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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Mayland St Barnabas


The Parish

The parish of Mayland lies in southeastern Essex on the Dengie Peninsula and forming a short stretch of Essex's coast with the Blackwater Estuary. Mayland lies around 7 miles southeast of the port & market town of Maldon and sits about a mile north of the B1018 road which connects Maldon with Southminster. Mayland sits at the head of its eponymous creek whilst the modern development of Maylandsea, laid out in the 1930s, sits at the head of the next creek westwards, Lawling Creek. Whilst underpinned by arable farming, Mayland's coastal location would have diversified the economy with fishing, shell-fishing, wildfowling and coastal transportation helping to keep the population employed. Today this is a haunt of wildlife and frequented by the yachting community with Maylandsea's marina providing safe haven. Small streams drain the low-lying fields into the nearby creeks and through the Blackwater Estuary to the North Sea. Mayland is sited between sea level and 17 metres above the sea, the church on its hill, which tops out at 45 metres, is one of the higher buildings in the parish. Mayland parish was narrow from east to west but crossed 2/3 of the Dengie peninsula from north to south, it was typically sized for this area covering just over 2,000 acres and would have supported a population of close to 200 parishioners. In Domesday Book Mayland is not mentioned but was returned as part of the Lawling entry, Lawling Hall is sited within Mayland parish. The area was shared by 4 landholders with Canterbury Abbey holding the largest portion, collectively these holdings aggregated to 23 ploughs, woodlands, a mill and a fishery and was one of the largest 20% of settlements recorded in the book, a wealthy holding indeed.

The Church

St Barnabas' church sits high on Mayland Hill and almost 1 1/2 miles from the head of Mayland Creek. Sadly this is not a mediaeval church but a replacement built in the 1860s and, thus, not even the building in which these events took place. The original church stood 300 yards closer to its village but all traces have been removed. St Barnabas is built using Kentish rag in a style from the early English Gothic period which saw its height in the early 13th century. The church was clearly of little interest architecturally for Pevsner whose account was short serving only to praise the stained glass which he felt was the best feature. The church sits on the western side of Mayland Hill behind open railed fencing, a small parking area permits a car by the entrance. The churchyard matches the rather open landscape in having no obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 30th September 1754 - 27th November 1811 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P383/1/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting and general scruffiness may lead to one or two misreads
2 29th June 1813 - 19th June 1837 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P383/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Althorne St Andrew
Creeksea All Saints
Creeksea All Saints

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
30/09/1754 William BREWER Single Southminster Sarah SURPLICE Single  
19/10/1754 Richard STOW   Latchingdon Sarah WATSON    
23/04/1755 John PICKMER   Bradwell St Lawrence Sarah SHAKESHAFT    
23/06/1755 George FULLER Single   Ann COWELL    
24/09/1755 James TYLER     Mary BROWN    
11/02/1756 John SAYER   Suffolk Mary VEAL    
06/02/1758 John HAM     Mary WILLE    
30/07/1759 James TIRRELL Widower   Sarah HARRISON Single  
11/09/1759 David RAVEY Single   Elizabeth QUOY Single  
12/09/1759 Robert GOLDSTONE Single Mundon Elizabeth SEWELL Single  
22/09/1760 Michael JAMESON     Diana LOAN    
30/09/1760 John FANCE   Southminster Elizabeth OLFER    
09/12/1760 William TOWERS   Southminster Rachel GOWERS    
29/03/1761 John CLARK Single   Sarah CRANE Widow  
30/09/1761 Thomas MOSS   Althorne Mary FROST    
30/09/1761 George GUNNER     Elizabeth PEERMAN    
21/02/1762 Peter VEAL Single   Hannah CRANE    
18/09/1763 John TURNER Single   Ann TURNER Single  
16/11/1763 William BATES     Frances NICOLS    
24/06/1765 John SURRY     Mary HAM Single  
22/01/1766 Henry HARRISON     Rebecca PETERS Single  
14/10/1766 William MARBIN Single   Mary PAIN Single  
30/12/1766 Nathaniel ABBOTT Single Great Stambridge Eleanor DUNMORE Widow  
26/05/1767 Thomas BARKER Single Steeple Susanna SEWELL Single  
04/12/1767 Michael KITCHEN Widower   Hannah ANGAR Single  
11/12/1767 William BANBRICK Single   Mary FLACK Single Southminster
13/01/1768 John WHITE Single Bradwell St Lawrence Sarah PARKER Single  
01/02/1768 Thomas SMITH Single Latchingdon Susannah TURRILL Single  
29/05/1770 Edward LORKING Single   Ann DANIELS Widow  
05/06/1770 Henry ANGER Single   Jane HARVEY Single  
08/08/1771 Henry LAVER Single   Elizabeth PAGE Single  
24/07/1772 John JORDAN Single Tillingham Mary SURREY Widow  
17/09/1772 Joseph CARRIDGE Single   Judith BRIDGE Single  
07/01/1773 Thomas TABER Single   Elizabeth KENDALL Single  
27/04/1773 William BUTCHER Single Southminster Ann CREASEA Single  
29/04/1773 John WADE Widower Southminster Sarah PAGE Single  
27/12/1773 John HARVEY Single   Mary BRIDGE Single  
03/10/1774 William DRAKE Single Latchingdon Mary SURRY Single  
02/02/1775 Charles PAGE Single   Sarah WALTHAM Single Southminster
05/09/1775 William GASSAM Single   Elizabeth CRISP Single  
11/09/1775 Thomas MAN Widower   Mary DOWSETT Widow  
11/10/1775 James FRENCH Single Bradwell St Lawrence Ann MONK Single  
02/11/1775 Phillip TOMMERSON Single   Susannah PEASE Single  
19/11/1776 Benjamin HUGHES Single Inworth Elizabeth WARNER Single  
02/12/1776 William CRACKNALE Single   Hannah MOULS Single  
02/04/1777 Edward PICKMAN   Southminster Ann PETERS Single  
13/09/1778 William ROWLES Single   Ann DANIELS Single Southminster
30/05/1779 John GARRARD Single   Sarah BUSH Single  
13/02/1780 Jeremiah SMITH Single   Susannah SPILLMAN Single  
16/04/1781 Henry BEELOW Widower Althorne Ann TURNER Widow  
01/08/1782 Samuel ODLEN Single   Mary ROLFE Single  
28/04/1783 William RICHARDSON Widower   Mary WATSON Single  
30/09/1783 Edward PEASE Single   Sarah MILLER Single  
24/12/1784 Peter AMOS Widower Steeple Elizabeth MARTIN Single  
03/03/1785 Thomas FARROW Single Burnham On Crouch Frances WOOD Single  
25/10/1785 John RIDGELL Single   Susanna FLACK Single  
23/04/1786 Arthur BLANKS Widower   Mary LAME Widow  
10/07/1787 John MARTIN Single   Elizabeth BRAND Single  
26/08/1787 John PAVIS Single   Mary SAUNDERS Single  
04/10/1787 Thomas GOODWIN Single   Sarah BURRIDGE Single  
06/10/1787 Thomas SALLOWS Single Dengie Apenna POYNTER Single  
12/03/1788 Edward PEASE Widower   Mary SMITH Single  
22/03/1788 Thomas MANE Single   Elizabeth UNWIN Single  
20/04/1788 Edward CASSON Single Althorne Ann GAPIN Single  
04/06/1789 James SAMS Widower Bradwell Juxta Mare Sarah SAMS Single  
30/09/1789 Thomas SAMS Single   Hannah PERKINS Single Southminster
01/10/1789 John STACEY Single   Hannah CREASY Single  
15/12/1789 William WOOD Single   Mary ROFFE Widow  
26/07/1790 Joseph KING Single Southminster Susannah MANN Single  
30/09/1790 John POLLEY Single   Ann POMFREY Single Southminster
12/01/1792 Emanuel ELDERET Single   Ann HALLS Single  
05/07/1792 William HOWARD Single   Ann CAVELL Widow  
01/10/1792 John PANTON Single Southminster Sarah SPIGHT Single  
24/11/1792 John WADE Single Althorne Hannah LANCASTER Widow  
04/05/1793 Robert POYNTER Widower   Eleanor DUNMORE Single  
15/01/1794 Henry WITHERLEY Single   Martha PINKEN Single  
18/12/1794 John POULTON Single   Ann HOWARD Widow  
31/10/1796 Robert ELDRED Single   Elizabeth WADE Single  
17/01/1797 William DOUSE Single Southminster Elizabeth ROGERS Single  
25/04/1797 Samuel SCRIVENS Single   Nancy TOWERS Single  
29/05/1797 Jacob HART Single   Sarah MAWEN Single  
02/10/1798 Thomas HARVEY Single Althorne Sarah ABBOT Single  
05/10/1798 James TABER Single   Elizabeth UNWIN Single  
10/11/1798 Robert GAYPON Single   Sarah FENNAL Single  
27/10/1799 Jonathan PEASEY Single   Sarah STEVENS Single  
29/10/1799 Isaac UGGLES Single   Anne MAWEN Widow  
09/11/1799 Benjamin WHITING Single   Susanna WEBB Single  
12/09/1800 Samuel SHARP Single   Hannah PARKER Single  
31/01/1802 William GRAY Single   Elizabeth MASON Single  
30/09/1802 James PERRY Single   Ann GAPIN Single  
01/02/1803 James LING Single   Elizabeth MAWEN Single  
02/08/1803 William GAPIN Single   Lucy HART Single  
25/10/1803 John CLAYDON Single   Sarah BEARMAN Single  
04/12/1803 John WEEKS Single   Elizabeth SAMS Single  
15/01/1804 William GREEN Single   Sarah BRYANT Single  
22/12/1805 Edward TURNER Single   Sarah WORN Single  
07/04/1806 Alexander CARTER Single   Elizabeth LAMBIRTH Single  
30/09/1806 James HOY Single Southminster Elizabeth JAYNES Single  
30/05/1808 Samuel LONG Single   Elizabeth WORN Single  
06/12/1808 William CABLE Single   Mary PEECHEN Single  
03/08/1810 Joseph APPLEBURY Single Paglesham Catharine BREWER    
08/10/1810 John MATHEWS Widower   Sarah COTTON Widow  
18/10/1810 William SMITH Single   Mary PAGE Single  
15/04/1811 Edmund LONG Single   Elizabeth MARTIN Single  
27/11/1811 Thomas TUCKLEN Single Althorne Mary MILLER Single  
1 29/06/1813 James BROWN Single   Sophia FROST Single  
2 04/07/1813 Richard STOWLE Single   Anne BREWER Single  
3 04/11/1813 James THOROWGOOD Single   Mary WHITE Single  
4 19/04/1814 John POOLE Single   Elisabeth THOROUGHGOOD Single  
5 24/10/1814 Evatt SANDERS Single Layer De La Haye Elisabeth POYNTER Single  
6 09/02/1815 John Harrison COCKETT Single Tillingham Caroline HOWARD Single  
7 09/11/1815 Jonathan SPELLS     Mary Anne WRIGHT    
8 04/05/1816 Richard BEARMAN Single   Susanna WEBB Single  
9 18/10/1816 John LOZELL     Lucy ANGEL Single  
10 23/04/1817 John VOWZEN     Hannah ANGEL    
11 24/06/1817 John THOROGOOD Single   Hannah WENT Single  
12 29/09/1817 John BRATFORD Widower   Mary SAMS Single  
13 18/11/1817 Joseph ELLIS Single   Mary INGOTT Single  
14 12/12/1818 William WRIGHT   All Saints, Maldon Mary Anne POULTON    
15 30/09/1819 Samuel SCRIBBINS Single   Mary RAISON Widow  
16 03/10/1819 Simon KETLEY Single   Elisabeth GRINT Single  
17 14/11/1819 John Smith ROBINSON Single   Judith CHALLIS Single Southminster
18 28/03/1820 Joseph BROWN Single   Rebeccah LAKE Single  
19 14/08/1820 Joseph PUDNEY Widower   Catherine BREWER Widow  
20 08/10/1820 John DINES Single   Jemima ELDREDT Single  
21 24/11/1821 Charles William GREEN Single Little Totham Mary POYNTER Single  
22 20/12/1822 John WIGGINS Single Thundersley Elizabeth BREWER    
23 19/09/1823 James TIBBLES Single   Sarah BOWLEY Single  
24 30/11/1823 William GREEN   Althorne Sarah SAINS    
25 16/04/1825 William ABBOT Widower   Susan MITCHELL Single  
26 16/09/1826 George Humphrey GREEN Single   Eleanor POYNTER Single  
27 14/11/1826 Edward HAMMOND Single   Mary CARTER Single  
28 26/11/1826 Edward WEBB Single   Phoebe CORREL Single  
29 10/12/1826 Thomas STOWE Single   Ann DOPTSON Single  
30 11/04/1828 James BRIDGE     Mary Ann DOUSE    
31 06/11/1828 William COCKETT Single Tillingham Catherine POULTON Single  
32 09/11/1828 James DENNY Single   Hannah EWERS Single  
33 29/12/1828 John ONG Single   Sarah TURNER Widow  
34 20/04/1829 Isaac NOY Single   Hannah VOWGIN Widow  
35 01/10/1831 Thomas YOUNG Single   Rachel HOY Single  
36 01/10/1831 Samuel TABOR Single   Mary Ann WARFORD Single  
37 15/10/1831 Daniel DOBSON Single   Elizabeth CUTMORE Single  
38 23/02/1832 James POTTER Single   Ann CARTER Single  
39 22/07/1832 John BOWLES Single   Ann ALLEN Single  
40 06/10/1832 John LUMM Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
41 18/11/1833 James AIRY Single   Mary ELDRED Single  
42 22/11/1833 David SMITH Widower   Sarah PARCHMENT Widow  
43 26/01/1834 Samuel HALES Widower   Susannah HART Widow  
44 19/10/1834 John HARDEN Single   Phebe BROWN Single  
45 24/10/1834 Thomas TATES Single   Harriett READ Single  
46 09/11/1835 Stephen NUNN Widower   Mary Ann RICHARDSON Single  
47 26/12/1835 Samuel BALLS Widower   Harriett TAYLOR Widow  
48 19/06/1837 Jonah ATTRIDGE Single   Hannah SCRIBBINGS Single  

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