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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Stockleigh Pomeroy St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Stockleigh Pomeroy lies in central Devon about 3 miles northeast of the market town of Crediton. Stockleigh Pomeroy is a small village which sits a few yards south of the A3072 road which connects Crediton with Tiverton. Stockleigh Pomeroy is small with no facilities remaining as its holds a tiny population today and was ever a relatively small place. The local economy would have been underpinned by pastoral farming at the time of this transcript and whilst some arable has spread in, with the use of modern machinery, this still dominates. Small streams drain the parish into the nearby River Creedy which heads southwards joining the Exe to the northwest of Exeter and thence to the English Channel through the Exe Estuary. Stockleigh Pomeroy is sited at around 90 metres above the sea and sits at the foot of a small isolated outcrop, the Raddon Hills, which rise to around 230 metres and sit southeast of the parish. By Devon standards Stockleigh Pomeroy parish was rather small, covering just 1,300 acres it would have supported around 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Stockleigh Pomeroy was held by Ralph de Pomeroy and was, even then, a small place offering just 6 ploughs as well as the usual meadows, pastures and woodland.

The Church

St Mary's church sits at the western end of the village close to the junction of the main lane with the A3072. There has clearly been a church on this site since Norman times as the elaborate southern door is clearly of that style yet reused in later restorations. Documentary evidence notes a dedication (probably a rededication) dating to 1261 and reused lancet windows in the chancel testify to that date. A northern arcade was added in the Perpendicular style of the 15th century to complete the building. However, the chancel was rebuilt in 1841 and a substantial restoration of the early 1860s masks much other dating details. The church is set back into a short side lane and sits behind a low local stone wall with metal gates granting access. The churchyard is open and with no obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th July 1754 - 8th November 1812 Devon Record Office - Reference - 1047A/PR/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The register suffers badly from poor handwriting some of which is very difficult to interpret, it is likely that quite a few misreads will have occurred as a result
2 9th March 1813 - 12th February 1837 Devon Record Office - Reference - 1047A/PR/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Cheriton Fitzpaine St Matthew
Cheriton Fitzpaine St Matthew
Cadbury St Michael
Cheriton Fitzpaine St Matthew
Cadbury St Michael
Thorverton St Thomas a Becket
Shobrooke St Swithin
Shobrooke St Swithin
Shobrooke St Swithin

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 14/07/1754 Phillip YELLAND   Shobrooke Mary LAMSEY    
2 08/09/1758 John LEE     Joan MAYNE    
3 08/10/1758 Thomas ESWORTHY   Newton St Cyres Elizabeth AXTON    
4 20/11/1759 John SHALLIS     Jane ESWORTHY Single  
5 15/04/1760 William SERLES     Agnes BRIGHT    
6 21/05/1760 John MELHUISH   Cruwys Morchard Elizabeth HEWISH    
7 12/07/1760 John PLARE   Shobrooke Mary CHESTER    
8 22/12/1760 Henry LEWIS     Anne TUCKER    
9 09/05/1761 Robert HODGE   Stockleigh English Edith THOMAS    
10 23/05/1762 George TOTTLE     Sarah DALLY    
11 26/07/1762 Thomas HERD   Brampford Speke Margaret WATERS    
12 19/06/1763 John WREFORD     Sarah WILLIAMS    
13 20/08/1764 William BARRINGTON   Sandford Betty ROBERTS    
14 13/02/1765 William DOWNE     Katherine MILLIS    
15 27/05/1765 John ANDREWS     Mary TAPP   Washfield
16 20/05/1766 John ROUSE     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
17 01/09/1766 Thomas TUCKER     Mary CRUWYS    
18 10/11/1766 John HOOPER   Shobrooke Alice ROBERTS    
19 02/12/1766 John HAMLIN     Elizabeth RATTENBURY   Winkleigh
20 28/12/1766 James BRIGHT     Anne STRONG    
21 09/06/1767 Simon HAMMOND     Joan LEE    
16/08/1767 James PHILLIPS     Elizabeth KING    
14/12/1767 John GREENSLADE     Mary TAPSCOTT    
06/01/1768 John HAMLIN     Martha CASLEY    
26/02/1768 John LEDGER     Sarah ROBERTS    
15/04/1768 John PERKINS     Betty EDWARDS    
17/04/1768 Alexander TAPSCOTT     Sarah ADAMS    
20/12/1769 Thomas POOLMAN     Elizabeth GREGORY    
15/04/1770 William TUCKER     Sarah BREWER    
04/11/1770 Richard KERSWELL   Alphington Betty MAUNDER    
06/12/1771 Thomas PHILIPS     Grace HORN    
21/06/1773 John FURZE     Alice LEBDON    
17/01/1776 Robert SOUTHCOTT     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
19/02/1776 Philip WELLINGTON     Grace WILLIAMS    
01/05/1778 Thomas HOOKINGS     Mary GOODING    
07/12/1779 John BUTT     Grace POTTER    
07/07/1780 Hugh CLARK   Shobrooke Peggy SHAPCOT    
24/02/1782 Simon TUCKER     Mary PERRY   Huntsham
25/03/1782 Henry MANLY     Susanna WOODGATE    
02/12/1782 Philip DUNN     Mary SHALLIS    
20/04/1784 Thomas KNIGHT     Mary DINGLES    
08/06/1785 Peter ELSON     Mary SHALLIS    
12/06/1786 Venson THORNE   Poughill Betty HAYWOOD    
15/07/1786 Jonathan WORTHY   St Edmund, Exeter Elizabeth MELHUISH    
10/02/1788 William LABDON     Grace HAMMOND    
11/05/1788 William UPCOTT   Sandford Anne WADMAN    
14/09/1789 Robert MAUNDER     Sarah GIDEON    
08/02/1790 John COCKRAM     Sarah PROWSE    
14/11/1790 William TUCKER   Marwood Betty HAYWOOD    
14/05/1792 William WESTCOT     Joanna THORNE    
03/08/1792 Richard CHANNING   Clyst St George Grace COLLARD    
27/08/1792 Thomas HAMMOND   Shobrooke Margaret WAY   Shobrooke
04/07/1793 George MORTIMER   Dunsford Mary TUCKETT Single  
03/09/1795 John MOORE Single Rackenford Anne BADCOCK Single  
05/05/1796 William LANGWORTHY Single Cheriton Fitzpaine Joanna TUCKER Single  
02/06/1796 Thomas DENSEM     Sarah PASMORE    
14/07/1796 William CURRELL Single Cheriton Fitzpaine Thomasin CHALICE Single  
02/08/1796 William BRADFORD Widower   Sarah BOLT Single  
27/09/1796 William PASMORE     Martha TUCKETT    
24/04/1798 William STRONG     Grace PASMORE    
30/04/1799 John HANFORD Single   Jane TUCKER Single  
22/05/1800 John HOOPER Single Shobrooke Mary FIELD Single  
11/03/1801 John ARSCOTT Single Cheriton Fitzpaine Dinah TUCKETT Single  
01/01/1802 Antony COCKRAM     Ann CHANNON    
21/06/1802 William CLAPP     Mary STRONG    
04/12/1802 Philip YENNDELL Single   Sarah COCKRAM Single  
05/12/1802 William BAKER Single   Elizabeth GREENSLADE Single  
04/05/1803 James PERKINS Single   Sarah PHILIPS Single  
16/07/1804 William ELWORTHY Single   Mary DUNN Single  
29/01/1805 William HAMLYN Single   Mary TAPSCOTT Single  
22/04/1806 James TOUT Single   Elizabeth FURZE Single  
27/07/1807 Joseph PALMER Single Thorverton Sarah BODLEY Single  
05/01/1809 John TUTHILL Single Shobrooke Jane HILL Single  
28/03/1809 Samuel MELHUISH Single Cheriton Fitzpaine Ann WHITE Single  
02/12/1809 William HUGGINS Single   Betty HUTCHINGS Single  
18/04/1810 James HUGGINS Single   Elizabeth WESTCOTT Single  
14/01/1811 Philip DUNN Widower   Mary TUCKETT Widow Dawlish
05/06/1811 William PARTRIDGE   Kennerleigh Sarah TUCKETT Single  
13/04/1812 James HAMLYN   Butterleigh Anne BRADFORD    
08/11/1812 Isaac WOTTON   Cheriton Fitzpaine Mary HAYDON    
1 09/03/1813 Thomas TUCKER Single Upton Pyne Betty DAVIS    
2 17/07/1813 Francis CROSS Single Crediton Bridget Mary ILBERT Single  
3 16/10/1813 John HOILE     Susanna HILL Single  
4 24/04/1814 Henry KEENE Single   Sarah EDIFORD Single  
5 03/11/1814 John PLEACE Widower Cheriton Fitzpaine Ann LAVIS Single  
6 27/12/1814 Thomas CLATWORTHY     Mary PARKER Single  
7 26/12/1815 Robert SOUTHCOTT Single   Betty COCKRAM Single  
8 23/02/1818 William PEDRICK Single   Ann STRONG Single  
9 23/03/1818 William WOODLEY     Martha DAVY    
10 01/02/1819 John WESTCOTT Single   Sarah WOLAND Single  
11 20/05/1819 John TUCKER     Sarah BARRINGTON Single  
12 27/06/1819 William KELLAND     Sarah COZENS Single  
13 15/05/1820 John MILLS Single St Mary Steps, Exeter Grace ELSTON Single  
14 04/09/1820 William CURWOOD Single Cruwys Morchard Betty BUTT Single  
15 25/03/1821 Robert CANN Single Heavitree Mary BARRINGTON Single  
16 09/04/1822 John WESTCOTT     Sarah JORDEN Single  
17 11/08/1822 John BATT     Agnes ROWELL Single  
18 21/08/1822 John WREYFORD     Anne TAPSCOTT Single Thorverton
19 13/05/1823 Joseph COOMBE   Drewsteignton Elizabeth BODLEY Single  
20 31/03/1824 Thomas GUBB     Elizabeth FORD Single  
21 13/07/1826 Thomas ARSCOTT     Ann PASMORE    
22 15/04/1827 Joseph COLES     Mary STUCKEY    
23 20/03/1828 Thomas PLEACE     Anne TUCKER    
24 15/04/1829 James YEANDELL     Elizabeth WEBBER    
25 06/10/1829 Simon TUCKER     Jane LOCKYER    
26 17/02/1830 Samuel VICARY     Sarah WREYFORD    
27 29/08/1830 Joseph GERRARD     Sarah ELSWORTHY    
28 11/04/1831 Michael SELLEY Single   Jane PEARCE Single  
29 19/04/1832 John BLATCHFORD Single   Mary HAMMETT Single  
30 16/07/1833 Robert FLOYD Single   Jane TUCKER Single  
31 14/08/1833 John BENNETT   Bickleigh By Tiverton Harriet HAMLIN    
32 02/11/1834 William CHANNON     Faith Charity COCKRAM    
33 30/11/1834 William TUCKER Single   Ann SHARLAND Single  
34 24/05/1835 Richard COCKRAM     Mary YENDELL    
35 10/03/1836 John COCKRAM     Mary Ann HOOKINGS    
36 01/05/1836 Jacob QUICK Single   Sarah GOFF Single  
37 12/02/1837 Anthony COCKRAM Single   Grace TANCOCK Single  

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