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Godmanstone Holy Trinity


The Parish

The parish of Godmanstone is located in central Dorset about 5 miles north of the town of Dorchester. Godmanstone is a tiny place, little more than a hamlet, lying astride the A352 road which links Dorchester with the town of Sherborne. Godmanstone consists of little more than a 500 metres long strip of cottages and farms along the busy road, the place is gone in somewhat of a flash. Godmanstone lies in chalk country, the area is rather dramatically undulating, Godmanstone sits in the valley of the River Cerne whilst chalk downs rise to both east and west. The area would have been dominated by sheep raising at the time of this transcript although nowadays there is much conversion to arable farming. The Cerne, which drains to the south, is headed, after joining the Frome towards the English Channel through Poole Harbour. Godmanstone is sited at around 90 metres above sea level but hills rise to local heights of more than twice that height to both east and west. Godmanstone parish was small for Dorset and would certainly not have covered 1,000 acres; it supported around 150 parishioners. There is no specific mention of Godmanstone in Domesday Book.

The Church

Holy Trinity church is sited on the western side of the A352, accessed by a short unsurfaced track. The church is largely of the Perpendicular period of 14th & 15th centuries, although there are signs of an earlier origin. Pevsner notes the Norman chancel arch and passes on supposition that some Roman materials were used in the south reveal. The church has a standard design of chancel, nave and western tower augmented by a rather large south arcade. The access track, Church Hill, starts tarred but quickly becomes not much more than a footpath, the church sits in a rather tree-dominated environment which does rather restrict the points to which adequate photographs can be taken.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 13th August 1754 - 16th February 1811 Dorset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - PE-GOD/RE/2/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 18th May 1813 - 18th July 1836 Dorset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - PE-GOD/RE/2/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Sydling St Nicholas
Sydling St Nicholas
Nether Cerne All Saints
Nether Cerne All Saints
Sydling St Nicholas
Charminster St Mary
Stratton St Mary
Stratton St Mary
Charminster St Mary
Charminster St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 13/08/1754 Nicholas CARY   Upcerne Catharine MARCH    
2 09/09/1755 William POLDEN   Charminster Edith GROZE Single  
3 13/09/1755 Nicholas WARREN   Glanvilles Wootton Mary BEER Single  
4 15/05/1757 Robert COSSE   Charminster Ceciley GROZE Single  
5 06/12/1757 Richard DEVENISH   Frampton Ann GROVES Single  
6 13/02/1758 Edward SATCHEL   Winterborne Came Elizabeth GROVES Single  
7 22/06/1759 William GROVES     Sarah GIFFORD   Bradford Peverell
8 15/08/1759 John KELLAWAY     Mary DENNIS Single  
9 02/03/1760 William GIFFORD   Bradford Peverell Mary YATES Single  
10 05/08/1762 Thomas SARJENT   Wimborne Minster Ann YEAT Single  
11 30/05/1763 John ROBERTS   Winterborne Monkton Susanna GROVES Single  
12 30/04/1764 William CAKE   Nether Cerne Grace SCORE Single Nether Cerne
13 09/08/1764 Richard GROVES     Elizabeth BARRETT Single  
14 18/02/1765 Joseph ALLEN   Cerne Abbas Betty HOW Single Nether Cerne
15 10/05/1765 George HARRIS   Nether Cerne Grace BOW   Nether Cerne
16 01/07/1767 John BROWN   Charminster Betty ROGERS Single  
17 12/10/1769 Elias CURME   Cerne Abbas Elizabeth WATTS Single Nether Cerne
18 23/10/1769 Robert CHILD   Charminster Diana GROVES Single  
19 15/01/1770 Thomas HODGES   Piddletrenthide Mary GROVES Single  
20 07/11/1770 Thomas YEATS     Thomasin GROVES Single  
21 27/05/1771 John STILLO   Charminster Mary TUCKER   Nether Cerne
22 04/05/1772 Henry LUCAS   Hilton Christian DAMMEN   Nether Cerne
23 21/07/1772 Robert YEATS   Cerne Abbas Ann PRIOR   Charminster
24 20/01/1774 William NORMAN   St Peter, Dorchester Jane FORE Single  
25 14/02/1774 William FORE     Mary FURBER   Charminster
26 11/07/1774 James GULLIVER   Sydling St Nicholas Edith HARDY    
27 29/06/1776 George LUCKHAM Single Buckland Newton Thomasin YATES Widow  
28 07/07/1780 Thomas CAINES   Buckland Newton Ann CHAMEN Single  
29 24/12/1781 Thomas HIDE     Jane FUDGE    
30 12/02/1782 Samuel COX     Mary SHERREN   Nether Cerne
31 14/09/1782 Thomas RANDALL   Wareham Catharine ROBERTS    
32 31/01/1783 John HALLET   Charminster Sarah ROBERTS    
33 26/03/1783 Barnard HURST     Elizabeth ROBERTS    
34 29/07/1783 Christopher PRIOR     Elizabeth DAWE    
35 14/10/1783 John PAINTER     Elizabeth FRAMPTON    
36 25/12/1786 John DAY Single   Alice FORE Single  
37 05/07/1788 George MULLET   Charminster Mary TIZZARD    
38 21/07/1789 Michael MILLER   Buckland Newton Joan SHARREN   Nether Cerne
39 11/08/1789 Jacob SHORTS   Cerne Abbas Martha FRAMTON    
40 08/09/1789 Henry GROVE     Sarah PEACH    
41 24/01/1791 Morgan SHEPHARD   Cerne Abbas Ann STROUD   Nether Cerne
42 05/07/1791 William BOOBY   Nether Cerne Mary HARRIS    
43 25/09/1792 William PEARCE     Mary RICHARDS    
44 09/06/1794 John PELHAM     Elizabeth GROVES    
45 16/07/1795 Levi GROVES     Elizabeth GROVES    
46 01/09/1795 Joseph GROVES     Mary STROUD   Nether Cerne
47 15/10/1795 Robert DURDENT   Cerne Abbas Grace HARRIS   Nether Cerne
48 24/12/1798 James TOOP   Kimmeridge Ann KELLOWAY    
49 09/04/1799 William OLD   Minterne Magna Mary GROVES    
50 09/05/1799 Henry LAMMERS   Nether Cerne Sarah FUDGE    
51 28/12/1799 Robert GILL     Ann GROVES    
58 13/04/1801 Andrew GILLINGHAM   Nether Cerne Hannah RICHARDS    
59 16/07/1801 James ROBERTS   Sydling St Nicholas Anne WATTS   Nether Cerne
60 31/12/1801 Philip COTES     Eleanor FRAMPTON    
61 25/01/1802 Francis DINE     Jane GROVES    
62 16/06/1802 William GROVE     Grace HARRIS    
63 30/05/1803 John BARRETT     Dorothy HYDE    
64 29/02/1804 Thomas RICHARDS     Mary WATTS    
65 03/03/1806 Richard BROADBY     Ann GROVES    
66 29/07/1806 Richard GROVES     Elizabeth STICKLAND    
67 10/02/1807 John YEATS     Mary PRIOR    
68 07/07/1807 James RICHARDS     Sarah SOPER    
69 28/06/1808 Robert HOLLAND   Charminster Mary BIRD    
70 30/10/1808 Robert HALLETT   Nether Cerne Barbara LUCAS    
71 21/12/1808 John HALLETT   Nether Cerne Joan LUCAS   Nether Cerne
72 28/05/1810 William DOMINY   Cerne Abbas Ann DENNIS    
73 16/02/1811 Robert PAULY Single   Sophia HYDE Single  
1 18/05/1813 John GROVES     Rachael SHORTO    
2 17/01/1815 Elias DEVENISH   Winterbourne Isabella BURCH    
3 02/02/1815 George RICHARDS Widower Winterbourne Anne FORE    
4 14/07/1817 Samuel HAYWARD   West Coker, Somerset Mary YEATS    
5 24/11/1818 Robert PASKEN     Ann PRIOR    
6 24/12/1818 James READ   Cerne Abbas Mary GALE    
7 14/02/1820 William TEMPLEMAN   Holy Trinity, Dorchester Elizabeth HURST    
8 04/05/1820 James BILES   Piddlehinton Elizabeth GROVES    
9 15/01/1821 Robert KIDDLE   Sydling St Nicholas Elizabeth PRYER    
10 17/07/1821 Charles RICHARDS     Elizabeth ABBOTT    
11 18/05/1823 William BOOBY     Mary GROVES    
12 30/01/1825 George FRAMPTON   Dewlish Anne SPRACKLING    
13 26/10/1826 Christopher SMITH     Mary KEMP    
14 25/04/1830 Thomas CHATTER   Dorchester Elizabeth ROBERTS    
15 22/05/1830 Luke HARRIS     Maria BASWELL    
16 02/06/1830 James HOOK   Winterborne Whitechurch Maria SAMWAYS   Nether Cerne
17 27/06/1830 George ROBBINS   Frampton Mary HOSKINS    
18 03/10/1830 John BRADBY     Mary TREVET    
19 09/08/1831 Henry GROVES     Mary GROVES    
20 06/03/1832 James SQUIB     Mary BRADBY    
21 10/03/1833 John HURST     Sarah ABBOT    
22 20/03/1834 William HYDE     Mary LONG   Cerne Abbas
23 12/01/1835 Benjamin GROVES Widower   Susanna VIVIAN Widow  
24 03/09/1835 David DAVIS     Mary Ann KNIGHT    
25 04/07/1836 Thomas GIBBS   Piddletrenthide Harriet HYDE    
26 18/07/1836 John HURST     Mary CHURCHOUSE    

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