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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Beaford All Saints & St George


The Parish

The parish of Beaford lies in the western part of central Devon, the parish lies close to the valley of the River Torridge about 5 miles southeast of the market town of Great Torrington. Beaford lies on the A3124 road which heads southeastwards from Great Torrington to Winkleigh and ultimately joins the A30 to the east of Okehampton. The village of Beaford is compact and built on a ridge which the road clearly follows avoiding the steep climbs and descents of the incised river valleys. Beaford sits at about 130 metres above sea-level whilst the Torridge to the west cuts down to 40 metres above the sea, land also drops away to the east into a tributary (Beaford Brook). This is largely an area of pastoral farming with small fields tightly enclosed by thick stock-proof hedges. The parish appears a slightly strange shape until you map it and see that the boundary follows the meanders of the Torridge, the parish is medium sized, at just over 2,500 acres, and supported a substantial population with over 700 parishioners. In Domesday times this whole area was owned directly by the King, Beaford supported no fewer than 29 ploughs,a remarkable number.

The Church

All Saints & St George's church lies in a hidden position to the west of the A3124. The main fabric of the church is late 15th century but the tower is later having been rebuilt twice in 19th and 20th centuries. The arrangement is unusual in the tower being to the north (in the position of a transept) rather than one of the normal positions. Pevsner doesn't indicate any great architectural merit to the building, dismissing the church in a dozen or so lines, he was, however, impressed by its barrel roof. The church is accessed by a narrow lane off the A3124 which becomes a footpath before entering the churchyard. The graveyard is well-wooded with many mature trees, the turf being left to rough pasture for the benefit of local wildlife.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 30th May 1754 - 12th August 1812 North Devon Record Office - Reference - 2215A/PR/1/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 30th March 1813 - 24th May 1836 North Devon Record Office - Reference 2215A/PR/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

St Giles in the Wood St Giles
St Giles in the Wood St Giles
Roborough St Peter
Roborough St Peter
Little Torrington St Giles
Merton All Saints
Ashreigney St James
Merton All Saints
Merton All Saints
Dolton St Edmund
Dolton St Edmund

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 30/05/1754 George TOMSON     Anne LINSCOTT   Sampford Courtenay
2 25/06/1754 William BENNET   Merton Elizabeth YEO    
3 21/10/1754 Thomas ISAACK     Mary VANSTONE    
4 03/03/1755 William HEARD     Wilmot CORNISH   Iddesleigh
5 23/04/1755 Samuel MARTYN     Margery BOLT    
6 25/04/1755 John STAPLETON   Roborough Rebecca NOTT    
7 19/05/1755 Thomas HANDFORD     Jane SQUANCE    
8 17/09/1755 Christopher HARVEY     Elizabeth GOODANEW   Buckland Brewer
9 08/12/1755 John MOOR     Joan SQUANCE    
16/05/1756 George BATT     Frances TURNER    
16/11/1757 Robert MULES     Priscilla WEBBER    
14/04/1758 John BROCK     Hester SHOWER    
01/05/1758 Henry MITCHELL     Martha NEWCOMB    
29/10/1758 Walter LOCKE     Rebecca SHOWER    
12/11/1758 Robert LIVERTON   Meeth Elizabeth MARSHALL    
08/01/1759 John MITCHELL   Ashreigney Mary HARVEY    
26/02/1759 John WRIGHT     Mary JEWEL    
28/02/1759 Roger STEVENS     Mary CARPENTER    
09/06/1759 Robert LAXTON   Burrington Margaret STANDFORD    
26/11/1759 Thomas FORD   Burrington Joan MOLLAND    
28/11/1759 Thomas BRIGHT     Grace BROWNE    
08/04/1761 Richard BUDD     Frances BRINSMEAD   St Giles In The Wood
11/05/1761 Abel HEAL     Margaret NOTT    
03/06/1761 Aaron COLE     Mary MUGFORD    
02/09/1761 Henry COCK     Joan PASSMORE    
20/09/1761 Abraham BOARD     Margaret DIMANT    
29/08/1762 Abraham BRIGHT     Jane WAR    
06/06/1763 Richard TASKER     Jane SHUTE    
11/10/1763 Edward CLARKE     Elizabeth STAPLETON    
23/10/1763 Robert COLE     Elizabeth MARSHALL Widow Chulmleigh
23/01/1764 John PARTRIDGE     Margery PASSMORE    
19/04/1764 Richard SYMONDS   Great Torrington Mary BATE Single  
25/03/1765 Richard BRIGHT     Elizabeth BASSET    
10/04/1765 Francis SNELL   High Bickington Mary BRAYLY    
29/04/1766 John MITCHELL     Margaret COUCH    
29/09/1766 Richard BUDD     Mary ALFORD Single St Giles In The Wood
29/11/1766 Richard GARNSEY     Mary COUCH    
24/02/1767 John PASSMORE     Mary FORD    
14/09/1767 Thomas PETHERICK     Margaret PHILLIPS    
02/03/1768 Christopher BLAKE     Ann NARRAWAY    
15/08/1769 John MILLS     Grace MULES    
18/01/1770 John HONEYCHURCH   St Giles In The Wood Joan SANDERS    
21/02/1770 Thomas HODGE   Chawleigh Jane COUCH    
26/02/1770 James BADCOCK     Grace PETERS    
04/02/1771 John VICARY   North Tawton Elizabeth BLACKMORE    
07/02/1771 William VODDEN     Dorothy HEARD Single  
06/06/1771 William HONEYCHURCH     Ann SAUNDERS    
13/02/1772 William SHEERE     Betsy MOLLAND    
01/03/1772 Joshua COLE   St Giles In The Wood Grace DIMOND    
21/04/1772 George MARSHAL     Rebecca MOLLAND    
25/08/1772 Richard HAMMOND     Grace BLACKMORE    
15/12/1772 John SQUIRE     Margaret GILL    
13/02/1774 William NICHOLLS     Grace ASHTON    
12/02/1776 Thomas HEARD     Elizabeth HAMMOND    
20/10/1776 Robert HEARD     Jane SNELL    
27/04/1777 William MITCHELL     Jane DUNN    
23/11/1777 James BRIGHT     Joan BLAKE    
01/03/1778 William ASHTON     Joan BEER    
01/03/1778 Hugh JOHNS     Mary LOCK    
26/04/1778 William ISAAK     Agnes DUNN    
29/11/1778 Henry NICKOLS     Elizabeth ASHTON    
26/05/1779 Richard HANFORD     Sarah BACKS    
11/11/1779 William DYMONT     Elizabeth PASSMORE    
20/02/1780 Francis DYMONT     Martha FOLLAND    
16/10/1780 Samuel NORRISH   North Tawton Joan HONEYCHURCH Widow  
26/11/1780 Isaak BRIGHT     Elizabeth MITCHELL    
03/09/1781 Samuel SAMSON   Broadwoodkelly Mary SNELL    
11/02/1782 John SHUTE   Dolton Elizabeth MITCHELL    
04/07/1782 Joseph GOSS   Bondleigh Mary SNELL    
04/07/1782 John STACEY     Elizabeth SHADDOCK    
22/09/1782 William JURY     Mary SQUANCE    
03/11/1782 John MARLES   Ashreigney Joanna EVANS   Winkleigh
28/09/1783 Hugh JOHNS     Jane SNELL    
24/03/1784 Philip SHADDICK     Jane Beare NORMAN    
08/04/1784 Philip MOLLAND     Elizabeth RATTENBURY    
05/05/1784 John PINCOMBE     Rebecca STABLETON    
31/01/1785 Joseph TRICK     Alice HEARD    
04/02/1785 William PINBETTY     Joanna BRIGHT    
26/04/1785 Edward SNELL     Mary OLVER    
02/02/1786 William SLEE   Great Torrington Joan DYMOND    
19/03/1786 Richard BIRD     Hester MARSHALL    
27/12/1786 George HEYCROFT     Mary SHADDICK Single  
29/04/1787 James DYMENT     Mary MARLES Single  
21/08/1787 Anthony MARLES     Mary DYMENT Widow  
18/03/1788 Henry GAMMON     Susanna ISAAC Single  
23/04/1788 Robert LUXTON     Margaret DYMENT    
23/04/1788 Richard MARLES     Eleanor MARLES    
24/04/1788 John CLARKE     Mary TAMMELING    
29/07/1788 William PINCOMBE   Roborough Sarah ALFORD Single  
26/09/1788 John TANTON     Catherine WILLIAMS    
01/11/1788 John WRIGHT     Mary BROCK    
10/12/1788 William MITCHEL     Mary BATH    
21/01/1789 William SHORT     Mary HOOD    
12/02/1789 William SQUANCE     Dorothy HANDFORD    
21/07/1789 William ASHPLANT     Hester TOLLAND Single  
15/09/1789 Robert DYMENT     Sarah SQUANCE    
25/01/1790 Robert LUXTON   Wembworthy Elizabeth BLAKE Single  
31/01/1790 William JOHNS     Hornor SIMMONS    
14/02/1790 John BURD     Ann SAUNDERS    
15/08/1790 William STAPLETON     Jane CHAMPION    
01/06/1791 William HEARD     Judith DUNN    
12/07/1791 Arthur STAPLETON     Rebecca HEARD    
10/08/1791 Robert SNELL     Margaret Bright COPP   Roborough
18/09/1791 Gregory SNELL     Grace Tucker ADAMS    
19/09/1791 Richard SHORT     Ann GILL    
08/12/1791 John MOORE     Julia PICKARD    
23/04/1792 William BURD     Sarah LEVERTON    
28/05/1792 Benjamin FOLLAND     Grace ROD    
23/09/1792 George CAWSEY   Chawleigh Elizabeth MOLLAND    
04/02/1793 John HUTCHINGS   Great Torrington Martha STAPLEDON    
10/02/1793 Richard SWEET     Ann SAUNDERS    
12/02/1793 William WEBBER     Ann SHEERE    
26/02/1793 William STEVENS   Winkleigh Mary SANDERS    
27/03/1793 Henry PETHABRIDGE   Yarnscombe Mary ISAAC    
03/04/1793 John MITCHELL     Mary THOMAS   Roborough
06/05/1793 Thomas DICKER     Dorothy MOORE    
31/08/1793 Jacob WRIGHT     Ann WEBBER Single Winkleigh
14/10/1793 Thomas DYMENT     Mary DYMENT    
26/12/1793 George BULL     Mary CROSS    
01/12/1794 William HANDFORD     Mary HOOPER    
04/12/1794 John BROAD   Merton Grace SAUNDERS    
05/04/1795 Richard SCOTT     Mary BORN    
15/04/1795 Daniel CHAMMONS     Priscilla WEBBER    
26/05/1795 Thomas COCKWELL   Winkleigh Elizabeth SHORT    
19/07/1795 Robert JOHNS     Elizabeth BRIGHT    
03/08/1795 Thomas PEDRICK     Elizabeth LUXTON    
02/11/1795 William MITCHEL     Judith FOLLAND    
28/12/1795 Richard KELLY     Elizabeth VODDEN    
16/05/1796 Joseph SOUTHCOMBE     Hester LOCK    
17/04/1797 John ASHPLANT     Sarah FOLLAND    
26/06/1797 William BRIGHT     Margery MOOR    
05/12/1797 Lawrence VODDEN     Mary WEBBER    
10/12/1797 Thomas HEARD     Jane ASHPLANT    
26/12/1797 Samuel GOGREM     Ann ASHPLANT    
11/01/1798 William SNELL     Mary WEBBER    
18/04/1798 Daniel BRIGHT     Mary BRIGHT    
27/12/1798 John COCK     Elizabeth HEARD    
24/04/1799 William PEARCE     Grace FOLLAND    
29/09/1799 Thomas BULL   Bideford Joan SNELL Single  
13/10/1799 Francis Beer BOWEN     Jane GARNSEY    
06/02/1800 Henry ISAAC     Agness MILL    
26/03/1800 James TRIGGER     Margaret CREWS    
30/03/1800 John SQUIRE     Agness LAKE    
29/06/1800 John VODDEN Single   Grace WESTERN Single  
13/07/1800 John ASHON Single   Amey GAINS    
11/08/1800 William LANGAMAN   Bow Ann RUD Single  
10/12/1800 William LOCK Single   Catherine BURD Single  
11/02/1801 William ADAMS Single Tawstock Mary GARNSEY Single  
04/01/1802 Thomas ASHPLANT     Elizabeth FOLLAND    
25/03/1802 Elisha STANBURY   Dolton Elizabeth SNELL    
23/05/1802 Robert HURD     Mary LEMON    
22/08/1802 William BAKER     Sarah TRIGGER    
01/02/1803 Thomas SPICER     Joanna BRIGHT    
30/02/1803 William ASHON   Dolton Rebecca DYMENT    
14/07/1803 John COLES Single Ashreigney Jane GARDNER    
16/10/1803 George STRIBLING     Elizabeth MOOR Single  
09/04/1804 Henry MARTIN     Mary PARKIN Single  
09/10/1804 William Paddon BISSETT   Dowland Betsy SHEER    
15/10/1804 William JURY     Dorothy HEARD    
06/11/1804 Richard WILLIAMS     Jane MITCHELL    
27/07/1806 Samuel HANCOCK     Elizabeth NICHOLLS    
20/08/1806 Francis DYMENT Widower   Elizabeth MITCHEL    
29/12/1806 John TURNER     Elizabeth ASHPLANT    
29/04/1807 William COCK     Jane SHEER    
20/05/1807 John BADCOCK     Hannah HEARD    
21/07/1807 John HEARD     Catherine FOLLAND    
31/08/1807 William DYMENT     Mary HEARD    
13/12/1807 Thomas BURD     Grace CLEVERDON    
27/12/1808 John BAKER     Johannah SMALE Single  
16/05/1809 John MITCHEL     Mary JURY    
26/12/1809 Lawrence VODDEN     Joanna SPICER    
20/04/1810 William ASHTON     Mary MITCHEL    
16/07/1810 John PINCOMBE     Frances DIMENT    
04/09/1810 Robert TURNER   St Giles In The Wood Mary RUDD    
25/09/1810 William DYMENT     Ann FOLLAND    
27/01/1811 John BURD     Mary SHORT    
20/03/1811 William ASHTON     Mary HEARD    
26/03/1811 James COUCH     Johanna BRIGHT    
03/06/1811 William HEARD     Rebeccah NICHOLLS    
04/06/1811 William HEARD     Hannah SIMMONS    
11/02/1812 George BERRY   Petrockstowe Hannah HEARD Single  
30/03/1812 Philip LAKE     Elizabeth BRIGHT Single  
19/05/1812 Henry Bunniford HANCOCK   Crediton Elizabeth TRICK Single  
02/08/1812 Richard BURD     Mary FOLLAND Single  
12/08/1812 Thomas WESTCOTT   St Giles In The Wood Lucy SNELL Single  
1 30/03/1813 Edward JURY     Grace SUMMERS Single  
2 28/04/1813 Thomas JOSLING   Roborough Ann SLEE Single  
3 10/11/1813 William HEDDEN     Sarah PINCOMBE Single  
4 11/11/1813 Richard COLLIHOLE   Winkleigh Betsey SAUNDERS Single  
5 28/02/1814 William LOCK     Sarah LIAL Single  
6 06/03/1814 Francis DYMONT     Elizabeth SAMPSON Single  
7 07/03/1814 John PICKARD     Elizabeth TASKER Single  
8 07/07/1814 John HEARD     Rebeccah FOLLAND Single  
9 27/12/1814 Richard BURD     Elizabeth HEARD Single  
10 08/02/1815 William WESTCOTT   Eggesford Rebecca HEARD    
11 28/03/1815 Arthur STAPLETON     Dorothy HEARD Single  
12 10/04/1815 John ROCKEY   Roborough Grace DYMANT Single  
13 22/01/1816 Samuel JOHNS     Mary ADAMS Single  
14 03/04/1816 George HEARD     Margaret TRICK Single  
15 03/06/1816 John MOOR     Mary DYMONT Single  
16 29/07/1816 Samuel HELLINGS     Elizabeth GRATTON Single  
17 11/08/1817 Thomas HEARD     Elizabeth FOLLAND Single  
18 29/09/1817 William SNELL     Mary TASKER Single  
19 26/03/1818 Robert DIMOND     Elizabeth HEAMAN Single  
20 29/09/1818 Daniel CHARNINGS Single   Mary SNELL Single  
21 29/09/1818 Richard BURD     Margaret COLE Single  
22 09/12/1818 Philip WESTCOTT   Roborough Mary HARDING Single  
23 30/03/1819 Robert PEDRICK     Elizabeth KELLY Single  
24 23/10/1819 John HOOPER     Jane CORNALL Single  
25 22/05/1820 William PINCOMBE     Mary PEARCE Single  
26 30/11/1820 William VODDEN     Elizabeth JOHNS Single  
27 28/02/1821 John Bant SNELL     Grace Ann SNELL Single  
28 01/11/1821 Richard BURD     Grace PEARSE Widow  
29 29/08/1822 Thomas SNELL     Elizabeth SNELL Single  
30 26/09/1822 John JOHNS     Anne WEBBER Single  
31 14/10/1822 Robert FOLLAND     Mary DIGGER Single  
32 31/12/1822 John DIMENT     Margaret DIMENT Single  
33 20/04/1823 James DIMENT     Mary PARKER Single  
34 05/05/1823 William SNELL     Elizabeth WESTCOTT Single  
35 11/06/1823 John COPP     Susanna JUDD    
36 30/06/1823 William LOCK     Margaret LUXTON Single  
37 04/11/1823 John RIPPIN   St Giles In The Wood Mary ASHPLANT Single  
38 09/12/1823 Edward GUARD     Elizabeth MOORE Single  
39 18/12/1823 Joshua SILLIFANT   Petrockstowe Betty DUNN Single  
40 30/03/1824 John KELLY     Elizabeth FOLLAND Single  
41 08/04/1824 John BURD     Elizabeth BEER    
42 26/12/1824 Thomas ISAAC     Hannah TAYLOR Single  
43 06/04/1825 Henry SQUIRE Single St Giles In The Wood Rebeccah ASHPLANT Single  
44 16/05/1825 George HEARD Single   Mary SNELL Single  
45 31/07/1825 William WESTCOTT Widower   Anne WESTCOTT Single  
46 27/09/1825 Robert VODDEN Single   Elizabeth ASHPLANT Single  
47 26/12/1825 Thomas BRANTON   Huntshaw Elizabeth ASHTON    
48 12/02/1826 Thomas WARE     Susannah DYMENT    
49 16/03/1826 William SWEET Single   Mary JONES    
50 28/04/1826 James PALMER     Rebeccah HARRY    
51 30/09/1826 Samuel BURD Single   Mary HANCOCK Single  
52 27/03/1827 Joseph PROUSE   Bideford Jane TANTON Single  
53 01/05/1827 George VODDEN     Betsy SQUIRE    
54 06/05/1827 William KELLY     Rebeccah DYMENT    
55 11/05/1827 Henry DYMONT     Mary JOHNS    
56 07/10/1827 John HANDFORD Single   Elizabeth BRIGHT    
57 07/11/1827 James TANTON     Anne LEATHERN    
58 04/12/1827 John ASHPLANT Single   Sarah BULIFER Single Crediton
59 06/03/1828 James MOLLAND Single Ashreigney Margaret WEBBER Single  
60 01/02/1830 Onesiphous PEARSE   Meeth Mary KELLY    
61 16/02/1830 Richard ASHPLANT Single   Grace MOISE Single  
62 15/04/1830 John Blackmore BEER Single Yarnscombe Mary ASHTON Single  
63 20/04/1830 William VODDEN Single   Mary PEDCROFT Single  
64 03/05/1830 William BRIGHT Single   Fanny BRIGHT    
65 27/12/1830 Henry JEWELL Single   Elizabeth PETHERICK Single  
66 27/12/1830 William MITCHEL Single   Anne DYMENT Single  
67 28/12/1830 John JUDD   St Giles In The Wood Mary TANTON    
68 03/03/1831 William BAKER Single   Elizabeth DIGGER Single  
69 26/03/1831 George LIVERTON     Mary PINCOMBE    
70 05/06/1831 Philip BAKER Single   Mary PARSONS Single  
71 01/01/1832 Thomas PARDON Single   Ann KERNICK Single  
72 05/01/1832 George MITCHELL     Elizabeth BLAKE    
73 29/03/1832 Henry COPP     Jane ASHTON    
74 24/04/1832 Samuel SMALE Single   Sarah BRIGHT    
75 23/09/1832 Richard PINKHAM Single   Susanna BENNETT    
76 13/11/1832 John ASHPLANT Widower   Rebecca ASHTON Widow  
77 25/11/1832 John MOORE     Sally ALFORD    
78 30/03/1833 John SHEERE Single   Mary ALFORD    
79 28/04/1833 William SCOTT     Jane HEARD    
80 15/08/1833 Samuel Thomas GILBERT Widower St Olave, Exeter Margaret MOLLAND Widow  
81 25/09/1833 William WEEKS     Sally PASSMORE    
82 23/03/1834 John TURNER     Mary BAKER    
83 30/06/1834 Thomas ASHTON     Jane HEARD    
84 01/07/1834 Henry Acheson CROZIER Single Totnes Elizabeth Richards GILBERT Single  
85 23/09/1834 William PARR     Hannah BADCOCK    
86 06/12/1834 Anthony SNELL Single   Elizabeth HEARN Single  
87 21/01/1835 John FREEMAN Widower Frithelstock Catherine TWIGGS Widow  
88 07/02/1835 John SAUNDERS Single   Elizabeth SHEERE Single  
89 17/02/1835 William EDDIFORD     Charlotte NOCKEY    
90 26/03/1835 Thomas HEARD     Mary HEARD    
91 31/03/1835 Thomas FARLEY     Sally LAKE    
92 05/04/1836 Richard WARE   Petrockstowe Elizabeth WEEKS    
93 25/04/1836 John FOLLAND   Meeth Betsy ASHPLANT    
94 24/05/1836 Thomas MARTIN     Rebecca VODDEN    

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