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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Little Easton St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Little Easton lies in western Essex not too far from its border with neighbouring Hertfordshire. Little Easton is a small and compact village lying about 2 1/2 miles northwest of the market town of Great Dunmow. Little Easton sits about 1 mile west of the B184 road which connects Great Dunmow with Thaxted. Like most Essex communities Little easton would have been a farming community at the time of this transcript, arable would have dominated then and it is almost exclusively that form in situ today. Little Easton sits on the western banks of the headwaters of the River Chelmer which drains the parish southeastwards passing through Great Dunmow & Chlemsford before reaching the North Sea through Maldon & the Blackwater Estuary. Little Easton is sited at around 70 metres above the sea in gentle countryside, local heights rise to around 100 metres within a mile or so. Little Easton parish was fairly typically sized for a village in this area, covering around 1,600 acres it would have supported a population of around 350 parishioners. In Domesday time Little Easton was recorded together with its larger neighbour, Great Easton. Shared by 4 landholders the collective could offer 19 ploughs, meadows & woodlands and 2 mills albeit the larger holding would probably have been at Great Easton.

The Church

St Mary's church sits almost a half mile away from the centre of Little Easton, close to the site of the hall. Whilst the church has Norman Romanesque features retained they are scanty and limited to a pair of windows on the northern side of the nave. Much else is Perpendicular and 15th century in origin or later still. The church is dominated by the southern Bourchier Chapel which was added as part of this 15th century rebuild, this chapel is as wide as the nave and takes the southern limit of the church close to the surrounding churchyard wall. Further work happened in the 19th century, the Bourchier chapel windows were altered to a faux Neo-Norman style in 1857 whilst the northern chancel aisle was added as part of a general restoration in the late 1870s. The church sits on the northern side of Park Road where a small triangular green allows parking outside the wooden gates. Because of the proximity of the southern chapel to the flint & brick walls of the churchyard the best angles are probably from outside the churchyard which has few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th June 1754 - 24th December 1810 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P 180/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 16th February 1813 - 22nd September 1836 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P 180/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Broxted St Mary
Great Easton St John & St Giles
Great Easton St John & St Giles
Broxted St Mary
Takeley Holy Trinity
Great Dunmow St Mary the Virgin
Little Canfield All Saints
Great Dunmow St Mary the Virgin
Great Dunmow St Mary the Virgin

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 10/06/1754 Robert BRIDGE   City Of London Elizabeth LEADER    
2 30/06/1754 Samuel WILSON Single   Mary BURLES Single  
3 23/12/1754 William GUNN Widower   Mary CAMP Widow  
4 24/07/1755 William KIRKHAM   Great Easton Sarah MORRIS    
5 02/11/1755 Francis HORNBY Single St Anne, Westminster, Middlesex Mary WYATT Single  
6 30/11/1755 George BROWN Single Little Canfield Susanna LITTLE Single  
7 29/12/1755 John BARKER Single   Mariah SAMUEL Single  
8 15/06/1756 Daniel PALMER   Broxted Elizabeth CHALICE    
9 01/09/1756 John SURTEES     Elizabeth WILLER    
10 04/03/1757 Andrew POULTON Single   Sarah HART Single St Botolph Bishopsgate, City Of London
11 18/10/1757 Thomas GIBSON   Barnston Ann POULTON    
12 10/11/1757 John CORKER   Great Dunmow Ruth TRUBSHOE    
13 12/10/1758 Richard TINGLEY Single   Sarah CARTER Single Thorley, Hertfordshire
14 18/05/1759 John GUNN Widower   Jane WILLIAMS Single  
15 02/09/1759 John BARKER Widower   Elizabeth ALLINGTON Single  
16 28/10/1759 Peter GUNN     Mary SALMON    
17 04/01/1761 James LITTLE   Hatfield Broad Oak Mary SMITH    
18 30/01/1761 Simon HORSENAIL   Hatfield Broad Oak Mary SACK    
19 04/02/1762 Richard SEARLS Single   Mary RENNELS Single  
20 27/02/1762 James SEGAR Single Pattiswick Elizabeth EWELL Single  
21 10/02/1763 John GUN     Mary NORRIS    
22 26/12/1763 William TRUBSHOE     Elizabeth GUNN    
23 12/03/1764 Thomas COLLIN     Elizabeth GUNN    
24 23/07/1764 Henry CARR     Elizabeth WILTSHIRE    
25 19/02/1765 Joseph POOL     Elizabeth TRUBSHOE    
26 21/05/1765 James NORRIS     Mary GINNS    
27 04/07/1765 Edmund BARKER Single   Susanna POULTON Single  
28 18/08/1768 Jacob BURLES Single   Elizabeth CRACKNELL Single  
29 02/02/1770 John BURT Single   Ann POULTON Single  
30 09/09/1770 Thomas PHILIPS Widower Broxted Elizabeth STEVENS Single  
31 13/11/1770 James REYNOLDS Single   Mary TURPIN Single  
32 09/08/1771 George GREENLEAF Widower Great Dunmow Elizabeth GINNS Single  
33 06/12/1771 Robert POULTON Single   Rebecca AYLWARD Single  
34 26/12/1771 James PRYER Single Great Dunmow Ann COO Single  
35 31/07/1772 Burles HORSENAIL Single   Mary PHILIPS Single  
36 20/10/1772 William BOLDEN Widower   Mary PERRY Single  
37 23/11/1773 James RADLEY Single City Of London Elizabeth PARSONS Single  
38 30/01/1774 Henry TRUBSHOE Single   Mary POULTON Single  
39 26/10/1778 John INEFER Single   Anne SMITH Single  
40 14/11/1778 Peter THOROGOOD Widower Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Susanna POULTON    
41 02/03/1779 Tabrum CLARANCE Single Great Sampford Elizabeth SURTEES    
42 28/08/1779 Isaac BATTLE Single Willingale Doe Mary HORSNELL    
43 14/12/1779 Richard PALMER Single Writtle Elizabeth BATTLE Single  
44 15/11/1780 Stephen THAKE Single   Elizabeth HERBST Single  
46 18/04/1782 William HASELDEN Widower Lambeth, Surrey Rebecca CHOUN    
47 18/12/1782 John PIPER Single Ashdon Mary HORSNAIL    
49 13/10/1783 John CHILES Single   Mary GUNN Single  
48 16/10/1783 John HEARD Single   Kesia RAWLINGS Single  
50 08/11/1784 Zachariah NICHOLS Single Great Dunmow Rachel MILLER Single  
51 24/04/1785 Richard WYATT Single   Susanna POULTON Single  
52 24/02/1786 John POULTON Single   Sarah SAWYER Widow  
23/07/1786 Thomas RIXON Single Matching Mary BARKER Single  
24/10/1786 Robert CRAB Single Great Dunmow Elizabeth LEECH Single  
12/11/1786 John PURKIS Single   Mary STAINES Single  
01/07/1788 William MORRIS   Chipping Ongar Elizabeth NORRIS    
19/10/1788 Abednego VAIL   Great Dunmow Sarah CHOUN Single  
11/10/1789 John BUSH Single Great Dunmow Elizabeth BARKER Single  
30/11/1789 William BUSH Single   Elizabeth FEWELL Single  
22/08/1791 Joseph HOY     Ellen KNIGHT    
05/03/1793 Joseph TRUBSHOE     Ann POWLTER    
11/10/1793 Jesse GUNN Single   Elizabeth PERRY Single  
07/10/1794 Thomas BRIGHT Single   Millisent CHALLIS Single  
02/12/1794 Henry TRUBSHOE Single   Mary KIRKHAM Single Great Easton
29/01/1795 John HOWLAND Single   Mary ELLIS Single  
09/11/1795 Charles MARRIOTT Widower   Elizabeth PERRIN Single  
14/09/1797 John BRUCE Single   Elizabeth BENNETT Single Great Dunmow
15/10/1797 John INEFER Widower   Elles KEY Single  
11/11/1798 William COPLEN Single   Ann REEVE Single  
14/10/1799 John WALLIS Single   Millicent BRIGHT Widow  
25/03/1800 Richard PERRYN Single   Mary POULTON Single  
03/11/1801 Matthew BREWER Single Takeley Sarah NORRIS Single  
22/11/1801 William CAMP Single   Susanna BARKER Single  
01/01/1802 Luke SCOTT Single Great Easton Jane GINN Single  
27/12/1802 William POWTER Single   Anne THAKE Single  
26/10/1803 Andrew SCOTT Single Great Easton Elizabeth GINN Single  
16/07/1804 William BYATT Single   Margaret CLARK Single  
30/11/1804 Thomas WRIGHT Single   Elizabeth DAVEY Single  
06/11/1805 William DEWBERRY Single   Sarah FEWEL Single  
15/12/1806 William COLLER   Great Dunmow Susanna POULTON Single  
05/01/1808 John FRANCKLIN Single Great Dunmow Elizabeth COOK Single  
24/01/1808 William HARLEY Single   Anne GUNN Single  
12/02/1808 James HORSENAIL Single   Catherine CARREL Single  
14/11/1808 Zaccheus GUNN Single   Martha GOTER Single  
05/02/1809 William CLARK Single   Elizabeth SPELTER Single Tilty
05/09/1809 Henry BARWICK Single Great Dunmow Thirza TRUBSHOE Single  
01/11/1809 Stephen THAKE Single   Mary LANCASTER Single  
30/11/1809 Charles MATTHEWS Single   Anne NICHOLLS Single  
13/05/1810 Charles POOL Single   Sarah SUCKLING Single  
12/10/1810 William CLARK     Elizabeth DAVEY    
24/12/1810 William MORTON Single Takeley Elizabeth POULTON Single  
1 16/02/1813 James POOLE Single   Sarah COOTE Single  
2 06/03/1813 Robert MATTHEWS Single   Hannah HICKS Single  
3 03/05/1813 William GUNN Single Great Easton Susan POULTER Single  
4 25/12/1813 Joseph POOLE Single   Mary DAVIS Single  
5 30/11/1814 James IVES Single Tilty Hannah COSTIN Single  
6 10/01/1815 Robert HASLER Single Great Dunmow Ruth TRUBSHOE Single  
7 23/01/1815 Benjamin THAKE Single   Mary Ann MITCHELL Single  
8 13/03/1815 William IVES Single   Lucy FRANKLIN Single  
9 26/06/1815 George POOLE Single   Phoebe ESTHER Single  
10 24/10/1815 George HASLER Single   Rebecca WILSON Single  
11 21/11/1815 Benjamin ELLIS Single   Mary FRANKLIN Single  
12 16/12/1816 Richard BOULDING Single   Susan CARTER Single  
13 11/03/1817 Edward PERRY Widower Felsted Mary WILKES Widow  
14 24/08/1817 Robert STAR Single   Jane COOT Single  
15 01/10/1817 John THEAKE     Millicent WYBROW   Great Dunmow
16 03/02/1818 James COYSTON Single   Mary WATTS Single  
17 30/04/1818 Arthur SEEX Single   Ann TYLER    
18 20/09/1818 Charles HOY Single   Sophia PRUDENCE   Aston, Hertfordshire
19 12/05/1819 Thomas JEFFREE Single Epsom, Surrey Elizabeth EVERETT Single  
20 26/05/1819 Arthur COLLINS Single   Susannah LAR Single  
21 03/09/1819 William MERRIOT     Susan SPELLER   Great Dunmow
22 18/01/1820 Ralph GARRET   Takeley Mary HORSENAIL    
23 23/02/1821 Richard PHILLIPS Single   Frances KILLINGBACK Single  
24 18/11/1821 Thomas HOY Single   Anne DAVENISH Single Great Dunmow
25 25/12/1821 William FELTON Widower   Mary WATTS Widow  
26 07/01/1822 Joseph GAYWOOD Single Benington, Hertfordshire Kitty SMITH Single  
27 26/08/1822 William CHESSHIRE   Takeley Mary BUSH    
28 03/11/1822 John BUTTLE Single   Sarah BUSH Single  
29 10/12/1822 Thomas NORRIS Widower   Alice INNEVER Widow  
30 17/04/1823 William GILBY Single Great Dunmow Hannah SMITH Single  
31 07/10/1823 Benjamin BRAZIER Single Great Baddow Sarah POULTON Single  
32 09/03/1824 Thomas HARLEY Single   Charlotte EVERY Single  
33 14/12/1824 William BAINES Single Newport Susanna WALLER Single  
34 10/01/1826 Stephen EAGLE Single   Harriot POLLEY Single  
35 22/07/1826 James WATTS Single   Kitty PATIENT Single  
36 06/08/1826 Thomas PATIENT Single   Hannah WIBROW Single  
37 10/08/1826 James WRIGHT Single   Anne HOWLAND Single  
38 23/02/1827 George COLLIN Single   Mary SHEAD Single Broxted
39 04/06/1827 William LODGE Single Barnston Caroline Matilda BUSH    
40 03/03/1828 James BUSH     Rebecca ACKERS    
41 06/04/1828 John COSTIN     Sarah ENNEFER   Great Dunmow
42 03/10/1828 John PRYOR Widower   Elizabeth COLLIN   Tilty
43 24/01/1829 William COYSTON Single   Lucy BARKER    
44 12/11/1830 James JOHNSON Single Great Dunmow Sarah CLAYTON Single  
45 23/12/1830 Henry COLLIN Single   Mary BARKER Single  
46 25/06/1832 Robert EMBERSON Single   Eliza WALLER Single  
47 23/10/1832 William HOY Single   Eliza DEVENISH Single  
48 31/01/1834 William WALLER Single   Jane GUNN Single  
49 06/02/1834 John WRIGHT Single   Georgiana EARY Single  
50 11/12/1834 Charles CLAYTON Widower   Sarah SMITH Single  
51 24/12/1834 Samuel WHITE Single   Charlotte POOLE Single  
52 17/01/1836 Jacob BARTROP Widower   Ruth SMITH Single  
53 22/04/1836 William BUTCHER Single Tilty Mary WALLER Single  
54 25/08/1836 Jeremiah Robert IVES Single St John Sepulchre, Norwich, Norfolk Emma MAYNARD Single  
55 22/09/1836 William MEAD Single South Ockenden Harriet GUNN Single  

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