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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Hardwick St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Hardwick lies in western Cambridgeshire about 6 miles west of the county town of Cambridge. Hardwick is located roughly 1 miles south of the A428 road which connects Cambridge with St Neots. Once a rather small village sitting on a narrow lane connecting the A428 through to the B1046 at Toft, Hardwick has grown substantially in recent times expanding northwards to reach the main road. The growth of the village is spawned by its proximity to the county town and fueled by commuters. Like many villages in this part of the county arable farming dominated the local economy and landscape with large open fields of cereals, beet and oil-seed stretching as far as the eye can see. A small tributary of the River Cam drains eastwards into that river, reaching it to the south of Cambridge, the Cam turns northwards to cross the Fens to Ely joining the Great Ouse to reach the North Sea through The Wash. Hardwick is sited at around 60 metres above the sea in gentle terrain where local heights barely rise more than 10 metres higher for some distance. Hardwick parish was fairly typically sized for this area, covering just over 1,400 acres it would have supported a population of around 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Hardwick was a holding of Ely Abbey and was a middling sized parish offering 10 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Mary's church sits on the western side of the lane connecting A428 with B1046, here known simply as Main Street. The church is a fairly typical example of a church built across the fashion divide from commencement in the Decorated style to completion in the Perpendicular. The exact dating is complicated in this case by over zealous restoration which has masked much dating detail. The western tower shows details of the early 14th century but also has out-of-fashion lancet windows from an earlier style's era. Decorated style is also shown in a single window of the chancel, this area was obviously redeveloped in the later part of the century by replacement Peninsular style chancel arch and remaining windows. The nave shows Perpendicular style windows but those of the northern side are entirely from the 19th century restorations as is much else. The church is set well back from the road with a spacious lay-by to park outside. A short pathway leads to the lychgate granting entry, the churchyard is a curious shape being a round-ended triangle with the point facing the road. This means the better aspect from the southeast is removed from the photographer's palette, the narrow eastern end limiting the views available.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 8th February 1755 - 24th November 1811 Cambridgeshire Archives - Reference - P83/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 22nd October 1813 - 23rd April 1837 Cambridgeshire Archives - Reference - P83/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Dry Drayton St Peter & St Paul
Dry Drayton St Peter & St Paul
Madingley St Mary Magdalene
Caldecote St Michael & All Saints
Comberton St Mary
Toft St Andrew
Toft St Andrew
Comberton St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
08/02/1755 William LINDSEY Single Comberton Martha BOND Single
10/10/1755 Robert CLIFTON Single Edith PETTIT Single
30/11/1755 James STERNE Harlton Susanna PETERS
11/01/1756 Richard CAMPION Elizabeth BIRD
07/02/1758 Thomas LAMBLY Girton Sarah PARISH Single
28/11/1758 David CONDER Widower Ann CHRISSAL Single
16/10/1759 Robert HARPER Mary KESTER
18/02/1760 Ambrose AYLMER Widower Ann HINDES Single
19/11/1761 Reuben BOND Single Mary WARBOIS Single
07/01/1763 Richard DOCKERALL Single Sarah HINDS Single
03/02/1763 Richard CHAPMAN Elizabeth WRIGHT
14/10/1765 Francis EVERIT Single Anne IMPEY Single
21/10/1765 Edward THURLEY Single Barton Sarah SCOT Single
27/05/1766 William BONNET Elisabeth AYLMER
24/06/1766 Valentine DAY Single Harlton Elizabeth PLUME Single
22/09/1767 William HAYES Single Elizabeth SMITH Single
16/03/1769 William MATTHEWS Single Susanna ELLIS Single
22/10/1772 William WILLSON Single Ann CONDER
15/04/1776 Thomas CASPEN Fen Ditton Mary THURLEY
21/04/1776 John BOND Sarah KIDMAN
12/04/1778 William JOHNSON Single Sarah KESTER Single
18/05/1778 Thomas BOND Single Sarah AVEY Single
28/05/1778 William COXALL Single Comberton Ann WHITTET Single
19/09/1779 Robert KESTER Single Sarah BOND Widow
08/10/1780 John ELLARD Single Anne OKENS Single
03/06/1781 Thomas LAMBLEY Single Anne SAYER Single
16/03/1784 Reuben BOND Widower Chrystal MASKALL Single
13/10/1784 Edward LAIGHTON Single Elizabeth EVERIT Single Caldecote
26/10/1784 John ELLWOOD Single Comberton Martha HABLIT Single
10/07/1785 John WILLIAMS Single Elizabeth BLOWS
07/07/1786 William PRATT Single Great Eversden Elizabeth CORNAL Single
31/10/1786 William HODSON Single Anne BONNETT Single
06/02/1787 Palmby BOLD Single Anne BOND
14/03/1787 George LONGSTAFF Single Toft Elizabeth COTTON Single
15/04/1787 Thomas CHAPMAN Single Susanna PRATT Single
20/05/1788 William JOHNSON Widower Sarah HALL Widow
27/05/1788 John PAGE Frances SHADWELL
12/10/1789 William MARSHAL Mary CARRINGTON
10/01/1790 Allen MUNCEY Ann HARPER
23/03/1790 John MERRY Single Ann HAYS Single
04/06/1790 William WARRINGTON Mary HAYES Single
03/08/1790 Thomas PAPWORTH Edy BOND Single
25/10/1790 Thomas STEWARD Widower Lettice MUSE Single
11/10/1791 George ANSCOME Single Elizabeth HAYES
12/03/1793 James LINTON Single Caldecote Elizabeth BONNETT Single
01/09/1793 Joseph WHITE Single Elizabeth LOWTON Single
16/10/1794 John WENEL Mary CAMPPING
18/03/1795 Samuel HOPKINS Mistley, Essex Alice TAYLOR
05/04/1795 John CARTER Elizabeth LOFT
13/10/1795 William WIDLEY Sarah MUNCY
07/08/1796 Edward CHAPMAN Single Sarah KIDMAN Single
05/10/1796 Chapman HOPKINS Barton Lidia TAYLOR
21/05/1798 William HARADINE Elizabeth BOND
20/09/1798 William WHITTET Mary BONNET
21/11/1799 Richard EVERSDEN Eltisley Mary WHITTET
28/12/1801 William ELKINS Single Mary SHULBURN Little Shelford
24/06/1802 Thomas LINSEY Single Mary LITCHFIELD Single
21/08/1802 John SEEBY Single Esther CRASTER Single
23/08/1802 William DANE Hemingford Abbots, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth HALL
19/06/1804 William KESTER Ely Mary SAGGERS Widow
18/10/1804 Thomas CHAPMAN Widower Ann COTTON Single
29/10/1804 Leonard JACKLIN Single Sarah LOTES Single
17/02/1807 James ELLARD Single Rachel COVEY Single
09/07/1807 Thomas NEWMAN Single Sarah LONGSTAFF Single
30/11/1808 John WHINNETT Widower Mary ELKINS Widow
15/03/1810 John BROWN Single Grantchester Ann KNIGHT Single
25/03/1810 Shadrach FOAMAN Single Susannah WARLING Single
01/05/1810 Robert PHIPPS Single Girton Sarah MALE Single
24/11/1811 John HOPPET Mary THARBON
1 22/10/1813 Thomas DING Elsworth Mary LINDSAY
4 10/08/1814 George LONGSTAFF Anne BLOWS
5 30/11/1814 James BALLS Single Anne CASTER Single
6 17/03/1815 Edward LONGSTAFF Single Elizabeth BARNES Single
7 19/05/1816 Joseph ELSOM Single Girton Anne JOHNSON Single
8 21/04/1817 John MALE Madingley Lydia WATSON
10 28/10/1819 William MOLE Single Mary WINNEL Single
13 21/02/1821 Robert PAPWORTH Oakington Mary WHITTIT
14 14/12/1823 Thomas CULLIP Yelling, Huntingdonshire Elisabeth LONGSTAFF
11 03/07/1826 John WAARD Mary MERRY
15 21/05/1827 Richard AYLETT Madingley Susanna LONGSTAFF
16 14/11/1827 William HODSON Sarah MATTHEWS
17 21/01/1828 William ROGERS Toft Mary Ann KESTER
18 13/10/1828 William CARTER Mary WARD
19 13/04/1830 Samuel BOTT Bassingbourn Charlotte TEVERSHAM
20 02/10/1831 James KIMPTON Single Sarah BLOWS
21 02/11/1831 Robert HODSON Widower Elizabeth WATSON Single
22 15/10/1832 Paul GAUTREY Single Comberton Mary KING Single
23 21/01/1833 William BAYARD Single Harlton Lucy LONGSTAFFE Single
24 12/11/1833 William BEAMONT Single Comberton Elizabeth KESTER
25 23/10/1834 Henry COLLET Single Elizabeth NEWMAN Single
26 13/10/1836 William BOND Single Hannah MILLS Single
27 13/10/1836 Covell ELWARD Single Anne KESTER Single
28 23/04/1837 Edward LONGSTAFFE Single Rebecca KING Single
29 23/04/1837 John BEARD Single Sarah KESTER Single

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