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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Llanfihangel Aberbythych St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Llanfihangel Aberbythych lies in south-central Carmarthenshire about 3 miles west of the small market town of Llandeilo. Llanfihangel Aberbythych is a rural and dispersed community with no real village as such, indeed the parish name does not appear on modern Ordnance Survey maps with the location of the church being shown as "Golden Grove", after the seat of the local Vaughan & Cawdor families. Golden Grove sits around a mile north of the A476 which connects Llandeilo with Llanelli. Much of the parish consists of the flood-plain of the Afon Tywi together with the rising ground to its south, as such the local economy would have been underpinned by pastoral farming. The area also abounds in limestone which was quarried for burning and spreading to improve the quality of the land. The Afon Tywi drains the parish westwards and then south, through Carmarthen, to reach the outer Bristol Channel through the Tywi Estuary. Golden Grove is sited at around 70 metres above the sea, the countryside is rolling hilly country, local heights rise within a couple of miles to almost 250 metres whilst to the east looms The Black Mountain topping out at over 600 metres. Like many interior Carmarthenshire parishes Llanfihangel Aberbythych parish was extensive, covering over 6,000 acres it would have supported a population of close to 950 parishioners. Like most of Wales Llanfihangel Aberbythych is not mentioned in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St Michael's church sits on the western side of the lane leading from the A476 down to the Tywi at Cilsan Bridge. This site replaced the original mediaeval building which stood by that aforementioned bridge but was removed in the 17th century to this site closer to the estate. The present building was, however, erected in 1849 replacing the replacement. The church of nave & chancel with northern porch & transept together with a simple vestry makes extensive use of the local stone and surprisingly a lot of wood. The windows show the 14th century fashion of the Decorated style. The whole is topped by a smart western bellcote. As the lane climbs from the Tywi a large parking area is found to its west, the churchyard is set back a little behind the Yr Hen Ysgol Cafe with a stone lychgate granting entry. The churchyard is fairly free of photographic obstacles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 7th November 1755 - 9th December 1812 Carmarthenshire Archives - Reference - CPR/20/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 1st January 1813 - 30th June 1837 Carmarthenshire Archives - Reference - CPR/20/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Llangathen St Cathan
Llangathen St Cathan
Llandyfeisant St Tyfel
Llandilo-Fawr St Teilo
Llanarthney St David
Llandilo-Fawr St Teilo
Llandybie St Tybie
Llanarthney St David
Llandybie St Tybie
Llandybie St Tybie

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
07/11/1755 Evan DAVID     Elizabeth WILLIAM Single  
16/12/1755 John MORRIS   Llandybie Elizabeth JONES    
30/04/1756 John PERKIN     Elizabeth THOMAS    
05/07/1756 John RICHARD   Llanarthney Mary BOWEN    
24/08/1756 David WILLIAM   Llangadock Lettice JENKIN    
21/02/1757 Edward POWELL   Llanarthney Elizabeth MOTE    
02/03/1757 Francis CLEAVER   Llandilo Fawr Margarett DAVIES    
11/04/1757 William REES   Llandybie Margarett REES    
02/01/1758 William MORGAN   Llandybie Jane BOWEN    
10/10/1758 John THOMAS   Llandybie Anne THOMAS    
02/11/1759 David PHILLIP   Llandilo Fawr Lettice THOMAS    
29/11/1759 William MORGAN   Llandybie Jane ROBERT    
28/01/1760 Benjamin YOUNG     Elizabeth THOMAS    
29/03/1760 John CARN     Rachel MORGAN   Llandilo Fawr
19/05/1760 John BATMAN     Mary REES    
23/10/1760 William DAVID     Margarett ANTHONY    
18/12/1760 Thomas JONES     Elizabeth GRIFFITH    
15/06/1761 Edward PEREGRINE     Margarett EDWARD    
25/09/1761 Thomas DAVID     Margarett RICHARD    
12/11/1761 Thomas BEVAN   Llanedy Esther LAKE    
14/11/1761 John WILLIAMS     Mary JAMES   Llanfynydd
15/12/1761 Robert WEAR     Anne MORLEY    
05/03/1762 William EVAN   Llandilo Fawr Dorothy GRIFFITH    
02/07/1762 Richard THOMAS   Llandilo Fawr Anne LEWIS    
30/07/1762 David GRIFFITH   Llandybie Lettice DAVIES    
07/08/1762 William JOHN     Margarett THOMAS    
11/10/1762 James THOMAS     Catherin WILLIAM    
02/11/1762 Martin SINCLARE   Carmarthen Jane EVANS    
03/11/1762 John RICHARD   Llanegwad Elizabeth WILLIAM    
25/02/1763 John DAVID   Llanarthney Catherin JOHN    
22/07/1763 David RHYDDERCH     Elizabeth LEWIS Widow  
07/10/1763 John DAVID   Llanarthney Beatrice POWELL    
06/01/1764 William HOPKIN     Anne JOHN    
04/10/1764 John RICHARD   Llandybie Anne JOHN    
25/10/1765 Henry JOHN     Mary ISAAC    
12/12/1765 Thomas DAVID   Llanarthney Anne DAVID    
25/12/1765 David JONES     Anne GRIFFITH    
25/02/1766 Thomas HOWELL     Ester THOMAS    
31/10/1766 William ISAAC     Lettice THOMAS    
11/11/1766 James FISHER     Margaret SAMUEL    
05/12/1766 Rees HOPKIN   Llandybie Elizabeth LEWIS    
10/07/1767 Benjamin DAVID   Llandybie Anne BOWEN    
02/02/1768 Benjamin HOPKIN     Mary THOMAS    
15/03/1768 David SAMUEL     Hannah WILLIAM    
14/06/1768 John FISHER     Sarah DAVID    
12/07/1768 William PERKIN     Blanch LEWIS    
05/07/1769 David EVAN     Elizabeth THOMAS    
17/09/1769 Richard PRICE     Ann THOMAS   Llangathen
07/12/1769 David ARTHUR     Ann PRICE    
25/05/1770 Lewis THOMAS   Llangathen Hannah DAVIES    
09/11/1770 William SAMUEL     Mary JENKIN    
20/11/1770 David TOBIAS     Elizabeth JONES    
28/11/1770 John WILLIAM     Jane POWELL    
14/01/1771 David BEVAN   Llangyfelach, Glamorgan Jane WILLIAM    
01/03/1771 John DAVID   Llandilo Fawr Elizabeth LEWIS    
08/03/1771 David GRIFFITH   Abergwili Elizabeth LAKE    
12/03/1771 William HARRIS     Mary MORGAN   Llandybie
20/08/1771 John DAVID     Anne MORGAN    
21/11/1771 Richard THOMAS     Mary DAVIES    
11/02/1772 Morgan WILLIAM   Llanfynydd Catherine LLOYD    
27/03/1772 Richard EVAN   Llandarog Elizabeth WILLIAM    
25/08/1772 Rees HOPKIN     Magdalen POWELL    
02/10/1772 David WILLIAM     Mary MORGAN    
04/02/1774 William GRIFFITH     Elizabeth PUNTAN    
03/01/1775 John HENRY   Llandilo Fawr Margaret GRIFFITH    
31/01/1775 Lewis LEWIS     Margaret DAVID    
05/06/1775 Philip DAVID   Llanarthney Mary HOPKIN    
27/10/1775 William GRIFFITH     Jane LAKE    
03/11/1775 Rees REES     Mary PRICE    
07/11/1775 Thomas DAVID     Mary JOHN    
29/12/1775 George WALTER   Llangyndeyrn Mary LEWIS    
27/02/1776 David MORGAN   Llangathen Catharine WILLIAM    
30/04/1776 John DAVID     Anne GRIFFITH    
11/06/1776 Thomas HOWELL     Mary SHEPHERD    
12/07/1776 Evan JOSEPH     Elizabeth GWYNN    
15/11/1776 John JONES     Mary MORGAN    
10/01/1777 John GRIFFITH   Llangathen Mary EVAN    
20/03/1777 Benjamin THOMAS   Llandilo Fawr Catherine LEWIS    
10/10/1777 Evan EVANS   Llangadock Elizabeth REES    
23/10/1777 Thomas THOMAS   Llangunnor Sarah WALTER    
01/01/1778 John EVAN   Llangathen Elizabeth FISHER    
27/01/1778 William LLOYD     Lettice JONES   Llandarog
16/08/1778 Robert JONES     Mary THOMAS    
03/11/1778 William MORRIS   Llangathen Margaret HOPKIN    
20/11/1778 David LEWIS   Llandybie Anne LAKE    
08/12/1778 John THOMAS     Margaret JONES    
18/06/1779 John PRICE     Catherine DAVID    
12/11/1779 William HARRY   Llangathen Elizabeth AUBREY    
16/11/1779 Morgan THOMAS   Llanarthney Anne AUBREY    
21/07/1780 Harry THOMAS   Llangathen Anne WILLIAMS    
13/10/1780 Edward JONES     Anna DAVIES    
07/11/1780 Edward LEWIS   Llanegwad Elizabeth THOMAS    
19/11/1780 John LAKE     Elizabeth SAMUEL    
24/11/1780 John THOMAS   Llangadock Jane REES    
07/12/1780 John MADOCK   Llanarthney Margaret DAVID    
18/05/1781 John GRIFFITH     Elizabeth GRIFFITH    
20/11/1781 Thomas JOHN   Llangadock Rachel DAVID    
26/02/1782 Thomas JONES   Llanegwad Anne FISHER    
01/04/1782 William JOHN     Catherine DAVID    
17/05/1782 David SAMUEL     Mary RICHARD    
07/06/1782 Thomas WILLIAM     Mary REES    
04/08/1782 Thomas DAVIES   Llandybie Elinor WOODS    
18/10/1782 Thomas WILLIAMS   Llanarthney Anne WILLIAM    
03/11/1782 John JENKIN     Sarah LEWIS    
08/11/1782 Thomas PHELPS   Llandybie Margaret DAVID    
24/12/1782 Timothy DAVID   Llandybie Mary REES    
31/12/1782 David WALTER   Llangathen Sarah REES    
17/01/1783 David WALTER   Llandilo Fawr Margaret DAVID    
31/01/1783 Jacob GRIFFITH     Jane AUBREY    
11/04/1783 John JONES Widower Llanegwad Anne THOMAS Widow  
21/04/1783 William MORGAN   Llanarthney Elizabeth WILLIAM    
30/12/1783 John FISHER     Elizabeth HOPKIN    
13/02/1784 William MORGAN     Mary GRIFFITH    
12/04/1784 David HOPKIN   Llandybie Elizabeth WOODS Single  
12/04/1784 Evan HOPKIN     Anne LAKE Single Llandybie
14/05/1784 Griffith POWELL   Llannon Margaret HOPKIN    
21/05/1784 Timothy HARRY   Llandybie Jane REES    
25/07/1784 Evan THOMAS     Elizabeth PRICE   Llanarthney
13/08/1784 Lodowick LAKE   Llandybie Mary HERBERT Single  
21/09/1784 Thomas AUBREY     Rachel MORGAN    
15/10/1784 Jeremiah THOMAS   Llandarog Anne DAVID    
31/12/1784 Thomas THOMAS   Llandilo Fawr Anne WILLIAMS Single  
28/03/1785 John THOMAS     Jane MORRIS    
05/08/1785 John SIMON   Llangathen Margaret DAVID    
30/09/1785 John DAVID   Llandybie Mary WALTER    
07/10/1785 Luke THOMAS   Llangathen Catherine DAVID    
09/12/1785 Thomas GRIFFITH     Anne RICHARD    
26/01/1786 John JONES   Llanarthney Emmah WILLIAMS    
27/01/1786 Jonah EVAN     Sarah LEWIS    
24/03/1786 John EVAN   Llandybie Martha SAMUEL    
28/03/1786 John THOMAS   Carmarthen Mary FISHER    
03/11/1786 Edward REES     Rachel DAVIES    
10/11/1786 Henry CHARLES     Elizabeth JOSEPH    
10/11/1786 Evan RICHARDS   Llandybie Hannah WILLIAMS    
22/12/1786 William JONES     Mary THOMAS    
05/06/1787 William HITCHINGS     Mary WILLIAMS    
30/10/1787 William EVANS   Llangathen Jane THOMAS Single  
09/11/1787 John THOMAS   Llanfynydd Margaret THOMAS Widow  
18/07/1788 John DAVID   Llandarog Catharine LLOYD    
09/09/1788 John DAVID     Anne POWEL    
04/11/1788 John BOWEN   Llangathen Anne THOMAS    
13/11/1788 John GRIFFITH     Hannah JENKINS   Carmarthen
27/12/1788 David HOPKINS     Elinor JENKINS   Llanarthney
10/02/1789 Peter MADDY   Llandilo Fawr Anne PERKIN    
19/06/1789 David DAVIES   Llanegwad Mary THOMAS    
27/11/1789 John LEWIS   Llandybie Elizabeth JONES    
18/12/1789 William MORGAN   Llanarthney Elizabeth FISHER    
05/02/1790 Evan LEWELYN   Llandybie Mary HOPKIN    
05/04/1790 Thomas MADDY     Anne PERKIN    
15/10/1790 David REES   Llandilo Fawr Mary AUBREY    
17/01/1791 William DAVID     Catharine WALTER   Llanarthney
11/03/1791 David MORRIS   Llandilo Fawr Mary WILLIAM    
13/06/1791 Thomas BEVAN   Llandybie Elizabeth THOMAS    
23/09/1791 David WILLIAMS     Elizabeth JONES    
12/11/1791 James WILLIAM     Dinah GRIFFITH    
13/01/1792 Griffith REES   Llandilo Fawr Mary DAVID    
17/02/1792 William DAVID   Llangadock Anne HOPKIN    
24/02/1792 Oakley PHILIPPS   Llanarthney Rachel FISHER    
18/05/1792 John WILLIAM     Sarah EVAN    
17/08/1792 Isaac GRIFFITH     Anne FISHER    
24/08/1792 William CLARK   Llanarthney Lettice JONES    
28/09/1792 Rees HUGHS   Llandybie Catharine LLOYD    
12/11/1792 James ALLEN     Anne BATEMAN    
15/03/1793 Thomas JINKIN   Llandybie Anne BURRESTON    
29/11/1793 James JONES     Johanna THOMAS    
06/12/1793 William LAKE   Llandybie Jane JONES    
04/04/1794 Thomas ROBERT     Jane EVANS    
11/07/1794 David EVAN     Margaret DAVID    
28/11/1794 David ARTHUR     Margaret JONES    
27/01/1795 Thomas REES   Llanfynydd Anne THOMAS    
21/03/1795 Rees PENDRY   Llandilo Fawr Catherine LEWIS    
15/05/1795 John MORGAN   Llandilo Fawr Mary REES    
22/05/1795 William THOMAS     Sarah DAVIDS Single Llangathen
25/09/1795 William GRIFFITH   Llandybie Elizabeth MORGAN    
24/11/1795 John THOMAS   Llanarthney Rachel LAKE    
27/11/1795 John PERKIN     Elizabeth HOPKINS    
10/06/1796 Thomas EVANS   Llanegwad Mary JONES    
09/09/1796 John STEPHEN     Anne JENKIN    
28/11/1796 George MOORHOUSE     Elizabeth MORGAN    
12/01/1797 William JOHN   Llanegwad Margaret ARTHUR    
03/03/1797 John MORGAN   Llandybie Elizabeth LLOYD    
07/04/1797 David MORGAN   Llangathen Anne WILLIAM    
09/04/1797 John WILLIAM   Llanegwad Amelia FISHER    
10/11/1797 Thomas REES   Llandybie Elizabeth PRICE Single  
01/12/1797 Henry JOHN     Gwenllian PRICE    
01/01/1798 Philip PERKINS     Jemimah THOMAS    
01/01/1798 David HARRIES     Mary JONES    
16/02/1798 John MORRIS Single   Catherine BOWEN Single  
15/02/1799 William YOUNG   Llangathen Lettice BATEMAN    
29/03/1799 Mathew DICKINS     Jane PONTAN    
26/04/1799 Daniel HUGHS   Llandilo Fawr Mary BOWEN    
24/05/1799 John HARRY   Llandybie Rachel HOPKINS    
15/10/1799 William LEWIS   Llanarthney Margaret JONES    
19/11/1799 David EVAN     Elizabeth MORGAN    
13/12/1799 David DAVIES     Anne HOPKIN    
24/12/1799 David ROBERT     Elizabeth PRICE    
28/02/1800 Stephen REES   Llandybie Mary HOPKINS Single  
17/06/1800 David GRIFFITH   Llandilo Fawr Anna ARTHUR Single  
19/08/1800 David MORGAN     Sarah STEPHEN    
21/12/1800 David SAMUEL     Anne HARRY    
08/05/1801 John WILLIAMS   Llandybie Mary EVANS    
25/05/1801 Zacheriah ZACHERIAH   Llangathen Anne REES Single  
22/08/1801 John MORRIS Widower   Maria LAKE Single  
24/08/1801 William GRIFFITHS     Mary THOMAS    
12/11/1801 Lewis THOMAS   Llangathen Hannah RICHARDS Widow  
21/05/1802 Thomas THOMAS   Llandybie Mary PRICE    
29/10/1802 John LEWIS     Rachel ANTHONY    
02/11/1802 Harry GRIFFITHS   Llanarthney Anne MORGAN    
05/11/1802 Benjamin ROBERTS   Llandilo Fawr Mary EVANS    
24/01/1803 Harry THOMAS   Llangathen Bridget REES    
07/04/1803 William JAMES     Jane WILLIAMS    
24/07/1803 John JONES     Jane PHELPS    
23/08/1803 Thomas WILLIAMS   Llangathen Mary LEWIS Single  
11/10/1803 William SAMUEL     Anne EVAN    
23/12/1803 David THOMAS     Esther WALTER    
05/01/1804 John GEORGE   Llandybie Jane ARTHUR    
17/02/1804 Rees DAVID     Mary JOHN    
09/03/1804 Thomas LLOYD   Llanfynydd Mary WILLIAMS    
29/03/1804 John JONES   Llanarthney Jemimah TOBIAS    
06/04/1804 George KING     Mary HUGHES    
30/04/1804 William AWBREY     Lettice PROSSER    
07/05/1804 Thomas NICHOLS Single   Margaret EDWARD Single  
08/05/1804 James SPREAKLAND     Anne BOWEN    
26/06/1804 Rawlings THOMAS     Sarah GEORGE    
31/08/1804 William REES     Lettice REES    
23/10/1804 William RICHARD     Jemimah EMANUEL    
16/11/1804 John JONES     Catherine EVANS    
11/12/1804 William WILLIAMS Single Llangyndeyrn Blanch LEWIS Single  
22/01/1805 Henry JENKIN Widower Llandyfeisant Rachel WALTER Single  
11/06/1805 Daniel JONES   Llannon Jane PRICE    
25/06/1805 Thomas COBNER   Llandilo Fawr Margaret FISHER    
06/09/1805 Owen THOMAS   Llandarog Jane EVANS Single  
06/12/1805 Jonah MORLEY   Llandarog Rachel PRICE    
23/05/1806 John WILLIAMS     Mary LLOYD    
07/11/1806 William HOPKINS     Anne THOMAS    
23/12/1806 Samuel SAMUEL     Margaret POWELL    
24/04/1807 William BOWEN   Llangathen Margaret HOPKINS    
03/11/1807 William THOMAS     Maria REES    
08/04/1808 Lewis LEWIS     Mary HARRY    
26/04/1808 William WILLIAMS   St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Rachel HARRIES    
29/04/1808 Thomas LEWIS Single   Mary MORRIS Widow  
29/04/1808 William EVAN     Margaret WALTER    
19/12/1809 Rees MADOC     Jane LEWIS    
26/01/1810 Thomas JONES   Llannon Mary EVANS Single  
16/02/1810 Enos TOBIAS     Rachel MORRIS    
27/06/1810 William THOMAS Single   Sarah CLEAVER    
12/08/1810 William ROBERT   Llanarthney Deborah LEWIS    
19/10/1810 Griffith THOMAS   Llandybie Mary WILLIAMS    
26/10/1810 John THOMAS     Anne KING    
30/10/1810 Daniel JOHN     Mary LEWIS    
16/11/1810 David PHILIP   Llangyfelach, Glamorgan Elizabeth JONES    
06/12/1811 Evan DECIMUS   Llanarthney Elizabeth THOMAS    
24/12/1811 William JONES   Llandeilo Talybont, Glamorgan Anne THOMAS    
27/12/1811 David JONES   Llandilo Fawr Anne JONES    
01/05/1812 John FISHER     Rachel EVANS    
24/08/1812 Richard MORRIS     Elizabeth REES    
05/11/1812 David LEWIS   Llanarthney Rachel ROBERT    
09/12/1812 William THOMAS     Margaret STEPHEN    
01/01/1813 John DAVID   Llanarthney Catharine EVAN    
1 07/02/1813 Thomas MADDOCKS Single   Lettice WILLIAMS Widow Llandilo Fawr
2 18/02/1813 Evan EVANS     Elizabeth MORRIS    
3 20/03/1813 David THOMAS     Lettice DAVIES    
4 31/08/1813 Thomas PRICE Widower   Elizabeth HOPKINS Single  
5 03/10/1813 Thomas THOMAS     Mary MORGANS Single  
6 26/11/1813 William ROBERT     Mary LEWIS    
7 31/12/1813 John EVANS   Llangadock Mary EVANS    
8 11/02/1814 Griffith STEPHEN   Llandilo Fawr Mary DAVIES    
9 26/04/1814 John HARRY   Llanegwad Sarah JONES    
10 12/05/1814 David STEPHEN   Llandybie Diana LEWIS Single  
11 23/08/1814 Rees LLOYD     Elizabeth MORRIS    
12 21/10/1814 Rees GABRIEL   Llandybie Elizabeth REES    
13 25/11/1814 Alexander SUTHERLAND     Anne JAMES Single  
14 23/12/1814 David OWEN   Llandybie Margaret WILLIAMS    
15 20/01/1815 John WILLIAMS   Llandingat Mary LEWIS    
16 03/02/1815 John JONES   Llangathen Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
17 17/03/1815 Edward HUGHES     Sarah MORRIS    
18 30/04/1815 Thomas JONES     Mary WILLIAMS   Llangathen
19 15/05/1815 William HARRY     Mary REES Single  
20 09/06/1815 John JONES   Llandingat Sarah REES    
21 30/07/1815 Thomas THOMAS   Llandybie Emilia GRIFFITH    
22 15/09/1815 Thomas THOMAS     Joyce JONES    
23 08/12/1815 James JAMES   Llanarthney Elizabeth THOMAS    
24 29/12/1815 William FISHER     Mary MORRIS    
25 05/01/1816 John DAVIES   Llandilo Fawr Ann WILLIAMS    
26 17/05/1816 William OWEN   Llandybie Joyce MORGANS    
27 07/11/1816 John JONES     Elizabeth GRIFFITHS    
28 25/12/1816 David ARTHUR     Elizabeth LEWIS    
29 27/12/1816 Charles PONTAIN     Margaret MORGAN    
30 20/03/1817 Thomas THOMAS   Llandybie Joyce HOPKINS Single  
31 13/06/1817 Thomas PRICE     Barbara GEORGE    
32 07/11/1817 William HARRIES   Llandybie Elizabeth THOMAS    
33 19/12/1817 William JONES   Llangadock Sarah STEPHEN    
34 12/03/1818 Rees REES     Lettice DAVIES Single Carmarthen
35 16/10/1818 David JONES   Bettws Rachel SAMUEL    
36 18/12/1818 Thomas REES   Llandyfeisant Rachel REES Single  
37 01/01/1819 John WILLIAMS     Hannah WILKINS Single  
38 13/05/1819 John JONES   Llanarthney Mary HOPKINS Single  
39 07/09/1819 Evan EDWARDS   Llandilo Fawr Mary POWEL Single  
40 07/10/1819 Daniel THOMAS Single Llanarthney Mary THOMAS Single  
41 05/11/1819 Thomas GRIFFITH Single   Elizabeth JONES Widow  
42 20/11/1819 William EVANS Single   Jane ROBERT Widow  
43 10/12/1819 Morgan OWEN Single Llannon Sarah REES Single  
44 24/12/1819 John SAMUEL Single   Eleanor EDWARDS Single  
45 18/05/1820 Henry SAMUEL     Mary HARRIES Single  
46 20/10/1820 William CLEMENT   Llandilo Fawr Hannah WILLIAMS Single  
47 03/11/1820 Thomas REES Single Llandybie Anne MORRIS Single  
48 02/02/1821 Thomas THOMAS Single Llandilo Fawr Sarah HOPKINS Single  
49 26/02/1821 Thomas WALTER Single Llandilo Fawr Jane WILLIAM Single  
50 13/04/1821 Thomas REES Single   Joyce OWEN Single  
51 05/06/1821 David MORGAN Single Llandilo Fawr Mary LLOYD Single  
52 30/11/1821 David THOMAS Single   Hannah WILLIAMS Single  
53 14/12/1821 Richard DAVIES     Mary REES Single  
54 21/12/1821 William MORRIS     Margaret CLEAVER Single  
55 01/01/1822 Rees DAVID   Llandilo Fawr Hannah ARTHUR Single  
56 19/02/1822 David THOMAS     Anne JONES Single  
57 14/06/1822 Daniel JACOB     Margaret HARRY Single  
58 04/10/1822 William DAVID Single Llangadock Rachel PERKINS Single  
59 13/12/1822 David EVANS Single   Sarah RICHARDS Single  
60 14/02/1823 Thomas DAVIES Single Llanarthney Mary ROBERT Widow  
61 28/11/1823 Thomas HARRIES   Llandarog Margaret THOMAS    
62 26/12/1823 David EDWARDS   Llandilo Fawr Hannah JONES    
63 06/02/1824 Oakley REES Single   Elizabeth EDWARDS Single  
64 14/05/1824 David THOMAS     Eleanor THOMAS Single  
65 07/06/1824 Lewis REES     Anne REES    
66 15/10/1824 David THOMAS   Llandybie Elizabeth MORRIS    
67 29/10/1824 George LEWIS   Llanfynydd Jane GRIFFITHS Single  
68 28/12/1824 Thomas WILLIAMS     Lettice JONES    
69 31/12/1824 John DAVIES   Llanarthney Anne WILLIAM Single  
70 08/11/1825 Richard BOYNES Single Llandyfeisant Gwenllian JONES Single  
71 27/01/1826 David JAMES Single Llandilo Fawr Anne ARTHUR Single  
72 28/02/1826 Edward EVANS Single   Anne HOPKINS Widow  
73 20/03/1826 Jacob DAVID Single Llanarthney Anne LEWIS Single  
74 24/03/1826 John JONES   Llanarthney Elizabeth JAMES    
75 02/06/1826 Thomas RICHARDS Widower Llangadock Sarah OWEN Widow  
76 16/06/1826 John PERKINS Single   Emiah MORRIS Single  
77 06/08/1826 John EVANS Single Llandyfaelog Ann ROBERTS Single  
78 27/10/1826 William JONES Single   Anne JENKINS Single  
79 03/11/1826 John DAVIES Single Talley Jane REES Single  
80 16/03/1827 William LLOYD Single   Anne MORGAN Single  
81 10/07/1827 Rees DAVIES Single Llanddeusant Maria ARTHUR Single  
82 11/09/1827 Evan EVANS Widower   Elizabeth LEWIS Single Llandilo Fawr
83 12/10/1827 Owen WILLIAMS Single Llanarthney Hannah THOMAS Single  
84 19/10/1827 Joseph ROBERT Single Llandybie Mary JONES Single  
85 26/10/1827 Rawlins REES Single   Mary EVANS Single  
86 09/11/1827 Stephen BOWEN Single   Rachel WILLIAMS Single  
87 21/12/1827 David JENKINS Widower Llannon Mary JENKINS Single  
88 28/12/1827 Owen THOMAS Single   Sarah EVANS Single  
89 01/01/1828 John ROBERT Single   Margaret DAVIES Single  
90 25/01/1828 Thomas MORGAN Single   Margaret EVAN Single Llanarthney
91 30/04/1828 William PERKIN Single   Mary BOWEN Single  
92 18/05/1828 William THOMAS Single Llanarthney Anne GRIFFITH Single  
93 13/06/1828 John MORRIS Single   Rachel WILLIAMS Single Lampeter, Cardiganshire
94 07/11/1828 Andrew MORGAN Single   Susannah JENKINS Single  
95 10/12/1828 Samuel SAMUEL Single   Mary EVANS Single  
96 26/12/1828 John JONES Single Glyncorrwg, Glamorgan Catharine EVANS Single  
97 01/05/1829 John EVANS Single Llandilo Fawr Elizabeth EVANS Single  
98 12/05/1829 William SAMUEL   Llandybie Ann RICHARD    
99 23/06/1829 Charles JONES Widower   Jane POWELL Widow  
100 19/09/1829 David THOMAS Single   Susannah JONES Single  
101 09/10/1829 Noah WILLIAMS   Bettws Elizabeth ARTHUR    
102 12/11/1829 James WILLIAMS Widower Llandarog Margaret JONES Single  
103 16/03/1830 Isaac JONES Single Llangadock Anne DAVIES Single  
104 24/09/1830 John Griffiths WILLIAMS   Llandilo Fawr Hannah WATKINS Single  
105 15/11/1830 Daniel JONES Single   Jane LLOYD Single  
106 21/01/1831 Morgan LEWIS Single Llanarthney Mary HOPKINS Single  
107 10/05/1831 Richard REES Single Llandybie Elizabeth HOPKINS Single  
108 17/06/1831 Francis LLOYD Single   Anne ROBERT Single  
109 26/07/1831 John FRANCIS Widower Llandyfeisant Anne WILLIAMS Single  
110 13/10/1831 Richard JONES Single Llanarthney Rachel SAMUEL Single  
111 28/10/1831 John ROBERT Single   Rachel RICHARDS Single  
112 20/01/1832 Stephen MORGAN Single   Mary JONES Single  
113 18/02/1832 Ebenezer MORRIS Single Llandybie Anne REES Single  
114 19/06/1832 Evan LLEWELYN Widower   Mary HOWELS Single  
115 19/10/1832 William RICHARD Single   Sarah HOWELL Single  
116 08/04/1833 David THOMAS Single   Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
117 27/05/1833 David LEWIS Single   Rachel MORGANS Single  
118 14/06/1833 Edward JONES Single   Sarah MICHAEL    
119 29/10/1833 Thomas JENKINS Single Llandybie Rachel REES Single  
120 09/05/1834 William JONES Single   Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
121 30/05/1834 David MORRIS Single   Mary MORGANS Single  
122 22/08/1834 John TREHARNE Single   Hannah SAMUEL Single  
123 09/12/1834 Charles JONES Widower   Margaret WALTERS Single  
124 20/12/1834 William THOMAS Widower   Elizabeth JONES Widow Llandilo Fawr
125 06/01/1835 John WILLIAMS Single Llanarthney Rachel MORGAN Single  
126 13/02/1835 William PERKINS Single Llandilo Fawr Elizabeth CLEAVER Single  
127 27/02/1835 David DAVIES Single Llandilo Fawr Anne JONES Single  
128 13/03/1835 John EVANS Single   Anne LEWIS Single  
129 29/05/1835 David MORGANS Single   Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
130 07/07/1835 John THOMAS Single   Anne SAMUEL Single  
131 28/08/1835 William HOPKINS Widower   Sarah MORGANS Single  
132 23/10/1835 William WILLIAMS Single Talley Mary REES Single  
133 11/12/1835 David HOPKINS Single   Margaret LEWIS Single  
134 02/01/1836 Thomas SAMUEL Single   Hannah MORRIS Single  
135 18/03/1836 William JONES Single   Anne DAVIES Single  
136 21/05/1836 David JONES Single Llandarog Anne GRIFFITHS Single  
137 03/06/1836 David THOMAS Single Talley Mary ARTHUR Single  
138 15/09/1836 John DAVIES Single St Mary, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire Anne WILLIAMS Single  
139 23/12/1836 David DAVIES Single Llandilo Fawr Elizabeth REES Single  
140 06/01/1837 David REES Single   Mary NICHOLLS Single  
141 29/01/1837 David WALTERS Single   Catherine WILLIAMS Single  
142 24/02/1837 David HOPKINS Single   Elizabeth GRIFFITHS Single  
143 09/03/1837 John HILL Single   Mary ROSSAN Single  
144 30/06/1837 Richard WILLIAMS Single   Mary GRIFFITHS Single  

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