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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Stambourne St Peter & St Thomas


The Parish

The parish of Stambourne lies in northern Essex close to the border with neighbouring Suffolk. Stambourne is about 5 miles southeast of the market town of Haverhill lying in a network of lanes to the west of the A1017 road which connects Haverhill with Halstead and Braintree. Stambourne is a fairly compact village which is largely built upon two lanes, one running northwest to southeast and at right angles another which runs from the junction to the southwest. Stambourne sits in prime arable agricultural land, this is predominantly cereals and oil seed. The soils are fairly ideally suited to grain and this is an area dominated by large fields and big skies. Stambourne sits at about 80 metres above sea level and the drainage is that of tributaries of the River Colne which flow east to join that river on its way to Colchester. The parish is of a fairly typical size for East Anglia and resembles an oblong with its long side running from southwest to northeast. The parish supported almost 550 parishioners. In Domesday times the land was divided between two men, most by Haimo the Sheriff and a smaller portion by one Geoffrey de Mandeville. The area was prosperous supporting around 11 ploughs with extensive references to animals, meadows and woodland.

The Church

St Peter & St Thomas' church sits adjacent to the lane which trends from northwest to southeast and is thus at the northern end of the settlement. What strikes the visitor immediately is the bulky western tower which seems almost as broad as tall. This tower is datable to the 11th century and Pevsner describes it as "Impressive and powerful". The rest of the church is a fairly unremarkable late Perpendicular (15th or 16th century) rebuild sponsored by the local Mackwilliam family. The church sits behind a chain link fence and is accessed through a delightful lych gate at the southern end of the sight. There are mature trees all around the site but the views, in particular from the southwest are clear of obstructions.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 15th April 1754 - 15th December 1812 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P24/1/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 1st April 1813 - 9th November 1836 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P24/1/10 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Birdbrook St Augustine of Canterbury
Birdbrook St Augustine of Canterbury
Ridgewell St Laurence
Ridgewell St Laurence
Steeple Bumpstead St Mary
Finchingfield St John the Baptist
Tilbury Juxta Clare St Margaret
Toppesfield St Margaret of Antioch
Finchingfield St John the Baptist
Toppesfield St Margaret of Antioch
Toppesfield St Margaret of Antioch

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 15/04/1756 James FROST Single   Ann PERCIVAL Single  
2 11/05/1756 Daniel WADE Single   Rebekah TITRELL Single  
3 19/05/1756 William KEMP Single   Mabel AGER Single  
4 12/10/1756 James BROID Single   Sarah WADE Single  
5 12/10/1756 Thomas WIFFIN Single Steeple Bumpstead Ann PASK Single  
6 12/03/1757 Charles GYPS Single   Ruth SMITH Single  
7 18/04/1758 Isaac PIPER Widower Ridgewell Elizabeth WALFORD Widow  
8 09/05/1758 William KING Single   Rebecca RUST    
9 07/11/1758 Joseph MARTIN Single   Mary BRASHIER Single  
10 19/04/1759 Abraham FITCH Single   Ann GARNHAM Single  
11 14/06/1759 Timothy FINCH Single Sible Hedingham Martha RALLING Single  
13 14/10/1759 James PETTIT Single   Rachel HASLER Single  
12 15/04/1760 John WARD Single Ashen Rebecca CHANDLER Single  
14 26/05/1760 John MATTHEWS Single   Hannah RALLING Single  
15 22/07/1760 Thomas SMEE Single   Margaret COLE Single  
16 14/10/1760 John PASK Single   Ann CRANE Single  
17 04/11/1760 Samuel PRIOR Single Kedington, Suffolk Elisabeth WADE Single  
27/11/1760 William REYNOLDS Single   Jane JANES Single  
02/06/1761 James MARSH Single Toppesfield Mary CHOATE Single  
07/07/1761 Charles LONDON Single Great Burstead Dorcas WILSONE Single  
14/02/1762 Thomas BUNTING Single   Mary RALLING Single  
13/04/1762 John WILSMER Single   Sarah HEAPY Single  
04/01/1763 Thomas RAWLINSON Single Great Totham Alice CHANDLER Single  
10/10/1763 George BROWNE Single   Susanna LEVETT Single  
27/10/1763 Isaac MARSH Single Toppesfield Elizabeth FRENCH Single  
08/05/1764 Thomas RIST Widower   Elizabeth FITCH Single  
12/04/1765 John HARRIS Widower   Susanna TAYLOR Widow  
02/10/1766 Richard OSBORNE Widower Stock Harward Lydia MARSH Widow  
21/05/1767 Joseph CHANTFIELD Widower   Alice PASK Single  
22/05/1769 John WILSON Widower   Susanna KEMP Single  
11/07/1769 Uriah WILSMER Single   Phillis PASK Widow  
14/11/1769 Edward MARSH Single   Frances EDWARDS Widow  
06/02/1770 Thomas RIST Widower   Martha SMITH Single  
27/02/1770 Thomas RAWLINSON Widower   Elisabeth EAPE Single  
08/05/1770 Isaac FITCH Single   Sarah WISEMAN Single Steeple Bumpstead
19/07/1770 John FITCH Single Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire Elisabeth FROST Single  
13/09/1770 Thomas CRACROFT Single St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Sarah EYRE Single  
08/11/1770 John FITCH Single   Sarah CAMPIN Single  
13/11/1770 Daniel DIGGINS Single   Elisabeth BROWN Single  
09/08/1771 William KILLINGBACK Widower Finchingfield Sarah BACON Single  
19/09/1771 John COTT Single Great Braxted Frances EYRE    
18/10/1771 Thomas WILLSMER Single   Susannah RAWLING Single  
07/01/1772 John LAPWOOD Single Ridgewell Jane RALLING Single  
07/01/1772 John LAPWOOD Single Ridgewell Jane GOATESBERRY Single  
28/06/1772 Thomas JARVIS Single Steeple Bumpstead Mary STOCK Single  
12/08/1772 John DARKEN Widower   Mary HAPPEY Single  
13/08/1773 Edward RALLING Single   Sarah DAVEY Single  
11/10/1774 Edward DAVEY Widower   Catharine CHOATE Widow Finchingfield
13/10/1774 Samuel LOVITT Single   Mary GREEN    
16/11/1774 Daniel DIGGINS Widower   Mary TURNER Single  
16/01/1775 Thomas MARTIN Widower Hempstead Jemima HASLER Single  
28/02/1775 Samuel PEACOCK Single   Ann BONTAL Single  
30/03/1775 James FROST Single   Maria CHOATE Single  
18/04/1775 John Cowell TURNER Single   Ruth BROWN Single  
09/04/1776 John HARVEY Single Ridgewell Jane SAPEY Single  
05/11/1776 John PEACOCK Single   Elisabeth WISEMAN Single  
13/05/1777 Joseph HARRIS Single Birdbrook Susanna CHOAT Single  
17/10/1777 James LEWSEY Single Birdbrook Dorcas CLARKE Single  
08/07/1778 William WILLSMER Single   Margaret KEMP Single  
20/10/1778 Robert SMITH Single Great Yeldham Lydia BROYDE Single  
28/10/1779 William DAINS Single Toppesfield Sarah TIDES Single  
29/10/1779 James BROWN Single Clare, Suffolk Elizabeth BELSHER Single  
11/01/1780 Stephen SCOTT Single Long Melford, Suffolk Elizabeth KING    
29/02/1780 Edward SMITH Single Finchingfield Mary KING Single  
08/07/1781 John PARMENTER Single   Jane HAGGIS Single  
22/10/1781 Jacob CHANDLER Widower   Mary GUN Single  
14/05/1782 Edward WESLEY Single   Hannah MARTIN Single  
28/05/1782 William PARMENTER Single   Hannah BROWNE Single  
04/06/1782 Daniel DIGGINS Widower   Elizabeth PEACOCK Single  
19/06/1782 William PANNELL   Steeple Bumpstead Mary PASKE Single  
20/10/1782 Francis HIGH Single   Elizabeth PASK Single  
14/11/1782 Edward FYTCH Single Steeple Bumpstead Susanna HILL Single  
14/01/1783 Frederick FRENCH Single   Mary RICE Single  
29/09/1783 Joseph ARGENT Widower   Flower BARNARD Single  
29/01/1784 George RALLIN Single   Sarah CLARKE Single  
01/06/1784 Richard DAY Single Steeple Bumpstead Susanna BELL Single  
29/06/1784 George RALLING Single Birdbrook Sarah KING Single  
12/11/1784 William TOMLINSON Single Castle Hedingham Sarah PIPER Single  
10/03/1785 William BRIANT Widower Ridgewell Susanna WISEMAN Single  
05/07/1785 John WARNER   Ridgewell Mary DARKEN Single  
06/08/1785 John FITCH     Martha WISEMAN    
06/11/1785 Edward BOWYER Widower Panfield Mary DARKING Widow  
02/01/1787 Abram ARGENT Widower   Mary HAIL    
13/11/1787 George WRIGHT Single Toppesfield Mary BROAD    
31/12/1787 James VAIZEY   Great Maplestead Sarah HILLS    
13/10/1788 William PASKE Single Stock Harward Mary RHODES    
24/11/1788 Obadiah RHODES Single   Susannah BARNARD Single  
14/04/1789 John FAIRCLOTH Single Great Yeldham Martha BROAD Single  
14/11/1789 Abraham ARGENT Widower   Ann WESTLEY    
22/04/1790 Francis SURRIDGE Single   Sarah UNWIN Single Ridgewell
15/08/1790 Joshua PHILLIPSON Single   Maria CLARK Single  
14/10/1790 Thomas RAWLINS Single   Mary BUNTIN Single Ridgewell
11/11/1790 James JOLLEY Single   Ann WIFFIN Single  
19/04/1791 Joseph UNWIN Single Ridgewell Mary JARVIS Single  
11/10/1792 Matthew HALLS   Birdbrook Sarah RUSSEL    
14/12/1792 Joseph RAWLINS   Ridgewell Elisabeth PLAIL    
22/06/1794 John MAYNARD Single   Ann HESLER Single  
18/12/1794 Joseph GOODAL Single Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire Elizabeth FRENCH Single  
12/04/1795 William MITSON Single Toppesfield Hannah BROID Single  
04/11/1795 William WARING Single   Ann WILSMER Single  
01/03/1796 William LEWSY Single   Elizabeth CLARKE Single  
12/05/1796 Joseph FLACK     Ann BROWN    
18/06/1797 Adam FITCH   Steeple Bumpstead Ann LEVIL    
29/09/1797 William DYER   Steeple Bumpstead Catharine CHOAT    
02/10/1797 Henry MASON   Elmstead Mary MYAL    
19/10/1797 Richard MORTLOCK Widower   Flower ARGENT Widow  
24/10/1797 William KING Single   Ann WADE Single Steeple Bumpstead
13/11/1797 Anthony BARNARD     Ann WILSON    
07/05/1798 Richard DIX   Steeple Bumpstead Lydia CLARK    
22/06/1798 Joshua HASLER     Ann FRENCH   Toppesfield
24/06/1798 Francis MAHEW     Sarah GIBS    
08/04/1799 James CLARKE     Mary FRENCH    
15/08/1799 Thomas BRUTY   Ridgewell Hannah RALLING    
12/05/1801 Edward COLE   Ridgewell Eddy MATTHEWS    
16/07/1801 Barker MYALL     Sarah TOMLINSON   Castle Hedingham
16/09/1801 Abraham GILBY   Finchingfield Hannah BARNARD    
12/10/1801 Nathan SMITH   Ridgewell Hannah WESTLEY    
20/11/1801 Joseph CHOAT     Sarah COLDHAM   Ridgewell
27/07/1802 William BURLEIGH   Toppesfield Ann JARVIS    
15/09/1802 Samuel CLARKE Widower   Ann RHODES Widow  
15/12/1802 Edward BUSH   Ridgewell Susannah PASK    
16/12/1803 Joseph HARDY   Toppesfield Mary WILSMORE    
16/12/1803 Edward CHOAT     Jane WILSMORE    
26/12/1803 Joseph LEWSEY   Great Yeldham Elizabeth MARTIN    
26/10/1804 Thomas DAINS     Ann STOCK    
23/09/1805 Charles DYER   Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Ann BEDDOW    
14/11/1805 William WESTLEY     Mary BEVIS    
13/02/1806 James LEWSEY   Ridgewell Susanna JARVIS    
22/05/1806 John BURLEIGH   Toppesfield Hannah JARVIS    
13/10/1806 Francis HAIL     Sarah RHODES    
11/11/1806 Joseph DORKING   Toppesfield Phoebe AGER    
06/10/1807 John BROWN     Catharine PARMENTER    
23/06/1808 Uriah HUGHES     Sophia BROWN    
30/06/1808 George SMITH   Toppesfield Hannah JARVIS    
01/07/1808 Isaac FITCH     Hannah WIFFIN    
17/11/1808 Philip PASK Single   Elizabeth BARNARD Widow  
29/12/1808 John UNDERWOOD Widower Great Saling Sarah TURNER Widow  
14/02/1809 Joseph BRAZIER Widower   Sarah PARMENTER Single  
15/02/1809 James BUNTING Single   Ruth BROWN Single  
25/07/1809 John PEACOCK Single   Ann GOLDEN Single  
24/10/1809 Samuel ROLLINGSON Single   Elizabeth WADE Single  
04/02/1810 Joseph MITSON Single   Mary BARWICK Single  
31/05/1810 Joseph CHOAT Widower   Catherine ARVIS Single  
29/06/1810 William DYER Widower Steeple Bumpstead Charlotte DEAR   Steeple Bumpstead
26/10/1810 John WILSON Single   Mary WESTLEY Single  
28/01/1811 Thomas WIFFIN Single   Sophia FITCH    
27/02/1811 Robert FRANCH Single Toppesfield Elizabeth PURKIS    
19/04/1811 John RALLING Widower Birdbrook Biddy MARTIN Widow  
25/10/1811 James BARNARD Widower   Elizabeth FINCH Single Toppesfield
15/12/1812 John CORNELL Single Stebbing Sophia JARVIS Single  
1 01/04/1813 James GILBY Single Finchingfield Susanna PARMENTER Single  
2 12/04/1813 Daniel PARTNER Single Finchingfield Anne REVELL Single  
3 07/06/1813 Robert PLAIL Single   Elisabeth AGAR Single  
4 01/12/1813 Joseph WICKE Single   Mary BARNARD Single  
5 14/12/1813 Hezekiah DOWSETT Single Toppesfield Ann BARNARD    
6 12/03/1814 Abraham ARGENT Single   Phoebe PAYSK Single  
7 28/08/1814 Matthias MARTIN Single   Sophia RICHARDSON Single  
8 26/12/1814 Edward PLAIL Widower   Sarah AGAR Single  
9 12/01/1815 Thomas BUNTON Single   Catherine PAYSK Single  
10 26/02/1815 Thomas CLARK Single Castle Hedingham Mary BUNTON Single  
11 30/06/1815 Samuel HAYKE Single   Harriot PARMENTER Single  
12 13/10/1815 George FRENCH Single   Sarah DOWSET Widow Toppesfield
13 26/04/1816 Joseph PARTNER Single Shalford Kitty PLAYL Single  
14 14/05/1816 Joseph PLETCHER Single   Biddy RALLING Widow  
15 03/12/1816 Robert JARVIS Single   Elizabeth BARNARD Single  
16 10/04/1817 Daniel GIBLIN Single White Colne Sarah MILLS Single  
17 05/08/1817 Thomas ROLLESON Single   Sarah TURNER Single Ridgewell
18 11/05/1818 John WAYLETT Widower   Hannah HURT Single  
19 02/08/1818 Philip MARTIN Single   Sarah HART Single  
20 13/10/1818 Edward ARGENT Single   Mary GOODEY Single  
21 13/10/1818 Daniel BRAZIER Single Helions Bumpstead Sophia PASK Single  
22 02/02/1819 Edward PARMENTER Single   Betsey Stubbing MATTHEWS Single Steeple Bumpstead
23 09/03/1819 Joshua FLITCH Single   Elizabeth FROST Single  
24 22/05/1819 John WITING Single   Catharine PEACOCK Single  
25 18/09/1819 William WIFFIN Single   Mary TARBIN Single  
26 21/09/1819 Joseph BROWN Widower Birdbrook Abigail MAYER Single  
27 18/11/1819 Joseph PORTWAY Single Braintree Anne Wade KING Single  
28 04/02/1820 Charles MARTIN Single   Sarah DAINS Single  
29 14/05/1820 Thomas KEY Single Ridgewell Elizabeth WILSON    
30 20/06/1820 Timothy BOWYER Single   Mary Anne LEWSEY Single  
31 26/09/1820 Thomas Rist FRENCH Single   Sarah WIFFIN Single  
32 05/12/1820 William BUNTON Single   Mary WALLS Single  
33 15/12/1820 John WALLS Single   Sarah PASK Single  
34 23/03/1821 Henry WIFFIN Single   Sarah DREW Single  
35 08/07/1821 Charles CHAPMAN Single Finchingfield Lucinda ASKARD Single  
36 14/12/1821 Daniel RALLING Single   Hephzibah PLAIL Single  
37 29/10/1822 John DAVEY Single Halstead Elizabeth FITCH Widow  
38 12/11/1822 George ALLEN Single   Sarah DAVEY Single  
39 22/11/1822 Peter PAYSK Single   Jemima THOROGOOD Single  
40 21/03/1823 Robert HARDY Single   Sarah CLARK Single  
41 26/04/1823 Mark MARTIN Single   Elizabeth BARNARD Single  
42 10/08/1823 Martin BARNARD Widower   Susannah WHILLET Widow  
43 07/10/1823 George WEYBROW Single   Mary Ann STOCK Single  
44 12/05/1825 Charles RAWLINSON Single   Sarah BASHAM Single Haverhill, Suffolk
45 30/08/1825 Abraham PASHENT Single   Sarah MAYHEW Single  
46 16/09/1825 Henry PLAIL Single   Harriet HARRINGTON Single  
47 26/12/1825 Samuel SMITH Single   Hannah PLAIL Single  
48 13/01/1826 George RALLING Single   Mary WARREN Single Ridgewell
49 22/09/1826 John ASKARD Single   Mary LEWSEY Single  
50 10/10/1826 John REVELL Single   Sarah WESLEY Single  
51 18/10/1826 John WIFFIN Single   Hannah BUNTON Single  
52 03/11/1826 George DAINS Single   Mary MARTIN Single  
53 17/11/1826 Charles UNDERWOOD Single Birdbrook Hannah ROLLESON Single  
54 12/01/1827 William ASKARD Single   Hannah PASK Single  
55 23/02/1827 Charles MARTIN Single   Elizabeth MARTIN Single  
56 20/04/1827 Charles TARBIN Single Steeple Bumpstead Hephzibah DAINS Single  
57 07/07/1827 James BARNARD Single   Hephzibah PEACOCK Single  
58 26/10/1827 Thomas REED Single Toppesfield Charlotte AMOS Single  
59 06/11/1827 John PARMENTER Single Steeple Bumpstead Sarah WEYBROW Single  
60 25/07/1828 George LAPPIT Single Ridgewell Eliza HARRINGTON Single  
61 22/10/1828 William DREW Widower   Mary Anne TURNER Single  
62 23/10/1828 John HALES Single   Mary RICHARDSON Single  
63 14/11/1828 Henry WEBB Single Wethersfield Rebecca RADLEIGH Single  
64 14/06/1829 Robert PLAIL Widower   Ann BIFFET Single  
64 14/06/1829 Robert PLAIL Widower   Ann BYFORD Single  
65 10/12/1829 William BUNTON Widower   Sarah WARREN Single  
66 17/12/1829 William WESLEY Single   Elizabeth BUNTON Single  
67 25/02/1830 Thomas MARTIN Single Finchingfield Susannah WESTLEY Single  
68 26/03/1830 Daniel DIGGINS Single Finchingfield Sarah MARTIN Single  
69 05/05/1830 Robert HALE Single   Eliza LEWSEY   Steeple Bumpstead
70 28/07/1830 Joseph FITCH Single   Sarah FLACK Single  
71 06/08/1830 Thomas WIFFIN Single Birdbrook Hannah WARREN Single  
72 12/11/1830 James ASKARD Single   Charlotte LEWSEY Single  
73 25/12/1830 William ASKARD Widower   Mary Anne ARNOLD Single  
74 10/09/1831 Thomas KILLINGBECK Single   Mary WARREN Single  
75 10/11/1831 John DAVEY Widower   Frances AMOS Single Bures, Suffolk
76 11/11/1831 Thomas PARMENTER Single   Harriet LEWSEY Single  
77 25/11/1831 Thomas DREW Single   Sarah ROLLESON Single  
78 10/12/1831 John LEWSEY Single   Eliza PARTNER Single  
79 26/12/1831 Samuel WESTLEY Single   Sarah PARTNER Single  
80 10/02/1832 James FAIRCLOTH Single Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire Mary Anne PEACOCK Single  
81 12/04/1832 George KEMP Single   Eliza FLACK Single  
82 02/11/1832 Abraham MARTIN Single   Anne PLAYL Single Ridgewell
83 09/11/1832 John UNDERWOOD Single Birdbrook Susan WEYBROW Single  
84 25/12/1832 John DREW Single   Susanna RULTON Single Toppesfield
85 08/02/1833 William ARGENT Single Toppesfield Harriet BARNARD Single  
86 14/03/1833 Alexander ARNOLD Single   Catherine BUNTON Single  
87 30/05/1833 John SPURGEON Single   Eliza JARVIS    
88 25/10/1833 Edward DREW Single   Mary WIFFIN Single  
89 15/11/1833 William DREW Single   Charlotte WIFFIN Single  
90 15/11/1833 John THORPE Single Steeple Bumpstead Hannah HARVEY Single  
91 10/01/1834 Robert OVERALL Single   Thursa CLARKE Single  
92 24/06/1834 Charles BUNTON Single   Sarah PLAIL Single  
93 03/10/1834 George WALLS Single   Charlotte RALLING Single  
94 09/10/1834 Samuel GREEN Single Birdbrook Eliza MARTIN Single  
95 31/10/1834 John BARNARD Single   Charlotte RULTON Single Toppesfield
96 31/10/1834 John BARNARD Widower   Charlotte DYER Widow  
97 14/11/1834 George BROWN Single   Judith RYLAND Single  
98 25/12/1834 Edward STOCK Single   Anne RALLING Single  
99 23/06/1835 John FITCH Single   Susan BARNARD Single  
100 13/11/1835 Thomas ROLLESON Single   Harriet PERRY Single  
101 28/11/1835 William LEWSEY Single   Mary RUSSELL Single Toppesfield
102 25/12/1835 Thomas BROWN Single   Sophia WARREN Single  
103 09/11/1836 George RALLING Widower   Eliza ARGENT Single  

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