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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Teversham All Saints


The Parish

The parish of teversham lies in south central Cambridgeshire, about 3 miles east of city of Cambridge. Teversham is a small and compact village which has just managed to retain a separate identity from the growing suburbs of the expanding city. Teversham is located just a half mile south of the A1303 road which connects Cambridge to the eastbound A14 cross-country road, the former route of the Cambridge to Newmarket road. At the time of this transcript Teversham would have been a farming community distinct from the nearby city, today it is very much a home for commuter to the businesses and colleges of Cambridge. Teversham is drained northwards by numerous drains and channels funneling via the Quy Water to the Cam and the Great Ouse to reach the North Sea through The Wash. Teversham is sited at just 10 metres above the sea land rises only gently to the south to local heights of 70 metres on the Gog Magog Hills about 4 miles south. Teversham parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering just under 1,200 acres it would have supported a population of a little over 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Teversham, held by Ely Abbey, Count Alan of Brittany & John the son of Waleran, was a relatively small place offering collectively 7 plough together with a small meadow.

The Church

All Saints' church sits at the northern end of the village on the eastern side of the lane leading to the Newmarket Road, Church Road. The church has its origins in the early English Gothic era of the early 13th century. Much of the body of the building thus dates from this period. Pevsner cites lancet window of the chancel together with stiff-leaf capitals as evidence for this early date. There are indications of the original nave being longer and probably in the Decorated style of the late 13th century. The western tower is later and Perpendicular in style. Much was, however, amended and refreshed by an extensive restoration in the late 1880s which removed much of the church's dating evidence. The church has a large area of rough ground at the southern end of the site for parking and sits behind a waist-height brick wall. Metal gates give way to the churchyard, the church is, however, sited towards the northern end of the churchyard and bordering trees rather obscure the best views of the tower.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 17th November 1754 - 4th November 1812 Cambridgeshire Archives - Reference - P153/1/4
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 13th July 1813 - 5th June 1837 Cambridgeshire Archives - Reference - P153/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Fen Ditton St Mary
Fen Ditton St Mary
Stow cum Quy St Mary
Cherry Hinton St Andrew
Little Wilbraham St John
Cherry Hinton St Andrew
Fulbourne St Vigor
Fulbourne All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 17/11/1754 Edward MASON Single   Margaret IRESON Single  
2 14/07/1755 Anthony WALLIS Single Great Bradley, Suffolk Susanna PLEDGER Single  
3 14/07/1755 Richard CLARKE Widower Horningsea Sarah MEAD Widow  
4 12/10/1755 Thomas PAGE Single   Elizabeth MUNN Single  
5 01/02/1756 William WHITE Single   Lydia MIDCALF Widow  
6 23/11/1756 Thomas HARRIS Single   Mary SCRIVENER Single  
7 16/11/1758 George KIDMAN Single   Elizabeth PLEDGER Single  
8 11/05/1760 John HASEL Widower   Mary CHILSEN Widow  
9 22/06/1760 James BUTLER Single Stow Cum Quy Flower RAYMENT Single  
10 11/10/1761 Robert PAGE Single   Mary PATMAN Single  
11 01/06/1762 William CREEK Widower Milton Mary CREEK Single  
12 23/08/1762 Thomas LANGHAM Single Cherry Hinton Mary PLEDGER Single  
13 09/02/1763 Thomas VENTRIS Single Cherry Hinton Sarah POPE Single  
14 30/04/1764 John LONG Single   Mary RAWLINGS Single  
15 30/04/1764 John NUNN Single   Elizabeth BELL Single  
16 04/12/1764 Thomas VENTRIS Widower Cherry Hinton Mary RICHMAN    
17 12/05/1765 John PRESTON Single   Mary TOMASIN Single  
18 21/06/1767 William DRIVER Single   Mary GREEN Single  
19 22/02/1768 Edward CLARKE Single   Elizabeth GILSON Single  
20 19/10/1769 John HEIFER Widower   Sarah RAWLINS Single  
21 11/03/1770 Henry HARRIS Single   Elizabeth PAGE Single  
22 11/04/1770 John LANE     Susannah DREWRY    
23 03/06/1770 John POTTER   Stow Cum Quy Jane HUME    
24 28/10/1770 Robert LINSEY     Elizabeth PACE    
25 27/02/1772 Henry PETERS     Ann PLEDGER Widow  
26 00/00/1773 Jonas GIBBONS   St Andrew The Great, Cambridge Martha KIDMAN    
27 15/05/1774 John HANCOCK     Mary JILSON    
28 03/11/1774 Thomas FOOT Single   Margaret ROWEL    
29 04/02/1776 John STRAND   Great Wilbraham Mary BREWERTON Single  
30 22/10/1776 David REYNER Single   Mary CLARKE Single  
31 03/08/1777 Edward GILLSON Single   Frances STINTON Single  
32 13/09/1779 David REYNER Widower   Sarah FISHER Single  
33 12/10/1779 William STEARN Widower   Mary TAYLOR Single  
34 12/10/1784 Henry HOBES     Mary ADAMS    
35 19/04/1785 John NOBLE Single   Rebecca PAGE Single  
36 08/08/1785 Benjamin MASON Widower   Martha ROLLINS Single  
37 05/01/1786 Robert DAINTREE Single Fen Drayton Mary HAYLOCK Single  
38 30/11/1786 Edward GILSON Widower   Jane POTTER Widow  
39 27/02/1787 Robert SMITH Single   Elizabeth CARTER Widow  
40 05/06/1787 William HURREY Single Cherry Hinton Ann RAYMENT Single  
41 23/10/1787 Thomas PEACHEY Widower St Vigor, Fulbourn Alice WHITE Single  
42 12/10/1788 Henry SPEECHLEY Single   Lydia LAY Single  
43 24/03/1789 John BURCH Single St Ives, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth HAYLOCK Single  
44 12/10/1790 William CLARK     Ann MASON    
45 12/11/1790 Edward GYLSON Widower   Mary HART Widow  
46 31/01/1792 William MISSON   St Vigor, Fulbourn Elizabeth COOPER   Cherry Hinton
47 08/05/1792 Robert SHARPE Single Great Wilbraham Alice HAYLOCK    
48 22/11/1792 John CREEK   Cherry Hinton Ann HAYCOCK   Cherry Hinton
49 27/11/1792 William HEFFER     Esther PAGE    
50 10/10/1793 John DILLISTONE   Bottisham Lucy NEWMAN    
51 17/12/1793 John BRADFORD Single   Margaret WEBB Widow  
52 02/03/1794 James WELLS Widower St Mary The Great, Cambridge Mary SEEKINS Widow  
53 02/03/1794 Richard STUBBING Widower Great Wilbraham Elizabeth TITCHMARSH Single  
54 05/05/1795 Peter GRAY     Ann FISHER    
55 07/08/1796 William BARKER   Waterbeach Elizabeth PHILIPS    
56 28/12/1796 Samuel TITCHMARSH     Mary LANE    
57 17/04/1797 Thomas MISSEN   Cherry Hinton Priscilla HART    
58 08/11/1798 John LANE   Swaffham Prior Annabel WESTLEY    
59 26/12/1799 James STANFORD   Fen Ditton Mary MUGGLETON    
60 13/03/1800 Robert SYMONDS     Anne HEFFER    
61 12/11/1801 John BEAUMONT     Ann ROOT    
62 18/04/1803 James GRAY Single   Sophia SLEY Single  
63 08/03/1804 William ASHMAN Single   Rose MERRY    
64 01/04/1805 Meschach SMITH Single   Constance THORPE    
65 15/10/1805 James STANFORD Widower   Ann SYMONDS Widow  
66 03/12/1805 John STONE Single St Botolph, Cambridge Mary FROST Single  
67 23/06/1806 Abraham ROBERSON Single   Elizabeth VICKADIKE Single  
68 08/06/1807 William AYRES Single   Sarah HART Single  
69 08/06/1807 Thomas FOOT Single   Elizabeth SIMPSON    
70 22/02/1808 John CLARKE Widower   Elizabeth MASON Widow  
71 13/06/1808 John BUTTERHOUSE Single   Rebecca BROWN Single  
72 03/10/1809 John POMFREY   Cherry Hinton Susanna HANCOCK    
73 16/10/1810 James STANFORD Widower   Sarah WALLIS Single  
74 26/11/1810 Richard PLUCK Widower   Elizabeth COURSE Widow  
75 16/04/1811 Thomas WEBB Single   Mary Ann WALKER Single  
76 18/04/1811 Robert GILSON Single   Elizabeth BELL Single  
77 04/11/1812 Thomas STEARN Single   Mary GRAY Single  
1 13/07/1813 Thomas CHAPMAN     Elizabeth CLARKE Single  
2 25/10/1813 William CLARKE Widower   Mary HARRIS Widow  
3 07/11/1814 Robert CHOTE Single   Susan ALDREN Single  
4 05/06/1815 Daniel CHARLES   Cherry Hinton Susan STEARN    
5 10/12/1815 Robert HART   All Saints, Fulbourn Rebecca NOBLE    
6 24/06/1816 Henry TURNER Single   Mary CORSE Single  
7 28/10/1817 Thomas BUTTRESS     Mary HOBBS    
8 22/10/1819 Robert SYMONDS Single   Sarah HART Single  
9 12/06/1820 John NOBLE Single   Sarah THURLBOURN Single All Saints, Cambridge
10 26/06/1821 Thomas MUGGLETON Single Bottisham Sophia GILLSON Single  
11 26/03/1822 John BIGGS Single Holy Trinity, Cambridge Esther AVES Single  
12 14/10/1822 James KESTER Single   Sophia NOBLE Single  
13 24/05/1823 William WALKER Single   Sarah WEBB Single  
14 04/01/1824 William BENSTEAD Single   Sarah SEABY Single  
15 08/03/1825 Richard KIDMAN Single   Sarah CLARKE Single  
16 13/11/1826 John STARLING Widower   Bethana RADFORD Single  
17 26/09/1827 John TURNER Single   Rebecca HART Widow  
18 06/10/1827 John RICHMOND   St Vigor, Fulbourn Mary HART Widow  
19 24/10/1827 William CORNWELL     Elizabeth SCEBA    
20 08/07/1828 Samuel FULLER Single St Vigor, Fulbourn Margaret Challice AVES Single  
21 14/11/1828 William SCEBA Single   Mary CORNWELL Single  
22 25/11/1828 James BEAUMONT Single   Mary NOBLE Single  
23 20/03/1830 John CLARK Single   Tabitha WARREN Widow  
24 05/11/1830 William FOOT Single   Jane ASHMAN Single  
25 04/01/1831 William CLARK Single   Sarah FREESTONE Single  
26 08/02/1831 John TURNER Widower St Andrew The Less, Cambridge Mary GILLSON Single  
27 26/09/1832 Edward GILLSON Single   Eliza HOWARD Single  
28 10/11/1832 Thomas CRISP Single   Mary KESTER Single  
29 24/12/1833 William THURTELBERRY   Newton By Cambridge Elizabeth BEAUMONT    
30 25/02/1834 William STANDFORD     Mary SHILDRICK    
31 22/07/1834 Thomas KIDMAN Single   Mary AYRES Single  
32 06/11/1835 John BEAUMONT     Sarah HART    
33 13/06/1836 William PUMPHREY     Mary STARLING    
34 21/11/1836 Thomas WILDERSPIN     Martha STARLING    
35 05/06/1837 James STANFORD     Ann FABB    

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