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Wynford Eagle St Lawrence


The Parish

The small parish of Wynford Eagle, created as a chapelry of Toller Fratrum and resubsumed in 1813, lies in southwestern Dorset not too far from its English Channel coast. Wynford Eagle is located about 6 miles northwest of the town of Dorchester in the chalk downlands of Dorset. Wynford Eagle is not much more than a hamlet, a collection of farms in rolling chalk country. The hamlet sits in the base of a chalk valley with high downs on all sides, a lost and lonely place served only by a winding lane which heads south down the valley from Maiden Newton on the A356 (Dorchester to Crewkerne road). The main economic activity of the parish would have been sheep farming but nowadays this is shared with arable crops. Wynford Eagle's valley is drained by a small chalk stream which heads north to join the River Frome at Maiden Newton and from there heads to the sea via Poole Harbour. Wynford Eagle is sited at around 110 metres above the sea but the hills to east and west rise to almost double that height. By Dorset standard the parish covered a substantial area (larger in acreage than its mother parish Toller Fratrum was left with), it covered almost 1,800 acres but supported just 130 parishioners. In Domesday times Wynford eagle was held by one William of Eu and was a more prosperous and populated place, it supported 11 ploughs and boasted meadows, pastures and woodland as well as a mill.

The Church

St Lawrence's church sits to the west of the notional centre of Wynford Eagle, across the stream from the main group of farms and on the southern side of the branch lane which climbs the downs to the local high spot of Egerton Hill. The building is relatively modern being a Victorian replacement built in 1842, it does include a few features from its mediaeval predecessor but is largely of the "Commissioners' type" as Pevsner declares. The chancel arch is from the prior building and indicates a Perpendicular predecessor but the current building receives only a modest review from Pevsner. The church stands in a big wide open landscape of chalk downland, a low stone wall protects and access is by a metal gateway slightly down the footpath to the site's western end. There are no restrictions to photography in this open site.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 4th July 1754 - 11th June 1810 Dorset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - PE-TRF/RE/2/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
Entries for 1813 onwards are found in Toller Fratrum registers

Toller Porcorum St Peter & St Andrew
Toller Fratrum St Basil
Frome Vauchurch
Toller Porcorum St Peter & St Andrew
Frome Vauchurch
Maiden Newton St Mary
Toller Porcorum St Peter & St Andrew
Compton Abbas St Mary
Compton Valence St Thomas of Canterbury
Compton Valence St Thomas of Canterbury

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 04/07/1754 Richard MEECH   Longbredy Anne CROFTS Single  
2 30/12/1754 Cornelius SMITH     Joan SPURLE Single  
3 19/01/1756 Alick WHITTLE     Ann SPURLE Single  
4 10/08/1756 Henry CHURCHIL     Mary GILLET    
31/01/1757 Ralph BARTLETT     Joanna GROVES    
10/08/1758 Richard CHURCHIL     Anne DUNFORD    
20/07/1763 Thomas SIBLEY     Leah STONE    
06/07/1766 John HILL     Sarah BELLINGER    
28/10/1766 Richard GILBERT   Woodsford Susannah BILES    
18/06/1769 James WEBB   Allington Mary ABRAHAM Single  
23/10/1769 William ELFORD   Yetminster Lucy BRIDGE Single  
12/02/1771 John STRONG     Elizabeth MARSH   Netherbury
06/04/1771 Elias WILLIAMS     Mary MILES    
10/09/1771 James SPURWAY   Powerstock Anne ALICE    
12/09/1773 Joseph STICKLAND   Maiden Newton Mary BARRET    
31/01/1774 Samuel SQUIRE   Chilfrome Mary BILES    
26/07/1774 John SAMWAYS     Mary BISHOP    
25/10/1775 John SYDENHAM     Elizabeth LOVELL    
07/07/1777 John HIDE     Mary SMITH    
12/02/1781 John SMITH     Margaret EDWARDS    
23/08/1784 Samuel BISHOP   Swyre Elizabeth SMITH    
29/05/1788 Richard CHURCHILL     Betty YARD    
18/06/1789 John YARD     Sarah HAILEY    
02/02/1790 Joseph ROPER   Broadwey Ann CHURCHILL    
22/02/1791 Edward CHURCHILL     Sarah BILES    
11/02/1793 Richard ROLLS     Betty GALPIN    
11/02/1793 Daniel SHORT   Corscombe Betty CROFTS    
20/05/1793 Giles GUDGE     Hannah THORNER    
14/02/1798 William EDWARDS     Jenny CROFTS    
09/06/1800 James ROLLS     Margaret HOLLAND    
25/05/1801 John CHURCHILL     Elizabeth FOOT    
05/07/1802 Isaac GILES   Maiden Newton Susanna FOOT    
16/04/1805 Thomas CHURCHILL   Compton Valence Sarah GALPIN    
10/06/1806 John SAMWAYS     Anne WHITE   Swyre
10/02/1807 John GALPIN     Christian CHURCHILL    
28/05/1807 Samuel PESKER   Ingestre, Staffordshire Mary BRIDGE    
15/11/1808 Thomas SYDENHAM     Ann BROWN    
27/04/1809 Thomas SYDENHAM     Sarah WALLBRIDGE    
17/06/1809 John EDWARDS     Fanny TRAVERS    
08/07/1809 John WHELLER   Frome Vauchurch Frances SMITH    
23/04/1810 Robert BISHOP     Elizabeth HALLET    
11/06/1810 Elias BILES   Maiden Newton Elizabeth TOMS    

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