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Payhembury St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Payhembury lies in southeastern Devon about 4 miles west of the market town of Honiton. Payhembury is a small and compact village sitting about a mile west of the A373 road which connects Honiton with Cullompton. Much of Payhembury is built either side of a small tributary of the river Tale in a network of narrow lanes through rolling pastoral countryside. At the time of this transcript Payhembury would have earned its living primarily from cattle grazing augmented by small cider apple orchards. Little has changed today and a landscape of small, hedged pastures can still be found. Payhembury's stream heads southwest to join the nearby Tale and thence south to join the Otter north of Ottery St Mary and thence to the English Channel at Budleigh Salterton. Payhembury is sited at around 90 metres above the sea sitting on gentle rolling countryside dominated by the limestone escarpment of North Hill which rises to almost 300 metres some 3 miles northeast of the village. Payhembury parish was fairly typically sized for this area of Devon, covering around 2,700 acres it would have supported a population in the region of 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Payhembury was a fairly small place, shared between Bishop Odo and Baldwin the Sheriff, it could offer just 8 ploughs together with small meadows & pastures but did possess a mill.

The Church

St Mary's church sits in the northeastern corner of the village at the top of the triangular village green and opposite the Six Bells Inn. The church is mainly 15th and 16th century in origin and utilises the Perpendicular style throughout. Pevsner hints that the unbuttressed western tower is earlier but neglects to give a date. Only the western doorway in the Decorated style varies the architectural themes. There is much use of the local stone from nearby Beer, in particular within the northern aisle. The church was extensively restored, as are so many, during the late Victorian period, in this case between 1895 & 1897 at which time the outer walls were substantially rebuilt and the furnishings enriched. The church has ample parking around the village green and sits in an elevated position above the inn. A flight of 6 steps leads up to churchyard level and arched metal gates granting access. Views from north and east are restricted by trees but otherwise it is a straightforward photographic exercise.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 19th October 1758 - 1st October 1812 Devon Record Office Bishop's Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Sadly the register for this period has been lost, the BTs which were used have various quality issues - some years are missing, many entries have incomplete dates and quality of reproduction may result in some misreads
2 4th May 1813 - 16th March 1837 Devon Record Office - Reference - 2974A/PR/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Plymtree St John
Plymtree St John
Broadhembury St Andrew
Broadhembury St Andrew
Clyst Hydon St Andrew
Awliscombe St Michael
Feniton St Andrew
Talaton St James
Talaton St James
Feniton St Andrew
Feniton St Andrew

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
17/03/1754 Richard BRIDLE     Joan GAYDEN    
19/10/1758 James GILL     Sarah BISHOP    
25/04/1759 John GODFREY     Mary SMITH    
16/09/1759 Edmond FROST     Mary WEBBER    
06/05/1760 John CASSLY     Susannah PALMER    
29/06/1760 John POTTER     Sarah HALL    
27/11/1760 William DREWE   Broadhembury Joan VENN    
00/00/1761 James BOARD     Mary GLANVILL    
00/00/1761 John GLANVILL     Ann CLARK    
00/00/1761 Isaac THOMAS     Elizabeth GAYDEN    
29/03/1761 Joseph TUCK     Elizabeth MILLAR    
00/00/1762 Robert CARTER     Charity WHITE    
00/00/1762 William GARDE     Susanna FOURACRES    
00/00/1762 Thomas COLEMAN     Susanna LANGSFORD    
00/00/1762 Robert SYMMONS     Mary FRY    
00/00/1763 Thomas LOVERING     Joan GRANGER    
00/00/1763 William SALTER     Mary WOODROW    
00/00/1763 James PYLE     Ann WILLEY    
00/00/1763 Joel RICHARDS     Elizabeth CONNET    
21/02/1764 William FROST     Ann FLEY    
03/09/1764 Thomas SEYWARD     Mary CLARK    
03/01/1765 Isaac LANKSFORD     Elizabeth GLANVILL    
27/10/1765 Henry HAYMAND     Joan CHARLES    
27/10/1765 Joseph HARDIMAN     Mary HALL    
07/04/1766 William LOAVING     Ann ANNING    
25/08/1766 John EBDEN     Elizabeth ANNING    
25/09/1767 John HALL     Mary HAYMAN    
10/11/1767 Richard DART     Grace DAW    
15/02/1768 William GARNISH     Mary NEWBERRY    
03/05/1768 John PEARSE     Catharine RABLINS    
01/05/1769 Robert HITCHCOCK     Elizabeth SHEPHERD    
20/06/1769 William NEWBERY     Grace PADDOCK    
18/11/1769 Peter GLANVILL     Sarah DOMMETT    
20/12/1769 Henry RICHARDS     Betty GLANVILL    
15/01/1770 Henry PATCH     Mary ANNING    
10/01/1771 Gabriel WEBBER     Elizabeth HALL    
07/05/1771 Edward CLARKE     Sarah LANKSFORD    
04/01/1773 Henry PALMER     Hannah MOORE    
02/06/1773 John WELLAND     Susanna SALTER    
25/12/1773 William SALTER     Mary STYLING    
15/11/1774 William VERYARD     Susanna SAUNDERS    
20/02/1775 Samuel DYMOND     Ann SALTER    
15/03/1775 Robert VOYSEY     Grace GLANVIL    
07/06/1775 Edward HANSFORD     Joanna SALTER    
05/08/1775 William CULL Widower   Martha PALFERY    
08/04/1776 John WEBBER     Sarah MANLEY    
28/07/1776 John HYMES     Sarah KENT    
29/07/1776 William JOHNCELINE     Hester TREVYLIAN    
05/06/1777 Thomas DOMMET     Elizabeth LANKSFORD    
24/08/1777 William BOWER     Dorotha PEARCE    
24/12/1777 Charles SKINNER     Betty BURROW    
06/05/1779 Henry PALMER     Elizabeth GILES    
26/05/1779 John PYLE     Dorothy VENNBY    
02/07/1780 Thomas FULLER     Mary HAYMAN    
27/07/1780 Edward EVANS     Catharine LANKSFORD    
27/12/1780 John LUCKIS     Jane GAYDON    
26/02/1781 John ROWE     Elizabeth HARRIS    
20/07/1781 John LAKE     Mary BOWER    
06/10/1781 James PYNE     Ann TAYLOR    
19/04/1782 John ISAAC     Molly MATHEW    
01/05/1782 Richard PIDGLEY     Elizabeth WEBBER    
15/05/1782 William BOWERMAN     Ann MORRISH    
19/05/1782 John MORRISH     Susannah WHITE    
21/05/1782 Henry SKINNER     Sarah FULFORD    
05/06/1782 William PALMER     Jenny PATCH    
24/06/1782 John FROST     Ann FLEY    
10/02/1783 Robert POTTER     Petronella GLANVIL    
22/04/1783 Charles PAYNE     Hannah ASHFORD    
24/03/1784 Robert SMITH     Elizabeth ORDEN    
05/04/1784 Giles MADGE     Mary GLANVIL    
01/04/1785 Mathew MADGE     Petronella LANKSFORD    
03/04/1785 John CLARK     Mary BISHOP    
12/02/1787 William HANSFORD     Elizabeth HOSEGOOD Single  
29/05/1787 John HARNER     Mary SMITH Single  
03/07/1787 James DANIELS     Ann IRELAND Single  
23/04/1789 John SMALL     Mary DANIELS Single  
24/07/1789 William BATH     Dorothy VENN Single  
19/11/1789 William SPARK     Elizabeth BURROW Single  
22/02/1790 Edward WILLEY     Mary WRIGHT Single  
29/03/1790 William LEE     Elizabeth ABBOT Single  
30/09/1790 Thomas BASTIN     Susanna TUCKER    
09/12/1790 John WERE     Sarah MATHEW    
19/10/1791 John FLOOD   Honiton Mary MADGE Single  
15/11/1792 Perry DICKENS     Mary VENN Single  
11/02/1793 William WESSCOTT     Mary VENN Single  
14/03/1793 Charles SKINNER Widower   Margaret TOMPSON Single  
19/01/1794 Robert BULL     Susanna PIDGEON    
09/04/1794 Richard PEARSE     Sarah PRATT    
24/04/1794 Joseph DYMAND     Ann CLERK    
19/06/1794 Robert BATH   Glastonbury, Somerset Mary PYLE    
09/12/1794 Peter GLANVIL     Christian LANKSFORD    
19/01/1795 William SKINNER     Elizabeth HOXLAND    
12/04/1796 Edward SQUIRE     Elizabeth KNOWLS    
14/04/1796 Samuel TUCK     Mariah SAUNDERS    
04/05/1796 John MARE     Sarah UPHAM    
13/12/1796 John HOLE     Agnes COLEMAN    
26/03/1797 Peter BROOM     Susanna WELLAND    
12/09/1797 John BOVETT     Agnes LANKSFORD    
30/09/1797 Richard PRATT     Ann VENN Single  
19/10/1797 John KENT     Sarah MADGE    
20/03/1798 Edward RICHARDS     Betty DEEM    
28/05/1798 Henry HAYMAN     Ann JACKSON    
15/11/1798 William HOLE     Elizabeth RICHARDS Single  
18/12/1798 James BOVETT     Petronella COLEMAN Single  
15/03/1799 Elias WHITE     Mary HOXLAND    
05/05/1799 Emanuel PIDGEON     Thomazin COTTERELL    
24/06/1799 Robert FOWLER     Mary HYMES    
11/09/1799 John THOMAS     Mary WATERS    
16/09/1799 John CAWLEY     Susanna FISHER    
19/09/1799 Thomas BIRD     Mary DOMMETT    
28/10/1799 Robert LUSEMORE     Sarah CLAPP    
21/11/1799 John KNOWLES     Susanna LEY    
30/12/1799 John PYLE     Rebecca VENN    
15/01/1800 William ROWE     Susanna EVELEIGH    
13/02/1800 John FARRANT     Elizabeth SALTER    
09/12/1801 John WRIGHT Widower Talaton Betty FLEAY Widow  
27/01/1803 James POTTER     Ann SPRAGG    
15/04/1803 Joseph LANSDOWN   High Littleton, Somerset Charlotte VENN    
25/08/1803 Richard HAYNES     Mary VERYARD    
01/12/1803 George HOSKIN     Ann DOMMETT    
20/12/1803 William WILLEY     Sarah RADFORD    
28/02/1804 Henry WEBBER     Elizabeth SALTER    
12/06/1804 John DARE     Tamzin COLEMAN    
08/11/1804 Henry LOVERING     Martha BUTCHER    
27/11/1805 John SKINNER     Jane RADFORD    
09/04/1806 John FINNEMORE     Ann HARRIS    
09/04/1806 John MASTERS     Ann HARRIS    
27/05/1806 Daniel GUILLEMARD     Susan VENN    
24/08/1806 John HANSFORD     Sarah YANDELL    
12/11/1806 Thomas PEARCY     Elizabeth VERYARD    
07/04/1807 William TRICKEY     Sarah WEBBER    
20/07/1807 James MANLEY     Elizabeth BURROW    
30/07/1807 William YOUNG     Ann FROST    
27/08/1807 William HANSFORD     Mary LUXON    
15/10/1807 Nathaniel HARRIS     Ann HAYMAN    
30/03/1808 Thomas MARKS   Awliscombe Mary GLANVIL    
18/04/1809 John NORTON     Elizabeth LOMAN    
22/05/1809 John PEPPRELL     Hosanna WELLAND    
01/05/1810 William Hex VENN     Petronella VENN    
29/10/1810 Edward RICHARD   Whimple Joan VENN    
19/09/1811 John GRIFFIN     Ann EBDEN    
07/04/1812 Joseph SANDERS     Elizabeth CHAMBERLAINE    
06/08/1812 John WOODWARD   Westleigh Sarah VENN    
01/10/1812 John SALTER     Ann DOMMETT    
01/10/1812 William RADFORD     Rosamond RADFORD    
1 04/05/1813 John WEBBER     Sarah BRIDLE    
2 17/06/1813 John TUCKER Single Tiverton Juliana SALTER Single  
3 22/07/1813 James VERYARD Single   Anna Maria DOMMETT Single  
4 06/10/1814 William STONE Single   Mary DANIELS Single  
5 08/03/1815 Benjamin DEAN   Feniton Elizabeth BREWER    
6 08/05/1815 James PEARCY     Eleanor LEE    
7 09/05/1815 James TAYLOR     Sarah GRANGER    
8 26/11/1815 Richard BASTIN     Mary LAY    
9 08/08/1816 William VENN     Betty Wright WILLEY Single  
10 06/05/1817 Thomas SCADDING Single   Mary SELWOOD Single  
11 15/05/1817 Samuel HARRIS Single   Margaret BURTON Single  
12 28/05/1817 Thomas MATTHEWS Single   Sarah HARRIS Single  
13 05/02/1818 James SEARLE     Joanna BRIDLE    
14 19/02/1818 Thomas LEGG     Diana LAKE    
15 18/02/1819 John STARK     Martha SEAWARD    
16 08/04/1819 Thomas DOMMETT     Mary CARNELL    
17 28/04/1820 William TRUMP   Clyst Hydon Sarah WILLEY Single  
18 19/12/1820 Philip WOOLCOTT   Uffculme Mary GRANGER    
19 15/02/1821 John VENN     Petronella PYLE    
20 17/04/1821 Francis RICHARDS     Ann DANIELL    
21 17/04/1821 Henry DENHAM     Mary HOLE    
22 26/04/1821 Thomas MARKS     Mary BREWER    
23 18/10/1821 William AYERS     Jane LOCKYEAR    
24 02/01/1822 Samuel YEO     Esther DENE    
25 12/04/1822 Richard MULLINS     Mary RABJOHNS    
26 09/04/1823 Thomas HURLEY     Ann NORTON    
27 03/10/1823 John HOLWELL     Mary Ann DENE    
28 30/10/1823 William GRANGER     Ann RICHARDS    
29 28/01/1824 Henry HAYMAN   Feniton Henrietta GLANVILL    
30 18/03/1824 James HUSSEY     Elizabeth CLARK    
31 29/04/1824 Francis MATHEWS     Martha LAKE    
32 27/01/1825 James DANIELL     Harriet ANDREWS    
33 23/07/1825 George HANCOCK   Menheniot, Cornwall Harriett DEEM    
34 07/12/1825 James HUNT     Sarah LOOSEMORE    
37 01/06/1826 Francis PYLE   Talaton Sarah PRATT    
40 09/04/1827 James PIPER     Betty HAYMAN    
41 05/12/1827 Richard BRIDLE     Mary COLLINS    
43 22/05/1828 Thomas PENITENT     Mary VENN    
46 26/03/1829 Samuel ELWORTHY     Harriet RICHARDS    
47 02/07/1829 John BROOM     Charlotte SALTER    
48 13/08/1829 Samuel TUCK     Ann MARKER    
49 31/05/1830 Robert WOOD     Mary PARKHOUSE    
50 11/11/1830 William VEYSIE   Plymtree Rosa Ann BAKER    
51 25/11/1830 William ASHFORD     Jane BAKER    
52 17/02/1831 James HODGES   Broadhembury Elizabeth FROST    
53 18/08/1831 John KENWOOD   Whimple Mary TRICKEY    
54 29/09/1831 James HARNAL     Elizabeth SANDERS    
55 20/12/1831 John WILLEY     Elizabeth PRATT    
64 01/03/1832 William TRICKEY     Ann KING    
65 29/03/1832 Joseph COLEMAN     Hannah ELLIS    
66 05/04/1832 Samuel GOODING     Sarah Sanders TUCK    
67 19/04/1832 Henry LOOSEMORE     Sarah CARNAL    
68 20/09/1832 John WELLAND     Mary TUCKER    
69 20/12/1832 George STARKE Widower Broadhembury Jane ASHFORD Widow  
70 15/01/1833 William PERREY     Elizabeth WRIGHT    
71 21/02/1833 John PEPPERELL     Mary Ann IRELAND    
72 16/05/1833 Charles HARNAL     Rebecca WRIGHT    
73 08/07/1833 Abraham SMITH     Ann SANDERS    
74 26/09/1833 Thomas APLIN   Halberton Charlotte MADDOCK    
75 09/10/1833 John RICHARDS     Ann ELLIS    
76 05/12/1833 William HAYMES     Mary Susanna VERYARD    
79 21/01/1834 John BLACKMORE     Ann FARRANT    
80 20/03/1834 James HEWISH     Maria WRIGHT    
81 27/03/1834 James RADFORD     Sarah Stiling HARRIS    
82 24/04/1834 Robert DOBLE     Elizabeth WESTLAKE    
83 12/06/1834 William PARKHOUSE   Halberton Emeline HANSFORD    
85 30/01/1835 James BRETT     Ann Salter WEBBER    
86 03/03/1835 Henry HUMPHRY     Sarah FROST    
87 16/04/1835 Samuel LOVERING     Jane WELLAND    
88 12/11/1835 John PALMER   Broadclyst Elizabeth TURNER    
91 17/03/1836 William MARTIN   Broadhembury Mary DOMMETT    
92 30/07/1836 John MILLS     Susan Hannah ROW    
93 25/08/1836 John THORN     Mary ELLIS    
94 15/09/1836 George MESSITER   Wincanton, Somerset Catharine Elizabeth JACKSON    
95 28/02/1837 Abraham POTTER     Ann BRIDLE    
96 16/03/1837 Robert MANLEY     Bridget SPRAGUE    

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