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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Ault Hucknall St John the Baptist


The Parish

The parish of Ault Hucknall lies in northeastern Derbyshire forming a substantial part of the border with neighbouring Nottinghamshire. Ault Hucknall is located about 6 miles northwest of the Nottinghamshire manufacturing town of Mansfield and sits, in lanes, about a half mile south of the A617 road which connects Mansfield through to Chesterfield. The is not much to modern day Ault Hucknall, no village as such, and the parish is dominated by the estate of Hardwick Hall, now in the care of the National Trust but formerly the home of the Hardwick family and built at the expense of the Countess of Shrewsbury during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1. Most modern day properties are as a result of the development of deep coal mining to the north of the parish with the village of Glapwell being the largest settlement hereabouts. The economy of Ault Hucknall would have been strongly agricultural at the time of this transcript and dominated by the affairs of the estate. Modern developments have penetrated the parish, the modern M1 motorway passing through the western portion of the parish. Ault Hucknall is drained eastwards by the infant River Meden which flows onwards through the Maun, Idle and finally Trent to reach the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Ault Hucknall is sited, at around 160 metres above the sea, both Hall & church sitting on a ridge of magnesian limestone with extensive westward views, the ridge, forming a gentle escarpment, rises steadily northwards to just over 180 metres. Northern Derbyshire parishes are all rather large and Ault Hucknall was no exception, it covered almost 4,300 acres and would have supported a population of close to 700 parishioners. In Domesday times Ault Hucknall was recorded as the manor of Tunstall and was shared between Roger de Poitou and Ralph the son of Hubert, collectively their assets amounted to 12 ploughs, small meadows & woodland and there was a mill.

The Church

St John the Baptist's church sits on the northern side of Ault Hucknall Lane, a narrow lane which parallels the nearby A617. The church has ancient origins, a fact alerted by the presence of a central crossing tower, a design and layout favoured by the Normans. Pevsner even speculates that the eastern archway holding up that tower is pre-Norman but hesitates and assigns an 11th century date, it counterpart to the west is certainly Norman Romanesque in style and probably from a century later. The nave and northern aisle are of a similar age albeit with later modifications from the 14th century. The southern arcade is also 14th century whilst the upper stages of the tower together with the southern porch were rebuilt in a Perpendicular style from the late 15th or early 16th centuries. Like most churches this was extensively restored in Victorian times, in this case in the 1880s to result in today's church. Ault Hucknall Lane is fairly narrow but a verge outside the gates permits a car to park, the church is set back almost 100 metres from the road and is accessed by a tarred pathway. The church sits towards the eastern edge of the churchyard and farm buildings from the neighbouring farm crowd that end somewhat restricting the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 18th June 1754 - 13th April 1812 Derbyshire Record Office - Reference - D1476/A/PI/3/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 8th December 1813 - 19th December 1836 Derbyshire Record Office - Reference - D1476/A/PI/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

North Wingfield St Lawrence
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Scarcliffe St Leonard
North Wingfield St Lawrence
Pleasley St Michael
North Wingfield St Lawrence
Tibshelf St John the Baptist
Teversal St Katherine, Nottinghamshire
Teversal St Katherine, Nottinghamshire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
22/01/1754 Joseph HORNE     Anne HEATH    
18/02/1754 Hugh SHIMELL     Mary COOPE    
1 18/06/1754 John MARRIOTT   Ilkeston Anne REDFERNE    
2 26/08/1754 William PIDCOCK   North Wingfield Elizabeth BRAMBY    
3 13/11/1754 John FRETWELL     Margaret SHOOTER    
5 12/01/1755 Joseph FOX     Elizabeth HAWKSLEY    
7 17/02/1756 John CASSON   Carlton In Lindrick, Nottinghamshire Mary HOLLINWORTH    
8 14/04/1756 John TURTON Widower St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Mary WALKER    
9 01/06/1756 Thomas PEMBERTON     Mary FISHER    
10 02/06/1756 William ASHMORE   Tibshelf Anne FISHER    
11 03/10/1756 John CARTWRIGHT   Ossington, Nottinghamshire Anne HERROTT    
13 23/11/1756 Samuel WATKINSON     Anne WHITWORTH    
14 07/06/1757 Samuel BROCKSOPP     Anne CLAY    
15 27/09/1757 John FLETCHER   Sutton In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire Mary SHOOTER    
17 16/06/1758 George HOLLAND   North Wingfield Martha CLAY    
18 04/09/1758 Robert PEMBERTON     Anne FOX    
19 05/12/1758 John CLAY     Mary HILL    
20 25/12/1758 Joseph BOWN     Anne STRINGFELLOW    
22 20/12/1759 John TODD     Anne DAKEYNE    
23 26/12/1759 Matthew COOPE     Mary MOSSLEY    
24 02/01/1760 Thomas CLARKE     Elizabeth DARBY    
25 04/02/1760 Luke PEMBERTON     May TAYLOR   Tibshelf
26 07/04/1760 Edward WRAGGE     Dorothy SHORT    
27 20/10/1760 James HARDWICK   Heath Elizabeth REDFERNE    
28 29/12/1760 John COOPE     Hannah NUTTHALL    
29 03/02/1761 William JACKLIN     Anne SAUNDERS    
30 12/11/1761 Benjamin MARRIOT   Teversal, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth MARRIOT    
31 04/12/1761 John KINDER   Kirkby In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire Anne TAGG    
32 19/01/1762 Thomas CLARK   North Wingfield Elizabeth SHEPHERD    
33 15/03/1762 John TURNER     Elizabeth PEMBERTON    
34 03/08/1762 Edmund BEELEY   Scarcliffe Ann RAWLINS    
36 23/05/1763 John FISHER     Mary SHIPMAN    
37 29/12/1763 Richard NORTH     Margaret ELLSON    
38 05/01/1764 Edward FARNWORTH   Scarcliffe Anne JACKLIN    
39 11/02/1765 John PLATTS     Anne BUTLER    
40 07/08/1765 Edward WILSON     Mary COOPER   Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
41 13/09/1765 John CLAY     Susannah MEMMOT   South Normanton
43 05/11/1765 Zachariah DOWNING   Sutton In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire Frances MEYMOTT    
45 12/05/1766 Job WILD   Bolsover Mary CLAY    
46 26/11/1766 Francis TAGG     Mary ROGERS   Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
50 15/02/1768 Joseph COWLEY   Old Brampton Elizabeth HARDWICK    
51 04/07/1768 Samuel VALANTINE   St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Sarah HARDWICK    
52 06/02/1769 Francis HUMPHREYS   Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Alice KIRKHAM    
53 06/02/1769 Nathan HEALD   Morton Jane FISHER    
55 11/04/1769 Richard GODBER   Shirland Bridget LYMB    
56 12/04/1769 Samuel MARRIOTT     Barbara SAUNDERS    
57 15/03/1770 Isaac CUPIT Single Shirland Mary BROOKS Single  
58 04/05/1770 Jonathan BACON Single   Mary SAUNDERS Single  
60 12/05/1771 Job HASLAM Single Upper Langwith Mary BUNTING Single  
61 18/02/1772 Thomas LIMB Single   Martha PEARCE Single  
62 25/06/1772 Richard SAUNDERS Single   Mary COOPE Single  
64 01/12/1772 Thomas COOPE Single   Ann ASHMORE Widow  
65 07/12/1772 Robert GOODWIN Single   Mary GOODWIN Single  
66 29/07/1773 Joseph WRIGHT Single St Alkmund, Derby Ann SWIFT Single  
67 13/10/1773 Joseph EASTWOOD Widower   Elizabeth CLAY Widow  
68 22/12/1773 Thomas HOLLINGWORTH Single   Elizabeth WEBSTER Single Bolsover
69 15/02/1774 Leonard SMITH Single Sutton In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire Hannah FOX Single  
70 12/09/1774 James BRAILSFORD Single   Mary WASS Single Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
71 21/01/1775 William BOWLER Single   Elizabeth PUGMORE Single  
72 30/07/1775 Richard GOODWIN Single   Sarah NEWBOUND   Teversal, Nottinghamshire
73 25/09/1775 James EASTWOOD Single   Jane WATKINSON Single  
74 01/10/1775 William HEATH Single   Martha HILL Single  
75 07/11/1775 James WILSON Single   Ann MARSDEN Single  
76 28/01/1776 Robert LAMB Single Warsop, Nottinghamshire Lydia STUBBON Single  
77 17/06/1776 Thomas ROOTH Single   Sarah SHAW Single  
78 19/08/1776 John SHEPHERD Single   Mary RODGERS Single  
79 10/10/1776 John PARRAMORE Widower Heath Sarah NUTTAL Single  
80 23/10/1776 Richard MOSLEY Single   Ruth HARDY Single  
81 10/02/1777 William MARRIOTT Widower Sutton In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire Felix LOW Single  
82 24/05/1777 William LEE Single Teversal, Nottinghamshire Mary LUDLAM Single  
83 17/06/1777 William CLAY Single   Elizabeth SEARSTON Single Scarcliffe
84 22/04/1778 William HARDWICK Single   Elizabeth MARSH Single  
85 06/10/1778 George BALL Widower   Mary WRIGHT Widow  
86 23/11/1779 Joseph MITCHEL Single   Elizabeth ALLEN Single  
87 23/11/1779 Edward MOSLEY Single Cuckney, Nottinghamshire Ann WATKINSON Single  
88 18/01/1780 John ROBERTS Single Chesterfield Mary HOLLINGWORTH Single  
89 17/07/1780 John STRAW Single Tibshelf Mary WIDDISON Single  
90 01/08/1780 Benjamin CHAMBERS Widower Tibshelf Deborah BRAILSFORD Single  
91 28/04/1781 Thomas HEATH Single   Ann HORN Single  
92 02/07/1781 John CLAY Single   Mary LIMB Single Bolsover
93 05/04/1782 Richard SAUNDERS     Betty ELLIOT Single  
94 01/07/1782 John SHAW Single   Hannah FLINT Single  
95 03/12/1782 Richard SAUNDERS Widower   Ann PEMBERTON Single  
96 03/03/1783 John BENNETT Single Mackworth Susannah CLAY Widow  
97 03/03/1783 Richard SHEPHERD Single Teversal, Nottinghamshire Susannah BALL Single  
98 01/05/1783 Joshua COATES Single Old Brampton Hannah SAMPSON Single  
99 20/05/1783 William WHOLLEY   Bolsover Elizabeth HEATH Single  
100 04/05/1784 George BACON Single   Elizabeth HANDLEY Single  
101 30/05/1784 John FISHER Widower   Elizabeth CLAY Widow  
102 29/06/1784 William TALENTS Single North Wingfield Mary WHEATCROFT Single  
103 13/06/1785 John ASHLEY Single Sutton In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire Mary HARDWICK Single  
104 03/11/1785 John ROOTH Single North Wingfield Ann FOX Single  
105 22/11/1785 William FISHER Single   Mary FARNSWORTH Single  
106 19/12/1785 Robert HUTCHINSON Single   Sarah WESTON Single  
107 27/02/1786 John CLAY Single Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Martha BOWER Single  
108 13/03/1786 Edward DEAN Single Bolsover Elizabeth JEPSON Single  
109 19/04/1786 William WASS Single North Wingfield Sarah HEATH Single  
110 02/05/1786 Thomas THORP Single Tibshelf Elizabeth TODD Single  
111 04/05/1786 Thomas HOPKINSON Single   Margaret SHOOTER Single  
112 01/07/1786 Francis WAGG Single Teversal, Nottinghamshire Ann FISHER Single  
113 03/10/1786 Thomas PARKIN Single Teversal, Nottinghamshire Sarah COOPE Single  
115 05/10/1786 Thomas ALLSOP Single   Elizabeth BOWLER Single  
114 21/12/1786 William ASHMORE Single   Martha HARDWICK Single  
116 23/01/1787 Thomas PEMBERTON Single   Elizabeth HEATH Single  
117 19/02/1787 William WASS Single   Martha CLAY Single  
118 01/01/1788 James WILSON Widower   Jane BRAILSFORD Widow  
119 29/01/1788 Robert ASKEW Single   Mary PEMBERTON Single  
120 18/08/1788 Matthew SHIMELL Single   Elizabeth HOPKINSON Single  
121 06/10/1788 William EASTWOOD Widower   Elizabeth WEBB Widow Bolsover
122 01/01/1789 John HALL     Jane BROOKS    
123 09/02/1789 Samuel PEARCE Single   Hannah BROOKS Single  
124 13/04/1789 Samuel WATKINSON Widower   Sarah BANSALL Single  
125 21/05/1789 John BROWN Single   Ann BRAILSFORD Widow  
126 08/11/1790 John LIMB Single   Hannah HOPKINSON Single  
127 25/04/1791 James STRAW Single Tibshelf Ann HARDWICK Single  
128 19/07/1791 William HOPKINSON Single   Elizabeth PEMBERTON Single  
129 07/11/1791 James BAINS Single   Elizabeth BENNETT Single  
130 21/11/1791 John BENNETT Single   Rebecca HARRIS Single  
131 30/08/1792 William JEPSON Single   Elizabeth GLOSSOP Single  
132 08/01/1793 Thomas DAVENPORT Single   Sarah PEMBERTON Single  
133 23/12/1793 Robert PARKIN Widower Teversal, Nottinghamshire Hannah WARD Single  
134 06/01/1794 Roger BALL Single   Barbara CUPIT Widow  
135 29/04/1794 Thomas LENTHALL Single North Wingfield Mary SAUNDERS Single  
136 06/05/1794 Adam LIMB Single   Sarah FOX Widow  
137 02/06/1794 Thomas ROPER Single   Anne MARIOTT    
138 10/06/1794 Joseph WELLS   Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire Dorothy BRAILSFORD Single  
139 07/07/1794 James FRETWELL Single   Mary FRANCE Single  
140 06/08/1794 William NUTTALL Single Heath Anne WILSON Single  
141 22/09/1794 Charles JEPSON Single Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Martha LIMB Single  
142 13/01/1795 John WALKER Single   Sarah CLAY Single  
143 24/12/1795 Joseph BACON Single   Elizabeth FISHER    
144 25/01/1796 Thomas PEMBERTON     Hannah TAYLOR    
145 05/12/1796 Samuel STERLAND Single North Wingfield Phoebe ROOTH Single  
146 17/01/1797 Anthony PLATTS   Glossop Mary LIMB    
147 18/09/1797 Samuel CARTWRIGHT Single   Hannah BRAILSFORD Single  
148 20/02/1798 John TOMLINSON   Heath Mary ROOTH    
149 16/04/1798 William BEARD Single Clowne Martha BRAILSFORD Single  
150 19/12/1798 Jonah FARNSWORTH Single   Anne GOODWIN Single Teversal, Nottinghamshire
151 26/12/1798 John SHERGET     Ann TODD    
152 15/01/1799 William FARRAND Single   Sarah LIMB Single  
153 12/06/1799 Thomas MELLOR Widower Chesterfield Martha BROCKSOP Single  
154 22/07/1799 Richard SAUNDERS Widower   Jane CLAYTON Widow  
155 09/08/1799 Septimus FRETWELL Single   Sarah SAUNDERS    
156 19/11/1799 Septimus WINDLE Single   Anne LINGARD Single  
157 31/12/1799 George TAYLOR Single   Anne ODKIN Single  
158 15/05/1800 Richard SAUNDERS Widower   Jane ASHMORE Single  
159 31/01/1801 James JEPSON Single   Mary COX   Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
160 26/04/1801 James MILLES Single Ashover Esther BATTERLEY    
161 24/11/1801 Anthony TAYLOR Single   Dorothy HALLAM Single  
162 22/12/1802 William PARSONS     Hannah NORWOOD   Bolsover
163 24/01/1803 George WRIGHT Single   Mary THORPE Single  
164 16/03/1803 Thomas GOODWIN   Whiston, Yorkshire Sarah MARRIOTT    
165 11/04/1803 Nicholas BOWRING     Mary GOODWIN    
166 06/06/1803 John WILSON Single   Hannah GOODWIN Widow  
167 11/02/1804 George CUTT     Rachael BALL    
168 14/01/1805 John STUBBING Widower   Hannah LEE    
169 11/03/1805 Thomas HARDWICK Single Skegby, Nottinghamshire Sarah FRETWELL Single  
170 01/07/1805 Robert SHAW     Ann COATES    
171 08/07/1805 John FISHER Single   Elizabeth MARRIOTT Single  
172 07/10/1805 Thomas COOPER Single Bolsover Sarah TURNER Single  
173 04/11/1805 John HALLAM Single   Rebecca BEARDSLEY    
174 10/06/1806 George COOPE Single   Mary MARRIOTT Single  
175 14/08/1806 William MARSH Single   Sarah HOLMES    
176 30/11/1806 Thomas ROOTH Widower   Mary ADSELLS Single  
177 14/04/1807 William WHOLEY Widower   Dorothy HAYES Single  
178 13/05/1807 John SMITH   Carlton In Lindrick, Nottinghamshire Ann ROBBINSON    
179 23/06/1807 John MARRIOTT Single North Wingfield Mary FOX Single  
180 06/07/1807 Richard CLAY Single   Hannah TURNER Single  
181 24/08/1807 George LIMB Single   Sarah LIMB Widow  
182 18/10/1807 John MUNKS Single Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth THORNALLY Single  
183 28/12/1807 Robert BINGHAM Single Norton Sarah COATES Single  
184 10/07/1808 Joseph BROOKS Single Tibshelf Lydia BROWN Single  
185 14/03/1809 Thomas DUNGSWORTH   Baslow Anne CLAY    
186 27/03/1809 Samuel LIMB Single   Hannah LIMB Widow  
187 04/09/1809 James CLAY Single   Sarah HEATH    
188 24/10/1809 William KEETON Single   Hannah EYRE Single  
189 05/02/1810 John MARRIOTT Single   Martha HARDWICK Single  
190 12/11/1810 William SAUNDERS Single   Mary ASHMORE   Heath
191 15/12/1810 John SWIFT Single North Wingfield Margaret GREGORY Single  
192 13/05/1811 Robert LIMB     Mary ROOTH Single  
193 08/07/1811 Richard SAUNDERS Single   Lydia WRAGG Single  
194 30/10/1811 Richard MARRIOTT Single   Anne UNWIN Single  
195 13/04/1812 Thomas PEMBERTON Single   Mary WRAGG Single  
1 08/12/1813 George BOWLER Single   Anne GREGORY Single  
2 27/12/1813 John CLARK Single   Mary ALLSOP Single  
3 29/12/1813 John BLANKSBY Single   Sarah MOKES Single  
4 30/12/1813 Roger WALL Single Ashover Mary GREGORY Single  
5 22/08/1814 Thomas WOODHEAD Single Warsop, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth STUBBING Single  
6 01/11/1814 John HALL Single   Mary ASKEW Single Tibshelf
7 14/11/1814 Robert PARKER Single Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Anne HODGKINSON Single  
8 15/11/1814 John MATHER Single Shirland Mary BUXTON Single  
10 02/02/1815 John WILLMOT Single   Catharine HOPKINSON Widow Crich
9 02/02/1815 Jeremy GREATOREX Single   Grace RODGERS Single  
11 07/07/1816 Edward TAYLOR Single   Mary THORNALLEY Single  
12 22/07/1816 Robert HARDWICK Single   Elizabeth CUTTS Single  
13 07/10/1816 William WASS Widower   Hannah COOPE Single  
14 21/04/1817 Richard LINDLEY Single   Sarah CLAY Single  
15 28/04/1817 John FRETWELL Single   Hannah WHYATT Widow  
16 21/09/1817 Thomas WRIGHT Widower Ecclesfield, Yorkshire Mary JACKLIN Single  
17 05/11/1817 John COUPE Single   Mary SALES Widow Bolsover
18 29/12/1817 John SAUNDERS Single   Rebecca BROCKSOPP Single  
19 13/01/1818 Ephraim FISHER Single   Anne BALL Single  
20 23/03/1818 Joseph SAUNDERS Single   Mary HOPKINSON Single  
21 14/12/1818 John WILSON Single Pleasley Elizabeth FISHER Single  
22 25/01/1819 Sampson CLAY Single   Mary DANNAH Single North Wingfield
23 05/04/1819 James SUTTON Single   Mary WASS Single  
24 13/09/1819 William FRETWELL Widower Chesterfield Rebecca SWIFT Single  
25 08/11/1819 William LIMB Single   Hannah BROWN Single  
26 12/04/1820 John GEREN   Sheffield, Yorkshire Mary ROOTH Single  
27 14/11/1820 Richard RACE Single Wakefield, Yorkshire Mary JEPSON Single  
28 04/12/1820 William BRAMLEY Single   Priscilla HOPKINSON   Blackwell
29 14/05/1821 George WOOD Single   Elizabeth WATKINSON Single  
30 22/10/1821 William BRAMLEY Widower   Elizabeth VALLANCE Single Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
31 24/12/1821 John MARRIOTT Widower   Anne JOHNSON Single  
32 25/03/1822 Henry PEARSE Single   Mary PEMBERTON Single  
33 03/04/1822 John PARKER Widower   Grace MARRIOTT Widow  
34 10/06/1822 Joseph RIGGOTT Single   Rebecca BRAMLEY Single Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
35 26/06/1822 John BALL Single   Anne DAVENPORT Single  
36 07/08/1822 John CUTTS Single   Ruth BRAMLEY Single  
37 27/01/1823 Thomas BALL Single   Mary WYLDE Single  
38 10/03/1823 Joseph FOX Single   Sarah ASKEW Single North Wingfield
39 09/12/1823 Thomas HEATH Single   Sarah ALSOP Single  
40 27/01/1824 Dane ALLEN Single   Elizabeth WASS Single  
41 09/02/1824 Thomas PEARSE Single   Elizabeth BENNETT Single  
42 13/05/1824 Nehemiah BALL Single   Sarah JOHNSON Widow  
43 25/05/1824 Isaac WILSHAW Single   Hannah COOK Single  
44 09/06/1824 George COUPE Single Chesterfield Elizabeth CHAPMAN Single  
45 05/09/1824 Kenneth LOWE Widower Calverton, Nottinghamshire Alice WASS Single  
46 12/09/1824 Samuel RODGERS Single   Sarah GILL Single  
47 16/11/1824 George BARNES Single   Sarah PEMBERTON Single  
48 25/11/1824 Thomas BACON Single Heath Charlotte TAYLOR Single  
49 01/12/1824 Charles ROE Single   Sarah SALES Single  
50 06/12/1824 William SHARMAN Single   Elizabeth MARSDEN Single  
51 26/01/1825 William DAVENPORT Single   Hannah FOX Single  
52 04/07/1825 Luke PEMBERTON Single   Hannah MARRIOTT Single Tibshelf
53 05/07/1825 Matthew SHIMWELL Single   Sarah HOPKINSON Single  
54 25/08/1825 William MITCHELL Single   Elizabeth COOPE   Cuckney, Nottinghamshire
55 28/08/1825 Thomas BEARDMORE Single North Wingfield Susanna CLAY Single  
56 30/08/1825 Thomas HOPKINSON Single   Anne PEMBERTON Single Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
57 12/09/1825 George PEMBERTON Single   Hannah BARNES Single Tibshelf
58 22/09/1825 William WIDDOWSON   Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire Margaret HASLAM Single  
59 27/09/1825 David BATTLEBY Single   Sarah FOX Single  
60 11/10/1825 Thomas ADKIN Single   Sophia STRAW Single Tibshelf
61 24/10/1825 George WATKINSON Single   Eliza BENNETT Single  
62 25/10/1825 Francis HOPKINSON Widower   Hannah STUBBING Widow  
63 10/12/1825 Thomas TONGE Single   Mary WHOLEY Single  
64 27/03/1826 Shelah CLAY Widower Sheffield, Yorkshire Anne SHAW Single  
65 01/01/1827 Matthew WALKER Widower   Elizabeth OLDHAM Single  
66 24/02/1827 Thomas REEVES Single Nuthall, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth LIMB Single  
67 07/11/1827 Joseph HARDWICK Single   Mary GREGORY Single  
68 22/06/1828 William FISHER Single   Mary WILSON Single  
69 17/06/1829 James NUTTALL Single   Hannah SALES Single  
70 06/07/1829 Thomas HARDWICK Single   Elizabeth HAYNE Single  
71 21/12/1829 Michael ROOTH Single   Hannah SMITH Single Bolsover
72 09/03/1830 Thomas REASON Single Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth UNWIN Single  
73 14/06/1830 Thomas HARDWICK Single   Hannah WHYATT Single  
74 14/06/1830 John BAGSHAW Single Teversal, Nottinghamshire Sarah METCALF Single  
75 05/07/1830 George HILL Single   Mary ADSETTS Single  
76 09/08/1830 Joseph HILL Single   Mary BOOKER Single  
77 10/10/1830 William ALLEN Single Lenton, Nottinghamshire Mary HILL Single  
78 08/08/1831 Thomas ATKIN Widower   Amy CLAY Single  
79 15/08/1831 Henry COOPER Single   Mary Anne DRURY Widow  
80 12/09/1831 Nathan HEALD   Tibshelf Mary LIMB Single  
81 03/10/1831 Samuel MARRIOTT Single   Anne RAYNES Single  
82 28/11/1831 James CLAY Widower   Mary BALL Single  
83 06/12/1831 John DANNAH Single   Elizabeth BROOKES Single  
84 06/12/1831 Samuel LIMB Widower   Sarah FARRAND Widow  
85 12/03/1832 Joseph HOPKINSON Single   Mary FRETWELL Single  
86 03/06/1832 George SLINN Single Heath Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
87 26/11/1832 William BELL Single   Sarah HARDWICK Single  
88 08/03/1834 Henry CRUDWELL Single Teversal, Nottinghamshire Anne SAUNDERS Single  
89 06/10/1834 Henry TAYLOR Single Teversal, Nottinghamshire Sarah HAYNE Single  
90 15/02/1835 Philip WEBSTER Single   Maria COWPE Single  
91 16/03/1835 Abraham WASS     Martha LIMB    
92 20/04/1835 Thomas FRETWELL Single   Anne NUTTALL   Heath
93 09/06/1835 George HARVEY   Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire Mary BEELEY    
94 27/07/1835 James COOPE Single   Elizabeth COTTON Single  
95 13/10/1835 George BEELEY Single Pleasley Mary WILLMOT Single  
96 15/02/1836 George PEMBERTON Widower   Mary STAPLETON Single  
97 07/04/1836 Ralph WILSON     Mary MARIOTT    
98 09/07/1836 Samuel NIX Single North Wingfield Mary CASELDINE Single  
99 25/07/1836 Francis LANKINSHIRE Single   Sarah STATON Single  
100 24/11/1836 William GILL Widower   Harriet WATERHOUSE Single  
101 19/12/1836 John WILSON Single Sutton In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire Sarah LIMB Single  

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