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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Nazeing All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Nazeing lies in far western Essex, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Hertfordshire and is also close to neighbouring Middlesex. Nazeing is a compact village lying, in lanes, about 4 miles southwest of Harlow New Town. Nazeing sits about a mile west of the B181 road which connects Epping with Hertford. The parish sits on the eastern banks of the River Lea and rises onto the sandy soils of the high ground which, to the south, is occupied by Epping Forest. The combination of poor sandy soils and river plain meadows lead to a primarily pastoral farming regime uncharacteristic of the county. Today there are three main settlements in the parish, Nazeing itself is a small village, whilst to the south lies the equally small Bumble's Green, to the west Lower Nazeing, on the edge of the floodplain, has grown into the principal settlement. The River Lea flows southwards to join the Thames in the East End of London. Nazeing is sited at 70 metres above sea level, although Lower Nazeing, as its name suggests, sits some 40 metres lower. The parish, by Essex standards, is large it covered almost 3,900 acres and supported a population of around 800 parishioners. In Domesday times the parish was shared between one Ranulf and the Canons of Waltham Holy Cross, the parish boasted 7 ploughs but extensive woodland and meadows with a notable assortment of documented animals, especially pigs, as well as a fishery.

The Church

All Saints church sits in the village of Nazeing at the end of a dead-end lane running north from the main village crossroads. The church has ancient origins, the nave being Norman and probably 11th or 12th century. The rest is later mainly 15th century work notably the porch, northern aisle and western tower. In common with most churches in the area the Victorians did their usual restorations and for All Saints there were two in 1870s and 1890s which substantially altered the building. The access track leaves Nazeing heading northwards towards Roydon Hamlet, followed by a local trail (Three Forests Way), there is a large parking area at the entrance to the churchyard. The church sits at the western end of a large churchyard, much of the eastern end is restricted by mature trees but there are adequate views further in.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 9th May 1755 - 1st November 1769 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P321/1/3 Plain, unruled book a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 23rd January 1770 - 30th March 1812 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P321/1/11 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 10th May 1813 - 2nd February 1837 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P321/1/12 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Broxbourne St Augustine, Hertfordshire
Roydon St Peter
Roydon St Peter
Great Parndon St Mary
Broxbourne St Augustine, Hertfordshire
Wormley St Lawrence, Hertfordshire
Great Parndon St Mary
Epping Upland Al Saints
Cheshunt St Mary, Hertfordshire
Waltham Holy Cross St Lawrence & Holy Cross
Epping St John the Baptist

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
09/05/1755 Arthur WEBB Single   Elizabeth BENTON Single  
04/10/1755 Thomas TURNER Single   Elizabeth FIDGEN Single  
21/04/1756 James NORTH Single   Sarah HIDE Single  
08/11/1756 Samuel NEWLIN Single   Elizabeth ADDAMS Single  
01/12/1756 Philip GAYLOR Widower   Mary EVE Widow Epping Upland
23/12/1756 James TOLSON     Sarah BANCOCK Single  
17/10/1757 John BRIGGS Single Roydon Elizabeth JUDD Single  
26/10/1757 Robert ADDAMS Single Waltham Holy Cross Mary CONEY Widow  
04/12/1758 Edward HOLDEN Widower   Sarah GUNNET Single  
06/05/1759 William WARD Widower   Grace SIPTHORPE Single  
07/09/1759 Richard SIBTHORP Widower   Elizabeth BACKWITH Widow  
18/10/1759 Joseph LAURENCE     Susanna WOOD    
24/12/1759 Thomas SMITH Single   Mary ADAMS Widow  
19/05/1760 Joseph DYTON Single   Mary PEGROM Single  
02/08/1760 Thomas FOSTER Single   Mary BISHOP Single  
22/02/1761 John SCALES Single St Andrew, Hertford, Hertfordshire Anne WANT Single  
07/07/1761 Thomas WANT Single   Elizabeth CAMP Single  
12/07/1761 John BACKWITH     Olive HOFF    
20/09/1761 William FORD Single   Sarah NORTH Single  
27/11/1761 Thomas BYNOR Widower Broxbourne, Hertfordshire Susanna WOOLLARD Single  
13/02/1762 William EDWARDS Single Braughing, Hertfordshire Elizabeth PIPKIN Single  
01/11/1762 Thomas COWELL     Sarah BAILEY    
03/11/1762 William PEGRAM Single   Mary CAMP Single  
01/02/1763 Charles FELL     Sarah PINNUCK    
19/05/1763 James HEARD Single Ware, Hertfordshire Susanna TAYLOR Single  
23/06/1763 John MARTIN Single   Diana CAMP Single  
14/10/1763 John SMITH Single   Mary WOOD Single  
01/11/1763 Edward WARD     Lydia STACE    
23/05/1764 John PEGRAM     Mary WEBB    
07/06/1764 Thomas BANKS Single   Johanna BOREHAM Single  
13/10/1764 Thomas CHURCH Widower   Ann SMITH Single  
05/11/1764 John HARRIS     Anne SCRIGS    
08/04/1765 William WILLIAMS Single Walthamstow Mary STANINGFORD Single  
22/07/1765 John FALE Single   Anne GABRIEL Widow  
12/08/1765 William ALDRIDGE Single Waltham Holy Cross Mary SAVILLE    
22/12/1765 Thomas MANSFIELD Single Roydon Elizabeth JENNINGS Single  
13/04/1766 Thomas IVES     Anne TAYLOR    
14/09/1766 Thomas WALLER   Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire Sarah COELL    
22/09/1766 John WEBB     Hannah Smith WHITBY    
10/11/1766 Joseph FISHER     Bridget GOODWYN Widow  
30/03/1767 Joseph DYTON Widower   Susannah STANINGFORD Single  
30/03/1767 Francis RAY Single Roydon Mary WOOLLARD Single  
12/05/1767 Isaac HALE Single   Sarah WANT Single  
05/10/1768 Thomas WISBEY Widower   Mary SMITH Widow  
23/10/1768 Thomas HARDING Widower   Martha WARD Single  
04/04/1769 John SMITH Single   Elizabeth COWEL Single  
06/06/1769 Thomas FORD Single   Mary BRACE Single  
18/06/1769 John TITMAS     Sarah RISDAL    
14/10/1769 Henry BONSELL Widower   Sarah SQUIRE Widow  
01/11/1769 William NORTH Single Wormley, Hertfordshire Mary PORTER Single  
1 23/01/1770 Richard WEBB Widower   Mary ADAMS Single  
2 01/02/1770 George COLLINGS Single Totternhoe, Bedfordshire Hannah WANT Single  
3 21/02/1770 Abraham PEGRUM Single   Susannah FOSTER Single  
4 16/05/1770 John LAWRANCE Widower   Elizabeth GIVER Single  
5 07/11/1770 Nathaniel ADAMS Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
6 14/11/1770 James FORSTER Single   Sarah HARRIS Single  
7 06/01/1771 Thomas JOYCE Single Waltham Holy Cross Elizabeth WANT Single  
8 04/02/1771 Edward MARTIN Single   Mary PINNOCK Single  
9 31/10/1771 John LAWRANCE Single   Anne HOARE Single  
10 17/09/1772 John WHITTENBURY Single Waltham Holy Cross Martha WANT Single  
11 15/04/1773 James WANT Single   Elizabeth PRATT Single  
12 30/05/1774 William HARKNETT Single   Katherine SMITH Single  
13 28/11/1774 William PYE Single   Elizabeth GREGORY Single Roydon
14 28/11/1774 Thomas PORTER Single   Mary WRENN Single  
15 14/12/1774 Edward MARTIN Widower   Hannah HOLDEN Single  
16 26/01/1775 William STANDINGFORD Single   Sarah BAILEY Single Great Parndon
17 03/08/1775 Richard STRATTON Single Shoreditch, Middlesex Catherine WOOD Single  
18 06/09/1775 Thomas WHEATLEY Widower   Martha WILKINSON Single  
19 11/10/1775 William PASFIELD Single   Sarah WOOD Single  
20 16/10/1775 Daniel HOLDEN Single   Rachael CRAWLEY Single Waltham Holy Cross
21 17/02/1776 William SPUR Single   Martha WOOD Single  
22 28/05/1776 Thomas HARKNETT Single   Sarah WRIGHT Single  
23 09/09/1776 William HYNDE Single   Mary CORDELL Single  
24 12/09/1776 Henry WRIGHT Widower   Martha FORD Single  
25 23/10/1776 John BEAN Single   Mary SCRIGGS Single  
26 07/01/1777 George BANKS Single   Margaret BAILEY Single  
27 15/01/1777 Joseph WARNER Single Epping Sarah WORDEN Single  
28 10/05/1777 Thomas SEXTON Single Waltham Holy Cross Anne DAMON Single  
29 16/05/1778 William WALKER Single Waltham Holy Cross Sarah BANKS Single  
30 16/05/1779 Richard MARTIN Single Barking Susannah FISHER Widow  
31 21/10/1780 Thomas BONINGTON Widower   Mary WRIGHT Single  
32 05/04/1781 James SPONG Widower Shoreditch, Middlesex Sarah RANDAL Widow  
33 27/04/1781 John WEBB Single   Rebekah CAMP Single  
34 18/06/1782 Robert CRAWLEY Widower   Judith ELKIN Single  
35 18/12/1782 William SHADBOLT Widower High Laver Elizabeth STANDINGFORD Single  
36 07/09/1783 James LAWRANCE Single   Susannah SCOTT Single  
37 16/11/1783 Abraham HARRIS Single   Jane FORD Single  
38 26/11/1783 Noah DEARNE Single   Mary SMITH Single  
39 10/12/1783 Thomas BANKS Widower   Elizabeth BACKWITH Single  
40 18/12/1783 Thomas WANT Widower   Mary MARTEN Single  
41 18/04/1784 William MARSHALL Single   Sarah BARNES Single  
42 20/09/1784 George TITE Single   Sarah SIBTHORPE Single  
43 27/09/1784 William GABRIEL Single   Ann HOBBES Single  
44 16/01/1785 Thomas MATHEWS Single   Mary SHEPHERD Single  
45 14/09/1785 Thomas BANKS Widower   Elizabeth PARKER    
46 21/01/1786 Thomas WORTORS Widower Theydon Garnon Susannah LAWRENCE Single  
47 23/01/1786 William FLOWERS Single   Sarah THURLEY Single  
48 11/02/1786 William COTTAGE Single   Hannah HUNT Single  
49 25/02/1786 Isaac PAGE Widower   Sarah FINCH Single  
50 24/05/1786 John MATTHEWS Single   Ann BOORHAM Widow  
51 26/06/1786 William SPELLER Single   Sarah TURNER Single  
52 06/07/1786 Joseph Thomas JONES     Ann JONES Single  
53 03/12/1786 Edward HOLDEN Single   Jane MILES Single  
54 18/12/1786 William DYTON Single   Anne KENNETON Single  
55 19/02/1787 Samuel WESTWOOD Single   Susannah WEBB Single  
56 18/06/1787 Robert PARTRIDGE Single   Elizabeth NORTH Single  
57 18/06/1787 James FORD Single   Mary MORRALL Single  
58 24/06/1787 Thomas SEARING Single   Honour PATMORE Single  
59 03/09/1787 Nathaniel ATTERRIDGE Single   Mary WEBB Single  
60 17/09/1787 James CLARK Single   Ann FINCH Single  
61 08/11/1788 Benjamin WARWICK   Stanstead Abbots, Hertfordshire Mary FLOWER Widow  
62 06/12/1788 Edward HUNT Single   Elizabeth BACKWITH Single  
63 19/02/1789 James WANT Single   Elizabeth BANKS Single  
64 02/11/1789 John HOLDEN Single   Mary NEWLAND Single  
65 07/11/1789 Edward JENNINGS Widower   Mary BEAN Widow  
66 07/11/1789 Joseph PORTER Single   Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
67 16/12/1789 Robert HAMPTON Single Epping Elizabeth KING Single  
68 02/08/1790 John STANTON   Great Parndon Sarah PEGRUM    
69 18/10/1790 Joseph FENN Single   Elizabeth WARD Single  
70 09/11/1790 Benjamin GROOM Single   Elizabeth FORD Single  
71 29/04/1791 Samuel NEWLAND Single   Hester GLASSICK Single  
72 26/06/1791 John DERBIDGE Single   Ann MARTIN Single  
73 27/07/1791 William PEGRUM Single   Mary CRAWLEY Single  
74 11/10/1791 Thomas SMITH Single   Susannah SMALL Single  
75 23/01/1792 John PAGE     Elizabeth WANT    
76 22/04/1792 James DUN Single   Anne BOND    
77 26/05/1792 John DELEAR     Anne NORTAGE    
78 17/06/1792 William WHITE     Sarah CAWDEL    
79 26/06/1792 Joseph WEBB Widower   Sarah DOWNHAM Single  
80 07/08/1792 Thomas FILLER Widower Springfield Dorcas BAILEY    
81 01/11/1792 Abraham PEAGRAM Single   Sarah NICHOLS Single  
82 05/05/1793 William RIST     Sarah ADAMS    
83 19/08/1793 John CORRIE Single   Susan LONG Widow  
84 20/09/1793 John SPENCER Single   Rose BUTTERFIELD Widow  
85 04/11/1793 William RAND Single   Mary PEAGRAM Single  
86 15/11/1793 Henry PORTER Widower   Elizabeth GREEN Single  
87 21/07/1794 William HAROVE     Charlotte MARLOW    
88 18/10/1794 Thomas SMITH Widower   Ann READ Single  
89 14/12/1794 James BONNY     Ellen LAWRENCE    
90 11/05/1795 John PERCH Single   Sarah WEBB Single  
91 26/12/1795 Thomas EVERITT Single   Mary ALDERIDGE Single  
92 18/04/1796 William PERRY Single   Rebecca SMITH    
93 05/07/1796 John KENT Single Navestock Mary BANKS Single  
94 28/08/1796 Charles GILSONAN Single   Elizabeth PLAYER    
95 12/10/1796 Thomas PARKER Single   Hannah PORTER Single  
96 07/11/1796 George WRIGHT Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
97 07/11/1796 James WEBB Single   Jane WARD    
98 08/11/1796 David FRANCIS Single   Ann HARRIS Single  
99 15/11/1796 William GRIFFIN Single   Sarah HOLDEN Single  
100 26/04/1797 John PEGRUM Widower   Ann DANN    
101 01/07/1797 Thomas REYNOLDS Single   Sarah KING Single  
102 27/09/1797 Joseph HART Single   Sarah LAWRANCE Single  
103 10/10/1797 Joseph MARDEL Single   Mary MARTIN Single  
105 23/05/1798 Thomas PEGRUM Single   Sukey PEGRUM Single  
106 13/08/1798 Edward MANSFIELD Single   Charlotte PEGRAM Single  
107 11/10/1798 Richard SIBTHORPE Single   Elizabeth HORN Single  
108 12/10/1798 Robert IVES Widower   Sarah BYANT Widow  
109 27/02/1799 Leonard FORD Single   Sarah BUNTIN Single  
110 01/04/1799 John COALMAN Single   Elizabeth IVES Single  
111 13/05/1799 George MITCHELL Widower   Sarah HICKS Widow  
112 21/07/1799 John BISCOE Single   Elizabeth CARDELL Single  
113 26/08/1799 George CLARKE Single   Sarah HARKNETT Single  
114 04/11/1799 John POUTER Single   Elizabeth ADAMS Single  
115 04/11/1799 John GOOCH Single   Sarah NYE Single  
116 09/06/1800 Zachariah GISBORNE   St Margaret Lothbury, City Of London Mary WELCH    
117 23/06/1800 John BACKWITH Single   Catherine MORRISS Single  
118 09/12/1800 Thomas CORDELL Single   Charlotte TURNER Single  
119 22/01/1802 Henry STARLING Single   Charlotte BACKWITH Single  
119 25/02/1802 John BOREHAM Single   Catharine ORGER Single  
120 27/09/1802 William PARKER Single   Susanna BOORHAM Single  
121 19/12/1802 John COLE Single   Phillis PECK Single  
122 22/02/1803 James CORNELL Single   Mary BRETT Single  
123 20/03/1803 Abraham HARRIS Widower   Rebecca CORDELL Widow  
124 11/04/1803 James BONNY Widower   Mary DUNN Single  
125 30/05/1803 John PASFIELD Single   Isabella LAWMAN Single  
126 04/06/1803 Henry LAWMAN Single   Susanna PARVEY Single  
127 27/06/1803 John PEGRUM Single   Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
128 24/07/1803 Thomas HALE Widower   Elizabeth FORD Single  
129 13/10/1803 Randel TITMUS Single   Charlotte BAILEY Single  
130 18/10/1803 Joseph MANSFIELD Single   Sarah WEBB Single  
131 26/10/1803 John WHITE Single   Jane PERRY Single  
132 09/11/1803 Joseph ALDRIDGE Single   Jemima MANSFIELD Single  
133 20/11/1803 Edward HOLDEN Widower   Mary PEAT Single  
134 21/05/1804 John NORTH Widower   Frances CORDELL Widow  
135 29/05/1804 Edward ROBERTS Single St James Garlickhithe, City Of London Rachel WEBB Single  
136 08/09/1804 John Davies WELCH Single   Mary GREEN Single Epping
137 24/01/1805 Samuel PEGRUM Single   Elizabeth MUMFORD Single  
138 16/04/1805 John ROE Single Eastwick, Hertfordshire Sarah SMITH Single  
139 26/04/1805 William PEGRUM Single   Jane TIZLEY Single Roydon
140 01/10/1806 John ARGENT Single   Mary CRAWLEY Single  
141 03/11/1806 John NICHOLS     Sarah ARGENT    
142 16/11/1806 Benjamin MOFE     Elizabeth WESTWOOD    
143 25/11/1806 James HARRIS Single Harlow Elizabeth MANSFIELD Single  
144 27/01/1807 William FORD     Elizabeth Maria FAUPIN    
145 15/09/1807 James SMITH Single   Mary HOOPER Widow  
146 19/10/1807 Edward PASFIELD Single   Susan BURGES Single  
147 17/12/1807 Thomas COLLINS Single Roydon Mary Martin NOEL Single  
148 30/12/1807 Richard THORN Single   Mary THURGOOD Single  
149 18/01/1808 William CHELLIS Single   Susan LAURENCE Single  
150 02/04/1808 John DEAN Single   Sarah PHILIPS    
151 01/05/1808 John HARKNETT Single   Frances SMITH Single  
152 13/11/1808 John HUNT Single Waltham Holy Cross Sarah TINGEY    
153 17/02/1810 William DEAN     Sarah RICKETT    
154 14/11/1810 Simond PEVRETT     Tabitha DICKSON    
155 30/03/1812 Richard SURRIDGE Single   Maria HUNT Single  
1 10/05/1813 James HARKNETT Single   Ann LITTLER Single  
2 20/08/1814 Joseph HILLS Widower Thundridge, Hertfordshire Ann SALMONS Single  
3 09/09/1814 Samuel NEWLAND Single   Elizabeth SCOTT Single  
4 14/11/1814 John HOW     Hannah FORSTER    
5 21/11/1814 Richard BENTON   Little Parndon Anne KING Single  
6 07/02/1815 Richard MAPEY     Mary ADAMS    
7 29/04/1815 Joseph WILLIAMS Single   Sarah DAVEY Single  
8 09/11/1815 James WRIGHT     Mary PERKINS    
9 29/05/1817 Jeremiah WOOD   Epping Mary STANDINGFORD    
10 24/08/1817 John HARRIS     Alice ANDREWS    
11 01/10/1817 James WHITE     Elizabeth TINGAY    
12 06/11/1817 Daniel DELLOW     Sarah REED    
13 18/11/1817 Thomas LAWRENCE     Rebecca PERRY    
14 10/01/1818 Thomas HALLS     Sarah SPELLER    
15 06/07/1818 John PUTTERILL Single   Sarah GROOM Single  
16 11/03/1820 John PATMORE Single Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire Elizabeth UNDERHILL Single  
17 30/04/1820 Daniel RAWLINGS Single   Elizabeth HOAD Single  
18 02/01/1821 Joseph EVERIT Single   Sarah MEAD Single  
19 13/12/1821 Thomas PEGRUM Single Roydon Sarah STANDINGFORD Single  
20 16/02/1822 Abraham NICHOLLS Single   Mary COALMAN Single  
21 14/07/1822 Thomas WHITE Single   Mary CONN Single  
22 14/10/1822 William FAIRCHILD Single   Elizabeth CHAPMAN Single  
23 30/04/1823 George BANKS Single   Frances MUMFORD Widow  
24 07/09/1823 Thomas NICHOLLS Single   Mary NOTTAGE Single  
25 01/03/1824 John DURBIDGE Single   Sarah TOTMAN Single  
26 06/11/1824 James STEPHENS Single   Catherine DEAN Single  
27 20/11/1824 Charles TURNER Single   Elizabeth NICHOLLS Single  
28 01/03/1825 William RAINBUD Single   Ann JOHNSON Single  
29 29/05/1826 James RAND Single   Charlotte FAIRCHILD   Waltham Holy Cross
30 13/08/1826 Richard PHILIP Single   Sophia BREWIT Single  
31 26/08/1826 Benjamin BURTON Single   Elizabeth RIX Single  
32 10/02/1827 Benjamin SHADBOLT Single   Catharine SIBTHORPE Single  
33 14/08/1827 John DOWSETT Single   Mary MANSFIELD Single  
34 29/09/1827 George WITHERS Single   Mary Anne FINCH Single  
35 04/10/1828 James HORNE Single   Mary HUMPHREYS Single  
36 09/11/1829 John PAGE Widower   Diana WELLS    
37 25/02/1830 Robert BIDDULPH Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth PALMER Single  
38 30/05/1830 James FORD Single   Sarah COOK Single  
39 14/01/1831 Samuel PEGRUM Single   Ann BAILES Single  
40 04/04/1831 John George WHITE Single   Charlotte DUGARD Single  
41 09/04/1831 John WHITE Single   Susan MATTHAM Single  
42 21/06/1831 William Henry KING Single   Anne PEGRUM Single  
43 30/07/1832 James SPELLER Single   Sarah HALE Single  
44 31/07/1832 James CORDELL Single   Susan HOLDEN Single  
45 12/01/1833 William CRAWLEY   Waltham Holy Cross Louisa DEAN    
46 12/05/1833 John JACKS Single   Mary RICKETTS Single  
47 11/10/1833 James MANSFIELD Single   Harriet HISCOCK Single  
48 24/11/1833 Charles JUDD Single   Harriot CORDELL Single  
49 09/08/1834 James SMITH Single   Ann PEGRUM Single  
50 26/09/1834 Thomas HALE Single   Ann DEAN Single  
51 29/09/1834 William PAGE   Limehouse, Middlesex Catherine CORBETT Single  
52 10/01/1835 John DEAN Single   Elizabeth WATSON Single  
53 29/01/1835 William Burchell WELCH Single   Hannah PEGRUM Single  
54 22/03/1835 Samuel NEWMAN Single   Sarah WHITE Single  
55 30/08/1835 James DURBIDGE Single   Oliff BREWETT Single  
56 29/11/1835 Henry WITHERS Single   Elizabeth WEBB Single  
57 06/02/1836 William DEIGHTON Single   Mary BRETTON Single Stanstead, Hertfordshire
58 08/02/1836 John WATSON Single   Caroline WILLIAMS Single  
59 27/01/1837 William WATSON Widower   Elizabeth SCOTT Widow  
60 02/02/1837 William DEIGHTON Widower   Eliza ADAMS Single Wormley, Hertfordshire

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