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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Revelstoke St Peter the Poor Fisherman


The Parish

The parish of Revelstoke lies in the extreme southwest of Devon, indeed it forms part of Devon's English Channel coastline. Revelstoke is a dispersed settlement spread over a peninsula of the Devon coastline with the small fishing village of Noss Mayo as its primary population centre. Stoke, itself, is a small coastal settlement today dominated by a large holiday park which incorporates the parish church site. Revelstoke is located in lanes about 6 miles southeast of the port of Plymouth and is reached by narrow winding lanes from the A379. The coastal sections of the parish incorporate a large stretch of the South West Coastal Trail, Britain's longest designated trail. The area would have largely been dominated by pastoral farming with some income from inshore fishing out of the Yealm estuary which it shares with Newton Ferrers. The parish is drained merely by small streams which flow down the steep slopes of the coastal hills. Revelstoke is sited from sea level by the church up to the long ridge of the peninsula which reaches just over 100 metres above the sea, the slopes are characteristically steep and grassy. South Devon parishes are rather small and revelstoke was no exception, it covered just under 1,500 acres and supported a population of just over 600 parishioners. There is no specific mention of Revelstoke in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Peter's church sits almost upon the shoreline of the English Channel and is reached through the grounds of Revelstoke Park. The church has been deconsecrated and is cared for by the Redundant Churches Fund, a public footpath follows the main access road of the holiday park and the church can be visited. The building is a restored partial ruin, abandoned in 1882 when a new church was built in Noss Mayo, the major centre of population. The architectural style indicates features back to the Decorated period of architecture of the late 13th and early 14th century, the windows of the northern transept are of this period. The footpath is a metalled track and just beyond the chalets and caravans you come to the church site, the building is tightly hemmed in by trees and views are somewhat restricted.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 29th December 1754 - 13th November 1812 Plymouth & West Devon Record Office - Reference - 1422/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 24th September 1813 - 3rd March 1837 Plymouth & West Devon Record Office - Reference - 1422/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Wembury St Werburg
Wembury St Werburg
Newton Ferrers Holy Cross
Newton Ferrers Holy Cross
Holbeton All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 29/12/1754 William POPE     Elizabeth MITCHEL    
28/09/1757 John KINGCOME   Holbeton Elizabeth LANYON    
12/11/1757 Henry POPHAM   Stoke Damerel Damaris ALGER Widow  
02/12/1757 Andrew COWL     Elizabeth WALK Single  
08/05/1761 Francis PEACE     Agnes DONEY Single  
25/01/1762 William BOOLD     Margaret POPE Widow  
10/05/1762 Edward GUEST     Elizabeth EDMONDS Widow  
22/01/1763 George ELLIS     Hannah STITSON    
23/12/1763 Lionel HILL     Mary ROE    
14/12/1764 William TOMASS     Mary BADAFORD Single  
27/12/1764 George PERING     Eleanor WALKE Single  
18/02/1765 Richard GILES     Mary THORN Single  
22/11/1765 John ELLIS     Bridget CLOWTER    
06/02/1767 George ELLIS     Mary WALKE    
20/02/1767 William HOLBERTON     Joan WILLIAMS    
21/04/1767 William GILBERT     Judith WILLIAMS    
21/04/1767 James YEABSLEY     Mary Elliott HILL    
19/10/1767 William CRISPIN     Joanna ELLITT    
27/10/1767 John DYER     Priscilla POPHAM    
29/09/1769 John SQUARE   Thurlestone Sarah ROE    
22/12/1770 Robert STUMBULS     Ann BROCKINSHAW    
02/01/1771 Thomas WILLIS     Elizabeth MAUNDER    
02/09/1771 Elias WILLIAMS     Joan CHANNIN    
26/12/1771 John GRAINY     Wilmot WOOLDRIDGE    
31/12/1771 William PERRING     Jenny BOWLES    
05/05/1772 Peter WILLIAMS   Newton Ferrers Priscilla POPHAM    
24/07/1772 William GILES     Mary PIKE    
19/11/1773 Richard HODGE     Thomasin FORSTER    
04/02/1774 Thomas SYMONS     Elizabeth TUCKER Single  
12/04/1774 John CRISPIN     Joan TUCKER    
12/04/1774 Richard GEE     Elizabeth KINGCOME    
29/04/1774 James GILES     Elizabeth RESOGAN    
12/05/1774 John BOWDEN     Deborah HOLBERTON    
19/10/1774 Henry POPHAM     Margaret GILES Single  
21/10/1774 John HILSDON     Agnes HILL    
28/11/1774 Joshua BROOKING   Newton Ferrers Sarah ELLIS Single  
09/02/1776 John CLARKE     Elizabeth ROACH Single  
09/04/1776 Arthur MILLER     Grace POPE    
05/07/1776 James TOMS     Mary PIKE    
11/04/1777 Joseph CRISPIN     Willmot GLOYEN    
18/11/1777 Richard BELLET     Mary FORSTER    
25/12/1778 George BIGNELL   Kingsbridge Sarah ROE Single  
26/05/1779 John BUNKER   Holbeton Florence TUCKER    
02/07/1779 Sampson GILES     Elizabeth KINGCOMBE    
20/08/1779 Roger HANLEY     Elizabeth TOMES Single  
07/02/1780 Richard WILLIAMS     Mary LANYON    
14/11/1781 Joseph LAVERS   Newton Ferrers Catharine GUEST Single  
29/03/1782 Richard KINGCOMBE     Hannah ELLIS    
15/04/1782 John EDGLAND   Holbeton Mary MITCHEL    
27/09/1782 James BOOLDS     Elizabeth GILL    
12/09/1783 James FOSTER     Rachel VEAL Single  
15/09/1783 William BOOLDS     Mary ROACH Single  
03/10/1783 Ralph TREMILLS   Stokenham Elizabeth CRISPIN Single  
13/04/1784 Philip LIGHT     Mary FORSTER Single  
01/10/1784 Joseph HILL     Thomasin HATCH Single  
09/11/1784 Samson MITCHEL     Elizabeth GUIST Single  
15/09/1786 John CARTER     Sarah CRISPIN Single  
26/12/1786 John GILL     Diana RAVEL Single  
12/01/1787 John KERSWILL Single   Elizabeth WILLIS Widow  
03/02/1787 Richard GILES Widower   Sarah HILL Single  
19/02/1787 William LISCOMBE     Elizabeth CHUBB Single  
09/09/1788 Thomas ANDREW     Elizabeth LANDRICAN Widow  
06/02/1789 James BUNCLARKE     Sarah FORSTER Single  
29/06/1789 Sampson SHEPHERD     Elizabeth KELLY    
21/07/1789 John WALKE     Mary LEY    
06/04/1790 Henry KINKAM     Mary PERRING Single  
27/04/1792 William ROACH     Rebecca PERING Single  
27/04/1792 Robert FOSTER     Elizabeth MADDICK Single  
08/05/1792 John KINGCUMBE     Joan Martin WALKE Single  
29/06/1792 Richard FERRIS Single   Joan CRISPIN Widow  
05/05/1793 James ELLIOTT   Newton Ferrers Sarah DEAN    
15/07/1793 David LANDRICAN     Grace DURE   Sherford
13/10/1794 John BUNKER   Ermington Mary KINGHAM    
31/12/1794 John ELLIOTT     Elizabeth PERRING Single  
06/04/1795 James DAW     Mary SYMS Single  
16/05/1796 Henry HOBERTON     Jane COOK Single  
17/02/1797 William ASH     Ann EAST Widow  
17/04/1797 James BUNCLARKE     Alice PROWSE    
02/04/1798 John CUMMING   Bigbury Catharine WILLIAMS Single  
09/06/1798 William ELLIS     Priscilla FOSTER    
27/07/1799 William ROWE   Ermington Amy WALKE Single  
10/04/1800 John RICE   Plymstock Mary HAM    
05/08/1800 Henry POPHAM     Elizabeth ELLIOTT    
11/09/1800 Richard GILL   Ugborough Elizabeth BOOLDS   Holbeton
12/09/1800 William REVEL   Plymstock Ann TAYLOR   Holbeton
03/10/1800 Samuel CROCKER     Thomasine KINKHAM    
28/10/1800 John CARTER     Mary FOSTER    
18/09/1801 Sampson HODGE   Plymstock Elizabeth CHISLE   Holbeton
25/11/1801 Robert EDGCOMBE     Grace Sankee WILLIAMS    
13/01/1802 Andrew WALK     Jane GILES    
19/05/1802 John DUNSTONE   Rame, Cornwall Ann POPHAM    
26/11/1802 William CLARK     Margaret ROW Single Yealmpton
22/04/1803 Thomas SALTER   Lustleigh Elizabeth MITCHEL Widow  
30/09/1803 Richard GEE     Sarah LISCOMBE Widow  
01/11/1803 Nathaniel MAUNDER     Ann REVEL    
10/06/1804 Samson GILES     Elizabeth WALK Single  
18/10/1804 John TRIBBLE   Slapton Wilmot PERRING Single  
24/01/1805 William WOODS     Grace Sankey EDGCOMBE Widow  
14/11/1805 Thomas WILLIAMS   Newton Ferrers Phillipa WALKE    
25/04/1806 Richard CRISPIN     Elizabeth TOMS   Holbeton
07/03/1808 William ASH     Elizabeth HOBBS    
04/06/1808 Joseph HILL     Susanna CHIZEL    
21/10/1808 Christopher FOSTER     Elizabeth RIDER    
08/08/1809 William FOSTER     Ann FITCHWATER Single West Alvington
08/08/1809 Robert FOSTER     Ann MILDERN Single  
07/09/1811 John POPE Single Newton Ferrers Mary WALK Single  
20/11/1811 Phillip POPHAM Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
27/12/1811 William REVEL Widower   Grace ROACH Widow  
07/02/1812 George ROACH   Holbeton Mary KINGCOMBE Single  
03/07/1812 George KINGCOMBE Single   Susanna POPHAM Single  
30/10/1812 Andrew Walk SHEPHERD Single   Mary CRISPIN Single  
13/11/1812 Robert ANTHONY Single   Elizabeth KERSWILL Single  
1 24/09/1813 James POPHAM     Mary KINGCOMBE Single  
2 22/10/1813 Samson SHEPHERD Single   Mary Ann HEAD Single  
3 24/01/1814 Thomas BAKER   Brixham Hannah KINGCOMBE Single  
4 09/03/1814 Edmund LAKEMAN Single Modbury Mary KERSWELL Single  
5 26/05/1814 Jarvis FOSTER Single   Sarah FITZWATER Single  
6 03/01/1815 Peter KELLON Single   Loveday BEAVER Single  
7 03/01/1815 Jonathan PENWELL Single   Ann SYMONDS Single  
8 10/02/1815 George HODGE Single   Jenny MILLER Single  
9 21/03/1815 John ANDREWS     Isabella Elizabeth LINKLATER Single  
10 17/11/1815 John REVEL Single   Elizabeth CUNDY Single  
11 31/05/1816 Henry CROCKER Single   Ann Maria POPHAM Single  
12 02/12/1816 William WEEKS Single   Nancy FERRIS Single  
13 23/08/1818 William ROACH Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
14 27/10/1818 William BIDDICK   St Anthony In Roseland, Cornwall Mary CARTER    
15 08/09/1820 James KELLOND Single   Eleanor ROACH Single  
16 17/11/1820 William KELLOND Single   Thomasin QUICK Single  
17 06/02/1821 Richard PERRETT Single   Philippa KINGCOM Single  
18 07/02/1821 John WEBB Single   Elizabeth SANSOM Single  
19 26/03/1821 Richard FERRIS Widower   Jane SKINNER    
20 04/01/1822 Archelus FERRIS Widower   Elizabeth HOLBERTON Single  
21 26/12/1822 Robert GREENSLADE Single   Sarah DAW Single  
22 03/04/1823 James FORSTER Single   Jenny HOBBS Single  
23 13/07/1824 Henry Nathaniel PERROTT Single   Elizabeth KNIGHT Single  
24 29/10/1824 Josiah KINGCOMBE Single   Eliza MOUNTNORRIS Single  
25 18/02/1825 Thomas LAY     Elizabeth CARTER Single  
26 17/09/1825 Richard EASTON Single   Jenny SIMMS Single  
27 15/11/1825 James COLLINS   Yealmpton Margaret DAWE Single  
28 24/01/1826 William KINGCOMBE     Jane CARTER    
29 19/09/1828 John PENWELL Single   Mary Ann LIGHT Single  
30 11/03/1829 William SHERVILL   Newton Ferrers Priscilla ANTHONY    
31 07/01/1831 James ELLIS Single   Jane MAUNDER Single  
32 08/07/1831 Samuel CLARKE Single   Elizabeth FOSTER Single  
33 28/09/1832 John CHISSEL Widower   Elizabeth CRISPIN Widow  
34 17/01/1834 John REVEL Single   Emma HODGE Single  
37 06/02/1834 William SCOBLE Single   Anne FOSTER Single  
38 27/02/1834 Charles JACKSON Single   Jane POPE Single  
35 25/04/1834 Richard TUCKER Single   Mary ELLIS Single  
36 23/01/1835 William MASHFORD Single   Maria HODGE Single  
39 31/03/1835 William FOSTER Single   Elizabeth JAMES Single  
40 15/05/1835 William FERRIS Single Egg Buckland Jane KELLAND Single  
41 26/07/1835 Matthew REEVES     Rachel FOSTER Single  
42 31/07/1835 James TAYLOR Single   Anne Miller MITCHELL Single  
43 09/09/1836 John WEEKS Single   Mary Anne CRISPIN    
44 03/03/1837 John HILL Single   Mary TAPPER   Newton Ferrers

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