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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Sheldon St James


The Parish

The parish of Sheldon lies in eastern Devon about 7 miles east of the market town of Cullompton. Sheldon is a small straggle of a hilltop village lying in lanes within an area totally devoid of numbered significant roads, the closest such road being the A373 road connecting Cullompton to Honiton and which lies some 4 miles south of Sheldon. The economy of the parish was almost entirely devoted to farming, pastoral in the main. Sheldon sits on a hilltop overlooking the vale of a tributary of the Culm, this drains the parish northwestwards then turns back as the Culm to the southwest, the Culm meets the Exee to the north of Exeter before reaching the English Channel through the latter's estuary. Sheldon is sited on a rising site, the lower parts at around 200 metres rising to near the church some 40 metres higher. The hilltop rises more gradually to summit at 283 metres. Sheldon parish is one of the smaller in this area, it covered just under 1,600 acres and wood have supported a population of just under 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Sheldon was held by one Ralph de Pomeroy and was a fairly small place of 7 ploughs but, even then, almost a quarter of the acreage was set to pasture.

The Church

St James' church sits towards the higher, southern parts of the village on the northern side of the main lane leading through. Sadly much of the church is the result of an almost complete rebuild of 1871. Only the tower remains that is original fabric, this shows windows of a Perpendicular style from the late 14th century. The nave, chancel and southern porch were all rebuilt on the original foundations in the 1870s. As a result the church had little interest for Pevsner who's description is limited to just 3 lines of text. The lane is narrow so parking should be careful, a small pull-in is by the entrance. The churchyard has thick hedging to the roadside with a metal gate granting access. The churchyard has few photographic obstructions.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 16th February 1755 - 26th March 1813 Devon Record Office - Reference 2722A/PR/1/2 Plain unruled book a continuation of the extant composite register Grade 2 register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 4th November 1813 - 21st April 1836 Devon Record Office - Reference 2722A/PR/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Uffculme St Mary
Uffculme St Mary
Dunkeswell St Nicholas
Kentisbeare St Mary
Dunkeswell St Nicholas
Broadhembury St Andrew
Broadhembury St Andrew
Dunkeswell St Nicholas

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
16/02/1755 John LAKE     Elizabeth STAMP    
19/07/1755 William BAKER     Mary RUGG    
04/04/1757 John HILLACRE     Mary TUCK    
02/05/1757 Edward THOMAS     Mary MARSHALL    
13/04/1758 Henry BAMPFIELD     Dorcas CHANNON    
17/05/1758 John SNOOK   Culmstock Anna BAMPFIELD Single  
23/08/1760 Samuel NORMAN     Thomasine TROTT    
21/12/1760 Roger KNIGHT     Elizabeth BAKER    
20/04/1761 Thomas WILLEY   Broadhembury Elizabeth BAKER    
07/04/1762 Joseph WOODROWE   Combe Raleigh Mary PIGEON Single  
01/10/1764 Amos BROOM     Joan BAKER    
05/11/1764 John BROOM     Mary THOMAS    
25/01/1765 Henry WILLEY     Patience WOODROW    
23/05/1765 Samuel BLACKMOORE     Elizabeth PRING    
23/08/1767 Phillip PHINNEMORE   Harberton Sarah GODFRY    
14/02/1768 William EVANS     Elizabeth DAWE    
23/05/1768 Nathan BURFORD     Sarah BAKER    
30/10/1769 John THOMAS     Mary HODGE    
21/05/1771 John TUCK     Jane LIMPANY   Kentisbeare
20/04/1772 Benjamin BAKER     Martha RADFORD    
19/06/1773 William BLACKMORE     Eleanor PAYNE   Topsham
06/08/1776 James MARSHAL     Elizabeth THOMAS    
17/11/1776 John TUCK     Mary TUCK   Kentisbeare
17/11/1776 John TUCK     Mary BAKER   Kentisbeare
19/05/1777 Robert HILL     Joane KNIGHT    
27/02/1778 Thomas RICHARDS     Ann RADFORD    
08/08/1778 Edward BLACKMORE     Sarah MARCHANT    
24/01/1779 Joseph CHINNICK     Elizabeth RICHARDS    
17/10/1779 Robert PERCY     Sarah BROOM    
17/10/1779 Robert JOHNCLINE     Sarah BROOM    
17/10/1779 Robert JOHNCLINE     Sarah RICHARDS    
17/10/1779 Robert PERCY     Sarah RICHARDS    
14/11/1779 Henry BOTTLE     Mary THOMAS    
06/04/1780 Francis BLACKMOORE     Sarah ACKLAND    
15/05/1780 John SPARK     Sarah MOORE    
21/05/1780 John BLACKMOORE     Eleanor PERSY   Kentisbeare
28/05/1782 Joseph SHUTT   Kentisbeare Susanna ROSEWELL Widow  
16/06/1782 James LANGSFORD     Grace LEY    
23/12/1782 William NORMAN     Elizabeth THOMAS    
03/07/1786 William BAKER     Mary BAKER    
22/10/1787 Thomas WILLEY     Mary BLACKMORE    
02/03/1789 William BLACKMORE     Elizabeth PRING    
02/03/1789 William ROWE     Elizabeth PRING    
13/02/1792 William PRING     Sarah BROOM    
13/02/1792 James KENT     Eleanor THOMAS    
26/03/1792 William BAKER     Elizabeth DUNSTER    
04/06/1792 Robert THOMAS     Elizabeth PIKE    
01/04/1793 John BROOM     Susanna SPARK    
22/04/1793 John SPARK     Elizabeth TUCKER    
05/10/1795 Henry SALWAY     Mary BROOM    
25/03/1800 Henry BROOM     Mary MOON    
22/03/1802 William BOND     Sarah PRING    
11/04/1803 Amos BROOM     Ann BROOM    
13/01/1804 Samuel STEVENS     Ann CHAPEL    
20/11/1804 James BROOM     Sarah PALFRY    
22/03/1810 John KNIGHT     Eleanor BLACKMORE    
18/04/1810 Thomas MOORE     Martha TUCKER    
26/03/1811 Robert HILL Single   Mary PELLER Single  
1 04/11/1813 John HITCHCOCK Single   Mary ELLARD Single  
2 02/12/1813 Samuel ELWORTHY Single Awliscombe Sarah BLACKMORE Single  
3 21/05/1814 Robert CALLAR Single   Jane HILL Single  
4 19/07/1814 John BUTTEL Single   Elizabeth WOOD Single  
5 12/04/1815 Thomas HILL Single   Elizabeth BROOMFIELD    
6 19/04/1815 John CHILCOTT     Mary THOMAS Single  
7 01/05/1816 William PRING     Augusta DOMMETT Single  
8 19/08/1816 Richard STEVENS     Martha CHICK Single  
9 28/11/1820 Job FITT     Elizabeth BROOM    
10 29/08/1822 Thomas BLACKMORE Single   Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
11 31/03/1823 William NORTON Single   Sarah BOARD Single  
12 11/05/1823 Samuel STEVENS Single   Mary SALTER Single  
13 12/06/1823 William MARKER Single   Johanna FROST Single  
14 24/05/1825 James ACKLAND Single   Sarah MEANDER Single  
15 18/12/1826 Henry SIMMONS Single   Elizabeth COX Single  
16 27/02/1827 Robert PRING     Ann GILLARD    
17 26/04/1827 John CHRISTOW     Hannah SPARKS    
18 03/05/1827 John PRING     Betty COLES    
19 04/10/1827 John MOON     Elizabeth BROOM    
20 07/10/1828 Samuel FOLEY     Sarah HICKCOCK    
21 27/05/1829 Francis MARKER     Harriett DONEY    
22 20/10/1829 Henry STUART   Dunkeswell Sarah BURROUGH    
23 17/12/1829 Richard UNDERDOWN     Sarah ROBINS    
24 08/04/1831 John CHERITON   Poltimore Mary MANLEY    
25 25/08/1831 William BLAKEMORE   Broadhembury Sarah DOBLE    
26 22/11/1832 James PULMAN     Elizabeth HILL    
27 04/04/1833 John RICHARDS     Mary WAYETT    
28 27/05/1833 Edward BROOM     Susannah SALTER    
29 06/01/1834 John PRING     Susan BROOM    
30 10/03/1834 John MANFIELD     Ann BIRD    
31 03/09/1835 William PRING   Broadhembury Sarah Charlotte HILL    
32 10/03/1836 John BLACKMORE     Charlotte KNIGHT   Awliscombe
33 14/04/1836 Daniel ROWLAND     Sarah RIDGWAY    
34 21/04/1836 James BROOM     Jane CALLARD    

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