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Kelvedon Hatch St Nicholas


The Parish

The parish of Kelvedon Hatch lies in southwestern Essex about 3 miles south of the small market town of Chipping Ongar. Kelvedon Hatch sits on the A128 road which connects Chipping Ongar with Brentwood. Most of Kelvedon Hatch lies to the east of the A128 where modern developments have added to the size of what was a small village. Kelvedon Hatch is today marginally famous for its not so secret "Secret Nuclear Bunker", a cold-war relic that has become something of a local tourist attraction. At the time of this transcript Kelvedon Hatch would have been a farming community dominated by its Hall which sits almost a mile north of the present centre of buildings. With a mixed farming regime equally arable and pasture most folk would have earned their incomes from the land. A small tributary of the River Roding drains the parish northwestwards but on reaching that river turns back south and eventually reaches the Thames Estuary through Barking Creek and thence the North Sea. Kelvedon Hatch is sited at around 100 metres above the sea and sits on something of a local eminence land gently falling away in most directions in gently rolling countryside. In this area of Essex there are some larger parishes by area but Kelvedon Hatch was not one of those, being typically sized compared to most of Essex, it covered around 1,600 acres and would have supported a population of around 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Kelvedon Hatch was shared three ways, the largest share held by Westminster Abbey with small holdings by Bishop Odo of Bayeux and Haimo the Sheriff, collectively the parish could offer just 5 ploughs, small meadows and woodlands but did possess a mill.

The Church

Modern day St Nicholas sits at the junction of the A128 with Church Road, however its predecessor lies in ruins next to Kelvedon Hall. Old St Nicholas was allegedly built in 1753 but by the end of the 19th century was a ruin. Today's St Nicholas was built between 1894 & 1895 to serve the community which sits to its east. Rather whimsically described as being styled "in the cricket pavilion style" it is quite anachronistic compared to most Essex churches. The architect, J. T. Newman, actually lived in the village so would undoubtedly have used his creation. The church sits in a corner site and is well screened by trees from the A128, a picket fence separates from Church Road. The church can be seen well from both north and south but is hemmed in by trees to both east and west limiting the angles for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 2nd February 1755 - 7th October 1812 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P/296/1/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 2nd December 1813 - 8th February 1836 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P/296/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Stanford Rivers St Margaret
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Stondon Massey St Peter & St Paul
Stanford Rivers St Margaret
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Stondon Massey St Peter & St Paul
Doddinghurst All Saints
Navestock St Thomas the Apostle
Navestock St Thomas the Apostle
South Weald St Peter
Doddinghurst All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 02/02/1755 Thomas MANSFIELD     Mary MINGY    
2 06/02/1755 John LEE     Sarah PETTIT    
2 23/08/1756 John SITCH     Anne HIMER    
3 07/09/1756 Thomas BANTON   High Ongar Susannah ADAMS    
4 08/10/1758 James LAWRENCE     Frances WEST   South Weald
5 20/02/1759 John MANSFIELD     Hannah CHESTER Single  
6 24/09/1759 James THRAPS     Jane FURNAGE Widow  
7 17/07/1760 William MINGEY     Elizabeth CROSIER    
8 11/11/1762 Christopher SMITH     Elizabeth ADAMS    
9 27/12/1762 Thomas FENN   Romford Ann STEPHENS    
10 17/01/1763 John PLAYL     Mary WARD    
11 14/04/1763 Benjamin EVE   Chipping Ongar Mary WRIGHT    
12 07/05/1764 Samuel SMITH   All Hallows Staining, City Of London Denniss JANES    
13 27/11/1766 James CLARKE     Mary CHURLESS    
14 24/11/1767 Charles Alexander CRICKETT Single St Gregory, City Of London Sarah DOLBY Single  
15 24/12/1767 John RUFFLE Single   Susannah WRIGHT Single  
16 16/02/1768 Thomas HENDRY     Mary EDWARDS    
17 24/02/1768 James SANDERS   High Ongar Elizabeth BOUTLE    
18 11/10/1768 Thomas STONES   Navestock Elizabeth GREENWOOD    
19 13/10/1768 Thomas WRIGHT     Rebeccah FITCH   Blackmore
20 30/04/1769 William WRIGHT     Mary BRIDGES   North Weald Bassett
21 27/06/1769 William RIGLING     Elizabeth YOUNG    
22 02/11/1769 Samuel BOREHAM     Mary BROOKS    
23 21/11/1769 William CLARIDGE Single   Ann NORTH Widow  
24 26/02/1770 Roger LOWIN Single   Abigal REYNOLDS Widow  
25 24/04/1770 Matthew GROVE Widower   Sarah SMITH Single  
26 01/06/1770 Abraham GEORGE Widower Harlow Susannah SARLING    
27 11/10/1770 William FULLER     Esther READE    
28 28/10/1770 Benjamin PLUMB     Sarah NOSS    
29 08/09/1771 Samuel SLYE     Elizabeth GRANT    
30 24/11/1771 John SMITH     Martha BOUTLE    
31 15/12/1771 Joseph BREET     Elizabeth ROBJANT    
32 21/12/1771 Henry JENKINS Widower   Mary BARKER Single  
33 22/06/1772 David NEWMAN     Ann PLAYLE    
34 22/08/1772 William THOMPSON Single   Elisabeth HUGGINS Single  
35 27/12/1772 John NETTLEFOLD     Ann TURNER    
36 01/06/1773 Robert WOOD     Amelia HARDY    
37 13/10/1773 John SCRIPS   High Ongar Rachel PLAYLE    
38 17/10/1773 William BONSON     Elizabeth TWIN    
39 27/01/1774 Samuel MAYS   High Ongar Elizabeth TURNER    
40 20/02/1774 Samuel CLARK Single   Hannah POLIN    
41 15/05/1774 John WRIGHT   High Ongar Ann NEWMAN    
42 07/11/1774 Joseph SPARROW     Elizabeth SHIRES    
43 19/06/1775 John TAYLOR     Elizabeth PLAYLE    
44 16/01/1776 Isaac BROCKES Widower Fyfield Mary PAVELY Widow  
45 24/05/1776 John KING   Stanford Rivers Elizabeth LINGARD    
46 02/02/1777 William TRAPPS Widower Walthamstow Sarah TURNER Single  
47 14/10/1777 William BULL   Doddinghurst Ann BARNS    
48 03/11/1777 Robert RUSTED Single St Bride, City Of London Hannah RUFFLE Single  
49 17/07/1778 Ferdinando MYON     Elizabeth MORTLOCK    
50 11/10/1778 Jeremiah OTLEY Single Stondon Massey Sarah SMITH Single  
51 23/11/1779 John SWAINE Single   Elizabeth BUTTERFIELD Widow  
52 25/04/1780 Thomas BOWTELL   Harlow Mary PAMPHILON    
53 13/10/1780 Jeremiah JACKSON     Elizabeth MASKALL    
54 24/10/1780 Peter RIGLIN     Elizabeth GODSALVE    
55 03/11/1780 Moses MURREL   Barking Elizabeth ADAMS    
56 04/11/1781 John BARNS   Doddinghurst Susanna MANSFIELD    
57 29/04/1782 John BARNABY     Sarah BANNISTER    
58 09/06/1783 John HALDEN   Doddinghurst Hannah MANSFIELD    
59 22/11/1784 James SAVEALL   Navestock Lydia RANK    
60 06/02/1785 Thomas MARTHAMS Single Shellow Bowells Ann OSBORNE Widow  
61 19/10/1785 William BRADBURY Single   Elizabeth JOYCE Single Shenfield
62 23/10/1785 John SKINGLEY     Ann FLACK   Chipping Ongar
63 08/11/1786 William BONSON     Ann BANESTER    
64 18/11/1786 John DAVIS Single Navestock Ann WOOLLAD Single  
65 03/12/1786 Benjamin BRETT     Elizabeth BROKIES    
66 24/07/1788 Samuel SAVAGE   Doddinghurst Elizabeth PHILLIPS    
67 05/04/1789 Samuel RILEY     Ann LITTLE   Navestock
68 10/05/1789 James GRAY     Sarah FLACK    
69 06/07/1789 Joseph COOPER     Mary BEARD    
70 23/06/1790 William MARYON Single Blackmore Mary BARNS Single  
71 09/01/1791 William RIGLIN Single   Ann KING Single  
72 12/01/1791 John RILEY     Elizabeth HARRIS    
73 15/02/1791 John FRANKLIN Single Blackmore Jane BROWN Single Norton Mandeville
74 14/10/1791 James SKINGLY Single   Elizabeth MURRILL   Ingatestone
75 05/11/1792 John MILLER     Elizabeth HUMFARY    
76 11/11/1792 William STONES     Elizabeth RIGLEN    
77 07/01/1793 John SKINGLEY Widower   Sarah COVIL Widow  
78 09/05/1793 John EDWARDS Single   Harriett WILLIAMS Single  
79 22/11/1794 James WALLIS Single   Anne SOFTLY Widow  
80 05/01/1795 John PORTER Single   Mary REYNOLDS Single  
81 29/06/1795 James PRAT Single   Rebecca WARLDEN Single  
82 24/12/1795 George STAINES     Mary COLLOP    
83 24/01/1797 William MYLES     Anne TITMOUSE    
84 13/06/1797 Richard LAGDON     Hannah STEWART   Doddinghurst
85 07/08/1797 Thomas SPELLER   Epping Martha BORHAM    
86 30/01/1798 Edward SARLINS Widower   Mary OSBORN Widow  
87 17/03/1798 James WENNEL Single   Ann RIGLIN Single  
88 16/10/1798 William TURNER   Shelley Mary DOCKRELL    
89 25/12/1798 William REYNOLDS Single   Mary DOE Single  
90 15/10/1799 Edward RYE Single Blackmore Mary GIBBS Single  
91 25/04/1800 Thomas HUDSON Widower   Elizabeth LINCOLN Single  
92 26/09/1801 John JORDAN Single   Louis PYGRAM Single  
93 02/02/1802 Joseph WEALD Single   Mary FRESHWATER Single Shenfield
94 15/11/1803 James WHITE Single   Rebecca BRETT Single  
95 26/12/1803 John BALL Single   Ann WHITE Single  
96 05/01/1804 William WILLIS Single Coggeshall Mary GIBLIN Single  
97 24/04/1804 James SAWKINS Single   Mary PORTER Widow  
98 16/09/1806 Charles ABREY Single South Weald Susannah WRIGHT Single  
99 02/08/1808 Thomas TURNER Single Chipping Ongar Sarah WALESBY Single  
100 03/10/1808 William PRATT Single Blackmore Elizabeth PLUMB Single  
101 11/05/1809 Benjamin BINDER Single South Weald Mary HARWOOD Single  
102 26/12/1809 William SETCH   Norton Mandeville Elizabeth BRETT    
103 26/12/1809 Joseph TURNER   High Ongar Ann DURNELL    
104 27/11/1810 Henry LAGDEN     Rebecca POND    
105 20/08/1811 James DAWKINS   Chigwell Mary LAGDEN    
106 02/12/1811 James WOOD Single Navestock Elizabeth MANSFIELD Widow  
107 30/03/1812 John PORTWAY Widower   Mary WEST Single  
108 07/10/1812 James HAMMOND Single Doddinghurst Mary HERRINGTON Single  
1 02/12/1813 Stephen LOVELAND Widower   Mary DIBBINS Widow  
2 02/04/1816 William HERRINGTON Single   Ann RIGLEN Single  
3 29/04/1816 Gaven PINKERTON Single   Ann PENSON    
4 16/07/1816 John MOULD Widower Oundle, Northamptonshire Mary Ann MACKIE Single  
5 11/10/1816 Edward SARLING Single   Ann TANNER Single  
6 21/10/1818 John SMITH Widower   Elizabeth SAVILLE Single Doddinghurst
7 01/11/1818 William ENEVER Single   Mary RILEY Single  
8 17/12/1818 William HESLOP Single   Mary COOPER Single  
9 24/05/1819 John GOLD Single   Margarett HERRINGTON Single  
10 05/04/1820 John ENEVER Single   Amelia BARNS Single  
11 24/04/1820 Peter PEACOCK Single   Elizabeth BARKER Single Chipping Ongar
12 16/10/1820 William MILLER Single   Frances OTTLEY Single  
13 26/10/1820 George RAINBIRD Single   Ann BRAND Single  
14 03/12/1820 James WOOD Single South Weald Rebecca POUTING Single  
15 17/11/1821 John SARLING Single   Hannah CANNELL Single  
16 12/01/1823 Thomas DAVIS Single Navestock Fanny HAYDON Single  
17 03/08/1823 John HOGG Single Navestock Jane HEARD Single  
18 13/10/1823 Richard WELLS Single   Sarah BREWER Single  
19 17/11/1823 James RAINBIRD Single   Elizabeth FREEMAN Single  
20 10/12/1823 Thomas WEBB Single Epping Charlotte BARNES Single  
21 31/08/1824 John SHARMAN Single Chelmsford Eliza BIRD Single  
22 04/01/1825 Henry STONES Single Blackmore Elizabeth SMITH Single  
23 04/04/1825 Robert DORRINGTON Single   Mary Ann WHITE Single  
24 01/05/1825 George BOSLEY Single   Hannah SARLES Single  
25 00/00/1826 James BARNS Single   Maria CRABB Single  
26 01/05/1826 John COLLINS Single   Harriet HAYDON Single  
27 11/12/1826 Joseph MAY Single Good Easter Hannah BONNETT Single  
28 15/01/1827 James DOW     Ann SALTWELL Single  
29 03/09/1827 John HEYMER Single   Lucy LUCK Single  
30 03/09/1827 John HALLS Single   Mary BROWN Single  
31 20/11/1827 William WEAL     Ann EDWARDS    
32 20/11/1827 John WAINWRIGHT Single   Sarah LINCOLN Single  
33 05/12/1827 George RIGLEN Single   Elizabeth STEVENS Single Doddinghurst
34 24/12/1827 James TURNER Single Navestock Ann HOLT Single  
35 01/09/1828 John SMITH Widower   Amelia CHOATE Single  
36 13/10/1828 Thomas WRIGHT Single   Mary SUTTON Single  
37 21/11/1828 John CANNON Single Blackmore Rebecca SMITH Single  
38 15/03/1829 Thomas STAPLER Single High Ongar Sarah WHITE Single  
39 10/04/1829 George BARNS Single   Ann PERRY Single  
40 13/06/1829 Charles BAKER Single   Sophia SMITH Single  
41 01/09/1829 James TAYLOR Single St Luke, Middlesex Phoebe REEVE Single  
42 26/09/1829 Alexander GORDON Single Edmonton, Middlesex Lucy REEVE    
43 26/11/1829 Richard WOODFINE Single   Sarah BLISS Single South Weald
44 28/06/1830 Jonathan RAINBIRD Single   Mary BROAD Single  
45 24/09/1830 Benjamin SMITH Single St Luke, Middlesex Martha WHEAL Single  
46 27/09/1830 Thomas RAINBIRD Single   Maria SMITH Single  
47 15/10/1831 James HARVEY Single   Elizabeth NASH Single  
48 16/06/1832 James WHITE Single   Elizabeth SUTTON Single  
49 01/10/1832 Richard RAINBIRD Single   Elizabeth MEAD Single  
50 12/11/1832 William HUMPHREY Single Navestock Maria RAINBIRD    
51 02/01/1835 John ENEVER Widower   Rebecca RILEY Single Navestock
52 09/04/1835 John OSBORNE Single   Elizabeth MARTIN Single  
53 09/06/1835 John SARLING Single   Mercy ADAMS Single  
54 24/12/1835 Thomas LORKINS Single   Rebecca FIRBANK Widow  
55 09/01/1836 Samuel PEGRIM Widower   Susan WALLIS Widow  
56 21/01/1836 William SIMONS Single   Ann Judith PRICE Single  
57 08/02/1836 William LLOYD Single   Mary JONES Single  

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