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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Llangennech St Gwynog


The Parish

The parish of Llangennech lies in the extreme south of Carmarthenshire, indeed it forms part of Carmarthenshire's coastline (on the Loughor estuary) and also part of the border with neighbouring Glamorgan. Llangennech is located about 4 miles northeast of the industrial town of Llanelli. Llangennech is a large and compact village built at the confluence of the Afon Morlais with the wider estuary of the Loughor. The village centre lies in the triangle formed by two roads (A4138 & B4297) which follow differing routes from Llanelli towards Pontarddulais and meet to the east of Llangennech. Much of the village is built either on the lane crossing between the two or on the B4297 which follows the floodplain edge. At the time of this transcript Llangennech was transforming from a small rural and agricultural village into a mining town with the opening of several pits in the 1820s which continued for at least 50 years growing the population substantially. The area would have been largely arable prior to that industialisation. The Afon Morlais drains eastwards through the village, the sea being only a 1/4 mile from the B4297. Llangennech is sited at just 10 metres above sea level but local heights to the northwest rise to almost 100 metres. By Carmarthenshire standards Llangennech parish was small, it covered just under 2,400 acres; its population grew rapidly during the period of this transcript from barely over 300 to almost 1,000 parishioners. In common with most of Wales Llangennech is not mentioned in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St Gwynog's church sits on the eastern side of Bank Road, which connects Llangennech's two principal roads. It stands on the top of a slight rise. Sadly the mediaeval church is long gone and indeed the present church, which was built between 1900 and 1908 replaced one as recent as 1853. The building is clearly of little architectural interest as the entry in Pevsner just describes the essential features of the building remarking only that the interior is "impressive if conventional". The church stands behind a low stone wall with its western tower flush to the road, entry is at the northern end by the tower and there are few impediments to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 22nd August 1755 - 29th November 1812 Carmarthenshire Archives - Reference CPR/7/1 Plain unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation requirements Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 19th November 1813 - 2nd June 1837 Carmarthenshire Archives - Reference CPR/7/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Llanelli St Elli
Llannon St Non
Llanedy St Edi
Llanelli St Elli
Llandeilo Talybont St Teilo, Glamorgan
Llanelli St Elli
Llanelli St Elli

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
18/01/1754 Thomas MORGAN     Jane DAVID    
19/02/1754 David DAVIES   Llangeler Margaret DAVIES    
03/03/1754 David LEWIS   Llanelly Mary DAVID   Llanelly
1 22/08/1755 Joseph EDMUND Single   Jane HENRY Single  
3 14/11/1755 Evan LEWIS Single   Jane BOWEN Single  
2 09/12/1755 David REES Single   Anne REES Single  
5 08/06/1756 Thomas HUGH Single   Ellenor MOOR Widow  
6 07/09/1756 Thomas HUGH Single Llanedy Eleanor ROWLAND Single  
7 24/12/1756 Thomas BEYNON Single   Mary REYNOLD Single  
8 11/04/1757 Griffith GRIFFITH Single   Catherine LOYD Single  
9 30/05/1757 William John DAVID Widower   Mary William MICHAEL Widow  
10 15/11/1757 John DAVID Single   Mary HUGH    
11 08/12/1757 William CLEMENT Single Llanarthney Elizabeth LLOYD    
12 14/02/1758 Henry MOOR Widower   Margaret GRIFFITH Single  
29/09/1762 David LONG Single Llanrhidian, Glamorgan Ruth MAURICE Single  
15/02/1763 Cornelius DAVID     Jane DAVID Single  
10/05/1763 Morgan REES   Llannon Ann REES    
16/11/1763 William EDWARDS Single Llanedy Elinor MORGANS Single  
26/11/1763 William LLOYD     Catherine HENRY    
17/01/1764 David EVAN     Ann JENKIN Single  
25/12/1764 Thomas EVAN     Jennet THOMAS Single  
25/02/1765 Daniel WALTER   Llanedy Ann WILLIAM Single  
05/07/1766 Thomas LEWIS     Mary DAVID Single  
07/07/1767 Thomas THOMAS     Sarah EVAN Widow  
06/10/1767 William DAVID     Margaret LEWIS Single  
03/11/1767 David THOMAS     Elizabeth JOHN    
23/11/1767 William JONES     Elizabeth MORRIS Single  
29/01/1768 Edward JENKIN   Llanelly Mary CLEMENT Single  
06/05/1768 Walter HOPKIN     Jane JONES Single  
13/10/1769 John GRIFFITH     Anne DAVID    
20/10/1769 John OWEN   Llanelly Jennet HUGH    
11/05/1770 Thomas HENRY     Ann HARRIES Single  
05/08/1770 William VOLK   Loughor, Glamorgan Margaret HENRY Single  
13/11/1770 William ANDREWS     Tabitha REES Single  
05/01/1771 William DAVID     Ruth MICHAEL Single  
18/06/1771 David HOPKIN   Llandeilo Talybont, Glamorgan Margaret DAVID    
28/07/1771 John SMITH   Llanelly Sarah MORRIS Single  
17/09/1771 William JONES     Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
18/11/1771 John HILL   Llanelly Damaris LOVEL Single  
29/11/1771 John PHILLIP   Llanelly Jennet EVAN Widow  
20/04/1772 John HENRY   Llanedy Ann MUCHELL Single  
15/05/1772 William JAMBY     Mary JONES Single  
13/11/1772 William PHILLIPS   Llanelly Mary WILLIAMS Single  
01/01/1773 David JENKIN   Llanelly Ann DAVID Single  
12/03/1773 William ANTHONY Widower   Margaret MORRIS Widow  
06/11/1773 John HENRY     Margaret WILLIAM Single  
12/07/1774 Thomas HENRY     Elizabeth REES Single  
03/10/1775 William MORGAN   Llanedy Sarah THOMAS    
03/10/1775 Morgan BOWEN     Mary DAVID Single Llanelly
12/07/1776 David LEWIS     Ann DAVID Single  
28/09/1776 Edward JENKIN Widower   Margaret GRIFFITH Single  
21/10/1776 Henry BEVAN   Llandeilo Talybont, Glamorgan Ruth LONG Single  
20/12/1776 David PRICHARD     Ann THOMAS Single  
28/03/1777 Thomas THOMAS     Jane LLOYD Single  
05/05/1777 Thomas RANDALL     Ann MORGAN Single  
17/10/1777 Henry MOOR     Mary THOMAS Single  
25/12/1777 Robert LATON     Jane SALMON Widow  
16/01/1778 Thomas DAVIES   Llanelly Mary DAVIES Single  
20/01/1778 Thomas HUGH     Margaret JOHN Single  
16/08/1778 David ROGERS     Ann DAVIES Single  
26/02/1779 Mathew AUSTIN   Llanelly Caroline LEWIS Single  
29/03/1779 Richard EVAN     Ann LLOYD Single  
19/10/1779 David MORGAN   Llannon Catherine REES Single  
03/12/1779 Thomas THOMAS     Mary DAVID Single  
04/06/1781 John DAVID   Llansamlet, Glamorgan Catherine DAVID    
19/07/1781 John MOOR     Ann EVAN Single  
12/10/1781 John REES   Llannon Mary HUGH Single  
15/10/1781 William WILLIAMS     Margaret HUGH Single  
12/02/1782 John JONES     Elizabeth REES Single  
15/03/1782 Thomas SAMUEL     Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
05/11/1782 Thomas THOMAS   Llannon Mary THOMAS    
15/03/1783 David GRIFFITH   Llanelly Mary MANWARING    
18/11/1783 Thomas UNGOED     Margaret HARRIES Widow  
22/10/1784 David LEWIS     Elizabeth REES    
04/02/1785 Henry VAUGHAN   Llanedy Martha REES    
11/03/1785 William DAVID     Mary JOHN Widow  
16/05/1785 Thomas LEWIS     Ann PHILLIP   Llanelly
21/10/1785 John RICHARD     Mary REES Single  
02/12/1785 Thomas PHILLIP   Llanedy Elizabeth MANWARING Single  
27/12/1785 John BYNON     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
14/02/1786 David DAVIES     Anne WILLIAMS   Llandeilo Talybont, Glamorgan
15/09/1786 Joseph JONES   Llanelly Mary LONG Single  
15/11/1786 William MUCHEL     Margaret SAMUEL Widow  
05/12/1786 David JONES     Jane DAVIES Single  
18/12/1786 Henry SIMON     Rebecca LEWIS Widow  
09/11/1787 Jeremiah GRIFFITHS   Pen Bre Mary PRICE Single  
23/01/1789 David RICHARD     Catherine TELLAM Single  
21/09/1789 William THOMAS     Sarah LEWIS Single  
20/10/1789 David MOOR     Catherine EDWARD Single  
26/10/1789 Morgan HOPKINS   Llandeilo Talybont, Glamorgan Margaret MAURICE Single  
31/12/1790 John LEWIS     Elizabeth OWENS Single  
12/01/1791 Edward THOMAS Single   Margaret MORGAN Single  
11/02/1791 John REES Single Llangyfelach, Glamorgan Mary RICHARD Widow  
16/05/1791 Caleb HOWELL Single   Ann EVAN Single  
14/06/1791 Edward MANWARING Single   Margaret RICHARD Single Llanelly
06/12/1791 David LEWIS     Ann REES Single  
18/12/1792 David MORRIS   Llandeilo Talybont, Glamorgan Anne REES    
08/02/1793 Thomas JOHN Single Llandeilo Talybont, Glamorgan Ruth HOPKIN Single  
14/01/1794 William JEFFREYS Single   Catharine NATHANIEL Single  
22/06/1794 John DANIEL Widower   Mary EVAN Single  
23/06/1795 David GRIFFITH Single   Hannah REES Single  
29/12/1795 William ISAAC   Newport, Pembrokeshire Anne LEWIS    
05/01/1796 Thomas EVAN Single   Elener DAVID Single  
12/02/1796 John PHILIP Single St Mary, Swansea, Glamorgan Anne HUGHES Single  
24/04/1796 Owen DAVIES Single   Anne WALTER Single  
04/11/1796 Isaac FRANCIS Single   Mary CHRISTOPHER Single  
25/11/1796 William EDWARD Single Llannon Margaret MANWARING Single  
02/12/1796 William PHILLIP Single Llanelly Margarett DAVID Single  
24/01/1797 Thomas REES Single Llanelly Margarett JOHN Single  
06/02/1797 William LOTT   Llannon Mary HOPKIN Single  
07/03/1797 Walter THOMAS Single Llanedy Jane JONES Single  
17/04/1797 John PHILLIP Single Llanelly Mary DAVID Single  
05/06/1797 Morgan JONES Single   Anne REES Single  
21/08/1797 Joseph JOSEPH Single   Rachel LEWIS Single  
19/11/1797 Owen HOWELL Single   Catherine DAVID Single  
13/02/1798 John THOMAS Single   Catherine DAVID Single  
13/03/1798 David MORGAN Single Llanedy Jane DAVID Single  
23/03/1798 William HOWELL Single   Anne MANWARING Single  
28/02/1800 David BEVAN   Llandeilo Talybont, Glamorgan Margarett EVAN    
20/04/1800 Evan DAVID Single   Elizabeth JEFFRIES Single  
19/04/1801 John WALTERS Single Llandybie Mary MORRIS Single  
16/10/1801 William HOPKIN Single   Mary LEWIS Single  
23/10/1801 David GRIFFITH Widower   Elizabeth DAVID Widow  
13/11/1801 John DAVID Single   Mary HENRY Single  
25/12/1801 David WILLIAM Single   Margaret REES Widow  
04/07/1802 David JONES     Sarah REED Single  
24/12/1802 Jerimiah SIMON     Anne DAVID    
04/02/1803 David JONES     Margaret MICHAEL    
30/05/1803 John JONES     Hester POWELL    
18/10/1803 Morgan WILLIAM     Anne THOMAS    
29/11/1803 Richard DAVID     Mary AUSTIN    
02/09/1804 John MORGAN     Anne DAVID    
21/09/1804 John JEFFRY     Mary MICHAEL    
25/09/1804 John HARRY     Mary PRITCHARD    
15/11/1804 Henry THOMAS Single Llanelly Cicilia MORGAN Widow  
20/02/1805 William EVAN     Tabitha REES    
31/12/1805 George DAVIES   Loughor, Glamorgan Anne ANTHONY    
18/02/1806 Henry VINCENT Single   Mary WILKINS Single  
22/04/1806 Daniel LEWIS Single   Mary LEWIS Single  
29/07/1806 John LEWIS Single Llangyfelach, Glamorgan Rachael WILLIAM    
22/05/1807 Morgan BEVAN Single Llandeilo Talybont, Glamorgan Mary EVAN    
25/12/1808 William MORGAN     Margaret DAVID    
21/01/1809 John THOMAS     Maria JOHN    
29/01/1809 John WILLIAM     Sarah MICHAEL    
31/01/1809 William GWYN     Elizabeth WILLIAM    
13/03/1809 Robert LEWIS     Elizabeth ANTHONY    
03/05/1809 John PROTHEROE     Mary LEWIS    
10/07/1809 David JOHN     Anne HARRY    
15/07/1809 Thomas FRANCIS     Catherine MICHAEL    
25/03/1810 William LLEWELYN Single   Mary SIMON Single  
07/08/1810 John ROGERS Single   Catherine JONES Single  
01/01/1811 Isaac LEWIS     Hannah THOMAS    
15/04/1811 David THOMAS     Elizabeth RICHARD    
03/09/1811 David DAVIES     Esther BOWEN    
14/10/1811 Thomas REES   Llanelly Mary DAVID    
22/12/1811 John JONES   Llannon Rachael CHRISTOPHER    
25/12/1811 Morgan THOMAS     Sarah JONES    
17/03/1812 John WILLIAM     Jane DAVID    
17/04/1812 James DAVID     Margaret THOMAS    
26/05/1812 William DAVID     Mary JEFFREYS    
29/11/1812 David BEVAN     Anne WILLIAMS    
1 19/11/1813 Thomas DAVID Single   Margaret DAVID Single  
2 05/12/1813 Morgan JOHN Widower   Margaret WILLIAM Single  
3 17/12/1813 David THOMAS Single   Sarah REES Single  
4 11/04/1814 David REES Widower Llanelly Sarah FRANCIS Single  
5 15/04/1814 John REES Widower   Tabitha WILLIAM Single  
6 04/12/1814 William HENRY Single   Anne RICHARD Single  
7 27/03/1815 Joseph PHILLIPS Single Llanedy Margaret THOMAS Single  
8 14/11/1815 Thomas NISBETH Single   Elizabeth ROE Single  
9 20/09/1816 John HUGH Single   Anne HOWELL Single  
10 05/11/1816 William MORGAN Single Llanelly Martha JONES Single  
11 29/04/1817 Griffith HENRY Single   Anne PHILLIP Single  
12 17/08/1817 David DAVIES Single Llanarthney Anne JONES Single  
13 25/12/1817 Joseph JOSEPH Widower   Catherine WALTER Single  
14 31/12/1817 Philip PRICE Widower   Rachael PRICE Single  
15 21/05/1818 Daniel DAVIES Single Llanelly Mary LEWIS Single  
16 19/06/1818 Joseph FRANCIS Single Llanelly Jane PROTHERO Single  
17 06/12/1818 John HUGHES     Mary THOMAS    
18 25/12/1818 Morgan MORGAN Single   Jane BADGER Single  
19 29/01/1819 Thomas RICHARDS     Ann DANIEL    
20 24/09/1819 Thomas JONES Single   Mary JONES Single  
21 03/10/1819 John BASSET Single   Margaret PROTHERO Single  
22 22/02/1820 John HALL Single Llanelly Margaret THOMAS Single  
23 13/02/1821 Henry THOMAS     Mary THOMAS    
24 22/06/1821 John JOHN   Llanelly Margaret HENRY    
25 05/11/1821 Thomas HUGHES Single   Anne DAVIES Single  
26 07/12/1821 Thomas THOMAS     Rachael MOORE    
27 15/03/1822 John LEWIS     Anne THOMAS    
28 29/03/1822 William ROGER     Anne MORRIS    
29 08/04/1822 Griffith HARRY     Elizabeth JOHN    
30 20/04/1822 John WILLIAMS     Mary BOWEN    
31 19/07/1822 William HOPKIN     Sage THOMAS    
32 15/11/1822 Edward DAVID     Mary HENRY    
33 28/01/1823 William DAVID     Rachael WILLIAMS    
34 13/06/1823 George JONES     Elizabeth MORRIS    
35 04/07/1823 Philip THOMAS     Margaret HARRY    
36 13/02/1824 John JONES   Llanelly Mary HUGHES    
37 27/02/1824 Thomas JENKINS     Luce LEWIS    
38 08/10/1824 Badger LEWIS     Sarah GREGORY   Llandeilo Talybont, Glamorgan
39 07/12/1824 James RADFORD     Anne HUGHES Widow  
40 13/09/1825 John LODWICK     Margaret SIMON    
41 20/01/1826 George BATEMAN     Maria HARRIS    
42 18/04/1826 George COOPER     Mary DAVIES    
43 09/06/1826 Morgan LEWIS     Margaret LEWIS    
44 06/10/1826 David JOHN     Anne DAVIES    
45 20/10/1826 Peter THOMAS   Llanelly Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
46 15/12/1826 William DAVIES     Elizabeth HOPKIN    
47 06/01/1827 John HOPKIN     Maria SAMUEL    
48 31/01/1827 Edward HUGHES     Anne DAVIES    
49 13/05/1827 Thomas MORGAN     Mary MORGAN    
50 02/06/1827 John BROWN     Elizabeth SMITH    
51 12/06/1827 David RICHARDS     Mary LLOYD    
52 16/10/1827 William JONES     Maria THOMAS    
53 05/11/1827 David BOWEN   Llanelly Elizabeth HARRIES    
54 28/12/1827 Griffith HOWELL     Elizabeth THOMAS    
55 08/02/1828 John PROTHEROE     Mary EVANS    
56 15/02/1828 John LEWIS     Mary EVANS    
57 14/03/1828 William BOWEN     Elizabeth LEWIS    
58 23/05/1828 Isaac JOHN     Margaret MORRIS    
59 04/07/1828 Thomas JOHN   Llandeilo Talybont, Glamorgan Ann EVANS    
60 18/07/1828 Morgan ANTHONY     Anne JOHN    
61 16/08/1828 David THOMAS   St Mary, Swansea, Glamorgan Sage HOPKIN    
62 29/08/1828 John JONES     Mary ROGERS    
63 22/09/1828 Rees WILLIAMS     Anne JONES    
64 10/10/1828 Samuel LEWIS Single   Hannah THOMAS Single  
65 05/11/1828 John LEWIS Single   Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
66 27/02/1829 John DAVIES     Catharine DAVIES    
67 01/05/1829 Thomas DAVIES     Anne HARMON    
68 05/05/1829 David HUGH     Mary ROBERT    
69 24/08/1829 David THOMAS Widower   Margaret PHILIP Widow  
70 11/09/1829 John ROGERS     Mary BOWEN    
71 22/09/1829 David THOMAS Widower   Sarah JONES    
72 25/09/1829 David JENKIN     Mary JONES    
73 20/11/1829 John THOMAS     Mary PHILLIPS    
74 04/12/1829 John LEWIS     Anne GRIFFITH    
75 01/01/1830 David WILLIAM     Hannah JEFFREY    
76 15/01/1830 William SEAL     Ann ROGERS    
77 12/02/1830 William DAVIES Widower   Mary JEFFERY    
78 09/04/1830 David THOMAS     Mary GRIFFITH    
79 21/05/1830 John THOMAS     Margaret WILLIAM    
80 17/09/1830 James MORRIS     Mary CHAPPELL    
81 08/10/1830 Thomas SIMON     Sarah RICHARD    
82 03/12/1830 Thomas MORGAN     Mary WILLIAM    
83 14/01/1831 David DAVIES     Mary THOMAS    
84 10/06/1831 Thomas EVANS     Anne PUGH    
85 01/08/1831 George GUNN     Mary JOSEPH    
86 16/08/1831 Thomas BOWEN     Elizabeth EVANS    
87 13/03/1832 Thomas HOWELL     Rachael JONES    
88 24/04/1832 John BOWEN     Catharine EVANS    
89 25/05/1832 William DAVID     Anne THOMAS    
90 11/10/1833 Rees EVANS     Lucy WILLIAMS    
91 18/11/1833 John JOSEPH     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
92 13/12/1833 Thomas PHILLIP     Sarah FRANCIS    
93 17/12/1833 Henry SAMUEL     Hannah LEWIS    
94 17/12/1833 Esau GEORGE     Mary LEWIS    
95 25/12/1833 Henry SAMUEL     Hannah LEWIS    
96 31/12/1833 William WILLIAMS     Mary THOMAS    
97 18/02/1834 Thomas MORGAN   Llanelly Mary HARRIES    
98 16/06/1834 David WILLIAM     Anne MORGANS    
99 08/07/1834 Joshua HOWELLS   Llanelly Mary MORGANS    
100 05/08/1834 Evan THOMAS     Mary HENRY    
101 09/12/1834 Rees HARRIES     Anne BEVAN    
102 25/12/1834 William BEYNON     Anne BEVAN    
103 09/01/1835 Thomas DAVIES     Martha JOHNS    
104 17/02/1835 Thomas THOMAS     Elizabeth THOMAS    
105 10/04/1835 Thomas MAINWARING   Llannon Jane GRIFFITHS    
106 01/05/1835 William REES     Anne PHILIP    
107 26/05/1835 Griffith JENKINS     Margaret THOMAS    
108 12/06/1835 William BELL     Martha MORGAN    
109 23/06/1835 John THOMAS Single   Anne REES Widow  
110 30/06/1835 John WILLIAMS     Eleanor HOWELLS    
111 25/08/1835 Benjamin COOPER     Anne FENINGTON    
112 15/09/1835 John REES     Mary LLEWELYN    
113 13/10/1835 John WILLIAM     Margaret LLOYD    
114 10/11/1835 David EVAN   Llannon Maria DAVIES    
115 19/01/1836 John HARRIES     Sarah LEWIS    
116 22/03/1836 Griffith MORGAN     Anne JOSEPH    
117 12/04/1836 James GRIER     Mary JONES    
118 05/06/1836 John WILLIAMS     Margaret WILLIAMS    
119 22/11/1836 John SIMON     Elizabeth THOMAS    
120 20/12/1836 George REES     Anne REES    
122 03/01/1837 William BOWEN     Mary WILLIAMS    
123 31/01/1837 Joseph JONES     Anne THOMAS    
124 03/02/1837 Daniel LEWIS     Rachael THOMAS    
125 20/02/1837 William HART     Sarah AUSTIN    
126 30/03/1837 William PRYTHERCH     Anne WILLIAMS    
127 26/05/1837 William JENKINS   Llandawke Sarah THOMAS    
128 02/06/1837 John LEWIS     Sarah POWELL    

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