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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Osmaston by Derby St Osmund


The Parish

The parish of Osmaston (here given the suffix of "by Derby" to distinguish from the other Osmaston near Ashbourne) lies in southern Derbyshire and just over a mile from the city of Derby. Osmaston, once a small village, is now an integral part of the conurbation and has been absorbed totally into the metropolitan area. Osmaston would have sat close to the line of today's A514 road which connects Derby with Swadlincote, the term is today used to describe the whole suburb between the A514 and A6. Much of the area of the parish is taken up by the extensive works of Rolls Royce. At the time of this transcript Osmaston would have largely been a rural farming settlement, with a mixed rotational farming regime in place. The river Derwent lies just east of the parish and whilst most drainage is subsurface it is here that it is headed, the Derwent soon joins the Trent near Long Eaton and thence to the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Osmaston is sited at around 50 metres above the sea on a low ridge between the two rivers, land rises gently westward to reach 100 metres in Derby's western suburbs. By Derbyshire standards Osmaston was tiny, it would have covered a mere 900 acres and supported just under 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Osmaston was held directly by King William, its assets were 6 ploughs, meadows & woodland and it possessed a mill.

The Church

The marriages recorded in this transcript would have taken place at the former church of All Saints, sadly no longer with us. Osmaston's present church of St Osmund is located adjacent to the busy A6 in an area of mixed light industrial and mid 20th century housing. Built in 1904 in brick it consists of the usual nave & chancel augmented by aisles, transept & clerestory. The church is not of great architectural interest for Pevsner who's account is strictly descriptive with no comment as to quality. London Road runs southeastwards and St Osmund is on the western side behind low brick walls.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 25th October 1754 - 17th February 1812 Derbyshire Record Office - Reference - D956/A/PI/3/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 30th December 1813 20th June 1837 Derbyshire Record Office - Reference - D956/A/PI/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Derby St Peter
Derby St Peter
Chaddesden St Mary
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Alvaston St Michael
Boulton St Mary
Normanton St Giles
Barrow on Trent St Wilfrid
Barrow on Trent St Wilfrid
Boulton St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 25/10/1754 John MIDLAM     Hannah BROWN    
2 01/01/1755 Thomas PARKER     Mary BERESFORD    
3 07/06/1756 Francis MORLIDGE     Dorothy DOLEMAN    
4 12/10/1757 Joseph TAYLOR     Sarah PHILLIPS   Boulton
5 21/10/1757 William SCOTTON     Mary HALL Single Boulton
6 10/11/1757 Benjamin WALKER     Anne STODEARTH Single  
7 20/01/1760 Thomas BOWLER   Castle Donington, Leicestershire Dorothy MARSHALL    
8 26/04/1760 William FITCHET   Radbourne Mary SCOTTON    
9 16/12/1762 William MOORE     Martha BRERELY   Alvaston
10 22/10/1763 John FLETCHER   Duffield Dorothy SALT Widow  
11 14/03/1764 Edmund DIXON   All Saints, Derby Anne PORTER    
12 24/10/1764 Joseph BAKEWELL   St Peter, Derby Hannah BENTLEY    
13 07/12/1764 William NEEDHAM   St Peter, Derby Hannah STONE    
14 27/12/1764 John FISHER   Swarkestone Mary GARNER    
15 07/01/1765 James BARTON     Anne SMITH    
16 30/01/1765 William PARKER     Mary BURTON   Castle Donington, Leicestershire
17 29/03/1765 Joseph KILLINGLY   Boulton Mary PARKER Widow  
18 08/07/1766 Edward PHILLIPS Widower   Mary RADFORD Single St Alkmond, Derby
19 09/04/1769 James WAKEFIELD   Chellaston Elizabeth SCOTTON    
20 05/12/1769 Francis WATTS   Boulton Sarah BAKEWELL    
21 13/03/1770 Edward WRIGHT   Alvaston Alice SCOTTON    
22 31/07/1770 John WEBB   Aston Upon Trent Keturah ADAMS    
23 12/10/1770 John CHAPMAN   Wilne Mary STANSBY    
24 20/05/1773 John CHAPMAN     Elizabeth WATERFIELD    
25 01/05/1775 John WEBB   Ashbourne Elizabeth NADIN    
26 29/08/1775 Samuel KIRK   All Saints, Derby Selina GOODMAN    
27 18/09/1776 John MIDLAM     Mary MORLIDGE    
28 10/01/1777 John MACHIN Single Chesterfield Frances HOOLE Single  
29 04/05/1779 Joseph PARKER Single   Ellen BARNES Single  
30 10/05/1779 Thomas HARVEY Single Chaddesden Jane PARKER Single  
31 01/01/1781 Thomas SMITH Widower   Martha RICHARDS Single  
32 22/11/1781 William PARKER Single   Hannah BARNES Single  
33 03/04/1782 Robert BREWER Single Dartford, Kent Elizabeth WALKER Single  
34 17/01/1783 John BANCROFT Widower Barrow On Trent Ann COPE Widow  
35 19/05/1783 Thomas MORLIDGE Single   Sarah COXON Single  
36 29/07/1783 George BOULTON Widower Aston Upon Trent Elizabeth GARNER Single  
37 11/10/1784 John WAKEFIELD Single Swarkestone Hannah SWAIN Single  
38 24/10/1784 Robert WOODWARD Single Boulton Elizabeth FISHER Single  
39 09/01/1785 Thomas DAKIN Widower Chellaston Alice WAGSTAFF Widow  
40 24/05/1785 James BONSIER   Mickleover Alice BETTS    
41 21/06/1785 Thomas COKE Single All Saints, Derby Sarah BETTS Single  
42 07/08/1786 George SHERWIN Single Boulton Martha BATES Single  
43 08/10/1787 William GOODWIN Single Weston On Trent Ann ROTTON Single  
44 09/06/1790 William OSBORNTON Single Castle Bromwich, Warwickshire Ann WARD Single  
45 16/09/1790 Richard LOWE Widower Littleover Jane FREAR Single  
46 13/12/1790 Joseph WALLIS Single Shepshed, Leicestershire Hannah SMITH Single  
47 03/10/1791 Robert HOLBROOK Single Denby Ann MOOR Single  
49 21/10/1793 John TABERAH Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
50 28/10/1793 Joseph TABORER Single St Peter, Derby Sarah LOVATT Single  
51 24/12/1793 William HOLMES Single   Jane HOUGH Single  
52 19/01/1794 John GARNER Single   Ruth WARNABY Widow St Michael, Derby
48 03/03/1794 John BRIGGS Single   Mary RAGG Single  
53 01/07/1794 Thomas TAYLOR Single Kirk Langley Hannah STONE Single  
54 12/10/1795 Matthew CHOLESTON   Foremark Elizabeth BROOKHOUSE Single  
55 27/06/1796 William PEGG     Hannah BARTON Single  
56 27/02/1797 Peter HOUGH Widower   Hannah WALLIS Single  
57 03/10/1797 John MASKERY Single   Sarah HOLMES Single  
58 10/03/1800 Samuel JORDAN Single Elvaston Mary WALLIS Single  
59 01/12/1801 Joseph WHEELDON Single   Mary PARKER Single  
60 27/07/1802 William SMEDLEY   St Peter, Derby Martha HARRISON Single  
61 25/12/1802 Jonathan SHIPLEY Single   Mary WARR Single  
62 09/05/1803 Thomas WARD     Ellen GALLIMORE Widow Ashbourne
63 26/06/1803 Thomas MOORLEY Single St Werburgh, Derby Sarah BARTON Single  
64 06/11/1803 Samuel BROWN Single   Mary FIELDING Single  
65 04/02/1805 Thomas MIERS   Tissington Jane SMITH    
66 20/05/1806 William HILL Single   Elizabeth BUCKLEY Single  
67 22/06/1806 Thomas FIELDING Single   Sarah WARRINGTON Single  
68 10/06/1808 John DRAPER Widower   Hannah HOUGH Widow  
69 04/07/1808 William COX     Mary BOOT    
70 13/08/1809 John HARTS     Frances TUNNICLIFF    
71 09/04/1810 Michael SISON   Heanor Mary FLETCHER Single  
72 10/11/1811 Joseph GRICE Single   Sarah DUMMELOW Single Chellaston
73 17/02/1812 Alexander ANDERSON Single   Hannah ROE Single  
1 30/12/1813 Richard GARRATT Widower Barrow On Trent Elizabeth GOODMAN Widow  
2 26/06/1815 John WALKER Single Wollaton, Nottinghamshire Ellen WARD Single  
3 03/06/1816 Henry HILL Single Horsley Hannah WARD Single  
4 24/06/1816 Thomas HEATH Single Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire Elizabeth WARD Single  
5 20/01/1817 William RICHARDSON Single   Mary MOORE Single  
6 07/08/1818 Thomas WALL Single Elvaston Sarah CAUDWELL    
7 09/08/1818 John FENTEM Widower   Ann WRAGG    
8 12/01/1819 Samuel AUSTIN Single   Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
9 09/02/1819 Joseph WALDRON Single Melbourne Elizabeth CARTER Single  
10 16/03/1819 Joseph LOVEGROVE Widower Wirksworth Hannah WOODHOUSE Single  
11 15/11/1819 John SHERWIN Single Longford Anne TABBERER Single  
12 08/01/1821 William EARP     Elizabeth HOUGH    
13 16/01/1821 George DRAPER Single   Mary DUKE Single  
14 01/04/1821 Joseph EYRE     Susanna HIND    
15 11/12/1821 Samuel Ellis BRISTOW Single Bilsthorpe, Nottinghamshire Mary Ann FOX Single  
16 11/02/1822 George NEEDHAM Single   Mary DICKIN Single  
17 02/04/1822 John SPENCER   Alvaston Ann PARKER    
18 12/11/1822 Robert DRAPER Single   Sarah PEAT Single  
19 05/12/1822 David OWENS     Sarah REDDISH    
20 03/03/1823 Thomas HUNT     Sarah MOORE    
21 12/02/1824 Joseph HOUGH     Hannah BENTLEY    
22 15/08/1824 William Henry FROST     Susanna PEARSON    
23 19/09/1824 John SMITH     Martha BRYAN    
24 23/04/1825 Henry WILTON   St Michael, Derby Sarah Anne WOODWARD    
25 25/05/1825 Thomas BROWNSWORD   St Peter, Derby Mary GRETTON    
26 22/08/1825 William WALTON     Jane HAND    
27 15/12/1825 John WOOLLATT   Duffield Lydia BOWMER    
28 05/03/1826 Thomas MOSS   All Saints, Derby Sarah BROMLEY    
29 13/03/1826 John LOWE     Anne BLOOD    
30 08/05/1826 Thomas TEMPEST     Elizabeth NEEDHAM    
31 19/07/1826 Jacob SMITH     Eliza Anne WALKER    
32 24/07/1826 Timothy EYRE     Martha BROWN    
33 12/03/1827 Joseph WALLIS     Hannah FARNWORTH    
34 26/03/1827 John PRATT   All Saints, Derby Elizabeth CHAPMAN    
35 02/04/1827 William MOUNTNEY     Hannah GARRAT    
36 06/08/1827 Thomas HENCHCLIFFE     Anne PEDLEY    
37 02/09/1827 John HOWETT     Charlotte GORDON    
38 15/10/1827 Joseph HUNT     Sarah MERRIMAN    
39 14/11/1827 Sidney SMITH   St Peter, Derby Anne BALL    
40 26/02/1828 William MARTIN     Anne CHRYSWELL    
41 14/10/1828 William CLARK     Lucy HIND    
42 02/12/1828 William EARP     Sarah TAYLOR    
43 11/03/1829 Joseph BROWNSWORD     Lydia TAYLOR    
44 26/03/1829 David SMITH     Hannah HOON    
45 05/05/1830 James HORSLEY   Melbourne Mary RICHARDS    
46 05/05/1830 William SMITH   Melbourne Anne RICHARDS    
47 15/08/1830 William LUCK     Sarah KIRK    
48 07/10/1830 Joseph NAIL     Sarah PARKS    
49 01/04/1832 Henry WOODWARD   All Saints, Derby Martha LOVATT    
50 15/10/1833 Thomas GADSBY   Alvaston Jane DRAPER    
51 09/01/1834 Thomas SMITH     Elizabeth NEAL    
52 17/08/1835 William KEETLEY     Mary SMITH    
53 27/03/1837 William MOSS   St Alkmond, Derby Sarah CARTER    
54 20/04/1837 Richard CRAFTS Single   Susanna Wilson MANLY   St Peter, Derby
55 20/06/1837 Charles KEIGHTLY     Mary SCOTT    

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