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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Great Saling St James the Great


The Parish

The parish of Great Saling lies in the northern portion of central Essex, Great saling is located about 5 miles northwest of the market town of Braintree. Great Saling is located in lanes about 2 miles north of the A120 road which connects Braintree with the Hertfordshire town of Bishop's Stortford. Much of the village is located along a half mile stretch of lane running north to south (Grove Villas), isolated farms and cottages are spread around this straggly centre. The area is largely devoted to arable agriculture on what is, for Essex, an elevated plateau. There are few contours hereabouts except where land falls into the valley of Pods Brook, this tributary of the River Brain is headed southeastwards, the Brain eventually joins the Blackwater and flows into the North Sea through Maldon. Great Saling parish is small, typical for this part of Essex, it would have covered almost 1,700 acres and supported around 350 parishioners. In Domesday times Great Saling was largely held by one John son of Waleran and boasted just 2 ploughs as well as small meadows and woodland.

The Church

St James' church sits on the western side of Grove Villas and is set well back from the road such that it is largely hidden from there. Pevsner deals with the building in an extremely short article of just a few lines, he states that much was heavily over-restored during Victorian improvement in the 1850s and 1860s. Of the original features only the western tower remains lightly touched and he dates this from the 14th century. Chancel, nave and vestry were largely rebuilt or altered totally beyond recognition. Access to the church is via a short gravel pathway leading westwards from Grove Villas, a blue sign marks its beginning. Once inside there are quite a few trees which do restrict photography somewhat albeit not totally.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 27th April 1754 - 3rd November 1812 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P311/1/2 Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 1st July 1813 - 26th December 1836 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P311/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Bardfield Saling St Peter & St Paul
Bardfield Saling St Peter & St Paul
Shalford St Andrew
Bardfield Saling St Peter & St Paul
Stebbing St Mary the Virgin
Rayne All Saints
Stebbing St Mary the Virgin
Felsted Holy Cross
Rayne All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
27/04/1754 Josias CUTLER   Tolleshunt D'Arcy Mary BANNISTER    
18/11/1754 William DYER     Ann KETLY    
25/11/1754 Benjamin PATMORE   Braintree Elizabeth WILLIS    
08/04/1755 John BROWNE     Alice WILLIS    
02/10/1755 Nathaniel BREWSTER   Bocking Elizabeth HILLS    
30/10/1755 Richard PETTIT     Mary WINDER Widow Bocking
17/11/1755 John RUGGLES     Sarah EVERET    
07/07/1757 John ROPER Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Mary GRIFFITH Single  
04/05/1758 John PASFIELD     Susanna SAVIL    
18/10/1758 Joseph PERRY     Mary PERRY    
15/02/1759 William COOTE     Sarah ANSELL    
18/04/1760 Daniel RUTLIDGE   Rayne Mary WHIPS    
23/10/1760 Joseph BREWER   Great Stambridge Susanna HURRELL    
06/11/1760 Stephen SMITH   Bardfield Saling Mary THOROGOOD    
20/01/1761 John CLEMENT     Elizabeth SANDFORD    
02/12/1762 James PHILPOT   Stebbing Ann SEWELL    
14/10/1763 Samuel CLAPHAM     Ann WILLIS    
20/10/1763 John ATTRIDGE     Sarah LYNN    
25/12/1764 John PEACOCK     Sarah JOYCE    
19/02/1765 John HATLY Single Wethersfield Mary KING Single  
09/04/1765 William PERRY     Ann SPERGEN    
15/07/1765 John NEWMAN Single Braintree Mary JOYCE    
08/10/1765 Thomas DENCH Single Little Bardfield Martha HURRELL Single  
15/10/1765 John BRADFORD Single Rayne Elizabeth PAGE Single  
23/09/1766 Joseph PERRY Widower   Sarah LEWIS Single  
14/10/1766 George WADE Single Felsted Margaret HARVEY Single  
04/12/1766 Arthur MORRIS Single St Botolph Bishopsgate, City Of London Elizabeth Susanna YELDHAM Single  
05/11/1767 John ADCOCK Single Bardfield Saling Ann STEBBING Single  
25/11/1767 John OWERS Single Bardfield Saling Hannah WARD Single  
22/02/1768 Thomas KNIGHT Single Thaxted Sarah SABLE Single  
18/08/1768 Thomas SEARLE Widower Shalford Sarah JOSLIN Widow  
12/01/1769 William BELCHAM Single   Mary HOLMES Single  
24/01/1769 James HOLMES Single   Elizabeth JOYCE Single  
31/01/1769 John REYNOLDS Single   Sarah WHITE Single  
06/11/1769 Samuel HURD Single Felsted Martha TWIN Single  
22/03/1770 John OWERS Single Bardfield Saling Elizabeth BOREHAM Single  
24/10/1770 Thomas REYNOLDS Single   Hannah JOYCE Single  
29/10/1770 Thomas ADCOCK Single   Elizabeth THOROGOOD Single  
18/12/1770 Joseph POOLE Single   Elizabeth SAVELL Single  
08/01/1771 Samuel NEWMAN Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
31/01/1771 John PRIOR Single Stebbing Mary BUTTON Single  
05/08/1771 Thomas HILLS Widower   Sarah JOYCE Widow  
27/02/1772 Humphrey HOLMES Single   Alice PERRY Single  
04/11/1772 Moses MOORE Single   Susanna SEABROOK Single Felsted
22/04/1773 John BUTTON Single   Sarah CRACKNELL Single  
22/04/1773 Richard ADCOCK Single   Elizabeth HOLLAND Single  
22/06/1773 John MEADWELL Single Great Bardfield Martha SWALLOW Single  
30/06/1773 John SUMMERS Single   Mary ARGENT Single  
30/06/1773 Joseph ARGENT Single   Mary ROOT Single  
12/08/1773 John WHITE Single   Mary SABLE Single  
29/12/1773 Thomas LOUGHTS Single   Elizabeth WHIPPS Single  
17/01/1774 Isaac BOREHAM Widower   Mary KETLEY Single  
18/01/1774 Robert WHITE Single   Susannah PUDNEY Single  
21/10/1776 William DYER Single Stisted Mary BRADFORD Single  
05/11/1776 Thomas WHITE Single   Susanna REYNOLDS Single  
12/12/1776 Newman JOYCE Single   Mary CHOPPING Single  
10/08/1779 Robert HOLMES Single   Eleanor WILLIS Single  
08/02/1780 Joseph OVERAL Single   Mary HITCHCOCK Single  
09/03/1780 Isaac HOUCHIN Widower Felsted Sarah CLEMENT Single  
24/05/1780 William CLARK Single   Rachel COOK Single  
03/08/1780 Timothy JUNIPER Single   Elizabeth HOLMES Single  
14/11/1780 James WHIPPS Widower   Fortune PARISH Single  
31/01/1781 John CHATTERS Single   Elizabeth WARD Single  
15/02/1781 Moses REED Single Bocking Sarah BRADFORD Single  
15/05/1781 Joseph MOUNTFORD Single Great Bardfield Mary WHITE Single  
03/11/1782 Ambrose HOLLAND Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
29/05/1783 John ADAMS Single   Elizabeth MORE Single  
21/10/1783 Samuel DOD Single Stisted Mary DYER Single  
04/11/1783 Thomas FINCH Single Cressing Mary TAYLOR Single  
23/12/1783 John FORDHAM Single Braintree Catherine Brett BROWN Single  
03/07/1784 John PASFIELD Single Shalford Mary FARRER Single  
08/11/1784 James GLADWIN Single   Susanna ADAMS Single  
10/04/1785 John WAKEFIELD Widower Finchingfield Ann DYER Single  
18/10/1785 John SMITH Single Great Baddow Susanna RUFFLE Single  
03/11/1785 George MILLER Single Rayne Mary PERRY Single  
08/11/1785 John JOHNSON Single   Susanna WARD Single  
21/08/1786 John HUNT Single Shoreditch, Middlesex Margaret PETERS Single  
04/10/1786 Joseph MOUNTFORD Widower   Jane RUFFLE Single  
12/10/1786 Thomas JOSLYN Single Rayne Martha DOD Single  
25/03/1788 John CHARNOCK Single Ingrave Susanna BROWNE Single  
07/08/1788 Robert WARD Single   Margaret DYER Single  
19/10/1789 James WHIPPS Widower Bardfield Saling Mary THOMPSON Single  
20/10/1789 John DAWSON Single   Sarah HORNER Single Rayne
08/11/1789 James DAWSON Single   Ann RUTLEDGE Single Bardfield Saling
24/12/1789 Samuel HAGGAR Single Bardfield Saling Mary BYFORD Single  
22/06/1790 Thomas HOLLAND Single   Mary PERRY Single  
24/04/1791 James PHILPOT Single   Sarah PRYOR Single  
11/10/1791 Thomas BOWTEL Single Rayne Sarah SAFFAL Single  
16/10/1791 James GLADWIN Widower   Elizabeth LOUGHTS Widow  
10/11/1791 John THOROUGHGOOD Single   Mary RUTLEDGE Single Bardfield Saling
20/05/1792 Peter OVERALL Single Stebbing Susanna HORNER Single  
02/06/1792 William KING Single Great Bardfield Elizabeth BRANCH Single  
12/10/1792 Peter SMITH Single   Meddows PYE Single  
20/11/1792 Thomas JELLIS Single   Sarah SHONK Single  
09/12/1792 Daniel RUTLEDGE Single   Sarah LOUGHTS Single  
20/12/1792 William GEPP Single Black Notley Isabella BRANCH Single  
24/03/1793 John COLLINS Single Hunsdon, Hertfordshire Ann PHILPOTT Single  
17/09/1793 Jonathan OVERAL Single   Elizabeth BROWNE Widow  
22/10/1793 John English TABOR Single Bocking Elizabeth CLEMENT Single  
15/11/1793 Ambrose HOLLAND Widower   Ann HILLS Single  
10/05/1795 William GREEN Single   Elizabeth ADCOCK Single  
25/06/1796 William CATLING Single Waltham Holy Cross Sarah HITCHCOCK Single  
13/09/1796 Thomas JOHNSON Widower Shalford Mary HOLMES Single  
01/11/1796 James GIBSON Single   Sarah STANES Single  
28/05/1799 William ANDREWS Single Chelmsford Sarah SIBLEY Single  
05/10/1800 Thomas COLLINS Single Great Leighs Mary OVERAL Single  
04/11/1800 John TUNBRIDGE Single Great Waltham Susanna HOLMES Single  
24/12/1800 Thomas COLE Single   Elizabeth REYNOLDS Single  
08/03/1801 Stephen JOYCE Single   Sarah SAVIL Single  
08/06/1801 Thomas MICKLEFIELD Single Layer De La Haye Elizabeth WHITE Single  
17/11/1801 John MILLS Single Wimbish Mary ARGENT Single  
15/02/1802 Henry STYLE Widower Harlow Margaretta Mary BRADBURY Single  
03/04/1802 Joseph HITCHCOCK Single   Elizabeth OLLEY Single  
11/10/1802 John PLAMPING Single   Elizabeth MAYES Single  
18/10/1802 John COWEL Widower Hatfield Peverel Elizabeth ELY Single  
26/03/1803 John DICK Single Bloomsbury, Middlesex Augusta GOODRICH Single  
09/06/1803 Bartlet Bridger SHEDDON Single St Giles In The Fields, Middlesex Mary Sheddon GOODRICH Single  
06/08/1804 Thomas ADAMS Single   Alice HOLMES Widow  
13/10/1804 Isaac WARD Single   Susanna REED Single  
08/01/1805 John STONARD Single Rochford Sarah WHITE Single  
22/10/1805 Charles LEWSEY Single Bardfield Saling Sarah TRAYLOR Single  
18/04/1806 James SPELLER Single Hatfield Broad Oak Elizabeth BROWN Single  
21/06/1806 James LEAPINGWELL Single   Elizabeth Peers TWEED Single  
21/10/1806 John JOYCE Single   Elizabeth HOLLAND Single  
02/12/1806 Matthew WARD Single   Sarah ROBINSON Single Bardfield Saling
17/12/1807 Daniel ARDLEY Single Tollesbury Ellen WHITE Single  
17/10/1809 William GREEN Widower   Henrietta Maria SCOT Single  
31/10/1809 Robert SURRAGE Single Great Easton Sarah LEWSEY Single  
14/12/1809 William FULLER Single   Rachel ADCOCK Single  
02/01/1810 William HOLMES Single Stebbing Hannah DAWSON Single  
13/07/1810 Thomas BUTCHER Widower   Mary OLLEY Single  
20/09/1810 Edward PASFIELD Single Felsted Sarah CLARKE Single  
10/01/1811 William Bridger GOODRICH Single   Margaret GOODRICH Single  
13/06/1811 Benjamin SMITH Single   Eleanor POOL Single Ashen
11/07/1811 Stephen CHECK Single   Elizabeth PERRY Single  
03/05/1812 Abraham HOLGATE Single   Anne COCK Single  
03/11/1812 John Bayley TAILOR Single Woodham Ferrers Lydia DAVEY Single  
1 01/07/1813 John JUDD Single   Elizabeth TURNER Single  
2 12/10/1813 William OLEY Single   Sarah HART    
3 29/10/1813 William FULLER   Felsted Sarah EVERILE    
4 18/11/1813 Joseph FRENCH   Shalford Elizabeth PRIOR    
5 23/06/1814 John THOROUGHGOOD     Ann FINCH    
6 28/08/1814 Samuel HARRINGTON     Elizabeth OLLEY    
7 14/11/1814 William HITCHCOCK     Hamutal TURNER    
8 17/10/1815 Thomas BUTCHER Widower   Martha MEAD Widow  
9 15/02/1816 Thomas REYNOLDS     Mary OLLEY    
10 01/11/1816 Joseph ROOT     Betsey CROW    
11 24/07/1817 Isaac MILBANK     Hannah IVES    
12 30/11/1817 Joseph BEDLOW     Phoebe HORNER    
13 14/05/1818 Henry HALES     Rebecca DAWSON    
14 02/02/1819 William BUTCHER     Sarah WILLIS    
15 04/01/1820 Joseph BOWTELL     Mary CHAPMAN    
16 04/11/1820 Thomas MARSH     Jane REYNOLDS    
17 25/12/1820 John GLADWIN     Elizabeth BATEMAN    
18 27/03/1821 James HOLMES Widower   Elizabeth STOCK Widow  
19 12/05/1821 William MERKIN     Hannah CLARK    
20 22/06/1821 Edward FULLER Single   Jemima OLLEY Single  
21 25/07/1821 Isaac WALTON   Camberwell, Surrey Elizabeth WILKINSON    
22 08/04/1822 James HUMPHREYS   Middlesex Charlotte Dorothy GOODRICH    
23 24/06/1822 Joseph DODD     Diana REES    
25 28/02/1823 Samuel WYATT Single   Elizabeth BRIGHT Single Bardfield Saling
26 21/03/1823 Thomas BARKER Single   Sarah DAWSON Single  
27 28/11/1823 Henry WYATT     Jane WITHAM    
28 08/01/1824 Edward OLLEY Single   Mary SPURGEON Single Rayne
29 22/03/1824 Edward JENNINGS Single Cressing Ruth BEDLOW Single Aldham
30 22/06/1824 William LAGDEN Single Stebbing Elizabeth HILLS Single  
31 26/07/1824 James STAR Single Rayne Sarah ORRELL    
32 30/06/1825 Thomas Barrett LENNARD Widower St Marylebone, Middlesex Mary Bridger SHEDDON Single  
33 12/11/1825 William DRANE Widower   Ann LOWERS Single  
34 26/01/1826 George HARNAGE   St Marylebone, Middlesex Caroline Helena GOODRICH Single  
35 23/02/1826 Richard ANDREWS Single Rayne Mary HOY Single  
36 06/06/1827 Robert GLASSCOCK Single   Susannah HOY Single  
37 15/09/1827 John DULSON Single Braintree Sarah JOICE Single  
38 04/11/1827 Henry ALLEN Single   Martha BUTCHER Single  
39 01/07/1828 William BUTCHER Widower   Sarah JIGGENS Single  
40 10/07/1828 John CUFF Single Bardfield Saling Rebecca STAINES Single  
41 14/12/1828 Thomas FAIRCLOTH Single Great Bardfield Elizabeth FINCH Single  
42 09/08/1829 Robert RICHARDSON Single   Mary SPARKS Single  
43 18/10/1829 Charles WYATT Single   Caroline DOWALL Single  
44 11/10/1830 John OWENS Single Bardfield Saling Susan HITCHCOCK Single  
45 11/11/1830 Isaac TAYLOR Widower   Susannah BANNISTER Single Braintree
46 26/11/1830 William SIMPSON Single   Mary Ann ALLERTON Single Stebbing
47 24/01/1831 John PLUCK Single Great Abington, Cambridgeshire Maria STOCK Single  
48 02/10/1831 Joseph POTTER Single Rayne Rachel SPARKES Single  
49 03/10/1831 Joseph EMSON Single   Charlotte JOICE Single  
50 06/10/1831 Thomas HOY Single   Rebecca SKINGLE   Stebbing
51 04/11/1831 Henry HICKS Single   Jane OVERILL Single  
52 20/11/1831 George DYER Single   Mary JOICE Single  
53 23/12/1831 Joseph DIGBY Single Felsted Sarah HITCHCOCK Single  
54 01/04/1832 John FRENCH Single Shalford Sarah SPARKS Single  
55 28/07/1832 John Henry BENBOW Single Middlesex Agatha Georgiana DOBBIE Single  
56 26/09/1832 Thomas MORECRAFT Single   Ann Jane Lambert BEDDELL Single Bardfield Saling
57 19/10/1832 John RALLINGS Single Panfield Susan FARNER Single  
58 30/11/1832 Francis WHYATT Single   Amelia RUST Single Wethersfield
59 02/05/1833 John COCKSEDGE Single   Mary CRESSWELL Single  
60 29/11/1833 Thomas HEDGECOCK Single   Hephzibah CARDER Single Finchingfield
61 28/08/1834 Henry MESSENT Single   Elizabeth OVERALL Single Stebbing
62 26/09/1834 Thomas HITCHCOCK Single   Hannah GREEN Single  
63 24/10/1834 William SMITH Single Panfield Sarah RICHARDSON Single  
64 09/03/1835 George BETTS Widower Finchingfield Mary HOLLAND Single  
65 06/10/1835 John HITCHCOCK Single   Louisa POTTER Single  
66 26/12/1836 William LEVETT Single Stebbing Ann OLLEY Single  

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