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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Thursby St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Thursby lies in north central Cumberland about 6 miles southwest of the county town of Carlisle. Thursby is a substantial village which once sat on the A695 road which connects Carlisle with Wigton, the road now bypasses to Thursby's north. Modern developments include the route of the West Cumberland rail line which passes through the parish, albeit Thursby has no station. At the time of this transcript Thursby would have largely been a arable farming community, despite some modern growth that remains the principal economy of the parish. A few modern properties have been built as Thursby is close to Carlisle there is some commuting to the latter. Thursby is drained westwards by the River Wampool, which travels the short distance to Dalston where the Caldew is met, the Eden is joined in Carlisle and thence to the Solway Firth. Thursby sits on Cumberland's northern coastal plains at a height of around 40 metres above the sea, land rises steadily southwards rising to local heights of only around 100 metres, the fells of The Lake District form Thursby's southern aspect but are some distance away. By Cumberland standards Thursby parish was small in extent, reminiscent of a southern rural parish at almost 1,100 acres, it would have supported a population of around 500 parishioners. Like most of this area of northern Britain Thursby is not mentioned in Domesday Book which has no coverage of this area.

The Church

St Andrew's church lies at the western end of the village at the junction of Church Lane and Matty Lonning. Sadly this is not some mediaeval masterpiece but a Victorian replacement of the church that one occupied this site. The church was completely rebuilt in the local sandstone in the 1840s. Despite this Victorian build, there was still time for a restoration in 1878. The church follows the Decorated style of the 14th century in its window design. A large church as befits a substantial village, the interior is rather bereft of interest being described by Pevsner as "broad and bald". The church sits raised on a small hill above its junction, there are entrances from both Church Lane and the main entrance on Matty Lonning where wooden gates lead to a rising path. The churchyard has bordering trees but these do not unduly restrict photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 18th July 1754 - 21st May 1774 Cumbria Archive Service - Carlisle - Reference - PR33/2 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number poor handwriting within this register may lead to one or two misreads
2 10th July 1775 - 7th July 1794 Cumbria Archive Service - Carlisle - Reference - PR33/3 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 8th November 1794 - 9th November 1812 Cumbria Archive Service - Carlisle - Reference - PR33/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 4th March 1813 - 14th November 1836 Cumbria Archive Service - Carlisle - Reference - PR33/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Aikton St Andrew
Aikton St Andrew
Great Orton St Giles
Wigton St Mary
Dalston St Michael
Wigton St Mary
Westward St Hilda
Dalston St Michael

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
18/07/1754 Robert HALL   St Mary, Carlisle Margaret LYLLE    
00/08/1754 John HOLYWELL     Catherine RICKABY    
08/05/1755 John HIND   St Mary, Carlisle Ann NICOLSON    
25/05/1755 Thomas NICHOLSON     Elizabeth TEESDALE   St Cuthbert, Carlisle
03/08/1755 James MILBOURN     Ann JACKSON    
19/10/1755 John JEFFERSON     Isabell ATKINSON   Wigton
00/00/1756 Henry ELLIOT     Frances LOWSON    
15/11/1757 John MOFFIT   Bolton Mary TWENTYMAN    
06/12/1757 John BARNS     Mary WILLIAMSON    
09/07/1758 George BARNS     Sarah RICHARDSON   Wetheral
18/01/1759 John SPENCE   Whitehaven Martha STOCKDALE    
15/11/1759 John FEDING     Elizabeth WILLIAMSON    
02/12/1759 Joseph RICKARBY     Dorothy LOSH    
20/05/1760 Christopher HETHERINGTON   Whitfield, Northumberland Esther RICHARDSON    
25/01/1761 John ASBRIDGE   Dalston Mary PORTER    
01/04/1761 Thomas GRAINGER   Westward Mary STUDHOLME    
07/09/1761 John JEFFERSON   Westward Jane SCOTT    
19/11/1761 Jacob MORLAND   Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland Dorothy BRISCO    
14/03/1762 John JACKSON     Hildah JEFFERSON   Westward
30/09/1762 William LIDDLE   Burgh By Sands Jane RICKERBY    
08/10/1762 John ROBINSON     Fanny SCOTT    
08/11/1762 Thomas HARDING     Grace STOCKDALE    
01/12/1762 Joseph SHARP   Dalston Hannah BLAIKE    
12/12/1762 John HEWSON   Aikton Frances LORSON    
02/05/1763 Joseph WHITE     Margaret BLAIR    
28/08/1763 John GRAHAM     Mary NORMAND   Burgh By Sands
12/11/1763 William WILLSON     Fanny BELL    
15/04/1764 John HOW     Dorothy WILSON   Great Orton
19/04/1764 John UNDERWOOD     Dorothy STUDHOLME    
24/05/1764 Randell GOODFELLOW   Scaleby Mary EDGAR    
30/07/1764 Richard ROB     Hannah PORTER   Westward
05/08/1764 Robert ROUTLIDGE   Aikton Dorothy LIDDLE    
10/11/1764 Thomas MINGES     Jane WRIGHT   Dalston
26/01/1765 Edward THOMPSON     Fanny COULTHARD   Great Orton
15/09/1765 Joseph JACKSON     Elizabeth WILLIAMSON    
23/11/1765 Robert PATTINSON   Wigton Jane LOWSON    
26/12/1765 Abraham DIXON   Ainstable Martha ISMAY    
07/07/1766 Thomas BOND   Stanwix Sarah DAVISON    
19/02/1767 Robert HOPE   Westward Penelope WISE    
02/03/1767 Robert PATTERSON   St Cuthbert, Carlisle Jane PORTER    
10/06/1767 Joseph RICHARDSON     Mary FISHER    
11/06/1767 William PEARSON     Jane BELL    
18/07/1767 John JEFFERSON   Wigton Mary PETREE    
17/04/1768 Henry THOMPSON     Margaret LOSH    
18/06/1768 John CLARK   Scotland Phillis SKELTON    
27/06/1768 Jesse JACKSON     Nelle BELL    
11/07/1768 John ROBINSON     Elizabeth SELLBY    
08/12/1768 Thomas WHITE   Whitehaven Rachel BURNS    
24/12/1768 John WILLSON     Sarah KNUBLEY    
08/01/1769 Thomas HOW     Ann WILSON   Great Orton
28/01/1769 Jeremiah PEARSON   Kirkbampton Mary TICHBURN    
05/02/1769 George SHIFFIELD   Westward Jane LOSH    
02/04/1769 Robert MACCLASSON     Hannah WILLIAMSON   Cockermouth
06/05/1769 Joseph HUTTON     Elizabeth LADDLER    
14/05/1769 Joseph WILLIAMSON     Jane TIFFIN   Great Orton
14/05/1769 James RAY     Jane SHANNING    
18/06/1769 William PARKIN   Wigton Mary GRAINGER    
14/07/1769 Andrew BEATY     Margret HETHERINGTON    
07/10/1769 Francis STODART   St Mary, Carlisle Sarah HAW    
26/11/1769 Richard WRIGHT   Kirkandrews On Esk Elizabeth WISE    
26/11/1769 Thomas ROBSON     Mary TWENTYMAN    
15/07/1770 George SHIFIELD     Mary HOPE    
10/02/1771 Edward WILLEN     Mary NORMAND    
18/05/1771 William THOMLINSON   Dalston Ann ROBSON    
06/06/1771 William FIDLER     Jane REAY   Westward
01/12/1772 Joseph ROUTLEDGE     Jane RICHARDSON    
03/06/1773 Joseph BARN   Aikton Mary STOGDALE    
24/06/1773 William SHIRVINGTON   Bowness Jane POOL    
26/08/1773 Thomas SCOT     Mary LITLE   Bolton
21/05/1774 Robert ARMSTRONG     Catherine CORKINDALE   Bowness
10/07/1775 John PEARSON     Jane REED    
02/06/1776 John GRAHAM   Cockermouth Mary BARNES    
28/07/1776 John MATHEW Single   Mary TIFFIN Single  
03/12/1776 Benjamin SESEEL Single Wetheral Lettice HOW Single  
06/03/1777 William FLEMING     Sarah WILEY    
18/01/1778 George DUCKIT   St Mary, Carlisle Grace DAVISON    
28/01/1778 Nicholas ROBINSON     Mary MACKOVEY    
01/02/1778 John HOW     Hannah ROBINSON    
08/03/1778 James CALVIN     Mary BAYLY    
24/03/1778 John ADDISON Single   Frances HEWSON Widow  
08/11/1778 William BATEY   Torpenhow Hannah SMITH    
11/02/1779 Robert SHIRVINGTON   Aikton Anne WATSON    
30/05/1779 Henery PORTER   Wigton Dorothy SMITH    
11/10/1779 John FLETCHER     Rachel WILLIAMSON Single  
14/10/1779 William HOLLIDAY   Aikton Ann FEARON    
05/04/1780 George COULTHARD   Bolton Isabella WALBY    
01/05/1780 John LEVIEN     Elizabeth BULLMAN    
28/06/1780 Robert MILLER     Mary OGLETHORPE    
06/09/1780 Adam IRWING     Elizabeth HARRISON Single Westward
19/10/1780 James MAXFIELD     Hannah MILLER    
30/10/1780 Joseph TIFFIN Single   Jane JAMES Single  
24/12/1780 George MURRAY   Bowness Betty BOWMAN    
17/05/1781 William GRAHAM     Elizabeth SCOTT    
08/08/1781 Jonathan WILLS   Beaumont Mary WALBY    
23/09/1781 William SCOTT   Edenhall Frances BROWN    
18/10/1781 John FELL     Mary RELPH    
29/08/1782 John TAYLOR     Mary ROBINSON    
10/06/1783 Nathan PATTINSON Widower Wigton Mary TAYLOR Widow  
17/08/1783 William GRAHAM   Stanwix Isabella DONALD    
03/11/1783 John PALMER Single St Mary, Carlisle Grace HARDING Widow  
20/11/1783 William BROWN   Burgh By Sands Anne SMITH    
01/12/1783 Thomas ROBSON     Sarah GIBSON    
01/12/1783 Thomas SOWERBY   Westward Martha COCKTON    
15/01/1784 Robert BOWMAN     Fanny FRANCE    
04/03/1784 Henry FIELDER     Anne ROBINSON   Westward
20/06/1784 Henry TIFFIN     Peggy FRANCE    
12/11/1785 John BARWISE     Ann HETHERINGTON    
27/02/1786 Wilfrid ROBINSON     Isabella JEFFERSON    
11/09/1786 Robert HEWITT Single Rockcliffe Jane MARK Single  
11/11/1786 Thomas HARLEY     Ruth ISMAY    
27/05/1787 Jonathan GILL   Wigton Mary BARNES    
28/07/1787 John MOORE Single Wigton Deborah MARK Single  
24/03/1788 William FELFORD Widower   Agnes BELL Single Kirkbampton
26/01/1789 Anthony PATTINSON Single Burgh By Sands Mary PHILLIPSON Single  
01/02/1789 Robert HENDERSON     Margaret WALBY    
27/12/1789 Robert BOWMAN Single St Cuthbert, Carlisle Mary BARLEY Single  
07/02/1791 William GRAHAM Single Wigton Mary HUCK Single  
02/06/1791 Thomas KING Single Stanwix Elizabeth JAMES Single  
12/09/1791 John JEFFERSON Single   Jane LIDDLE Single  
25/09/1791 Richard HADDON Widower   Dinah YOUNG Widow  
08/01/1792 John RICKERBY Single   Mary MILLER Single  
06/02/1792 Robert CHRISTY     Bella LOWTHAIN    
26/05/1792 James HILL     Mary HARRIES    
20/09/1792 John HODGSON Single Burgh By Sands Mary JEFFERSON Single  
17/01/1793 John MAYSON Single   Isabella TRIMBLE Single  
06/02/1793 Edward HOLMES Single   Jane JAMES Single  
07/11/1793 David IRVING Single   Margaret IRVING Single Westward
07/06/1794 William HETHERINGTON Single Irthington Jane ROUTLEDGE Single  
1 08/11/1794 James ANDERSON Single   Anne RIDLEY Single  
2 14/05/1795 Joseph GRISENTHWAITE Single   Mary FAIRS Single  
3 25/06/1795 Joseph GARNER Single Aikton Mary MARK Single  
4 26/10/1795 Thomas PATTINSON Single Westward Margaret ROBINSON Single  
5 19/11/1795 Nicholas CASSON Single Wigton Frances HEWSON Single  
6 22/12/1795 Jacob LIVINGSTON Single Castle Sowerby Martha MARK Single  
7 07/05/1796 William ADDISON Single   Mary PEARSON Single  
8 11/05/1796 Joseph ROBINSON Single   Elizabeth MOORE Single  
9 02/09/1797 Christopher TAYLOR Single Aikton Fanny PATTINSON Single  
10 19/02/1798 Thomas SIMPSON Single   Rachel WILLAN Single  
11 26/04/1798 John ROBINSON Single Burgh By Sands Mary YOUNG Single  
12 24/05/1798 Joseph BOWMAN Single   Mary WILLAN Single  
13 12/09/1798 George BEWLEY Single   Jane PARKER Widow  
14 07/10/1798 Jonathan THOMPSON Single   Mary FISHER Single  
15 31/12/1798 George PATTINSON Single   Aley CLARON Single  
16 21/03/1799 Francis GRAHAM   Caldbeck Martha MILLER Single  
17 17/04/1800 William MARK Single   Martha TAYLOR Single  
18 16/11/1800 Joseph MILBOURN Single   Jane CLARK Single  
19 03/12/1800 Edward HOLMES Widower   Mary WILLIAMSON Single  
20 04/05/1801 Joshua BIGLAND Single Holme Cultram Betty WILLIAMSON Single  
21 07/11/1801 William HIND Single Great Orton Mary IRVING Single  
22 10/12/1801 Isaac ROBINSON Single Westward Anne YOUNG Single  
23 11/11/1802 Thomas WATSON Single Wetheral Ann POTTS Single  
24 27/11/1802 Thomas HUTTON Single   Elizabeth ADDISON Single  
25 07/12/1802 George HUTTON Single   Elizabeth MARK Single  
26 15/01/1803 Thomas HEY Single Crosscanonby Elizabeth ISMEY Single  
27 01/05/1803 John WILLIAMSON Widower   Mary HOLLIDAY Single  
28 15/02/1804 Joseph TAYLOR Single Dalston Sarah GRIEVES Single  
29 18/05/1804 Thomas WILLIAMSON Single   Jane WANNOP Single  
30 24/12/1804 William BELL Single   Jane SEWELL Single  
31 11/11/1805 John MILES Single   Margaret LAIDLAW Single  
32 17/12/1805 John PORTER Single Dalston Elizabeth GRAHAM Single  
33 09/01/1806 George FERGUSON Single St Mary, Carlisle Frances ADDISON    
34 30/01/1806 Edward BELL Widower   Mary TEDCASTLE Single  
35 13/03/1806 John BELL Single   Ruth COWEN Single  
36 25/09/1806 Jonathan YOUNG Single   Mary THOMLINSON Widow Kirkbampton
37 15/11/1806 George COWEN Single   Frances WILLIAMSON Single  
38 07/12/1806 Thomas IRVING Single Westward Jane CARTNER Single  
39 10/09/1807 Edmund ALDERSON Single St Mary, Carlisle Esther BUTTERY Single  
40 26/12/1807 William GRAHAM Widower   Anne MONKHOUSE Single  
41 21/01/1808 Richard MILLER Single   Mary BELL Single  
42 07/03/1808 John HOLLIDAY Single Cockermouth Mary DOUGLAS Single  
43 04/06/1808 John HARRIS Single Dalston Hannah ELLIOT Single  
44 14/08/1808 Isaac BELL Single   Susanna HUNTINGTON Single Westward
45 01/10/1808 John BRUMWELL Single Haltwhistle, Northumberland Jane PEARSON Single  
46 14/11/1808 John IRWIN Single Great Orton Isabella LIDDELL Single  
47 24/12/1808 John HUNTINGTON Widower Westward Mary WILLIAMSON Single  
48 20/09/1809 Thomas HUNTINGTON Single   Anne PEARSON Single  
49 18/11/1809 William FOSTER Single St Mary, Carlisle Margaret HADDON Single  
50 24/12/1809 George BELL Single   Sarah HARDEN Single  
51 21/06/1810 John SWALLOW Single   Sarah GRAHAM Single  
52 01/06/1811 John HARDING Single   Mary ARKLEBY Single Holme Cultram
53 20/07/1811 Joseph WILLAN Single   Mary WALBY Single  
54 31/10/1811 William HUTTON Single   Elizabeth COWEN Single  
55 11/11/1811 John DORAT Single   Mary ROBINSON Single  
56 03/02/1812 William PESCOD Single Wetheral Mary TRIMBLE Single  
57 16/05/1812 John DOWTHWAITE Single   Margaret PALMER Single  
58 06/07/1812 John EDGER Single   Isabella HENERY Single  
59 09/11/1812 George LEVINGSTON Single   Anne MILLIKEN Single  
1 04/03/1813 John YOUNG Widower   Elizabeth MAGGOT Single  
2 04/11/1813 James GRAHAM Single Stanwix Anne JACKSON Single  
3 14/11/1814 Joseph HEWITSON Single   Selly WEEL Single  
4 29/01/1815 William MURRAY Single Wigton Margaret MARK Single  
5 20/10/1815 John HENDERSON Single   Baty FORSYTH Single St Cuthbert, Carlisle
6 30/11/1815 Peter EMERSON Single   Mary CORRY Single Bromfield
7 06/04/1816 John MEID Single Dalston Jane MCLEAN Single  
8 28/04/1816 William BOUCH Single   Elizabeth SANDERSON Single  
9 08/09/1816 John HARRISON Single   Barbara IRVING Single  
10 28/09/1816 John HIND Single Dalston Nancy MAVIS Single  
11 05/10/1816 William GRAHAM Single Bridekirk Elizabeth TIFFIN Single  
12 01/12/1816 George ATKINSON Single   Mary STORROW Single  
13 13/02/1817 William MATTHEW Single   Jane FORSYTH Single  
14 12/04/1817 Edmund MEED Single Aikton Mary JEFFERSON Single  
15 21/09/1817 Joseph JEFFERSON Single   Sarah STODDART Single  
16 16/02/1818 Joseph FRENCH Single   Anne BELL Single  
17 10/05/1818 James BOUSTEAD Single   Sybill LING Single  
18 19/09/1818 Isaac THOMPSON Single   Mary Anne HALL Single  
19 26/12/1818 William LIDDEL Widower   Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
20 29/05/1819 William MCGLASSON Single   Sarah SCOTT Single  
21 29/01/1820 Joseph ADDISON Single Bromfield Anne ROBINSON Single  
22 20/05/1820 James BELL Single   Jane FERGUSON Single  
23 20/05/1820 Thomas EMMERSON Single   Anne FOSTER Single Westward
24 10/06/1820 William BULLMAN Single   Grace ROLLANDS Single Westward
25 01/10/1821 George GRAHAM Single   Mary CRAFTS Single  
26 22/05/1823 John BURTHOLME Single   Esther MAYSON Single  
27 18/03/1824 Richard Henderson PAPE Single   Jane NICHOL Single  
28 08/11/1824 Joseph BOWMAN Widower   Mary MINGENS Single  
29 15/11/1824 John LITTLE Single Allhallows Eleanor HENDERSON Single  
30 22/01/1825 James SUNDERLAND Single Raughton Head Sarah HUTTON Single  
31 06/04/1825 James HENDERSON Single   Mary IRELAND Single  
32 15/12/1825 John THOMPSON Single Westward Mary WILSON Single  
33 31/12/1825 John HAYTON Single Wigton Sarah HEWSON    
34 25/02/1826 William TODHUNTER Single   Jane WISE Single  
35 22/03/1827 Robert WISE Single Holme Cultram Jane HOWE Single  
36 16/07/1827 Thomas FORSTER Widower   Jane BARNES Single  
37 05/08/1827 Thomas WALES Single   Jane HOLMES Single  
38 29/09/1827 John TWENTYMAN Single Great Orton Sarah MILBURN Single  
39 13/06/1829 Thomas FIDLER Single   Jane Irving GRAHAM Single  
40 17/10/1829 Hugh NICKLE Single Westward Mary CHICKEN Single  
41 14/11/1829 John BELL Single   Mary SANDERSON Single Wigton
42 17/12/1830 William JEFFERSON Single   Dinah MARSHAL    
43 22/01/1831 John EMMERSON   Great Orton Frances MILBURNE    
44 21/05/1831 George DOWNIE   Raughton Head Mary HETHERINGTON    
45 17/06/1831 Thomas JEFFERSON Single   Ruth PATTERSON Single  
46 25/06/1831 Andrew FEDDON Single Westward Jane JEFFERSON Single  
47 04/09/1831 John REEVES Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
48 16/06/1832 Joseph RAILTON Single Westward Anne CLOSE Single  
49 25/06/1832 Joseph ROBSON Single Irthington Ann JEFFERSON Single  
50 10/11/1832 Thomas LENNOX Single Westward Ester HUTTON    
51 14/02/1833 John HEWSON Single   Elizabeth SCOTT Single  
52 22/04/1833 John ARMSTRONG Single Holme Cultram Ruth HUTTON Single  
53 13/06/1833 Thomas TWEDDLE Single Dalston Mary JEFFERSON Single  
54 30/07/1833 Francis RICHARDSON Single Wigton Sarah PATTINSON Single  
55 01/09/1833 Joseph ADDISON Widower   Mary CURRIES Single  
56 20/10/1833 Isaac ROBINSON Single   Mary ROUTLEDGE Single  
57 18/05/1834 William DAVIDSON Single   Isabella MURRAY Single  
58 02/06/1834 Thomas GREENWOOD Single Caldbeck Mary SANDERSON Single  
59 05/07/1834 Joseph IRELAND Single Kirkbampton Mary ROBINSON Single  
60 09/08/1834 William RODDICK Single Dalston Jane SCOTT Single  
61 11/10/1834 Thomas HOWE Single   Anne SURTEES Single  
62 18/10/1834 Joshua FINLINSON Widower   Mary THOMLINSON   Westward
63 08/11/1834 John SOMERVILLE Single   Anne FOSTER Single  
64 04/01/1835 Joseph HANNAH Single   Hannah HOLMES Single  
65 28/02/1835 William DUES Single Holme Cultram Isabella BULMAN Single  
66 08/08/1835 Joseph FURNASS Single Wigton Margaret JOHNSTON Single  
67 16/08/1835 Robert HOLLIDAY Single   Catharine STEEL Single  
68 30/08/1835 William HUTTON Single   Mary WILLIAMSON Single  
69 06/09/1835 Robert MAYSON Single   Catharine STEEL Single  
70 12/12/1835 John STORROW Single   Ann GASH Single  
71 02/02/1836 John WHITE Single   Sarah TIFFIN Single  
72 05/04/1836 Robert RONSON Single Dalston Jane CLAPPERTON Single  
73 29/10/1836 Thomas TWENTYMAN Single Aikton Mary PATTINSON Single  
74 05/11/1836 Robinson SCOTT Single Westward Mary MILLER Single  
75 14/11/1836 Anthony PERKINS Single   Jane BATES Single  

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