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Llangwyfan St Cwyfan


The Parish

The parish of Llangwyfan lies in northern Denbighshire forming a small part of the border with neighbouring Flintshire. Llangwyfan sits at the base of the Clwyd Hills about 5 miles east of the county town of Denbigh. The B5429 shadows the Afon Clwyd on its eastern side at around 60 metres above the sea and Llangwyfan is a further half mile east and another 60 metres higher. A scattered settlement with no real centre, Llangwyfan is mostly formed from pastoral farmsteads and scattered cottages dotted along the gentle slopes immediately below the steep face of the Clwyd Hills. The area would have been, and still largely is, pastoral with sheep on the upland moors and cattle in the Vale. The area is today an important one for outdoor activities and the Offa's Dyke National Trail follows the crest of the Clwyd Hills passing just over a mile to Llangwyfan's east. Fast flowing becks drain the parish westwards into the nearby Afon Clwyd which heads northwards to reach the Irish Sea just west of Rhyl As stated Llangwyfan is sited at around 120 metres above the sea but land rises dramatically eastwards onto the Clwyd Hills reaching over 450 metres on both Moel Arthur & Moel Llys-y-coed. Llangwyfan parish was tiny by Denbighshire standards and irregularly shaped being in the form of a skewed "Y" shape and covering around 1,100 acres, it would have held a population of close to 250 parishioners. Like most of Wales there is no mention of Llangwyfan in Domesday Book as that book did not cover this area.

The Church

St Cwyfan's church sits towards the northern edge of Llangwyfan it sits amongst the buildings that once formed the sanitarium of Llangwyfan Hospital, a remote isolation centre treating tuberculosis. The church stands outside the gates of Fron Yw Nursing Home. Pevsner describes the church as "an endearing single chamber" but the building has little of any great age within it. One northern window carries a date of 1684 and the southern porch one of 1714 and these are probably typical of the period for most of the fabric. The interior is in a rustic Georgian style whilst the roof carries Victorian crested ridge tiles. A narrow lane heads northwards from the pass climbing to the gap south of Moel Arthur, where it terminates sits the church in its oblong churchyard. The churchyard is open and with no obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 5th October 1754 - 7th October 1783 Denbighshire Archives - Reference - PD/66/4 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 10th February 1784 - 18th August 1812 Denbighshire Archives - Reference - PD/66/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting towards the latter stages may result in one or two misreads
3 27th March 1813 - 6th May 1837 Denbighshire Archives - Reference - PD/66/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Llandyrnog St Teyrnog
Ysceifiog St Mary, Flintshire
Ysceifiog St Mary, Flintshire
Llandrynog St Teyrnog
Nannerch St Michael & All Angels, Flintshire
Llanynys St Saeran
Llangynhafal St Cynhafal
Cilcain St Mary, Flintshire
Llangynhafal St Cynhafal

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
3 05/10/1754 John ROWLAND Single Llandyrnog Margaret ANDREW Single  
4 12/06/1756 Harry HUGHES Widower   Anne JONES Single  
5 05/01/1757 Thomas JONES Widower Llandyrnog Ellin JONES Widow  
6 19/01/1758 Richard ANDREW Single   Mary DOULBEN Single Llanynys
7 07/10/1758 John WILLIAMS   Llandyrnog Lowry HUGHES    
8 26/05/1759 Peter WILLIAMS   Llandyrnog Anne ROBERTS    
9 11/07/1759 Robert THOMAS Single Henllan Magdalen JONES Single  
10 26/11/1760 Ellis JONES   Mold, Flintshire Margaret JONES    
11 04/08/1762 Phillip ROBERTS   Llandyrnog Catherine JONES    
12 06/12/1763 Edward EDWARDS   Llanrhydd Mary JONES    
13 22/12/1763 John OWENS Single Ysceifiog, Flintshire Mary EDWARDS Single  
14 24/12/1764 Evan DAVIES Single Llandyrnog Anne EDWARDS Single  
15 04/05/1765 Edward HUGHES     Mary EDWARDS   Llandyrnog
17 28/07/1765 David JONES Single   Jane ROBERTS Single Llandyrnog
18 30/07/1766 Evan LLOYD Widower   Anne LLOYD Single  
16 26/04/1771 Robert MORRIS Single   Mary JONES Single Denbigh
19 29/11/1771 Edward DAVIES Single   Lydia JONES Single  
20 06/11/1772 David HUGHES Single Abergele Margaret JONES Single  
21 04/06/1775 Evan ROGERS   Wrexham Elizabeth EDWARDS    
22 20/07/1775 Thomas JONES   Llanychan Catherine ANDREW    
23 18/09/1775 Thomas EDWARDS Single   Anne HUGHES Single  
24 29/06/1776 Robert ROBERTS Single Llangynhafal Elizabeth ROBERTS Single  
25 11/03/1778 Edward PARRY Single Llandyrnog Dorothy DAVIES Single  
26 01/01/1779 Edward JEFFREYS Single Llandyrnog Mary DAVIES Single  
27 29/04/1780 Edward HILDITCH Single Llandyrnog Catherine HUGHES Single  
28 30/10/1780 John LLOYD Single Llandyrnog Catherine JONES Single  
29 04/08/1781 Edward WILLIAMS Single Llandyrnog Margaret PARRY Single  
30 05/08/1782 Richard JONES Widower   Anne JONES Single  
31 17/05/1783 William EVANS Single Ruthin Mary JONES Single  
32 02/08/1783 John DAVIES Single Llangynhafal Elizabeth HUGHES Single  
33 07/10/1783 Owen LLOYD Single Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant Dorothy JONES Single  
1 10/02/1784 Enoch LLOYD Single   Catherine DAVIES Single  
2 03/12/1785 Robert FOULKES   Henllan Elizabeth DAVIES    
3 22/09/1786 William LLOYD   Llangynhafal Anne PARRY    
4 19/05/1787 Edward JONES   Llandyrnog Dorothy ANDREW    
5 01/01/1788 Thomas BUNDRED   Llandyrnog Mary WILLIAMS    
6 18/05/1788 Thomas ROBERTS     Elizabeth EVANS   Llangynhafal
7 23/08/1788 John JONES     Mary JONES    
8 23/02/1789 Paul JONES   Erbistock Margaret HUGHES    
9 22/11/1789 Robert SMITH     Dorothy WILLIAMS    
10 06/01/1790 John ROBERTS     Dorothy JONES   Llandyrnog
11 31/07/1790 John WILLIAMS   Llanbedr Dyffrin Clwyd Lowry HUGHES    
12 16/05/1791 David DAVIES   Llansannan Anne ROBERTS    
13 06/06/1791 David DAVIES   Llandyrnog Anne HUGHES    
14 19/06/1791 Edward JONES     Anne JONES    
15 10/08/1791 Evan HUGHES     Sydney WILLIAMS    
16 10/06/1793 John HUGHES   Llandyrnog Elizabeth ROBERTS    
07/10/1793 Edward DAVIES     Margaret JONES    
04/03/1794 Griffith JONES     Elizabeth EVANS Single  
26/12/1794 Edward JONES   Mold, Flintshire Anne DAVIES    
13/06/1796 Robert ROBERTS   Denbigh Sarah DAVIES    
09/09/1797 Hugh JONES   Llanynys Mary WILLIAMS    
04/05/1799 Thomas JONES   Llanynys Jane EVANS    
09/02/1800 Richard EDWARDS Single   Mary ROBERTS   Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant
20/07/1800 John HUGHES Widower   Mary JONES Single  
14/05/1801 Thomas HUGHES Single   Ellinor JONES Single  
01/11/1801 Robert ROBERTS Single Nannerch, Flintshire Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
24/02/1802 John LLOYD Single Cilcain, Flintshire Ann EDWARDS Single  
02/05/1803 Robert EVANS Single Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd Margaret JONES Single  
24/09/1803 William ROBERTS Single   Elinor JONES Single  
15/10/1803 Thomas WILLIAMS Single   Mary ROBERTS Single  
19/11/1803 William EVANS Widower   Elizabeth HUGHES Widow  
04/08/1804 Jones JONES     Elinor HUGHES    
13/10/1806 Richard PARRY     Anne DAVIES    
13/12/1806 Hugh WILLIAMS   Llandyrnog Jane DAVIES    
02/05/1807 Edward WILLIAMS     Grace JONES    
22/10/1810 John GRIFFITHS     Jane MATTHEWS   Ruthin
04/07/1812 John BUNDRED   Llandyrnog Margaret JONES    
18/08/1812 Richard PARRY     Elizabeth HUGHES    
1 27/03/1813 John PARRY   Cilcain, Flintshire Margaret JONES    
2 24/12/1814 Thomas FOULKES   Llangynhafal Margaret DAVIES    
3 22/04/1815 Robert FOULKES   Llanynys Anne WILLIAMS    
4 16/05/1815 George HEYWOOD Single Ideford, Devon Emma Maria THELWALL Single  
5 10/07/1815 John WILLIAMS Widower Henllan Anne JONES Single  
6 25/05/1816 Edward KENDRICK Single Ysceifiog, Flintshire Mary HUGHES Single  
7 10/05/1817 Evan HUGHES Widower   Anne JONES Widow  
8 26/05/1817 William JONES Single Llandyrnog Margaret JONES Single  
9 10/05/1823 William WILLIAMS Single Llandyrnog Elizabeth FOULKES Single  
10 26/12/1823 John WILLIAMS Widower Llandyrnog Margaret WILLIAMS Single  
11 03/04/1824 Robert JONES Single   Mary JONES Single  
12 29/05/1824 John EVANS Single   Catharine WILLIAMS Single  
13 25/09/1824 Robert WILLIAMS Single   Sarah ROBERTS Single  
14 27/11/1824 John EVANS Single Llandyrnog Elinor JONES Single  
15 25/04/1825 Robert LLOYD Single   Elinor EVANS Widow  
16 17/09/1825 John WILLIAMS Single Tremeirchion, Flintshire Elizabeth WYNNE Single  
17 13/05/1826 Evan ROBERTS Single Henllan Elinor ROBERTS Single  
18 18/11/1826 Robert EVANS Single Llanferres Elizabeth JONES Single  
19 06/12/1828 Robert ROBERTS Single   Martha WYNNE Single Llandyrnog
20 26/03/1830 Joseph GRIFFITH   Mold, Flintshire Jane JONES    
21 31/05/1831 David DAVIES Widower Llandyrnog Margaret EVANS Single  
22 04/06/1831 David PHILLIPS Single Llandyrnog Mary DAVIES Single  
23 16/05/1832 Hugh WILLIAMS   Llanynys Jane JONES    
24 20/05/1833 James SIMONS     Ellinor ROBERTS    
25 03/05/1834 John WYNNE     Anne MITCHEL    
26 19/08/1834 John WILLIAMS     Elizabeth EVANS Single  
27 04/10/1834 Robert WILLIAMS   Llangynhafal Jane JONES    
29 11/05/1835 Richard DAVIES   Bodfari, Flintshire Mary GRIFFITH    
30 06/06/1835 Hugh MORGAN   Cwm, Flintshire Jane JONES    
31 06/05/1837 John ROBERTS   Llandyrnog Elizabeth HUGHES    

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