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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Wormhill St Margaret


The Parish

The parish of Wormhill, formerly a chapelry in the wider parish of Tideswell, lies in northwestern Derbyshire, not too far from its border with neighbouring Cheshire. Wormhill is located about 4 miles east of the spa town of Buxton and sits in picturesque limestone dales of the Derbyshire Peak District. Wormhill is a long, linear village which sits, in lanes, about 2 miles north of the busy A6. The economy of the area would have been largely dominated by pastoral farming, the thin shallow soils limiting arable possibilities, the limestone was excellent quality, too, and quarrying of this stone was an important economic activity. Today the area is a magnet for hikers and tourists drawn to its impressive scenery and walking opportunities, the beautiful dale of Chee Dale with its iconic stepping stoned pathway through the river encourage hikers galore and the local trail of the Limestone Way passes through the village. The Derbyshire Wye drains the parish eastwards, joining the Derwent just south of Chatsworth and thence through Matlock & Derby to meet the Trent near Long Eaton, here matters turn north to eventually reach the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Wormhill sits on the crest of a hill, its sloping site rising from around 300 to 360 metres above the sea in dramatically incised and mountainous countryside; despite the height of the village land continues to rise northwards to reach just over 400 metres on Dole Hill. Just over 4,300 acres of land was annexed from Tideswell parish to form Wormhill, the parish so created supporting a population of just over 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Wormhill, ambiguously described as "waste" was held by Henry de Ferrers and could offer just 4 ploughs and a meadow.

The Church

St Margaret's church sits just east of the main village street, close to the hall and accessed by a short dead-end lane. Created as a chapel of ease the building has its origins in the 13th century, a documented date of 1273 is mentioned as a possible foundation date. Only the western half of the church retains much of that period, however. The western tower is 13th century, evidenced by its lancet window of the Early English Gothic period, its spire, however derives from a rebuilding of 1864. That rebuilding incorporated most of the remainder of the church and added a sanctuary too. Further work between 1904 & 1910 added transepts to created today's building. The lane which runs to the church is narrow and only has a wide verge at its entrance so perhaps a church best approached on foot, a lengthy path leads from gates through a shady spot to the churchyard which is only open to most southern angles but these are the better for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 2nd April 1780 - 14th September 1812 Derbyshire Record Office - Reference - D1372/A/PI/1/2
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Marriage records are not segregated in any way from the other events and as a result it is possible that accidental omission may have occurred. No marriages were located between 1754 and 1780
2 8th November 1814 - 20th June 1837 Derbyshire Record Office - Reference - D1372/A/PI/3/1
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
02/04/1780 Samuel EELEY   Tideswell Ann HODGKINSON   Tideswell
29/09/1782 Thomas WILSON     Rebecca CLAY    
27/04/1786 Samuel WEBSTER   Tideswell Thomason ALSOP Single  
10/05/1787 Frank PALFREEMAN   Tideswell Sarah CRICKLOW Single Tideswell
29/01/1788 Richard JENKINS   Manchester, Lancashire Sarah GARRATT   Tideswell
14/08/1788 John HUDSON   Tideswell Mary HYDE Single  
27/10/1788 Anthony WRIGHT     Hannah WARHURST Single  
22/02/1789 Anthony WRIGHT Single   Lucy WARDLE Single  
05/12/1790 Robert HOLMES Widower   Mary CATLIN Single  
16/01/1792 Thomas HYDE   Chapel En Le Frith Mary MIDDLETON Widow Tideswell
05/02/1793 John CATLIN     Ann MARREATT Single  
11/02/1793 Thomas HAWLEY   Tideswell Martha HEATHCOT   Tideswell
03/02/1807 William WITHINGTON   Eyam Sarah FUESDALE Single Tideswell
04/05/1807 William REDFERN     Mary WARHURST   Tideswell
03/01/1809 Robert LONGDEN Widower   Martha HIGGINBOTHAM   Chapel En Le Frith
23/04/1810 John WRIGHT     Mary HAWLEY    
16/06/1812 James SWAN   Chapel En Le Frith Sarah TAILOR   Tideswell
14/09/1812 Robert RIGHT   Hope Sarah TAILOR   Tideswell
1 08/11/1814 John HANLEY     Jane BAGSHAW   Tideswell
2 12/12/1814 William MASON   Old Brampton Ann WEBSTER    
3 12/06/1815 Francis DEAKIN Widower   Julia WEBSTER Widow  
4 18/06/1815 Ralph HANLEY   Tideswell Ann HARRISON   Tideswell
5 10/07/1815 Richard GARLIC     Mary WINTERBOTTOM    
6 27/12/1815 Robert CATLIN     Hannah DIXON    
7 07/03/1816 Isaac BRADSHAW   Glossop Dina NADIN    
8 07/10/1817 John HILL Widower Tideswell Elizabeth WALTON Widow Tideswell
9 23/03/1818 James BOWER   Tideswell Elizabeth BRADWELL    
10 10/05/1819 Thomas DAWSON   Tideswell Elizabeth TAILOR    
11 22/07/1819 Joseph SLACK   Tideswell Mary ROBINSON   Tideswell
12 20/11/1819 James DURANT Widower Tideswell Ann FOX Widow  
13 15/11/1820 James BOWER   Tideswell Judith CHATTERTON   Hope
14 26/11/1820 Cornelius BARNS   Tideswell Ann MORTIN    
15 27/12/1820 Samuel REDFERN   Tideswell Martha HADFIELD    
16 24/01/1821 Isaac WILTHAM     Hannah WRIGHT    
17 28/01/1821 George HAWLEY     Jane HAWTON    
18 04/03/1821 John KNOWLES     Mary HOLMES    
19 21/01/1822 Robert WILSON     Mary CHARLSWORTH    
20 09/04/1822 George MELLOR   Tideswell Ann MILLWARD    
21 30/05/1822 William TITTERTON   Grindon, Staffordshire Hannah RUDGYARD   Tideswell
22 26/08/1822 William POTTS     Hannah WEBSTER    
23 02/11/1822 William BINGHAM     Mary HYDES   Bakewell
24 27/01/1823 Jonathan WINTERBOTTOM     Fanny SWINDELS   Chapel En Le Frith
25 05/05/1823 Joseph WALKER   Tideswell Elizabeth ROBINSON    
26 14/08/1823 Michael BROADHURST   Tideswell Ann WRIGHT    
27 17/10/1825 Robert HUNSTONE   Tideswell Mary OLDFIELD    
28 04/05/1826 Micah HOWE   Tideswell Sarah HEYWOOD    
29 25/09/1826 Samuel HARRISON   Tideswell Martha WILSON   Tideswell
30 25/12/1826 Thomas LINGARD   Tideswell Catharine PHILLIPS   Tideswell
31 24/11/1827 George CHATTERTON   Stockport, Cheshire Margaret BIRCH   Tideswell
32 14/02/1828 Edmund DAKIN   Tideswell Mary Ann WEBSTER    
33 14/04/1828 John TYMMS   Manchester, Lancashire Alice WRIGHT    
34 02/06/1828 John BENNETT   Tideswell Ann SLACK    
35 18/12/1828 George Best BROWN   Tideswell Hannah NEEDHAM    
36 19/04/1829 William TAYLOR   Tideswell Mary FIDLER   Tideswell
37 20/07/1829 John BRITTAIN   Bakewell Elizabeth WEBSTER   Tideswell
38 17/02/1830 Luke NEEDHAM   Tideswell Hannah PHILIPS    
39 17/02/1830 Joseph PHILLIPS     Sarah GIBSON   Longford
40 30/09/1830 Elias HOLMES     Ann FROST    
41 29/08/1831 Robert HOLMES   Tideswell Temperance WRIGHT    
42 11/06/1832 Thomas LINGARD   Bakewell Hannah POTTS Widow  
43 23/07/1832 Edward LEES     Elizabeth SLACK    
44 04/06/1833 Thomas WALKER   Tideswell Rebecca HILL   Tideswell
45 16/09/1833 William FRITH   Chapel En Le Frith Hannah FOX    
46 17/11/1833 Joseph GOODWIN   Tideswell Hannah LONGDON   Tideswell
47 22/11/1833 George HILL   Tideswell Rebecca BAGSHAW   Tideswell
48 18/08/1834 John BUCKLEY   Bunbury, Cheshire Martha LOMAS    
49 28/08/1834 James MOSLEY   Bakewell Martha HOLMES   Tideswell
50 28/09/1834 William BINGHAM   Tideswell Sarah CURTIS   Tideswell
51 08/12/1835 John DALE   Tideswell Mary FLETCHER   Tideswell
52 20/06/1836 Henry MOSLEY   Tideswell Anne SHORE   Tideswell
53 26/12/1836 James WARHURST   Tideswell Sarah TRIBE   Tideswell
54 16/05/1837 William WAINWRIGHT   Tideswell Hannah SLACK   Tideswell
55 20/06/1837 Joseph KINDER   Tideswell Dorothy STEVENS   Tideswell

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