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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Sidbury St Giles


The Parish

The parish of Sidbury lies in southeastern Devon about 6 miles south of the market town of Honiton and quite close to Devon's English Channel coastline. Sidbury sits on the A375 road which connects Honiton along the valley of the River Sid to the seaside resort of Sidmouth. Sidbury was formerly a small market town but that status lapsed in competition with both Honiton & Ottery St Mary and today Sidbury is merely a large village mostly spread along the valley bottom to both north and, in particular, south of the centrally placed church. Like many Devon villages Sidbury would have been underpinned by pastoral farming, today a degree of tourist income comes to the village from visitors keen to explore the nearby coast and hills. The Sid drains the parish the short distance of a little over 2 miles to the nearby English Channel at Sidmouth. Sidbury is sited at around 60 metres above the sea but sits within a deeply incised valley with land rising in billowing hills to almost 250 metres on nearby East Hill. Eastern Devon is a landscape of relatively small parishes but Sidbury parish was notably large, covering just over 8,200 acres it was more typically sized for an upland northern parish, that vast acreage would have supported a population of almost 1,800 parishioners. In Domesday times Sidbury was also a large place, held by the Bishop of Exeter its population at that time placed it into the largest 20% of settlements recorded in that tome, it held an impressive 27 ploughs as well as extensive meadows, pastures and woodland.

The Church

St Giles church sits at the heart of the village on the eastern side of the A375 here known as Fore Street. Outwardly a simple Perpendicular church the interior and close examination by Pevsner reveals a deeply ancient structure and a complex of periods and styles. Beneath the building a structure of unknown function but believed to be a mausoleum was discovered infilled and is believed to pre-date the Norman Conquest, potentially 10th or early 11th century. Of the 12th century comes the tower base and chancel which shows styling of the Norman Romanesque period whilst the arcades come from the Transitional period of the last quarter of the 12th century. The church was clearly subject to a major restoration or rebuild during the Perpendicular period as this style shows throughout overlain on the basal fabric. Much change also occurred in Victorian times, the original pyramidal stone spire was removed as it was feared it would collapse and a (cheap according to Pevsner) wooden spire erected in 1843, this was, in turn, replaced by today's needle spire in 1884. A further restoration occurred in 1898 to complete a busy half century of work. Fore Street is quite narrow for an A road but there is parking immediately north of the church or outside the Red Lion Inn if lucky. The church sits behind a chest-height local stone wall with the main entrance at the northern end. An open and uncluttered churchyard makes for an easy subject to capture.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 25th March 1754 - 30th June 1837 Devon Record Office - Exeter Bishop's Transcript on loose-leaf folios Grade 4 register - The standard of folio varies dramatically from the very good to rather poor. Significant gaps in the records mean many marriages are missing Sidbury registers were destroyed by fire and only the BTs survive, there is the possibility of misreads from poorer quality folios and the certainty of omission of marriages lost to history

Ottery St Mary
Gittisham St Michael
Farway St Michael
Ottery St Mary
Harpford St Gregory
Farway St Michael
Southleigh St Lawrence
Sidmouth St Nicholas & St Giles
Salcombe Regist St Mary & St Peter
Branscombe St Winifred

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
07/03/1755 Anthony MAY     Betty PIDGEN    
18/04/1755 Abraham STREET     Betty THOMPSON    
09/06/1755 William BARRET     Sarah REDLER    
02/07/1755 Henry WARREN     Eleanor Mary LEE   Salcombe Regis
04/08/1755 William TUCKER     Elizabeth SANSOM    
28/09/1755 Francis ADMORE     Mary GOVER    
08/10/1755 Nicholas THOMPSON     Rebecca BURNARD    
03/12/1755 William SKINNER     Joan YELVERTON    
08/02/1756 William NOSSITER     Rebecca BOVIT    
11/02/1756 John SMITH     Elizabeth MARWOOD    
18/04/1756 Thomas HARRIS     Mary DEEM    
26/05/1756 Nicholas LUGG     Betty TREE    
05/09/1756 Stephen THOMPSON     Mary VAWTER    
30/11/1756 Ezra STOCKER     Susannah TROTT    
07/12/1756 Joseph BARSTONE     Mary WHEATON    
08/06/1757 Weekes HOLE   North Tawton Elizabeth PEARSE Widow  
10/11/1757 James COX     Anne CHURCHILL    
20/02/1758 Phillip DRAKE     Sarah PESTER    
00/03/1758 Daniel BLAMPIN     Sarah CORNELY    
18/09/1758 Ambrose PRESSON     Sarah CARNELL    
17/11/1758 Richard SAUNDERS     Elizabeth MAY    
17/03/1759 John MANNING     Sarah SOLMAN    
26/04/1759 William EBDON     Sarah HALFYARD    
02/06/1759 Ambrose THORNE     Sarah KNIGHT    
04/06/1759 Philip CHURCHILL     Mary BLAMPIN    
26/06/1759 John SANDFORD     Anne STESSON    
25/07/1759 William ANNING     Anne FLOOD    
01/09/1759 Amos LETTEN     Betty HUTCHINS    
19/11/1759 Benjamin HOWARD     Anne MILLAR    
13/12/1759 Richard RAYMOND     Sarah HUTCHINS    
06/01/1760 Peter TRIM     Catherine COLITON    
17/03/1760 William LOWMAN     Anne FRENCH    
25/03/1760 Reuben NEWBERY     Betty NOSSITER    
05/04/1760 John Pester GIBBS     Joan MAVILL    
16/06/1760 Thomas CARNALL     Anne TILLMAN    
04/12/1760 John GREENING     Anne GOVER    
04/01/1761 Daniel GODFREY     Mary EBDON    
30/01/1761 William TREE     Sarah FOLLETT    
31/01/1761 William HART     Hannah COLLINS    
04/02/1761 Samuel PEARSE     Florence DRAKE    
11/04/1761 John PULMAN     Elizabeth OTTON    
20/07/1761 John GLUBB   Bicton Dinah WARREN    
18/08/1761 John POTTER     Jenny WELSMAN    
28/09/1761 John TROAK     Hannah FLEA    
11/11/1761 Thomas BOVET     Joan KNIGHT    
28/12/1761 John EBDON     Anne CARTER    
22/02/1762 Thomas NOSSITER     Mary WOOD    
16/04/1762 John KEEN     Betty CHEEK    
09/05/1762 John BAILEY     Mary TUCKER    
22/05/1762 Samuel BARTLETT     Lydia CLOADE    
29/06/1762 William NOSSITER     Betty BACKING    
29/07/1762 Joseph BARTLETT     Mary MARSH    
21/08/1762 Stephen HAAYMAN     Susannah PAIGE    
18/10/1762 William DARKE     Sarah WELSMAN    
18/04/1763 George BLATCHFORD     Mary GREENING    
28/04/1763 Richard HUTCHINS     Mary HORSEFORD    
26/05/1763 William WILSON     Elizabeth SEARLE    
28/05/1763 John HOLTWILL     Mary DARKE    
29/09/1763 Thomas CHURCHILL     Mary BISHOP    
31/10/1763 William PYNE     Elizabeth HUTCHINS    
29/12/1763 Henry STOWER     Elizabeth HAYMAN    
26/02/1765 William HUXHAM     Elizabeth BARTLETT    
07/04/1765 John PIDGEON     Sarah HORSFORD    
12/05/1765 Thomas WOOSLY     Dorothy THOMPSON    
27/05/1765 John BLACKMORE     Susannah SHUTT    
03/07/1765 James CLODE     Sarah COX    
07/07/1765 William FRENCH     Betty HUTCHINS    
14/01/1766 Philip HEAD     Henrietta DARKE    
26/04/1766 John COLEMAN     Jenny GODFREY    
01/07/1766 Philip CHURCHILL     Elizabeth CROSS    
06/10/1766 William TILT     Betty COUSINS    
25/10/1766 John SALTER     Anne BAILEY    
21/11/1766 Abraham STONE     Sarah DRAKE    
24/11/1766 John PULMAN     Dorothy HUTCHINS    
25/11/1766 Thomas SATCHELL     Elizabeth DOMETT    
26/01/1767 William LUTTON     Joan CRIDLAND    
17/04/1767 Jonathan EBDON     Mary HUTCHINS    
13/05/1767 James JONES     Susannah CORNELY    
19/05/1767 John BROOM     Mary STONE    
29/05/1767 Frederick TUCKER     Mary MARSHALL    
23/06/1767 William PARSONS     Betty PARSONS    
20/07/1767 Samuel HORSEY   Exminster Sarah FORCE    
07/12/1767 Joseph BRIGHT     Sarah SPARKE    
20/12/1767 John CLODE     Arabella HORSEGOOD    
11/01/1768 Edward THOMPSON     Mary CHAMBERLAIN    
21/01/1768 John WHEATON     Mary PRESTON    
16/02/1768 Isaac STONE     Mary CARSLAKE    
25/02/1768 John CHILPER     Hannah BURNARD    
19/04/1768 Joshua SALTER     Sarah PONGE    
15/09/1768 William DARKE     Mary PIDGEON    
26/09/1768 Richard CARSLAKE     Mary COX    
03/04/1769 William DRAKE     Anne TREE    
11/09/1769 James WHEATON     Mary ACKLAND    
16/09/1769 Edward JACKSON     Grace COX    
20/11/1769 William BLAKMORE     Amey COLLINS    
31/01/1770 Peter SPARKE     Frances SMITH    
22/02/1770 Richard PIDGEON     Betty OTTON    
28/02/1770 William SOLMAN     Hannah BAILEY    
18/04/1770 William YOULDON     Martha SOLMAN    
18/04/1770 Richard DARKE     Mary BOWER    
21/04/1770 Joseph DEEM     Joan DAVEY    
29/04/1770 John JACKSON     Betty SELLER    
08/05/1770 Thomas HEWETT     Betty PAIGE    
12/06/1770 Abraham CARSLAKE     Leah BLAMPIN    
08/07/1770 John SELLER     Anne NEWTON    
04/01/1771 Thomas MAYNE     Sarah PIDGEON    
28/02/1771 Edward TURNER   Salcombe Regis Martha CARSLAKE    
08/03/1771 Edward MANLEY   Uffculme Ann Perry PEARSE    
01/04/1771 John BARRET     Bridget CLARK    
07/07/1771 William PYNE     Anne CARNELL    
20/08/1771 Robert CLAPP     Elizabeth GODDARD    
22/11/1771 William JOYCE     Agnes DYMONT    
09/12/1771 John Ford UPHAM   Offwell Honor GUPPY    
26/12/1771 John HAYMAN     Elizabeth COX    
21/01/1773 William VICKERY     Mary BAILY    
01/02/1773 John PIDGEON     Sarah DARKE    
30/03/1773 George MARTIN     Sarah SALTER    
02/05/1773 John CARTER     Catherine DEEM    
23/05/1773 Edward BROWN     Anne MAY    
03/10/1773 Robert QUICK     Mary VINNICOMBE    
30/12/1773 James RICE   Upton Pyne Elizabeth CLARKE    
15/01/1774 William LACEY     Sarah WICKER    
19/01/1774 William HUTCHINS     Rebecca DARKE    
24/05/1774 William NOSSITER     Mary VINNICOMBE    
12/06/1774 William ENGLAND     Elizabeth CHOWN    
14/10/1774 William DANIEL     Mary WESTCOTT    
20/10/1774 Joseph WELSMAN     Mary STAMP    
20/11/1774 Samuel FOARD     Sarah PAIGE    
28/11/1774 John TREE     Margaret SHEERS    
12/12/1774 William BARRET     Sarah NEWTON    
10/01/1775 Abraham DEEM     Martha LEA    
11/01/1775 Joseph LITLEY     Anne WICKER    
24/01/1775 James PAIGE     Dinah CLAPP    
16/04/1775 William WILLS     Rose POUND    
09/05/1775 William GALE     Mary HAYMAN    
15/05/1775 Samuel HALL     Mary CARTER    
27/06/1775 Richard PINN     Mary NOSSITER    
15/12/1775 John MITCHELL     Hannah HAYMAN    
30/07/1776 John GUPPY     Mary WALCOTT    
05/08/1776 Henry PRIDDY   Stockland Sarah EDWARDS   Cullompton
25/09/1776 Michael SAUNDERS     Mary SAUNDERS    
18/11/1776 John GOULD     Mary OTTON    
05/12/1776 John COX     Betty SALTER    
25/03/1777 Samuel HALL     Rebecca BURNARD    
07/04/1777 Daniel SANDFORD     Rebecca HANN    
19/04/1777 Robert ROCHETT     Elizabeth GOODLAND    
24/04/1777 Joseph SPARKE     Mary GOSLYN    
27/04/1777 Crispin SELLER     Mary BISHOP    
02/05/1777 John MAER     Elizabeth COX    
09/05/1777 Daniel PIDGEON     Betty GARDNER    
04/08/1777 Nicholas WELSMAN     Sarah MINIFIE    
15/12/1777 William FOSSEY     Sarah NOSSITER    
18/05/1778 Joseph TUCKER     Sarah HAYMAN Single  
29/05/1778 John HORN     Joan HOOPER    
08/06/1778 George MOORE     Molly PAIGE Single  
09/06/1778 William LUGG     Betty SALTER    
26/07/1778 Daniel BLAMPIN     Sarah THOMPSON Single  
23/12/1778 Edward GILLARD     Ann WEBBER Single  
05/07/1779 William GOLDWORTHY Widower   Hannah NOAKE    
06/07/1779 Joseph CLODE   Sidmouth Anna CLARKE Single  
29/08/1779 James TEAP     Ann DAVEY    
10/09/1779 Mathew BOARD     Sarah BURROUGH Single  
05/11/1779 Elisha BLAMPIN     Betty BISHOP Single  
10/02/1780 John WREFORD   Ottery St Mary Elizabeth SEARLES Single  
12/04/1780 Robert CLAPP     Jenny HERN Single  
19/06/1780 John SWEETLAND   Seaton & Beer Margaret HAYMAN Single  
02/07/1780 Thomas SOLMAN     Hannah FLEA Single  
26/12/1780 William JENNINGS     Sarah WEEKS Single  
30/01/1781 James COLEMAN     Alley REDWOOD    
29/04/1781 William BOWERMAN     Mary IRISH Single  
03/05/1781 Thomas BAILEY     Jenny HOOPER Single  
19/12/1781 William CARTER     Hanah TUCKER Single  
10/01/1782 John KESLAKE   Woodbury Ann GOODLAND    
30/01/1782 Joseph TAYLOR     Ann EBDON Single  
07/02/1782 William HARDING Single   Mary RAYMOND Single  
11/02/1782 George GOLDSWORTHY   Salcombe Regis Sarah WELSMAN Single  
18/03/1782 Joseph BRIGHT     Dorothy WILLIAMS Single  
22/03/1782 Thomas LYDE   Sidmouth Elizabeth WOLCOTT Single  
25/03/1782 Benjamin PIDGEON     Temperance FLEA Single  
26/03/1782 Edmund ACLAND     Sarah DANIELS Single  
16/06/1782 William PIDGEON     Elizabeth SMITH Single  
23/06/1782 Francis BERRY     Sarah CARNELL Single  
17/07/1782 William DREW     Martha BURROUGH Single  
09/06/1783 Thomas MANNING     Betty TUCKER Single  
15/07/1783 John CREEDY   Seaton & Beer Elizabeth GODFREY Single  
13/08/1783 John SAYER     Susana SOLMON Single  
29/09/1783 Richard GRIFFEN   Clyst Hydon Mary ELSON Single  
05/11/1783 Thomas NOSSITER     Elizabeth SNOW Single  
10/02/1784 William FRANKLIN     Deborah BAILEY    
25/03/1784 Thomas BROWN     Ann FARRER    
27/03/1784 William SMITH     Kezia BLAMPIN Single  
12/04/1784 Alexander ELLIOT   Aylesbeare Mary LEWIS Single  
22/04/1784 Richard HUTCHINGS     Elizabeth BATTEN Single  
20/09/1784 John EBDON     Easter BLAMPIN Single  
05/10/1784 John SOLMON     Hannah TUCKER Single  
07/04/1785 William POWN     Hannah BURCH    
12/04/1785 John NORTHCOTT     Sarah SPRAGUE Single  
19/05/1785 John CRAGO Widower Colyton Hester SMITH Widow  
13/07/1785 Edward CHAMBERLAIN Widower   Hannah SMITH Single  
21/07/1785 William WHEATTON     Anna ACKLAND Single  
03/08/1785 Thomas REED     Elizabeth TUCKER Single  
25/11/1785 William CARNEL     Hannah GODFREY Single  
28/02/1786 William ECOCK     Rebecca SHORT Single  
10/03/1786 Semion WELSMAN     Mary SKINNER Single  
03/04/1786 Henry PARSONS     Betty TILT Single  
24/04/1786 Benedictus RICHARDS     Sarah SEARLE Single  
28/05/1786 John PESTER     Hannah SELLER Single  
18/07/1786 John SPRAGUE     Mary NOSSITER Single  
10/08/1786 William LEWIS Widower   Rebecca DAVEY Widow  
23/08/1786 William HAYMAN     Catherine SANDER    
29/08/1786 James SEARLE     Lydia SALMON Single  
02/10/1786 Richard DARKE     Ann MAY Single  
19/10/1786 James NEWMAN     Susanna WARREN Single  
14/11/1786 James TAYLOR   Curry Rivel, Somerset Mary GOODLAND Single  
19/03/1787 John BURROUGH     Mary WARREN Single  
02/04/1787 Joseph EBDON     Amy BUCKNELL Single Branscombe
22/04/1787 Thomas COTTREL     Jane HONN Single  
04/07/1787 Robert HART     Charity HOOKE Single  
12/07/1787 James PESTER     Sarah WARREN Single  
24/07/1787 Richard ANNING     Mary LOWMAN    
28/08/1787 William IRISH     Eleanor WARREN Single  
29/11/1787 James THOMPSON     Jane MARTIN Single  
25/12/1787 Thomas Moriah OTTON     Jenny Carey POTTER Single  
13/02/1788 James BUSSELL   Colyton Ann FINN Single  
24/05/1788 Timothy PEARSE     Dinah PIDGEON Single  
25/05/1788 John POTTER     Betty BRIMBLECOMBE Single  
23/07/1788 James DOWELL     Joanna Davey HOOKE Single  
14/08/1788 Joseph BRADDICK   Colyton Sarah CLODE Single  
05/10/1788 Joseph WELSMAN     Susanna GIBBS Single  
30/10/1788 Thomas Moriah OTTON Single   Sarah PALFREY Widow Payhembury
12/11/1788 John DRAKE     Sarah TUCKER Single  
01/01/1789 Nehemiah BAILEY     Temperance GOLLOP    
10/02/1789 Richard WOOD     Charity SELLER Single  
19/02/1789 William ARMOR     Sarah BATTEN Single  
28/05/1789 William FRANKS     Mary NORMAN Single  
10/08/1789 William ANNING     Elizabeth FINN Single  
22/08/1789 John ANNING     Sarah PIKE Single  
14/09/1789 John SMITH     Ann JONES Single  
04/11/1789 George PERRAM     Mary MITCHELL    
09/11/1789 Joseph EBDON     Ann BROWN    
13/11/1789 William WHEATTON Widower   Sarah PYLE    
19/01/1790 James CLODE Widower   Betty ROWLAND Single  
25/02/1790 Thomas DARKE     Lydia CLODE Single  
29/04/1790 Francis PEARSE   Littleham By Exmouth Rachel RAYMOND Single  
27/07/1790 William HUTCHINGS Single   Anna Maria CHAMBERLIN Single  
12/01/1791 John BISHOP   Farway Elizabeth WARREN Single  
14/06/1791 William HORN     Margaret BARRETT    
18/08/1791 Henry DARKE     Mary SOPER    
02/09/1791 Daniel FREE     Ann THOMPSON    
25/10/1791 John CARSLAKE     Joanna DARKE    
26/10/1791 Edmund EBDON     Susanna WARREN    
14/12/1791 John BASTONE     Mary PIDGEON    
25/03/1792 Joseph GODFREY     Ann SKINNER    
13/04/1792 John BISHOP     Elizabeth PESTER    
03/09/1792 Lazarus BAKER     Ann PEARSE Single  
13/10/1792 George MOOR Widower   Jane PIDGEON Widow  
08/11/1792 Richard RAYMOND     Mary WHEATTON Single  
19/11/1792 John EMETT     Sarah CASLEY Single  
10/12/1792 William WEBBER     Christian CHAMBERLIN Single  
10/12/1792 Robert LATHROP     Sarah WILLIAMS Single  
31/01/1793 William BLACKMOOR Widower   Betty LAKE Widow  
17/04/1793 William SEARLE     Ann WARREN Single  
29/04/1793 Nathaniel BURRIDGE Single Otterton Mary TAYLOR Single  
30/07/1793 William EVANS     Sarah SEED    
24/08/1793 John FISHER     Grace PULMAN    
10/09/1793 William COLLINS     Sarah CHILPER    
31/12/1793 John Vickery PIDGEON     Mary MILLER    
28/02/1794 John SHEENE     Susanna NEWTON    
02/09/1794 John SEED     Susanna CLARK    
17/09/1794 William PEARSE     Elizabeth RAYMOND    
02/11/1794 Nicholas PARRATT     Martha SKINNER    
30/01/1795 Richard DARKE     Susanna PARTRIDGE    
15/02/1795 Charles PARSONS     Mary FRANCH    
15/04/1795 James HORNE     Margaret FLEA    
02/09/1795 John TAYLOR   Sidmouth Mary WARREN    
10/09/1795 John CLODE     Ann RAYMOND    
14/09/1795 John PAGE     Margery MITCHEL    
17/09/1795 John SALTER   Woodbury Mary TAYLOR    
02/10/1795 Abraham TRIM     Sarah CLINCH    
10/03/1796 Martin CARSLAKE     Mary SALTER    
29/03/1796 John LOOSEMORE   Upottery Grace COX    
12/04/1796 Thomas Whitty HALLETT   Axminster Ann TAYLOR    
26/05/1796 Thomas BASTIN   Talaton Sarah YALDON    
15/06/1796 Robert HORSEY     Ann HAYMAN    
20/06/1796 Samuel WOOD     Hannah CHAMBERLIN    
21/06/1796 Isaac HAINES     Sarah WARREN    
21/08/1796 John WELSMAN     Sarah PIDGEON    
22/08/1796 John SAMSION   Sidmouth Ann SHOEBROOK    
26/08/1796 John CLODE     Mary CHILPER    
11/10/1796 Charles LYELL     Frances SMITH Single Sidmouth
17/10/1796 William SPARKE     Mary CHAMBERLAIN    
27/12/1796 Henry BASTONE     Elizabeth STEPHENS    
18/01/1797 William WHEATON     Elizabeth WELSMAN    
27/02/1797 Thomas ASHFORD     Mary TOZER    
05/03/1797 William WHICKER     Elizabeth WEBBY    
23/03/1797 Frederick GOLDSWORTHY     Elizabeth STONE    
26/03/1797 Richard BEALE   All Saints, Southampton, Hampshire Sarah BRADDICK    
30/05/1797 James QUICK   Lympstone Ann WESTCOTT Single  
04/06/1797 William TANCOCK   Littleham By Exmouth Susanna UPHAM    
13/06/1797 Thomas BAKER     Thomasin EVELEIGH Single  
04/07/1797 Robert CHOWN     Jane WARREN Single  
06/07/1797 Joseph SEARLE     Hannah Read STONE Single  
17/10/1797 Samuel TUCKER     Elizabeth NEWBURY Single  
17/10/1797 John AMER     Ann WHEATON    
19/10/1797 Thomas MITCHEL     Hagar DARKE Single  
06/11/1797 William CULVERWELL     Sarah PIDGEON    
07/12/1797 Daniel BATTIN     Elizabeth HUTCHINGS Widow  
22/03/1798 John MANNING     Charity WARREN Single  
24/04/1798 John SEED Widower   Elizabeth DARKE Single  
14/08/1798 John PAGE     Hannah ROWLAND Single  
20/09/1798 Edward MANLEY     Charlotte JENKINS    
26/09/1798 John SHARROW     Sarah BURROUGH Single  
12/10/1798 John CARSLAKE     Mary NEWBURY    
16/10/1798 Richard Collier PAGE     Mary CARTER    
03/12/1798 Timothy PEARSE     Betty MANNING Single  
13/12/1798 John BRAGG   St John, Exeter Sarah GOLDSWORTHY Single  
01/01/1799 Robert DARE     Hannah BISHOP Single  
14/01/1799 Jonas MAY     Ann Carter TRANCHER Single  
19/02/1799 Henry SALTER     Mary DOWELL Single  
27/03/1799 John HALFYARD     Jane LEAT    
24/04/1799 Stephen MACER     Arabella CLODE Single  
07/05/1799 George ALLEN     Susanna TRAY    
16/05/1799 Richard HAMBLING     Mary GIBBS    
09/07/1799 John COX     Sarah TREE    
24/07/1799 James TREE     Mary SELLER Single  
28/07/1799 Timothy PEARSE     Deborah HAYMAN Single  
05/09/1799 John COLMAN     Sarah TOBY    
07/10/1799 Robert GOSLING     Mary MANNING Single  
25/11/1799 John CHOWN     Anna MACER Single  
01/12/1799 John EMMOTT     Eleanor NEWBURY Single  
12/12/1799 William HAYMAN     Susanna ROCKETT    
06/02/1800 William GOVER     Sarah DARKE Single  
23/02/1800 Thomas KNOLLS     Sarah CLARK    
25/02/1800 John REED     Sarah HOOKINGS    
27/02/1800 William STARTE     Hanna WHEATON Single  
03/03/1800 John Pearse MANLEY     Mary RICHARDS Single  
06/04/1800 Robert HOOPER     Bethaniah PAGE Single  
12/04/1800 John HALL     Jane IRISH Single  
27/06/1800 William ARBERRY     Mary EVELEIGH Single  
10/07/1800 John BARRETT     Elizabeth SHEPARD Single  
19/09/1800 Crispin SELLER     Martha MAY    
06/10/1800 Richard PINE     Rebekah WILLIAMS Single  
06/10/1800 John VICKERY     Sarah OTTON Single  
09/04/1801 John PEARSE     Elizabeth CLODE Single  
10/08/1801 John WELSMAN     Elizabeth WHEATON Single  
28/09/1801 Stephen HARRIS     Ann BOVETT Single  
21/12/1801 Philip WHEATON     Mary MOORE Single  
11/01/1802 William FRENCH     Martha LUGG Single  
01/02/1802 Job MACER     Jane HORN Single  
11/03/1802 John HALSE   Ottery St Mary Elizabeth MAYNE Single  
18/03/1802 William CHOWN     Margaret CLODE    
29/03/1802 John WHEEKER     Sarah CARSLAKE Single  
05/04/1802 Thomas MANNING     Sarah DARKE Single  
05/05/1802 William BARRETT     Rebecca RITTER    
18/05/1802 Daniel SEAL     Martha TREE    
24/08/1802 James FRENCH     Mary HARRIS    
07/09/1802 Henry SANFORD     Jane MORRISON    
13/09/1802 Abraham HORN     Sarah GODFREY Single  
18/10/1802 Isaac CARSLAKE     Elizabeth GIBBS Single  
18/11/1802 William TOBY     Mary DARKE Single  
23/11/1802 Thomas BARON     Sarah BLAMPIN Single  
02/12/1802 Daniel BATTEN     Honour SEARL Single  
28/12/1802 William WATTS Single   Frances KNIGHT Single  
29/12/1802 William CARSLAKE     Diana WEST Single  
06/01/1803 Richard CARSLAKE Widower   Elizabeth WICKER Widow  
05/02/1803 Benjamin SNELL     Anstice SELLER Single  
15/02/1803 Thomas TEED     Sarah PIDGEON Single  
27/03/1803 William DARKE     Sarah PAUL Single  
28/03/1803 Henry GIGG     Hannah POTBURY Single  
09/05/1803 Thomas WELSMAN     Phebe ROSSITER    
22/05/1803 Nehemiah NORMAN   Sidmouth Sarah KEEN Single  
15/06/1803 John MACER     Mary BAMPFIELD    
18/06/1803 James PAYEN   Stoodleigh Elizabeth SAUNDERS Single  
31/08/1803 Henry PIKE     Mary PYNE Single  
13/09/1803 Robert SELLEK     Mary JACKSON Single  
13/09/1803 William RENDALL     Susanna HAYMAN Single  
20/09/1803 John BAKER Single Colyton Ann PIMM Single  
03/10/1803 John PIDGEON     Margaret PYNE Single  
08/10/1803 William GOLDSWORTHY Widower   Elizabeth TUCKER Widow  
17/10/1803 William HURFORD     Ann WILLIAMS Single  
24/10/1803 George ROW     Sarah COLLINS    
04/11/1803 James COX     Mary QUICK Single  
07/11/1803 Thomas WHITE Single Salcombe Regis Sarah DANIEL Single  
22/11/1803 John BARTLETT     Betty SPELER Single  
30/11/1803 Michael SAUNDERS Single Ottery St Mary Ann BLAMPIN Single  
26/01/1804 James CLODE     Elizabeth IRISH Single  
30/01/1804 Robert PRATT Single   Sarah FOLLATT Single  
13/02/1804 John PRESTON     Mary VICKERY Single  
04/03/1804 John VICORY Widower   Susanna MACER Single  
14/03/1804 Christopher BROOM     Susanna ARBURY    
08/04/1804 Samuel Owing DYER Single   Mary TUCKER Single  
21/05/1804 William KEEN     Sarah PINE Single  
26/06/1804 John WHEATON Single   Mary WELSMAN Single  
23/07/1804 Thomas PATTISON     Susanna COX Single  
30/07/1804 James MELLUISH     Mary PIMM Single  
20/12/1804 Thomas LATTON     Betty BLATCHFORD Single  
01/01/1805 Michael DARE     Sarah NORMAN Single  
01/01/1805 Robert BOARD     Sarah DARKE Single  
18/03/1805 John BAILEY     Betty FRENCH Single  
20/03/1805 Nathaniel WHEATON     Sarah BAILEY Single  
17/04/1805 John BATT     Mary LEGATT    
03/06/1805 William CARTER Widower   Mary BISHOP Single  
24/07/1805 William FRANKS     Elizabeth ELLIS   Woodbury
03/10/1805 Thomas DARKE Single   Jane ROACH Single  
25/12/1805 John BARRETT Widower   Sarah SLADE Single  
26/12/1805 William CANNIFORD Single   Mary BOWERMAN Single  
12/03/1806 William WALL Single   Eleanor BASTIN Single  
31/03/1806 Thomas SNELL     Mary GALE Widow  
27/04/1806 Robert GOSLIN Single   Sarah TUCKER Single  
08/07/1806 Richard TEED Single   Sarah Rolle DARKE Single  
11/09/1806 Isaac HORN     Hannah SALMON Single  
14/10/1806 William PIDGEON     Elizabeth ELIS Single  
19/11/1806 James VICKREY     Ann SHUTE Single  
15/12/1806 John SIMMS     Mary TRIM Single  
18/12/1806 Henry DARKE     Elizabeth SIMMONS Single  
31/12/1806 William Rolle DARKE     Mary TEED Single  
17/02/1807 Charles CARNALL   Ottery St Mary Judith TEED Single East Budleigh
02/03/1807 Simeon WELSMAN     Mary BAILEY Single  
10/03/1807 Joseph PYNE     Betty PIM Single  
27/06/1807 Tristram BOWDITCH   Salcombe Regis Dinah WHEATON Single  
06/07/1807 Robert PAGE     Sarah WILLS Single  
06/07/1807 William KEEN     Mary WHITE Single  
07/07/1807 William COX     Esther BUSSELL Single  
24/07/1807 Richard PIMM     Sarah NAYLOR Single  
20/08/1807 John SALTER   Honiton Sarah PAGE Single  
03/09/1807 Robert BURROUGH     Johannah DARKE Single  
14/09/1807 John MOORE     Betty FARRANT Single  
15/09/1807 William TURNER     Jane NEWBURY Single  
21/09/1807 John FRANKS     Sally EALS Single  
21/10/1807 Nehemiah VICKERY     Sarah WOOD Single  
09/11/1807 William FARRANT     Anna Maria KNIGHT Single  
05/01/1808 William WHITE     Elizabeth DARKE Single  
29/02/1808 William TUCKER     Mary FOORD Single  
21/03/1808 William WHITE     Ann WHITE Single  
04/04/1808 Joseph COLEMAN     Mary HELLIER Single  
19/04/1808 John CLAPP     Mary IREISH Single  
09/08/1808 Thomas ACKLAND     Catherine MARTYN   Colaton Raleigh
25/08/1808 William HUTCHINGS     Leah PAGE Single  
03/09/1808 Joseph WEEKES     Mary Ann HODGE Single  
17/10/1808 William MADDICK   Farway Hannah SMITH Single  
26/01/1809 William SIMMONS     Ann DANIELL Single  
13/02/1809 John PYNE   Broadclyst Mary HORN Single  
16/02/1809 Thomas BATTIN     Honour SEARLE Single  
07/03/1809 John LEAT     Betty SELLER Single  
08/03/1809 James GODFREY     Mary BERRY Single  
27/03/1809 William TUCKER     Hannah KINGSBERRY Single  
03/04/1809 James IREISH     Elizabeth IRELAND Single  
04/04/1809 William CROSS     Leah BLAMPIN Single  
06/04/1809 Thomas MAYN     Betty TILKE Single  
10/04/1809 John DEEM     Ann MOOR Single  
17/04/1809 William GALE     Hannah CLARKE Single  
22/05/1809 Robert MANLEY     Mary POWN Single  
13/06/1809 Abraham CARSLAKE Widower   Ann MACER Widow  
04/07/1809 Stephen CARTER     Elizabeth BOARD Single  
27/07/1809 Thomas BISHOP     Maria WOOD Single  
24/09/1809 William BRADDICK     Elizabeth PEATON Single  
07/11/1809 Thomas MAYN     Elizabeth PIDGEON Widow  
28/11/1809 John BISHOP     Susanna FLOYDE Single  
10/12/1809 Thomas MILLER     Elizabeth HURLEY Single  
19/12/1809 Samuel JOHNSON     Tabitha DARKE Single  
02/02/1810 John HAMILTON     Mary Ann NEWMAN Single  
19/02/1810 William PEARSE     Mary CHAMBERLAIN Single  
16/04/1810 William BURROUGH     Sarah BANKS Single  
18/04/1810 James LANE   Branscombe Sarah CARTER Single  
19/04/1810 Herman TOZER   Colyton Mary TILKE Single  
14/05/1810 John HALFYARD     Sarah TREE Single  
29/05/1810 Richard MITCHELL     Eleanor BASTONE Single  
03/07/1810 Stephen HAYMAN     Lydia WEBBER Single  
23/07/1810 Richard DARKE Widower   Elizabeth HAYMAN Single  
22/08/1810 Joseph WILLS   Lustleigh Mary ROCKETT Single  
14/09/1810 Thomas Warren NEWMAN     Elizabeth DREW Single  
17/09/1810 Matthew BATTEN     Sarah PARSONS Single  
03/12/1810 William NURSE     Mary COX Single  
10/01/1811 Thomas PAVEY     Elizabeth BUSSELL Single  
04/03/1811 William CLAPP     Charlott PERRY Single  
04/04/1811 Peter BASTIN   Broadhembury Elizabeth DUSCOMBE Single  
16/04/1811 Thomas NEWBERY   Stockland Ann BLAMPIN Single  
30/05/1811 John GALE     Mary MAYN Single  
17/06/1811 John GENNINGS   Holsworthy Mary MATHEWS Single  
25/09/1811 Oliver WELSMAN     Elizabeth MACER Single  
15/11/1811 William SHEPARD     Mary Ann OLDREY Single  
15/11/1811 William ALLEN     Mary PESTER Single  
09/12/1811 James PAGE     Ann PIDGEON    
16/02/1812 Richard WOOD     Sarah HORN Single  
06/03/1812 William PARSONS     Ann LOOSEMOOR Single  
24/06/1812 William BRADDICK     Susanna ENGLAND Single Sidmouth
24/06/1812 James HURLEY     Joanna EBDON Single  
00/07/1812 William STONE   St Bartholomew The Less, City Of London Mary HAYMAN Single  
28/07/1812 John DARKE     Elizabeth HOOPER Single  
03/08/1812 Thomas CARSLAKE     Leah FARRANT Single  
24/09/1812 John SMALL     Mary DOWELL Single  
27/09/1812 Simon CARSLAKE     Mary SKINNER Single  
12/10/1812 John BATTEN     Sarah CLAP Single  
10/12/1812 John WHITE     Sarah MAYNE Single  
1 30/03/1813 Anthony COPPLESTONE     Sarah DARKE Widow  
2 20/04/1813 David MACER     Ann GRIFFIN Widow  
3 07/05/1813 Roger MAYNE     Christian GREGORY Single Gloucestershire
4 13/05/1813 John REDER     Sarah LOVERIDGE    
5 03/08/1813 William CHANNON     Elizabeth SHEPHERD Single  
6 03/08/1813 Richard MAYNE     Sarah PAGE Single  
7 13/09/1813 Joshua STOKES     Ann DARKE    
8 27/10/1813 Edward ALLEN     Mary Anne MILLER Single  
9 04/11/1813 Nicholas HAYMAN     Jemima SMALL Single  
10 30/12/1813 James NEWMAN     Charlotte PAGE Single  
11 12/04/1814 Joseph CLARK     Elizabeth MACER Single  
12 17/05/1814 John PIDGEON     Jane FARRANT Single  
13 27/06/1814 Peter PAGE     Elizabeth CANNIFORD Single  
14 04/08/1814 Samuel TEED     Susanna CLODE Single  
15 21/10/1814 John SMITH     Ann CARTER Single  
16 20/11/1814 John PAGE     Mary SILLICK Widow  
17 22/12/1814 Thomas MUSGROVE     Hannah MILLUISH Single  
18 29/12/1814 Joseph DARKE     Sarah SMALL Single  
19 09/03/1815 John MANDER     Elizabeth DANIELL Single  
20 20/04/1815 James SALMON Single   Hannah TUCKER Single  
21 01/06/1815 Joel HUGGINS     Betty SOLMAN Single  
22 07/06/1815 Samuel NEWBERY   Harpford Sarah ACKLAND Single  
23 08/06/1815 John WHEATON Widower   Mary CANNIFORD Single  
24 17/01/1816 Thomas WRIGHT     Ann DOWELL Single  
25 22/02/1816 Thomas PIPPIN     Mary SPRAGUE Single  
26 13/03/1816 Joseph TUCKER     Sarah BERRY Single  
27 16/04/1816 George WARREN     Sarah BAKER Single  
28 23/04/1816 William OLDAY     Susanna MACER Single  
30 04/07/1816 Isaac CLODE     Sophia Ann HAWKINS Single  
31 10/09/1816 Samuel PESTER     Mary NURSE Widow  
32 24/09/1816 William PALFREY     Anna Maria BAMPFYLDE Single  
33 24/10/1816 John TREMLETT     Mary PAGE Single  
34 23/12/1816 Samuel CLODE     Martha WELSMAN Single  
35 24/12/1816 John HATCHEL     Adela MACER Single  
36 25/12/1816 John NORTHCOTT     Ann HURLEY Single  
37 28/01/1817 William DARKE     Maria MATHEWS Single  
38 10/04/1817 Thomas SOLMAN     Elizabeth TUCKER Single  
39 10/04/1817 John PINE     Elizabeth DARKE Single  
40 14/04/1817 John PEARSE Widower   Jane MILDON Single  
41 17/04/1817 Joseph CHANNON   Ottery St Mary Elizabeth CLARK Single  
42 05/06/1817 William IRISH     Sarah DOWELL Single  
43 19/08/1817 Charles FARRANT     Maria CORDING Single  
44 19/09/1817 John WHEEKER Widower   Mary DIMOND Widow  
45 09/10/1817 Thomas BERREY     Mary Hall SELLER Single  
46 30/04/1818 David SUTTON   Stoke Damerel Ann Menefy WELSMAN Single  
47 13/05/1818 Henry MOORE     Sarah POTTER Single  
48 24/05/1818 Henry TEED     Mary POTTER Single  
49 23/07/1818 Samuel SALMON     Sarah TUCKER Single  
50 29/10/1818 John SOLMAN     Jane WALL Single  
51 24/11/1818 Richard CARSLAKE     Mary MACER Single  
52 30/11/1818 Richard DARKE     Sarah SANDERS Single  
53 29/12/1818 Elisha BLAMPIN     Hannah PAGE Widow  
54 04/03/1819 Edward SWEET     Susannah SPURWAY Single  
55 15/06/1819 John HATCHELL Widower   Jane HAYMAN Single  
56 16/06/1819 John LENTALL     Mary ROWLAND Single  
57 11/08/1819 Francis Kirkham TINCOMBE   Topsham Mary Anne CHANNON Single  
58 15/08/1819 John GRIDGE     Elizabeth HALL Single  
59 10/10/1819 Timothy BAILEY Widower   Sarah CHAMBERLIN Single  
60 17/10/1819 William PARTRIDGE     Anna Drake WRIGHT Widow  
61 09/11/1819 Frederick TUCKER Widower   Lydia SPARKE Single  
62 29/12/1819 William MOORE     Jane LANGFORD Single  
63 13/01/1820 James MATTHEWS     Mary ALLFORD Single  
64 25/01/1820 Samuel ASHFORD     Mary DARKE Single  
65 30/01/1820 Samuel ALFORD     Elizabeth QUICK Single  
66 19/03/1820 William HALL     Susanna POTTER Single  
67 23/03/1820 Richard SMITH     Joanna HALFYARD Single  
68 03/04/1820 James SPELLER     Mary WEBBER Single  
69 18/04/1820 John DARKE     Elizabeth WHEATON Single  
70 13/06/1820 James SMITH     Ann HAYMAN Single  
71 24/08/1820 Charles PINK     Mary PALMER Single  
72 12/09/1820 Joseph DAVIS     Susanna BUSSELL Single  
73 19/09/1820 George DRAKE     Anna Maria DARKE Single  
74 26/10/1820 William MOSS     Susanna BAKER Single  
75 19/11/1820 James MACER     Jane WELSMAN Single  
76 05/12/1820 Thomas ANNING     Jane LOUD Single  
77 19/12/1820 James WHITCOMBE     Betty CLODE Single  
78 19/01/1821 James ROW     Elizabeth WILLIAMSON Widow  
79 03/04/1821 Alexander BARNARD     Charlotte DARKE Single  
80 04/04/1821 William SNELL     Mary FRANKS Single  
81 23/04/1821 Robert PIKE     Elizabeth PARSONS Single  
82 24/04/1821 Benjamin UNDERDOWN     Elizabeth CHOWN Single  
83 02/05/1821 Thomas PITTES     Susanna DARKE Single  
84 22/05/1821 Edward QUICK   Plymtree Elizabeth SMALL Single  
85 14/06/1821 Joshua STOKES Widower   Frances WATTS Widow  
86 17/06/1821 William PILE     Ann CLARKE Single  
87 21/07/1821 James MAYNE     Clara NEWBERY Single  
88 24/07/1821 William MATTHEWS   Ottery St Mary Juliana BOLT Single  
89 01/08/1821 William DARKE     Elizabeth COX Single  
90 11/10/1821 Richard PERRY     Anna POOL Single  
91 23/10/1821 William CLIST     Hannah DARE Single  
92 25/10/1821 John HARDING     Sarah WHEEKER Single  
93 30/10/1821 Henry HOOKE     Mary Cox CLODE Single  
94 20/11/1821 John THOMAS     Anne PYNE Single  
95 01/01/1822 Thomas BURROUGH     Mary Anne SANDERS Single  
96 07/01/1822 John HARRIS Widower   Maria BICKERSBY Widow  
97 31/01/1822 William MANLEY     Elizabeth BISHOP Single  
98 04/03/1822 Thomas TAYLOR     Elizabeth CARNALL Single  
99 01/04/1822 William REED   Farway Sarah CHOWN Single  
100 08/04/1822 William SAUNDERS     Rachael RAYMOND Single  
101 25/04/1822 John SALWAY     Elizabeth MORISH Single  
102 05/05/1822 John CHANNON     Eliza TREE Single  
103 10/07/1822 Stephen HAYMAN     Mary SAUNDERS Single  
104 27/08/1822 John BARTLETT     Ruth HOOKWAY Single  
105 20/09/1822 James GODFREY Single   Anne BASTYAN Single  
106 17/10/1822 William BAKER     Anne CARNAL Single  
107 05/12/1822 Richard CAWLEY     Anna GOODING Single  
107 05/12/1822 Richard CAWLEY     Anna GOODING Single  
108 10/12/1822 James TEED     Elizabeth FORD Single  
108 10/12/1822 James TEED     Elizabeth FORD Single  
109 01/01/1823 James KING     Elizabeth WELSMAN Single  
110 15/01/1823 Henry MITCHELL     Jane HALL Single  
111 26/03/1823 John BISHOP     Elizabeth CHOWN Single  
112 14/05/1823 Thomas DANIELL Single   Anne PAGE Single  
113 15/06/1823 James MACER Widower   Jane GAER Single  
114 03/07/1823 Richard WILSMAN     Lucy SEAWARD Single  
115 31/08/1823 John SALMON     Catherine CARNALL Single  
116 01/09/1823 John WHEEKER Widower   Martha COTTEREL Single  
117 24/09/1823 William CLODE     Amelia WHEEKER Single  
118 25/09/1823 Robert HART     Jemima ENDON Single  
119 03/10/1823 James NEWBERY     Mary PEARSE Single  
120 02/02/1824 John Cox CLODE     Susan EBDEN Single  
121 19/04/1824 William WEBBER     Elizabeth RICHARDS Single  
122 01/05/1824 William BEARD   Kenton Eliza BEAR Single  
123 05/05/1824 William Purchase TAYLOR     Elizabeth SALTER Single Woodbury
124 08/06/1824 David BASTON     Frances Gay PARSONS Single  
125 07/07/1824 Elias HILL     Elizabeth PILE Single  
126 09/07/1824 Samuel CARNAL Single   Sarah MOORE Single  
127 11/08/1824 Robert CARTER     Sarah BARRETT Single  
128 20/12/1824 James POUND     Maria BAMFIELD Single  
129 12/01/1825 Thomas Jonah JOY Single Sidmouth Elizabeth WELSMAN Single  
130 29/03/1825 Richard DARKE     Mary DUCK Single  
131 07/04/1825 John HARDING     Mary Ann COX    
132 26/04/1825 Robert LIPPET     Anne CLODE    
133 12/05/1825 John BAKER     Ann BARRATT Single  
134 30/06/1825 Joseph TUCKER     Mary HORN Single  
135 16/07/1825 John KEEN Widower   Hannah BROOKES Widow  
136 16/08/1825 Henry DARKE     Martha CLARKE Widow  
137 01/09/1825 John BRIDLE     Honour WEST Single  
138 19/09/1825 Henry COX     Mary Anne PITTS Single  
139 19/09/1825 Charles Orchard HARDING     Ann Darke BOUND Single  
140 11/10/1825 Thomas PILE     Sarah Raymond CLODE Single  
141 22/12/1825 John BAKER     Hannah GOFF    
142 29/12/1825 Henry PINN     Mary BUSTON Single  
168 02/01/1828 Mark CANN   Colyton Harriett Charlotte WHITE    
169 14/02/1828 Charles FARRANT     Eliza BROWN    
170 28/03/1828 John STAMP     Sarah Drake BAKER Single  
171 28/03/1828 Simon Carslake WHEEKER     Susan COX Single  
172 28/07/1828 William WATTS     Amelia WHEATON Single  
173 18/10/1828 John WILSMAN     Mary BERRY Widow  
174 06/01/1829 Thomas MOORE     Martha CARSLAKE Single  
175 08/01/1829 Richard PIDGEON     Sarah Pulman FISHER Single  
176 03/02/1829 William HAWKER   Buckerell Mary LOVERIDGE Single  
177 09/04/1829 John HALSE Single   Margaret WHITE Single  
178 22/04/1829 William LETTON     Betsy PAVEY Single  
179 29/04/1829 Charles GAYLER   Ottery St Mary Elizabeth GRIFFIN Single  
180 14/05/1829 Michael TOUT   Sidmouth Mary Carter PAGE    
181 25/05/1829 John BROWN     Elizabeth MANNING Single  
182 01/07/1829 Henry KILLIAN     Elizabeth FREE Single  
183 01/07/1829 William PAGE     Ann GOFF Single  
184 31/07/1829 John Cox CLODE Widower   Esther KERSEY Widow  
185 21/09/1829 Joseph HAYMAN     Elizabeth BROOM    
186 10/11/1829 William PARSONS     Mary Ann BARTLETT    
187 26/11/1829 James COX Single   Eliza GOSLING Single  
188 09/12/1829 Robert CHOWN Single   Mary SMITH    
189 03/02/1830 Thomas BURROUGH Single   Mary VICKERY    
190 15/04/1830 James COMBES     Sarah MUSGROVE    
191 24/08/1830 William PERRY Single   Frances Colmer BASTYAN Single  
192 08/09/1830 George FORD Single   Elizabeth BRIGHT Single  
193 25/10/1830 Frederick BROWN   Dawlish Ann SAUNDERS    
194 02/12/1830 George LEEKEY   Milverton, Somerset Jemima John CRAZE    
195 28/12/1830 William HENSLEY   Littleham By Exmouth Elizabeth MILLS    

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