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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Wilburton St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Wilburton lies in northern Cambridgeshire roughly 6 miles southwest of the city of Ely. Wilburton sits on the A1123 road which links Soham with the Huntingdonshire town of St Ives. Wilburton is a mid-sized village largely built along the A1123 but with extensions south along the B1049, which forms the main junction within the village, and also to the north around an oval of smaller lanes. Wilburton is built along a low ridge of drier land, which is largely followed by the A1123, in the midst of Fenland, the rich soils of the peaty fen are ideal for the growing of high value table vegetables whilst the drier ground is typically used for cereal production. Much of the drainage hereabouts is man-influenced to drain the fen, most water eventually makes its way to the nearby Great Ouse which forms the southern boundary of the parish, the Great Ouse crosses the Fens to King's Lynn, the Wash and the North Sea. Wilburton is sited at around 20 metres above the sea, the ridge gently rises westwards to reach it high point in nearby Haddenham at 35 metres but most parish land is at or close to sea level. Most parishes within Fenland are exceptionally large in extent containing large tracts of reclaimed land, Wilburton on the other hand is exceptional in being little more extensive than a typical lowland rural parish in southern England, covering just over 2,200 acres it would have supported around 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Wilburton was a holding of Ely Abbey and a large rural settlement of its day holding 14 ploughs as well as some meadows.

The Church

St Peter's church sits towards the western end of the village and sits on the northern side of the A1123 as it leaves toward Haddenham. Following the end of the Black Death period there saw an explosion of church-building in the 14th & 15th centuries, Wilburton's church was originally built in the 13th but was the subject of an intense rebuild during this Perpendicular era under the auspices of one Bishop Alcock and between 1486 & 1500. Of the original Early English Gothic church the only substantial pieces of fabric that remain are the basal stages of the western tower and its tower arch, in the porch 2 fragments of shafts seem to have been retained as mementos. Bishops Alcock's men have built a substantial building with an aisle-less nave of 4 bays together with a chancel, southern porch, northeastern vestry and completed today's tower with its spire. Whilst this late medieval work was extensive it didn't preclude more modern intervention as no fewer than 3 phases of substantial restoration are recorded by Pevsner. The first, by the notorious Pugin, was in 1848 affected merely the chancel whereas that major restoration of 1868 saw the addition of a transept to the north as well as refreshing the whole church. Further modern work in 1990 replaced much of the original medieval window tracery to complete today's building. The one-way lane of Church Lane which leads north from the A1123 is quiet enough for parking outside the heavily wooded churchyard, best view in landscape are actually from the street whilst trees make for difficult viewing from within the churchyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1st November 1755 - 16th March 1766
Cambridgeshire Archives - Reference - P176/1/1
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 4th January 1768 - 31st December 1805 Cambridge University Library Bishops Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Whilst the image quality is generally acceptable there are a number of substantial gaps in which there are no surviving BTs there is a strong likelihood that some marriages will have been lost to history as a consequence.
3 14th January 1813 - 17th May 1837 Cambridgeshire Archives - Reference - P176/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads

Haddenham Holy Trinity
Witchford St Andrew
Witchford St Andrew
Haddenham Holy Trinity
Stretham St James
Cottenham All Saints
Cottenham All Saints
Cottenham All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
01/11/1755 Edward CLAYTON


03/11/1755 John TOWERSON

Ann VALES Widow
13/06/1756 Thomas MEAKS

Ann HITCH Widow
04/07/1756 John BIDDAL


09/02/1757 John CLACK

Margaret SKEELS

18/10/1757 John LUT


01/11/1757 Richard GOLDEN


07/11/1758 Robert GRANGER

Elizabeth AMSDALE

21/02/1759 James NORRIS


07/09/1759 Samuel CLAPHAM


28/04/1760 Thomas DANN

Elizabeth FEW

28/09/1760 Francis MOXON

Elizabeth BIDWELL

26/03/1761 William BARONS


11/10/1761 John LEVETT

Elizabeth GIDDINS

23/02/1762 John MORRIS


26/02/1762 John SUTTON

Elizabeth CORNWELL

09/03/1763 John BOND

Hannah HICK

23/11/1763 William SUTTON


16/12/1763 John CLARK Widower
Elizabeth LUTT

28/02/1764 Theobald HALLET


26/02/1765 Thomas SPALDIN

Eleanor DENTON

21/08/1765 William SABERTON


26/10/1765 Richard SABERTON


05/03/1766 William CAMPS


16/03/1766 William IMAGE


04/01/1768 Isaiah ARNSDELL Widower
Sarah CORKELL Widow
18/01/1768 Thomas DANN Single
Sarah WISEMAN Single
12/06/1768 William GRANGER Widower
Sarah READ Single
18/10/1768 John CLARKE Widower
Sarah MEDBURY Widow Witchford
25/10/1768 Joseph PARKER Single
Mary SULMAN Single
01/11/1768 John MEEKS Single
Elisabeth SUTTON Single
30/04/1769 James INGLE Single Willingham Elisabeth BIDWELL Single
03/07/1769 Oliver HOWLETT Single
Mary POWERS Single
11/12/1769 Mark BENTON Single St Mary, Ely Elisabeth NICHOLS Single
15/10/1770 Richard SYNDALE Single
Mary HUTCHINS Single
27/11/1770 John COX Single
Mary BIDWELL Single
29/07/1771 Joshua COVIL Single
Sarah HUTCHINS Single
11/10/1771 William MURFITT Single
Esther WHITEHEAD Single
21/10/1771 James BEARCOCK Single
Mary VAILS Single
30/10/1771 Phypers OKEY Single Haddenham Mary ARNSDELL Single
19/11/1771 George PETERS Single
Martha WISEMAN Single
28/12/1773 William DOGGETT Single
Mary SULMAN Single
16/10/1775 John BIRKET Single
Lydia LANGFORD Single
17/06/1776 Robert HEADLEY Single
Mary WALMAN Single
11/05/1777 John ALLEN Single
Martha NICHOLS Single
29/06/1777 William DANN Single
Sarah ATKIN Single
12/10/1778 James PEYTON Widower Wentworth Elisabeth KIRBY Single
00/10/1779 James WISEMAN Single
Ann MILES Single
07/12/1779 Richard MILES Single
Phebe KING Single
13/01/1780 John SULMAN Single
Elizabeth ALDERTON Single
04/02/1780 John PEDDAR Widower
Mary LIMAGE Widow
00/10/1780 John NEGORS Single
09/05/1781 William EVERET


03/06/1781 Joseph PACKWOOD


23/01/1782 John GOTOBED Single
Sarah ROBERTS Single
21/10/1782 John SHAW Widower Chesterton Frances SEARS Single
09/12/1783 William DANN Single
Margret BARECOCK Single Stretham
29/03/1784 James CROXTON
Holy Trinity, Ely Mary COOPER

10/10/1785 John HITCH

Elizabeth ADCOCK

15/10/1786 James MOORE Single Haddenham Rebecca LANGFORD Single
14/11/1786 Joseph MURFIT Single
Elizabeth LEVIT Single
15/11/1786 William WILLIAMSON Single Haddenham Elizabeth DANN Single
09/01/1788 William HOLMES Single St Mary, Ely Elizabeth LUTT Single
12/02/1788 John GILES Single
Elizabeth EDWARDS Single
14/07/1788 John CLAPHAM Single
Mary DAVEY Single
19/02/1789 Clement MATTHEWS Single
Mary GARNER Single
04/03/1789 William SQUIRES Single
Elisabeth SPALDING Single
21/11/1789 John WARREN Single

29/03/1798 John GOODMAN Single
Sarah ABLET Single
10/09/1798 Joseph FOWLER Single
Mary WAYMAN Single
08/04/1800 John WRAYMENT Single
Mary DOGHIT Single
28/04/1800 Robert FITCH Single
Sarah ROBERTS Single
18/12/1800 James HUTCHINSON Single
Alice PAMPLIN Single
18/05/1801 J BEARDE Single
Elizabeth ALLEN Single
12/10/1803 Joseph SHARP Single
Mary HAYS Single
31/10/1804 Thomas STARKEY Single
Elizabeth HUCKLE Single
02/11/1804 John LONG Single
Frances THIMBLEBY Single
15/04/1805 Granados ELLIS Widower
Margaret CROW Single
15/04/1805 Granados PIGOTT Widower
Margaret CROW Single
15/05/1805 Robert PATE Single
Rebecca MARTIN Single
31/12/1805 Thomas BLACKMAN Single
Mary GOLDEN Single
1 14/01/1813 John LEACH Single
Mary Ann Wynne MURFITT Single
2 03/08/1813 William CLARK Single
3 21/10/1813 Edward PACKWOOD Single
Rebecca PAGE Single
4 02/07/1815 John SALMON
Haddenham Mary WILKIN Single
5 03/07/1815 William GILES


6 04/03/1816 Thomas MARKWELL Single
Barbara PACKWOOD Single
7 11/03/1816 William SANDERS Single
Sarah PUNT Single
8 15/04/1816 William Clark SUTTON Widower
Elizabeth WATTS Single
9 06/05/1816 John ALLEN Single
Matilda MEEKES Single
10 27/05/1816 William SQUIRE


11 04/11/1816 William RUSSEL Single
Mary EVERETT Single
12 07/04/1817 Richard EVERETT Single
Rebecca CLAYTON Single
13 01/05/1817 William GIFFORD
Wentworth Elizabeth GILES

14 29/06/1817 John LUTT Widower
Lydia LOW Single
15 27/10/1817 John PAPWORTH Single Cottenham Elizabeth LAVELL Single
16 09/11/1818 Henry SULMON Single
Rebecca WARREN Single
17 18/04/1819 John WILKIN Single
William SUTTON Single Haddenham
18 15/10/1819 John PACKWOOD Widower
Margaret CROPLEY Single
19 20/09/1820 Robert NIGHTINGALE Single
Sophia BLACKMAN Single
20 18/10/1821 William CHAPMAN Single
Frances DEWSBURY Single
21 16/12/1821 John THORNE Single Stretham Elizabeth KIRBY

22 17/12/1822 John PALMER Widower
Elizabeth CUSTANCE Single
23 08/04/1823 William KNIGHT Single
Hannah WILSON Single
24 11/11/1823 Samuel PEACOCK Widower
Elizabeth DEWEY Widow
25 22/02/1824 John CORKERTON Single
Mary BLINCH Single
26 05/07/1824 Thomas LEACH Single
Sarah CHAPMAN Single
27 25/10/1824 William SHARPE Single
Amy HARLOW Single
28 02/11/1824 John COCKERTON Widower Witcham Elizabeth EDISS Single
29 11/02/1825 Christopher SULMAN Single
Ruth WARREN Single
30 12/04/1825 John LEACH
Haddenham Sarah POWERS

30 12/04/1825 John MILES
Haddenham Sarah POWERS

31 18/04/1825 Thomas UFFINWELL Widower Haddenham Mary GILES Single
32 23/08/1825 Benjamin PINCHARD Single Haddenham Ann LANGFORD Single
33 04/10/1825 William WRIGHT Widower St Ives, Huntingdonshire Alice LANGFORD

34 24/10/1825 William POWERS Single
Ann GOOSEY Single
35 26/01/1826 William SULMAN Single
Alice WILKIN Single
36 13/02/1826 John Gotobed MEEKS Single
Sarah SULMAN Single
37 17/10/1827 John BUTTERY Widower Willingham Mary SHARPE Widow
38 20/03/1828 John FITCH

Elizabeth MONEY
39 24/07/1828 William BAKER Single Melbourn Mary SLACK

40 06/10/1828 Parkerson HAYDEN Single
Mary CURBY Single
41 21/10/1828 Thomas BLACKMAN Widower
Charlotte SEARLE
42 01/12/1828 William KEMPTON Single
Dinah TOATS Single
43 15/11/1829 Abraham COXILL Widower
Elizabeth TOATS Single
44 08/12/1829 John GUNSON Single
Ann SAVAGE Single
45 04/05/1830 John WARREN Single
Mary GATESON Single
46 06/07/1830 Joseph NORMAN Single
Lettice POWERS Single
47 15/03/1831 James SNEESBY Single
Rebecca SULMAN Single
48 27/07/1831 John GREEN Widower
Mary TOATS Single
49 12/12/1831 Jacob SANDERSON Single
Hannah SAVAGE Single
50 03/01/1832 John CURBY Single
Sarah SINGELL Single
51 26/08/1832 John MALE Widower
Maria SULMAN Single
52 22/10/1832 James CHAPMAN Single
Elizabeth COVELL
St Mary, Ely
53 12/12/1832 William WARREN Widower
Mary HAMMOND Single
54 15/10/1833 John PETERS Widower Cottenham Mary Hephzibah RANDALL Widow
55 12/11/1833 John CHAPMAN Single
Hannah TABRAHAM Single
56 05/05/1834 William PORTER Single
Sarah WARREN Single
59 15/06/1834 William LILES Single St Botolph, Cambridge Charlotte ELWOOD Single
57 29/06/1834 William FITCH Single
Sarah NEVILL Single
58 30/06/1834 Joseph FOWLER Widower
60 02/02/1836 John CURWAIN
All Saints, Cambridge Mary FITCH Single
61 13/10/1836 Henry PAULLY Single
Hioly Trinity, Ely
62 17/10/1836 William TOATS

Elizabeth SAVAGE

63 23/11/1836 Thomas NEGUS Single
Sarah TOATS Single
64 12/12/1836 Dennis PRIEST Single Upwell, Norfolk Sarah CLARK Single
65 17/05/1837 Cropley CAMPS Single
Sarah CROW Widow

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