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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Caxton St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Caxton lies in the extreme west of Cambridgeshire forming a short part of the border with neighbouring Huntingdonshire. Caxton sits roughly midway between the city of Cambridge and the Huntingdonshire town of St Neots being roughly 10 miles west of Cambridge. Caxton sits on the former route of the A1198 road which sits astride the ancient Roman Road Ermine Street and which now bypasses Caxton to its east. Market town status was granted to Caxton in 1247 but that status has long since lapsed as it failed to grow into a significant town. It flourished as one of the principal stages along the stagecoach route between London & the North but today is merely a large village, increasingly developed as a suburb of the nearby city. The surrounding parish is extensively arable, a situation unchanged from the time of this transcript. Caxton is drained eastwards by a small headwater of the Bourn Brook which heads east to join the Cam at Grantchester, heads through Cambridge and across the Fens joining the Great Ouse and reaching the North Sea through The Wash. Caxton is sited at around 50 metres above the sea, land is unspectacularly but gently rolling hereabouts rising to local heights close to 80 metres to Caxton's south. Caxton parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering 2,300 acres it would have supported a population of close to 550 parishioners. In Domesday times Caxton was a middling sort of place, held by one Hardwin de Scales it could offer 12 ploughs together with some meadows.

The Church

St Andrew's church sits at the southwestern-most corner of the village on the northern side of the lane heading towards Great Gransden. Whilst the church does have mediaeval origins it is largely a construct of a severe restoration in the 1860s. Pevsner struggles to locate dating detail of the original building but finds little other than the following. The earliest portion is clearly the chancel of the late 13th century showing the plate tracery of that date, the western tower is dateable to the 14th century and the Decorated period whilst traces of Perpendicular style and late 14th/early 15th periods are present still in the western doorway and the reworked bell-openings. Almost everything else dates from the Victorian restoration described by Pevsner as "heavy". The church is difficult of parking being accessed primarily by a small gate from the Gransden Road. A pathway leads through to the churchyard which is open and relatively free of photographic obstacles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 2nd June 1755 - 9th November 1812 Cambridgeshire Archives - Reference - P37/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 8th February 1813 - 22nd August 1836 Cambridgeshire Archives - Reference - P37/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Great Gransden St Bartholomew, Huntingdonshire
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Bourn St Helen & St Mary

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
14/01/1754 William COLSON     Elizabeth ARNSTED    
1 02/06/1755 John EVERET   Bourn Mary PAMBY    
2 23/04/1756 Edward DIXEY Single   Mary GODFREY Single  
3 13/05/1756 Peter EVERSDEN Single   Anne HALL Widow  
4 12/08/1756 Robert FULLER Single   Elizabeth HARRISON Widow  
1 14/12/1756 Thomas FLOWERS     Elizabeth BOOTH    
2 20/02/1757 Thomas HILLS Single   Mary WALLER    
3 11/04/1757 Michael PINK     Elizabeth RIPIN    
4 03/07/1757 Philip MILLER Single Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Sarah FULLER    
29/07/1757 William WHISKIN Widower Holy Trinity, Cambridge Mary GRAYSTOCK Single  
13/11/1757 George MEAD   St Clement, Cambridge Ann EAST    
03/01/1758 Richard PEAK     Mary ANABLE    
30/10/1758 Edward RAIMENT     Elizabeth SIMSON    
30/10/1758 George HOWEY     Sarah KIDMAN    
24/07/1759 William COOPER     Elizabeth THEOBALDS    
23/12/1759 George BUTCHER     Elizabeth SPINK    
07/01/1760 Phillip PRATT   Eaton Socon, Bedfordshire Sushannah WALKER    
12/05/1760 William ASKUM Single Knottingley, Yorkshire Dorothy COOPER Widow  
25/12/1760 William FLANDERS Single Meldreth Frances PAMBY Single  
27/02/1761 John COTTON     Mary SELL    
09/05/1761 William BAWDWEN Single Kilnwick On The Wolds, Yorkshire Grace HORSFALL Widow  
19/10/1761 John HARDEN   Oakington Elizabeth KIDMAN Single  
02/05/1762 John ROBINSON     Elizabeth LANE    
05/07/1763 Edward BLANCHET     Mary HARRISON    
16/04/1764 Samuel ADAMS   Bourn Elizabeth COOPER    
12/11/1764 Abraham TITMUS     Amey FULSTONE    
26/12/1764 William HALL Single   Mary COTTON Single  
19/03/1765 John CHEVERS Single   Rebecca AELEN Widow  
21/10/1765 John HAYES Single   Hannah SUMPTER Single  
06/01/1766 Thomas BARTLE   Cockayne Hatley, Bedfordshire Mary KIDMAN    
06/01/1766 Thomas BERKLEY   Cockayne Hatley, Bedfordshire Mary KIDMAN    
30/06/1766 Thomas PATMAN Single Gamlingay Lucy SAYER Single  
08/12/1766 John TIBBIT Single   Ann NUNN Widow  
22/12/1767 William FRESHWATER Widower   Jane RANFORD Widow  
13/02/1768 George SAYER Single   Alice STAMFORD Single  
27/09/1769 Henry ANABLE Single   Mary BLANCHUTT Widow  
08/05/1770 George PETERS Single   Mary PEPPER    
16/10/1770 Edward BALL Single   Elisabeth PETERS Single  
28/05/1771 Benjamin FORDHAM Single   Ann REUBEN Single  
20/08/1771 Jeremiah COOPER Single   Elisabeth FLINDERS Single  
13/10/1772 John WEBB   Kingston Ann TURNER    
28/12/1772 William SUTTON Single   Jane COLSON Single  
11/10/1773 Thomas BRIMLEY Single Sutton Ann MACKLIN Single  
14/10/1773 Robert WAPELLS Single   Ann DRAPER Single  
05/11/1773 Edward CHAPMAN   Great Eversden Elizabeth OLIVER Single  
22/11/1773 Wesley HAWKENS   Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire Mary BOND    
21/12/1773 William ROSIN   Bourn Mary RAIMENT    
08/08/1774 William ELIS Widower   Rebecca CHIFES Widow  
12/03/1775 John WOOLSTONE Single St Mary, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire Mary STORKE Widow  
23/07/1775 Richard LEWER Widower Harlton Elizabeth SHALLOW Widow  
26/12/1775 William WIGNALL Single Papworth St Agnes Sarah COTTON Single  
13/12/1776 Thomas COTTON Single Bourn Sarah OLIVER Single  
31/03/1777 Jeremiah EAST Single   Mercy FORDHAM Single  
19/05/1777 William NUNN Single   Catherine SAYWELL Widow  
09/02/1778 Thomas HILLS Single St Neots, Huntingdonshire Hannah COLSTON Single  
11/05/1778 Abraham EVENS Single   Susannah EVRETT Single  
26/08/1778 William FRESHWATERS Widower   Mary HOWKS Widow  
14/09/1778 Allan ROOTON Widower Great Paxton, Huntingdonshire Dinah WOLSOM Widow  
20/10/1778 Drage COLSON Single   Elizabeth HUETT Single  
27/10/1778 John FLINDERS Widower   Elizabeth ADAMES Widow  
07/04/1779 James COOPER Single   Ann OKINS Single  
61 20/10/1779 Robert REUBEN Single   Mary BLAND Single  
62 29/10/1779 Richard COLSTON Single   Rachel BRAND Single  
63 14/11/1779 Thomas HILLS Widower   Mary SMITH Single  
64 20/12/1779 John BAKER Single Stow Longa, Huntingdonshire Edey COLSON Single  
65 23/04/1780 William EDWARDS Single   Mary PEACOCK Single  
66 30/07/1780 Robert FARRINGTON Single   Alice BINGS Single  
67 27/03/1781 Fuller SMITH Single   Mary HARVEY Single  
68 08/05/1781 William HARVEY Single   Martha COOPER Single  
69 24/07/1781 William COULSON Single   Sarah WHITE Single  
70 23/11/1781 Simon KIDMAN Single   Ann NEVELL Single  
73 11/01/1782 John REVELL Single   Mary SPARROW Single  
71 23/07/1782 Robert BEARD   Stow Longa, Huntingdonshire Mary EMBRY Widow  
74 21/10/1782 Thomas REVELL     Sarah FRESHWATERS    
75 19/04/1784 Rament POPE Single   Elizabeth REVELL Single  
76 09/05/1784 John ROBINSON Single   Mary MANYWEATHERS Single  
77 23/06/1784 Thomas WILSON Single East Ham, Essex Ann REYMONT Single  
78 10/08/1784 Henry KITSON Single   Ann WOLSOM Single  
79 28/10/1784 John JACKSON Widower   Mary WELLS Widow  
80 05/11/1784 William SOWELL Single   Jane CARRINGTON Single  
81 25/12/1784 Francis KIDMAN Single   Ann EVRET Single  
82 10/04/1785 Roger DUST Single   Sarah ROBINSON Single  
83 24/06/1785 John BULL Single Comberton Elizabeth MICHELL Single  
84 17/11/1785 William PEAK Single   Phillis COLSON Single  
85 31/07/1786 James NASH Single   Ann MACKLEN Widow  
86 11/10/1786 John YELEN Single   Jane CARVELER    
87 05/11/1786 John MOLD Single   Elizabeth BALL    
88 21/12/1786 Samuel REVEL Single   Elizabeth DENIS Single  
89 25/03/1787 Henry WIDBREAD Single   Mary ELLIS Single  
90 04/12/1787 Edward BULLEN Single   Elizabeth COOPER Single  
91 29/04/1788 John CORKET Single   Mary CHAPMAN Single  
92 25/12/1788 James SPARROW Single Denford, Northamptonshire Elizabeth NICKOLSON Single  
30/06/1789 William COULSON Widower   Jane HALL Single  
24/03/1790 William BLANCHUTT Single   Edey FRANKLIN Single  
16/06/1790 Thomas MANNERSON Single   Mary BOWD Single  
11/10/1790 William COOPER Single   Frances MORRIS Single  
19/10/1790 William BAKER Single   Sarah JANUARY Single  
25/07/1791 Richard KEMP Single   Mary FURBANK Single  
05/07/1792 Richard ANSBEY Single Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire Sarah LINDSEY Single  
06/08/1792 William BROCKWELL Single   Elizabeth HAYES Single  
09/02/1793 Samuel AMEY Single   Susan EVANS Widow  
07/09/1793 John ROBERTSON Single   Mary BATWRIDGE Single  
11/12/1793 Thomas OSBORNE Single Eltisley Elizabeth MANSLEY Single  
21/07/1794 John SOWELL Single   Rebecca TANN    
05/06/1796 William PARRISH Single   Jane BALL Single  
14/03/1797 William EVERSDEN Single   Ann SUTTON Single  
03/04/1797 Henry FULLER Single   Sarah WATTS Single  
20/04/1797 Joseph NEWMAN Single   Frances LEVELL    
02/01/1798 John WILLIAMSON   Abbots Ripton, Huntingdonshire Ann EAST    
09/03/1800 John BLOWS Single Bourn Sarah HILLS Single  
15/10/1800 William DILLY Single   Jane BARNS Single  
14/10/1801 Thomas HULL     Elizabeth EMBERY    
22/10/1801 John STRINGER Widower   Elizabeth THOMSON Single  
01/03/1802 William CLARKE Single Bourn Grace COULSON Single  
26/10/1802 Robert SMITH Single Meldreth Anne EVANS Single  
30/12/1802 Henry DUN Single Great Paxton, Huntingdonshire Ann JACKSON Single  
03/10/1803 John WILSON Single   Elizabeth WELLS Single  
13/10/1803 James BALLS Single   Elizabeth CHAPMAN Single  
21/05/1804 John BAKER     Rebecca ELLIS    
15/10/1804 John AUGHTON Single   Mary REVEL Single  
15/10/1804 James GRAY Single   Rebecca POPE Single  
11/10/1805 Claudius Williams FONNEREAU   Clapton, Northamptonshire Ann OKINS    
31/07/1806 John FULLER     Sarah BAKER Widow  
19/10/1806 William ANDERSON     Mary CLARK Widow  
02/03/1807 Henry JACOBS Single Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth COPE Single  
09/06/1808 James MCGAVISH Single   Elizabeth ELLIS Single  
09/09/1808 Edward WALKER Single Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire Mary OKINS Single  
11/10/1808 Samuel WEST   St Mary Woolnoth, City Of London Dinah REUBIN    
14/03/1809 William DOUCE Single Dry Drayton Sarah SMITH Single  
19/03/1811 Henry HILLS     Jane KITSON    
09/11/1812 William BLAKE Widower   Anne WILLIAMSON Widow  
1 08/02/1813 John WEBB     Ann HILLS    
2 08/02/1813 Raiment POPE     Elizabeth MCGAVICK Widow  
3 24/12/1813 Joseph PARISH Single   Sarah WALSOM Single  
4 13/01/1814 William REUBEN     Anna BULLEN    
5 19/06/1814 John BROOK     Eunice ROBERTSON    
6 01/11/1814 James MARSHALL   Boxworth Catherine BAKER    
7 03/04/1815 Richard FISHER     Sarah CRICK    
8 13/10/1815 Bartle POPE     Ann KIDMAN    
9 23/11/1815 George WALLON     Elizabeth FISHER    
10 30/11/1815 Rayment POPE   Layston, Hertfordshire Elizabeth KIDMAN    
11 07/03/1816 John KIDMAN     Sarah Mary SMITH    
12 07/05/1816 James REVELL     Ann MIDDLINTON    
13 04/06/1816 John TIBBET     Mary ROSIN    
14 19/05/1817 James WEBB   Toft Sarah KIDMAN    
15 09/02/1818 William PARISH     Elizabeth CAMPLIN    
16 06/01/1819 Peter EVERSDEN     Susan FARR    
17 15/06/1819 John BLANCHITT     Hannah POPE    
18 23/08/1819 Thomas THORP     Susannah WALSH    
19 10/09/1819 John BRIGHTY   St Luke, Middlesex Edith BLANCHITT    
20 10/10/1820 William BRIGHT     Elizabeth CORKETT    
21 19/10/1820 Samuel BRYANT     Charlotte OKINS   All Saints, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire
22 16/04/1821 James CARTWRIGHT Widower Bourn Ann BISHOP Widow  
23 02/12/1821 Samuel WRIGHT Single   Mary COULSON Single  
24 21/03/1822 Henry HOWLETT Single Yelling, Huntingdonshire Mary FORDHAM Single  
25 23/05/1822 Edward FICKESS     Peggy FARR    
26 22/10/1822 John PARISH Single Conington, Huntingdonshire Dinah FRYER Single  
27 04/11/1822 Joseph ROWNEY     Martha HULL    
28 10/04/1823 George FOWLER     Mary EVERSDEN    
29 01/07/1823 James DILLEY     Mary APRIP    
30 18/08/1823 William EDWARDS     Mary Ann SALISBURY    
31 28/10/1823 John FOX     Jane YELLING    
32 16/04/1824 Henry STANDEN   Arrington Mary BRAND    
33 04/07/1824 William WATSON     Anna REUBEN    
34 18/10/1824 Robert EDWARDS     Elizabeth CATTLY    
35 30/11/1824 John RICHERSON Single   Mary MERRET Widow  
36 25/12/1824 Mushgrove BROWN     Sarah HULL    
37 13/02/1825 Edward NOBLE Single   Ann REUBEN Single  
38 18/04/1825 Philip CLARK Widower Elsworth Judith FRESHWATERS    
39 22/08/1825 Philip CARTER Single   Jane DILLY Single  
40 21/02/1826 William SOWELL   All Saints, Cambridge Mary Ann FULLER    
41 15/05/1826 Henry WEEDEN     Ruth GATES    
42 25/07/1826 John FLINDERS     Mary Ann OKINS    
43 21/10/1826 Richard WILSON Single   Elizabeth SHADWELL Single  
44 24/10/1826 William KNIGHTS     Charlotte FULLER    
45 22/01/1827 John CARTER     Ann WILSON    
46 27/01/1827 William SHADWELL     Elizabeth FULLER    
47 08/04/1827 William ALLEN     Hannah ADAMS    
48 19/06/1827 Samuel APTHORP     Ann THOMAS    
49 12/10/1827 William BROWN     Susannah FULLER    
50 22/10/1827 John SMITH     Sarah BARKER   Great Catworth, Huntingdonshire
51 18/05/1829 William DUDLEY Widower   Mary GREENWOOD Single  
52 23/07/1829 Edward ELLIS Single   Peggy FICKESS Widow  
53 18/09/1829 James THOMAS     Ann APTHORP    
54 21/12/1829 Benjamin COX Single   Elizabeth DENNIS Single  
55 16/02/1830 Barnet GUE Single Great Gransden, Huntingdonshire Martha CRISWELL Single  
56 16/02/1830 Samuel HOLMES Widower   Jane CARTER Widow  
57 03/11/1830 William REVELL Single   Martha HULL Single  
59 15/03/1831 Thomas FLINDERS     Jane EVERSDEN    
60 04/04/1831 Richard DENNY     Louisa GATES    
61 08/11/1831 William COX   Bourn Sarah MCGAVISH    
62 08/11/1831 William WEBB     Elizabeth MCGAVISH    
63 23/12/1831 Isaac HORTON     Charlotte MILLS   Kingston
64 04/01/1832 James KIDMAN     Ann CUSTANCE    
65 05/03/1832 William HOWSDEN Single   Betsey SIMONS Single  
66 19/06/1832 Richard DARNWELL   Elsworth Emily COULSON    
67 14/12/1832 William HOPKINS   Eltisley Janette CHAPMAN    
68 25/08/1833 Henry ANNABLE     Elisabeth BLOWSE   Bourn
69 11/10/1833 Joseph WEEDON     Sarah KNIGHT    
70 31/08/1834 Jonathan HORTON     Elizabeth WIGHT    
71 19/09/1834 William ABTHORP     Sarah THOMAS    
72 12/10/1834 William GORGE     Susanna BAILEY    
73 17/11/1834 Richard LOOKER     Mary YAXLEY    
74 28/12/1834 John COOK     Lydia WILSON    
75 22/03/1835 Samuel GATES     Sarah ELLIS    
76 29/03/1835 William ROBERSON Single   Anne FULLER Single  
77 22/08/1836 John APTHORP     Esther DENNIS    

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