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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Instow St John the Baptist


The Parish

The parish of Instow lies in the extreme northwest of Devon, indeed it forms part of Devon's northern coast albeit with joint estuaries of the Taw & Torridge rivers which meet off of Instow. Instow is located about 3 miles north of the port of Bideford and sits on the quiet coastal B3233 road which connects Bideford with Barnstaple. Instow is a fairly linear village built along the shore of the estuaries, its sandy beach is one attraction and it previously would have been involved with port activities as well as fish & shellfish. Inland the land would have been largely pastoral and a small quarrying operation would have added to economic diversity. As a coastal community only small brooks are required to drain to the Taw & Torridge which soon meet the Bristol Channel to Instow's northwest. Instow is sited at sea level but the upper parts of the village climb some 30 metres or more to the level of St John's church, the land is strongly undulating with local heights reaching over 120 metres within a mile or two. Instow parish was quite small by the standards of North Devon, it covered just over 1,600 acres and would have supported a population of around 550 parishioners. In Domesday times Instow was held by one Walter of Claville and was a very small place indeed not declaring any ploughs just small meadows, pastures and woodland occupied by a few detailed livestock.

The Church

St John the Baptist's church sits quite high above Instow over a half mile northeast of the quays. There are remnants indicating that the church was in situ in the ear;y 14th or late 13th centuries. Pevsner dates the renewed chancel windows to this time period. Much else dates from the middle of the 16th century when the church was extensively rebuilt in the Perpendicular style. Engraved dates of 1547 are inscribed on the arcade piers as proof of that date. In common with most churches St John was extensively restored in this case in 1875 to produce the present day building. The church sits in a highly sloping and elevated site above Rectory Lane and its crossroads with Worlington Hill. The churchyard is almost at head height and banked by a recently renewed local stone wall. At the western end of the site a set of steps climbs up into the churchyard. Once within the churchyard there are few obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 11th February 1755 - 5th November 1797 North Devon Record Office - Reference - 3064A/PR/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage with 4 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads This register has suffered badly from fading leading to a distinct likelihood of some misreads
2 12th February 1798 - 13th December 1812 North Devon Record Office - Reference - 3064A/PR/1/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 25th March 1813 - 22nd May 1837 North Devon Record Office - Reference - 3064A/PR/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Fremington St Paul
Fremington St Paul
Fremington St Paul
Westleigh St Peter
Fremington St Paul

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
11/02/1755 John ADAMS   Fremington Mary PYKE Single  
11/05/1755 Abijah DENNIS   Fremington Mary GRIBBLE    
19/02/1756 John ARNOTT     Mary DAVIES    
16/11/1756 George DAVIES Widower   Elizabeth DAVIE Single  
1 22/02/1757 Emanuel HALL Widower Northam Emm BENNET Widow  
3 06/10/1757 John GRIBBLE   Fremington Susanna ROBINS   Plymouth
1 23/01/1758 Thomas LEGG     Mary GLIDDON    
2 04/04/1758 Peter SCAMP     Ann RICHARDS Widow  
3 29/04/1758 George ROOKE     Ann COCK Single  
4 22/06/1758 William AWSE Widower   Mary VICARY Single  
2 20/03/1759 Philip STAPELDON   Westleigh Emlyn BATE Single  
6 11/10/1759 William ROW   Fremington Mary GRIFFITH Single  
5 28/10/1759 Thomas CARDER     Mary VELLACOTT Widow  
3 02/11/1760 James ALVERT   Ireland Elizabeth GRIBBLE    
2 06/11/1760 Francis SPICER     Ann MUDEN    
1 07/11/1760 John HARRISS     Sarah SQUIER Single  
1 04/08/1761 William BRAILY   Filleigh Mary RUDE    
2 18/01/1762 William PYNE     Margaret JEWELL Single  
4 03/11/1762 Reuben SOUTHWOOD     Wilmot WILLIAMS Single  
1 24/05/1764 William SLOWCOMBE     Ann ROACH Single Fremington
01/09/1764 William SCAMP     Margaret BERRYMAN Widow  
01/09/1764 John RICHARDS     Elizabeth FISHLEY Single  
18/08/1765 William BRIGHT     Jane BEAR    
11/04/1767 William OSMOND   Horwood Eleanor RATTENBURY    
03/01/1768 William MUXWORTHY     Mary WESTERN    
24/04/1768 George SLOCOMBE     Elizabeth COURTIS    
03/08/1768 Roger CHAPPELL   Fremington Prudence RUDE    
16/08/1768 John DAVIE     Margaret FISHLEY    
13/04/1769 Robert FISHLEY     Hannah CHILCOTT    
24/12/1769 John TOSSEL     Mary GREGORY    
08/06/1770 John RUDE     Mary KNILL    
30/12/1770 John TUCKER     Sarah JEWELL    
07/02/1771 William HARDING   Fremington Ann DAVEY Single  
07/04/1771 John PERKIN     Joanna MARTIN Single  
18/04/1771 Richard MIDDLETON     Sarah VILE    
29/05/1771 John BRIANT     Margaret HALL    
09/11/1771 William PHILLIPS     Charity THOMAS    
17/10/1772 William SLOCOMBE     Mary ROWE    
01/03/1773 Henry WILKINSON     Margaret RUDE Single  
20/10/1773 John SCAMP     Elizabeth GREGORY Single  
24/01/1774 Joseph STRIBLING     Mary HARRIS    
22/05/1774 John BEER     Catherine CHILLCOT    
24/07/1774 John CUTLAND     Susanna BEAR    
24/08/1774 John CARTER     Mary SAMPSON    
30/03/1775 John CHADDICK     Mary KNILL    
30/04/1775 Gregory TAPLIN   Shirwell Margaret MORGAN    
12/05/1775 John SIMTON   Cruwys Morchard Sarah HALL Single  
16/07/1777 William JOSLIN     Elizabeth JEWELL    
25/12/1777 William FISHLEY     Mary BILLING Single  
02/08/1778 Edward TUCKER     Mary ADAMS Single  
23/12/1778 John PEARSE     Elizabeth DIAMENT Single  
01/01/1779 William TUCKER     Elizabeth SNOW Single Fremington
03/03/1779 William CADE     Sarah COURTIS Single Bideford
27/05/1779 Thomas LAZARUS     Mary MUXWORTHY Widow  
25/06/1779 Edward MAGLAGHIN     Margaret FISHLEY Single  
27/01/1780 Thomas BEAR     Ann COOKSLEY    
28/03/1780 John SENNICK   Ottery St Mary Elizabeth PRIST Single  
18/01/1781 John SHORT     Rebecca KIFFT    
07/10/1781 William SKINNER   Bideford Mary PERRYMAN Single  
08/12/1781 John FURSE     Susannah KNILL    
24/12/1781 William PEDLER     Susanna Muden TOMSON    
24/12/1781 William PEDLER     Susanna Muden SPICER    
19/03/1782 John DAVY     Susannah BRAGGINTON   Bideford
11/04/1782 Walter SLOCOMBE     Jane JEWELL    
25/08/1782 John LEY     Elizabeth TUCKER    
29/09/1782 Robert TUCKER     Ann ADAMS Single  
07/05/1783 William MADGE     Grace CARDER Single  
28/08/1783 Samuel HEWETT   Fremington Sarah SLOCOMBE    
07/09/1783 Richard TOSSELL     Elizabeth GRIFFITH    
27/03/1784 William BEAR     Susanna TUCKER    
27/03/1784 John PITCHETT     Joan HIGHWOOD    
07/04/1784 Robert BEAR     Mary WILLIAMS    
10/05/1784 Matthew CARTER     Jane SAMSON    
27/06/1784 Andrew CARDER     Ann TREMEERE    
10/07/1784 Giles EDWARDS     Anne BEAR    
25/08/1784 William GEE     Grace MAY    
12/09/1784 William FURNIER     Elizabeth CHILCOTT    
18/11/1784 John TAMLYN     Margaret DAVIS    
31/10/1785 William SERGEANT     Elizabeth FISHLEY    
06/02/1786 Henry OATAWAY     Mary LAZARUS    
11/05/1787 George BRAGE   Fremington Elizabeth BARMANT    
10/07/1787 George FISHLEY     Mary TUCKER    
26/12/1787 John GEATON     Ann BATER    
24/02/1789 Thomas PERRYMAN     Frances TUCKER    
28/04/1790 Samuel BODY     Sarah GALLIVER    
08/06/1791 William BURROWS   Tawstock Rebeckah WALTERS    
01/04/1792 Samuel PATTISON   Parkham Mary MALLET    
17/05/1792 William HUXTABLE     Mary DAVEY Single Northam
06/09/1792 John ROBERTS   Wales Mary CARTER Single  
17/03/1793 James WEST     Elizabeth COLRIDGE    
04/07/1793 John WINCH   Northam Sarah SPICER Single  
16/09/1793 Richard SHORT     Elizabeth HOYLE    
17/07/1794 Jonas BEAR     Mary ELLIS Single Barnstaple
29/05/1795 William DOB   Fremington Elizabeth BODY Single  
27/08/1795 Samuel CARTER     Mary TAPLIN    
26/12/1795 Hugh BEARD   Fremington Mary MOULE Single  
30/03/1796 Thomas HIATT   Fremington Eleanor REED Single  
18/06/1796 James PASSMORE     Margaret RADLEY Single  
01/02/1797 John WITHECOMBE     Ann HEARD Single  
05/11/1797 Nathaniel LILLEY   Barnstaple Jane PINE Single  
1 12/02/1798 William CALLAND     Mary BEAR Single  
2 09/03/1798 Henry MOULE     Mary TROMP Single Sherwill
3 13/05/1798 George FISHLEY     Mary FOLLEY   Bideford
4 26/11/1798 William TUCKFIELD   Bideford Elizabeth TUCKER Single  
8 00/00/1799 William BODY     Ann EVILY    
5 02/05/1799 George WHITE     Ann TUCKER Single  
6 06/06/1799 Thomas PARMENTER   St Giles In The Wood Mary DUNN Single  
7 29/08/1799 William CURTICE     Elizabeth SQUANCE Single  
9 23/03/1800 John GRIFFEY   Bideford Ann RADDLEY Single  
10 28/03/1800 Thomas HOGG     Elizabeth VAUGHN   Northam
11 01/04/1800 Richard RICE     Ann MAYLE Single  
12 01/04/1800 Richard JENKIN     Grace MOASE Single  
13 17/04/1800 Thomas ACKLAND     Jane WILLIAMS Single  
14 23/07/1800 Abraham PINCOMBE   Roborough Elizabeth PEARCE Single  
15 21/12/1800 David NICHOLLS   Northam Miriam MOASE Single  
16 04/08/1801 Charles HILL     Elizabeth HANCORNE Widow  
17 05/11/1801 Henry OATWAY     Catherine SOUTHWOOD Widow  
19 06/01/1802 Anthony HUXTABLE     Susanna TUCKER    
20 21/03/1803 Charles SMALL     Grace BUCKINGHAM    
21 29/08/1803 John SMALL     Sally CLARKE   Horwood
22 13/11/1803 James RICE     Peggy FISHLEY    
23 30/12/1803 James VOWN     Mary SMALL    
25 31/03/1805 John NATION     Maria SNELL    
26 07/07/1805 Henry PARMENTER     Susanna FLEMING    
27 23/06/1806 John LEE   Satterleigh Ann HOOPER   West Down
28 15/01/1807 John CUTLAND     Joanna MOSS    
29 16/04/1807 Robert HILL   Northam Catherine MOSS Single  
30 07/05/1807 Thomas DUNN     Sarah PERRIN   Fremington
31 04/08/1808 George MITCHELL     Eleanor PERRYMAN    
32 08/01/1809 John SKINNER   Fremington Catherine BATER Single  
33 07/05/1809 James HUXTABLE     Sarah EDWARDS Single  
34 02/11/1809 James BEAR     Jane MUGRIDGE    
35 17/01/1811 William COLWILL   Parkham Ann FLEMING Single  
36 06/07/1812 Richard BRAUNTON     Ann BEAR Single  
37 13/12/1812 John TOSSEL     Eleanor BROWN Widow Horwood
1 25/03/1813 William WITHYCOMBE     Mary ADAMS Single  
2 05/04/1813 Peter SHADDOCK     Elizabeth RENDELL Single  
3 26/04/1813 Thomas SHADDOCK     Mary BODY Single Bickington
4 16/02/1814 Joseph WALTER Widower Fremington Mary CUTLAND Widow  
5 18/06/1814 Phillip CANN   Fremington Jane MOORE Single  
6 12/04/1815 John SHADOCK     Margaret DARCH Single Landkey
7 10/08/1815 John BEAR   West Worlington Elizabeth WHEELER Single  
8 17/10/1815 Christopher MOORE     Elizabeth STANBURY Single  
9 24/12/1815 Samuel FISHLEY     Elizabeth RICE Single  
10 26/12/1815 Richard AVERY   Barnstaple Ann Hooper BOWDEN Single West Down
11 21/04/1816 James EASTON     Mary MORGAN Single Tawstock
12 25/04/1816 William SKERRY   Northam Mary Ann SOUTHWOOD Single  
13 04/06/1816 John DADD     Ann LAKE Single Ilfracombe
14 24/07/1816 George LILL     Elizabeth TUCKER    
15 28/08/1816 John CHANNON   Bideford Elizabeth LOCK Single  
16 12/03/1817 John PARKIN Single   Eleanor TOSSELL Widow  
17 07/05/1817 John SIMMONS   Tawstock Elizabeth CARTER Single  
18 24/08/1817 John MITCHELL   Fremington Elizabeth DOWN   Fremington
19 03/02/1818 William LEONARD     Catherine GRIFFITH Single  
20 17/06/1818 John YEO   Swimbridge Susannah CARTER Single  
21 21/11/1818 George BEAR     Joan BRANTON Single  
22 04/04/1819 Samuel BODY   Bickington Elizabeth BROWN Single  
23 25/04/1819 John NOTT   Fremington Ann CARTER Single  
24 26/03/1820 Thomas ACKLAND   Berrynarbor Ann VIGERS Single  
25 15/06/1820 Samuel GOSS   Buckland Brewer Grace BRAUNTON Widow Westleigh
26 10/09/1820 Henry MARTIN   Barnstaple Ann MOULE Single Fremington
27 22/10/1820 James MOULE     Matilda NICHOLS Single  
28 15/03/1821 Richard STEPHENS   Fremington Ann STANBURY Single Fremington
29 27/06/1821 Thomas OLIVER     Frances HORNE Single Fremington
30 03/10/1821 John PEDLER     Ann WITHECOMBE Single  
31 31/01/1822 Thomas LAMPING Widower Bideford Sarah WINCH Widow  
32 14/02/1822 William WINCH Single   Christian CLARKE Single Great Torrington
33 14/02/1822 James GRIGG Single   Sarah WINCH Single  
34 07/04/1822 Thomas VANSTONE Single   Elizabeth BODY Single  
35 02/03/1823 John Headon JEWELL Single   Jane TURNER Single  
36 26/12/1823 John RATCLIFF Single   Mary KINGSMAN Single  
37 06/05/1824 John BOLT   Great Torrington Elizabeth WEST    
38 09/05/1824 Charles PARKIN     Margaret BODY    
39 03/04/1825 Emanuel NETHERWAY     Sophia PEARCE Single  
40 18/10/1825 John BELLEW Single   Betsey WHITE Single  
41 27/03/1826 William WEBB   Georgeham Jane SANDERS    
42 01/04/1827 John GERRY Single   Anne SPICER Single  
43 22/04/1827 George BODY Single   Johanna CUTLAND Widow  
44 26/04/1827 William BENNETT Single Fremington Elizabeth SIMMONS Single  
45 19/07/1827 Richard DENNIS Widower Monkleigh Mary Welch FISHLEY Single  
46 25/10/1827 William WINCH Widower   Mary PRIEST Single  
47 07/04/1828 John CAUVENETT Single   Eliza SLUEMAN Single Westleigh
49 08/05/1831 Thomas JENKINS Single   Catherine MOUNE Single  
50 28/07/1831 John WITHECOMBE Single   Maria EDWARDS Single  
51 28/05/1832 John SCAMP Single   Susan BARTHOLOMEW Widow  
52 13/06/1833 John NATION Single   Mary Anne LEY Single  
53 10/04/1834 Thomas MILL Single   Caroline NICHOLLS Single  
54 03/07/1834 James NICHOLLS Single Northam Miriam MITCHELL Single  
56 07/04/1836 Richard PUGSLEY Widower   Anne WAY Single  
57 30/04/1836 Richard BARNES Single Barnstaple Charity HUXTABLE Single  
58 24/08/1836 Benjamin NEWMAN Widower   Sarah BERKIN Single  
59 22/05/1837 William CHAPPELL Single Bedwellty, Monmouthshire Mary CARTER Single  

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