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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Michaelston super Avon St Michael & All Angels


The Parish

The parish of Michaelston super Avon is located in the western portion of central Glamorgan. The parish is based on the modern settlement of Cwmafan which grew up to swamp the former rural area. Michaelston super Avon is located about 6 miles southeast of the industrial town of Neath. The parish is sited on the A4107 road which leaves the M4 at Port Talbot and follows the Avon (or Afan) River for much of its course into the hills. The parish is linear along the the valley and consists of both an upper and lower section. The area was sparsely settled farmland until the development of the iron ore and coal measures found in the parish, following that exploitation the population escalated from around 200 to over 2,000 parishioners. The centre of the parish is sited at barely 40 metres above sea level but this is within a deeply incised valley; land either side rises to well over 300 metres. Most of today's population is in Cwmafan, the upper reaches of the parish being largely forested wild land. The River Avon is heading for the sea at Port Talbot a few miles southwest of the parish. In common with most of Wales there is no mention of Michaelston super Avon in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Michael & All Angels' church sits close to the banks of the Avon, by the first significant bridging point northeast of the M4. The church is largely a 19th century rebuild; only the western tower remains of an earlier building of the mid-17th century. The restoration and rebuild is not something that impressed Pevsner as he describes some of the detailing as "bizarre". The building follows the standard layout of nave, chancel and western tower, the somewhat incongruous spire was an 18th century addition. The church has a corner site, and an extensive one too, at the junction of London Row and Ty'r Owen Row. The site is enclosed in a local stone wall at shoulder height and entrance is through wrought-iron gates in Ty'r Owen Row. As mentioned the site is very large with an extensive graveyard, there are a few trees but they can be easily worked around to get appropriate pictures.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 29th June 1754 - 1784 Library of Wales Bishop's Transcripts on loose leaf folios Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The quality of these documents is always poor and there are certainly omissions due to gaps in coverage
2 27th May 1786 - 23rd November 1812 Glamorgan Archives - Cardiff - Reference - P75CW/1
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The early part of the register has fading & poor handwriting leading to a possibility of a few misreads
3 22nd November 1813 - 17th June 1837 Glamorgan Archives - Cardiff - Reference - P75CW/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Baglan St Catherine
Llantwit juxta Neath St Illtyd
Llantwit juxta Neath St Illtyd
Glyncorrwg St John the Baptist
Baglan St Catherine
Glyncorrwg St John the Baptist
Aberavon St Mary
Margam St Mary
Margam St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 29/06/1754 Evan REES     Luce WILLIAMS Single Llantwit Juxta Neath
2 19/07/1754 Stephen RICHARD     Mary JENKIN   Llantwit Juxta Neath
4 03/05/1755 Jenkin WILLIAM   Margam Mary JENKIN Single  
3 31/05/1755 Rees MADOCK   Llangynwyd Jennet THOMAS Single  
5 12/07/1755 John MORGAN   Llangynwyd Patience LLEWELLIN Single  
6 07/10/1756 Lewis MORGAN   Llantwit Juxta Neath Mary THOMAS Single  
25/11/1758 John WILLIAM     Margaret DAVID    
23/12/1758 William JAMES     Elizabeth RICHARD    
05/08/1759 William JENKIN     Mary LEWIS    
10/09/1759 Evan HARRYS     Margaret EVAN    
17/07/1761 Edmund STEPHEN     Catherine JOHN    
19/11/1761 David EVAN     Elizabeth HOWEL    
29/05/1762 Rees THOMAS     Margaret DAVIS    
14/02/1763 Michael PRICHARD     Mary WILLIAM    
29/12/1764 Thomas WILLIAM     Jennet THOMAS    
10/01/1765 Rees DAVID     Jane WILLIAM    
10/02/1766 Rees DAVID     Jane WILLIAM    
12/11/1766 Edward REES     Elizabeth WILLIAM    
14/06/1767 William JOHN     Mary WILLIAM    
24/06/1767 Charles FISHER     Joan JONES    
07/11/1767 Daniel GWILLIM     Elizabeth EVAN    
22/05/1769 Evan HOPKIN     Catherine RICHARD    
07/06/1769 John LEWELLYN     Jane THOMAS    
03/07/1771 Morgan JAMES     Mary EVAN    
20/12/1771 Rees JAMES     Ann DANIEL    
24/07/1772 Evan DAVID     Joan THOMAS    
02/10/1772 Morgan JOHN     Catherine DAVID    
16/06/1773 Evan JENKIN     Gwenllian JOHN    
16/11/1774 Thomas PHILLIP     Rachel MORGAN    
24/04/1775 William HOPKIN     Gwenllian REES    
08/07/1775 William REES     Jennet WILLIAM    
29/10/1776 John LANDEY     Mary DAVID    
23/11/1776 David NICHOLAS     Mary PHILLIP    
27/10/1777 Thomas JAMES     Ann REES    
02/06/1778 William PHILLIP     Catherine JENKIN    
27/06/1779 David BATEMAN     Ann LEWIS    
15/02/1780 William DAVID     Mary EVAN    
07/12/1780 William JENKIN     Catherine JOHN    
10/11/1781 Thomas THOMAS     Ann PHILLIP    
01/02/1782 William DAVID     Sophia JONES   Rudry
03/11/1783 Francis LEWIS     Mary EVAN    
19/11/1783 Jenkin REES     Gwenllian JENKIN    
17/12/1783 William JAMES     Rachel JENKINS    
00/00/1784 Thomas JONES     Elizabeth JONES    
00/00/1784 David REES     Mary THOMAS    
27/05/1786 Edward THOMAS Single Llansamlet Margaret HOPKIN Single  
27/05/1786 David DAVIES Single   Jane THOMAS    
14/09/1786 John REES Single Llangiwg Mary MORGAN Widow  
10/02/1787 John THOMAS Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
13/07/1787 Howel HOPKIN Single Margam Jennett THOMAS Single  
05/01/1788 David GRIFFITH Widower Llangynwyd Catharine THOMAS Single  
01/02/1788 Richard HOPKIN Single Margam Mary EDWARD Single  
21/06/1788 Thomas THOMAS Single Llangynwyd Elizabeth JONES Single  
12/07/1788 Thomas JENKINS Single Llantwit Juxta Neath Elizabeth REES Single  
20/07/1788 Morgan EVAN Single   Catharine REES Single  
11/06/1790 Francis HUGH Single Cadoxton Juxta Neath Mary LEWIS Single  
01/09/1790 Edmund HUTSON Single Merthyr Tydfil Anne JONES Single  
05/02/1791 Richard THOMAS Single Llantwit Juxta Neath Jennett REES Single  
02/03/1792 John EVANS Widower   Anne REES Widow  
21/04/1792 Hopkin MORGAN Single   Jennett WILLIAM Single  
22/12/1792 Griffith JONES Single Llantwit Juxta Neath Gwenllian MORGAN Single  
04/05/1793 Howel POWEL Single Ystradyfodwg Mary THOMAS Single  
15/07/1793 Philip THOMAS     Margaret JOHN    
23/11/1793 David JOHN Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single Llangynwyd
10/05/1794 Thomas DAVID   Aberavon Mary RICHARD Single  
22/09/1794 David JENKIN Single Margam Jennet JENKIN Single  
07/07/1795 Evan OWEN Widower Margam Joan DAVID Single  
30/10/1795 Richard PHILLIP     Elizabeth HOWEL Single Margam
19/11/1795 David HOPKIN Single   Margaret LEWIS Single  
04/06/1799 John BOWEN Single Cadoxton Juxta Neath Margaret REES Single  
14/12/1799 Jonah REES     Margaret JENKIN Widow  
21/09/1801 John HOPKIN Single   Mary DAVID Single Margam
10/07/1802 William RICHARD Single Baglan Jennett REES Single  
16/07/1803 Thomas EMMANUEL Single Briton Ferry Margaret PHILLIP Single  
20/04/1805 William HOPKIN   Glyncorrwg Mary JENKIN Single  
23/11/1805 David DAVIS     Mary WILLIAM    
25/11/1805 William THOMAS Single Margam Anne HOPKIN Single  
30/11/1805 John JONES Single Baglan Martha JENKIN Single  
02/12/1805 Evan WILLIAM Widower   Mary HOPKIN Single  
01/03/1807 David THOMAS Single Margam Margaret THOMAS Single  
30/04/1807 William BOWEN Widower   Mary DAVID Single  
27/05/1809 Morgan MORGAN Single   Anne DAVID Single  
27/08/1809 Thomas JENKIN Single Baglan Mary REES Single  
25/11/1809 Thomas THOMAS Single Margam Gwenllian JAMES Single  
29/12/1809 David Newman LEWIS Single   Anne HUGHES Single  
02/06/1810 David DAVIES Single Cadoxton Juxta Neath Catherin BATEMAN Single  
23/06/1810 Matthew WILLIAM Single Margam Catharine JONES Single  
27/09/1810 Thomas JONES Single   Anne REYNOLD Single Llantwit Juxta Neath
29/01/1811 Griffith JENKIN Single Glyncorrwg Catharine THOMAS Single  
10/11/1811 John DAVID Single   Ann EDWARD Single  
18/04/1812 John EVAN Single Llangynwyd Anne THOMAS Single  
01/05/1812 Morgan JONES Widower   Margaret LEWELLYN Single  
21/11/1812 Benjamin CHARLES Single   Anne DAVID Widow  
23/11/1812 Thomas PREES Single   Ann REES Single Margam
1 22/11/1813 Thomas MADDOCK   Margam Anne JONES Single  
2 25/06/1814 William JENKINS Single Margam Elizabeth PHILLIPS Single  
3 11/11/1815 Jenkin REES     Elizabeth JAMES    
4 23/12/1815 Thomas JENKINS Single Baglan Mary JAMES Single  
5 02/03/1816 Morgan THOMAS Single Llansamlet Catharine REES Single  
6 19/04/1817 Howel WILLIAMS Single   Anne THOMAS Single  
7 25/01/1818 William REES Single   Elizabeth LEWIS Widow  
8 11/03/1818 William DIPPLE     Alice BOWEN    
9 13/05/1820 Thomas JONES   Ystradfellte, Breconshire Gwenllian THOMAS Single  
10 19/08/1820 William RICHARDS Single   Mary BEVAN Single  
11 04/04/1821 William DAVID Single Margam Mary MORGAN Single  
12 25/06/1821 Thomas LLEWELLYN Single   Elizabeth JONES Single  
13 30/06/1821 David THOMAS Widower Aberavon Gwenllian REES Widow  
14 23/10/1821 Robert JAMES Widower   Joan THOMAS Widow Margam
15 10/11/1821 Lewis THOMAS Single Margam Mary JENKIN Single  
16 11/11/1821 John JONES Single   Margaret JONES Single Llangynwyd
17 12/11/1821 William WILLIAM Single Llangynwyd Ann GRIFFITH Single  
18 09/02/1822 Thomas JENKINS Single Briton Ferry Elizabeth JAMES Single  
19 12/02/1822 John BOWEN Single Baglan Catherine MORGAN Single  
20 16/02/1822 David TASKER Single   Jennett THOMAS Single  
21 31/12/1822 John JENKIN Single   Ann WILLIAMS Single  
22 09/02/1823 David EVANS Single   Jennett PHILIP Single  
23 29/03/1823 William JONES Single   Mary DAVID Single  
24 17/04/1824 Lewis HOWELL Single   Jane JENKINS Single  
25 19/05/1824 William JERVIS Single   Mary DAVIES Single  
26 23/05/1824 Jenkin JENKINS Single   Margarett REES Single  
27 23/12/1824 William REES Single   Margerett LEWIS Single  
28 18/02/1826 Thomas JONES Single Margam Catherine THOMAS Single  
29 17/06/1826 William JONES Single   Mary JONES Single  
30 12/08/1826 John SAYERS Single   Mary GETHIN Single  
31 19/08/1826 Rees HOPKINS Single   Martha SAMUEL Single  
32 20/11/1826 John NICHOLAS Single   Elizabeth PICKNELL Single  
33 22/01/1827 William LONJARS Single   Catherine ROWLAND Single  
34 22/01/1827 William ROWLAND Single   Catherine PROSSER Single  
35 27/01/1827 David RICHARD Single   Eva PHILIP Single  
36 07/04/1827 William WILLIAMS Single   Catherine PHILIP Single  
37 21/04/1827 George WILLIAMS Single   Rachael DAVIES Single  
38 17/05/1827 Obadiah JERVIS Single   Sarah FRANCIS Single  
39 02/06/1827 Evan REES Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
40 15/07/1827 William JONES Single   Elizabeth REES Single  
41 04/08/1827 Richard JONES Single Margam Margerette PHILIP Single  
42 06/08/1827 James JONES Single   Mary JARVIS Single  
43 16/02/1828 Morgan HOPKIN Single   Catherine SAMUEL Single  
44 22/02/1828 Thomas THOMAS Single   Margaret JAMES Single  
45 06/06/1828 John THOMAS Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
46 16/08/1828 George THOMAS Single   Elizabeth HOWELL Single  
47 20/12/1828 John RUSSELL Single   Gwenllyan PROSSER Single  
48 09/03/1829 John ROBERT Single   Jane HARRIS Single  
49 31/05/1829 Daniel JONES Single   Margarette MORGAN Single  
50 18/06/1829 David WILLIAMS Single   Margaret BOWEN Single  
51 04/07/1829 Richard JAMES Single Cadoxton Juxta Neath Elizabeth JENKIN Single  
52 24/08/1829 John JONES Single Llangynwyd Jennett BEESLEY Single  
53 05/09/1829 George WILLIAMS Widower   Elizabeth DENNIS Single  
54 04/10/1829 Joseph COLE Single Merthyr Tydfil Mary THOMAS Single  
55 24/10/1829 Joseph JONES Single   Sarah BEESLEY Single  
56 21/11/1829 David HOWELL Single   Gwenllian DAVIES Single  
57 10/12/1829 Richard JENKINS Single   Catherine WILLIAMS Single  
58 12/01/1830 John BOWEN Single   Joan GRIFFITH    
59 10/03/1830 John JONES Single   Catharine BARTLET    
60 16/05/1830 David HOPKIN     Mary HANBURY    
61 09/08/1830 Daniel DANIEL     Gwenllian REES    
62 16/08/1830 David GRIFFITH   Baglan Elizabeth PHILLIP    
63 01/12/1830 David MATHEW     Mary HOPKIN    
64 19/03/1831 Thomas JONES   Newcastle Joan JENKINS    
65 04/06/1831 James HOWELL Single   Mary ROSSER Single  
66 05/09/1831 Benjamin WILLIAMS Single   Sarah HANBURY Single  
67 12/11/1831 William JENKIN Single Llangynwyd Ann GRIFFITH Single  
68 12/12/1831 Noah SAMUEL Single   Ann PHILLIPS Single  
69 24/12/1831 John JONES Single   Elizabeth WILLIAM Single  
70 17/01/1832 William ROSSER Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
71 21/02/1832 William JENKIN Single   Elizabeth PROSSER Single  
72 25/02/1832 David THOMAS Single Margam Sarah REES Single  
73 19/04/1832 William WILLIAMS Single Llantwit Juxta Neath Mary THOMAS Single  
74 29/04/1832 William BENJAMIN Single   Mary MORLEY Single  
76 16/06/1832 Robert LEYSHON Single   Ann JENKINS Single  
75 16/08/1832 William MORRIS Single Neath Ann CHIVERS Single  
77 14/11/1832 William THOMAS Single Llangynwyd Jane REES    
78 24/11/1832 John ANTHONY Single   Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
79 24/12/1832 Thomas JONES Single   Margaret TREHERNE Single  
80 27/04/1833 Richard DANIEL Single   Margaret RICHARDS Single  
81 16/05/1833 William THOMAS Single   Hannah GETHING Single  
82 27/05/1833 George DEER Single Cadoxton Juxta Neath Martha JONES Single  
83 07/08/1833 John JONES Single   Jane REES Single  
84 05/10/1833 Evan JOHN Single   Ann JONES Single  
85 05/04/1834 William MADDOCK Single Margam Margaret THOMAS Single  
86 05/04/1834 David JENKINS Widower   Joan THOMAS Single  
87 01/05/1834 William WILLIAMS Single   Margaret JENKINS Single  
94 08/06/1834 John JENKINS Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
95 15/06/1834 William JONES Single   Sarah WILLIAMS Single  
96 11/08/1834 William HUGH Single   Elizabeth JAMES Single  
97 24/08/1834 David GRIFFITHS Single Llansamlet Ann THOMAS Single  
98 31/08/1834 Thomas WILLIAM Single   Jane CHIVERS Single  
99 27/09/1834 Thomas MACKNIEL Single   Hannah BENJAMIN Single  
100 27/12/1834 Jenkin DAVIES   Ystradgynlais, Breconshire Hannah Maria JARVIS    
101 31/01/1835 John ROBERTS Single   Elizabeth HOPKINS Single  
102 28/02/1835 James EVANS Single   Ann MORRIS Single  
103 21/06/1835 John EVANS Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
104 18/08/1835 William DAVIS Single Llansamlet Joan DAVIS Widow  
105 23/08/1835 Thomas THOMAS Single   Jane JENKINS Single  
106 06/09/1835 Evan DAVIES Single   Mary HOWEL Single  
107 07/11/1835 Jenkin WILLIAM Single Baglan Sarah LEWIS Single  
108 08/11/1835 John DEER Single   Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
109 27/12/1835 William DAVID Single   Mary TASKER Single  
110 27/01/1836 Roger HOWEL Single   Ann REES Single  
111 30/01/1836 Robert ALLEN Single Neath Margaret JENKINS Single  
112 31/01/1836 John LLOYD Single   Mary MORGAN Single  
113 21/02/1836 David WILLIAMS Single   Ann EDWARDS Single  
114 23/04/1836 Thomas JONES Single   Catharine WILLIAMS Single  
115 04/05/1836 John WILLIAMS Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
116 21/05/1836 John ELIAS Single   Mary GRIFFITHS Single  
117 23/05/1836 John Crook LLOYD Single   Elizabeth EVANS Single  
118 27/06/1836 Thomas EVANS Single   Jennet GRIFFITHS Single  
119 12/07/1836 John THOMAS Widower   Elizabeth JENKINS Widow  
120 12/09/1836 Evan REES Single Aberavon Jennet JONES Single  
121 05/11/1836 Thomas BRETT Single   Elizabeth BAMFORD Single  
122 26/11/1836 Evan DAVIES Single Margam Anne THOMAS Single  
123 26/11/1836 William JONES Single Margam Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
124 27/03/1837 John MORGAN Single   Anne LEWIS Single  
125 17/06/1837 Thomas HUGH Single Margam Catharine WILLIAMS Single  

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