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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Heanor St Lawrence


The Parish

The parish of Heanor lies in eastern Derbyshire, indeed it forms an extensive part of the border with neighbouring Nottinghamshire. Heanor is located about 9 miles northeast of the county city of Derby. Heanor is a large town sitting on the western banks of the Erewash river with an extensive rural parish attached. Heanor town sits astride the A6007 road which connects Ripley with Ilkeston. Heanor grew extensively during the period of this transcript as exploitation of the local coal & limestone rapidly increased employment. What was a small market town grew into a substantial industrial town with mining backed up by the manufacture of silk & cotton goods. The extensive rural area of Heanor parish would have remained largely a pastoral farming area. Much of Heanor town is sited along the elongated "H" formed by the staggered junction of the A6007 & A608 roads but housing has spread from this central area to all compass points including eastwards to the Erewash which forms the border with Nottinghamshire. The Erewash drains the parish southwards to reach the River Trent just east of Long Eaton thence to the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Heanor is sited at around 120 metres above the sea, some 60 metres higher than the Erewash, in gently rolling foothills south of the nearby Peak District. Heanor parish was rather large, it covered around 7,000 acres and would have eventually supported a population in excess of 6,000 parishioners, however at the commencement of this transcript the population would have been between 1,000 & 2,000. In Domesday times Heanor was held by one William Peverel and could offer 8 ploughs, small meadows & woodland plus a mill.

The Church

St Lawrence's church sits close to the fork where the A608 leaves the A6007 to head eastwards to Eastwood, the A608 being here Church Street. The church sits in an elevated position above the junction as Church Street rises steeply to meet its level by the western entrances. Of the mediaeval St Lawrence only the rather austere grey western tower remains. The tower shows Perpendicular style features and probably dates from the late 15th or early 17th centuries. The remainder of the church was rebuilt between 1866 & 1868. The building clearly has little architectural interest as Pevsner spends little time describing its attractions. The church site is buttressed by a local stone wall, entrance being from the row of shops along Church Street at the western end. The site is terribly cramped and the church crowded by mature trees making it a tricky subject to adequately photograph.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 9th May 1754 - 14th March 1806 Derbyshire Record Office - Reference D1632/A/PI/3/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number There is a short period of the first decade with poor handwriting leading to the likelihood of a small number of misreads.
2 7th April 1806 - 31st December 1812 Derbyshire Record Office - Reference D1632/A/PI/3/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 4th January 1812 - 2nd June 1837 Derbyshire Record Office - Reference D1632/A/PI/3/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Pentrich St Matthew
Alfreton St Martin
Eastwood St Mary, Nottinghamshire
Denby St Mary
Smalley St John the Baptist
Eastwood St Mary, Nottinghamshire
Smalley St John the Baptist
Kirk Hallam All Saints
Kirk Hallam All Saints
Ilkeston St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
04/02/1754 Lamewell CLAY     Ann LEES    
24/02/1754 Moses RIGHT     Margret SHAW    
1 09/05/1754 Thomas HOGGE     Elizabeth BROWNE    
18/06/1754 John SHELTON     Martha TAYLOR    
2 20/06/1754 Joseph OSBORNE     Anne SMITH    
29/06/1754 Sensly COWLY     Sarah SEAVERNS    
30/06/1755 George GODKIN     Mary COTTRILL    
30/06/1755 William KILVY     Sarah VARLEY    
26/01/1756 John GRUNDY     Mary GRATTON    
08/03/1756 Edward ALLIN     Sarah TAYLOR    
28/04/1757 Thomas TANTUM     Elizabeth CARTER    
24/05/1757 Samuel COPE   Kirk Hallam Mary BESTWICK    
25/09/1757 John Piggwin GOODWIN   Spondon Betty CLAY    
03/10/1757 James POYZER     Sarah WOOD    
20/01/1758 Samuel PEAKE     Hannah WOOLLEY    
27/03/1758 George THORP   Kirk Hallam Anne EYLEY    
01/06/1758 Samuel MANNERS     Mary GRANGER    
01/06/1758 John BARK     Mary HEATHCOT    
15/08/1758 Josiah BUXTON   Aston Upon Trent Hannah WRIGHT    
31/10/1758 John GEORGE   Ilkeston Grace ALLEN    
13/11/1758 John OXLY     Elizabeth SANDAM    
07/12/1758 William BENNET   Breadsall Elizabeth VARLY    
20/03/1759 John BOWLSOVER     Hannah EGLISHAW    
01/05/1759 William BRUFF     Elizabeth ALLING    
01/07/1759 William HARRISON     Mary SANDHAM    
20/08/1759 Abraham BROWN     Ann HALLAND    
05/10/1759 Thomas RAWSON   Alfreton Phebea SHEPPARD    
10/10/1759 Thomas TAYLOR     Esther ORANGE    
23/10/1759 Samuel BEESTON   Drayton In Hales, Shropshire Ann HODGKINSON    
23/10/1759 Joseph SLATER     Mary WHITTECAR    
17/12/1759 Luke ABBOT     Mary WERDEN    
10/01/1760 John ELY     Mary STAFFORD    
20/01/1760 William WOOD     Hannah PICKRILL    
14/02/1760 Christopher SHURLY     Rachell VARLY    
18/02/1760 Benjamin BRENTNALL     Sarah BRENTNALL    
21/02/1760 James WHITE   Pentrich Ann MOORE    
16/03/1760 Thomas GILLOTT     Elizabeth SEAR   Eastwood, Nottinghamshire
07/04/1760 William VARLY     Ann ALLEN    
15/04/1760 Robert CROPWELL     Elizabeth OSBORN    
09/05/1760 James PEET   Horsley Elizabeth ELLS    
15/05/1760 John PINNAGER     Mary VARLY    
26/05/1760 Daniel GARNER     Sarah FLETCHER    
28/05/1760 Edward HUFFTON     Sarah HANDS    
01/08/1760 Charles NEWPORT     Elizabeth HOULINS    
30/09/1760 William ELY     Hannah HUFFTON    
06/10/1760 Benjamin MERTON   Leeds, Yorkshire Elizabeth GILBETT    
12/11/1760 Thomas CLARK     Sarah PARKIN    
30/12/1760 John STAFFORD     Faith RICHARDS    
13/01/1761 Richard MILLWARD     Amy CLAY    
05/02/1761 Paul DAYKIN     Isabell BERKHAMSHIRE    
24/03/1761 John SILKSTONE     Elizabeth CROSS    
06/04/1761 Joseph GULLSON     Elizabeth PILLKINGTON    
28/04/1761 Thomas CRESSWELL   Pentrich Mary BULLOCK    
22/09/1761 Joseph SWAIN     Mary ELY    
12/10/1761 John HARRIMAN     Mary LACY    
28/12/1761 Charles BIRKHAMSHIRE     Alice SMITH    
23/02/1762 John SISTON   Wollaton, Nottinghamshire Mary HAWLEY    
23/10/1763 Rodger SMITH     Mary STONE    
12/12/1763 William PEGGE     Mary BERRIDGE   Derby
19/12/1763 John JAMES     Hannah PYNIGER    
29/12/1763 William KIRKLAND     Elizabeth STURLAND    
09/01/1764 Hugh MARSHALL   St Alkmund, Derby Eling VARLY    
29/01/1764 Richard HOLMES     Ann BROWN    
27/03/1764 Richard JOHNSON   Nottinghamshire Patience SLACK    
16/04/1764 George WALESBY     Ruth CLAY    
08/05/1764 Mark DENNIS     Mary COOK    
28/06/1764 Robert ALLDRED     Ann FLETCHER    
18/07/1764 William BESTWICK     Sarah PALMER    
25/07/1764 William FARNSWORTH     Martha VARLEY    
29/07/1764 George KNOWLS     Sarah MOULT    
15/09/1764 William HILLIARD   Denby Elizabeth HOWIT    
23/10/1764 Thomas SMITH     Mary COULESHER    
30/10/1764 John LANGLY     Elizabeth HUKIN    
05/11/1764 William SHIRNILD     Mary HOLLAND    
22/11/1764 John RICHARDS     Mary KIRKAM    
12/12/1764 Henry KIRKLAND     Mary ELSE    
25/12/1764 Vincent SAXTON     Mary ALLIN    
09/04/1765 Caleb WHEATLEY   South Normanton Catharine EGLYSTON    
28/05/1765 Isaac PARKIN     Elizabeth SANDAM    
24/06/1765 John GRANGER     Ann BIRCH    
27/06/1765 William GOODALL     Sarah PARKIN    
23/08/1765 Joseph WALKER   Eastwood, Nottinghamshire Mary HUNT    
01/04/1766 John HAWLEY     Sarah CLAYTON    
01/04/1766 John ALDRIDGE     Hannah OLDFIELD    
21/04/1766 Eleazar BOOT   Blackwell Hannah WYLD    
21/04/1766 John FARNSWORTH   Pentrich Elizabeth WRIGHT    
24/05/1766 William SHAW     Abigail ALLEN    
26/08/1766 William BEARDALL   Papplewick, Nottinghamshire Mary WOOD    
17/11/1766 John GILLOTT     Ruth VARLY    
17/05/1767 John BOARBANKS   Smalley Elizabeth WHITE    
20/09/1767 Richard REDFEARN     Mary TAYLOR    
01/10/1767 John HANCOCK   Ilkeston Hannah CARRINGTON    
24/10/1767 Luke THORP     Martha GILBERT    
24/10/1767 George VARLEY     Mary BIRD    
12/11/1767 John PARKS     Grace CLARKE    
12/11/1767 Joseph GILES   Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Hannah RICHARDS    
14/12/1767 John COUP   Greasley, Nottinghamshire Ann HARVY    
08/02/1768 Joseph HALL   Barton In Fabis, Nottinghamshire Mary WRIGHT    
08/02/1768 Robert STRELLEY   South Wingfield Elizabeth CLAYTON    
15/02/1768 Samuel MITCHEL     Martha ALDRED    
15/02/1768 Samuel STIRLAND     Mary REDFEARN    
04/03/1768 Francis WALESBY   St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Kitty CLAY    
08/03/1768 Samuel SLACK     Sarah HICKING    
13/03/1768 John FLETCHER     Mary WYLD    
15/03/1768 John BESTWICK     Hannah THORP    
17/05/1768 George MOORE     Mary BURROWS    
24/05/1768 Thomas CLARKE     Ruth STEVENSON   Pentrich
03/07/1768 William OSBORN     Elizabeth SEAVERNS    
04/07/1768 William THORP     Mary MANNARS    
25/08/1768 Lancelot SMITH     Hannah JAMES    
13/09/1768 John BROUGH     Elizabeth HOGG    
18/10/1768 John CRESSWELL     Sarah HICKIN    
15/11/1768 William BLOUNT   Kirk Hallam Mary ABBOTT    
07/02/1769 Henry GODKIN     Martha GREENSMITH    
12/02/1769 William VARLEY     Martha SMITH    
30/03/1769 George RAWORTH     Elizabeth AMAT    
11/04/1769 Thomas SMITH     Elizabeth ELLIS    
18/08/1769 Joseph RICHARDS     Mildred HUNT    
26/09/1769 William WHITE     Rebecca WHITE    
31/12/1769 Samuel GARNER     Hannah MOSELY    
13/02/1770 John CUTLER     Mary ELIOT   Pentrich
26/02/1770 Joseph WYLD     Hannah BESTWICK    
13/03/1770 William CATER Single   Hannah CROFTS Widow  
23/03/1770 Samuel HOPKINSON     Elizabeth BESTWICK    
12/04/1770 Jobe GELL   Wirksworth Elizabeth STUBINGS    
17/04/1770 John HICKING     Elizabeth FISHER    
17/04/1770 Thomas ARGILE     Mary FETHERSTONE    
17/04/1770 William YEAVILEY     Hannah TAYLOR    
10/05/1770 Thomas VARLEY     Elizabeth FLETCHER    
15/05/1770 John LILLEY     Mary BURGOINE    
05/06/1770 Robert BONSAL   Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Ann SMITH    
06/11/1770 John HUNT     Hannah JAMES    
09/11/1770 Joseph CHEETHAM     Amy MILLINGTON    
24/07/1771 Joseph HOUMBEY     Ann HUNT    
12/08/1771 Joseph WESSTON     Ann FIDLER    
21/08/1771 Henry CARLIN   Eastwood, Nottinghamshire Martha MILLINGTON    
28/08/1771 John REDFEARN     Ann VARLEY    
23/09/1771 Solomon SADSON     Martha ALLIN    
29/10/1771 Hennery SHAW     Elizabeth HOUNS    
13/11/1771 Thomas RYLEY   Horsley Susanna GREEN    
04/12/1771 Thomas FRETWELL     Elizabeth BOSTOCK    
09/02/1772 Joseph BARGIN     Mary MATHEWS    
11/02/1772 Thomas NEWTON     Dianah BOWLER    
13/02/1772 Thomas ALLIN     Mary FLETCHER    
03/03/1772 William FLETCHER     Susannah SCERRIT    
12/03/1772 James LEICESTER   Eastwood, Nottinghamshire Elin WATSON    
13/05/1772 Henry SMITH     Lidea RODGATE    
18/05/1772 Joseph PARKIN   Denby Laranah MILLINGTON    
19/06/1772 Thomas CALISS     Lidea MOORE    
01/07/1772 Henry HOUGH     Priscilla STRONG    
07/09/1772 Joseph STEVENSON   Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire Catherine EATON    
15/09/1772 William HOWITT     Sarah CATER    
12/10/1772 John FOX     Catherine ALLIN    
05/11/1772 William VARLEY     Hannah GOODWIN    
05/11/1772 Edward ALLEN     Mary ALLEN    
27/12/1772 Samuel CORDON     Elizabeth GILLOTT    
28/12/1772 John SANDAM     Mary MANNARS    
28/12/1772 Henery MASSEY   Selston, Nottinghamshire Sarah MOOR    
19/01/1773 William HODGSON     Hannah CARTER    
21/01/1773 James ANTHONY     Martha BROWN    
10/05/1773 John ALLIN     Elizabeth BESTWICK    
23/05/1773 Thomas NEWTON     Martha GRIFFIN    
01/06/1773 John ABBOT     Elizabeth PARKER    
15/06/1773 William MELLOWS     Ann HOWMS    
03/08/1773 Jonathan MOORE     Ann BULLOCK    
28/09/1773 William STREET     Sarah CLAY    
28/09/1773 James WRIGHT     Hannah KNOWLS    
22/11/1773 Daniel ROPER     Elizabeth ABBOT    
29/11/1773 Francis SKERRITT     Ann THICKETT    
29/11/1773 Thomas KIRKHAM   Pentrich Ruth SKERRITT    
17/01/1774 Thomas NEEDHAM   Greasley, Nottinghamshire Ann GLAZBROOKE    
03/02/1774 James WALL     Martha GOODWORTH    
15/02/1774 Edward WHITE     Mary HOLDEN    
17/02/1774 Richard ALLIN     Lidea CARTER    
05/04/1774 Joshua BOSTOCK     Mary FRETWELL    
16/06/1774 William TAYLOR     Mary CHEETHAM    
21/06/1774 William STANDLEY     Elizabeth FORMSWORTH    
29/08/1774 Henry LAMB     Mary POTTER    
31/08/1774 William ROADS     Hannah BURGOINE    
30/10/1774 George BERKET     Sarah HOUMBY    
02/11/1774 Robert HARDY     Ann SHELTON    
27/11/1774 James SHAW     Hannah EGLISHAW    
29/11/1774 Samuel COPE     Hannah STEVENS    
29/12/1774 John STAFFORD     Hannah JAMES    
12/01/1775 John HOGG     Abigail FLETCHER    
23/01/1775 Richard PINDER     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
08/02/1775 Samuel ALLIN     Elizabeth DUNDLEY    
02/04/1775 Joseph ORM     Martha HOUMS    
03/04/1775 James THORP     Easter CHEETHAM    
17/04/1775 Samuel POUNDALE   Bonsall Margaret GILLOTT    
06/06/1775 Samuel BURGOINE     Mary BANNAR   Eastwood, Nottinghamshire
09/06/1775 John WYNFIELD   Ilkeston Elisabeth SEAVERN    
12/06/1775 Joseph RAYNS   Denby Ann BIRCUMSHIRE    
12/06/1775 John WOOLLEY     Elizabeth CRESSWELL    
13/06/1775 William THORP     Hannah BRYON    
13/07/1775 Thomas BIRCUMSHIRE     Ann CLAY    
08/08/1775 Edward Green FLETCHER     Elizabeth FLETCHER    
27/08/1775 Henery TAYLOR     Martha PAGE    
30/10/1775 George ALLIN     Elizabeth GLAZEBROOK    
09/11/1775 John PLATTS   Smalley Mary MARTAIN    
07/12/1775 Thomas BAYLEYS     Elizabeth LIM    
24/12/1775 Henry SMITH     Sarah BIRCUMSHIRE    
28/12/1775 John GLAZEBROOK     Hannah BIRCUMSHIRE    
02/01/1776 John WHILTON     Ann PORTAR    
25/02/1776 John MORRIS     Ann SILLS    
19/05/1776 Charles BRIGGS     Sarah THORP    
01/06/1776 Joshua FLETCHER   Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Jane WYLD    
15/09/1776 Joseph HUNT   Denby Ann SHAW    
26/09/1776 Thomas HICKING     Mary MALKIN    
15/10/1776 John PILKINGTON     Hannah FETHERSTONE    
31/10/1776 George SKAVENTON   Ilkeston Mary BARBER    
10/11/1776 John SHAW     Liddea BESTWICK    
24/12/1776 William TATOM   Ilkeston Ann HIGGIT    
26/12/1776 John BAKER   Trowell, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth MELLER    
20/02/1777 Jeremiah THEORLEY     Martha MELLERS    
01/04/1777 Samuel VARLEY     Ann BROUGH    
21/04/1777 Francis PARKIN   Denby Ann HAZELDINE    
19/05/1777 George EYRE     Elizabeth BIRCUMSHIRE    
19/05/1777 John FLETCHER     Ann GILLOTT    
30/06/1777 Thomas GILBERT     Ann BENISON    
24/07/1777 Edward SMITH     Margret PARKER   Denby
18/08/1777 Joseph FLETCHER     Sarah CALLODINE    
09/09/1777 Henry SWIFT   Duffield Ann WILLOWLE    
16/09/1777 John THORP     Martha FLETCHAR    
23/09/1777 Samuel MARTAIN   Morley Mary ROOM    
04/11/1777 William SAXTON     Mary AUGHTON    
10/11/1777 Zachariah HIGIT     Elizabeth SANDERS   Smalley
10/11/1777 Johnathan CHEETHAM     Martha FARMSWORTH    
02/12/1777 Thomas LANGTON   Alfreton Mary BROWN    
08/01/1778 John BROWN     Mary ALLEN    
16/02/1778 John CRESSWELL   Selston, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth OSBORN    
09/04/1778 John SHELTON     Mary ROWLAND    
17/05/1778 John WRIGHT     Catherine SAILS    
19/05/1778 Joseph HORSLEY     Dorothy COATS    
25/05/1778 William SUMMERS   Trowell, Nottinghamshire Hannah MILLINGTON    
10/06/1778 Samuel DAVIS     Mary EGLISHAW    
12/06/1778 Henry LOMAX     Mary BULLOCK    
27/07/1778 Edward NUTON     Ruth MOOR    
02/08/1778 Joseph OSBORN     Mary WYLD    
09/09/1778 James GOODWIN     Lucy WYLD    
15/09/1778 Samuel WATHEL     Hannah DENNIS    
04/10/1778 Abraham STREET     Rebecah PLATS    
12/10/1778 Christopher SHARLEY     Elisabeth BOMAN    
12/10/1778 John DARRINGTON     Elisabeth SLACK    
23/10/1778 William REDGATE     Catherine BROWN    
29/11/1778 Henry BONSER   St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Ann NUTON    
12/01/1779 Thomas HICKSON     Nancy HAY   Crich
17/01/1779 Joseph BIRCUMSHIRE     Mary OSBORN    
26/01/1779 Francis GROOBE     Mary COWLISHAW    
06/04/1779 Samuel CLAY     Martha BALMFORTH    
06/04/1779 John FLETCHER     Elizabeth FLETCHER    
21/04/1779 Thomas BUSH   St Werburgh, Derby Sarah MILLNS    
08/07/1779 George BLUNDSTONE     Sarah VARLEY    
26/07/1779 Edward HATTER     Hannah SMEDLEY    
03/08/1779 Samuel BRENTNALL     Mary WOOLLEY    
13/08/1779 Joseph SWAIN     Mary ELEY    
05/11/1779 Thomas KEETLEY   Ilkeston Sarah FLETCHER    
16/11/1779 Joseph BURROWS     Sarah BURROWS    
13/12/1779 John STEWART     Sarah NUTON    
23/12/1779 Joseph CLAY     Ellen PARKER    
27/12/1779 George PARKS   Greasley, Nottinghamshire Phoebe SHAW    
27/12/1779 William BERISFORD     Elizabeth PAGE    
27/12/1779 Matthew WOOD     Ruth OSBORN    
30/12/1779 John NOON     Ellen PARKER    
17/01/1780 Samuel SLACK     Elizabeth CHAPMAN    
08/02/1780 George RADFORD     Sarah FLETCHER    
27/03/1780 John TAYLOR     Mary JAMES    
28/03/1780 Joseph WYLD   Alfreton Lidea FLETCHER    
11/04/1780 John JACKSON   Stapleford, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth SEARSON    
19/04/1780 Samuel GILLOTT     Susanna WHITE    
04/05/1780 Joseph WATERS   Selston, Nottinghamshire Tryphena BRUNT    
15/05/1780 John SLACK     Hannah BROWN    
08/07/1780 William MATHER   Bonsall Hannah PARKER    
17/07/1780 Thomas WOOD     Elizabeth MASSEY    
14/08/1780 John BOWLSOVER     Elizabeth SHELTON    
11/09/1780 Thomas TINLEY     Mary WOOD    
09/10/1780 William INGAR     Ann ROBINSON    
10/10/1780 James HENSHAW     Louisha HOKLEY    
16/10/1780 John NEALER     Ales CANTRIL    
06/11/1780 William ROWLAND     Martha SWAIN    
13/11/1780 Thomas GRUNDAY     Ann BOWLSOVER    
13/11/1780 Peter RAMSEY     Elizabeth WALLHEAD    
16/11/1780 Joseph WHILTON     Elizabeth HOUMS    
13/12/1780 Thomas BILLINGS     Hannah GOODIN    
24/12/1780 Joseph FARNSWORTH     Elizabeth BENTLEY   South Collingham, Nottinghamshire
30/12/1780 Thomas CALEY     Elizabeth LEE    
11/01/1781 William BIRCUMSHIRE     Phebe MOOR    
14/02/1781 Edward SEARSON     Mary Horsley COATS    
11/03/1781 Benjamin WARD   St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Catherine LILLEY    
26/03/1781 Robert STREET     Elizabeth MARTIN   Kirk Hallam
25/04/1781 Thomas GARDANER   Greasley, Nottinghamshire Sarah OSBURN    
09/05/1781 John MITCHEL   Linby, Nottinghamshire Ann FOX    
25/07/1781 Samuel JACKSON     Mary WATERS    
14/08/1781 Thomas BAMFORD     Mary AMAT    
29/08/1781 Samuel PARKER     Elizabeth CLAPHAM    
15/09/1781 John HARRISON   Pinxton Ann KIRKAM    
23/10/1781 Samuel LOW     Deborah KEY    
23/10/1781 Joseph BIRCUMSHIRE     Ann WILD    
03/11/1781 Samuel WHIZZAR     Elizabeth FORMSWORTH   Pentrich
20/11/1781 James HARROP   Sutton In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth SPALTON    
29/11/1781 Thomas HALL     Ann FLETCHER    
02/12/1781 John ALLDRED     Sarah BIRCUMSHIRE    
05/01/1782 Thomas COOP     Elizabeth CLARKE    
20/01/1782 Thomas BOSTOCK     Jane LEE    
24/01/1782 Joseph COLEBOURNE     Ann BURGOINE    
11/02/1782 John LIGIT     Sarah BIRCUMSHIRE    
21/04/1782 Samuel PYMGAR     Betty BROADHEAD    
20/05/1782 Luke BRADBURY   Arnold, Nottinghamshire Ann MILLINTON    
21/05/1782 Thomas ELY     Amy GILLOTT    
12/08/1782 John SANDOM     Ann WYLD    
16/08/1782 Thomas CLARKE     Mary CRESSWELL    
08/09/1782 Samuel CUTLAR     Sarah BRIDGET    
30/09/1782 John ELEY     Martha MARTIN    
10/10/1782 Henry FRIERSON     Ann MANNERS    
23/10/1782 John BRIGGS     Sarah SANT    
03/11/1782 Robert STENSON     Elizabeth NUTON    
03/02/1783 Samuel COPE     Kathern HATTER    
04/02/1783 John HUFFTON     Elizabeth TINLEY    
24/03/1783 Thomas OSBURN Single   Elizabeth FETHERSTONE    
14/04/1783 Joseph BOOTH   Duffield Mary WASS    
03/05/1783 Joshua HOULDGATE     Elizabeth TOWLE    
15/06/1783 Samuel CLAY     Hannah MILLINGTON    
14/07/1783 James BAMFORD   Ilkeston Sarah DAVIS    
11/08/1783 Samuel GILLOTT     Elizabeth BESTWICK    
11/08/1783 Henry BRIDGE   Eastwood, Nottinghamshire Martha CLAY    
02/09/1783 George GILBERT     Ann HENSHAW    
29/09/1783 William VARLEY     Martha BIRCUMSHIRE    
02/10/1783 Francis BULLOCK     Mary BUCKLAND    
12/10/1783 Daniel STIRLAND     Martha GREGORY    
20/10/1783 William FLETCHER     Elizabeth WOODWARD    
17/11/1783 Patrick CRESSWELL     Sarah LANGLEY    
29/12/1783 Thomas STENSON   Castle Donington, Leicestershire Mary BROWN    
20/01/1784 William BARTON   Stanley Ann ABBOTT    
15/02/1784 Samuel EYRE     Dorothy VARLEY    
06/04/1784 Joseph WHITE     Mary MELLER    
09/05/1784 William HOUMS     Mary BESTWICK    
01/06/1784 Michael HOUMS   Alfreton Catharine GILLOTT    
03/07/1784 William MATTHEWS     Mary MATTHEWS    
04/07/1784 Benjamin BRENTKNEL     Ruth BROWN    
09/08/1784 Thomas HOUMES     Elizabeth HAYWOOD    
23/08/1784 Richard STANDLEY     Mary WYLD    
10/10/1784 John STAFFORD     Elizabeth WRIGHT    
11/10/1784 Richard WRIGHT     Mary KIRKHAM    
23/10/1784 William OLIVER     Elizabeth STIRLAND    
15/12/1784 William WOODCOCK   St Martin, Leicester, Leicestershire Mary HOWIT    
30/12/1784 Joseph THORP     Jemimah BURGOIN    
31/12/1784 John CORDEN     Elizabeth MOORE    
12/01/1785 John REVIL   Annesley, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth HIGGITT    
25/01/1785 William MANNERS     Dorothy HORSLEY    
31/01/1785 Jose SLACK     Hannah STANDLEY    
01/03/1785 John HARRIS   Aston Upon Trent Hannah ALLSOP    
07/03/1785 John BEAR     Euphemia WILDER   Etwall
07/04/1785 Thomas BRIGGS     Hannah BERRY    
17/05/1785 William DRAPER     Sarah FLETCHER    
23/05/1785 Joseph LOWE   Radford, Nottinghamshire Mary BESTWICK    
04/07/1785 John STIRLAND     Sarah TYLEY Single Denby
04/08/1785 Joseph HUFTON     Elizabeth PYNIGER    
10/08/1785 Samuel HOUMS     Grace WOODHOUSE    
17/08/1785 Thomas BIRCUMSHIRE     Martha SPENCER   Denby
05/09/1785 William EYRE     Mary BEARDER    
26/09/1785 James SEAVEARNS     Catherine CLAY    
26/09/1785 Thomas PARKIN     Hannah PEAK    
27/09/1785 Edward HALLSWORTH     Mary SMEDLEY    
03/10/1785 John HANSON   St Werburgh, Derby Catharine NUTON    
20/10/1785 Samuel FISHER   Ilkeston Ann BURTON    
05/12/1785 Matthew COOPER     Rebeca RYLEY    
12/12/1785 Thomas OSBURN     Sarah ALLIN    
27/12/1785 William WHITE     Fanny BROWN   Eastwood, Nottinghamshire
30/01/1786 Jonathan BARNCLUFF     Ann LUDLEM    
07/02/1786 Thomas GREGORY   West Hallam Catherine HOLMES    
17/04/1786 George MOUNTNEY     Hannah TUNLEY    
18/04/1786 Joseph EYRE     Mary BROWNE    
18/04/1786 Joseph BRENTNAL     Grace PALMER    
04/05/1786 John JOHNSON     Ann FARNSWORTH    
25/05/1786 George BIRCUMSHIRE     Ann VARLEY    
12/08/1786 Stephen GOODMAN     Martha KIRKHAM    
16/10/1786 Timothy MEAKIN     Sarah HAYWOOD    
22/10/1786 Samuel OLDKNOW     Lidea SMITH    
19/11/1786 Samuel CLEMMENT     Mary SHELTON    
30/11/1786 James WALKER   Frolesworth, Leicestershire Sarah HICKINBOTHAM    
04/12/1786 Robert LOMAX     Ann EYRE    
16/12/1786 Samuel LIMB     Ann WYND    
19/12/1786 Benjamin WYLD     Sarah CARRINGTON    
26/12/1786 Thomas VARLEY     Sarah WYLD    
06/01/1787 Thomas COLCLOUGH     Brittania REDFEARN    
19/02/1787 William BURGOINE     Hannah BIRKIN    
19/02/1787 William BROUGH     Ann RAWORTH    
07/03/1787 William WALL     Mary STEVENS    
15/03/1787 Daniel FLETCHER     Mary BAKER    
01/05/1787 William SMITH     Amy BULLOCK    
07/05/1787 William WHEATLY     Sarah GRIME    
14/05/1787 Samuel SHARLEY     Hannah ATTENBOROUGH    
17/05/1787 Nicoles BAILEY   Sandiacre Mary FLETCHER    
29/05/1787 Abraham BROWNE     Elizabeth VARLEY    
02/07/1787 Samuel HIGGIT     Christian FARDIGE    
30/07/1787 Thomas HAYWOOD     Sarah KEATLEY    
02/08/1787 Thomas MANNERS     Hannah THORP    
13/08/1787 William EGLISHAW     Mary VARLEY    
13/08/1787 William GREEN     Phebe BROWN    
14/08/1787 Robert ALLDRED     Ann BESTWICK    
03/09/1787 John GLAZEBROOK     Ann THORLEY    
15/10/1787 Charles WARDLE     Hannah BESTOCK    
01/11/1787 Christopher ROYSTON     Elizabeth CAUNT    
12/11/1787 John SISON     Elizabeth WARD    
03/12/1787 Thomas BARBER     Catharine WALKER    
03/12/1787 William MARTIN     Sarah SELVY    
17/12/1787 Thomas MASON   West Hallam Hannah HUNT    
20/12/1787 Joseph BESTOCK     Mary WRIGHT    
23/12/1787 John LETHERLAND     Hannah WEST    
24/12/1787 John BIRCUMSHIRE     Elizabeth WYLD    
23/01/1788 John BESTWICK     Elizabeth COLLTON    
10/03/1788 William NAYLOR   Pentrich Easter WALKER    
24/03/1788 William FLETCHER     Elizabeth GLOVER    
21/04/1788 Adam CRITCH     Sarah EATON    
05/05/1788 Thomas NEWTON     Mary HOLBROOK    
18/06/1788 William SMITH     Hannah HOWIT    
30/06/1788 Peeter ALLIN     Rebecah WRIGHT    
02/07/1788 Paul BRENTNALL     Hannah DAWSON    
28/07/1788 William OSBURN     Jane HOLLAND    
24/08/1788 Josiah MEE     Sarah BROADHEAD    
22/09/1788 Edward WRIGHT     Jane BURTON    
06/10/1788 James ENGLAND     Elizabeth HUNT    
13/10/1788 Samuel RAYNOR     Hannah ENGLAND    
13/10/1788 Newton WRIGHT     Phoebe BRIGGS    
20/10/1788 Henry PALMER     Grace CLAY    
21/10/1788 Matthew STEVENS   Spondon Sarah BURGIN    
27/10/1788 Richard MILLARD     Dorothy ARGILL    
10/11/1788 John TOWSON     Jinny RAYNOR    
18/11/1788 Thomas BEAR     Betty DENNIS   Kirk Hallam
15/12/1788 John BOOLSOVER     Ellen SIDDON    
22/12/1788 Thomas ELEY   Horsley Sarah EYRE    
29/12/1788 Benjamin SAILSBURY     Grace PORTER    
05/01/1789 Adam WOODWARD     Phoebe WHITE    
26/01/1789 John POTTER     Sarah WHEATLEY    
09/02/1789 Thomas CATER     Marian TRIGWORTH    
09/02/1789 Luke MOTT     Sarah HOCKLEY    
09/02/1789 Michael UNWIN     Martha BARBER    
09/02/1789 Samuel SHELDON     Hannah WEBSTER    
23/02/1789 Thomas FLETCHER     Martha TINEY    
24/02/1789 Abraham BROWN     Mary SIDDON    
20/04/1789 John WRIGHT   St Peter, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Hannah LAYLAND    
20/04/1789 John BARK     Elizabeth HOWSELY    
20/04/1789 Thomas ARGILL     Hannah BRUNT    
25/05/1789 Edward EYRE     Maria LUDLAM    
01/06/1789 Thomas EGLISHAW     Ann BARK    
02/06/1789 Richard WOODHOUSE     Lydia BESTWICK    
21/08/1789 William LIEVERS     Anne SAXTON    
14/09/1789 John SIDDON     Martha HICKIN   Smalley
21/09/1789 Joseph WILLIAMSON     Jane KIRKHAM    
01/10/1789 William HOWITT     Ann HICKING    
13/10/1789 James WHITEHEAD     Ann JOHNSON    
15/10/1789 Thomas WESTON     Katherina BRIAN    
20/10/1789 William WHITE     Elizabeth FRETWELL    
09/11/1789 Samuel DAVIS     Sarah BAKER    
16/11/1789 Joseph HAZLEDINE     Mary HOLMES    
29/11/1789 Thomas LILLEY     Hannah MARSH    
30/11/1789 Joseph ALSOP     Sarah BRIAN    
01/12/1789 George SMALLWOOD     Mary PALMER    
07/12/1789 William NEWTON     Mary MOORE    
21/12/1789 Thomas DAVIS     Mary RILEY    
25/12/1789 William LEE     Ann GREASLEY    
24/01/1790 John BOOLEY Widower   Ellen BUXTON   Horsley
26/01/1790 William WRIGHT     Anne BIRCUMSHIRE    
01/04/1790 Samuel FARNSWORTH     Mary WYLDE    
06/04/1790 Thomas ALLEN     Hannah BROWN    
13/04/1790 William BRYAN   Ticknall Elizabeth BURGIN    
18/05/1790 John CALLODINE     Mary WOOD    
22/05/1790 John BIRCUMSHIRE     Anne BOREBANK    
01/06/1790 Samuel COLCLOUGH     Mary BROUGH    
21/09/1790 Isaac ELEY     Hannah GILLOT    
26/11/1790 Newton TREEN     Katherine BULLIVANT    
13/12/1790 Thomas MARGRAVE     Margaret HARRISON    
20/12/1790 John DANCE     Mary NEEP    
16/01/1791 Christopher STEPHENS     Ann EGGLESHAW    
14/02/1791 John ORANGE     Alice WATKINSON    
21/02/1791 Samuel OATES     Mary GODBER    
19/04/1791 William CHANDLER     Maria EYRE    
20/04/1791 George BIRCUMSHIRE     Mary HOLMES    
25/04/1791 Edward PRINCE     Sarah VARLEY    
26/05/1791 Samuel FRETWELL     Ann BRENTNALL    
05/07/1791 William HUBBALL     Ann ARGILL    
04/08/1791 Edward OSBORNE     Elizabeth GILLOT    
14/08/1791 John EARNSHAW     Mary FARNSWORTH Widow  
16/08/1791 William SMITH     Mary NEWTON    
27/09/1791 Benjamin GODDARD     Anne CLARKE    
17/10/1791 William BOSTOCK     Anne GELSHARP    
17/10/1791 Samuel HICKING     Elizabeth MATTHEWS    
24/10/1791 Joseph CLAY     Eleanor FLETCHER    
25/10/1791 Thomas WOODHOUSE     Sarah THORPE    
19/12/1791 Henry LOMAX     Elizabeth HONEYBUNN    
20/12/1791 Joseph CLARKE     Elizabeth RODGERS    
26/12/1791 John BULL   St Alkmund, Derby Sarah ROBINSON    
26/12/1791 Edward BURGIN     Elizabeth WRIGHT    
09/01/1792 William BROWN     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
25/01/1792 John JACKSON     Hannah EYRE    
05/06/1792 Thomas GILLOTT     Ann WASS    
28/08/1792 James HARDIE     Catherine FLETCHER    
03/09/1792 William PEARCE     Sarah EATON    
09/10/1792 Joseph SHACKLOCK     Ann MOORE    
19/10/1792 John BAKER     Mary DAVIS    
26/11/1792 George ELSE     Ann PYNIGER    
03/12/1792 David CALLODINE     Ann HUFF    
06/12/1792 John SHAW     Sarah HOLMES    
25/12/1792 John BARK     Mary REDFERN    
25/12/1792 Henry GOODWIN     Hannah MANNERS    
11/02/1793 John FRETWELL     Mary LACEY    
11/02/1793 John CHAMBERLAIN     Mary CARLIN    
02/04/1793 Samuel WESTON   St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Mary WOODCOCK    
08/04/1793 Nathaniel HUNT     Sarah PINDAR    
29/04/1793 Francis MATHER     Anne LILLEY    
01/05/1793 George CALEN     Mary CLAY    
22/05/1793 John CATOR     Mary STERLAND    
03/06/1793 Samuel SPOLTON     Ann CARLIN    
03/06/1793 Samuel JEPSON   Pentrich Ruth SMITH    
23/06/1793 Kedar CAGE     Mary EYRE Widow  
08/07/1793 Joseph BURGIN     Ann WYLD    
30/07/1793 Robert ALDERED     Dorothy BENNISON    
12/08/1793 John BOOT     Mary BERRISFORD    
12/08/1793 John BROWN     Ruth SIDDON    
12/08/1793 Samuel PRINCE     Elizabeth GILLOTT    
13/08/1793 Samuel ALLEN     Elizabeth CORDEN    
14/08/1793 Robert NICHOL     Mary ISON    
30/09/1793 John CLAY     Mary CLARK    
08/10/1793 William BESTWICK     Hannah ALDRED    
14/10/1793 William VARLEY     Hannah ELEY    
01/11/1793 James SWETTENHAM   Youlgreave Mary TOPLIS    
13/11/1793 Joseph ALLEN     Hannah ALLEN    
25/11/1793 Samuel LANGLEY     Ann WILTON    
06/12/1793 John FALLOWS   Daventry, Northamptonshire Ann BRIGHTMORE    
09/12/1793 John LIGHTOLLER     Sarah ALLEN    
16/12/1793 Walter TINLEY     Martha BRENTNALL    
29/12/1793 John WALKER     Elizabeth FRETWELL    
27/01/1794 William BEARDALL     Amy EATON    
16/02/1794 Thomas BIRCUMSHAW     Elizabeth WEST    
24/02/1794 John ALLEN     Elizabeth MARSHALL    
03/03/1794 John BESTWICK     Ellen HUNT    
10/03/1794 Richard STARLAND     Sarah SALT    
20/04/1794 Joseph ROBSON     Elizabeth OSBORNE    
22/04/1794 Edward GILLOTT     Martha ALLDRED    
08/05/1794 William WIDDOWSON     Mary SEARSON    
01/06/1794 Matthew HEARSON     Mary HOUGH    
12/06/1794 William REDGATE     Elizabeth OSBORNE    
30/06/1794 William STEVENS     Sarah TOMLINSON    
07/07/1794 Samuel BARROWELL     Sarah HERING    
18/08/1794 John FROGGITT     Mary SMEDLEY    
01/09/1794 William SHARRAT     Amy BESTWICK    
08/09/1794 Joseph TANTUM     Mary HALLAM    
08/09/1794 Thomas HOLMES     Ann LOMAX Widow  
24/09/1794 Joseph BRIAN     Hannah WRIGHT    
13/10/1794 William TATUM   Ilkeston Sarah BOSTOCK    
11/11/1794 John HOLBROOK     Susannah PARKIN    
01/12/1794 Joseph ROBINSON     Anne BOWLER    
01/12/1794 James ROWLAND     Mary TATUM    
04/12/1794 Richard SWAIN     Fanny BURGIN    
01/01/1795 John JEPSON     Mary KIRKHAM    
02/02/1795 John STREET     Phoebe HOOLEY   Ilkeston
03/02/1795 John MANNERS     Elizabeth COAK    
16/02/1795 John CHRITCH     Mary PURDEY    
16/02/1795 John BRIDGES     Hannah HAYWOOD    
23/02/1795 Joseph SWAIN     Hannah CARLIN    
07/04/1795 John BRIAN     Hannah TAYLOR    
22/04/1795 John DUNN     Rebecca WEBSTER    
24/05/1795 Thomas HAYWOOD     Elizabeth WELLS    
25/05/1795 Nathaniel PURDEY     Ann RILEY    
25/05/1795 James INGER     Ann ALLEN    
07/07/1795 John THORPE     Martha SEARSON    
28/07/1795 William HAYWOOD     Sarah FEATHERSTONE    
16/08/1795 Benjamin TAYLOR   West Hallam Mary SLACK    
23/08/1795 Patrick PARKIN     Mary GRANGER    
25/08/1795 William WAIN   Smalley Mary TATUM    
12/11/1795 John WALKER   Kirk Hallam Elizabeth ABBOT    
16/11/1795 Thomas FLETCHER     Rebekah BURGIN    
23/11/1795 Joseph HOULGATE     Elizabeth BRYAN    
26/11/1795 John ELEY     Sarah MANNERS    
30/11/1795 William HUNT   Denby Mary TANTUM    
28/12/1795 Samuel PARKIN     Kitty THORPE    
11/01/1796 Samuel SHEPHERD     Elizabeth CRESWELL    
24/01/1796 Philip HALL     Sarah BURGIN Widow  
25/01/1796 William SPARRUM     Ruth KIRKHAM    
01/02/1796 George WYLDE     Elizabeth VARLEY    
27/03/1796 John BARLOW     Martha HOLMES    
19/05/1796 Thomas EGGLESHAW     Mary KIRKHAM    
26/06/1796 James GUN     Hannah WHATRAIL    
27/06/1796 John CARRINGTON     Ann BLOUNT    
27/06/1796 Joseph BERKIN   Eastwood, Nottinghamshire Roseanna PALMER    
04/07/1796 William SHAW     Mary BROWN    
10/07/1796 Hosea SIMPSON     Amy WALKER    
25/07/1796 James WRIGHT     Mary SANDOM    
14/08/1796 Joseph THORPE     Maria THORPE    
22/08/1796 William BIRKIN   Eastwood, Nottinghamshire Ann PALMER    
06/09/1796 John GRANGER   North Wingfield Elizabeth KIRKHAM    
12/09/1796 Samuel WALKER   Kirk Hallam Anne ABBOTT    
19/09/1796 James TOMLINSON     Hannah SILLS    
19/09/1796 Isaac FROST   Greasley, Nottinghamshire Ruth WILD    
02/10/1796 John WEBSTER   Eastwood, Nottinghamshire Isabella OSBORN    
16/10/1796 Thomas GAMBLE     Mary POUNDER    
17/10/1796 Thomas ALLEN     Elizabeth ROBINSON    
14/11/1796 Samuel FLETCHER     Ann HIVES    
15/11/1796 James HORSLEY     Sarah ARON    
05/12/1796 James CLARKE     Lucy THORPE    
06/02/1797 Peter ALLEN     Dinah WALL    
27/03/1797 Edward ASHTON     Elizabeth SEVERN    
03/04/1797 Richard THORPE     Ann FRETWELL    
30/04/1797 Duke LEE     Martha HARDY    
06/06/1797 Daniel CALLODINE     Elizabeth BROWN   St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
15/06/1797 Adam CRITCH     Hannah HENSHAW    
27/06/1797 Thomas THORP     Elizabeth SANDOM    
17/07/1797 Thomas WOODWARD     Mary WRIGHT    
18/07/1797 Thomas SHAW     Anne VARLEY    
11/09/1797 Caleb RILEY     Millicent PYNEGAR    
01/10/1797 Leonard HALLEY   Kirk Hallam Mary SAXTON    
25/10/1797 Christopher HOGG     Hannah FLETCHER    
06/11/1797 Thomas ROBERTS     Marybella BARBER    
06/11/1797 William FRETWELL     Mary BOSTOCK    
19/11/1797 John RAYNER   St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Mary CALLODINE    
26/11/1797 David EYRE   Ilkeston Mary WHEATLEY    
28/11/1797 William ALDRED     Mary KNOWLES    
05/12/1797 Peter ALLEN     Katherine ALLEN    
26/12/1797 Samuel OLDKNOW     Hannah BOWLER    
01/01/1798 Thomas BOURNE     Ann BUCKLEY    
05/02/1798 Robert LONGMAN     Ann PYWELL    
02/04/1798 Theophilus BROWN     Elizabeth BUCKLEY    
09/04/1798 James ALLEN     Ann WYLDE    
10/04/1798 William RIGLEY   Ilkeston Hannah FRETWELL    
11/08/1798 Philip WATERFIELD   Tissington Mary JACKSON    
01/10/1798 John WYLDE     Mary HOGG    
02/10/1798 Joseph SIDDEN     Hannah SISON    
15/10/1798 Samuel FISH     Easter NAILER    
31/10/1798 Thomas KEETLEY     Mary SANDERS    
12/11/1798 Joseph HUNT     Ann SWINGHOOD    
12/11/1798 Thomas HICKINGBOTHAM   Arnesby, Leicestershire Elizabeth HICKINGBOTHAM    
04/12/1798 Thomas SLACK     Mary HATTER    
24/12/1798 Robert HARDY     Mary HUNT    
07/01/1799 James BAKER     Betty BUXTON    
23/01/1799 Joseph HUNT     Sarah TRUEMAN    
19/02/1799 George ENGLAND   Ilkeston Elizabeth WILSON    
04/03/1799 Thomas COWLISHAW     Martha ORME    
22/03/1799 Samuel SAXTON     Mary ALLEN    
25/03/1799 Christopher LOWE     Mary ALLEN    
07/04/1799 James SMITH     Elizabeth BROWN    
09/04/1799 John DAYKIN     Fanny WRIGHT    
15/04/1799 Thomas ALLEN     Elizabeth POUNDALL    
06/05/1799 William BOLSOVER     Anne STREET    
11/06/1799 Thomas COWP     Hannah TINGLE    
11/08/1799 William THORPE     Hannah GRANGER    
13/08/1799 Henry SHAW     Hannah STREET    
19/08/1799 Thomas FISHER     Elizabeth KNOWLES    
02/09/1799 John STREET     Hannah PARKIN    
08/09/1799 Elias BROWN     Hannah STAINROD    
22/09/1799 William FLETCHER     Ann FLETCHER    
30/09/1799 William BENNET     Catherine FLETCHER    
04/10/1799 Samuel WHITE     Phoebe HICKING    
17/10/1799 John DANIEL     Hannah FLETCHER   Horsley
13/11/1799 Thomas CHAMBERS   Nuthall, Nottinghamshire Sarah CLIFFORD    
19/11/1799 William GODDARD     Hannah GLAZEBROOK    
24/12/1799 Edward HATTER     Hannah DAVIS    
25/12/1799 George SHARDLOW     Ann SHACKLOCK Widow  
25/12/1799 Thomas WINFIELD   Barton In Fabis, Nottinghamshire Ann HICKTON    
26/12/1799 George BROUGH     Mary FLETCHER    

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