single Mary CORNELL Single
33 19/02/1818 Daniel COLIN Single All Saints, Cambridge Ann WHITEHEAD Single
34 13/01/1819 Robert MEED Single Haverhill, Suffolk Amey MATTHEWS Single
35 31/01/1819 Charles WILLSON Single Sarah LEISTER Single
36 11/03/1820 Thomas IVES Single Ann MANSFIELD Single
37 02/04/1820 John JEFFERY Single Sarah COOPER Single
38 02/06/1820 Samuel ANDREWS Widower Judith KILLINGBACK Single
39 04/02/1821 Daniel CHAPMAN Single Amey WEBB Single
40 01/04/1821 John LUKAS Single Elizabeth LEONARD Single
41 08/04/1821 Nathaniel TREDGET Single Mary TILLBROOK Single
42 15/04/1821 William LISTER Single Harriet BARKER Single
43 02/06/1821 Thomas GIBBS Single Rebeccah SMITH Single
44 10/07/1821 Jacob COWLING Single Mary CARLTON Single
45 05/08/1821 James COWLING Single Ann WEBB Widow
46 27/12/1821 William CARLTON Single Mary Ann ADAMS Widow
47 10/01/1822 Joseph COOPER Single Phebe TILBROOK Single
48 06/03/1822 Henry LUCAS Single Mary Ann WINTERFLOOD Single
49 03/06/1822 Jonathan DARKING Single Helions Bumpstead, Essex Mary BRADMAN Single
50 18/06/1822 Benjamin COWEL Single Susan HALL Single
51 09/07/1822 Robert SIMPSON Single Chingford, Essex Elizabeth WEBB Single
52 05/10/1822 John SWAN Single Bartlow Betsey BAINES Single
53 12/10/1822 William CLARKE Widower Susan ANDREWS Single
54 08/11/1822 Richard OVERILL Single Mary CHAPMAN Single
55 14/12/1822 James POTTER Single Susan FREE Single
57 14/12/1822 Joseph COWELL Single Harriet WEBB Single
58 28/07/1823 John HARROD Single Bartlow Mary MIZEN Single
59 23/08/1823 Thomas BRADMAN Single Charlotte WEBB Single
60 31/08/1823 George WENHAM Single Betsey KILLINGBACK Single
61 08/09/1823 Isaac AGER Single Charlotte FREE Single
62 13/10/1823 John TAYLOR Widower Mary CLARK Single
63 20/10/1823 Samuel BIGMORE Single Keziah WINTERFLOOD Single
64 02/12/1823 Robert CLAYDON Single Withersfield, Suffolk Betsey JEFFEREY Single
65 25/12/1823 Charles LUCAS Single Hannah TILLBROOKE Single
67 30/03/1824 James AYLETT Single Harriett HEART Single
68 27/06/1824 Thomas STEARNS Single Charlotte TAYLOR Single
69 13/07/1824 John DUCHESNE Single All Hallows London Wall, City Of London Sarah Henrietta COLLIER Single
70 09/01/1825 William PARKINS Widower Marianne BROWN Single
71 27/03/1825 John IVES Single Sarah OVERILL Single
72 08/08/1825 Thomas WYNHAM Single Dudley FITCH Single
73 10/09/1825 Sturgeon WALLAGE Single Little Bardfield, Essex Susan KILLINGBACK Single
75 08/10/1825 James BEYNES Single Ann TILBROOK Single
76 29/10/1825 William LEONARD Single Charlotte CARLTON Single
77 06/11/1825 Joseph BRETTON Single Mary Ann PETTITT Single
78 10/01/1826 William EVERETT Single Martha WEBB Single
79 03/06/1826 Joseph PURKIS Single Elizabeth CLARK Single
81 23/08/1826 Stephen MANSFIELD Single West Wickham Jane WYNHAM Single
80 23/09/1826 Benjamin BELSHAM Single Hannah FREE Single
82 10/10/1826 Stephen FARRANT Single Mary Rebecca BRIANT Single
83 09/11/1826 William WALLIS Single Judith REDHOUSE Single
84 28/01/1827 Robert JEFFERY Single Charlotte CHAPMAN Single
85 23/02/1827 Edward TILBROOK Single Anne PARKIN Single
86 04/03/1827 John JEFFERY Widower Sarah TAYLOR Widow
87 15/09/1827 John BRADMAN Single Ann SMITH Single
88 15/09/1827 Charles FOX Single Ann COOPER Single
89 21/10/1827 Isaac CHAPMAN Single Susan LUCAS Single
90 11/11/1827 Daniel TAMMENT Single Linton Joanna LAWRENCE Single
91 19/11/1827 Joseph SAVILL Single Littlebury, Essex Susan HICKS Single
92 15/03/1828 John WEBB Single Ann BUTTERFIELD Single
93 30/07/1828 William FREE Widower Jemima HYMAS Widow
94 30/09/1828 William COWELL Single Ann BELSHAM Single
95 05/01/1829 James HYMAS Single Rebecca SMITH Single
96 13/01/1829 Stephen BARKER Single Elizabeth COOTE Single
97 25/12/1829 John BELSHAM Single Judith WENHAM Single
98 29/01/1830 Joseph BUTTERFIELD Single Mary Ann KIDDEY Single
99 02/06/1830 William PARKIN Single Martha BROWN Single
100 10/07/1830 John YELDHAM Single Sophia KILLINGBACK Single
101 29/10/1830 John BARRETT Single Mary Ann COOTE Single
102 25/12/1830 John WILSON Tilbury Juxta Clare, Essex Betsey BROWN
103 20/02/1831 William WINTERFLOOD Single Sophy TAYLOR Single
104 09/04/1831 John JOYCE Single Ann MABYN Single
105 03/06/1831 William BARRETT Single Elizabeth BORHAM Single
106 05/07/1831 William WOOLLAND Single Linton Sarah WILSON Single
107 11/10/1831 John BRAZIER Single Sarah WEBB Single
108 11/10/1831 Abraham BAINES Single Charlotte SMITH Single
109 19/11/1831 John FITCH Single Susan MARSH Single
110 03/12/1831 William CLAXTON Single Mary HOCKLEY Single
111 13/04/1832 Joseph BRAZIER Single Ann BRADMAN Single
112 11/05/1832 Thomas PLEDGER Single Susan HORLEY Single
113 02/06/1832 John WEBB Single Amy BAYNES Single
114 25/06/1832 Richard BAKER Single St Botolph, Cambridge Elizabeth BELSHAM Single
115 13/10/1832 John BARKER Single Ann KIDMAN Single
116 01/11/1832 John MALYN Single Harriet CLAYDON Single
117 21/03/1833 James CLARKE Widower Agnes CHAPMAN Widow
118 10/09/1833 John KILLINGBACK Hannah JEFFERY
119 14/09/1833 John IVES Widower Hannah FREE Single
120 12/10/1833 Richard OVERHILL Widower Mary TAYLOR Widow
121 01/11/1833 Robert UNWIN Single Ashdon, Essex Mary Ann ANDREWS Single
122 14/11/1833 Robert BROWN Great Bardfield, Essex Peggy BELLS
124 29/11/1833 Samuel GOOCH Single Mary ADAMS Single
125 18/04/1834 Peter STALLEY Single Ashdon, Essex Susan TILBROOK Single
126 12/05/1834 Robert COWELL Single Hannah BARNARD Single
127 02/06/1834 James ADAMS Single Sarah TAYLOR Single
128 22/06/1834 William BUNTON Single Judith HEMMING Single
129 02/07/1834 Samuel PARKIN Single Elizabeth BARRETT Single
130 19/09/1834 Charles FREEMAN Widower Ann CARLTON Single
131 27/09/1834 Samuel MIDDLEDITCH Single Ann BRADMAN Single
132 02/06/1835 Thomas HYMUS Single Eliza HALL Single
133 17/09/1835 Robert JEFFERY Widower Mary Ann BARRETT Widow
134 21/09/1835 Joseph COOTE Widower Susan FREE Widow
135 21/09/1835 Samuel BROWN Single Charlotte FREE Single
136 09/10/1835 John WOODLEY Widower Judith BARKER Single
137 22/10/1835 Samuel GIBBS Single Grace BAYNES Single
138 22/10/1835 Isaac BAYNES Single Emma BOREHAM Single
139 22/11/1835 Robert BROWN Single Eliza WOODLEY Single
140 02/01/1836 John FREEMAN Single Shudy Camps Sophy FREE Single
141 27/03/1836 Thomas ANDREWS Single Susan WEBB Single
142 28/07/1836 George WARREN Single Helions Bumpstead, Essex Betsey MOORE Single
143 03/08/1836 Charles CHAPMAN Single Martha PARKIN Widow
144 01/10/1836 Thomas BARRETT Single Martha BARKER Single
145 12/10/1836 Henry BARKER Single Elizabeth BARRETT Widow
146 22/10/1836 Henry STOCK Widower Rebecca COWLING Single
147 26/10/1836 Joseph BROWN Single Susannah CHAPMAN Widow
148 01/11/1836 Charles BARKER Single Dudley JOYCE Single
149 05/11/1836 James BARRETT Single Charlotte TILBROOK Single Helions Bumpstead, Essex
150 13/11/1836 John COWELL Single Sophia LEONARD Single
151 03/06/1837 Moses SYMONDS Ashdon, Essex Hannah SMITH

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