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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Great Tey St Barnabas


The Parish

The parish of Great Tey lies in the eastern central portion of Essex about 6 miles west of the city of Colchester and 4 miles northeast of the market town of Coggeshall. The village spreads along a wide north-south running lane which heads from Bures, Suffolk towards the A120 which it meets between Marks Tey and Coggeshall. For Essex this is comparatively high land rising to around 60 metres above sea level from the valley of the River Colne which flows to the north of the parish and the Roman River which runs to the south. The area is largely arable farmland with cereals, beet and oil seed dominating the landscape, the latter turns the area bright yellow with flowering in the spring. The parish covers a substantial area for a lowland parish, almost 2,500 acres and supported around 700 parishioners. In Domesday times Great Tey was combined with Little & Marks Teys as the lands of Geoffrey de Mandeville where the whole supported 8 ploughs, the entry declares a much broader agricultural base than present day with much references to animals and also a substantial bee honey business.

The Church

St Barnabas' church is a magnificent edifice richly praised by Pevsner in his Essex guide. He describes the tower as the "proudest piece of Norman architecture in Essex". Sadly the magnificent Norman church which accompanied that tower has been much abused over the centuries with pieces removed and replaced particularly in the 14th and 19th centuries leaving a curiously foreshortened nave and an ill balanced structure. The tower rightly deserves full attention as it is almost certainly pre-Conquest and incorporates Roman brickwork which might indicate an even earlier origin for the building. Pevsner is curious as to why such an ostentatious building decorates this obscure corner of mid-Essex. The church is located right in the centre of the village indeed the graveyard merges seamlessly into the village green, the building really dominates the heart of the village as there are lengthy views to it from all over.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 6th October 1754 - 1st January 1772 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P37/1/7 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting coupled with a lack of segregation of entries leads to a possibility of both misreads and omissions
2 30th October 1772 - 27th October 1812 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P37/1/8 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 16th March 1813 - 10th April 1837 Essex Record Office - Reference - D/P37/1/12 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Earls Colne St Andrew
Earls Colne St Andrew
Chappel St Barnabas
Chappel St Barnabas
Feering All Saints

Aldham St Margaret
Little Tey St James the Less

Feering All Saints
Feering All Saints
Little Tey St James the Less

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 06/10/1754 Timothy WILSHIRE Single   Elizabeth SPELL Single Earls Colne
4 10/01/1755 James RUTKIN Single Great Birch Elizabeth PORTER Single  
2 05/08/1755 Thomas WILLSHER Widower Coggeshall Elizabeth HARRINGTON Widow  
3 21/09/1755 Samuel HALE Single   Sarah PAIN Single  
5 28/12/1755 William HALLS Single Coggeshall Margaret CHAPMAN Single  
6 04/04/1756 John DUGGELBY Single   Mary GODFREY Single  
7 04/08/1756 James EVES Single   Elizabeth SHARP Single  
8 24/10/1756 John DEADMAN Single   Mary PUDNEY Single  
9 30/11/1756 William BLACKHALL Single Chappel Judith FRENCH Single  
10 12/04/1757 John CLARK Single Hatfield Peveral Mary THOMPSON Single  
11 28/09/1757 William PORTER Single   Mary WILSHERE Single  
12 10/10/1757 James WILSHIRE Single   Hannah PORTER Single  
13 27/10/1757 Thomas CONSTABLE Single   Mary MANN Single  
14 10/11/1757 Nathaniel BALLIDICAR Single   Jemima SMITH Single  
15 05/01/1758 Edward BATEMAN Single Earls Colne Susannah GOULDING Single  
16 11/01/1758 Benjamin EVERETT Single   Elizabeth CRUSSELL Single  
17 18/06/1758 Francis BRIDGE Single   Sarah DOR Single  
18 04/10/1758 Samuel THOMPSON Single   Elizabeth LAY Single  
19 10/10/1758 William DEADMAN Single   Elizabeth FINCHAM Single  
20 17/10/1758 William STURRY Single Coggeshall Susanna WRIGHT Single  
05/12/1758 Daniel EVERET Single Stanway Sarah PUDNEY Single  
12/01/1759 Abraham MACROFT Single   Susanna FILBRIER Single  
22/02/1759 Thomas MANN Widower   Mary LEVITT Single Wethersfield
13/03/1759 John CART Single   Judith GUYON Single  
27/03/1759 James MAYHEW Single   Elizabeth MACK Single Coggeshall
11/12/1759 Daniel RAYMENT Single   Amy PUDNEY Widow  
11/12/1759 William RAYMENT Single   Elizabeth RANNS Single  
27/12/1759 Thomas NEWMAN Single Halstead Elizabeth WARREN Single  
30 13/02/1760 William PORTER Widower   Ann POLLEY Widow  
31 19/02/1760 James BOWLES Single   Martha DRYWOOD Single  
32 10/04/1760 William FERRIS Single   Mary BRAND Single Earls Colne
33 01/06/1760 Charles WILLSHIRE Single   Elizabeth IVES Single  
34 10/07/1760 Thomas HARMAN   Aldham Rebecca PARISH    
35 15/08/1760 William SHAVE Widower   Mary EVERET Widow  
37 21/10/1760 John HALES Single   Elizabeth ROOT Single  
38 11/11/1760 Daniel SCOTT Single   Elizabeth PURKIS Single  
39 03/02/1761 James SMITH Widower   Susannah RUTLIDGE Single  
40 10/02/1761 William PARISH Single   Sarah LUNDON Single  
41 19/04/1761 William SHARP Single   Sarah BARRET Single  
42 05/05/1761 Joseph DEADMAN Single Aldham Judith FRANKLIN Single  
43 01/06/1761 Humphrey SMITH Single Chappel Susanna NEAR Single  
44 20/06/1762 William AMOS Single   Martha DEADMAN Single  
45 12/01/1763 James TIFFIN Single Earls Colne Hetty MANN Single  
47 27/06/1763 Keable READ Widower   Mary BOWLS Single  
48 26/07/1763 William BRYANT Single   Sarah STEED Single  
49 21/08/1763 William BARRIT Single   Mary ROOT Single  
50 21/02/1764 Henry MAY Single   Mary SULLINGS Single  
52 23/04/1764 William SPURGEON     Jane FINCH    
51 01/05/1764 Thomas RAYMENT     Hannah FINCH    
53 24/07/1764 Thomas FRENCH     Sarah SMYTH    
55 28/09/1764 Henry HARDY Widower Great Birch Hannah PERRYMAN    
54 30/09/1764 John WEBB     Mehetabel AVIS    
56 13/12/1764 James DEADMAN     Martha EVERIT    
21/03/1765 Robert SAUNDERS     Susannah WEBB    
59 18/05/1766 William CAST     Mary RAYMENT    
60 10/06/1766 John DENNIS   Feering Hannah ROSEBROOK    
12/09/1766 Thomas CARTER   Markshall Elizabeth LUGAR Single  
61 30/11/1766 Francis NUNN     Ann HOLLAND    
62 30/08/1767 James MOUL Single Earls Colne Mary COOK Single  
63 06/10/1767 John RUTLIDGE Widower   Mary BOCKING Widow  
65 10/11/1767 Daniel WIX Widower   Esther NEWTON    
66 24/11/1767 James KETLEY Single   Mary MEDLEY Single  
67 20/12/1767 Isaac PARMENTER Single   Sarah PRENTICE Single  
68 27/09/1768 John MARRIAGE Single   Elizabeth EVERET Single  
69 04/10/1768 William SMITH Single   Rachel RAYMENT Single  
16/10/1768 Robert MARSHAL Single   Elizabeth FINCHAM Single  
71 10/03/1769 James EAST Single   Mary BRETT Single  
72 14/03/1769 William TAYLOR Single Lexden Sarah POSFORD Single  
73 16/05/1769 Manuel HURREL Single   Mary DEDMAN Single  
03/07/1769 Robert MARSHALL Widower   Mary BOWLS Single  
23/07/1769 Thomas NORFOLK Widower Tollesbury Judith HURREL Single  
25/07/1769 Robert ROOT Single   Hannah BOWLES Single  
08/10/1769 John KEABLE Single   Susanna HITCHCOCK Single  
31/10/1769 William DEAZLE Single   Elizabeth RAYMOND Single  
25/09/1770 Edward MEAD Widower Coggeshall Rachel KETLEY Widow  
21/05/1771 Richard MEAD Single White Colne Mary KEABLE Single  
09/07/1771 John POSFORD Widower   Mary GYVER Single All Saints, Colchester
01/01/1772 John DUDSON Single   Mary CRAB Single  
1 30/10/1772 Christopher NEAR Single   Susannah SANDERS Single  
3 07/06/1773 Thomas CREEK Single Great Wigborough Elizabeth POSFORD Single  
2 07/01/1774 James SAUNDERS Single   Sarah THORBY Single  
4 13/06/1774 Benjamin SMITH Single   Sarah NEAR Single  
5 25/07/1774 John ROLFE Widower   Sarah BOWLES Single  
6 02/10/1774 Abraham SAUNDERS Single   Elizabeth EVENS Single  
7 06/06/1775 James PRATT Single   Elizabeth MARSHALL Single  
8 29/09/1775 Francis BRIDGE Widower   Mary DEDMAN Widow  
9 29/09/1775 Joseph PRIER Single Marks Tey Mary HARVEY Single  
10 03/10/1775 John CAST Single   Mary AMEY Widow  
11 07/11/1775 John NEWTON Single Pebmarsh Sarah EVENT Single  
12 23/01/1776 Isaac ARDLEY Single   Judith BLACKWELL Single  
13 23/01/1776 Thedam POLLEY Single Little Tey Rachel HARRINGTON Single  
14 24/03/1776 Samuel HALE Single   Hannah HURN Single  
15 17/09/1776 Robert SANDERS Single   Mary LONDON Single  
29/10/1776 William MARSHALL Single   Mary EVERET Single  
04/03/1777 James SHARP Single   Priscilla HILL Single  
02/10/1777 Francis BRIDGE Widower   Amy SUCKAMORE Single  
27/10/1778 Abraham CASS Single Little Baddow Dorkes AMEY Single  
05/01/1779 James DRANE Single   Sarah PORTER Single  
28/09/1779 John HARRINGTON Single   Sarah SHAVE Single  
04/10/1779 Henry DARKEN Single   Elizabeth PURKISS Single  
07/12/1779 John BOCKING Single   Mary KETTLEY Single  
15/12/1779 Charles WEBB Single   Elizabeth DEDMAN Single  
30/04/1780 John CHAPLIN Single   Anne HALES Single  
01/08/1780 John COCK Single   Anne HARRINGTON Single  
06/08/1780 Daniel HONEYBALL Single   Sarah WEBB Single  
01/01/1781 Thomas GOODY Single   Jane PEPPER Single  
04/02/1781 James CHAPLIN Single Feering Elizabeth EAVES    
27/05/1781 William SPRINGATE Single   Sarah ALLEN Single  
13/11/1781 Nathaniel KING Single   Mary EVENS Single  
18/03/1782 John APPLEBY Single   Susan BOWLES Single  
21/04/1782 James CHAPLING Single   Elizabeth CHAPLING Single  
14/05/1782 Barker Finis WOOD Single   Margaret JAQUES Single  
24/09/1782 Henry HAYS Single   Hannah BLACKWELL Single  
26/09/1782 Samuel HALE Widower   Dorcas CASS Widow  
26/11/1782 James SANDERS Single   Sarah KING Single  
02/03/1783 John SANDERS Single   Elizabeth CROSSE Single  
27/04/1783 William LEE Single   Elizabeth EVANS Single  
07/02/1784 Thomas BURGESS Widower Coggeshall Susannah EVERITT Single  
08/04/1784 John SANDERS Single Layer Breton Isabella POSFORD    
22/06/1784 William ALLING Single   Elizabeth KEABLE Single  
06/07/1784 James DORE Single   Susanna WEBB Single  
05/10/1784 Benjamin LADHAM Single   Elizabeth GODFREY Single  
05/10/1784 Robert LEE Single   Elizabeth BLACKWELL Single  
26/10/1784 John WEBB Single   Elizabeth BUTCHER Single  
04/01/1785 James EAVES Widower   Sarah EAVES Single  
03/04/1785 Jonathan DINNISH Widower   Sarah MILLER Single  
01/05/1785 James POTTER Single Coggeshall Sarah FRENCH Single  
10/01/1786 Christopher NEAR Widower   Elizabeth HOWARD Single  
14/03/1786 William DRANE Single   Sarah NUNN Single  
18/04/1786 William HARRINGTON Single   Elizabeth MAHEW Single  
03/10/1786 Mathew EVANS Single   Mary AVIS Single  
24/10/1786 James HARVEY Single Little Tey Elizabeth CRASK Single  
07/11/1786 William COOK Single Great Yeldham Hannah DENNISH Single  
13/02/1787 Thomas AVES Single   Mary EVENS Single  
31/07/1787 John ASHBY     Ann PERRY    
02/10/1787 William RAYMONT Single   Mary HARMAN Single  
02/10/1787 John Underwood SACK Single   Ann PRAT Single  
30/10/1787 Robert SANDERS Widower   Ruth SMITH Widow  
20/11/1787 William RAVEN Single Coggeshall Elizabeth ROOT Single  
14/09/1788 William POTTER Single Wakes Colne Hannah FRENCH Single  
29/09/1788 Edward ALLEN Widower   Anne FOSTER Single Coggeshall
30/09/1788 James WARING Widower   Sarah FRENCH Widow  
02/10/1788 James KEABLE Widower   Elizabeth BARNARD Widow  
05/10/1788 Thomas RAVEN Single   Anne COTTIS Single  
14/10/1788 William EMMERY Single   Mary FLUER Single  
04/11/1788 James TRAYLER Single   Elizabeth BOWTLE Single  
05/11/1788 Joseph WOOD Single   Martha DEDMAN Single  
10/11/1788 Keble RAND Single   Elizabeth FELL Single  
03/05/1789 Jeremiah SUCKLING Single   Mary ALLEN Single  
14/05/1789 Henry WILSHER Widower   Mary GODFREE Single  
23/06/1789 William HARRINGTON Widower   Susannah POSFORD Single  
31/07/1789 James WILSHIRE Single   Susan NUNN Single  
23/08/1789 James CAST Single Wakes Colne Elizabeth SCOT Single  
29/11/1789 William SMITH Single   Susan KEEBLE Single  
13/04/1790 James AVES Single   Susannah AVES Single  
07/10/1790 John LOVELY Single Chappel Elizabeth RAND Single  
10/11/1790 William SMITH Single   Sarah NEAR Single  
30/11/1790 Richard BLACKWELL Single   Margaret SMITH Single  
20/12/1790 Robert TAYLOR Single   Sarah ALDGATE Single  
01/01/1791 James CONSTABLE Single   Elizabeth CHAPLIN Single  
26/01/1791 Alderman PARTRIDGE Single Fordham Sarah Thedam POLLY Single  
21/06/1791 John DISTER Single   Mary CASK Single  
21/06/1791 John EVERETT Single Chappel Mary ROOT Single  
27/07/1791 James DEDMAN Single   Anne DRANE Single  
29/11/1791 William LAYER Single   Sarah CABLE Single  
25/09/1792 William WEBB Single   Mary HALLS Single  
03/10/1792 Abraham EVANS Single   Mary SAUNDERS Single  
23/04/1793 Edward LOVE Single   Mary KEEBLE Single  
28/01/1794 James BACON Single Harwich Jane PRATT Single  
24/04/1794 Robert Pollard MARSHALL Single   Anne PAINE Single  
16/07/1794 Robert LEE Widower   Anne SHAMBERT Single  
22/07/1794 William BLACKWELL Widower   Elizabeth LUFKIN Widow  
30/09/1794 William CRANFULL Single   Mary SMITH Single  
26/10/1794 David ROOT Widower   Sarah BUDGE Single  
28/10/1794 William MANN Single Earls Colne Elizabeth MARRAGE Single  
01/01/1795 John EVANS Single   Sarah ELLIS Single  
23/02/1795 John ROOT Single   Lydia SPRINGGATE Single  
21/06/1795 James SUCKLING Single Coggeshall Anne SAUNDERS Single  
08/11/1795 John HORNE Single   Susan SMITH Single  
25/11/1795 Peter BEARDS Widower   Susannah BLYTON Single  
06/12/1795 William LEE Widower   Susan GRAVES Widow  
29/03/1796 John PURKIS Single   Anne TRAYLER Single  
22/06/1796 Thomas RAYMONT Single   Hannah SCANSDALE Single  
12/07/1796 John MARRIAGE Single Colne Engaine Hannah RAND    
15/11/1796 John BECKWICK Single   Maria RUDKIN Single  
17/01/1797 James ROWE Single Tolleshunt Darcy Phillis WILBY Single  
31/01/1797 Robert COOK Single Stanway Sarah EVANS Single  
14/06/1797 William PARISH Single   Susan DEDMAN Single  
03/12/1797 Charles WILSHIRE Single   Hannah ROGERS Single  
08/02/1798 John TOTHAM Single   Rebecca PARISH Single  
15/02/1798 Thomas HARMAN Single   Rebecca GRAY Single  
15/02/1798 John WILSHIRE Single   Elizabeth LAVET Single  
11/07/1798 Richard CHAPLIN Widower   Sarah ROOT Widow  
22/08/1798 Samuel GUNTON     Sarah RIDGEWELL    
26/12/1798 Joseph NUNN Single   Diana HALLS Single  
29/07/1800 Samuel BLACKWELL Single   Elizabeth WILSHIRE Single  
05/09/1800 James RAYNER Single   Mary PERRY Single  
29/09/1800 James CABLE Single   Elizabeth SACK Single  
30/09/1800 John PARISH Single   Elizabeth WOOD Single  
30/09/1800 William CASK Single   Ann PARISH Single  
08/10/1800 John CASK Single   Charlotte FRENCH Single Messing
23/12/1800 William PRATT Single   Sarah RAND Single  
30/12/1800 Mathew COOK Single   Hannah MARRIAGE Single  
30/03/1801 William BRYANT Single   Margaret HARRINGTON Single  
28/04/1801 John CHAPLING Widower   Elizabeth BUSS Single  
29/09/1801 David MOSS Single   Elizabeth LAWRENCE Single  
24/11/1801 Thomas SCOTT Single   Elizabeth PUDSEY Single  
23/02/1802 William EVERET Single   Rose NUNN Single  
28/09/1802 John CHAPLYN Single   Marshall FINCHAM Single  
19/07/1803 Thomas BLYTON Single   Ann HARRINGTON    
26/07/1803 Abraham HALLS Widower   Ann CHAPLIN Widow  
07/08/1803 Henry CASK Single   Mary MOULTON Single  
04/10/1803 James SANDERS Single   Hannah WILKINSON Single  
11/10/1803 Abery SANDERS Single   Hannah TOTTAM Single  
16/12/1803 John WITHE Single   Judith HAYWOOD Single  
02/10/1804 David HONEYBALL Single   Elizabeth FINCHAM Single  
09/10/1804 William WEEL Single   Ann TOTAM Single  
22/12/1804 George SMITH Widower   Sarah FINCHAM Single  
25/03/1805 Benjamin TOTHAM Single   Susannah SANDERS Single  
18/03/1806 Francis HARRISSON Single Hatfield Peveral Mary WILLSHIRE Single  
07/10/1806 John WEBB Widower   Hannah HARVEY Widow  
28/10/1806 Abraham PETTIT Single Earls Colne Sydney HARRINGTON Single  
04/11/1806 Thomas WILLSHIRE Single   Mary HONEYBALL Single  
26/05/1807 William DOE Single   Anne COBB Single  
07/07/1807 Henry PETTIT Single Aldham Susannah HARRINGTON Widow  
16/07/1807 Thomas BALCHAM Single Feering Margaret HARRINGTON    
21/07/1807 William HARRINGTON Single   Hannah WILLIAMSON Single  
28/07/1807 Zechariah LEWSEY Single   Margaret COCKE Single  
16/08/1807 William DEDMAN Single   Margaret PARISH Single  
01/10/1807 Joseph REYNOLDS Single   Mary SOMMES Single  
20/10/1807 Humphrey SMITH Single   Elizabeth JENNINGS Single  
19/11/1807 Richard BLACKWELL Single   Margaret NEAR Single  
08/03/1808 Moses ARDLEY Single Kelvedon Susannah HARRINGTON Single  
19/10/1808 William LEE Single   Mary BERRING Single  
02/05/1809 Thomas OVERALL Single West Mersea Mary BLYTON Single  
11/07/1809 Samuel SMITH Single   Mira GAGE Single  
19/09/1809 John HALL Single   Sarah LADHAM Single  
01/11/1809 William ARNOLD Single   Mary GREEN Single  
30/01/1810 William CAWZELL Single   Sarah HARVEY Single  
11/09/1810 James COBB Single   Sarah Mariah FOX Widow  
11/09/1810 John GALLAPER Single   Charlotte SAUNDERS Single  
20/11/1810 Benjamin PUDNEY Single   Isabella BLYTON Single  
06/02/1811 James JOSELYN Single Mount Bures Mary ARNOLD Single  
25/03/1811 Robert WILLIAMSON Single   Mary CONSTABLE Single  
12/06/1811 Samuel BARRETT Single   Sarah CHAPLE Single  
03/09/1811 Robert WILLIAMSON Single   Hannah GAGE Single  
01/10/1811 Humphrey WILLIAMSON Single   Elizabeth RAVEN Single  
12/11/1811 James WILLSHER Single   Catherine PERCIVAL Single  
12/11/1811 William OVERALL Single   Hannah SMITH Single  
12/11/1811 George BALL Single   Elizabeth CONSTABLE Single  
20/01/1812 Oba DYER Single   Susannah SMITH Single  
27/10/1812 William GIBLING Widower   Eliza SADLER Single  
1 16/03/1813 James SMITH Single   Mary HARVEY Single  
2 29/09/1813 James Lee HARPER Single   Sarah ROSEFIELD Single  
3 06/10/1813 William WIAT Single   Mary Jane BINGHAM Single  
4 15/11/1813 George TAYLOR Widower   Elizabeth GREY Single  
5 12/12/1813 Thomas RAVEN Single   Sarah HONEYBALL Single  
6 15/06/1814 Robert FIRMAN Single   Mary EVANS Single  
7 21/08/1814 Samuel SMITH Widower   Ann PURKIS Single  
8 29/09/1814 William RAVEN Single   Mary WEBB Single  
9 27/10/1814 John RAVEN Single   Susannah WILLSHER Single  
10 09/03/1815 Henry WILSHER Single   Mary WHITE Single  
11 02/05/1815 Isaac COOKE Single   Judith BLACKWELL Single  
12 03/05/1815 William BLACKWELL Single   Charlotte COOKE Single  
13 22/05/1815 John EADEY Single   Sarah CONSTABLE Single  
14 28/06/1815 Henry EMERY   Coggeshall Ann HARRINGTON Single  
15 17/10/1815 William PRENTICE Single   Hannah WILLIAMSON Single  
16 11/11/1815 William FRENCH Single   Ann SPURGEN Single  
17 12/11/1815 John WILLSHER Single   Elizabeth PASSEFIELD Single  
18 26/12/1815 Richard BLACKWELL Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
19 10/10/1816 James WILLSHER Single   Mary MUNNELS Single  
20 23/02/1817 Joseph BURRELLS Single Little Tey Susannah LADHAM Single  
21 25/03/1817 Thomas CHAPLIN Single   Ann EVANS Single  
22 24/07/1817 Ephraim WILLSHER Single   Jane COLLIS Widow  
23 21/08/1817 James KING Single Great Bardfield Harriet ARDLEY Single  
24 23/10/1817 William YOUNG Single Felstead Charlotte ARDLEY Single  
25 12/04/1818 William NORFOLK Single Marks Tey Mary SAYER Single  
26 08/09/1818 Thomas WALLS Single Little Tey Abigail LADHAM Single  
27 23/12/1818 Robert CHAPLE Single   Sarah EVERETT Single Colne Engaine
28 15/10/1819 Joseph FROST Single   Mary LOVE Single  
29 16/11/1819 James LADHAM Single   Hannah EVANS Single  
30 23/11/1819 John GALLEY Single   Sarah EVANS Single  
31 28/12/1819 Stephen CHAPLIN Single   Sarah EVANS Single  
32 16/01/1820 James DYER Single   Mary SAUNDERS Single  
33 28/01/1820 John MANN Single   Mary RAYNER Single  
34 31/01/1820 James BRYANT Single   Ann PARISH Single  
35 08/02/1820 John EADY Widower   Elizabeth WILLSHER Single  
36 20/02/1820 Humphrey SMITH Widower   Elizabeth EVANS Single  
37 07/04/1820 James BLACKWELL Single   Susan LOVE Single  
38 13/08/1820 William PRATT Widower   Mary SADLER Single  
39 23/01/1822 George SMITH Single   Jane WILLSHER Single  
40 15/02/1822 William DEDMAN Single   Elizabeth BLACKWELL Single  
41 22/03/1822 Daniel WALFORD Single Chappel Sarah MUNNELS Single  
42 23/08/1822 John SMITH Single   Ann ROOT Single  
43 30/08/1822 Thomas HULL Single   Eliza EVANS Single  
44 13/10/1822 William SMITH Single   Kitty MAYHEW Single  
45 25/02/1823 Thomas CLARK Single   Sarah BRYANT Single  
46 02/05/1823 Daniel GODFREY Single   Mary HERMON Single  
47 19/05/1823 John RINGER Single   Sarah ELLIS Widow  
48 05/08/1823 Joseph ROOT Single   Mary BLACKWELL Single  
48 05/08/1823 Joseph ROOT Single   Mary PARMENTER Single  
49 08/08/1823 Joseph GREEN Single   Mary BLACKWELL Single  
50 18/12/1823 James MAYHEW Single Earls Colne Mary HARRINGTON Single  
51 24/09/1824 Joseph EVANS Single   Elizabeth LADHAM Single  
52 24/09/1824 James EVANS Single   Mary BARRITT Single  
53 24/09/1824 William MOSS Single   Mary BOND Single  
54 07/11/1824 John EVANS Widower   Sarah BARRITT Widow  
55 03/12/1824 John HERMON Single Chappel Marianne MOLE Single  
55 03/12/1824 John ALDGATE Single Chappel Marianne MOLE Single  
56 24/12/1824 Thomas CHAPLIN Single   Ruth EVANS Single  
57 23/01/1825 John CHAPLIN Single   Ann TOTHAM Single  
58 24/01/1826 Humphrey SMITH Widower   Elizabeth SAUNDERS Single  
59 03/10/1826 William NEWPORT Single   Mary BECKWITH Single  
60 27/10/1826 Robert GOSLING Single Stisted Rebecca ASHBY Single  
61 30/03/1827 George MAYHEW Single St James, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Ann SEXTON Single  
62 19/07/1827 John WILLSHER Single   Elizabeth WILLSHER Single  
63 27/11/1827 Edward BATEMAN Single Chappel Mary WEBB Single  
64 25/12/1827 Joseph NUNN Single Marks Tey Lucy WILTSHIRE Single  
65 31/03/1828 James CLARK Single   Sarah HOWARD Single  
66 30/09/1828 James RAYNER Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
67 03/10/1828 William PARISH Single   Sarah SAUNDERS Single  
68 21/10/1828 James PERCIVAL Single   Elizabeth CREAM Single  
69 24/10/1828 Charles EVANS Single   Marianne ARNOLD Single  
70 17/03/1829 James EVANS Single   Elizabeth MAYHEW Single  
71 15/04/1829 James ROOT Single   Susanna COOK Single  
72 05/06/1829 Edmund MARSHALL Single   Eleanor GANTRY Single  
73 07/06/1829 Edward RAND Single   Charlotte WATSON Single  
74 01/11/1829 Joseph ROOT Single   Susan EVANS Single  
75 02/12/1829 Joseph WHYBREW Single   Phoebe BULL Single  
76 17/12/1830 James SMITH Single   Mary SANDERS Single  
77 25/12/1830 William DEAL Single   Mary WEBB Single  
78 25/12/1830 James WILLSHER Single   Mary PARISH Single  
79 08/02/1831 William BOND Single   Maria WILLIAMSON Single  
80 31/05/1831 William PARISH Widower   Elizabeth HERMON Single  
81 12/07/1831 Thomas HULL Widower   Lucy GOODSON Single  
82 20/09/1831 Richard HELLEN Single   Betty BENTLEY Single Witham
83 14/10/1831 Humphrey WILLIAMSON Widower   Mary PUDNEY Single  
84 30/10/1831 James CRABB Single   Catharine WILLSHER Single  
85 04/11/1831 William EVANS Single   Maria HERMON Single  
86 27/11/1831 Matthew EVANS Widower   Catharine EVERITT Widow  
87 27/11/1831 John CHAPLIN Widower   Elizabeth HUNNIBALL Single  
88 12/02/1832 Samuel EVANS Single   Mary GANT Single  
89 28/10/1832 James SMITH Single   Ann TOTHAM Single  
90 28/05/1833 Stephen William HOBART Single Fordham Mary Ann MAYHEW Single  
91 03/10/1833 George SMITH Single   Ann RAVEN Widow  
92 17/01/1834 Hezekiah HERMON Single   Mary HEARNE Single  
93 17/01/1834 Thomas QUINNEY Single Chappel Rebecca HERMON Single  
94 27/05/1834 John WEBB Single   Sarah CHAPLIN Single  
95 21/08/1834 William PRATT Single White Colne Susan WHYBROW Single  
96 02/09/1834 James SAUNDERS Single   Maria SAYER Single  
97 02/09/1834 James SAYER Single   Ann CHAPLIN Widow  
98 07/10/1834 William ROSE Widower   Sarah GREEN Single  
99 28/11/1834 David BOND Single   Eliza TOTHAM Single  
100 25/12/1834 John SAYER Single   Emma CHAPLIN Single  
101 25/12/1834 Henry QUINNEY Single   Elizabeth DEAL Single  
102 22/03/1835 John SAUNDERS Widower   Susan WASH Widow  
103 17/10/1835 Thomas DAVIS Single Pattiswick Mary MARSHALL Single  
104 22/10/1835 Robert HOWARD Widower   Ann Dister SMITH   Coggeshall
105 20/11/1835 Samuel HERMON Single   Ann IRONS Single  
106 04/12/1835 Thomas HERMON Single   Maria ARNOLD Single  
107 24/12/1836 James WILLSHER Single   Sarah PARRISH Single  
108 24/12/1836 Joseph WILLSHER Single   Hannah THREADKELL Single Coggeshall
109 11/02/1837 Nathaniel RINGE Widower   Eliza SAYER Single  
110 16/03/1837 John Wilby MILLS Widower Nayland, Suffolk Sarah POLLEY Single  
111 10/04/1837 William PASSFIELD Single   Charlotte GALLIFANT Single  

Corrections to Tinstaafl Transcripts