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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Little Hallingbury St Mary the Virgin


The Parish

The parish of Little Hallingbury lies in the extreme west of Essex forming a stretch of the border with neighbouring Hertfordshire. Little Hallingbury is located roughly 3 miles south of the Hertfordshire market town of Bishop's Stortford and sits on the A1060 which connects Bishop's Stortford through to Chelmsford. The A1060 is something of a focus for settlement with a strip of properties along it almost contiguous from Latchmore Bank through Little Hallingbury to Mott's Green, the village enhancing the strip with a distinct cluster of properties to the east. Little Hallingbury sits on the edge of the flood-plain of the River Stort, a position that would have given the parish pastures as well as the typical arable farmland of an Essex parish. Modern developments have come to the area, the Stort Navigation being followed by the London to Bishop's Stortford rail line whilst in ore modern times the M11 motorway cuts through to the east of Little Hallingbury. The Stort drains the parish southwestwards merging with the Lea to pass through the East End of the capital reaching the outer Thames estuary and the North Sea. Little Hallingbury is sited at around 70 metres above the sea with land rising gently to almost 100 metres to the east and away from the Stort. Little Hallingbury parish was fairly typically sized for its county, covering just over 1,600 acres it would have supported a population of close to 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Little Hallingbury was recorded collectively with its northern neighbour Great Hallingbury, the twin parishes being shared by 4 landholders could collectively offer an impressive 26 ploughs together with extensive meadows, pastures and woodland, a prosperous farming community even then.

The Church

St Mary's church sits just east of the A1060 tucked away in Wright's Green Lane. Whilst the church is undoubtedly ancient in its origins this is a church which was extensively modified, to the point of being a significant rebuild, in Victorian times. There are traces of what was undoubtedly a late Saxon or early Norman building, even reusing some Roman bricks, left today, the southern doorway being the oldest portion remaining. From the 13th century and early English Gothic in style comes the chancel albeit the tell-tale lancet windows have been renewed. Of the 14th century comes the southern porch in the Perpendicular style. The Victorian restoration of 1853 saw a northern aisle added as well as a general restoration, work has continued even after this work with a southern vestry added in 1898 and the slender recessed spire topping the western belfry being added in 1901. Wright's Green Lane is narrow but is extensively used for domestic parking so another car will not be much of an additional burden. A low timber fence separates the churchyard with an entrance at the western end of the site; the churchyard has few obstacles for the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 12th December 1754 - 9th November 1812 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P 28/1/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads This register is badly faded making for a tricky read at times, add in some poor handwriting and the likelihood of misreads is substantial
2 23rd February 1813 - 20th June 1837 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P 28/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Great Hallingbury St Giles
Great Hallingbury St Giles
Hatfield Broad Oak St Mary the Virgin
Sawbridgeworth St Mary the Great, Hertfordshire
Hatfield Broad Oak St Mary the Virgin
Sawbridgeworth St Mary the Great, Hertfordshire
Sawbridgeworth St Mary the Great, Hertfordshire
Hatfield Broad Oak St Mary the Virgin

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
2 12/12/1754 Jonathan GLASCOCK Elizabeth THORN Widow
3 26/12/1754 Edward SILVESTER Single Hatfield Broad Oak Martha SMITH Single
4 20/01/1755 George SANDERS Single Stansted Mountfichet Mary SMITH Single
5 03/03/1755 Samuel BATTLE Mary LEAPER
6 23/08/1755 John KELLY Hatfield Broad Oak Alice BROWN Single
7 05/12/1755 William CLARK Stansted Mountfichet Sarah COOK
8 08/12/1755 Henry WYBOROUGH Jane CASS Widow
9 05/01/1756 John NOAKES Sarah STONES
10 06/01/1756 Isaac HAWKINS Sarah HARRIS
11 26/01/1756 William WYMAN Sarah CHANDLER Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire
12 14/02/1756 William DOWSET Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire Elizabeth ALLEN
13 13/05/1756 Thomas WILSON Elizabeth SHIPTON
14 22/06/1756 Ralph UNWIN Great Hallingbury Ann TROTT
15 00/10/1756 Thomas THOCKINGS Great Hallingbury Mary KITTLES
16 17/11/1756 Jonathan REVELL Widower Ann TILBURY Widow
19 13/06/1757 John LEPER Elizabeth WOOD
20 01/11/1757 Abraham HAWKINS Ann WILSON
21 27/11/1757 Henry DUKE Elizabeth NOOKE
22 07/05/1758 John REVEL Single Susannah LANDEY Single
24 24/09/1758 George BYNOTH Single Hatfield Broad Oak Anabell NOOKE Single
25 18/05/1759 William ALDRIDGE Single Mary SAYER Widow
26 02/07/1759 John VALE Single Beauchamp Roding Ester ALLEN
28 16/10/1759 James TARLING Single Hatfield Broad Oak Martha HELMORE Single
29 31/12/1759 John SAVILL Single Mary MEREDITH Single
30 12/10/1760 John BROWN Widower Great Parndon Sarah HOWARD Single
31 12/01/1761 William CACKBREAD Single Ann ROBINSON Single
32 02/05/1761 Robert HASLER Single Great Hallingbury Martha REXES Single
33 04/05/1761 James WHITE Single Farnham Sarah CASELL Single
34 16/06/1761 Thomas SAUNDERS Single Susannah DARBY Single
35 11/08/1761 Samuel BARNES Single St Ives, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth NICHOLS Single
36 04/01/1762 Abraham HARRIS Single Sarah MANSFIELD Single
37 05/07/1763 Jonathan DEAR Ann MONDAY
38 02/10/1763 John HARRIS Single Mary CASSEL Single
39 24/10/1763 John VALE Single Sarah AREWATER Single
40 16/12/1763 John FEWEL Single Mary GLASCOCK Single
41 20/12/1763 John REYNOLDS Single Great Hallingbury Mary EDWARDS Single
42 03/07/1764 William NOAK Single Jane MADEL Single
43 04/08/1764 William ANSWORTH Single Stapleford Abbotts Elizabeth GLASCOCK Single
44 10/10/1764 Richard MARTIN Widower Matching Sarah HAWKINS Widow
45 17/10/1764 Hugh ELDRED Sarah BROWN
46 16/11/1764 Daniel GARN Martha BATTLE
47 12/05/1765 John COOK Jane HARVEY
48 31/05/1765 Thomas DARBY Hannah PEAK Single
50 09/07/1765 David GLASCOCK Great Hallingbury Mary COOK
51 21/07/1765 John CASTLE Widower Elizabeth WHITE Single
52 03/08/1766 Michael SMITH Sarah SEARL
53 09/10/1766 William WARD Mary WILSON
54 20/10/1767 William GLASCOCK Birchanger Sarah MARADAY
55 16/02/1768 Thomas ALEY Mary READ
56 25/10/1768 Ephraim SKINGLE Stebbing Sarah TOPLING
57 14/11/1768 James SAPSFORD Single Susanna REVELL Widow
58 10/06/1770 Joseph MARDEN Single Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Elizabeth FENNY Single
59 11/10/1770 Richard MORE Single Ruth BROWN Single
60 24/04/1773 John CLARKE Single Hatfield Broad Oak Esther WHITE Single
61 09/08/1773 William GLASSCOCK Single Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Susanna DUGARD Single
62 07/10/1773 John BRAY Single Ann MOORE Single
63 26/10/1773 William BULL Widower Sarah PRENTIS Widow
65 01/11/1773 John BIRD Widower Sarah WHITE Widow
66 08/11/1773 William BROWN Winnifred WELLS
64 15/02/1774 John BRABROOK Sarah SMITH Widow
67 19/04/1774 Thomas COX Lydia HUNSDON
68 13/06/1774 Abraham SMITH Martha TANNER
69 15/06/1774 Francis LANGFORD Mary MEAD
70 18/07/1774 John HOLDGATE Hatfield Broad Oak Mary AYLEY
71 20/07/1774 Thomas WILSON Sarah MUMFORD
72 01/08/1775 Daniel GLASSCOCK Susannah ADAMS
73 09/10/1775 Thomas MUMFORD Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire Sarah PLARSTED
74 13/11/1775 James GLASCOCK Mary HOUCHEN
75 13/11/1775 Richard BRETT Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire Elisabeth DEAN
76 13/11/1775 Robert PRIOR Great Hallingbury Elisabeth Ann PERRY
77 28/01/1776 Joseph HARRIS Jane WIBROW
78 08/04/1776 William THUROGOOD Susannah CAMP
79 04/11/1776 George MARKWELL Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Ann PAVIT
80 18/11/1776 Thomas PALMER Great Hallingbury Sarah BROWN
82 04/11/1777 John LOVE Theydon Bois Grace HUNSDON
83 20/11/1777 Richard WHITE Susannah BURREL
84 25/12/1777 William RUMBALL Martha STANES
85 28/01/1778 Daniel GAME Sarah CHALK
86 26/06/1778 Nathaniel BRAY Single Jane NOAKES Widow
87 21/10/1778 John CLARK Widower Hatfield Broad Oak Sarah WARD
88 06/01/1779 Thomas RUMBALL Elizabeth DOWSET
89 09/03/1779 George PAVIT Elizabeth NOTTAGE Single Clavering
90 02/05/1779 James BROWN Mary MALYN
91 15/06/1779 John CAVIL Sheering Elizabeth ROLFE
92 11/10/1779 James PERRY Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Mary LANGHAM
93 21/10/1779 George BOYTON Sarah RUMBOLD
94 03/12/1779 James HEWS Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Ann PAVITT
95 02/11/1780 James BILLING Sarah DOWSARD
97 18/06/1781 George DUGARD Susanna ADAMS
98 09/11/1781 Michael STRACEY Widower Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire Mildred BIRD Single
99 19/11/1781 Andrew RICHARDSON Ann HAWKINS
100 04/12/1781 Abraham NOAKES Martha TARLING
101 24/12/1781 John LOVE Single Elizabeth PARKER Single
102 04/02/1782 Isaac CASS Single Mary MADLEY Single
103 06/01/1783 John BARTHROP Widower Jane TEDDER Widow
104 11/10/1783 John CHURCH Hatfield Broad Oak Sarah BRIDGES
105 25/11/1783 Francis DEAR Single Elizabeth RANDALL Single
106 02/01/1784 Richard BANKS Single Jane BOCOCK Single
108 08/12/1784 Isaac WHITE Single Sarah TAYLOR Single
107 28/12/1784 Matthew PAGE Single Susanna BIRD Single
109 15/01/1785 John COLLINS Single Elizabeth SCOTT Single
110 09/05/1785 John HOUGHTON Elizabeth PAVITT Single Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire
111 14/06/1785 John BILLINS Single Loveday SMITH Single
113 19/09/1785 Robert BARNARD Single Thaxted Ann Bent ROLFE Single
114 05/02/1786 James LIVINGS Single Mary PUMFRETT Single
115 28/11/1786 Thomas HAWKINS Mary BOYTON
116 04/08/1787 William KING Lucy TOOLEY
119 10/10/1787 John PAVETT Widower Elizabeth BULL Single
120 09/01/1788 Abraham HAWKINS Widower Mary AYLEY Widow
121 27/01/1788 James COCKET Widower Hatfield Broad Oak Ann SABIN Single
121 27/01/1788 James SKINNER Widower Hatfield Broad Oak Ann SABIN Single
124 20/07/1788 Thomas EARLE Single Elizabeth KING Single
123 10/10/1788 Richard SAPSFORD Widower Jane BARTROP Widow
125 09/09/1789 Thomas ROLF Single Frances BURTON Single
126 12/10/1789 Joseph CLARKE Single Mary HAWKINS Single
127 03/01/1790 Richard SAPSFORD Single Elizabeth BARTROP Single
128 21/05/1790 Henry CLARKE Single Susannah KEMPTON Single
129 02/08/1790 John CARD Single West Thurrock Ann PLAYLE Single
130 13/12/1790 Abraham SAPSFORD Single Elizabeth YARDLEY Single
131 13/07/1791 William BRAY Chingford Ann DARBY
132 07/11/1791 James MONTFORD Single Mary WARRICK Single
133 10/11/1791 John BATTLE Single Ann CLAYDEN Single
136 15/01/1793 Thomas SUTTON Single Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Ann ELLIOTT Single
137 12/10/1793 Jephthah INGOLD Single Elizabeth GLASSCOCK Single
139 13/06/1796 William ELDRIGE Single Hannah CLAYDEN Single
140 10/04/1797 Daniel GAME Single Rachel EATTRIDGE Single
141 26/01/1798 Timothy BUSH Single Great Hallingbury Ann TAYLOR Single
142 14/08/1798 William NUNN Single Mary JACQUES Single
143 11/10/1798 John INEVER Single Sarah BAYLY Single Great Hallingbury
144 11/12/1798 Richard BRAD Single Ann CULVERT Single
145 31/03/1799 John ELDRED Single Sarah SAVEALL Single
146 02/04/1799 William MARTIN Widower Bocking Ann SILVESTER Single
147 19/08/1799 William SILVESTER Single Martha MANNING Single
148 13/01/1801 Henry PRIOR Single Amey NEWLAND Single
149 08/06/1802 Henry PERRY Single Anne GLASSCOCK Single
150 16/08/1802 James BILLINGS Single Sarah HAYDON Single
151 19/11/1802 Thomas RAINFORD Single Keziah WHITE Single
152 09/12/1802 James SABAN Widower Mary COOK Single
153 23/03/1803 Joseph STANTON Single Amelia BIRD Single
154 03/05/1803 Polard JOCELYN Single Mary WRIGHT Single
155 12/07/1803 George BUSH Single Edmonton, Middlesex Sarah ROLF Single
156 29/11/1803 William THUROGOOD Single Sarah SMITH Single Hatfield Broad Oak
157 06/11/1804 Adam BROWN Single Hatfield Broad Oak Sarah FEWEL
158 13/04/1805 Joseph SABAN Anne RUMBAL
159 08/10/1805 Thomas DAY Single Hatfield Broad Oak Mary BROWN Single
160 14/11/1805 John COOK Single Amy ELDRED Single
161 20/01/1806 William BILLINGS Single Susan SHEPHERD Single
162 05/03/1806 Samuel NASH Single Susannah CANNON Single Harlow
163 13/10/1806 Reuben HALLS Single Mary BACON Single
164 18/11/1806 Thomas WILSON Single White Roding Mary HOUGHTON Single
165 10/04/1807 Thomas BROWN Single Matching Anne COOK Single
166 17/07/1807 Thomas BROWN Single Hatfield Broad Oak Mary BOYTON Single
167 20/08/1807 Lewis PAGE Single Mary HOUGHTON Single
168 20/09/1807 Thomas RADLEY Single Anne KING Single
169 22/09/1807 George SAPSFORD Single Hatfield Broad Oak Sarah BILLINGS Single
170 26/10/1807 Ezekiel WHITE Single Susanna THOROGOOD Single
171 21/01/1808 Thomas PALMER Widower Anne NOAKES Widow
174 27/11/1808 Daniel EILOT Single Mary SHIPTON Single
177 18/04/1809 William DIGBY Single Great Canfield Ann HOUGHTON Single
176 27/04/1809 Joseph CHILD Single Hatfield Broad Oak Lydia WHITE Single
178 05/12/1809 Daniel ADAMS Single Hatfield Broad Oak Sarah PAGE Single
179 19/08/1810 William COOK Leyton Emma HASLER
12/10/1810 George BROWN Single Mary SAGGS Single
05/11/1810 George DUGARD Single Ann FOSTER Single
15/01/1811 Thomas BEALL Single St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Mary CLARK
11/06/1811 Richard BROWN Single Sarah THOROGOOD Single
15/08/1811 John BOATMAN Single Nancy ROLFE Single
10/09/1811 James CLARKE Single Hatfield Broad Oak Mary THOROGOOD Single
04/11/1811 John KING Single Elizabeth BIRD Single Stansted Mountfichet
12/11/1811 James FRANCIS Single Mary RUMBALL Single
06/12/1811 Daniel THURGOOD Single Mary GLASCOCK Single
27/01/1812 James LIVINGS Single Ann BROWN Single
11/02/1812 John BILLINGS Single Harlow Mary CLARKE Single
13/07/1812 John BAYFORD Single Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Elizabeth GLASSCOCK
09/11/1812 Thomas DEAN Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Betsy SMITH
1 23/02/1813 John TURNER Anne BILLINGS
2 30/10/1813 George HAGAR Furneux Pelham, Hertfordshire Mary SABAN
3 20/10/1814 Richard CAWKWELL Shelley Elizabeth HORSNAILL
4 23/10/1814 Isaac PICKITT Charlotte SAGGS
5 30/11/1814 John PAYNE Hatfield Broad Oak Dinah PRIOR
6 27/12/1814 Samuel RUMBALL Elizabeth BANKS
7 01/01/1815 John SABAN Sarah TUBBS
8 28/04/1815 Joseph CLARK Sarah CASS
9 19/04/1817 Samuel RICHARDS Tottenham, Middlesex Nancy ROLF Single
10 18/05/1817 Henry HALLS Sophia WHITE
11 19/10/1817 Philip BASS Widower Ann BROWN Single
12 30/03/1818 John MUMFORD Sarah CASS
13 01/04/1818 William HOUGHTON Sarah MORRIS
14 18/04/1818 John BROWN Sarah HAWKINGS
15 08/12/1818 William Martin HOUGHTON Great Hallingbury Anna ELLISTON
16 07/09/1819 Edward MUMFORD Berden Ann BRAY
17 03/12/1819 Daniel THUROGOOD Widower Jane ARCHER
18 14/01/1820 John TADGELL Harlow Ann BROWN
19 25/03/1820 Joseph STANTON Ann AYLOTT
20 10/07/1820 Charles HOWARD Great Hallingbury Ann BACON
21 02/08/1820 William HARWOOD Hatfield Broad Oak Rebecca STAINES
22 03/03/1821 John CAVELL Sarah Anne CLARK
23 20/05/1821 James CRISP Mary BASS
24 02/10/1821 Cornelius CASS Elizabeth PRIOR
25 03/11/1821 William SAGGS Mary BROWN
26 18/08/1822 Samuel BREWSTER Hatfield Broad Oak Rhoda PRIOR
27 16/10/1822 Samuel PAGE Lizzy STOCK
28 19/07/1823 William POMFRET Elizabeth BARNES
29 17/09/1823 John Clarmont WHITEMAN Sarah HORSLEY
30 20/10/1823 William CHARGE Single Thorley, Hertfordshire Ann CLARK Single
31 04/11/1824 John COOPER Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Mary PAVITT
32 05/12/1824 William TIZLEY Hatfield Broad Oak Lucy FOSTER
33 01/09/1825 Henry PERRY Mary PRYOR
34 29/10/1825 George SAPSFORD Susanna BARTRUP
35 16/04/1826 Richard BROWN Ann TOPGOOD
36 01/07/1826 Denham BROWN Widower Matching Mary STONES Widow
37 27/10/1826 John PRIOR Eliza BROWN
38 29/01/1827 John HAMPTON Single Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire Mary CLARK Single
39 04/02/1827 John TURNER Mary ELLIS Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire
40 22/05/1827 James POMFREET Single Great Hallingbury Matilda STOCK Single
41 06/11/1827 George BRADD Single Frances HAYNES
42 18/05/1828 William THURLEY Ann BLAKES
43 27/05/1828 John KELLY Widower Mary CRABB Single
44 24/12/1828 James BRIGHT Widower Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire Mary SHIPTON Single
45 13/05/1829 John LAWRANCE Single Mary MORRIS Single
46 17/07/1830 Daniel WHITBY Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Fanny YOUNG
47 27/07/1830 Samuel PHILLIPS Single Glamorgan Anne Shaftesbury HORSLEY
48 05/04/1831 James BROWN Single Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire Elizabeth HOUGHTON Single
49 30/04/1831 James BROWN Susannah JUDD
50 23/10/1831 Thomas RAINBIRD Maria SAPSFORD
51 25/12/1831 William GLADWIN Single Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire Elizabeth STANTON
52 08/01/1832 Henry SAPSFORD Rebecca RAINBIRD
53 01/04/1832 Thomas HALLS Single Jane SAPSFORD Single
54 15/12/1832 Joseph SABAN Single Ann KING Single
55 31/12/1832 John SMITH Single Sarah BASS Single
56 30/03/1833 James GULL Single Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Sarah FRANCIS
57 23/04/1833 James DUGARD Widower Mary GAME Widow
58 14/11/1833 Henry BROWN Single Fanny PALMER Single
59 07/06/1834 Charles BAYFORD Single Sarah CARTER Single
60 23/01/1835 Charles SAPSFORD Ann RAINBIRD
61 18/10/1835 John BIRD Single Sarah PATMORE Single
62 08/11/1835 John GUNNETT Hatfield Broad Oak Elizabeth BURRELL
63 13/03/1836 Zechariah LIVINGS Single Ann PERRY Single
64 20/06/1837 William BRADD Single Mary BYGROVES Single

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