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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Ramsden Crays St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Ramsden Crays lies in southern Essex about 3 miles southeast of the town of Billericay, Ramsden Crays is not marked on modern ordnance survey maps but lies west of its twin parish of Ramsden Bellhouse and north of Crays Hill, the latter forming the major settlement within the parish. Crays Hill lies on the A129 road linking Billericay and Wickford. Modern developments have come to this area as the London to Southend railway line passes through the northern part of the parish. Prior to modern developments Ramsden Crays was a largely arable farming settlement albeit with extensive woodland in that northern portion, some of which remains to this day. Ramsden Crays is drained eastwards by the infant River Crouch which flows the short distance into the North Sea through Burnham on Crouch. Ramsden Crays is sited at between 20 & 30 metres above the sea in gentle terrain where local heights rise steadily northwestwards reaching 90 metres within Billericay. Ramsden Crays parish was on the small side, even by Essex standards, covering 1,200 acres it would have supported a population of just under 300 parishioners. In Domesday times the two Ramsdens were returned in combination so it is tricky separating the two manors of the Crays portion, documentary evidence states that the portions held by Bishop Odo of Bayeux and one Ranulf were the Crays portion in which case it could offer just 2 ploughs and small meadows but extensive woodland.

The Church

St Mary's church was declared redundant in 1993 and has been converted into a private dwelling, it lies at the northern end of Church Lane which runs north from the A129 at Crays Hill across the Crouch valley. The church was so extensively restored in the 1860s that little remains to make dating possible. Retained features including a 13th century lancet of the Early English Gothic remain as well as 15th century windows. The weatherboarded belfry is also 15th century. Church Lane runs north from Crays Hill for almost a mile before reaching the site of the former church, as the building is now a private residence there is no access to that albeit the owners do permit visits to the churchyard graves.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
13th August 1754 - 24th November 1812
Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P 371/1/4
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 26th March 1813 - 11th May 1837 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P 371/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Ramsden Bellhouse St Mary
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Basildon Holy Cross
Nevendon St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 13/08/1754 John POWTER Widower Anne HUGHES Widow South Weald
2 10/10/1754 Thomas CLARK Single Mountnessing Mary READ Single
3 19/03/1755 Thomas REED Single Hannah CLARK Single
4 30/07/1755 Thomas INGELL Single Mary HUNNABEL Widow
5 31/08/1755 Jonathan LAKIN Widower Cotesbach, Leicestershire Jane WISEMAN Single
6 09/02/1756 Thomas Waller BENTLEY Single Great Burstead Ann HUGHES Single
7 09/08/1756 John COOK Single Sarah WARKMAN Widow
8 20/04/1758 George CATAWAY Single Elizabeth SUCH Single
9 16/11/1758 Thomas CATTWAY Single Great Burstead Mary SUMNER Single
10 11/01/1759 John BANISTER Single Ramsden Bellhouse Mary FRANKLING Single
11 26/12/1759 John NEAL Single Anne COTTON Single
12 07/10/1761 Daniel HICKING Single Lucy FAIRHEAD Single
13 15/02/1763 Richard SUCH Widower Elizabeth SUMNER Single
14 08/09/1765 William BASSET Single Mary STOW Single
16 04/11/1765 Zachary RICHMOND Widower Elizabeth BAKER Single
17 15/10/1766 Joseph PRICE Single Great Burstead Anne WHITE Single
18 10/06/1767 James WARREN Widower Anne GROUT Single
19 13/10/1767 John STOCK Single Mary ARCHES Single
20 02/02/1768 William PERRY Single Witham Sarah WHITE Single
21 15/02/1768 Joseph FRENCH Single Sarah STEBBING Single
26 10/10/1771 Thomas TAYLOR Single Runwell Grace SHIPMAN Single
25 11/10/1771 Samuel MASON Single Pitsea Hannah BRIDGE Single
27 07/05/1772 Joseph FRENCH Widower Elizabeth FITCH Single
28 12/09/1772 John CATTOWAY Single Mary DODSON Single
29 08/03/1773 Thomas LEWIS Single Mary NUN Single
30 20/02/1775 John MASON Single Pitsea Elizabeth COOTE Single
31 08/12/1775 William MASON Single Ramsden Bellhouse Sarah LEMON Single
32 09/09/1776 Thomas REED Widower Priscilla WENLEY Widow
33 10/09/1776 George KING Widower Mary FAIL Widow
34 14/12/1779 William WALLDEN Single Ann NEALS
35 06/01/1780 Mark SEWELL Single Great Burstead Sarah HELLUM Single
36 21/09/1780 John SUMNERS Jane LEAKE
37 11/02/1784 Stephen SAXBE Stock Harward Ann HUMMERSTONE
38 17/09/1784 James COXLEY Ann SAUNDERS
39 12/10/1785 Jonathan WOOD Judy ABBY
40 13/10/1785 William DALE Ann REVES
41 15/10/1786 Abraham WOOD Susanna WALKER
42 26/12/1786 Thomas PAGE Downham Martha AGER
43 09/01/1787 James PHILIPS Shenfield Anna HELLUM
44 08/05/1787 Thomas MORGAN Shenfield Mary CATTAWAY
45 05/09/1787 Thomas BUTCHER Single Ramsden Bellhouse Sarah NEAL
46 18/10/1789 James BROWN Sarah OVERS
47 08/11/1790 John SAUNDERS Single Lydia SHATTLEWOOD Single
48 30/11/1790 James READ Susannah MYOLL
49 24/05/1791 James MARSHALL Single Elizabeth CLACKSON Single
50 13/10/1791 Moses MURRY Single Ramsden Bellhouse Ann LAZZELL Single
51 16/11/1791 James ABBEY Single Elizabeth SUTHERDON Single
52 11/10/1792 William TYRELL Single Mary WHITE Single
53 17/07/1793 Joseph THULBY Single Ann BATEMAN Widow
54 28/10/1793 Joseph HITCHIN Single Elizabeth WATSON Single Stock Harward
55 29/09/1794 Robert BELCHER Single Catherine JUDD Single
56 28/06/1796 Charles BAYLISS Single Buttsbury Jane NEAL Single
57 19/09/1797 Joseph HITCHIN Widower Ann BANNARD Widow Great Burstead
58 04/06/1798 Charles BETTS Single Buttsbury Mary ROLF Single
59 07/07/1798 William SUCH Basildon Ann MURREY
60 07/05/1799 James NEAL Single Downham Ann WAYLETT Single
61 01/10/1799 William GLADWIN Woodham Walter Susannah MOBBS
62 27/10/1800 William COX Single Sarah HILLS Single
63 01/12/1800 John ANGER Widower Mary SUCH Widow
64 02/03/1802 Robert DURANT Luisa LAURENCE
65 13/12/1802 Alexander SAVILL Elizabeth DURRANT
66 17/03/1803 George DELLER Buttsbury Sarah WHITE
67 22/09/1803 John WESTROPE Single Wickford Susannah LOW Single
68 05/04/1804 Abraham FRENCH Single Mary SAUNDERS Single
69 13/01/1805 William MARTIN Susan PICKETT Single
70 27/01/1805 Thomas STAMMERS Single Sarah CRIX Single
71 30/01/1806 Thomas RIDGELL Single Fobbing Rebecca WAYLETT Single
72 06/02/1806 William NEALE Single Mary CHOPPIN
73 12/10/1807 Edward YOUNG Single Elizabeth CHATTERS Widow Great Burstead
74 24/11/1807 James WRIGGLESWORTH Single Sarah GREEN Widow Vange
75 30/08/1808 Edward SALMON Woodham Mortimer Mary KNIGHT
76 03/04/1810 Robert SCHOLDING Single Ann WEAVER Single
77 24/06/1810 Thomas PRICE Single Rebecca PICKET Single
78 27/08/1810 William POWELL Single Elizabeth RUMBLE Widow
79 28/01/1811 Jacob POWELL Elizabeth MANN
80 21/09/1811 Joseph MARTIN Widower Elizabeth BROWNE Widow
81 27/09/1811 James MORGAN Single St Bride, City Of London Catherine WRIGLESWORTH Single
82 03/08/1812 Jacob CRANFIELD Single Jane WEVER Single
83 24/11/1812 John FRANKLIN Single Ramsden Bellhouse Mary MURRAY Single
1 26/03/1813 Charles Cross CLARKE Single Theodosia Mary PURFETT Single
2 07/09/1813 Thomas JARVAS Single Anne PICKETT Single
3 02/08/1814 Joseph ATHERTON Single Anne LAZELL Widow
4 11/08/1814 John CONELL Single Elizabeth DAVIES Single
5 09/11/1814 John SUCH Single Esther MURRAY Single
6 22/10/1815 John Little MASON Single Susan OSBORNE Single
7 17/12/1815 William DRAKE Widower Sarah NEWMAN Widow
8 09/05/1816 Jacob WOOD Single Mary PRICE Single
9 10/11/1817 Charles WHITE Single Mary HUNMERSON Single
10 08/12/1817 George CORNELL Single Esther HAGGER Single
11 10/07/1818 James HILLS Single Sarah PRICE Single
12 06/01/1820 David SEWELL Single Susannah WITEMAN Single
13 06/01/1820 George SEWELL Single Mary SEWELL Single
14 28/05/1820 John WILSON Single Hannah GREEN Single
15 17/10/1820 John LAZELL Single Mary PORTWAY Single
16 13/11/1820 Joseph HITCHIN Widower Susannah MONK Single
17 17/07/1821 John JAY Single Tamar MURREY Single
18 01/01/1823 James DRAKE Single Anne GUNN Single
19 08/10/1823 David DRAPER Single Lydia SAUNDERS Single
20 14/03/1824 William MAKINGS Single Buttsbury Mary Hammant PORTER Single
21 19/01/1825 Jonathan BUCKINGHAM Single Anne COX Single
22 11/04/1825 Benjamin STOCK Widower Rebecca PRICE Widow
23 25/12/1826 James BLOWS Single Sarah MARSHALL Single
25 27/02/1827 Samuel WRIGHT Single Sarah SAUNDERS Single
24 23/03/1827 William SUCH Single Mary FOREMAN Widow
26 05/06/1827 Thomas MATHAMS Single Stock Harward Mary Anne COLE Widow
27 02/10/1827 Thomas BENNET Single Sarah SMITH Single
28 17/06/1828 Gregory MATHAMS Widower Rebecca Jane COX Single
29 26/10/1829 Joseph BARNES Single Sarah PORTER Single
30 11/10/1830 William LAZZELL Single Elizabeth HORNSBY Single
31 07/02/1831 Samuel WRIGHT Single Elizabeth POWELL Widow
32 18/07/1831 James GARNISH Single Ann CLEMENTS Widow
33 25/07/1831 William CHAPMAN Single Elizabeth COX Single
34 14/08/1831 George HARROD Single Fanny BLAKELY Single
35 19/12/1831 Joseph BIRD Single Jane MURDLOCK Widow Downham
36 19/12/1831 James WRIGHT Single Elizabeth MASON Widow
37 18/10/1832 Samuel PLATT Single Sarah BIGGS Widow
38 18/10/1832 William MARTIN Single Mary WIFFEN Single
39 15/09/1833 James STURGEON Single Sarah MARSHALL Single
40 25/12/1833 Absalom SUCH Single Amelia THOROWGOOD Runwell
41 29/10/1834 William PORTER Single Susannah NEWSON Single
42 07/11/1834 Abraham COCKLEY Single Mary Ann CLARK Single
43 28/09/1835 Charles CLARK Single Ann RANSDALL Single
44 27/12/1836 William CORNWELL Single Louisa Sarah COX Single
45 31/03/1837 Zacheriah WAKELIN Single Hannah SPOONER Single
46 11/05/1837 Joseph HITCHING Single Rebecca WHITBREAD Single Ramsden Bellhouse

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