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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Great Holland All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Great Holland is located in northeastern Essex, indeed it forms part of Essex's North Sea coast. Great Holland is located about 3 miles northeast of the seaside resort of Clacton on Sea. Great Holland sits astride the B1032 road which heads northeastwards from Clacton on Sea to Kirby le Soken. Great Holland is a large compact village mainly built about the crossroads of the B1032 with a pair of minor lanes heading east and west respectively. This is an extremely low-lying area, largely reclaimed from the sea or defended from encroachments by raised sea banks. At the time of this transcript this would have been an area dominated by cattle grazing on the salt marshes, nowadays a little arable occurs on slightly higher ground. Great Holland sits on higher ground, a former peninsular, at about 20 metres above sea level, but land falls to the west almost to sea level itself. The drainage heads southwards through the Holland Brook where sluices guide it into the North Sea at Holland Haven, Today much of the coastal area of the parish is nature reserve or country park. The parish is a fairly typical size for Essex and just over 2,000 acres and it supported almost 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Great Holland was enumerated with its smaller neighbour Little Holland and supported 14 ploughs plus pastures, meadows and woodland; the land was split between two landholders Walter of Douai and Count Eustace of Boulogne obviously French associates of the Conqueror.

The Church

All Saints' church is located close to the hall at the eastern end of Great Holland in an elevated position overlooking the sea. The building is largely a result of a Victorian rebuild, only the tower remains of an earlier structure and that is either late 16th or early 17th century. Pevsner is clearly unimpressed as he described the Victorian work as "competent and dull". The church is reached, appropriately enough, along Church Street where at its eastern end a small parking area is present. A hip-height flint & brick wall borders the churchyard and access is through a rather splendid lychgate with a broad tiled roof. The graveyard is bordered with trees but these do not interfere with photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th May 1754 - 2nd November 1812 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P396/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 5th April 1813 - 18th June 1837 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P396/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Thorpe le Soken St Michael
Kirby le Soken St Michael
Kirby le Soken St Michael
Little Clacton St James the Great
Great Clacton St John the Baptist
Frinton St Mary the Virgin
Little Holland St Bartholomew

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
14/02/1754 William DAVIE     Martha ENNERS    
1 10/05/1754 Daniel ROSEROE Widower Weeley Rebeckah HOWLETT Widow  
1 23/06/1754 Thomas ROPER Single Thorpe Le Soken Elizabeth CRISP Single  
2 10/10/1754 Thomas SIBBER Single   Susannah SORRELL Single  
3 14/10/1754 John RALPH Single   Temperance WHEELER Single  
4 03/11/1754 John DAY Single   Ann MARTIN Single  
2 02/11/1755 John MATTHEWS Single Little Holland Sarah BARNES Widow St Osyth
3 23/01/1756 John ANGIER Widower   Mary BOGGES Widow  
5 04/10/1756 John GOSLIN Single Great Clacton Elizabeth BOWDELL Single  
6 11/06/1757 William ANGALL Single   Sarah GREEN Single  
7 15/11/1757 John FOORD Single   Sarah ARNOLD Single  
4 30/03/1758 Patrick COPPINGER Single Little Holland Mary FISHER Single  
5 20/08/1758 Francis SNELL Single St Nicholas, Colchester Alice SPOONER Single  
8 19/04/1759 John STEPHENS   Kirby Le Soken Ann WHEELER    
10 04/11/1759 John ARGENT Single Kirby Le Soken Mary DEMAID Single  
11 20/04/1760 John GREEN Single   Ann JAMES Single  
6 01/05/1760 Samuel CARRINGTON Single Lawford Elizabeth NICHOLSON Single  
12 12/05/1760 William DUFFIELD Single   Elizabeth MARKAM Single  
13 24/06/1760 Christopher PAMMENT Widower   Barbarah DALLINGTREE Single  
14 26/01/1761 Robert STARLING     Sarah RAYNER    
15 29/01/1761 James POTTER     Margaret POWEL    
16 19/04/1762 Thomas BANNUCK Single St Osyth Elizabeth CARRINGTON Single  
17 10/01/1763 William BRADBROOK Widower   Ann SMITH Widow  
18 10/06/1763 William GOUGH Single   Martha DAVY Widow  
19 22/09/1763 Samuel WHEELER Widower   Mary PAGE Single  
20 21/11/1763 John BROWN Single   Margaret WADE Single  
21 14/06/1764 Benjamin NICHOLS Single   Dorcas FOCART Single  
22 03/09/1764 William BOGGES Single   Martha BRUMHILL Single  
23 24/10/1764 Anthony HORREX Single   Rachel GOODWIN Single  
24 26/11/1764 William RAMPLIN Single   Mary PETTIT Widow  
25 23/05/1765 William WEBB Single Great Clacton Elizabeth WHEELER Single  
7 02/10/1765 John BOGGIS Single   Elizabeth SIMPSON Single  
26 07/10/1766 John LOTT Single   Mary BREWER Single  
27 01/01/1767 John FORD Widower   Mary ARNOLD Single  
30/09/1767 Robert GOYMER Single   Sarah HATCH Single  
28 30/09/1767 John MADE Single   Susannah HOWARD Single  
02/11/1767 John PERKIS Single Frinton Mary BROMWELL Single  
24/10/1768 John CARTER Single   Sarah FORDHAM Single  
9 24/01/1769 Benjamin BOGGIS     Sarah YOUNGS    
8 23/04/1769 John PAIN Single   Mary FRANCIS Single  
10 17/10/1769 John SIDNEY Widower   Mary WEST Widow  
11 09/11/1769 William KING Single   Ann BRADBROOK Widow  
11/10/1770 John PAMMENT Single   Mary RACKHAM Single  
20/10/1770 John PURKISS Widower   Sarah HAWKINS Widow  
14/12/1770 John OGLES Single Great Clacton Temperance WOODWARD Single  
1 03/12/1771 John FORD Widower   Mary CROPLEY Widow  
2 27/01/1772 William BEASTON Widower   Mary WARRAN Widow  
3 27/02/1772 Joseph SALMON Single Great Clacton Ann FISHER Single  
4 06/08/1772 John SEAMAN Single   Judith WHEELER Single  
5 08/10/1772 John GOYMER Single   Mary BRIDGES Single  
6 01/11/1772 James FIRMAN Single   Ann PUDNEY Single  
7 17/12/1772 Daniel GREEN Single   Mary WHEELER Single  
8 19/10/1773 Christopher SIMONS Single   Sarah BRUMWELL Single  
9 24/10/1773 John PURKISS Widower   Elizabeth LOTT Widow  
10 11/11/1773 John BROWNING Widower   Mary MOOTUM Single  
11 29/09/1775 William DRAPER Single   Sarah BREWER Single  
12 16/10/1775 James COOPER Single Kirby Le Soken Mary BRICKELS Single  
13 27/10/1775 Samuel SEMMONS Single   Elizabeth GURLEY Single  
14 10/02/1776 Thomas CROSS Single   Hannah CANHAM Single  
15 04/10/1776 Robert SMITH Single   Hannah HOWARD Single  
16 14/10/1777 William WOPLIN Single Kirby Le Soken Mary SMEE Single  
17 30/11/1777 John PAMMENT Widower   Elizabeth ROPER Single  
18 05/02/1778 Peter BROMLEY Single Kirby Le Soken Sarah SIMPSON Widow  
19 12/05/1778 Peter BAINES Single   Alice SIMPSON Widow Beaumont Cum Moze
20 29/09/1778 Reuben SIMONS Single   Susannah PEEK Single  
21 06/10/1778 Henry BLYTH Single Thorpe Le Soken Mary SANFORD Single  
22 04/05/1779 Benjamin PALMER Single   Ann DAVY Single  
23 20/05/1779 Thomas CLARK Widower Kirby Le Soken Sarah PALMER Widow  
24 08/08/1779 Thomas SMITH Single   Sarah COLT Single  
25 22/02/1780 John SALMON Single   Mary BARKER Single  
26 11/06/1780 John WHIP Single   Sarah SMEE Single  
31/10/1780 James HURN Single   Mary WHEELER Single  
01/05/1781 Gooday CARTER Single Kirby Le Soken Ann AMES Single  
10/07/1781 Eli FORSBELL Widower   Ann LUSEE Widow  
02/10/1781 Thomas HARRIS Single   Mary GLADDEN Single  
27/09/1782 Samuel DAY Single Little Clacton Martha BOGGES Widow  
02/10/1782 James COLE Single   Mary WALLER Single Thorpe Le Soken
07/10/1782 George SMITH Single Thorpe Le Soken Ann CHAMBERLAINE Single  
16/01/1783 Samuel HALSTEAD Single Great Clacton Mary COOKE Single  
35 27/10/1784 Richard FISHER Single   Mary FORD Single  
36 30/08/1785 Lawrence PELLS Single Great Clacton Lucy COOKE Single  
37 06/10/1785 John LUSEE Single   Amy STILES Widow  
38 10/11/1785 Daniel GREEN Widower   Sarah FORRESTER Single  
39 20/04/1786 William WASS Widower Little Clacton Mary LOTT Widow  
40 14/07/1786 John SIMMONS Single   Sarah DAVEY Single  
41 06/08/1786 John HURN Single Thorpe Le Soken Elizabeth GOUGH Single  
42 26/10/1786 John LILLEY Widower   Elizabeth HOLMES Single  
43 22/03/1787 John LOT Single Weeley Sarah HOWARD Single  
44 02/10/1787 James GOODWYN Single   Susan HATCH Widow  
45 24/10/1787 Jonathan SIMPSON Single   Susannah COLT Single  
46 01/05/1788 Edward COUSENS Single   Martha GOFF Single  
47 21/08/1788 John SIMMONS Widower   Sarah SMALLY Widow  
48 02/01/1789 Edward SLOWGROVE Single   Elizabeth HILLS Single  
49 23/04/1789 William GARDINER Widower Thorpe Le Soken Mary MARRIOTT Widow  
50 28/03/1790 Richard FENNINGS Single Shoreditch, Middlesex Sarah HAWES Single  
51 30/03/1790 John FREW Single   Ann CROSS Single  
52 13/11/1791 William GREEN Single   Elizabeth COLE Single Little Clacton
53 11/12/1792 John MULLEN Single   Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
54 10/09/1793 Thomas SLOWGROVE Single   Rebecca DRAPER Single  
55 22/11/1793 John MANNING Widower   Ann CARTER Widow  
56 28/10/1794 John TYE Single   Hannah PARMENTER Single  
57 04/11/1794 George RICHES Single   Sarah GOUGH Single  
58 23/11/1794 James MALDON Single   Frances DRAPER Single  
59 20/07/1795 Thomas GALLEN Single   Ann KING Single  
60 10/10/1795 Samuel ARNOLD Single   Alice WEST Single  
61 26/10/1795 Joseph BAKER Single   Sarah GREEN Widow  
62 29/01/1796 John TAYLOR Widower   Mary UPSON Single  
26/07/1796 James JOHNSON Single   Mary GILL Single  
06/08/1796 Henry COATES Single Darsham, Suffolk Ann Martin COLCHESTER Single  
22/09/1796 John MANNING Single   Mary SIMONS Single  
20/10/1796 William BAKER Single   Sarah RUFFLE Single  
05/12/1796 William HARRIS Single   Lucy GILLETT Single  
09/12/1796 John MORRIS Single   Ruth GOUGH Single  
21/02/1797 Henry BEAUMONT Single   Sarah FORD Single  
31/03/1797 John SIMMONS Widower   Mary GLADING Single  
06/04/1797 John DUFFIELD Single   Elizabeth ASTON Single  
05/10/1797 James DUFFIELD Single   Mary GLADDEN Single  
08/01/1798 William RUSKER Single Walton Le Soken Susan REEVE Single  
03/09/1798 Caleb PILGRIM Single   Mary LUCAS Single  
25/09/1799 James WILSON   Dovercourt Harriet COLCHESTER    
15/10/1799 Joseph SIDNEY Single   Maria BURCH Single  
15/11/1799 James MILLS   Kirby Le Soken Elizabeth SIMPSON    
07/11/1800 William PAMMENT Single   Sarah GIBBONS Single  
18/11/1800 Robert GOYMER Single   Elizabeth ANGIER Single  
25/07/1802 Robert ARNOLD Single   Ann GREEN Single  
14/10/1802 Robert CLARK Single   Rebecca BOGGIS Single  
19/12/1802 James CUNNINGHAM Single   Elizabeth GREEN Single  
21/03/1803 Joseph ETTERIDGE Widower   Mary YOUNGS Single  
11/04/1803 John DUNINGHAM Single St Lawrence, Ipswich, Suffolk Ann BRANWHITE Single  
13/06/1803 William JOHNSON Single   Elizabeth GOUGH Single  
20/06/1803 Richard FEARRANCE Single   Elizabeth HYNARD Single  
02/08/1803 Thomas WADE Widower   Sarah SALLOWS Widow  
04/10/1803 William NOCK Single Little Clacton Mary WARD Single  
13/10/1803 Edward PORTER Widower   Mary BLOOMFIELD Widow  
12/11/1803 Thomas PAMMENT Single   Mary NORTEN Single  
15/07/1804 William STANDARD Single   Elizabeth DODD Single  
20/12/1804 Thomas LILLEY Single   Ann SALMON Single  
26/10/1805 Edward YOUNG Single   Jane SHILLEN Single  
25/03/1806 John DUFFIELD Widower   Mary SALMON Single  
31/03/1806 Thomas SMITH Single   Martha SMITH Single  
04/08/1806 William WATSON Single Woodbridge, Suffolk Elizabeth DAY Single  
11/01/1807 Edward NEVARD Single   Mary GORF Single  
13/01/1807 James HURN Single   Mary BAKER Widow  
28/06/1807 John ARNOLD Single   Rachel GODFREY Single  
30/09/1807 Martin LOTT Single   Mary SMITH Single  
06/12/1807 Thomas BATTRAM Widower   Martha PEGGS Widow  
21/02/1808 William STEELE Widower Heybridge Mary HATCH Single  
10/10/1808 John CARNHAM Single Little Clacton Anne Maria SCOWING Single  
02/11/1808 William GRAY Single   Sarah DRAPER Single  
06/03/1809 Joseph SIDNEY Widower   Martha FRANCES Widow  
26/10/1809 Richard BOND Single   Mary HURN Single  
26/12/1809 John HARVEY Single St Osyth Hannah GLADDING Single  
16/02/1810 William BURTON Single Great Clacton Ann THOMPSON Single  
06/03/1810 Robert SMITH Single   Elizabeth YOUNGS Single  
21/10/1810 John YALLOP Single   Sophia GODDARD Single Thorpe Le Soken
11/12/1810 John GODFREY Single   Elizabeth BRIDGES Single  
24/02/1811 Dyer SALMON Single   Sarah ARNOLD Single  
29/03/1811 Nathaniel POWELL Single   Hannah RUFFELLS Single  
01/04/1811 Joseph CUTTING Single Bradfield Sarah HAM Single  
24/04/1811 Charles DURRANT Single   Mary STREET Single  
26/04/1811 James WELHAM Single   Hannah WOODWARD Widow  
30/09/1811 Thomas SMITH Single   Elizabeth WOPLING Single  
08/10/1811 John MANNING Widower   Elizabeth HOW Single  
05/06/1812 Samuel MORRIS Single   Hannah SPARLING Widow  
02/11/1812 Jeremiah MOORE Single   Hannah HARVEY Widow  
1 05/04/1813 Henry Turner LEE Single   Charlotte WENT Single  
2 17/03/1814 James ATKINS Single   Mary WENT Single  
3 20/07/1814 Robert DRAPER Widower   Martha POWELL Single  
4 15/11/1814 Henry BAKER Single   Sarah GORFF Single  
5 24/11/1814 John GLADING Single   Susanna BRUCE Single  
6 30/06/1815 Thomas ARGENT Single   Lucy COOK Single Kirby Le Soken
7 13/07/1815 Thomas BATTRAM Widower   Deborah GODFREY Widow  
8 19/02/1816 William Robert BROWN   Little Clacton Maria COLE    
9 06/02/1817 James RAYNER Single Little Clacton Sarah KEEBLE Single  
10 09/02/1817 Edward SMITH Single   Elizabeth SNARE Single  
11 17/10/1817 John LOTT Single   Ann ANNIS Single  
12 17/04/1818 William HEYHO     Deborah HAZELTON    
13 30/10/1818 Frederick PATTERSON   Great Bromley Mary GLADING    
14 08/12/1818 Christopher NORMAN   East Bergholt, Suffolk Mary FRANCIS    
15 18/01/1819 James Thomas SURETAN Single   Mary COATES Single  
16 08/07/1819 Robert HILLS Single   Mary COLE Single  
17 16/10/1819 James SNARE Single Little Holland Sarah GOSLING Single  
18 25/11/1819 James SMITH Single   Elizabeth BOND Single  
19 14/02/1820 John SMITH Single Brightlingsea Ann CANAGE Single  
20 26/04/1820 William BRIDGES Single   Mary MARSHALL Single  
21 29/10/1820 Thomas GORF Single   Maria BACON Single  
22 26/12/1820 Thomas BRIDGES Single   Sarah BECKWITH Single  
23 09/01/1821 Martin LOTT Single   Martha WAPLING Single  
24 22/03/1821 Thomas GRIMWOOD Single Lexden Elizabeth HICKS Single  
25 24/12/1821 William SNARE Single   Sarah AUSTEN Single  
26 03/02/1822 William ROBERSON Single   Sarah PAMMENT Single  
27 24/07/1822 William MERRINGTON Single Burnham On Crouch Hannah GOFF Single  
28 01/10/1822 Half Nelson KABETT Single   Jane Ann COLE Single  
29 13/11/1822 James EADE Single   Mary SALLOWS Single  
30 22/11/1822 Samuel HUMM Single   Mary GOYMER Single  
31 06/12/1822 John RATCLIFF Single   Mary BENIS Single  
32 13/04/1823 John ARNOLD Widower   Elisabeth HARRISS Single  
33 17/05/1823 Samuel HOWARD Single   Elisabeth GOFF Single  
34 24/06/1823 John BUTCHER Single   Susan PAMMENT Single  
35 17/08/1823 John MORRISS Single   Harriott BISHOP Single  
36 25/10/1823 Thomas JONES Single   Mary BUTCHER Single  
37 26/10/1823 Francis WILSON Single Great Clacton Mary GABITES Single  
38 08/01/1824 Johnathan LORD Single Kirby Le Soken Louisa GOYMER Single  
39 18/04/1824 John GREEN Single   Mary Anne BOWTEL Single  
40 03/01/1825 Samuel JACOBS Widower Great Clacton Sarah IVES Widow  
41 06/09/1825 John Triggs WINNY Single Nayland, Suffolk Sarah SARGEANT Single  
42 08/10/1825 Samuel BRIDGES Single   Lucy WALLER Single  
43 27/02/1826 William BATES Widower   Mary COUSINS Single  
44 27/07/1826 John ELLIS Single Pebmarsh Maria GLADDEN Single  
45 30/07/1826 Jonathan Osbourn PICKES Single Harwich Elisabeth DAVY Single  
46 31/08/1826 James GOUGH Single   Susannah SNELL Single  
47 02/11/1826 Jeremiah HAYHO Single   Martha SMITH Single  
48 24/01/1827 James PINNER Single Kirby Le Soken Susannah BLUNDON Single  
49 03/01/1828 Joseph Hazel SALMON Single Beaumont Cum Moze Anna COLE Single  
50 23/04/1828 James DUFFIELD Widower   Elisabeth DILLERSTON Single  
51 04/04/1829 William HAWARD Single   Elisabeth PAMMENT Single  
52 15/11/1829 William CUNNINGHAM Single   Mary Ann GARRARD Single  
53 29/11/1829 Thomas CUNNINGHAM Single   Charlotte MANNING Single  
54 25/12/1829 William SPARLING Single   Elisabeth DUFFIELD Single  
55 10/01/1830 John JAGGARD Single Kirby Le Soken Susannah MANNING Single  
56 20/06/1830 John GOYMER Single   Susannah WOODWARD Single  
57 01/10/1830 James MORRISS Single   Hannah PARDY   Lexden
58 00/00/1831 James RAYNHAM Single Suffolk Dinah LUCAS Single  
59 18/03/1831 Robert BARBER Single Wix Ann DUFFIELD Single  
60 28/05/1831 William DUFFIELD Single   Sarah Anne WHEELER Single  
61 07/11/1831 William BRUCE   St James, Colchester Elizabeth SCARFF    
62 11/12/1831 William WHEELER     Martha GORF    
63 16/04/1832 Thomas THEOBALD   Great Oakley Phoebe SIMMONS    
64 16/10/1832 William Sargeant SKEET     Anna SCOTT    
65 06/11/1832 Frederick WATSON     Hannah SCARFF    
66 18/10/1833 James NICKERSON     Ann WEBB   Weeley
67 27/10/1834 William GOYMER     Catharine FEEDAM Single  
68 29/11/1834 Thomas LEE Single   Mary POWELL Single  
69 04/12/1834 Robert ARNOLD Single   Ann SMITH Single  
70 06/03/1835 Joseph ELEY   Great Oakley Hannah GOFF    
71 05/06/1835 John RUSH Single   Hannah WELHAM Widow  
72 29/02/1836 James CROSS Single   Mary WELHAM Single  
73 20/05/1836 William Wilson SKIPPER   Kirby Le Soken Mary COLE    
74 27/05/1836 John MUNSON Single   Ann POWELL Single  
75 21/11/1836 Henry Dagnett WOOD   Greenwich, Kent Charlotte BISHOP    
76 29/04/1837 Joseph WASS Single   Elizabeth WAPLIN Single  
77 10/06/1837 Benjamin PAMMENT Single   Sarah GERMANY Single  
78 18/06/1837 Thomas BRIDGES Single   Mary CUNNINGHAM Single  

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