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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Brechfa St Teilo


The Parish

The parish of Brechfa lies in the northern portion of central Carmarthenshire roughly 11 miles northeast of the county town of Carmarthen. Brechfa sits on the B4310 road which connects the A40, from a few miles east of Carmarthen, through to Llansawel. Brechfa is a small and compact village with two distinct clusters either side of the B4310s crossing of the Afon Cothi's small tributary. Unlike most Carmarthenshire parishes Brechfa is limited to the immediate environs of the village and consists largely of the valley bottom and its surrounding hills, cereals are grown but pastures dominate with cattle in the valley and hardy sheep on the surrounding hilltops. Today the Cothi is a major attraction being noted for its excellent fishing, a sport which supports the local hotel in this sparsely populated area. The extensive Brechfa Forest is also popular with mountain bikers, horse riders and trail hikers too and extends for some 18,000 acres. The Afon Cothi drains the parish southwards meeting the Afon Tywi before turning west through Carmarthen and finally south to Carmarthen Bay. Brechfa is sited, at the river crossing at 70 metres above the sea but land rises to either side steeply to almost 300 metres on nearby hills and 356 metres in the forested summits of Crugiau Rhos-wen to the northwest. As already mentioned Brechfa parish was tiny at merely 550 acres and that small area would have only supported a population of close to 100 parishioners. Like most of Wales Brechfa is not mentioned in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St Teilo's church sits to the south of the bridge on the eastern side of the B4310 and opposite to the village's school. Sadly all traces of whatever medieval church stood in the village have been erased, indeed its replacement of c1800, which stood east of today's church, only lasted 90 years before being demolished and replaced by today's simple chapel. A straightforward design of nave and chancel with a northern porch the only embellishment being the bellcote complete with Early English Gothic styled lancets. Pevsner's account is terse, just 4 lines of text, and confirmed it had little architectural interest for him. The school tolerates careful short term parking out of school hours enabling a visit, otherwise park sensibly in the village and stroll to the site. A pair of wooden gates grants entry to a churchyard which whilst compact has no obstacles for the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 1754 - 1805  

No registers survive for this period and there are no compensatory BTs so any marriages which occurred have been lost to history
2 7th November 1806 - 16th August 1812 Carmarthenshire Archives - Reference - CPR/18/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 16th February 1813 - 1st July 1836 Carmarthenshire Archives - Reference - CPR/18/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Llanfihangel-ar-arth St Michael
Llanfihangel-ar-arth St Michael
Llanfihangel Rhos y Corn St Michael
Llanfihangel Rhos y Corn St Michael
Llanegwad St Egwad
Llanfihangel Rhos y Corn St Michael
Llanegwad St Egwad
Llanegwad St Egwad
Llanegwad St Egwad

1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 07/11/1806 Benjamin THOMAS Single Abergwili Anne EVANS Single
2 24/12/1806 Thomas JOSHUA Single Llanfihangel Rhos Y Carn Elizabeth REES Single
3 01/01/1807 Eynon EVAN Single Abergwili Mary EVANS Single
4 30/01/1807 Joseph EVANS Widower Llanegwad Priscilla WILLIAM Single
5 24/03/1807 Owen DAVIES Widower Llanfihangel Rhos Y Carn Jane WILLIAMS Widow
6 03/04/1807 David DANIEL Widower Llanfihangel Ar Arth Mary MORGAN Single
7 08/11/1808 Daniel EVANS Single Llanegwad Elizabeth REES Single
8 13/06/1809 John THOMAS Single
Margaret SIMON Single
9 24/10/1809 Daniel JONES Single Llandarog Anna DAVIES Single
10 13/04/1810 John GRIFFITHS Single Llandilo Fawr Sarah WILLIAM Single
11 15/05/1810 John DAVID

Anne THOMAS Single Llanegwad
12 16/07/1810 William WILLIAMS
Llanfihangel Rhos Y Carn Elinor REES

13 01/01/1811 Isaac JONES Single
Sarah EVANS Single
14 30/08/1811 Timothy DAVIES Single Llanfihangel Ar Arth Anne DAVIES Single
15 06/12/1811 Thomas DAVIES Single Llanfihangel Rhos Y Carn Margaret DAVIES Single
16 24/03/1812 David THOMAS Single Llanfihangel Rhos Y Carn Margaret PROSSER Single
17 16/08/1812 John GEORGE Single Llanegwad Esther DAVIES Single
1 16/02/1813 Daniel JONES Widower Llanegwad Margaret DAVIES Single
2 05/12/1815 David DAVIES Single Llanfihangel Rhos Y Carn Mary DAVIES Single
3 15/04/1816 Thomas LEWIS Single Llanegwad Mary DANIEL Single
4 28/06/1816 John JONES Single Llanegwad Mary LEWIS Single
5 05/11/1816 William WILLIAMS Single Llanllawddog Sarah JONES Single
6 14/02/1817 Simon SIMONS Single Llanfihangel Rhos Y Carn Hannah JONES Single
7 24/06/1817 James LEWIS Single Llanfynydd Anna EVANS Single
8 23/04/1819 John THOMAS Single
Elinor WILLIAMS Single
9 05/11/1819 Titus DAVID Single
Mary JONES Single
10 30/11/1819 William REES Widower
Rachel JONES Single
11 12/12/1819 Isaac JONES Widower
Margaret DAVIES Single
12 02/01/1820 David MORRIS Single Llangyndeyrn Elinor DAVID Single
13 13/06/1820 Daniel WILLIAM Widower Llanegwad Margaret DAVID Single
14 13/10/1820 William JOHN Single Llanfihangel Ar Arth Martha ROBERTS Single
15 06/07/1821 David BEYNON Single
Sarah HARRIES Single Llandingat
16 08/01/1822 David JAMES Single Llanegwad Margaret CADWALLADER Single
17 09/05/1822 Thomas HARRIES Single Abergwili Margaret JOHN Single
19 31/01/1823 David ISAAC Single
Margaret JONES Single
20 24/07/1823 William THOMAS Single
Hannah DAVIES Single
21 03/10/1823 Thomas GRIFFITHS Single Abergwili Esther JONES Single
22 13/02/1824 Thomas CADWALLADER Single Llanfihangel Rhos Y Carn Anne EVANS Single
23 24/09/1824 Thomas MORGAN Widower
Anne EVANS Single
24 22/10/1824 David THOMAS Single Llanllawddog Mary JONES Single
25 02/11/1824 James REES Single
Elizabeth JONES Single
26 18/11/1824 John DAVIES Single Llandyssil, Cardiganshire Anne THOMAS Single
27 03/12/1824 John DAVIES Single Llanpumsaint Esther JEREMY Single
28 04/01/1825 David ISAAC Widower
Sarah EVANS Single
29 29/03/1825 David DAVIES Widower Llanllawddog Mary WILLIAM Single
30 26/10/1825 John PRICE
Llansadwrn Margaret DAVIES Single
31 03/11/1826 Benjamin DAVID Single
Mary POWEL Single
32 10/11/1826 Lewis LEWIS Single Llansawell Anne SIMON Single
33 02/02/1827 Thomas THOMAS Single Llanarthney Anne EVANS Single
34 22/02/1827 Simon LEWIS Single Llanfihangel Rhos Y Carn Anne THOMAS Single
35 25/05/1827 David THOMAS Single
Anne WILLIAMS Single
36 04/09/1827 William EVANS Single Carmarthen Maria MORRIS Single
37 06/09/1827 David THOMAS Single Abergwili Jemeima MORGAN Single
38 12/11/1828 David THOMAS Widower Llanfynydd Phebe MORRIS Single
39 23/12/1828 Thomas THOMAS Single Llanfihangel Rhos Y Carn Margaret THOMAS Single
40 08/05/1829 David DAVIES Single Llangunnor Sarah PHILLIPS Single
41 27/11/1829 Robert EVANS Single
Elizabeth DAVIES Single
42 10/12/1829 Benjamin TITUS Single
Anne RICHARDS Single
43 18/12/1829 Thomas GEORGE Single
Eleanor EVANS Single
44 24/02/1830 David WILLIAM Single Llanfihangel Rhos Y Carn Hannah JONAH Single
45 12/04/1830 David WILLIAMS Single Llanfihangel Rhos Y Carn Eleanor EVANS Single
46 18/06/1830 Thomas THOMAS Single
Anne JONES Single
47 02/07/1830 Thomas JONES Single
Catharine DAVIES Single
48 18/10/1831 Lewis LEWIS Single Llanegwad Elizabeth DAVIES Single
49 27/12/1831 David JONES Single
Anne DANIEL Single
50 28/09/1832 William JONES Single
Esther JONES Single
51 28/12/1832 Evan JONES Single
Anne WILLIAMS Single
52 15/02/1833 David THOMAS Single Llanegwad Dinah THOMAS Single
53 12/07/1833 John DAVIES Single Llanegwad Jane TITUS Single
54 16/08/1833 John JONES Single Llanfihangel Ar Arth Rachel LEWIS Single
55 02/10/1833 John JAMES Widower Llanegwad Hannah ZECHARIAH Single
56 27/12/1833 David THOMAS Single Llanegwad Elinor DAVIES Single
57 07/02/1834 David DAVIES Single Llanfihangel Rhos Y Carn Esther MORRIS Single
58 11/03/1834 John THOMAS Single
Esther EVANS Single
59 07/08/1834 Philip ASHTON Widower Abergwili Sophia MORRIS Single
60 16/10/1834 David RICHARD Single Llanegwad Priscilla JONAH Widow
61 12/12/1834 Jonathan DAVIES Single
Anne REES Single
62 26/12/1834 Jonah JONAH Widower
Margaret JONES Single
63 29/05/1835 Daniel DAVIES Single Llanegwad Mary EVANS Single
64 26/06/1835 Daniel DAVIS Single Conwil Gaio Susanah PHILLIPS Single
65 01/01/1836 William JONES Single Llanfihangel Rhos Y Carn Jane JAMES Single
66 29/01/1836 William SAMUEL Single Abergwili Margaret DAVIES Single
67 06/02/1836 John EVANS Widower
Anne JONES Single
68 01/07/1836 John JONES Single
Margaret EVANS Single

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